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  1. It’s true, Indy, - Idah did come on once everyone was tiring after the likes of Drmic had done the dirty work, but thankfully no ones turned on him yet and for that reason I reckon he’ll still be feeling confident running out on the Carrow Rd hallowed turf. But god forbid if he doesn’t score after a few games, especially in more favourable circumstances. Drmic had **** all to work with, and like I say, Van Basten would have had to run around like a headless chicken on those scraps after lockdown. Disgrace how so called supporters can single him out and vilify him - did they even watch how we tentatively played upon the restart? A strikers NIGHTMARE.
  2. I promised myself 3 weeks ago I’d stop posting on here, and you’ll be delighted to know this is my last post. Norwich City supporters? Josip came into a side that weren’t delivering the attacking football that we’d been accustomed to even as recently as earlier in the same season. We could’ve put Marco Van Basten up top for us in those last lockdown games & he’d have been lucky to score. Wake up, that’s the reality, he’s had nothing to work with whatsoever! And you’re delighting in making him feel as crap as possible! Love Norwich City but **** me do we have some right Worzel Gummidge bellends following us. I’m not buying every club has their fair share of such ‘supporter’. We are without doubt the complete Man City of entitled supporter knobheads. I watched every last game and thought Josip was on a hiding to nothing. Every striker needs chances. Especially one who’s hardly played. It’s **** and it’s no surprise given the vitriol aimed at him that he’s considering moving back to Europe so don’t be **** and knocking him for it, I don’t blame him.
  3. And to add, I think that sweeping generalisation about the relentlessly driven wealthy is something I would definitely like to see backed up with fact and not opinion spoken as fact. And if you can do that, I can promise you that I will be the first to say to you ‘fair play, I was wrong’.
  4. I’m not sure that sweeping generalisation and very bold statement is entirely factually correct, but I’m very happy to be proven wrong? On a completely unrelated note, interesting to see the current Leeds owners are allegedly already in talks to sell next seasons prestige of the Premier League for as much profit as possible. Perhaps it’s money, perhaps it’s not eh?...
  5. Eh? Name me the last club to officially put themselves on the market, and then tell me what happened.
  6. I think the ‘seriously not’ would most definitely take the current finances into account, of course. And they would ride right off the back of the good financial position we’re in. They are not ‘middle ground’, they would be replacing our owners ‘like for like’ albeit with a shiny new surname. ‘Middle ground’? Who are these people and name me that club that are delivering what you think is so easy to achieve with ‘middle ground’? Now on to what you guys really want, because the former and latter is pointless. I think the ‘seriously rich’ would see every single aspect of Norwich City Football Club as a drop in the ocean. Total pocket money. That kind of wealth doesn’t give a f*ck whether we own our ground or not, they clear debt and buy it outright without a moments thought - and then sign Aguero and De Bruyne.
  7. I don’t think you can question the lads lack of effort tonight, I’m not having that. Farke was on the touch line barking orders but that doesn’t mean it equates to 3 points - the lads need to make that happen, though it’s not totally in their hands given they’re also facing an equally determined 11 players. We were especially tentative against Brighton in the main and deserved what was served up. We were crap, perhaps down to nerves I suspect. But we gave it a good go tonight. Effort. And for that, I’m on their side.
  8. Your post tells me you want investors essentially of a level no different to what we have now. You do realise that the mega rich owners you desire probably wouldn’t give a flying dogs d1ck whether we owned the stadium or not etc. They would have the serious money to turn that around overnight so it would be of little consideration to them. Which suggests to me that the new owners you desire really sent a financial improvement. It would be a drop in the ocean for such owners of the likes of Man City, Wolves etc to finance and thoroughly reinvigorate NCFC overnight on every level if that’s what someone interested wanted to do. Someone with passion to relinquish such finances. Reality is, they have bigger fish to fry whether we like it or not. So I see absolutely no evidence to suggest we would be a draw for a serious cash rich investor. Because we own our own stadium and are in a good place financially? Get real. We’re talking about people that would use the value of Carrow Rd itself as pocket money. My point still stands entirely with respect, stop living in dreamland.
  9. @Canary Wundaboy I’ve responded reasonably a couple of times with these points I’ve made, and I’d like a response. I respect your opinion - but at least give one rather than ignore it as you’ve done every single time thus far
  10. And replace with who? I’ve asked the likes of you question dodgers I don’t know how many times recently this question and not one of you muppets has been able to respond.
  11. Second behind Man City for hitting the woodwork too, Lakey. Oh what could have been...
  12. Can’t disagree with any of that, TvB, that is where their strengths are, I think Maupay has shown he can be a nuisance in the PL and whereas I think we’d all agree he wouldn’t end up in a top 6 side, you kind of feel like he’d move on if Brighton get relegated next season - you never know, he might even finally end up joining us if we go up and Brighton come down. Be interesting to see if Dunk etc hang around or move up the pecking order to a Burnley or Palace this summer, I thought Spurs or Arsenal were interested in Dunk at one point - reckon they’ll do well to keep hold of him. The rest of their team just looks ‘ok’ to me, just like us, they didn’t struggle for no reason and would likely be right in the shoite if the season wasn’t curtailed given their atrocious form at that point. I honestly thought they were one of the worst teams, if not the worst team, I’d seen us play this season on Saturday. And that’s really saying something given how useless we were. They were better at the Amex against us though, I think it’s fair enough to say that.
  13. No one really knows what to expect when or indeed if he does eventually get handed the reigns, as it stands I don’t think we’d really see any difference in how the club was run currently because he won’t be turning up ‘green’ - he’s already been here a while learning the ropes. But there is always the possibility that after a few months or wotnot, he decides running a football club isn’t for him, and in that case, who knows what will happen? As I’ve said before, for everyone’s daydreams about these queues of mega rich investors, I would be absolutely amazed if some oil rich sheikh or whatever decides we could be a fun little play thing for him, and the Chinese see the colour yellow as bad for branding and marketing etc so I think it’s fairly safe to rule out that stinking rich Chinese investor too.
  14. They looked better the first time we played them earlier in the season, but I thought they looked absolutely bloody dreadful against us on Saturday - and that’s saying a lot given our performance!
  15. We did have a pinstripe away kit a few seasons ago, but I’m really surprised we haven’t had a retro home kit paying homage to the old pinstripe kits of the 80’s yet. I’m sure the club shop must hear this a lot, and you’d therefore think they’d seize the opportunity to buffer their coffers further by replicating a true fan’s favourite. Arsenal did the same this season and I heard it’s one of their biggest selling shirts of recent times.
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