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  1. I disagree and don’t care, sorry. They 100% deserved it, GO most definitely didn’t - that’s the difference. Maybe you should go back and check page 4 yourself before wading in?
  2. @TheDarkKnight Please leave and never return. Totally unacceptable comments to @GodlyOtsemobor; as vile a thing you could possibly say. And 2 pages later there’s no apology, no back track, not even the slightly inkling of regret or indication that you may have done something wrong despite several posters pointing it out. GO explained to you why they owned a Scotland shirt and you thought that was an acceptable response, trying to expose their deep personal matter that they shared with you in confidence in a PRIVATE message? With a passive aggressive comment about hoping it doesn’t come back for good measure? What the **** were you expecting? Cor yeah that really showed GO didn’t it? You very clearly don’t have any friends otherwise you might understand why this is totally and utterly wrong. Fortunately GO has responded as best as anyone could, and in their words; you are a C U N T. Please just **** off this forum and don’t come back. Ever.
  3. You make it sound like a quick search on the old grapevine is less than your normal level of research...
  4. I will quite enjoy Farke’s Leeds pipping Ipswich to second place come the end of the season… I think it’s the best we can hope for this campaign
  5. I can only imagine that anyone suggesting Wilshere has never heard him speak in public, he’s not a manager…
  6. He’d probably end up sticking himself upfront after 1 game
  7. did you miss the Newcastle game? That was probably the worst 90 minutes I’ve seen from a team in a premier league match ever. Including Norwich…
  8. I think we can probably go ahead and change the thread title now… Statical annihilation?
  9. At half time I really didn’t expect this to be the outcome of Farke’s return to Carrow Road, now it makes sense…
  10. Pleasantly surprised by the performance, even more so by the scoreline. If we’re being honest the balance of chances has probably got things pretty level at the minute, we’ve just edged out with better finishing on the day so far, but when you enter the game expecting a thumping it’s still a great place to be! I’m sure BigFish is going to have a fun evening sifting through this thread later. What a legend.
  11. We’ve fallen off a cliff since Morgan left and Buttler came in…
  12. It’s called ‘climate change’ not ‘weather change’ for a reason. There is quite a big difference. For instance, if someone now went the next several years posting on here 3-4 times a week, rather than their usual 30-40 times a day, that might be considered a change in their posting ‘climate’. You can’t deny that clear change just by pointing out a day or two where they didn’t post during times they posted more regularly, because those days are an exception to the overall trend of posting far too often (i.e. only a change in ‘weather’). Hope it makes more sense for you in Pink’un form.
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