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  1. Well folks, the good news is that Ben tweeted Matt Jarvis back tonight to allay any fears over his injury, saying to his former colleague that ‘everything’s sound’. Sounds very promising that he’ll be absolutely fine for the visit of Ole Solskjaer’s red relegation army
  2. Alex Moss

    Beyond Words.

    Unbelievable, John. And in this week of all weeks. Can’t we kick them all out with Brexit...
  3. Alex Moss

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    Great to get the clean sheet, but the lads can count themselves unlucky not to get the 3 points. But I think today showed what a difference having Krul between the sticks is, not to mention the return of the seasoned powerhouse Tettey. For anyone who thinks Hernandez doesn’t make a difference, he has a dynamic that no one else in the team has. Got to say we saw a far more solid balanced team today, I didn’t think Bmth were any great shakes at all but I feel that was down to us rather than them.
  4. Alex Moss

    Bournemouth Tickets

    I actually asked a mate of mine this evening who’s a AFCB STH, and he said there are no pillars etc so he is also confused by the restricted viewing option!
  5. Alex Moss

    Bournemouth Tickets

    I honestly don’t know what the club mean by ‘restricted view’ - I have been there every time watching City, and unless Bournemouth have changed the away section area, I do not recall any restricted views at all? I could be totally wrong but it’s just not something I remember
  6. Alex Moss

    Bournemouth Tickets

    Interesting, I wonder what the restricted view seats are, Smithy? Sat behind Waveney? Because I don’t recall there being a restricted view at Bournemouth?
  7. Alex Moss

    Our summer business

    More to goalkeeping than saving a multitude of shots and claiming a zillion crosses - it’s the little details as well and I for one thought he looked very assured in all aspects of his game. And yes, he does have a lovely barnet too.
  8. Alex Moss

    Toddy in training

    Yes, a great close up of the quality that Todd possesses, he really does shine in that vid. Bit of a concern seeing Jamal limp at the end, but great to see the numbers starting to return, I reckon we could see the likes of Onel and Mario amongst the subs for Saturday. Feeling very optimistic for our trip to Bournemouth now. Btw - that acute angled Marco Van Basten style volley from Emi was something to behold, he should’ve saved that one for the Vitality! But I feel his first Premier League goal is not far away now.
  9. Alex Moss

    Our summer business

    Yep, good point about Amadou, forgot him. Still think he’ll prove to be a hit in front of Zimbo and Godfrey.
  10. Alex Moss

    Our summer business

    Passlack’s actually not doing badly in the Eredivisie, starting all 9 games and scoring 1 playing at fullback. Club position in the table can’t be solely attributed to him by any stretch of the imagination. At 21 he’s still a young player, and going out on loan from a footballing giant at that age is hardly unusual, it doesn’t make him a poor player whatsoever. You do have a very fair comment about whether we’ve upgraded or not, it’s something certainly up for debate, and come the end of the season we’ll have our answer, but for the very little money we’ve spent I feel we’ve got players on a parr at the very least. I think Fahrmann was meant to be an upgrade in fairness, but Krul’s form has been pretty damn good prior to injury. We knew we weren’t going to spend shed loads of money, so all things considered, I think it’s been quite astute business. I do hope we bring in 1 or 2 more in the January window though, I certainly think we could do with a centre back as priority, if even that’s the only business we do.
  11. Alex Moss

    Our summer business

    Likewise, because in only a few short games they’d not displaced Krul, Pukki and Aarons, in only their 276 minutes how on earth can you say otherwise? You’ve done this before with players being kept out of the side, as if it means they’re total failures and I find that quite bizarre. Never easy just coming off the bench, but Swiss international Drmic got on the scoresheet the other day with just 6 minutes to play, Fahrmann looked very good at Palace before his injury and it’s no secret the Champions League regular is held in high pedigree in Germany, and as for Byram, he was superb against Man City. And crucially none of them have played with any match sharpness whatsoever, so based on the evidence above, I’d say those posters that think these are fantastic £ for £ additions are looking to be far closer to the mark than yourself.
  12. Alex Moss

    Casino Royale

    I soon as I saw that in The S**, that particular snippet just screamed unsubstantiated nonsense to me. Although I certainly wouldn’t put it past managers to test players in such a way, I would hazard a guess in this particular case they’re in the mood to play a few unsettling mind games between James and Southgate as their ‘payback’ - I suspect most of that article was in place in some form since the day James ripped them a new one on Twitter, they were just biding their time. After the Hillsborough stuff, I would imagine that particular tabloids name is like dog dirt amongst dressing rooms across the land, not just in Liverpool, so no real surprise James’s attitude towards them.
  13. Alex Moss

    Webbers Interview

    Agreed C, I was also surprised at that claim, I don’t think anyone’s in a competition here or has even remotely suggested that - personally I like to think of all Norwich supporters as a family, albeit a slightly dysfunctional one, it’s just disappointing when a tiny minority start whinging immediately during a ridiculously insane injury crisis. I don’t recall many, if any, who were unhappy at the time with our transfer dealings and squad strengthening come the end of the summer window, and there was absolutely no way of forecasting such ridiculously bad luck on the injury front. Good news is it sounds like we’re on the verge of significant exits from the treatment room at last, so I hope everyone keeps their nerve because unity has unquestionably been key to our success. Not my words - Farke’s, Webber’s, and the players - and that’s a compliment to supporters, not a criticism
  14. Alex Moss

    Casino Royale

    That article is so weirdly written, like they’re trying to turn the football world and the public against him. It’s almost as if The Sun have got it in for him or something, but I’m sure that isn’t the case...
  15. Alex Moss

    Casino Royale

    Not seen the report, but they’re just being silly. I think he’s currently carrying a little knock or something, and I’m fairly confident being stood at a roulette wheel does not require quite the same strain on the body as a top level football match. I don’t see an issue whatsoever. I’m sure Madders will get them back though ; )