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  1. Enjoyable little article from The Mail and Guardian... https://mg.co.za/
  2. Alex Moss

    Mr Farke

    I must have missed your tenure as England manager...
  3. Hi all, I will be in Paris overnight tomorrow as my friends band are headlining a festival at the Domaine National de Saint Cloud Park over the River Seine. As that’s located just the other side of the river itself, can anyone recommend a bar etc to watch Norwich v Chelsea in the city itself? A bit of a long shot but you never know!, many thanks folks.
  4. James Maddison. Would love to see him in a 2019/20 Daniel Farke side!
  5. Alex Moss

    Mr Farke

    Not a lot else to say about our brilliant manager, he is so likeable and clearly a very genuine guy - I love his sense of humour too! What is so pleasing is that he has no intentions to go anywhere soon, and you get the impression that it’s no cliche - he genuinely see’s developing and building Norwich up in time as a more exciting challenge than walking into a ready made giant of world football - what a completely refreshing and unique attitude! I feel the worlds our oyster as long as we keep him at the helm, preferably alongside Stuart Webber. I don’t think it’s silly to say that we can probably be as excited, if not more excited, about our clubs future than at any other past point in at least all of my years of supporting our beloved NCFC. Now let’s go and give Chelsea a right kicking, and show Abramovich what he could have had
  6. Pound for pound personal investment wise, Delia Smith’s probably one of the very most successful football club owners in this country. Long may her ‘luck’ continue because personally I’m quite enjoying it...
  7. The only thing is Sheff Utd's ‘new ideas’ with overlapping centre backs is not a ‘new’ or ‘original’ thing at all. The Dutch were doing this back in the day during their 1970’s golden era.
  8. Alex Moss

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Didn’t mind Ryan Bennett, especially when played alongside Klose. The worst thing that could have happened to Russ Martin was moving him to CB. It was full back where I thought he excelled in his prime, it was clearly a more natural role for him.
  9. Tend to see this sort of thing more on Twitter, be foolish if people think Chelsea will be a soft touch, they’re still one of the biggest clubs in the country and we’re underdogs for a reason. Hopefully we can upset the odds and enjoy it though. I do think the Sheff Utd v Palace game looked very Championship though, that’s not looking down noses or anything, it was just a sh1te game quality wise, no point trying to dress it up as anything else!
  10. Alex Moss


    This is why, unlike Gareth Bale, I had so much respect for Steve McClaren in Holland, and Joey Barton in France, they nailed the native tongue in what seemed minutes, it was incredible
  11. Alex Moss

    Paul Merson on Pukki and NCFC...

    Fortunately, Abramovich gave the green light to pump in another £2 into the meter just in the nick of time
  12. Alex Moss

    media darlings

    Shhhhhhh, Bill .... you’ll upset needy Sheffield Utd fans. And probably most of Leeds
  13. Alex Moss

    Paul Merson on Pukki and NCFC...

    I’ll 100% know at 2:15pm on Saturday, Hipster
  14. Alex Moss

    Paul Merson on Pukki and NCFC...

    I’ll predict the pundits this weekend... If come Saturday at 2:15 we’ve lost to Chelsea then the pundits will be back to form and saying ‘I fear for Norwich this season’ However, if we were to beat Chelsea, you can bet your life that there will one or two murmurings of ‘Norwich the outside surprise package for Europa League this season?’ If we draw, then your guess is as good as mine folks!