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  1. Hank shoots Skyler

    Starting XI v Stoke

    McLean has been underrated for sure
  2. Hank shoots Skyler

    Starting XI v Stoke

    As I thought, the same team that proved so successful before Buendia’s suspension. Harsh on Vrancic for sure but understandable. Let’s hope he gets brought on early if we are chasing the game!
  3. Hank shoots Skyler

    Monday's beamback

    A few more tickets available...
  4. Hank shoots Skyler

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Had an okay first half but pretty awful in the second and on the receiving end of a few bashings from the fans too - kept overrunning the ball and misplacing passes. In fairness to him he is always attempting to pull something difficult off - just needed to keep it more simple really. Yes he did get MOTM, the crowd reaction to that announcement was not the most supporting though... so make of that what you will. I thought Zimmermann deserved it, made some awesome tackles in the second half and used the ball really well too.
  5. Hank shoots Skyler

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Almost feel sorry for Farke coming into this one, looks like the midfield selection dilemma has really come to a head. For me it will be; ——————————Krul——————————— Aarons—Zimmermann—Godfrey—Lewis— —————Trybull————McLean—————— —Buendia——Stiepermann——Hernandez —————————Pukki——————————— Yep.. A bit of a boring choice but I think Farke will opt for the same team that gave us 8 wins in a row before Buendia’s suspension. I have previously wanted to see McLean dropped (and many others still do) but I actually think he has been getting stronger and stronger in his role, he kept us ticking over really nicely against Sheff Weds and has been making much fewer unforced errors than when he was first introduced. I think the fact McLean was brought into the team after the injuries of both Leitner and Vrancic has really counted against him. Had he been in from the start of the season maybe more fans would see him as a certain starter. The fact that we saw him hold his central position at the expense of Leitner playing the advanced role on Wednesday tells us everything for Farke’s fondness of him at the minute. That said, I was quite surprised at this as I thought McLean’s qualities would serve him much better further forwards than Leitner, who ended up looking pretty uncomfortable on the left. I think we will now see him dropped unfortunately with others in the team making louder noises. Yes also very harsh on Vrancic after the goal, but what I would like to see differently to cater for this in tomorrow’s game is earlier substitutions. Vrancic has been getting 15 minutes, if we are chasing the game introduce him on 60 mins not 75 please! Double his time on the pitch and follow it up with a start in the next game if he does well again. Hernandez and Stiepermann have definitely not been their usual selves in the last couple of games (Buendia effect?) but they offer something in the advanced positions that I don’t think any of our other midfielders can replicate. They can both count themselves fortunate in not having genuine like-for-like competition because I think they’re looking droppable at the minute. I would not be disappointed if we saw either one dropped to allow Vrancic to come in. Then Farke would have the same dilemma as with Leitner - who gets the CM spot, McLean or Vrancic? Given McLean was favoured v Leitner, I think it’s fair to say it’d be the same again. Maybe something like this; ——————————Krul——————————— Aarons—Zimmermann—Godfrey—Lewis— —————Trybull————McLean—————— —Buendia——Stiepermann——Vrancic—— —————————Pukki——————————— I tried the same line up with Stiepermann dropped but I just don’t see it. As inconsistent (polite word) as his form has been of late, he is still so vital and unique to the team. I think this will be the first starting line up in several weeks where a few people may actually be a bit surprised or disappointed - such is the number of options in midfield we have now vying for a starting spot.
  6. Hank shoots Skyler

    Chris Hughton

    What do you mean? Its obvious he would've transformed after scoring that penalty with a huge goal scoring run for us. I mean its not like he ever had an opportunity to build any confidence up to this point was it? He never scored a cracking header in his ****ing debut or anything did he... Its weird, that goal happening at the earliest stage of his Norwich career. It would surely have given him a massive lease of life and heaps of momentum - certainly much more so than a successful penalty (well done) after several months of awful performances had already been and gone. The fact he couldn't push on after such mental relief from that goal suggests to me that he was just a bit rubbish really, nothing he contributed in a game led me to truly believe otherwise - as much as I wanted him to succeed. If LDC brings up how he won the ball and made a sideways pass in the build up to the Snodgrass goal vs Spurs at home... or the 2 yard header he managed to get to Howson before his goal at Stoke... I swear.. Besides we have Pukki now, he cost infinitely less and is infinitely better..
  7. Hank shoots Skyler

    Chris Hughton

    Nah, not after the way they've handled the loss of Sala. Refusing to pay for the transfer - claiming he wasn't actually their player despite officially announcing the signing online (and various other interviews etc). Disgusting behaviour to backtrack in such a way after someone has died as a result of their own poor planning and negligence - which is ultimately all you can put it down to imo. They deserve all the bad luck they get and more.
  8. Hank shoots Skyler

