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    What the **** is wrong with you idiots? The day before the season starts and we're putting down our players with this sort of ****ing nonsense? Un-****ing-believable.
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    If McLean plays all 38 games it wouldn't be an issue in my eyes. He's is easily good enough to be a Premier League player and is so important to the way Farke wants to play. McClean is good in the tackle, a good passer, good in the air and has the engine to get up and down the pitch for 90 mins. Never understood the McLean hate, I guess it is due to him playing a fairly unglamorous role of being a bit of a shuttler - but it would cost close to £10m to get someone in as good as him.
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    To be fair, first time back infront of the fans for nearly 18 months, first time in their new stadium properly, first time in the prem for 74(?) years, and a 2-0 win against Arsenal. I’m sure we’d see similar scenes if we beat Liverpool tomorrow! Somehow I don’t think it’ll be so easy…
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    If you look closely between 3:52 and 3:54 you can just about make out somebody running the length of the pitch at full tilt with their head down, before colliding with the perimeter fence.
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    Buendia must be so glad he went to Villa not Arsenal
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    Another so called fan comes on here slating one of our new players before he's even kicked a ball for us. Just weird.
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    Hello, For the 2021/22 Fantasy Premier League why don't you join my mini-league "Pinkun OTBC"? Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use the link below and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/u51vkp League Code: u51vkp Looking forward to playing against you this season!
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    Did you miss last season? Farke didn't play Sorenson at CDM because we had this lad called Skipp. All the fact that Farke didn't play him at CDM shows is that he rates Skipp higher than him. That still leaves room for Sorenson to have been the Championship's 2nd best CDM.
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    Unfortunately they couldn't supply pants to some of the users on here as they sadly aren't waterproof
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    It's pathetic, but if it's any consolation the OP is a consistent miserablist and the chippy guy you quoted is a racist, so....
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    I'm with @Terminally Yellow on this. Why this negative kind of tread the day before the season - but then you have to notice who the poster is who is probably not a Norwich supporter.
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    I'd prefer it when Friday was the day for posting jokes, rather than all this contrived bull shine. Who cares? It's a footie forum. It might occasionally get toxic, but it's hardly chemical warfare. Anyhow! Two Essex girls sitting on a park bench. One said to the other, "I had a Brazilian last night." "A Brazilian," replied the other. "How many is that?" (Sorry about the Sessexism involved.)
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    I hope every fan will support the players in taking the knee on saturday. If, for whatever reason, you find the act objectionable I hope you will at least remain respectfully silent and not bring shame to the club by booing.
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    Hello! After a season's hiatus I am back (hopefully for the season). Early season picks are hard but PSG to beat Strasbourg seems a good a bet as any. As for our game, it's a tough one but I'll go with both teams to score and leave it at that. Eddie, if I see you soon I'll chuck you a tenner. Good luck everyone.
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    Shameless plug time! I wrote about Josh Sargent here; https://byag.medium.com/josh-sargent-what-is-he-good-for-ba6c95c654ff WyScout, a far more reliable source than Transfermarkt, lists Sargent as playing 500 minutes on the wing (about equally split between left and right) and 500 minutes as an attacking midfielder and 1,500 minutes as a striker. Bremen did often play with two strikers though and Sargent would be the one tasked with dropping deeper. There is also a heatmap that shows that the majority of his touches were in the wide right/central area of the pitch. He was not the main focal point of scoring from Bremen, although ended up their joint top scorer.
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    Explains why Przemek wasn't in the video of yesterday's training.
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    Rand Paul is the lying scumbag whose wife bought stock in company's making anti viral drugs for the treatment of Covid 19. Then he didn't disclose it and then claimed he meant to disclose it but forgot. Then tells Fauci he could go to prison for lying to Congress. How the hell do the people of Kentucky still vote for this piece of trash?
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    I think the issue is less to do with the breaded crustaceans, and more to do with your insatiable appetite.
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    Did someone say Friday and Jokes..?
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    Just bring your Dads and they can sort it out.... deary me.... so much for be nice Friday.
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    A player who has improved every season he's been with us.
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    Generally clubs don't sell players they gave a contract extension to only a couple of months earlier.
