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  1. But why would Farke lie about it and then have him play for the U23s? I don't think Farke has said that he's injured right now has he? He said Cantwell been dealing with injuries and personal issues and thus missed training sessions over the past couple of months. I'm not sure why he wasn't in for training yesterday, however I don't think Farke has said he specifically missed that session because he was injured.
  2. I'm not sure why you think the age difference in just 2 years between 21 and 23 is so significant? Find your first pubic hair at 22?
  3. I will be! I will also be backing 0-0 and 1-0 Chelsea though...
  4. Just found this quote from CS as well, which seems to suggest the same thing. I don't think anyone has lied about the injury situation.
  5. I'm not going to re-paste what I said to your evolution of Farkeball thread, but this is an overreaction. Have patience Petriix! Farke spoke about our progress today in the press conference: ''You have to build your game step by step. We wanted to be more solid. We have done this. Now we want to create more chances.''
  6. I thought I was going to be the only bold one and say we could get something but apparently not - where is all this totally unjustified positivity coming from...?! The result is so obviously going to be a Chelsea win that it somehow isn't any more. Its like when you stare at a word for so long it no longer makes sense. Though Chelsea have been iffy of late got very lucky against Brentford, played in midweek, lost Lukaku and Werner, whilst we have been steadily improving. I genuinely think this could be set up perfectly for an upset. Can see a 1-0 win, 0-0 draw, or 0-1 loss. Let's go for the 1-0 win, we need the points more than they do!
  7. Likewise! Correct me if wrong, but considering we don't usually nurture players returning from a fairly short layoff (like 5/6 weeks?) via the U23s then I'm interested to see if this means he is further away from a first team start / sub appearance, or closer. I'm hopeful it just means Farke wants to kick start a bit of match fitness into him before he plays next weekend. That is probably the best case scenario admittedly.
  8. But Farke has still stated that Todd was dealing with niggles with his achilles and ankle today, I don't think he is lying
  9. I personally don't think anyone has lied on the issue. Do we know if Todd was saying 'I've not been injured at all', or simply 'not injured at this moment in time'? If the latter then it pretty obviously explains the discrepancy; Todd missed several training sessions due to niggles, fell out of contention and lost match sharpness. Todd has since recovered, now feels he could be playing but Farke sees him as 98% (i.e. not still injured but not fully ready for premier league football). I think the fact we are seeing him play for the U23s tonight backs this up, Farke also talks of a process needed to bring him back.
  10. Parked in St Giles? You've absolutely rumbled him there!! See the follow up quote from Farke I've just posted, he references personal issues and then niggles to his achilles and ankle. Don't see why either of those things should stop him from being able to go out, but would of course stop him from training. Let's just see how things unfold from here before bringing him down.
  11. And another slightly fleshed out quote from Paddy Davitt, explains a bit better:
  12. On a more positive note, he's not been tweeting but he has still be reading messages, clearly - here are some of his recent 'likes'. I'm not giving up on the prospect of him returning just yet, but it is disappointing, we saw a similar thing last season albeit the matter was resolved much more swiftly, hope he's back soon.
  13. There we go then. Its not totally clear how much of the missed training schedules in the past couple of months will be due to his personal issues, but the fact there isn't any sympathy from Farke on that matter feels like an indication. I hope Todd can sort himself out ASAP!
  14. I think the fact teams have specifically targeted our left side for the past season or so, speaks dividends for Aarons. However, I do agree he's not really played his best in recent times. He seems to have become a bit of an Adam Drury, always putting in 6/10 performances with little fluctuation. Whereas at left back Giannoulis was immense versus Liverpool but awful versus City, similarly Williams was immense versus Arsenal but then awful versus Leicester and Watford (IMO). Aarons just doesn't get noticed in the same way, which is both good and bad I guess. He seemed to show the most for us in his breakthrough season in 2018/19, but that was when we playing kamikaze you-score-3-we'll-score-4 attacking football, which probably suited him better. Now he is being asked to be a bit more mindful with timing his runs forwards and this second guessing has probably dented his attacking confidence (whilst ensuring we are more solid at the back). One thing that does irk me sometimes with him is seeing him amble back with no urgency when he's caught up the pitch totally out of position, he has done this several times and it cost us a goal versus Liverpool in the first game of the season. I don't care how far away from the play you are, when you're a defender caught up the pitch you simply have to sprint back!
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