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  1. Hank shoots Skyler

    That Idiot Streaker.

    bet you'd pay the fine if the streaker was female..
  2. Hank shoots Skyler

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    I don't disagree with this at all, my post was perhaps more to spite those who were being overly negative in the match thread. That thread was certainly not a reflection of my feelings at the time in the away end, and I wanted to put across my thoughts - it also felt like the whole away crowd saw it the same but perhaps not. It was certainly not a perfect performance, but given the circumstances of the club (only just promoted, little investment, small wage bill), the occasion (1st game of the season, European champions, Anfield, all eyes watching), the starting line-up itself (very young, no new signings) and not to mention the calamitous start with Hanley's mare, it was about as good a performance as we could realistically have hoped for. 4-1 away at Anfield is not a humiliation. Sure, defensively there is a lot for us to learn, but there is no accounting for Hanley's stinker - it would be interesting to see how would've got on with Klose or Zim in instead. At the other end our attacking play and build up from the back also really felt like a cut above where it was at last season, despite no new signings playing - this is exemplified by Cantwell's transformation - he is an entirely new player! I'm surprised Farke said that about winning the second half, Liverpool played the second half in second gear, it was not a massive achievement to win those 45 minutes although certainly much nicer than the game ending in a 5/6/7 - 0 defeat. We did save a lot of face there. Still I would agree a bit cringey - he does have a tendency to blanket too much into statistics when reflecting on matches sometimes.
  3. Hank shoots Skyler

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    I thought we mostly showed nerves after conceding the second, for a spell we looked a pretty lost and rather frantic - however more than understandable. That OG after 6 min was a real killer so its hard to say how things may have panned out, perhaps we never would've lost concentration without this early hit to our mentality. Unlikely of course. However, on the whole, I didn't see a huge amount of nerves - other than maybe Hanley and Aarons I thought we played with a lot of freedom in the first half. Its worth thinking about just how much pressure Liverpool put on us in these stages and we generally coped with this and rarely resorted to clearing the ball. It would've been easy to lump it up to Stiepermann in wide areas but we persisted with our style - it was great to see.
  4. Hank shoots Skyler


    Thanks for that Wacky, not actually too dissimilar to how I would rate (6 being average seems to be the norm) so I did not use a higher average - and do still feel you were a bit harsh on our attacking midfielders / Krul. I'd recommend watching the Youtube highlights put up by the club for some more of Cantwell's good work. Certainly would not rate him anywhere near below average! It also sounds like you have marked Krul down just because he conceded four, which I don't think is particularly fair - I think if he managed to save any of those goals it would've been quite miraculous. His performance to me felt better than anything he came up with last season and I really feel he's turned a mental corner in terms of his own self confidence. Perhaps you missed my paragraph about this in my original comment. To me there is a clear difference between performance and result. You can play well and lose badly, and by the same coin - play badly and win well. I think our second half performance can be attributed more to Liverpool taking it down a gear or two than us playing significantly better, they played at 100 miles an hour in the first half and made it really difficult for us to play out from the back - despite this, we still managed to carve out a number of good chances. I also felt we pretty much made as many mistakes in the second half as the first - more notably so when in possession with the errors I noted in my previous post. I think the mistakes in the first half are made to look glaring simply because Liverpool scored from them (I also don't know how you can legislate for whatever Hanley did for the first goal), if you re-watch the highlights maybe you will see what I mean. Imagine the opposite game in terms of Liverpool taking their chances. I.e. ignore Hanley's OG (that isn't how the team performed overall), and say the 3 other goals all went straight at Krul or wide. And instead, in the second half Henderson slotted past Krul, Firminho scored his tap in, Salah bagged his chance after Cantwell / Godfrey got dispossessed and TAA's freekick went in. Would we then have played really well first half but had a stinker in the second? If all of the second half Liverpool chances had gone in instead of the first half ones would we not be making the same criticisms but in reverse? It appears the difference is whether Liverpool manage to capitalise or not and that to me isn't really something we should be considering when we're talking about our own performance.
  5. Hank shoots Skyler