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    Ah! Sorensen. The forgotten man. Never mentioned in any prospective team line-ups, yet never really had a chance to prove himself in his preferred position. It's all 'Ollie, Ollie, Ollie please come back' along with various contortions concerning Tottenham's intentions and alternatives. 'Lungi' might just be that defensive midfielder we all yearn for. I defy any poster to refute that based upon his performances, out of position, thus far.
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    Onel always brings a smile to my face......
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    Alrighty then sports fans. Lots of good suggestions and I've tried to find all sorts of reasons to count in/discount a team, but in the end I've gone for 1 six that seems tight and another with more flair. I've also added a 2nd pick from myself as I found Rubin Kazin to win at 11/10. They seem to have done well so far and also last season and they are playing a team just promoted who are not doing well. Seems a great find, but the odds are to risky for my main six. Main Six - Tight Kuressaare v Flora - Away Win(My Pick not for stats) - Estonian Meistriliiga Breidablik v. I Akranes - Home Win - Iceland Pepsideild Chelsea v Palace - Home Win Lillestrom Women vs Klepp Women - Home Win - Toppserien Women Ajax v NEC - Home Win Sevilla v Vallecano - Home Win Alternative Six - Flair Rubin Kazan v Krylya Sovetov Samara - Home Win (My Pick for Stats) - Russian Premier League Kashiwa Reysol v Kawasaki Frontale - Away Win - J-League Raith v Aberdeen - Away Win - Scottish League Cup Barcelona v Real Sociedad - Home Win Heracles v PSV - Away Win Leicester v Wolves - Home Win Nutty I'll get you another tenner.
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    Sorry but Arsenal were just bang average. Nothing to do with the pressing and direct physical approach. Not only did they struggle to retain the ball in forward areas, they struggled to win it back quickly, especially first half. Honestly, I think that is possibly the worst Arsenal side I have ever seen this side of the millennium. There was just nothing. I'd call it flat... but they had nothing until Sako came on really. Most of the first half was played in the Arsenal half and not just because of pressing... On that performance Arsenal will be lucky to be top half let alone top six.
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    Brentford FC stats Possession 34% pass accuracy 64% PLUCKYNESS LEVEL 100%
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    I think even at half strength with our disrupted pre season we would be smashing Arsenal tonight. You can guarantee they won't be this off the pace and resting players like Saka when they play us though.
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    A pair of socks! Strangely happy about that!
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    It’s great to be finally back! For the opening week I’ll go for Ajax to beat NEC Nijmegen. For our match I would love for us to get a result but I just can’t see it so I’ll suggest 3-1 Liverpool. Good luck everyone! Also Eddie I’ve sent you over a tenner
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    Cheers for this CB, interesting we can all see people's real names now , no one I know though, I often wonder if I've inadvertently called a close mate a **** or something on here without realising
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    Isn't Talksport sponsored by Toolstation? Or is that just an association of ideas?
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    I've deferred for a year, such is my confidence that we'll survive. Saw what happened at the Euros and Latitude and decided against it. I've realised that Bill Shankly was wrong about the life and death thing. I shall rely on @ricardowho is the only reporter I trust. I'll be back but in the meantime I'm watching Mulbarton. Not the same standard but they do at least allow dogs.
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    Have you been on the internet before..?
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    To the OP. There's something you're doing wrong. It's summed up in the first 4 words of your post!
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    James Garner - for those that remember....
