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  1. But is it not the insistence on playing out from the back...... All the time.... Something they are clearly not comfortable nor good enough to do at this level, that is causing the many stupid mistakes? That is on Farke. We get away with it with lesser opposition hence why we storm the Championship, but Farkes never going to be successful anywhere in the top flight playing like that unless by some miracle he ends up as Peps replacement.
  2. So the moral of the story, real fans don't boo and love a good sausage roll....
  3. From what I'm led to believe he's likely to sell it as soon as he comes into possession, not a bad little inheritance.
  4. Can't be a binner, the standard of English is far too good
  5. Greek Tzolis fan, your timing couldn't be any worse
  6. Next time I'm working in Ipswich I'm definitely standing outside Greggs shouting "you're just a **** Greggs in Ipswich"......
  7. I don't think it really matters who we play at the back until Farke stops instructing them to play suicidal balls, tippy tappy all the time and that zonal is just for set pieces and not general play. Until then you might as well play me at the back.
  8. The mood at work amongst us Norwich fans today has gone from pissed off, to full on realisation that it's never going to work at this level under Farke so we either sack him, or just go through the motions this season which will make for a long, depressing season.
  9. We no longer have the worst points total in all 4 professional leagues anymore
  10. Agreed, but do you actually see Farke doing that? Nope we'll pass sideways, backwards, straight to an Everton player. Repeat ad nauseum.
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