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  1. When I told you to enjoy Accrington next season, I didn't even realise they'd already beaten you once this season! Some people would want you off our forum but your club has been a consistent source of laughter and mockery for the last 10 years and for me, well that's just great.
  2. If we lose Buendia and Stiepermann for Bolton as well as Tettey then my optimism is somewhat diminished!
  3. hogesar

    The Lambert Chronicles - Ep4

    Well done Duncan, enjoyed this one!
  4. Straws. Clutching. Desperately. Have fun at Accrington.
  5. Outplay? Not sure but we wre comfortable. If i remember correctly possession was pretty even. But boro only ever had one shot on target in that entire game I think. Not really comparable to yesterday's game.
  6. No one's denying that Preston didn't do well although they didn't outplay us for any more than 30 minutes of the game.
  7. Really wasn't our night was it? Was impressed with Preston's start - we couldn't get a foothold in the game after they scored the first. Their pen looked like one in realtime to me but on replay not so sure. But irrespective, once we retained possession a bit and started moving them around we won our penalty - I guess the fact we've missed so many is psychologically causing more problems. Second half I thought we were very good and Farke's change of formation and personnel resulted in us being camped in their half. Rudd was good and they defended in numbers and we couldn't quite get that opening. Nice to see us committed and going for it 92 minutes into a game and 3-0 down. Credit to the guys for that and we move onto the next one.
  8. hogesar

    Time for McLean tonight?

    I would expect Tettey and Trybull. Farke's use of the squad has got us top of the league so far (way beyond expectations of anyone on this forum looking at our squad pre-season) - so i'm gonna make the massive assumption he's probably right. Like the look of Mclean from the bits i've seen. With Vrancic and Leitner out it's a really good opportunity for him to try and stake a claim. 30 minutes of the bench perhaps tonight?
  9. hogesar

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    I wouldnt read so much into it - since hes been with them lot hes been unable to turn their form around. In fact, its been worse than under Hurst. What he has done is got loads of old ex players in to training sessions, talked about the clubs history alot, wore ITFC pin badges sent to him by fans and talked about how good things will be in the future (without saying when, obviously). Despite having a worse record than Hurst and despite getting in additional players in January and still not seeing an improvement, by doing all of the above he has 80% of their fan base wrapped around his finger. They never were the brightest, after all.
  10. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/35464/lambert-norwich-keeper-coach-challenged-me-to-fight Brilliant. As comical as ITFC themselves. Perfect fit!
  11. hogesar

    Team for Preston

    Yep, at the moment we're actually pretty reliant upon him individually.
  12. I feel for Sears personally but Im delighted and laughing at Ipswich. The two arent mutually exclusive. Its been a good ride for us Norwich fans. I enjoyed being told I should respect Lambert etc by other fans, which I came back at the time saying if he could do the same it would probably happen. Shockingly, the guy has no class and no respect for us and I hope him and Ipswich spend a long time in League One.
  13. hogesar


    Shame he's likely to be out for a bit - he has been in terrific form. On a positive, Leitner can't be far away and it's a chance to see a bit more of Mclean potentially.
  14. hogesar

    Twtd forum

    We didn't get out of second gear for most of the game. I imagine Farke had done his research - Ipswich have zero cutting edge and individual mistakes in abundance. It didn't make it our best performance but once we got the goal, sitting off them and picking the right moments to counter was always likely to end up with the right result for us
  15. Nah. It'd give the bloke some more attention. He achieved what he achieved but is struggling to cope with the concept that we might be successful without him.