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  1. A man whose dedication to his wife saw him giving up so much. He lived an absolutely fascinating life. Thoughts with the royal family who have lost a husband, father, grand father and great grand father.
  2. I've been rushed off my feet, but I will respond to this.
  3. Not a chance mate, Wes still my favourite by a country mile.
  4. Wes > Emi > Maddison IMO (entirely based on their careers at Norwich, not considering Madders at Leicester)
  5. I'm desperately hoping we can persuade all our big players to stay - Max Aarons, Emi Buendia, Todd Cantwell, Teemu Pukki etc. It would be a massive shame to lose any of them. But I agree if a player is minded to leave and an acceptable offer is made, we shouldn't stand in their way. I'm hopeful, though, we can persuade them all to stay just one more season. Then, up or down, they can have their pick of big moves.
  6. I've been spoilt with some truly great NCFC sides over the years. The 92/93, 3rd place, Bayern beating side made me fall in love with NCFC. Worthington's Division One winning warriors with Huckerby slaughtering sides left right and centre. Lambert's back to back promotion winners with heart and determination for days. Even that magnificent side two years ago that won the Championship playing some of the most beautiful, flowing football. But for me, this side is the best, all round side I've ever seen represent Norwich City, with perhaps the exception of the 92/93 team. The way we patiently play the ball and carve out opportunities while remaining cool, calm and collected in defence is just a joy to behold. I really hope we go on to seal the title, it's the least this team deserve. Bravo Daniel Farke, I am in awe at your accomplishments.
  7. Then you'd be making a mistake. Jordan Hugill has performed the Jordan Rhodes role admirably. When he's brought on, I see a player who fights, who offers more for the club than most and whose movement works well with the fluid, more counter attacking style that's worked so well for this club this season. I would like to see a more like for like alternative for Teemu Pukki at the club next season, irrespective of the division we find ourselves in, but I'm encouraged by what I've seen from Hugill.
  8. Honestly, can we just wait until we get promoted before we start ludicrous suggestions of spending eight figure fees on players who have played less than two seasons worth of senior football?
  9. Let's get promoted before talking transfers.
  10. We're not even promoted yet. Give it a bloody rest.
  11. Hey, you can laugh all you like. I don't think we'd pay the sort of money suggested - but if Will Vaulks ended up at Carrow Road, I would not at all be surprised. He ticks a huge number of boxes of the sorts of players usually looked at by Webber.
  12. How wonderful it must be to travel the world getting beaten big every few months for your country.
  13. Whether he's good enough or whether the rumour is credible are two very different things. I'm not sure he'd make it in the Premier League either. I am convinced this is a credible rumour though.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure. He's a player we have had a credited interest in the past and would fit the mould as a replacement for Skipp. £7m seems a huge sum, though.
  15. Oh Paul. The difference between you and Swindon, Paul, is that Swindon at least has a degree of intelligence. You on the other hand, calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people nationwide. I mean if I threw a stick, you would absolutely chase after it. I don't know what makes you so dumb, but it really works. Patriotism is the blind support of everything a government does. You are nothing more than a nationalist clapping monkey, dismissed by the majority because you're too incapable of joining a national debate in any meaningful way. So carry on with your mundane comments "You are a UK hater" or other such ****. I'll continue to talk to the adults in this forum and ignore the children like you.
  16. See this is where you Brexiteers fail. Hard. You don't actually read what's in front of you. You read what you want to see. Quote from the piece The transition period and the application of EU law in the UK ends on 1 January 2021 (unless extended). However, under the WA the CJEU’s jurisdiction continues beyond the transition period in some areas. First, its jurisdiction over concepts of EU law that arise over the interpretation and application of the WA lasts as long as aspects of the WA remain in operation The EU are taking us to Court over our attempts to extend a concept created in the WA. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.euronews.com/amp/2021/03/03/eu-will-go-to-court-over-uk-s-unilateral-action-on-northern-ireland-protocol As per the agreement between the parties, the European Courts retain jurisdiction. I can quote you the sections of the withdrawal agreement that makes this law if you prefer, but something tells me it would go very much over your head.
  17. This is the view of one journalist, not Australia. Honestly, you ****ing idiot.
  18. Wrong. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/brexit-next-steps-the-court-of-justice-of-the-eu-and-the-uk/
  19. Honestly, arguments like this are pointless. Who is best equipped to survive? Who knows. Who cares? Frankly, both Watford and us should focus on getting promoted before engaging in wild, stupid speculation.
  20. This entire season has felt like we've rarely been out of third gear. This performance feels like we're finally starting to reach the sort of levels I've suspected we're capable of. Wonderful stuff
  21. You think calling someone Greta is constructive? Or do-gooder? You are an absolute hypocrite.
  22. Most women don't want to be put on a pedestal. The fact is, if you wouldn't do it to a man, you shouldn't do it to a woman.
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