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  1. hogesar

    Zimbo back in Training!

    Nah, Buendia is one of those players who are fans find no problem with regardless. Stieps for me.
  2. hogesar

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Clearly you dont rate Farke that highly. Whereas I do and I believe he wouldnt wait for an awful performance or a loss to make changes. I think hes more proactive than that, personally. But if you want to be soooooo negative then by all means continue..
  3. hogesar

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Hey! That's not fair, he was also statistically our weak link in defence many times (I checked).
  4. I would be absolutely delighted with a point. Look, if they play their best they win - that simple. They have a better squad of players. But if they come here lacking in a little confidence, not quite playing with their tails up etc, we stand every chance.
  5. hogesar

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    That's fair, but equally scapegoating does happen on this forum. Hanley might not be a case in point but there are plenty of examples where people feel the need to pick out one particular player despite evidence to the contrary. In our first season under Farke it was Vrancic, who I was told, whilst defending him, "had no ability", "offers nothing", should "f off back to Germany", is "too slow", who "cant tackle" and "constantly gives the ball away" - yet all the stats and performances actually told a completely different story. What had happened is a couple of slightly indifferent performances adjusting to the league enabled this group of fans to vent their frustration all onto one player.
  6. Cheers for this, and thankfully (for once) a statistical analysis backs up my defence of Marco on the other thread!
  7. hogesar

    Is Klose close?

    Pete's my favourite.
  8. This is interesting Jim. You've said in your above post you hope that we can 'establish ourselves'. If that's your benchmark for Delia then it's unfair - there's only about 7, maybe 8 clubs that are really established in the top flight and they're all bigger than us. You also say "I have my doubts if we could repeat it in the future". Well you were proved wrong once, odds are it could happen again. I also like how Delia's managed to "get lucky" so many times...
  9. Equally, we had 2 good chances we didn't score. I don't see anyone getting 'too big for their boots' other than some kids on twitter who will do that regardless.
  10. hogesar


    Yes, someone behind me was shouting how he needed taking off. He's actually a very intelligent player who knows where and when to take up space and when to simply lay it off as opposed to drive with the ball. He also moves well to link up with either fullback.
  11. hogesar

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Never really developed since he came in for us initially where there was a bit of hype of him being a potential international CB. Anyway, never personally rated him - didn't have great pace, was good aerially but not exceptional, was average with the ball at his feet, and could never forge a decent relationship with another CB partner here. However, he's done very, very well at Wolves, far better than I expected.
  12. hogesar

    Potential Chelsea weakness

    I'd much rather play a team who's got a new manager and yet to win a game than one who's just had the pressure and tension lifted of them from a win at home.
  13. hogesar

    Madness at Peterborough station

    If I were an Ipswich fan I'd be too embarrassed to get involved in anything with a couple of premier league clubs fans...
  14. hogesar

    Sheff U v Palace

    I think Sheff Utd will be difficult to beat and they work very very hard. Crystal Palace really didnt have much to offer though.
  15. hogesar

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    I think if Hanley gets a couple more games under his belt hed tidy up some of the sloppiness. Hes probably just as good a pure defender as either Zimmerman or Klose. Unfortunately for him he just isnt comfortable on the ball or playing it short under pressure and I imagine that will be what ultimately costs him his place. Despite all that, delighted to see him put Liverpool behind him.