    I have to disagree with these ratings Wacky – although I am not familiar with Italian style ratings, what is the logic behind them? IMO, they do come across as a bit harsh to me. I don’t think you have given enough consideration to the quality of the opposition; Liverpool are unbeaten in 41 at Anfield and only dropped points twice there in the whole of last season – once versus Man City! I’m not an advocate of giving everyone 8s or 9s by any stretch – other than Krul who absolute deserves at the least an 8.5 in my book. Wacky even said so himself – he couldn’t do anything about any of the goals and made some good saves – it was a faultless performance other than a couple of wayward kicks (his kicking was generally very good though), so why only a 6.5? In addition, the result is not always a correct reflection of how our team has played – often the outcome of the match is skewed and seemingly ‘unlucky’, this skew is why we love football, but doesn’t mean we should take away from our players when on the receiving end. This issue appears to be confused in all the comments saying how much better we played in the second half. Did we actually play that much better? In my book, we created roughly as much chances, and conceded just as many chances as we did in the first half. I will admit that we were able to apply more pressure in the lead up to our goal, but how much of this can be attributed to Liverpool taking their foot off the gas? I also felt we were sloppier in possession more so in the second half than the first; Godfrey, Cantwell and McLean were all guilty of giving up the ball easily in really dangerous areas – something we did not do in the first half. The only difference in the halves was Liverpool’s failure to capitalise in the second (they hit the bar, Firminho missed an open goal, Salah’s chance which should’ve been a goal), if any of those chances went in then we would also be berating the mistakes that led to those chances / goals. But because Liverpool didn’t convert the players are let off the hook. Conversely, I think that, all things considered, we actually played well in BOTH halves. This was pretty much as well as we could expect to perform in what will probably be our second most difficult fixture of the season (ignoring Hanley’s freakish mistake). In terms of our offensive work, we created the most shots of any team at Anfield in the past 18 months. Some of our approach play and passing interchanges were a joy to watch and have been well appreciated in the media. I’d argue we put together some of the nicest free-flowing passing moves of the match – we just couldn’t find the finishes to boot. Yet Wacky has rated our attacking midfielders as 5.5, 5.5 and 6.5. I’m confused – why so low? Again – apologies if I am just completely misunderstanding the Italian ratings system. For what its worth here are mine Krul – 8.5 (MOTM) – As described above, played an essential role in playing out from the back in the first half, looked assured whenever called upon and topped it off with some fantastic saves in the second half. At no fault for any of the goals. Lewis – 6.5 – I thought he looked stronger and quicker than I’ve seen him before, always reliable in possession, made some great runs forwards although these moments were fleeting. Can’t be blamed too much for the goals (not sure why he was marking VVD). Godfrey – 7.5 – Definitely our best defender. Made some great last ditch tackles, blocks and headers, always dynamic and positive on the ball. But also guilty of dallying too long in possession and giving it up at times. Hanley – 5 – Awful but unfortunate mistake for the goal, must’ve got to him a lot, looked a step off the pace defensively but actually didn’t do too badly with possession considering his lack of match sharpness / the occasion / his error. Played how we can expect our 4th choice CB to play I think (not the howler..). Aarons – 6 – Had a slow start and looked overwhelmed at times, and possibly at fault for the 4th goal, but was often left with two men to deal with by Buendia so unsurprising he didn't have his best game. I thought he grew into the game second half – particular highlight was skinning Mane! McLean – 5.5 – Showed some sharpness in possession in the first half and linked up well with Lewis / Cantwell at times. Overran by Liverpool’s brute force and numbers in the middle. Took too long in possession in the second half and has a tendency of diving in unnecessarily. Trybull – 6 – Pretty similar to McLean, but I think he was more involved with our possession work from the back and also snappier / stronger in the tackle. As a DM he needs to learn when to dive in and when to drop off, too many times he jumped in to a 40/60 tackle and left our defence exposed. Cantwell – 7.5 – Very impressed. Looks a different player this season, always sharp and strong on the ball. Was at the heart of all our good play in the first half and deserves to keep his place for Newcastle 100% - wasn’t quite as involved 2nd half but still put in a shift. He is going to be a surprise package for us! Stiepermann – 6.5 – Not his best game, got into good positions but should’ve done better with the opportunities given to him. We didn’t appear as reliant on him as usual for his hold up play, I felt Cantwell was our biggest threat in the first in terms of this, and Buendia / Leitner in the second. Buendia – 7 – Poor first half, but got stronger when the game went on and when we had a bit more space and time in the second half. Good assist for Pukki, I think there is lot’s more to come from Buendia yet though. Also – I wish he would cut out the sulking every time he loses possession, Farke cannot approve of this? He needs to learn to convert his sulking energy into tracking his man energy because it may one day cost us in this league. Pukki – 7.5 – So lively, looked a real threat, was not in the game for long periods understandably but he made the most of every opportunity he was given and capped it off with the goal. Leitner – 7.5 – Made a real case for starting in the next game, knitted together the whole team which led to some of the best patches of play in the second half. Hernandez 6 – Didn’t’ have too long to make an impact but pretty quiet when he came on, he did look a threat when he eventually got the ball and I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots more of him this season.
  6. Hank shoots Skyler