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    Generally because you get a few midfield roles. - CM: Vrancic, players that tend to hold a position in more central areas and hover around the outside of the box, they do a bit of everything but none with any priority, seems to be a bit of an unfashionable role these days with very few 4-4-2's. - Box-to-box: Etuhu, Damien Francis, Gerrard players with a real engine but also the ability to get from one end of the pitch to the other, quickly and consistently to help break up play and be part of and on the end of attacks. - Holding midfielder: (Not to be confused with defensive midfieler) David Fox, Ian Crook - their job is to pick up the bits and pieces and short passes from the defence and transition it forwards. Some folks refer to really good passers of the ball in this role as deep lying playmakers. Often in that case they are players who's legs have gone but still have that creative flair like Pirlo. - Defensive midfielder: Tettey, Gary Holt, Makelele. The main difference between a defensive midfielder and a holding midfielder is that a defensive one is there as an enforcer. They play like an advanced defender. Their role is primarily to brake up play and to help stop oppositions getting a rhythm and essentially to help dominate the defensive 3rd. - Attacking midfielder: Cantwell, Dowell, Buendia. These days this seems to get a bit blurred with the use of "forward". An attack midfielder is the opposite to a defensive midfielder, their primary role is to link up and support the striker/strikers. Playmaking, creating chances, joining in the goal scoring. Usually deployed centrally, can be in a traditional 4-4-2 as one of the two CM's. And advanced AM is a No.10, played just behind the striker/strikers. - Winger: Ruel Fox, Darren Eadie, Hernandez, Placheta - again, sometimes called a "forward". Due to the 4-2-3-1 formation we have used a lot under Farke it can sometimes be difficult to see what the difference between a winger and an AM is due to those three positions behind Pukki often involving at least two of the players being relatively wide. Traditionally wingers have mainly operated in the wide "channel" areas and their primary role is to provide chances from the wide positions through crosses or getting to the by-line to then cut the ball back into the box. Salah was a wide player, I believe, before being converted to a striker. Though he often plays wide of the attacking three at Liverpool as well, with Mane on the other side who played on the wing for Southampton. Both drop back and help out the midfield. Same as Havertz plays deeper than the strikers as an AM. Son is also played in an AM role, whether he's more a natural striker or not is a worthy discussion. Obviously, those are roles more than definitions of players. These days players can play multiple roles, some even at the same time. Patrick Viera, Yaya Toure and Gerrard could make the defensive midfielder look box to box and under sustained pressure even an attacking mid when they didn't have to be as defensive. Scholes could play holding mid and AM, but many still joke at his lack of tackling ability. Kante is a defensive midfielder who can join in attacks. It's all flexible.
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    Fauci 10, Rand Nil. Gosh your boy took a beating.
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    Hopefully the daft idea to close the ticket office will be revisited. All I seem to have heard, both on line & in person is the inability to get to speak to someone, despite multiple attempts
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    I like McLean, he's a decent player. You dont win two Championship medals without being a decent player. I think he has a role to play this year but IMO he shouldnt play as prominent a role as last time. Also, I think if I was talking to someone who was saying "I worry about us this year if XYZ plays as much as last time. I just dont think he's up to it and we will struggle if he's a regular" I dont think I would be responding to that person asking them what was f*****g wrong with them. Calling them a f*****g idiot and so forth. Why does the internet give people a shield to think they can act like that?
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    So, his predictions are back, as are we. No problem with him tipping Liverpool to win, that’s fair enough. But the whole manner of his prediction of our game just screams NCFC contempt to me. Claims earlier that he’s seen a lot of Brentford over the last couple of seasons and that they’ll be the promoted team to stay up, but then starts going on about how we need to tighten up at the back this season like time has stood still since our last appearance in the top flight. Clearly didn’t watch much of the Championship last season then! And conveniently fails to mention we’ve been one of the busier clubs in this summer window, instead focusing on ‘all’ the stars we’ve been selling instead - which is all of Emi Buendia as far as I can see . I get the impression from how he talks that he’s not too pleased to see us back in the Premier League, so hopefully we’ll stick one on Liverpool at the weekend https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58141020
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    Great stuff from Farke at 2.18. Talking to Tzolis (about Hanley's accent). "I promise you won't understand anything cos he's not talking English"
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    No it doesn't!! Footballers have made it clear over and over again that they're doing it as an anti- racist gesture and that's all. Bless you for making an account and logging on to make this point though. How do you think the game will go on Saturday? (Norwich will be the team in yellow by the way).
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    Arsenal are so poor. That second goal was shocking defending. No doubt they'll be on the form of their life by the time we play them...
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    Maybe, if we do end up in a relegation battle, our rivals aren't Brentford, but Arsenal! This could be a great result!
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    You could nip over to the coast to look at the latest Banksy street artworks... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/banksy-confirms-graffiti-norfolk-suffolk-8236594
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    Hello pups lovely to be back again my first pick is CHELSEA to beat palace For the NCFC Bet PUKKI to score anytime good luck to all
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    And? 'Rock the Boat 'sounds like an obscure deviant practice.....see how easy it is to be scornful. Gay is nice, gay is happy, just for a second can you not drop the scorn for anything other than a white middle aged straight tory( I'm Wondering if there is such a thing ) Being nice costs nothing.....perhaps that's why some don't value it. Aaaaaanyway . Gooooodmorning to all, Friendly Friday followed by super Saturday. Jaysus I'm looking forward to watching tomorrow.
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