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  1. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    We’ve played well this half though.
  2. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    Congrats! Not sure if you proved your point considering we were all over them, Rudd is playing out of his skin and a third goal out of nowhere. Just not our night tonight unfortunately!
  3. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    This penalty thing has become a mental block now, don’t think you can blame the coaching staff too much. I’m sure there’s been plenty of practicing, it’s a bit of a vicious circle though - the players must know our penalty record, it must play on their minds and nothing can prepare them for the match intensity! Let’s hope we can score the next one and get over this spell.
  4. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    Really? Have you watched us this season? Surprised to see such OTT negativity when we’ve got the second best record in the league for coming from behind in matches.
  5. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Preston*****

    Perhaps the recent results have gone to our heads. Won on Sunday with a pretty poor performance, did we just think we could turn up to win tonight? That said an early goal in the second half and we’re back in it! Also so frustrating that we couldn’t take the pen. 1 in 6 we’ve scored this season, that is pathetically bad - I’ve never known a team to be so bad at them?
  6. Hank shoots Skyler

    Derby Day

    We need to wake up second half. Been poor from about 10/15 mins after the start. Not sure what our game plan is, running down the clock and playing at a snails pace, not pressing out of possession and letting them build a head of steam when we could be out of sight. Seems bizarre to me! If we continue like this second half we’re asking for trouble imo. We need to up the tempo and take the game to them, let’s put this to bed!
  7. Hank shoots Skyler

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    This has really pissed me off and it’s not even to do with Oliveira’s Norwich connection or Mings’ Ipswich connection. The decision from the FA makes zero sense, they can’t prove intent in this case yet they could with Ibrahimovic when it was a one-off incident?! Of course there’s intent, he’s fully aware of Oliveia’s body position - he’s the one who knocks him down, anyone else would jump out the way or go to ground to avoid hitting his head. What does Mings do? Look down and plant his whole body down on Oliveia’s head. Absolutely sickening thing to do! If that’s how players ran past others they’d be injuries like this on a weekly basis, yet strangely enough that doesn’t happen. In fact I can only recall this happening twice... ever in my lifetime, and both times it was him! This is not a coincidence and not an accident and I cannot fathom how anyone can think otherwise. Probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on a football pitch and not even a ban. If you’re still unsure just remember his name... Tyrone... Mings... if that isn’t the name of a thuggish **** I don’t know what is.
  8. Hank shoots Skyler

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    Ban the ****. Absolutely disgusting and not a chance it’s an accident.
  9. Hank shoots Skyler

    Ricardo's report v Sheff Utd

    Up to Christmas we were so much a second half team that issues were never highlighted RE our game management, but in recent fixtures where we have come out of the blocks full force and got a good lead - we look a bit clueless as to what to do next. I personally think we are at our best attacking with a high tempo, but we seem reluctant to do this when we have a lead. We favour holding on to possession. I felt this several times in today's game where we could've broke forwards fairly easily but instead chose to cut back and play across the defence. If we were a good defensive unit then this would be more understandable but I don't see the approach we take as being natural or effective in any sense. Whilst many on here seemed happy with the second half in the Birmingham game, that was played at a snails pace, I thought we were asking for trouble and did not seem comfortable. It definitely feels like there is a mentality conflict when we are in a good position in a game where we do not seem willing to take risks - despite those risks being the reason we got in to that good position in the first place! I think Farke will need to look at this going forwards. I also think he needs to be a bit more proactive with his substitutions - which seem to be either really good or really bad depending on the situation of the game. On one hand, when we are behind and need to make something happen (WBA away, Forest at home etc) he has been willing to roll the dice and change the game (going three at the back) exactly when we need to make that move. But on the other hand, in tight situations where we are in front narrowly, he doesn't change things until something goes wrong. It was painfully obvious today that we needed fresh legs, particularly after the Sheff Utd double sub, yet we continued and their equaliser could not have been more unsurprising. I don't want to criticise too much as things have been fantastic this season but this can easily be improved upon imo.
  10. Hank shoots Skyler

    I thought VAR was the answer to everything...

