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  1. This thread rightfully deserved that bump from you, when you have someone with an ego the size of @Bill this sort of thread is comedy magic.
  2. 1) I'd suggest at bare minimum we are good enough at championship level. We are top of the table, after all. 2) Strangely enough you can't build a full Premier League team in the championship. In fact you need multiple Premier league seasons in reality. 3) If you find us boring to watch then make sure you renew your season ticket at Portman Road. Sounds like that place might be right up your street.
  3. As we approach the time where we start ticking off wins required for promotion, how do we stand in comparison to other teams? Well, we know for starters that our points haul has been fantastic. Let's not forget the really poor run that saw us relegated in extraordinary circumstances of no fans. To then start a new season with no fans still - we've seen much better teams than us struggle to recover first season down. Massive credit has to go to Farke, the coaches and players themselves. Also Webber, I think the players we've bought in have shown a hunger and desire and added that positive attitude where perhaps that may have been struggling due to the previous season. Big credit to the board for holding onto the majority of our best young players too. Defensively, there's now only two teams who have conceded less than us and they've both played less games than us. We've conceded 25 in 32 games. For comparison, we conceded 57 in 46 games last time we won this division Offensively, only two teams have scored more. The only team that has scored significantly more is Brentford, the rest are within one or two. That's despite our lack of clinical finishing being a topic for most of this season. We arent there yet but all the signs are very, very good. The side feels much more balanced than both the previous seasons, and had we been more clinical I dont think our goalscoring would be hugely different from our title winning season before.
  4. Not sure Onel was our most dangerous player. He only had one run of note that led to the goal. Anyway, the fact we looked to have more energy than Birmingham second half and then Skipp ran the length of the pitch on 90 plus 5 minutes to score a goal suggests fatigue might not be much of a problem.
  5. Don't think fatigue was an issue, we were better later in the game. Birmingham pressed really well on an awful pitch.
  6. Other than Hernandez the rest of the subs were late and not only did we still win the game, we scored another goal. Again, maybe Farke REALLY does know what he's doing!
  7. Switch audio to home using the settings cog, for some reason that works.
  8. Yeah, it's not your fault, or your device, it's this forum (shock horror). Basically it's trying to store a cookie-file that's too large. You can get around it by clearing your cache - assuming you're using Safari on your iPad - Open the Settings app, go to Safari, and then choose "clear history and website data". Note you'll lose your browsing history..
  9. To be honest I can't believe how often it happens, and hasn't really been resolved!
  10. One of those freak results. Brighton not looking too clinical in the final third mind.
  11. That last 15 minutes thing is really interesting and suggests we are generally in a good position heading into the final stages in terms of team setup.
  12. I get that he's a bit unconventional but at this level I think it often works in his favour - he's quite unpredictable and also, last time in the Championship was one of our best players in the air in terms of winning those balls, too. I agree he struggled big time in the Premier League but so did a lot of our players.
  13. I don't think it would be. The guy scored nearly 10 goals and got 6 assists. None of our other number 10's look like getting the same. Happy to go with Farke and the coaches over you on this one
  14. Last time we were in the Championship he scored 9 goals and got 6 assists. We currently have Vrancic in that position who is 3 and 4 respectively. If Stiepermann gets fit, Farke will have him playing more often than not I suspect.
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