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  1. Worth noting Ings is a quality CF when fit too, and will cause better teams than us problems (and already has done). I know we lost so this forum is full of exaggerating nonsense about how we're already down, Farke isn't "fired up enough" (whatever that is) and our lack of investment means we won't be Champions League for the next 10 years, as is always the case when we lose. Sheffield United will be a really tough game but 3 points and some of the same posters will completely swing again. Lose and I think Archant may need to invest in a web-server that can handle more traffic..
  2. hogesar

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Also, if you call Southampton away a critical 6 point game pre-match and narrowly lose - it's much harder to expect the players to re-motivate themselves instantly for the next game.
  3. hogesar

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Only applies when we're winning the league
  4. hogesar

    Genuine question

    Really happy with the work Farke has done, this season included.
  5. hogesar

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Yeah, I think we stand a fairly good chance. This season the table still hasn't settled after 15 games with 8 points between us in 19th and Sheffield United in 9th. We still don't really know who our relegation rivals are going to be although you'd have to assume Watford. After that, any of: Sheffield United Burnley Bournemouth West Ham Newcastle Villa Brighton Southampton Everton Are all capable. If Silva leaves Everton, they still have to get the next appointment right. Imagine if they got Howe? That could drag bournemouth down. The form of teams in the last 5 games shows anyone from 9th down is finding consistency difficult. To give Sheffield their credit, whilst only winning 1 in the last 5 they've drawn the other 4 so defensive solidarity should be enough. Bournemouth have won 1, lost 4. We've won 1, drawn 1, lost 3. Still so much to play for and all the teams are struggling for consistency.
  6. We did look tired. I guess Southampton had the extra day? Looked like it. Wouldnt be surprised to see EMI back in. Possibly Stieps too.
  7. Awful first half but comfortably the better team in the second. Massive chance missed by Byram. Point would have been a great result in context.
  8. hogesar

    Tonights officials

    That's the thing with VAR, it's a new way to double-down by having two awful referees working together in tandem.
  9. hogesar

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    Their transfer fee's combined paid for our academy for god knows how many years? They can never be seen as a failure.
  10. hogesar


    Yep, would have actually been better to have those injury problems when we have a run of fixtures against genuine top 6 sides - whilst it wouldn't have helped the goal difference there'd be a lot more 'average' teams in and around our position. However, we've also been a bit fortunate in that aside from the top 4, 5, maybe 6, the rest have been really inconsistent and the points gap is relatively small (8 points from us in 18th to Sheff United in 8th)
  11. hogesar

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    There's a big gap between one of the Murphy's and a Maddison. But I'm pretty sure you're only saying all this to get a rise anyway
  12. hogesar

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I don't think any young player being linked to a club the size of Tottenham from a club our size looks at Jose Mourinho and goes "Nah, i'll stay at Norwich. Mourinho sucks".
  13. hogesar

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Well I guess he'd want to join Jose because he's one of the best managers in the world, and for the opportunity to win trophies, and play in elite competitions, and play alongside and against the worlds best players. etc etc
  14. hogesar

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I can't see him staying here if Spurs offer £30m. At the least it will have turned Godfrey's head, shortly.
  15. hogesar


    Makes our 2-0 loss their without a fit central defender and where we should have had a penalty not that disaster some made out...