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  1. Thirsty Lizard


    And you both forgot Jean Yves-de-Blassis (although in fairness it's quite an easy thing to do )
  2. Thirsty Lizard


    If Coventry and Portsmouth win their games in hand. (Sean Raggett playing week in week out in the Pompey defence and doing pretty well for them).
  3. Thirsty Lizard

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

    Yep - that was pretty much what it looked like.
  4. Thirsty Lizard

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

    Sad to hear the news that Nicholas Parsons has passed away. Will always be remembered in these parts for Sale of The Century I guess, but was also a brilliant host on Just a Minute. My dad was a contestant on Sale of the Century in 1980 and actually won it. His prize a was a brown Austin Allegro. Who can forget... "And now - from Norwich - It's the quiz of the week.........."
  5. Thirsty Lizard


    Libbra was decent for us for half a season if my memory serves me correctly, but lets hope that our new boy is more successful than those last three.
  6. Thirsty Lizard


    Fair does to Leeds for turning it round v Millwall (sounds like a certain title winning team in the The Championship last season). I'm totally ambivalent about the prospect of Leeds being promoted. If they fail to get promoted this time half of me will be laughing my head off at their ridiculous, gobby, over the top and massively over-entitled fans. The other half will be a bit sorry, because like us last season they are basically trying to do things the right way. They haven't spent loads of money they don't have and are using a number of players that they have brought through from their academy.
  7. Thirsty Lizard

    Amadou off?

    You make stuff up all the time!
  8. Thirsty Lizard

    Team for Newcastle

    They probably weren't - nobody can know. But it's absolutely amazing the amount of people who come on here spouting about Farke's substitutions or lack of them. Some of them furiously having a go at Farke claiming that if he only made substitutions earlier etc, we'd miraculously start winning games. It's just not that easy or simple.
  9. Thirsty Lizard

    Rain Forest

    If you want to do something that is very easy, but which will help in a small way switch your Internet search engine to Ecosia. The results are just as good as Google and Ecosia use the proceeds of their advertising revenue to plant trees around the world. Everyday millions of people just use Google like sheep - there's absolutely no good reason to do so, except that it's become a habit. Switch now! https://www.ecosia.org/
  10. Thirsty Lizard

    Team for Newcastle

    Word of warning - we brought Hernandez on for Cantwell when we were 1-0 up against Palace. A few minutes later Palace equalised.
  11. Thirsty Lizard

    Amadou off?

    In many ways Cardiff are a more pertinent example to us. They spent £32 million when they were promoted to the Premier League at the beginning of last season (not including anything they may end up paying in the tragic Emiliano Sala case). They were promptly relegated and are currently mid table in the Championship.
  12. Thirsty Lizard

    Salaries / Wages

    Exactly - all this stuff is just pure guesswork and the articles based on this guesswork are total clickbait.
  13. Thirsty Lizard

    Ban Football Chat in the Office?

    Hoping to catch Drmic's next international appearance?
  14. Thirsty Lizard

    Klopp being a tw*t

    The problem - as has often been the case in the last few years - is that the Premier League and the FA are distinct organisations with distinct priorities. The Premier League brought in the midwinter break - but as the name suggests, the FA Cup is the FA's competition.
  15. Thirsty Lizard

    Team for Newcastle

    You can suggest any random player ahead of Cantwell and then when somebody comes back and says 'no, Cantwell's a better player' you can respond with 'how many games have we won?' It's not a sensible or logical argument.
  16. Thirsty Lizard

    Ben Gibson Burnley

    Well they both have the advantage over you of already being professional footballers Nuff Said (I am making an assumption here that you aren't a professional footballer). In the case of Bushiri he has already played for his country (Belgium) at Under 21 level so hopefully there is at least a bit of potential there.
  17. Thirsty Lizard


    Burnley are incredibly good at scoring from set pieces. Yesterday we scored from one and they didn't! I'll take that.
  18. Thirsty Lizard


    And performed well.
  19. Thirsty Lizard

    Norwich vs Burnley (FA Cup) Match Thread

    Says yet another tedious Waveney clone account ........... yawn............
  20. Thirsty Lizard

    Danel Sinani set to sign very shortly

    We've signed quite a few for our academy recently.
  21. Thirsty Lizard

    Are we really a family club?

    Lotus already sponsor the Colney training centre. Remember this?
  22. Thirsty Lizard

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    Sheffield United away - and we'll win.
  23. Thirsty Lizard

    Team for Burnley FA Cup

    I think they both did.
  24. Thirsty Lizard

    Are we really a family club?

    We made a loss of £38 million last season. We don't have 'cash in our unspent kitty'. You made that up!!!
  25. Thirsty Lizard

    Norwich vs Burnley (FA Cup) Match Thread

    Drmic scores - world wide shortage of humble pie.