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  1. hogesar

    Furlough & relegation

    I love the fact the biggest critics of our immoral approach to furloughing staff seem to coincide with being the same people who'd welcome a multi-billionaire with a dodgy business background, no ethics and a history of using child-slavery to make their fortune.
  2. hogesar

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Exactly! The fact MP even managed to make a dig about the 70% pay cut in Spain is unbelievable. I'd be interested to know how many people on this forum would be quick to offer 70% of their salary straight up regardless of how much you were making..
  3. hogesar

    NCFC to furlough staff

    I guess the club would argue the amount they pay in tax on player sales etc gives them every right to claim back. However, as a small business I was also under the impression this should only be taken up if the staff would otherwise have been laid off. I.e for those businesses who couldn't afford to pay 4 months of wages (as an example) without money coming in because they've had to close, or in our case, our customers have had to close. We are hoping to avoid having to use the scheme by having enough work to cover us but that position wont be viable if we're in the same boat in 2 months time - we would then have to use the government scheme. I dont believe any Prem club doesnt have the ability to cover non playing staff for a few months.
  4. To be fair, he's not the only thick footballer. It's just that he's been a bit more stupid and got caught.
  5. hogesar

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    I agree. Its depressing that the army and police are being asked for because a load of grown ups can't shop by themselves. They should be personally embarrassed beyond all comprehension. Also, I've seen shop assistants try and enforce themselves but they're getting abuse they dont deserve and aren't paid for.
  6. hogesar

    Remedy To Stop Panic Buying.

    Nothing at 8.30am waitrose this morning fresh meat wise...Or toilet roll wise, or most things wise...
  7. Some of these names are throwbacks. We've come some way from seeing a practically retired John Hartson waddle onto the Carrow Road pitch so we could punt some balls up to him and hope.
  8. hogesar

    How Yew Orl Gittin' On...

    Sudden realisation that working from home is becoming a very insular and difficult thing to do having just listened to that entire bloody thing.
  9. hogesar

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    Yep, enjoy your time despite the lack of football!
  10. Would be top-level Along Come Norwich, to be fair.
  11. hogesar

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Being in the IT industry I'm aware, but i'm sure those who aren't are probably quite surprised just how many businesses aren't prepared for a 'working from home situation' despite all the technology being available. Yours is an extreme example but just round the offices local to ours we were (free of charge) advising on how to set up routers with VPN connectivity and helping with file-shares etc. I imagine during and after Coronavirus the picture will look a little different and businesses will have invested some time / money into this sort of thing.
  12. hogesar

    Wuhan coronavirus

    We're only a small office in Taverham but made the decision on Tuesday to make sure everyone could work from home and that's what's been happening. We are a digital company so rather than meetings being less convenient and a likely downturn in staff performance it's still a decision worth taking in our book.
  13. Might not even be up to us to decide by Friday.
  14. hogesar

    Massive Congratulations to Tim Krul

    Got to remember it was only a couple of months ago, if that, that some posters were crazily wanting Fahrmann to get a start ahead of him! Looks even more crazy now than it did before, and it looked pretty crazy then!