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  1. Of course it isn’t. How on earth do you give Farke a few games to rectify things after the board have already acted promptly and sacked him? For what it’s worth, it could actually be the simple case that Farke doesn’t actually do anything different in the next few weeks, the new boys settle in and really start to gel over the coming games, turning the results around. That however will not happen in a million years if the customers provide a worsening environment for them, that you can be sure.
  2. That doesn’t make any sense at all. You’re in two camps there - one that is booing because they want Farke to ‘sort it out quickly’ whilst at the same time being in the other camp ‘that the board needs to act’.
  3. Not read past the first page as I can guess the rest but all this looks spot on, Badger I think another reason why you might get some near or actual violence in such situations is because when people play the panto customer then some of those that are passionately trying to help the team they love through a rough spot, will take serious umbrage and offence at other folk ‘speaking’ for them. Booing is so divisive, I think those that were clapping in the Snakepit were doing so not because they were happy with the result (that should be pretty obvious really) but were in turn wanting to counteract the negative effect of booing, and show that they are the kind of supporters that want to play they part in helping the manager and team of largely young and inexperienced players plus some brand new faces through this rough patch together as one. Good on them I say, I like that kind of spirit, strength and loyalty
  4. It’s sad that so called supporters want to stir the pot over any single detail they can to intensify negativity around the club they purport to love. It makes me wonder if some sections of fans, and that’s not solely restricted to NCFC I might add, are actually happier following a club when they have their chance to get upset and angry. But I know the answer, and there actually are people in life that really do derive pleasure from feeling like that. Anyway, regarding Todd, hope all is ok with him - not my business to know, and nor do I need to know, but in situations like this, I think unless you’re a complete fool/a-hole then you should always give someone the benefit of the doubt and respect that maybe just maybe there is a private issue that is of far more significance than a 3-1 loss.
  5. Never a truer word spoken Not booing doesn’t mean endorsing a standing ovation, as has been ridiculously suggested.
  6. Have we already lost our first 7 then? The point remains that it proved that it was not too late to be retrieved.
  7. Burnley had to wait until their 8th game last season before they finally picked up a win, which then led to a good patch of results mid season. So no, it isn’t true that it would be too late to retrieve - as Burnley indeed have proved themselves.
  8. Agreed. Arsenal will be putting out a far superior side to the one that played Brentford away for their first fixture (Brentford fans won’t admit this though). Am normally very positive but have a bad feeling about today. I’ve seen a few different City podcasts and there’s some strong optimism (which, don’t get me wrong, is great!), but I think they’ve massively failed to notice we won’t be playing the same side that faced Brentford, and not by a long shot - they have a raft of their better players coming back today which changes everything (and boosts their confidence) I think and is total sods law for us unfortunately. Equally if we were to win today then it should not be underestimated what a result it would be! Getting the first goal is absolutely crucial today, we have to use the crowd to our advantage who will 100% help our cause should we do that - either way, a fast start from either side will seal the deal I think.
  9. This should 100% be the walk out music at Carrow Rd on match days. So personal to the city, vibrant and uplifting, with that essential feel good factor, I can’t think of anything more suitable . Hope the club gets to hear about it as I think the powers that be would likely feel the same.
  10. Swap out some of the bench for some of the starters and you’ve got a side there that could win the Championship!
  11. It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out, Pants, I’m just grateful it’s not our problem! It’s just been confirmed that the players knew full well they were breaking the Brazilian law, having provided false information in the first place, and extraordinarily, even after a meeting between all parties on Saturday, Argentina decided to hold training in the evening regardless completely ignoring what they’d been told. They also barricaded the dressing room in an attempt to prevent the authorities intervening. Disgusting stuff really - again, I’m just pleased it’s not our problem!
  12. Indeed, and assuming this game does not get awarded to Brazil, then there’s another fixture that Emi will have to fly out for on top of everything else. Will be very interesting to see how Villa handle the next round of international fixtures in a few weeks time - not sure an unhappy Emi will be a beneficial Emi, but then a missing Emi won’t be either!
  13. I’m not saying he foresaw this exact situation, that would be ridiculous. But given how meticulous Webber is, it’s certainly not a stretch for him to have factored in that Emi could be flying to South America every few weeks this autumn alone for WC qualifiers, and that would have been bad news for us. In fact I’d be 110% beyond surprised if he’d not been aware of such things, of course he would be - whether the possibility of 14 day quarantines would be taken into account who knows, but to be fair I would imagine so, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to realise that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Onel as well, we had on a couple of occasions issues there that weren’t his fault but it clearly made things difficult for us as Farke, whilst respecting Onel’s wish to play for his country, made clear at the time.
  14. Yep, I highly doubt he’ll be doing a stretch anytime soon either, though whilst the possibility exists, it has to be included for the case in point. And in total agreement there, Jimbo, as I of course stated in the quote - it does make me wonder if Webber looked at the international situation prior to the World Cup a bit closer than what his equivalents perhaps did at Aston Villa, and the associated permutations. In hindsight these are exactly the things he would have taken into consideration for the season ahead and the effect that it could and would have had on our performances and results. I suspect that now that we have a scouting base out in South America, he would be in particular well aware that 14 day quarantines out there would not be going away any time soon, and that coupled with how frequently Emi could be leaving the squad for international duty would have been a complete disaster for us.
  15. He wasn’t even on the bench I don’t think, Shef!
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