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  1. hogesar

    Raging perverts thread

    I'll take the stalking as a compliment, I guess.
  2. hogesar

    Raging perverts thread

    One of the joys of having your own company Til is being able to be a little more flexible with your working hours. For example, I can take 10 minutes of downtime after coding now, and continue at 7pm this evening if I so wish. With your level of interest in what I do during the day i'm tempted to invite you for an office tour.
  3. hogesar

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Are you speaking on behalf of all fans? If we got a few thumpings in the prem i'm not so short-sighted as to immediately question a recruitment policy which quite clearly has had a whole year minimum of working fantastically well for us.
  4. hogesar

    Raging perverts thread

    Well I suppose this thread has done what it's said on the tin.
  5. hogesar

    Jordan’s coming home!

    How can you be underwhelmed without knowing the rest of our transfer targets?
  6. hogesar

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Would be proof that Farke and Webber really are valuing the team ethos above anything else. Which I have no problem with and equally as I've posted before, a decent third choice / roll of the dice option.
  7. hogesar

    Women’s World Cup

    LDC, I cant help but feel like I'm about to absolutely blow your mind with the concept of actual p*rn websites..
  8. hogesar

    New membership scheme

    A little over-reactionary from some, I feel.
  9. hogesar

    Ben Godfrey or Tom Trybull

    Everything I saw from Godfrey last season told me Farke is correct. Has everything potential wise to be a very good CB at a good level. I'm not sure he would be a top midfielder.
  10. hogesar

    Sky TV

    An IPTV subscription service would be your best bet in all honesty but, and a big one, not entirely legal. Hence I won't post any suggestions but utilise your brain, Reddit and some search terms and you'll get some good ideas.
  11. hogesar

    Women’s World Cup

    Make the goals smaller / make adjustments to the women's game. Doesn't have to replicate mens football in its entirety. Focus on the fact that 49.6% of the world are women and market it more to them as something they can enjoy. You never know, women might enjoy going to football more if they're surrounded by other women as opposed to a balding middle-aged man with a gut taking up two seats and scratching his a*se every 2 minutes. Doesn't have to be an exclusion of men or a "this is just for women now" but surely thats who they should target the sport with - men have their own teams already, it's pretty much ingrained in those of us who like football so women's football will only ever be a 'passing fancy' excluding perhaps the international stuff. However, its possible they could generate a core female fanbase.
  12. hogesar

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    Yes Timm
  13. hogesar

    New membership scheme

    I think you're going to have to accept two things. 1) The football club is very community driven and focused on a self-funding model 2) It is still a business. It still has to make business decisions - such as the best time to release opportunities for customers to make purchases.
  14. hogesar

    New membership scheme

    You've said that a multitude of times over the years and often it's not come out in your favour so reckon we should hold fire for now.
  15. hogesar

    New membership scheme

    Jim, I know it's been difficult to criticise the board over the past year but it feels like you're clutching. It may not be the best decision but it's with the right intentions - in practice it might not work and they've already said they'll have to see how it transpires but if it was all about more money they wouldn't have capped all home games at £30.