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  1. First Wazzock

    Anyone have a spare ticket for Man C?

    What to? Great pickles of our time?
  2. Sorry, incredibly late this week... Good Luck Molly and all PUPs Plymouth Argyle v Oldham Athletic - Home Win BTTS Coventry v Blackpool
  3. First Wazzock

    There but for the the grace of God...

    It was said this morning that up to 20% of all Football League teams are in a precarious position. I think those guys down the road should be very afraid. Their debt will almost certainly not get repaid, and it's only then that you discover how much of a saviour and fan Boy Mucus really is...
  4. Good Luck to all PUPs especially Hansterbubble and DJ11 Bayern Munich v Mainz 05 - Home Win and BTTS
  5. First Wazzock

    *****Official match thread v Crawley*****

    Feeble. Can't see any of the changed players making the cut Saturday
  6. First Wazzock

    I Told You So

    Perhaps it's not her strongest position...
  7. First Wazzock

    Match of The Day

    I don't think the man with the ears - that make his head look like the FA Cup - even mentioned our existence. Smug overpaid tossers, all of them
  8. First Wazzock

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    I felt really proud of our performance yesterday, we gave it a real go in that heat. It has to be said that Chelsea paid us the ultimate compliment, by playing the way they did towards the end of the game - wasting time and the trivial game halting 'injuries'. I can't believe their fans will be gloating too much about beating last seasons Championship winners by one goal with a team, several of whom cost more than our entire squad.
  9. Reining champion, my @rse as Jim Royle would say. Good luck to Lincsy and ZLF, and all other PUPs too. I, Like Til, have had an absolute disater Darling for the first two weeks. So this week to get things back on track - famous last words... PSG v Toulouse - Home Win BTTS
  10. Sad really. Still they'd probably stuggle to sell their blue crud at a car boot sale!
  11. And another... I hope Newcastle have kept the receipt for Joelinton.
  12. This was on the BBC comments after the match report. Big apologies if it has already been posted, but it did make me laugh... That’s right 5-3-1-1 Steve Bruce team formation 5 pints before the match3 pies for lunch1 match to manage cluelessly and win 1 lossRepeat regularly all season
  13. Good Luck Diane, FF and all PUPs I'm with Til 1010... Celtic v Dunfermline - Home win BTTS - for FF
  14. First Wazzock

    What y'all listening to?

    I love this as a mash up...
  15. First Wazzock

    502 Gateway is back

    Is that the entrance for Away fans with Home tickets?