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  1. Bloody hell, there's some really good scouts and analysts on our forum. How on earth people can determine we haven't replaced Skipp adequately, when our purchased replacement has only played 60 minutes for us, is exceptional. Unless they watched Normann play every game last season, in which case I hold my hands up.
  2. It will depend on formation but I think we need Rupp in there if we are after more defensive solidarity and less fussed about our deeper midfielders helping in attack.
  3. The goals were soft again. They weren't having to cut us open, the first goal set the tone in that regard. As for positives, well its double edged. We created a lot, but our finishing was poor. However we moved the ball through midfield much quicker. I like Lees-Melou and I'm still not sure what the hate is for Rupp, as he helps set the pace a bit quicker in the middle of the park. Certainly, it wasn't a 3-0 game and I'm sure the XPG and other stats will testify to that. Unfortunately, that was the score and won't have done much for confidence.
  4. Whilst he wasn't great and as I said above, he doesn't seem to have that natural instinct you can sometimes see straight away in strikers, you are of course correct. He was up against Konate and Gomez which is a big ask for any striker, let alone a 20 year old with few minutes
  5. Wait, this is a new angle so im getting this right first time if I'm lucky. So Normann went in hard on Rose, yeah? And once he did, you saw Farke go up to him, and you were close enough to hear him say "Don't tackle hard please, even though I've said publicly we have been lacking this a bit and you would help in this department, I was actually making all that up for my own amusement"? Well, this is a story! Have you alerted the EDP?
  6. Well, Gunn is backup to the first team so I wasn't bothering with him. Gibson and Gian aren't new, so I wasn't including him. So basically, relevant to the first team was 3 players playing any meaningful minutes.
  7. Weird time to post after today where only really three of our new signings took part properly.
  8. Hes had the right effect on young players to date. That includes outing Cantwell and Emi resulting in them having fantastic seasons.
  9. He has all the physical attributes. He also has a decent touch. He hasn't really shown signs of a football brain as of yet.
  10. Yeah, supporting Norwich has been really bland. We've had a really tough time of it in recent years compared to: - Blackburn - Coventry - QPR - Cardiff - Birmingham - Derby - Reading - Sheffield United - Middlesbrough - Swansea - Hull - Forest - Ipswich - Sunderland - Sheffield Wednesday It's been so, so tough being a Norwich fan compared to all these similar sized clubs. If only DELIAR didn't keep holding us back from all the recent success the above teams have had.
  11. I know you're paying devil's advocate, but I still think that's pretty big revisionism which no-one would have said had we started this season well (something which actually has zero relevance to his ability to develop young players). The reality is, Alex Neil had access to Maddison, Godfrey and Lewis. Lewis and Aarons in particular were relatively unnoticed by all accounts until Farke wanted to integrate them into the first team. We signed Emi for a silly fee, an initial £1.5 million. If any manager could then turn him into a £30 million player I imagine pretty much every club would have tried to purchase him, and we'd never have signed him. There's just too many examples of young players developing very well under Farke for it to be a coincidence, and it's something he's been well recognised for outside of Norwich.
  12. But Farke has way more skill in it than a majority of other managers, as he's turned Max, Lewis, Godfrey, Emi, Todd into multi-million pound players. Other managers had access to those players and didn't.
  13. Can you post different match highlights every day please, NN? We certainly have the content for it
  14. For me Badger, the boo-ing at the end of the game, whilst not ideal and I didn't personally (or think it warranted it in all honesty) probably doesn't in itself have a negative effect on performance because the game has already gone. I did and still do take issue with the booing of substitutions which was the clearest example of brain-dead behaviour of the day (besides perhaps our defensive play at times!).
  15. But had we got a point against Leicester and again against Arsenal (not unrealistic in the context of how those matches played out) you wouldn't even mention it.
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