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  1. I don't want VAR so if that was offside then so be it, just move on. Personally though I'd have given it as level too. I agree with Mason, actually thought the officials got most things right last night, no complaints about any of our yellows, a few of them were just silly on our behalf and the penalty was stonewall. Put it behind us, stop moaning and onto Plymouth.
  2. That just took me way too many reads to click you weren't actually talking about a team called Sheva Utd
  3. This highlights my concerns from the summer, we're miles short up front and pretty much screwed without Sargent. Could have been 1-1 had McLeans shot been an inch lower and then we wouldn't have been pushed so much to concede the 2nd on the break. Put it behind us and onto the weekend
  4. Started well, but can't say Leicester haven't been the better side without creating much. There will be plenty of abuse towards the ref I'd imagine, but not being there you can see on TV its clear he got the 3 yellow cards correct and the penalty decision right too. Gibson again is a calamity, I'd get him off for Bartth at HT. Shame Fassnacht didn't play Barnes in earlier in the half instead of shooting, he'd surely have scored. Rowe having his worst half of the season, bit off it tonight.
  5. Agree with this, this has been a terrible match with 2 very poor sides.
  6. Russell Martin can't have much more time left, they're worse than when Nathan Jones was there.
  7. The 3-5 it should have been if not for diabolical refereeing would have been better
  8. Good to hear binners songs are still 90% about us.......rent free
  9. Be nice if we put a clause that seemed so ludicrous at the time that Newcastle just went, lol yeah OK, something like Murphy to start a Champions league game £50 million.
  10. Only Joe Marler could get an assist like that
  11. Leeds nearly did a bloody good job of messing up that 2nd goal
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