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  1. hogesar

    Friday Plans

    Kinda relying on both of them losing and yet still panicking like anything by the time our match starts!
  2. hogesar

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    I'll be honest, if someone cant work it out, it's because its probably them.
  3. hogesar

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Doesnt apply to everyone King. Just the ridiculously unbalanced ones. Saying that, alot of them vanished after the start of the season. Would love to rekindle the thread of players not good enough by Lincoln. Good 4 or 5 posters who told me I hadnt a clue and Lincoln knew what he was talking about..
  4. hogesar

    Chris Hughton

    Yeah, agreed although I actually think he could potentially do a job at a bigger club that can afford some real quality attacking options. He can create a very solid spine and if he has some 'weapons ' in attacking positions that can create chances for themselves, I see that being a good recipe.
  5. hogesar

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    As a side point, I've seen a few posts now of "why cant I criticise Farke, we dont all have to be happy clappy fans who never dare criticise". Well I'm happy to say why you cant criticise. You cant criticise because you spent all of last season doing it, refusing to even acknowledge the gradual improvements made throughout the season. You cant criticise because when Webber came out and spoke to us about what they were trying to do, you tried to shout him down and claim he was a nobody who'd achieved nothing stealing a salary from the club. You cant criticise because as Vrancic started to play last season and his quality was evident whilst he tried to adapt to a new league and new surroundings, you refused to acknowledge he was a good player and needed to be shipped out with the rest of our cheap, 4th division German wasters. You cant criticise because when Farke identified Lewis and Maddison as first team players last season it was because, apparently, his hand was forced and he got lucky. You cant criticise because when Delia and co decided to go down this route, you screamed they dont have a clue and we cant vaguely be competitive in this league with their ownership. You said the league had changed so prior evidence was irrelevant. Basically, you cant criticise because if you had your way half the starting eleven would have been sold in the summer and we would have had Neil Lennon or, heaven forbid, Paul Lambert back in charge.
  6. hogesar

    Chris Hughton

    Although he has done a fantastic job with Brighton.
  7. We're 1/66 with SkyBet to be promoted.
  8. hogesar

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I'm still not sure why Cantwell is deemed the weak link. I guess hes had the least impact of our front 4 but hes played the least too. First half against Wigan I thought he was the only one who intelligently dropped into holes / pockets of space. Unfortunately he doesnt have the physicality to hold onto it for long and we didnt offer great movement off the ball at times, particularly in the first half. I'd love to get Vrancic in the side but in a central position.
  9. hogesar

    Keith Scott's post match musings

    Was about to request ban but this new muting feature is going to be great.
  10. hogesar

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    I'd like to think we all have an 'underlying agenda' with 'championing' our young players, but that's just me.
  11. hogesar

    An arm away from losing

    The referee did hesitate, if we're going to be pedantic about it.
  12. hogesar

    An arm away from losing

    It wasnt a penalty and I'm sure with VAR next season there will be an example which proves the point. The deflection from leg to arm is what changes it from being a pen to not being a pen. The other point here is there is no deliberate attempt to handle the ball and nor are his arms in an unnatural position considering the player was 'diving in' so to speak.
  13. hogesar

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Nope, was more to do with the stubborn comment. I'm not sure that's even a fair accusation to make, let alone suggest it's based on any facts of any sort? If Farke was stubborn, I doubt he would play an inexperienced Max Aaron's over his own signing in Passlack, who, certainly before the season started, had a much bigger reputation than our Max. Maybe Farke played the same team because he believes that was the best setup to win the game? Maybe it has nothing to do with stubbornness? I mean after all, if it were up to you we wouldnt even have Farke...
  14. hogesar

    Really Poor Support Today

    Thought the support seemed quiet too. I get the nervous part but it's our job to help push the lads over the line.