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  1. This is going to cost a whole lot more than just the headline takeover figure. They've got about 40 players out of contract this year. Very few - if any - are good enough to play at this level never mind the one above. So a major clear out is on the cards, how much money is it going to take to put together a half decent squad?
  2. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/39776/town-takeover-close The rumour that I saw did say that Evans was going to keep some of the land of the training ground, to build housing on, and from this article that does seem to be the case. 'much of the cash (for the sale) will come from the pension fund for the fire and police services of a so-far unnamed US state.' Uh Oh
  3. I think the top 4 are set, we just need to decide the final positions.
  4. It should have been a red card. Horrendous challenge with no chance of taking the ball. Perhaps we should tighten up on this 'taking one for the team' nonsense.
  5. Good Luck Wacky, Mandy and all PUPs VFL Wolfsburg v Hertha Berlin - Home Win City Bet Over 2.5 goals
  6. So how will that affect the play offs?
  7. The Tractor boys boss is a clown, A bottle of Bells he'd down No land of honey Came from all of Evans money The red nosed clown took town down
  8. the last two games of the season for Watford are... May 1st Brentford v Watford May 8th Watford v Swansea I wonder what bearing they'll have on the final positions - hopefully we'll still be top of the pile!
  9. There seems to be some chatter this might be going to happen
  10. What I love about the Refs in the Championship is, you take a throw in from where ever you like. it doesn't have to be anywhere near where the ball left the pitch.
  11. And their fans are STILL chuntering on about winning the FA Cup. Can I just tell them that, the Scottish club Queen's Park have made more appearances in the FA Cup final than Ipswich. And, Royal Engineers have won the cup more times than Ipswich have. The thing is you don't see fans from either club still rabbiting on about it, or demanding a star on their shirts
  12. Good luck Doris and LDC Sporting Lisbon v Portimonense - Home Win City Bet Over 2.5 goals
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