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  1. Not been on here for nearly a year thank f***, but people surprised bloke out on the wing now playing his preferred role down the centre is finding success. If you’ve slagged him off recently ETC, basically shat on him, then more fool you
  2. ‘Vast web of football contacts’ - brilliant
  3. Nope, that was quite evident even if you could unfortunately only stretch your balls far enough to imply it for a few posts rather than say it straight like a grown man in the first place. However it’s unimportant, and I’m not concerned about a random username on the internet questioning my integrity
  4. Good god , it’s not the special forces - agents, players etc do talk amongst themselves but you can’t quite grasp that for whatever reason. Your idea that such information came from them all sat round at the then Melwood training ground or something whilst Jurgen Klopp briefs everyone on the next transfer window and it’s targets is pretty damn funny though!
  5. Believe it or not, players do hear things behind closed doors, as incredible as that may sound.
  6. Said ages ago on here Klopp is an admirer of Todd and knows he has the ability and potential to become a very good Premier League player - at the time I was told this by a friend of mine who is the Uncle of a then Liverpool player who Todd was targeted to replace (said player still plays in the Premier League), and only Webber putting his foot down stopped Todd’s exit back then. So whilst others laugh and think this is new news, I will not be surprised in the slightest if he does indeed finally join Liverpool in a significantly cut price move to Anfield. It’ll be a great move for him if it finally happens, and he won’t have weirdos bizarrely targeting him from the start of his career there for being a local lad. As for that picture of Todd on his mobile in headphones during the ‘pre match warm up’, anyone who thinks that is the pre match warm up in headphones, a gillet and a slippery pair of trainers must be pretty damn stupid to put it mildly . On the other hand, most of us with half a brain I think can work out this is the usual ‘familiarise yourself with the setting’ of the away pitch etc that takes place before every away game, and Todd’s just listening to some pre match motivational music or perhaps even a motivational speech as many players do as standard practice before games. I think it’s easy to see why Todd may well wish to leave the club after years of abuse from some sections of our support or fan base, and now that it appears to have finally come to a head as it inevitably would, I can fully understand him having had enough. Good luck to the lad, and shame on those that will have ultimately played their part in us losing someone that I have no doubt would be doing so much better for us had he have felt better appreciated and supported here.
  7. I’m sure the loss of Cantwell, Rashica, and Normann affected us, but it was out of Dean Smith’s hands. No blame can be laid at his door. We went for it second half as I expected, and will take the draw - it’s far more damaging for Newcastle than it is us. 4 games no defeats, I believe we’re on the up and going to ‘do it’.
  8. Probably hoping the same tune he got from helping develop a young player in Jack Grealish into the very player he is today, just as Grealish himself has always credited Smith with in his interviews. As for Buendia, early days. Just as Pep Guardiola is finding with none other than Jack Grealish at Man City.
  9. Totally hear you, Sparra I’m really not sure what Cambridge’s motive was for regarding this post. And I think Todd would be 100% justified in thinking it was just to stir up the pot in a negative manner towards himself. Not needed, and not helpful at a time when we want to see fresh slates for all.
  10. Yep, it all stacks up for me, GB, and looks very logical. I suppose if I didn’t like Webber or was looking for someone to blame or whatever as I feel we do see on here, then I guess you could easily scream ‘lies!’ and ‘it was always Frank Lampard!’ because you’d believe anyone but Webber by sheer default!
  11. Which is exactly why I didn’t think it was naive at all to think that this wasn’t all pre planned as per your initial post on this, Lakey
  12. Nope, don’t think you’ve gone insane, Google Bot! Good points! My point was that whether or not Frank Lampard *or anyone else* headed the list, if Webber wasn’t aware of the Smith situation at the time then it was perfectly reasonable for him to then make him *the* number 1 target the moment he became available. I didn’t think Lampard was a Webber type appointment but obviously I don’t know that for a fact, I could well be wrong. But all that said, it wouldn’t surprise me about Purslow though as I’ve seen it said before one of the reasons the Buendia deal went so smoothly was because of their friendship or previous good working relationship at Liverpool. The only thing I would question if we were aware of the situation then why would we have wasted time, money and resources over Frank Lampard etc. No real reason for a smokescreen. There’s a good point you make there too, and I am thinking that anyone who may have thought Smith was last on our list or anything - well, it is reported Webber wanted him back in his Huddersfield days. So if that is true, it’s pretty likely Smith became numero uno from the moment it was made known that he would be available, and crucially, up for the challenge. Seems like he finally got his man.
  13. Out of interest, Lakey, if you think this was all planned prior to Farke’s sacking, as your timeline shows, what was the point in wasting time and resources speaking to Lampard and maybe others? No need for a smoke screen if all parties had already arranged this, don’t you think?
  14. I’m not so sure it is ‘obvious’, Fred. Frank Lampard was probably high on the list, or maybe even first choice, a week or 2 ago, you could well be correct on that front. But that doesn’t mean that couldn’t have changed rapidly the very moment someone even more desirable became available. It’s quite logical. With respect, your post is deliberately one sided to show Dean Smith in a poor light. Smith took Villa to an 11th place finish last season, and to a cup final too! Not exactly minor details in his career to date, and very good reasons why he might not be the failure you’re trying to paint in your picture.
  15. I’m guessing Frank Lampard was indeed first choice up until Dean Smith become available, but that changed rapidly when Smith suddenly became an option. Seems sensible to me, and I don’t see why Webber can’t have been a long time admirer of Dean Smith, and why on earth not? 11th place last season with a cup final to boot too playing some very aggressive football at times - look what Villa did to Liverpool, that was ridiculous! So, it’s no different really to finding a nice house, and then late on an even more desirable property suddenly becoming available right out of the blue. Reading the Villa board, it seems a lot of folk on there think Frank realised he wasn’t going to get the job, perhaps that info had got back to him, and so pulled out to save face and reputation. Would make sense. As for Dean Smith, I wanted Kjetl Knutsen initially but I did warm to the idea of Smith as the week went on, and on reflection Smith is probably the best choice on paper all things considered. I feel very positive about his appointment and am looking forward to Saturday now. This reminds me a bit of David Moyes going to West Ham. Vast majority were very underwhelmed by that appointment at the time but look what Moyes has done with a lot of players that were purchased in a similar price bracket to our summer signings. Hammers fans would be gutted if he left now, so it just goes to show…
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