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  1. Of course anyone can put what they like on a message board, but that doesn’t change the fact you’re completely wrong after having the cheek to talk ‘accurate statements’. It was you that said ‘why is EVERYONE’ - then ironically mentioned to me a ‘mere couple’ is not 4 as not factually accurate ha ha. (though it was, and still is, only 2 at best if you want to be fussy). 1 of the 4 is a meme that suggests Soto’s excitement at the opportunity rather than anything else. More importantly, there is absolutely ZERO mention from the first 4 posters of the ‘impact’ he *will* make so don’t come at me with ‘accuracy’ because right now if you threw a hedgehog at a dartboard, you’d score about 3.
  2. He’s scored a whopping 1 goal in open play this season, in the league at least, Cambridge! Not great. But I’ve predicted Watford to finish 2nd this season, they’re a funny team because they have some good players, though their style I find a bit agricultural - they don’t look particularly good going forward but defensively they look very well organised and have a way that makes them hard to play against. In short, they’re a bit like the Burnley of the Championship!
  3. Having read every post up to yours, there’s a mere couple of posters who have thought Soto could end up playing some part for the first team this season, or involvement at least. What on earth is so wrong with that? It’s a message board where people chew the fat over their club and discuss such ideas for Christ’s sakes. Regardless, Omotoye is an U23 striker involved with the first team, as it sounds like Soto will also be from Daniel Farke’s words - the opportunity is clearly there. So, not really that unreal a suggestion from those posters. I remember when we signed Emi Buendía who must have been around 20 at the time. There wasn’t much excitement about him on here when the signing was announced, which surprised me, possibly because he was on loan at a 2nd division side at the time. I remember that well because if you scoured YouTube a bit deeper than a 3 minute highlight reel, you’d see more than enough to know that there was a kid with great natural ability and the only thing that could mess that up was the wrong attitude or serious injury. I feel the same about Soto - happy for people to laugh, but we’ll see how this kid develops here over the next year or so.
  4. It was Melanie, couldn’t talk about it back then but it’s fine now
  5. Sounds like he’s just trying to take pressure off the lad, Tilly, as some such as myself have probably got a bit carried about him. That said, no denying he’s scored some fantastic goals displaying incredible technique so on the back of those it’s hard not to be excited about this kids future. We’ll have to see what happens with Hugill, but with it looking like Omotoye might be going out on loan to League 1, it’s sounds like Soto may just get an introduction to the first team squad quite a lot sooner than Farke had intended!
  6. The damage was done long before Saint-Maximin and Fraser entered the fray. I didn’t watch right to the end but Newcastle looked far more threatening once those 2 came on, and that is no coincidence. They have certainly been missed, and if Bruce doesn’t get the bullet overnight, I bet things will start looking up for them now they’ve actually got some decent midfielders back. This in turn will surely only release the pressure on Jamal and restore some confidence back not only for him but the rest of the team too, so I wouldn’t write him off there as a failure just yet.
  7. I think you’ll find Purple was taking the p155, Basel
  8. Ha ha I collect Norwich memorabilia, Crabby. (Though in this case that’s neither here nor there to be fair - as luck would have it, I *am* actually rooting through his wardrobe right now).
  9. Ha ha you’re of course absolutely correct Tilly! How did I do that?! If both ex managers of ours were amalgamated, I reckon he/they would be pretty decent for us though! (What makes it even worse is I’ve got Alex Neil’s jacket staring me in the face too )
  10. Won’t pretend to know how it works, VW, but I’m guessing it was your very last words that answered the question over why Emi wouldn’t have qualified under the new legislations. However, had we signed him directly from Cadetes de San Martín then I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been an issue.
  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that we have already been preparing, and adapting, for this scenario for some time now. Although Emi was signed from Spain, he is of course Argentinian. So I wonder if it was by any coincidence that for the first time in our clubs history, we not so long back set up a scouting base in South America where as I understand it the rules on signing young players is different to those in Europe. My feeling is the savvy operators that we now proudly possess at Carrow Rd foresaw the possible issues surrounding Brexit, and made a head start regarding expanding our network to the other areas of the world. There must be so much untapped talent on that giant continent (South America), and I have a really strong feeling that Emi Buendía won’t be the last South American we see playing for City this year.
  12. I’m not an expert at lip reading, Dylan, but what I did make out was Dyche furiously asking Klopp where the hell the clubs photocopier was, as at half time he desperately needed to pin up on the wall a copy of a thread from a Championship clubs message board
  13. And a handful of dishonourable mentions also go to Fabian Wilnis - and 2 ex City players sadly. Danny Mills, because we all know the story with that bloke, and Andy Townsend because he only played for Chelsea and Aston Villa so it seems.
  14. How that ar5ehole Lee Cattermole has avoided this thread thus far, heaven only knows.
  15. Stringer, Walker Mark 1, and Farke. Loved Worthy too actually, and O’Neill for *THAT* play off final. It’s a shame I can’t include Lambert on that list but so much stuff has happened.
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