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  1. Sounds familiar doesn’t it! If it’s anything like Norwich we’ll be waiting another 25 minutes before we start performing…
  2. Absolutely awful isn’t it. No urgency no tempo no desire to press. You can understand the slow performances under Southgate when we are in control, this has been anything but.
  3. That was poor, was expecting a VAR check, looked like a pen immediately after the offside
  4. Anyone getting Dean Smith Norwich vibes from this Belgian start, particular watching them trying to play through the Canadian press.
  5. The size and shine of the red pepper is always the determining factor when choosing a multi colour 3 pack. Always choose the most expensive-to-assemble meal deal for maximum value. Clearly the value for money tastes better to me than actual food I like to eat. I can categorically confirm that I have never grated cheddar cheese without dishing myself a couple of mouthfuls. Glad I got all that off my chest.
  6. My biggest small pet peeve when driving is when I’m wanting to pull out on a roundabout and waiting for a car to come by as it’s coming across me, only for it to turn off at my junction at the last second, without any indication. Probably happens every other journey!
  7. A few I’m surprised not mentioned - It’s not houghton it’s hughton you count The guy who made a thread complaining about the **** ads on the site without understanding the ads were targeted The ginger pele ‘goodbye’ thread
  8. Brentford serve as a pretty telling reminder that we in fact did not hit our ‘ceiling’ in the premier league under the self funding model, we just cocked it up massively. Bournemouth as well didn’t spend a great deal and find themselves in 13th. I don’t believe our ceiling should be lower than other clubs of similar financial stature.
  9. No team can realistically expect to dominate for a full 90 minutes in fairness, but a squad like ours as one of the favourites for the title should be eliciting control for the majority of the match but we’re just not seeing that. A good 90 minute performance doesn’t mean 90 minutes of attacking pressure, but really just a strong level of cohesion, effectiveness etc when we do get the opportunity to go forwards, and a robustness at the back when we don’t have the ball. That hasn’t been the case at any point this season (except Millwall at home which was pretty well controlled). We have seen these kinds of performances at this level plenty under Farke, and before that under Neil and Lambert. An obvious gap in quality with our opposition which we maintain throughout the game in a professional manner. What we have seen consistently is 20 minutes of free flowing, confident and aesthetically pleasing football, either at the start of the game or some point during. With the other 70 minutes comprised of huffing and puffing without progress, constipated possession, a rigid looking attack and plenty of individual errors at the other end. I have never known a side to be so incredibly inconsistent within the space of a 90 minute or even a 45 minute spell of football. Even just playing well for 60 minutes would be a huge huge improvement from where we are now. We can’t expect to challenge for the autos with about one quarter of strong functionality every single game. Middlesbrough were pretty consistent for 70 minutes once our good patch was over, as were QPR and Stoke. So I don’t think it’s much to ask to expect us to be able to match the levels we are capable of across 20 minute spells for longer than we are managing. Pretty much half way through the season now and there’s not evidence that we are progressing under Smith.
  10. Millwall was probably our most ‘complete’ - had control of the whole game without ever really looking outrageously good, just a solid 7/10 throughout. However most of our games have been characterised by 8-9/10 performances for 20 minutes and 4-5/10 for the rest. Just nowhere near the sum of our parts. Wish we’d pulled the trigger a few games ago when we looked like toast. Now we’ll most definitely be persisting with Smith for the rest of the season save for a total disaster. Clearly the Stoke game was not a turning point and we won’t have one now under Smith.
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