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  1. I would also pick McLean ahead of Gilmour.
  2. Hahaha. I disagree, a little bit. Nothing special from either team but we just about had the best chances. Checking my all-time-favourite xG stat seems to back that up
  3. Haha, not literally, no. But if you're used to the countryside of Norfolk only then it's a good idea for people to have their wits about them....
  4. Totally agree, Morecambe carried the same fear for personal safety but without the list of fun stuff to do!
  5. Not sure too many on here can say too much considering they want Smith sacked for having a team that finished below Watford and with less financial power sitting at 2nd in the table..
  6. Haha, for starters it shows Hanley wins a higher % of aerial duels than any other CB in the league!
  7. Don't hugely rate Southgate but he has earned the right to manage at this World Cup. He's done more than our last how many managers? We've f*cked it up against easy sides before, at least he's generally speaking got us beating them. I'm not sure who would fancy the international gig. You're only ever 2 or 3 bad games from being nationally despised.
  8. Yeah, it's fairly straight forward. Mumba struggled for Peterborough. Maybe this season in the third tier his age and experience has got him to a solid point - it certainly sounds like it. It doesn't mean he's anywhere near Gini's overall level yet.
  9. I mean, we've got more points on the board than at the same time in either of our last title wins
  10. Probably worth mentioning to the wife why you made that search before she finds it for herself..
  11. I think first promotion you may be right. Second promotion I'm 90% confident we had conceded less than our xGA predicted by some margin. I do think, considering we've not had a recognised DM for many matches, we've looked pretty solid defensively, and after all we've conceded something like the 3rd least in the division. We'll need to continue that throughout the season, which a DM should hopefully help with. I also think conversely a DM might help the attacking players have a bit more freedom.
  12. Now we have an Expected Goals Table! Naturally, this won't lead to people who have no interest in the stat coming back to this thread and inputting what nonsense it all is One interesting note is having the second best defence based on xG. This differs from Farkes title win where we were, according to xG, lucky not to concede more than we did. Considering a solid defensive base is one of the core requirements when promoted, whereby Brentford who finished below us had a much better defence based on xG (and stayed up) - it may be of interest to some..
  13. You know me Vince, super negative to combat some of that insane optimism you spread throughout the forum.
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