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  1. Good Luck Parma, Swindon and all PUPs Angers v Nimes - home Win City to lose 2-0
  2. First Wazzock

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    Rumour is Greg Downs is taking legal advice after being called a 'mate'...
  3. Good luck ZLF, BTTSanon and all PUPS. For ZLF Germany v Belarus - Home Win For BTTSanon Notts County v Barrow
  4. 'I honestly feel my knowledge is wasted on here. I'm banging my head against the wall most of the time.' - adam 72 If I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your ego and jump to your IQ.
  5. He should have been carded for that, Marriner pointed where he should have gone off and he blatantly ignored him.
  6. He spoke to Foster a few time yet didn't show him a yellow, Why? The time he took over goal kicks should have been worth at least a yellow, and that might have stopped him when he was catching simple balls , falling to the floor and laying on the ball for an eternity. The deliberate time wasting at throw ins could have been stopped by issuing a yellow to one or two players too. This is what I can't understand about blatant time wasting, the Refs have the power to stop it but nobody does anything about it. And again last night the goal celebrations took an eternity, right in front of the home fans again.
  7. First Wazzock

    Pantwetting continues

    That's the normal position down in Brighton...
  8. First Wazzock


    Being a TV viewer is never the same as being there...
  9. First Wazzock

    Self inflicted defeat

    I honestly thought we'd stay up this season. Now I know it's still early days, but with performances like that we are nailed on to go down. No tackling, no urgency, sluggish predictable football. I can't see where the next points are coming from.
  10. First Wazzock


    It was woeful. No urgency, no fight, no goals, no points...
  11. Raith v Stranraer - Home win Draw HT City FT Good Luck all
  12. First Wazzock

    11 out of 27

    Is it too early in the season for Fridays game to be classed a 6 pointer?
  13. First Wazzock

    VAR Farce

    The thing that I find incredible is the fact that I have not seen one Ref review anything on one of the pitch side screens. That is what they are there for! I think if I was in the middle I would rather get the decision wrong on my own than have the wrong decision made by someone else. How must Stuart Attwell be feeling after our game against Man U when he rightly allowed play to continue only for it to get dragged back for a penalty when James had clearly fallen into Godfrey and was looking for a penalty all along? Unless this farce is sorted out quickly I think fans will stop watching the game
  14. First Wazzock

    Match Thread v Brighton

    70 minutes gone and we haven't even had one shot on target...
  15. Good Luck Cosmic and MMMK, and all other PUPs too. AIK v GIF Sundsvall - Home Win For Cosmic Less than 2.5 goals for MMMK