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  1. It was more than we had ever seen before and a lot larger than several of the lesser clubs in the Prem I think you'll find
  2. It was a clueless performance. As soon as we went a goal down, you knew what the outcome was going to be. No urgency, even with a home crowd roaring you on. It was almost feeble, there were times in that game where Watford looked there for the taking, but we still don't know where our players are and how to find them
  3. After all the money that has been spent, all the gaps plugged, that was nothing short of woeful
  4. Oh No. We've got that useless twonk Robert Jones, the man who didn't know if he should give things or not against Leicester. This is a classic assessment game, but why do we have to have these novice refs?
  5. When I saw the thread title I thought $hit, James is going to die, no more films...
  6. Good Luck Graham, The Great Drinkell and all PUPs Dunfermline v Inverness Caledonian Thistle - Away Win City Bet: Over 2.5 goals
  7. Something really up to date... Jacob Rees-Mogg love this...
  8. Even when you are beyond the goalie and only have one defender between you and the net, still not given offside?? Really???
  9. Sorry this is what comes when you have had a day on the vino, and don't read all the thread!!!
  10. But there is something wrong with this. If you take it that the line marking the 6 yards box is square, which I would guess it is, he would be about level. The red line is not parallel with with the 6 yard line. So something it out of kilter here
  11. I found it more sickening that we didn't get the handball in the build up to the goal...
  12. Good luck Wolfie and Super, and all PUPs too! PSG v Clermont - Home win BTTS
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