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  1. Usual bollox. I didn't hear him say, I, and the rest of the coaching staff are just not good enough
  2. Sorry late again! Cheltenham v Stevenage - Away Win City Bet Over 2.5 goals
  3. I couldn't quite believe how many times we gave the ball away, or just lumped the ball into space hoping someone was going to get it. A good starting point for be for someone to hold one of our shirts up in training so we understand who are our players, we couldn't string 3 passes together at times.
  4. Totally agree. If we had been playing a team with their shooting boots on we could have lost that quite Easily. even though we looked really good to start off with there was no finish, and I have got to say, overall I felt it was a game low on quality. Our defence still worries me, at times it looked like it was going to part like the Red Sea (Exodus 14: 19-31 for our younger members!) But as everyone keeps saying, a win is a win
  5. Good Luck Hissing Sid, Jellytot and all PUPs Wolves v Liverpool - Away Win City Bet City to win both halves
  6. Sorry, late again. Good luck Duncan! Wrexham v Doncaster - Home win
  7. Just asking for a friend who is in Spain!
  8. I'm off to Spain tomorrow - well, that's the plan. I don't know if Ryanair are going to play ball yet! So, can I make my pick for next Saturday please? Solihull Moors v Oxford City - Home Win City bet Over 2.5 goals Good Luck all
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