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  1. May as well start early.... Plus, I only happened to stumble on this thread by clicking through a couple of posters wondering why they felt the need to give me some stick. Think I found the answers..
  2. When can the OP copy and paste and start getting the same support from the same posters again? Will we need to be bottom in January for this one to fly again?
  3. hogesar

    Webbers Interview

    As long as you enjoy yourself fella.
  4. hogesar

    Webbers Interview

    Nobody, Webber included, said it was the fault of the fans.
  5. hogesar

    Webbers Interview

    Don't think anyone has claimed to be a 'better supporter' than anyone else on this thread
  6. hogesar

    Our summer business

    Like I say, the £15m on Claude-Maurice was fairly well established as a bit more than a rumour and Webber has mentioned it without naming in interviews too. So I suspect, they were players which fitted our criteria and player model whilst also not costing much. Like I say, Fahrmann is a Champions League goalkeeper. Had it not been a loan and Shalke wanted him he'd be costing £10 million. I think that would have appeased some purely because we spent money.
  7. hogesar

    Our summer business

    But we filled the gaps in the squad with players we presumingly thought were good for the job? Why bother spending more if the players we wanted were available for less?
  8. hogesar

    Our summer business

    It's irrelevant because we don't know what we were willing to spend. Apparently we bid £15m for a winger in the summer. I assume it depends on how much we think a player 'suits' us.
  9. hogesar

    Our summer business

    I think we got players in every position people wanted us to in pre-season. The money we spent or didn't spend isn't that relevant - however I can't help but feel had Byram cost 8mill and Drmic cost 10 mill and Fahrmann cost 10 mill some wouldn't be complaining....
  10. hogesar

    Casino Royale

    Probably not helping his case with Southgate though who does seem to have some reservations regarding his attitude
  11. hogesar

    Webbers Interview

    Someone cant read...
  12. hogesar

    Webbers Interview

    I didn't know what 'sence' was so assumed it was something different.
  13. Great to read through, in particular: " It will test our players, it will test our staff, and it will test our supporters. It’s easy talking about culture, environment, having a great club to be at, we believe in the plan, let’s do it our way, it’s the Norwich way – that’s really easy when you’ve just won the league, really easy. Everyone believes it. It’s now, in these periods – and I think I said this at the end of last season – this will all be tested. It’s now going to be tested and we’ll find out more about people’s characters during this period. We’re lucky that we’ve got people here who will support our players through that because this is a growth period for young players." For me, some supporters wont pass the test. They never do when things get difficult. But this time I do believe the majority will.
  14. hogesar

    Akin Famewo

    Yeah its certainly better now with much more research being done by contributors.
  15. hogesar

    Akin Famewo

    I made a career out of Kris Renton on football manager...