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  1. Does a one legged duck swim in a circle? is my favourite take on this.
  2. Any manager who went to Watford who didn't have a compensation clause in their contract would have to be terminally insane.
  3. This decision is equally as bad as the one where they awarded Man Utd a penalty against us in 2018/19 when James barged into Godfrey in the box and went down waving his arms around. VAR was still relatively new then so although that decision was appalling it was a little more understandable. To get a decision like yesterday's so wrong almost beggars belief.
  4. Molineaux is burning down, burning down, burning down Molineaux is burning down, poor old Wanderers Build it up with yellow and green, yellow and green, yellow and green Build it up with yellow and green Good 'ol Norwich! For those of a certain age.
  5. The £4.5 million fee per Premier League goal (so far) for Josh looks like a stunning piece of business when you compare him with Jadon Sancho (currently weighing in at £74 million per Premier League goal)
  6. It will be weirdly symmetrical - since the last time we beat Brentford we sacked OUR manager.
  7. It felt to me that we did this better last night as well. Lees Melou going in slightly two footed, but getting their player (rightfully) booked. And when Dennis tried to protest to the ref Hanley literally just shoved him out the way. Then Gibson getting right in the refs ear when Dennis fouled Aarons - you can almost lip read him saying "he's got to go off ref". And I'm still giggling to myself about the way that Tzolis just kicked the ball straight down one of the Main Stand exits last Saturday when we were trying to run the clock down against Everton. (and yes I know it's a sorry state of affairs when we're approving of such gamesmanship, but there you are, that's the Premier League for you).
  8. And that's on top of the long stoppage they'd already had when two Brentford players ran into each other at full speed and smashed their heads together in a horrible collision. Both had to be substituted although thankfully it looks as though they're both not badly injured.
  9. Josh Martin credited with an assist for Doncaster on the BBC website as well.
  10. No idea if he's correct or not, but TVB was on here a while back saying the agreed fee was £800,000. And I think you'd have to admit that we've already got a whole squad of players who look comfortable at Championship level.
  11. Well it wasn't silly of us to sign him for nothing was it?
  12. Just seen the goal - was an excellent header by Emi. Looks as though Richarlison was the one who should have been marking him.
  13. Probably getting a little ahead of myself in considering Everton as a relegation rival just yet, but if they keep on going the way they are.................. Emi has just scored a header from a corner to put Villa 1-0 up at Goodison. This tickled me.
  14. To say that we didn't win crunch games last season when we cantered the Championship with a record club total of points is ridiculous. The home game against Brentford being just one of many cases.
  15. And apparently since November we've won as many Premier League games as Chelsea :).
  16. Not the American perspective - an American perspective. Didn't watch the whole thing, but I'm assuming it was made before our last couple of games.
  17. Nice little ball down the side from Kenny to Rashica in the build up to our second seems to have gone largely unnoticed. (and great cross from Rashica with his wrong foot as well).
  18. Yes, shame for Sorenson. He had started the game very strongly and had already nicked possession and won a number of tackles in the short time he was on the pitch.
  19. Completely agree. Was one of Webber's earliest signings if I remember correctly and still one of the best.
  20. Got no idea what you're going on about mate.
  21. This is obviously guesswork on my part, but I'm wondering if perhaps McLean was saying something to Idah along the lines that he should have pulled it back to him - McLean had made a good run and was in space to be fair. If you watch carefully it looks as though McLean is saying something to Idah first and Max seems to take exception.
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