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  1. I’m very happy that a buzzard has taken up residence in a small wood directly opposite my house. I can sometimes see it flitting about in the trees from my front windows. Also 2 days ago, 6 buzzards enjoying the thermals directly above my house. I know they’re common these days, but they’re a favourite of mine. Belton, Nr Yarmouth
  2. I thought I saw somewhere it was on YouTube. I may have got that wrong though...
  3. Looks great I’m gonna set aside 55 minutes and watch that.
  4. @BroadstairsR no, not just you, happened to me too. Heap of 5h1te.
  5. They seem like a nice couple
  6. They really do seem to live their lives to a different set of rules that us great unwashed (on the whole) adhere to.
  7. In the good old days, if a mid-week game went to extra time, sometimes you wouldn’t find out the scores until the next day, and sometimes it would be too late to to make the following days paper...
  8. Norwich vs Ipswich, Boxing Day 1978. Ah, now that was an interesting match...or so I was told! Unfortunately I was hauled out of the Barclay before kickoff. It’s a long story, involving a thrown firework and a new Christmas mohair jumper and the afternoon spent in Bethel Street police station
  9. Liz Truss is an idiot. I’ve seen her eat a plastic pie.
  10. It was a great colourful day out. We did seem to be quiet that day, and I too remember the cheer up, you’ve just won comments afterwards. For some reason I swapped my standing ticket for a seated ticket (I had stood at the Villa final) I drove down with a few mates who stood and was going to meet up with other mates in the seats. They arrived very, very late as it was one of their mates that unfortunately had his head out of the window on the train and died. It was a shocking match mainly remembered for the good natured banter between the two sets of fans. I still have the program and newspaper cuttings.
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