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    I honestly can't remember who specifically it was, but several comments were made which disappointed me. Good to see the apology though so thanks for that - I think we can all be guilty of knee jerk reactions at times. It always seems to feel like we are one bad result away from total meltdown on here, and you can guarantee that will happen if we fail to beat or lose to Newcastle. IMO, other than a complete annihilation tied with an awful awful performance - there is not need for it this early in the season. I know we've seen some prem seasons in recent years, but given the massive cost-cutting of our wage bill, lack of direct reinvestment for our transfer sales, and inability to splash out and compete with even the smallest spenders in the premier league - I see us as a bit of a Huddersfield this year. I am happy that we got here, last season was sensational. And if we do happen to go down, we now have the strongest foundations in place of any relegation candidate for a successful championship campaign and return to the top flight once again. However, I do secretly believe we have a special team and I'm hopeful we will overachieve again this season, but I will not be disheartened either way. As long as we are still doing it our way.
  7. Hank shoots Skyler

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    Completely agree, I was massively disappointed with the atmosphere from the home fans, I honestly did not hear a song during the match and could only really hear them notably for their goals / substitutions. I know I had a one-sided experience being in the away end but even in periods where we were quiet I still failed to hear them?! While we're on the topic, I also thought our support was fantastic, nothing but positivity all the way through - a fitting match up to our team!
  8. Just some summary thoughts from the match; At half time, I am pleased to report the vibe in the away end was not a reflection of the negativity of the pinkun match thread and 'chants of ‘yellows yellows’ rung out as the players wandered off. There were no grumblings and no finger pointing at individuals (although Hanley did have a stinker...). There was simply so much from us to enjoy from the performance, we had taken the game to Liverpool at Anfield, created excellent chances and played big bolluck football out from the back with no fear. The scoreline itself felt like a kick in the stomach, but I don’t think anyone thought 4-0 at half time was a fair reflection of that game. I did wonder if this would become the theme of the season as has been the case in previous years. The ‘proud of the lads’ posts, the plucky underdog moments and all of those what ifs and maybes. I spent halftime pondering all of them. It all seemed so unfortunate yet so familiar. That said, I thought offensively we had looked even sharper than last season, considering there were no new additions starting and the huge step up in quality of opposition, we managed to up the tempo and play our intricate football at a pace I have not seen it played at before. I was also impressed with the freedom our back 4 were playing with in possession. Particularly Lewis and Godfrey. Liverpool’s press was putting a lot of pressure on us and we generally coped with it well, I don’t recall us stupidly losing possession many times at all in the first half. They made it super difficult for us but when we managed to beat the press - sexy football ensued. Was great to see Cantwell continue his preseason form, he looks a completely different prospect this season. Krul was also calmness personified on the ball. He seems to have turned a mental corner from where he was at 12 months ago - there were no jitters, he was not to blame for any goal and he looks reassured as our number 1. I was really pleased with how things panned out in the second half, without actually playing notably better. The luck appeared to balance out somewhat, with Liverpool missing some great chances, Krul compounding his stable first half performance with some superb saves and a great goal for Pukki to boot. Excellent! However it did appear that Liverpool had taken it down a gear in this half, understandably so. There were also some really sloppy moments from us in possession that we didn’t concede in the first half, Godfrey and Cantwell both at fault for dallying too long on the ball - fortunately neither chance led to a goal. Buendia had been fairly quiet but grew into the game and capped it off with the assist. I thought Leitner’s introduction really helped us galvanise some neat passages of play, allowing us to apply more prolonged pressure on Liverpool. As to the negativity and finger pointing in the match thread, really? Hanley getting some unnecessary stick, other than the stinker I thought he did a decent job. He is about the level I would expect our 4th choice CB to be at. Our midfield pair of Trybull and McLean got overran, yes they did, good spot guys. This PAIR also played in the championship last season and are now playing against Liverpool’s midfield THREE (three is more than two) at Anfield! We let in 4 goals, Krul must be benched! Come on! I am not against constructive criticism at all but this is pathetic to read after just the first 45 minutes of our season against bloody Liverpool. I saw plenty of signs tonight (even at half time) that this will be a really special season and I am despondent to see others clearly not on board and showing so much negativity. This team is going to make mistakes, we are a young side making a big step up with very little in the way of financial support. We are playing the best football I’ve ever seen us play; in a more sustainable way than any other team in the league. What isn’t to like? I can confidently say that I will be sticking with this manager and team all the way wherever we finish this season. If you have not bought into this model by now (which I can only presume is the case for some in the match thread), please just don't bother contributing - because it ain’t getting much better than this.
  9. Hank shoots Skyler

