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  1. Fabulous, and well deserved!
  2. First Wazzock

    Scrapping the barrel on TWTD

    There is so little football being talked about on there now days. I suppose it's due to the fact they've had so little of it to watch for so long...
  3. The very best of luck to you Nutty, BTTS Anon and all other PUPs Gibralta v Republic Of Ireland - Away Win Rochdale v Scunthorpe - BTTS
  4. First Wazzock

    And The Lee Croft Award Goes To...

    Good call. At least they could choose from two, unlike their POTY...
  5. First Wazzock

    Stiepermann booking

    That's a far better table for the Ipswich fans...
  6. First Wazzock

    Forgotten Men

    Forgotten Men... Paul Lambert
  7. Good luck DJ11, Kathy and all PUPs. Real Madrid v Celta Vigo - Home Win City Bet - More than 2.5 goals
  8. First Wazzock

    W2 D6 L13

    ...but still sending them down. Oh the irony!
  9. First Wazzock

    Huck's. get. real

    Sorry Hucks, the intensity the current team plays with would blow the 04/05 team away...
  10. First Wazzock

    When is a penalty not a penalty?

    I just had a feeling this might happen... Every decision a referee makes is based on his opinion. Trying to get consistency is always going to be difficult, and trying to determine intent is impossible. It will only be a matter of time before the decision will have to be from a panel of 3 watching, or if there is a decision that is slightly contentious we could need 5 to make the decision, moving towards higher odd numbers for each controversial decision. And this is supposed to be better than just letting the guy in the middle make the decisions - he can balls it up perfectly well on his own!
  11. Good luck to Kev, Bob Rutler and all PUPs For Bob Rutler with much love from Dr Vinyl... More than 2.5 goals For Kev Barcelona v Rayo Vallecano - Home Win
  12. Congratulations both, a great achievement!
  13. Good Luck Mandie, Gregt and all PUPs For Mandie Lille v Dijon - Home Win For Gregt Stiepermann to score
  14. First Wazzock

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/i-love-it-at-norwich-says-aston-villa-contender-paul-lambert-7785689.html Oh no you don't...