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  1. We also know he gets worse when he starts building his own team.
  2. Yeah, I dont see the point in anything else. It's like people on here want us to be rubbish so we can slate Wagner some more. Hes shown enough to suggest he isn't the long term solution (although it's football and weirder things has happened) and all we can do is take each performance on its own merit. We've stopped averaging over 2 goals conceded per game for starters, which is guaranteed relegation most seasons. That was important. We arent quite clicking up top but a fully fit Rowe and Sargent could make a massive difference to that.
  3. Especially when confidence isn't at its absolute highest. Have to hope that clean sheets and 10 points from 15 is helping that..
  4. Some of Sara's most effective play has come from deep but he has been given license to basically roam into the 10 position as his heat map regularly shows.
  5. You would have a point if I hadn't said Wagner should have gone weeks and weeks ago when our season average reached over 2 conceded per game. It's just, and I know this is unusual for this forum, I am capable of still looking at what happens on a game by game basis with a little more thoughtfulness than "boo Wagner boo".
  6. Everyone's allowed to have thoughts and opinions and post them. Everyone shouldn't be allowed to lie on here for attention. Like you just did for the umpteenth time.
  7. How am I defending his tactics? Are you making things up again? Why is that so common on here? It's all written down yet you quote posts and make something completely different up on the spot. If it needs explaining then that's on you but essentially my point was, in no defence of Wagners tactics, he wants us to build up from the back and Baath can't pass. It's the reason McLean is playing there right now. I thought that was blindingly obvious and only the likes of @cambridgeshire canary would be thick enough to not get that from my post.
  8. No where in that article did she say what you claimed though. What's pathetic is a 40 year old bloke living in his mums annex posting attention seeking posts and making things up, on a regular basis, consistently demonstrating you've never been to a game in your life, trying to joke it off when people point out how f*cking stupid you are.... And to then go even further you've now made up another lie that I've said you can't post on here and I'm "gatekeeping" it? I'd go further but I feel so f*cking sorry for you ill leave it there.
  9. Yes, I thought Nunez was good in that role too. But the likes of @cambridgeshire canary who's never been to a football match in his life can't work out why Baath might not be starting. To anyone looking at how we are trying to play it would be blindingly obvious.
  10. So you're still posting all over the forum but not replying, so I assume you literally made the above up for more online attention?
  11. I have no idea if she's said that but if so, its not what Cambridge is claiming. Are you heading rapidly towards a TvB style meltdown?
  12. No, they didn't. You really do show yourself up as someone who's never been to a football match at times.
  13. You've said this twice now. Why did you make this up? I asked for evidence last time and you provided nothing.
  14. Yes, the game was very similar to those under Farkes first season. And Farke had a Maddison for moments of magic.
  15. Subs weren't like for like but beyond Rowe there's not much attacking talent on the bench. That bit isn't Wagners fault.
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