    Dean Ashton

    Hmmm, I don’t think I have missed the point. I agree that you can’t look at the stats and know for sure that it was a home win. But surely around 80% of the time it would be a home win- and when you also factor in the nature of the chances on both sides I would push this out to 90-95% of the time. On another day Pukki would’ve bagged a hatrick. We had at least 4 exceptional chances that didn’t go in (inc. Rhodes’ header) and that’s not even mentioning Trybull hitting the post! So what’s your point? Yes, you can look at those stats and say that it COULD have been a home win, away win or draw, but can’t you do this for every game? Why are you trying to throw stats up in the air after appearing so heavily reliant on them earlier in the season? Surely you agree there is still a more likely outcome - similar to your XG stats (which is something I really like). You have to play your percentages and given the above there is little I can criticise the team for on Wednesday’s game, two sucker punches out of a measly three chances we reduced them to across the entire game. If we were playing poker we would’ve had them all in and crushed with 1 card to come, unfortunately for us they hit their 1 in 20 card on the river. You described this as ‘woeful defending’ in your other post, I have to disagree, we were massively unfortunate that Reading managed to hit their fleeting moments perfectly. Just to remind you of your own words; ‘’Sorry Crabby but you are wrong. Anybody who actually understood stats would know perfectly well that they were totally consistent with the game ending as it did, or any other result equally.’’ Ignoring the extremely patronising caveats of ‘you are wrong’ and ‘anybody who actually understood stats’, I will ask what about the stats is ‘totally consistent’ with the game ending as it did? You are not simply suggesting that any outcome is possible (which is a completely fair conclusion to make), you are claiming that any outcome is equally likely. Surely your own statty mind is short circuiting at this notion? When you factor in the patronising opening sentences it’s all starting to sound a bit twatty (no offence). I just don’t understand where your watered down viewpoint has come from. Has your partner had an affair with stats? Did you lend stats money and they not pay you back? What happened westcoast!? Also RE our league position, you never suggested false exactly, however you did indicate pretty confidently that you felt we would finish 4th.. Although, I respect that because our XG to GF ratio has improved your opinion on this must’ve also changed - which is fair enough. I take that back.
  9. Hank shoots Skyler

    Dean Ashton

    What element of the stats makes it so obvious to you that the game finished 2-1? I am seeing the complete opposite. Even the XGs point to a comfortable home win, something you used to highlight our apparently false league position earlier on in the season... Why so negative?
  10. Hank shoots Skyler

    Dean Ashton

    Celebrating as if we’d won the World Cup? Really?
  11. Hank shoots Skyler

    Dean Ashton

    There was nothing whatsoever unusual or over the top about those celebrations, given the position we are currently in and the 88 minutes leading up to that goal, it was a huge huge moment. Don’t recall you complaining about our celebrations either during the Millwall game, Bolton game, Forest game, Blackburn game, literally multiple games this season. Not to mention previous years where pandemonium has followed a crucial goal. And by the way, all of the goals where the craziest celebrations have followed have been when we take the lead (I.e one goal lead), because that is when the tide of the game has turned? What on earth are you talking about ‘it was only 2-1’? That’s precisely why the celebrations were wild, we went from 1 to 3 points in that moment. Did you see the Derby game under Lambert, taking a 3-2 lead? The Portsmouth game when we secured promotion? 1-goal lead... It’s as if you don’t even like football!
  12. Hank shoots Skyler

    Our run in not looking as good

    Which games were we lucky in? The Swansea game, perhaps a draw was fair - but other than this? Regardless, against Swansea no way was our luck in anywhere near as much as Reading’s was on Wednesday!
  13. Hank shoots Skyler

    Let's talk about stats baby/lets talk about our XG

    Bit OTT. It is not woeful defending at all. They scored from 2 out of just 3 moments they created across the entire match. It sounds like you think because they created a couple of opportunities we defending woefully? How good were the chances they created in comparison to ours? Not very! If we were as clinical as them we would’ve scored 6! Replay that match again and again and both of those shots easily get blocked or fly wide into safety. This is way too harsh on the team, let’s slacken off them a bit - we are top, after all.
  14. Hank shoots Skyler

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    It doesn’t matter how obvious the shot was, from that range Krul has to stay central and maximise his chances of reaching every corner of the goal. You seem to be suggesting he should’ve started heading to the far post? Something keepers will only do in anticipation of a freekick or a 1v1 (and often lamented for doing so even in these situations). Imagine if he’d made a move and the shot then went to his near post, I wonder if you would be criticising him in this scenario... His feet weren’t planted either, he set himself in the same way any other keeper would- bending the knees and preparing to bounce/jump as the shot was struck. The shot was from inside the area and a well hit side foot, who cares that’s it wasn’t a screamer? Players can side foot into the corners from 25-30 yards if executed well enough! No way should Krul have saved that shot - and I only believe someone with a bit of an agenda would see it like that, sorry to say as I don’t think you’re purposefully singling him out. That said, I don’t disagree with the rest of your post, when you look at his ability on purely a shot stopping level I would place him as an average stopper in this league. He has rightly come under fire during this season for some costly errors which have lost us points (not that it matters that much...). I do however also think that he has been an invaluable member to our team this season- his experience is needed for the young back 4, his ability (yes ability) with his feet is key to building from the back and he has a clear passion and drive for the cause which I think rubs off on the team. He has looked reasonably solid in recent fixtures, his handling from long range shots appears to be more stable than earlier in the season, let’s hope he continues for the rest of the season!
  15. Hank shoots Skyler

    Reading Match Thread

    In fairness he is usually keener with the subs when we are losing