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  1. I'm interested in us signing Jadon Sancho. Will that put Man United off?
  2. There is a difference between parking the bus and being flat out rubbish.
  3. I am particularly excited to see our 0-10-0 formation next season!
  4. I think the critics on this thread need to hold fire at least until this next season has passed. Only then we will see how well our approach to this season has paid off. Our strategy to the premier league this season has been a risk, but an unfamiliar kind of risk. We have sacrificed (possible) short-term success, to secure long-term financial stability which will hopefully bring with it longer-term success too. I don't think it is fair to point blame when we are only just passed the 'sacrificial' stage of our strategy. It seems the only acceptable type of risk perceived by some is the sacrifice of long-term stability for short-term gains. But we have only just managed to rid ourselves of our own past failings to this end. Now, as promising new signings roll in, with a clear focus on the future and without any Naismith sized holes to plug up, it is giving me newfound confidence that we have made the correct approach and will bounce back well this coming season. Nobody can be proven right or wrong right now, so let's see where this puts us come the end of the season before anyone says 'I told you so'! But I'll have my post drafted and ready to go..
  5. Why has the discussion continued after this post? Peter has spoken.
  6. We’ve been pretty respectable today, deserved to have scored at least once, probably twice. Good to see the defence putting their bodies on the line as well. Let’s keep it at 2-0, or grab a consolation goal and end the season with a good show of ourselves. Much more than we can say of our previous 7-8 displays.
  7. This is why I would like a review type system as with DRS in cricket. A limited number of reviews (say 1) to burn per game, which can be used by the manager. Then you don’t get those decisions which no one has even seen being given! Teams would also retain their review if it proves they are correct to have used it. Obviously there is a chance that it could be used dishonourably to time waste or break up play, which is why you also introduce really tough penalties to deter any mistreatment. And VAR does not get used otherwise. This system works so well in cricket and also shifts the blame away from the technology and on to the players, I.e. when Stokes should’ve been out at Headingley but Australia had wasted all their reviews so couldn’t appeal it. Obviously football is not be as black and white as cricket but it would still work a damn sight better than it does now.
  8. Meh, that one looked offside to be honest. The Pukki one via Spurs was sickening however - and there have been several others during the season in other games which have looked far too marginal to call. An ‘umpires call’ type system would be good if hard to implement.
  9. Is this a joke? What on earth would we do with 4 million? 29 championship goals, good form shown in the Prem until a toe injury set back and his team’s form falling off a cliff. I’d be disappointed if we sold him for anything less than £10m although I would understand if the club considered £8m+ as we would see diminished returns, even to the point of him becoming a burden - given his age, if he fails to hit form. But I think it’s a risk worth taking and we should have full confidence in him, he will be playing under different circumstances next season and I believe he’ll find his groove again. And let’s face it, we’d take any other striker with a similar record to already in our team and ready to go for the start of next season. But you’d rather we bagged £4m so we could buy one quarter of another proven championship striker...
  10. I do agree that Liverpool fans are amongst the worst in the country - and by that I mean their 'small minority' of idiots is a larger minority than with other clubs - and probably a more idiotic minority too. However, they are so universally hated by the country, I think it understandable that a bit of an 'us vs them' mentality has formed (as with Leeds) which even the more level-headed fans probably get caught up in. The whole thing becomes a vicious circle, imagine if the entire nation was wishing our team to fail and for the fans to suffer, mocking us for our past failings (Gerrard slip) etc - and then we end up winning something we'd be waiting 29 years for. I think a lot of our fan base would feel the need to rub some noses in it. So fair play to them imo, they probably deserve their moment for the most part. Obviously this doesn't excuse the breaking of lockdown rules etc, but with pubs back for weeks now and normality resuming I think it is pretty easy for them to justify gathering outside and celebrating.
  11. Thing is, we did see a Plan B when we were in the championship - often when chasing a game we would revert to a back 5, and I think we may have experimented with this formation even more in the prem as clearly our 'Plan A' 4-2-3-1 style was failing pretty badly. But unfortunately we never had the resources to even try it. Although perhaps if we were that serious about this approach as an alternative, we would've looked at another CB option in the transfer market - even playing just 4 at the back it seemed a bit of a risk to start the season with only 4 CBs, given one of which was already injured and another very injury prone!
  12. I don’t think any player should be written off for next season if we are just using the post lockdown games as a measure. Every such player should be given the chance of a clean slate and to wash their hands of this terrible run. I agree with Klose coming under harsh fire, certainly. It appears the players who have emerged / featured more prominently during this string of performances have come under disproportionate criticism, ending up as the flag bearers when really it has been the whole team and coaching staff who have fallen short. Drmic and Rupp the other two examples of such players. And while I do agree that both have been really poor, I don’t think it is fair for them to bear the entire weight of our failings - and I hope they are allowed a fair shot by the fans next season if Farke instils his faith in them.
  13. Also after the Watford sacking of Pearson I’d much rather they went down then Villa. They deserve it
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