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  1. Hopefully a good rest for Cantwell in time for Brentford then! Would be good if Hernandez could slot in for him after doing pretty well in the week - will be a shame if he can't play either.
  2. I just love finding anything to do that isn't work... Firstly here is a comparison of how we do without Buendia, and how we do without Pukki. Just looking at the championship because neither missed more than 2 games separately last season and we basically lost every game in the prem anyway so what can we really draw from anything... NCFC without Buendia in the championship, 2018/19 & 2020/21 NCFC without Pukki in the championship, 2018/19 & 2020/21 In terms of games where both Pukki and Buendia were unavailable, there is only one game to reference: Both Pukki and Buendia unavailable I do agree that both work very very well together, no one can deny that, but it is pretty clear from the above that we are still pretty capable of functioning without Pukki. The two times we have even dropped points without Pukki was during the worst injury crisis I can remember us getting through (and one of those games we were also missing Emi)! Compare that to the Cardiff and Bristol performances with basically full squads available apart from Pukki and we got by rather well - but obviously I'd always prefer him in there! Taken from www.transfermarkt.co.uk
  3. If there is an option to extend, why haven't we made it yet? Surely we should look to extend whether promoted or not so if he does go we can demand a bit more £££? Would be nice to know we could keep hold of him another season without the risk of losing him for nothing afterwards - particularly with Aarons and Buendia seeming unlikely to stick around too.
  4. Yeah that's true - however that doesn't necessarily stop a loan being agreed, we'd just pay a portion of his wages rather than full whack - but seems likely that any other interested clubs would be able to offer more so we'd have to hope to be the only ones. He'd get good playing time here too to be fair!
  5. Good shout, always rated Loftus-Cheek, would fit in that number 10 spot nicely and also has a bit about him defensively!
  6. Yes you did say there was a flaw, but you also said 'so you could argue it was more likely that we lose when he plays', which you clearly can't! The Athletic actually did a piece on this which actually factored in the level of the opponents and also dove even deeper in terms of our underlying passing stats when he plays versus when he doesn't. The difference they found on comparison was even starker than just looking at our points tallies with and without!
  7. The use of the '...' at the end of sentences, I am a fan of them myself I must admit...
  8. Sorry - my mistake nutty, I misread your use of ellipsis - not for the first time!
  9. No you couldn't argue that, at all. He's played in 26 league games, we've lost 3 times, or just about 1 in every 9. He's not played in 6 league games, we've lots 2 times, or 1 in every 3. How on earth can you equate that to being 'more likely to lose when he plays'? Yes it is true we've lost 1 more league game when he's played than when he hasn't, but that's across more than 4 times as many matches!
  10. Yep at no point do I think that Emi is our only talented player at all. Indeed Cantwell has often outshined in him recent performances, but without the presence of Emi Cantwell and our other attacking players seem to struggle. I would say Emi's impact on players like Cantwell / Pukki etc is similar to that of Kane on Son for Spurs. Son is undoubtedly a very very good player, often looks as good or better than Kane - but when Kane isn't around Son is never as effective. Maybe as you say that is partly due to the opponent's attention being spread across more players. But whatever the reason, its certainly a bit disparaging to think we may have to play next season without him!
  11. Not to mention Aarons, Buendia and Cantwell... I'm fully resigning myself to the idea we could lose all 3. Promoted or not - if Everton / Bayern come in for Aarons, Arsenal for Buendia and Cantwell doesn't sign a new contract its hard to see us holding on to them all. Going to be a hell of a job if we do lose those 3 plus Skipp (arguably our 4 most effective players so far this season) to even come close to replacing them - let alone improving the rest of our squad as well?! But way too soon to worry about this just yet.. And if we do have to make some sales , it will certainly be exciting to see what Webber can do when playing around with some decent finances for a change!
  12. Must be something in his contract about it. Maybe we had to assign him as set-piece taker to keep him over the summer...
  13. Yeah, if only... I know your comment was in jest but 3 wins out of 3 since he's come back in! At what point does it stop becoming a statistical coincidence?
  14. I think based on tonight's performance we might see a change or two. Gibson has to come back if available, and I'd welcome Hernandez on the left for Vrancic and Cantwell in the centre. But nothing in the way of wholesale changes, and the fact we have a 5 day rest until the next game, then a full week's rest until Brentford gives us a bit more leeway - in terms of this season anyway!
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