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  1. Alex Moss

    Oliveira - 30k a week

    A good punt for a lower half Prem team I would say, get him happy and he will score.
  2. Alex Moss

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Personally, I’d never heard of him before we signed him, Branston, so had no opinion of him either way. Certainly heard of him now though!
  3. Alex Moss

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Lakey, thank you for this, I’d not seen it, and all I can say is WOW! I don’t care what anyone says, Teemu for me is definitely one of the best strikers in Europe. His poise, calmness, technique, in front of goal is absolutely top drawer... how the hell did we get the best striker in our history on a free?!?!? That should not be able to happen in 2019! He will be one of the highest scorers in the Premier League this coming season, I’m absolutely certain of that.
  4. Alex Moss

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Here’s another for you, this time a defender... https://readnorwich.com/2019/06/23/norwich-city-linked-with-ben-gibson/
  5. Alex Moss

    Daniel Farke bobble head?

    Haha Fenway, if you see Liam’s eyebrows and then you see my eyebrows, then you’ll know Molly is definitely (maybe) Liam’s!
  6. Alex Moss

    Tom Trybull

    Haha nothing would surprise me with that girl, Ricky
  7. Alex Moss

    Tom Trybull

    My ex missus had a pair of pants like that
  8. Alex Moss

    Top of The League !!!

    There seems quite a large discrepancy between the prices of the Premier League badge, from £3 to £8, how does that work? And £65 for a basic shirt is pretty ridiculous too.
  9. Alex Moss

    Daniel Farke bobble head?

    I actually briefly dated the mother of Liam’s daughter, Molly - quite a long time back now though. I won’t say what Lisa thinks of him, but you can read between the lines. I don’t think Oasis style has actually aged very well at all though, and Liam’s songs in particular aren’t great are they? But we all have different tastes so each to their own I guess.
  10. Alex Moss

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    So basically, everyone’s just paid £50 just for the chance to buy a ticket? This means it’s guaranteed they will never make general sale? I can see me sat in a few away ‘home’ ends this season, not by choice, but I’d rather quietly see my team than not at all. The £25 priority membership worked fine.
  11. Didn’t know this, what a sneaky bunch, forcing the local people out and making their house prices tumble - that’s awful!
  12. Alex Moss

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Credit to David Freezer for, I presume, running through this thread and adding up all our rumoured targets! Apparently over 50 now, and by the end of this window it makes me wonder what the final figure will be - I honestly didn’t realise how many players get rumoured each summer transfer window! The Croat lad sounds interesting, but is it particularly an area we need to strengthen? I’m not so sure...
  13. Alex Moss

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Highly doubt he was being offered first team football at City this coming season over Stiepermann, Leitner, Vrancic etc - not in a million years! - and once he found that out, and/or realised we wouldn’t be offering him the wages that Celtic were, then I guess he headed back up to Scotland with his tail between his legs. Would think it’s one of the two, most likely both. But to go and sign for a club that had just come out with ‘we won’t be losing sleep over it’, well, I know I wouldn’t want to go there!
  14. Alex Moss

    The science of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Good point, Dan - that just disappeared without a trace weirdly. And cheers for the vid, TGMD. They should have done one of these on Robbie Savage...