    Perfect example in the Millwall Everton game of what I was referencing earlier in this thread. Millwall score with a fairly clear handball, missed by both the ref and the linesman. The Everton players are obviously incensed, then a replay of the goal is shown on the screen and understandably the Everton players are even more pissed. It’s unacceptable and downright bizarre to me that 30 seconds after the goal was scored everyone in the stadium knew it shouldn’t have counted yet nothing could be done.
  11. Hank shoots Skyler

    Jacob Murphy

    Even with Buendia and Hernandez I still think a loan for Murphy would’ve been a good move for us, I’d be surprised if we weren’t interested and also surprised if he chose WBA over us...
  12. Hank shoots Skyler

    Shinji Okazaki

    Surely not... would be an awesome signing on loan or permanent. Can't see it happening though; wages too much, don't really need to improve our striking options, and he'd probably be able to find a prem club interested in him as well.
  13. Hank shoots Skyler

    Leeds and potential legal action

    Agreed Fuzzar, I don't think this is petty at all. There is a reason why Bielsa is going over and above to do this. You can watch real game football to get a good idea of how a team generally plays and the manager's preferred style of play, sure. But spying on the team training before the game gives a distinct idea as to how that team is going to set up for that fixture; what areas they are going to target, how they are going to defend, how they are going to take set pieces, which players are injured and which aren't etc. I'm sure if any manager could obtain this information before a game they would (without spying..). Remember in the Prem under Lambert when we played Newcastle at home. It was well documented going into that game that they did not have any of their first choice centre backs available (or something along those lines). Lambert obviously knew this, so played Holt and Morrison together upfront and we smashed them 4-2. Now, imagine that it wasn't in public knowledge that any centre backs would be missing, and Lambert had organised spies to target Newcastle training - where he found this information and made the same tactical decision to counter this. Seems pretty unfair to me. I know this is an extreme example, but consider that Bielsa has been doing this for EVERY game so far this season. Surely this has earnt him a fair few points along the way. I'm not sure how deep an investigation will go but it will definitely be interesting to see if the extent of the spy findings is revealed. I also doubt they will be docked points unfortunately but it would be pretty funny if they are.
  14. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official Match Thread v Birmingham*****

    That’s probably the best team we can put together at the minute! Stiepermann was very much needed back.
  15. Hank shoots Skyler

    I thought VAR was the answer to everything...

    Not sure how offsides are subjective? I don't disagree with the issues raised. I just think the issues at the other end, without VAR, are much worse - Sterling kicked the ground and won a pen, Charlie Austin had a blatant goal wrongfully disallowed, THAT handball in the Nottingham Forest game FFS. I could not list them all out off the top of my head but they happen every week! It is surprising how often a refereeing blunder ends up costing a goal, it is absurd that a match official can have such an impact outcome of the game when they can easily be assisted with this technology. Again, these issues have become so ingrained into football's nature, it is the norm for offside / onside goals to be wrongly allowed / disallowed, it is the norm for blatant off the ball red card offences to be missed, it is the norm for a dive to be missed and a penalty to be wrongly given etc etc. These kind of issues are not subjective, and VAR will have no trouble in dealing with them. Yes it is difficult to judge how the interfering with play element will work, and there are definite areas which will need refining, I imagine that things will be judged on a case-by-case basis - with plenty of common sense! I.e. Is the offside player in the goalkeeper's line of sight? Is the offside player affecting the defender's ability to defend? The interfering with play rule is already pretty controversial so it hardly highlights deficiencies in VAR merely the rule itself. Besides, VAR will be able to interpret these questions better than officials can live - without the benefit of replays - and even if the odd decision is still wrong, to me its still much better as I'm sick of the blatant BS.