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  1. Nope!! We got a decent fee out of Hibs for Bushiri - somewhere in the region of £150,000 I believe. We didn't pay any fee to bring in Sitti or Soto either. How about the games already played and future transfer value of Liam Gibbs - not to mention Kellen Fisher for whom we paid peanuts? And you do know that we brought Omobamidele and Idah to the club under Webber? Stupid post that does you no favours.
  2. Sorry Dylan, but that's a totally spurious 'statistic'. (At least it is the way that you've written it). The correct way of stating it is this: 70% of games which are won, are won by the team which scores first. (27% of all games are draws.)
  3. Really hoping that Sarge and Barnes are fit for tomorrow night - otherwise.....................................................
  4. Probably because Barnes was out on loan at Celtic and because young striker Barnes has refused to sign a new contract and because Barnes hasn't had a stormer (see what I did there) since he joined the club............................
  5. Why would it? If the defence in front of Gunn has been poor and he's had no chance with the goals that he's conceded and has made a string of match winning saves then he deserves to be in the running for keeper of the season.
  6. My five-a-side team play a friendly each year against a group of guys from Essex (who are getting on a bit and like a pint or two afterwards). They call themselves the Real Socialdads.
  7. Loza looked like the real deal when he was playing for our U21s. Here he is scoring 5 goals in a game against Southampton's highly rated academy. In this game he looked head and shoulders above anybody else on the pitch. Proof - if anymore was needed - that excelling at U21 level doesn't necessarily translate to success at full professional level. (Which is relevant to all of those who have been claiming that Wagner has been committing some kind of sin by not playing Ken Aboh this season).
  8. Well we've got a place in the play-offs...............
  9. Table topping Chelsea U18s were looking to wrap up the title on Saturday with a victory over Norwich City 18s. Here's how it went.
  10. Very sad news. I always remember Phil as a tough no-nonsense defender whose natural stance saw his chest puffed out far more than your average human being. I was fortunate enough to to be on a coaching course that he was leading sometime back in the 1990s and can concur with all the previous posters on this thread who have said what a lovely bloke he was. RIP Phil.
  11. Judging by the random and semi coherent nature of their posts my money is on FTF being some kind of experimental AI chatbot.
  12. Have a look at our massive injury list over the course of the season and then have a look at Ipswich's virtually non existent one - and then have a look at the loan players that they have had the advantage of this season that we haven't. McKenna is clearly a very good young manager, but the OP is totally over blown.
  13. For those who like a little flutter now and then. Very much hoping to kiss goodbye to my fiver in a couple of hours time.
  14. I think you're being a bit optimistic there - I'd take £35 million at a push.
  15. Well if we can't win a game with 14 against 11 quite frankly we don't deserve to be in the playoffs.......................
  16. In all seriousness I don't think he'll played a significantly changed team. Maybe a few early subs in the second half if we're confident that we've 100% made the play-offs.
  17. If he plays Van Hooijdonk from the start I expect us to be slapped with a massive fine. As long as Wagner doesn't do this I think we should be okay...................
  18. And now voted the Accrington fans Player of the Season. Well done Bradley - a very encouraging sign and a feather in the cap of our Academy.
  19. Here's your answer - somehow this one slipped under Cambridge's radar only a week ago. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/under-18s-claim-back-to-back-wins-with-victory-away-to-west-brom
  20. Scored the opener for Accrington yesterday - his second goal in recent weeks. Seems to have had a solid loan spell there this season. With our left back situation somewhat up in the air for next season as it stands will be interesting to see if Shipley is part of our plans for the future. 0.21 to 0.26 here. (Also some pretty good comedy penalty box action from 1.25 to 1.35) https://www.skysports.com/football/accrington-stanley-vs-tranmere-rovers/484691
  21. Please, please Cambridge will you refrain from starting pointless/clickbait threads when there's really nothing to talk about. There you go - I've asked you really nicely................ 😉
  22. If this group of players gets us promoted the 6 points which we gained from Idah's crucial late winners against Hull, Bristol City and Cardiff will have been a vital component in us doing so....................................... but yeah, let's have another thread having a go at one of our Academy players..............
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