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  1. Good Luck Nutty! Sheff Wed v Wycombe - Home Win Crewe v Mansfield - BTTS
  2. Good luck Lakey and Lincsy Fortuna Sittard v Excelsior - Away Win City Bet - Nunez to score
  3. The absolute icing on the cake for me tonight was, in the first half Bristol won a free kick right in front of their fans. What does 'Mr Dynamic Ref' do? He ambles over to mark where the free kick should be taken, walks and marks the 10 yards out without one Norwich player defending the ball! Do some of these Refs not have a brain?
  4. I have heard that Cambridge is taking over, 8 new pages of threads every day!
  5. Is that the night Pete got his 'Deleter of the Month' award from Neil?
  6. What's the difference between a Radox bath and the drummer today? A Radox bath bucks up the feet...
  7. Apologies for the terrible selecting, but I'm sure next week will be better!!
  8. Right, here we go. Sorry if I haven't picked your choice, this is so damned difficult!! Ajax v Cambuur - Home Win Villa v Man C - Away Win Lyon v Angers - Home Win Oxford v Burton - Home Win Salford v Crawley - Home Win Kelty Hearts v Falkirk - Away Win * My Choice*
  9. As it's taken 9 years to get the first letter out, he could be in his box by the time we finish it!
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