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  1. Bloody hell! Even I was going to Carrow Rd regularly when this thread was started.
  2. Those toilets put the fear of God into a young impressionable 14 year old making his first foray into solo trips to Carrow Road. Beef burgers kept warm in liquid. Blue invalid cars making there way round the touch line. Ice and snow on the terraces. Queuing up waiting for the turnstiles to open. Ah, those were the days.
  3. The whole nation isn’t laughing at us, the only people who think we are an embarrassment are some of our fickle fans.
  4. Have you personally written to the board or just moaned about it on an Internet forum?
  5. No content, just a post title DO WE NEED TO SELL. Perhaps LDC has finally run out of things to say...
  6. We can but hope. Teams, pundits, fans talking about Future transfers as if nothing has happened. I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to take stock and press the reset button, but it seems no lessons have been learnt.
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