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    I'm fairly sure all players coming on the pitch should be capable of sprinting, all subs will fully warm up on the sidelines before coming on. Even if he wasn't ready to sprint (which in itself is silly), after immediately conceding possession in your first ever showing at Carrow Road you'd think he'd be a bit more arsed. There was a good period of time for him to get back as well - will be interesting to see the highlights but it was painful to watch in real time.
  10. Hank shoots Skyler

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    What did people think of Heise? Looked to me like he made little to no effort to make the ground back and stop the through ball for their third goal, after it was his pass that gave the ball away, and had only been on the pitch about 30 seconds.. He seemed to be running 3/4 pace when he easily could've made it back with a sprint IMO.
  11. Hank shoots Skyler

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Has definitely looked decent in possession but has been a bit wayward defensively, getting caught upfield and also diving in / over committing for the ball - maybe a bit overly eager to win the ball back. However I'm sure he'll get up to speed. We've played some nice stuff, Cantwell in particular has looked really good. Pukki, Hernandez and Lewis all looking sharp too.
  12. Hank shoots Skyler

    Brentford friendly

    I'd probably file Srbeny in the exact same place as I did with Stiepermann after his first season with us - and also Vrancic to a degree who very much divided opinion at this stage (although I respect both contributed with more playing time than Srbeny). Despite being relatively unfavoured I thought DS showed some signs of promise - certainly none less than Stiepermann. No one saw the resurgence of either of these two additions after mediocre introductions to the club. And let's not forget the resurgence of our entire team after a similarly slow start to life under Farke - despite losing our key player who singlehandedly prevented us from a relegation battle. What signs of us winning the league in the follow up season were there at this point? I'd go with, somewhere around none - there were no signs. Given this, why don't we open up the possibility of Srbeny showing this sort of fruition, or at least some improvement in his contribution to the team? Or you know, at least just try to be optimistic and hopeful that it might happen. Seems stupid to write anyone off given what we've just witnessed last season, there is a plethora of evidence from the Farke / Webber tenure which certainly gives me a good reason to be optimistic. Why others still choose not to be I'm not sure. (PS this post probably applies more to the other thread where this was discussed in more detail) ….. (PPS okay its aimed at Til for that brilliant Sloughbottom Park comparison)
  13. Hank shoots Skyler


    I'd just like to wish you good luck, we're all counting on you.
  14. Hank shoots Skyler

    What y'all listening to?

    In terms of solid music that perhaps people won't know... here's a few... Firstly the Kilians, this is easily my favourite song of theirs - they have a very Stereophonics sounding vocalist, but maybe a tad more crunch in their music. You would not think they were German! Secondly, Snow Patrol's lead singer (Gary Lightbody) broke into a new project with a more country sound. This is probably their least out-and-out country song as its not really my thing but I really like this cross-mix between soft rock/ alternative and country. Lastly, this one has only amassed 1k more views since I first watched the youtube video about 8 - 10 years ago... Got to credit my dad for finding this one - lovely song and not sure why it hasn't got a bit more circulation!
  15. Hank shoots Skyler

    Transfer finance

    Do you remember when you said it was pointless selling Naismith, Lafferty or anyone to get them off the wage bill because you thought we'd have to subsidise the difference in wages at their new club? Do you remember shouting everyone down for pages on end before realising your idiocy and changing your story? Maybe you should think about this before talking to others like such a ****.