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  1. In today's pink Un article... Wagner's comments at the time, suggesting Idah made clear he didn't want to be here and wasn't "desperate" like Wagner wanted...
  2. You mean like the Governing Body Endorsements which allow us to sign up to 4 players who don't meet conventional work permit rules?
  3. That he hasn't shown in the 27 appearances he's made for NCfC?
  4. Stopped reading here. Based on what? When Wolves bid last summer he didn't agitate or demand to leave? His behaviour compared to Idah in January, chalk and cheese.
  5. Could work even better if we sell him for £6m and leave us less pressured into selling Rowe.
  6. It's over. The fat lady has sung. Why should Tzolis' get a chance over Sainz, Rowe and Kamara?
  7. What are you blabbering on about? Honestly, you present as a seriously unhinged person with absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever. Get a grip.
  8. Spoken like a true person over the hill with stereotypical views about teenagers and what they do with their time (aka the mugs this **** is aimed at).
  9. Sounds like Will Still might have said yes to Sunderland. Will be interesting to see how he does.
  10. Let's let him get in the door before we start telling him who he should and shouldn't play and offload, shall we? 😆
  11. Good news. We really have gone about this particularly promptly. Makes a change for NCFC!
  12. Did Tzolis' team secure promotion in the end?
  13. It was said in three different articles posted in the last week. There was a whole football insider article about it. Pink Un have confirmed it. It's been repeated again today by Connor on Twitter.
  14. But neither is he a good manager. His first season here, his performance with us in the Premier League (which yes I agree he was badly let down by Stuart Webber but he needs to take his share of the blame) his subsequent performances for Gladbach and Leeds - Farke has had two good seasons in a career that now spans several seasons across three clubs.
  15. Totally agree. I thought of the three shortlisted, this guy represented the biggest risk. It'll be fascinating to hear what Knapper sees in him.
  16. Suspect Southampton beating Leeds will have been a massive cause for celebration among bookies.
  17. You do know Lippstadt are in the 4th tier of German football? It would be like making the owner of your corner shop managing director of Tesco. ****ing nuts.
  18. Honestly. This is absolutely crackers thinking. Even if we did have a vacancy, you don't appoint a guy to a back room position with no relevant experience of the role at one of the biggest clubs in the country. ****ing bonkers thinking.
  19. And look how that went. Another reason not to reappoint Farke.
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