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  1. That is absolutely glorious 👍👍
  2. Speaking of Sharon, have you seen the utter state of her lately? Good video 👍
  3. I think she just didn't want you having the embarrassment of having BARNES on your shirt 🤷‍♂️
  4. That Millwall shirt is utterly atrocious
  5. I'm the same, I'm not really bothering with paying attention to the friendlies etc, going to immerse myself into the Olympics then get back into the footy on Aug 10th
  6. They tried that 1 season, but the rest of Europe didn't follow suit so left English clubs at a disadvantage
  7. All depends when you ask the question, Sunday afternoon and it was country all day long, now it's club. There would be something very special in the whole country celebrating the same thing. Also depends what you're asking, England win the Euros or Norwich Premier league then it's Prem all the time, but if it was just Euros or 4th bottom then Euros wins. Daft question anyway, no one is ever going to have to choose, stuff happens or it doesn't.
  8. He definitely should have gone after the world cup, I think then he'd have got a lot less stick too. It just feels like we totally wasted the Euros as right from the first kick off it had an inevitability of him learning nothing and us going out as soon as we played someone half decent in the same manner as all the other exits. That's the big gripe with him, he just didn't learn anything in 8 years or if he did he didn't have the courage required to be a winner.
  9. I think he does UFC or something, there was a post of him in a Spanish shirt, I think the daft **** actually think that impresses people
  10. I'm not sure what the nationality of his manager had to do with it. In hindsight he probably should have started
  11. This whole myth of Scousers not supporting England is just that bar one or two morons. I have family in that part of the world and they and pretty much everyone they know are fully behind England. You get twats like whoever that Paddy bloke is making comments for likes.
  12. I'm beginning to think this geezer may be the Harry Kane of supporters and is in fact a curse on us 😁
  13. Is this Spanish side, player for player better than us? Who gets into our squad? Williams, Yamal, Rodri, possibly Cucharella because of our lack of LB options more than anything else, who else?
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