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  1. This all reminds me of a thread a few years back on TWTD which tried to compile a best eleven from the players from both clubs over the years. It was so massively blue tinted and parochial it was embarrassing. Our great 'keepers, from Keelan through to Woods and others were overlooked as were Culverhouse and Bowen along with the likes of Reeves and Crook. I could write a long list. Peters got a mention, but the most outrages omission for me was that Ron Davies didn't even exist whilst Paul Mariner was considered a world beater.
  2. True, but he still managed 206 games for City and scored 44 goals. He actually played more times for Norwich than he played for Spurs.
  3. BroadstairsR

    Summer sport 🏏

    Headingley is usually a result wicket and it generally pays to bat first with neither side likely to buck that trend should the coin fall in their favour. However, if it's a nice green top and cloudy conditions (and there is already a slight rain delayed start) then I would be inclined to unleash Broad, Archer and Woakes against the weakened Aussie line-up straight away. The toss is vital as usual.
  4. BroadstairsR

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    Indeed, but sometimes using the latest name is less confusing. Not so in the Carling Cup though, where the label 'League Cup' is still sometimes used: League Cup became: Milk Cup 1981-2 to 1985-6; Littlewoods Challenge Cup 1986-7 to 1989-90; Rumbelows Cup 1990-91 to 1991-2; Coca-Cola Cup 1992-3 to 1997-8; Worthington Cup 1998-9 to 2002-3; Carling Cup 2003-4 to present
  5. BroadstairsR

    Paul lambert’s Blue and White army

    "They are going to win more often than not this season in what is a pretty dreadful league ......" and sufficient to keep 'agent' Lambert in the job.
  6. BroadstairsR

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    Had me looking, but Liverpool won the Champions League Final in 1980-81, the season ITFC won the UEFA Cup.
  7. BroadstairsR

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    The UEFA Cup was always the second most important European club competition. The giants of the game considered winning it a consolation prize in an average season whereby even representation in the actual European Champions Cup was their real aim. Also many smaller clubs have won it in the past, ITFC being one of them. Yet, in bin land winning it apparently made them 'champions of Europe' and a club with world re-known status to the extent that they constantly still go on about it to this day. An achievement for sure, but come on! Who in the world of football either remembers or cares?
  8. BroadstairsR

    James Norwood - No words

    Perhaps I'll need to see a little bit more into this season to release my slight negativism but the fact remains that at the season's start we were amongst the six clubs considered favourites for relegation from the Premier League and ITFC were amongst the six favourites for promotion from their league. However, so far so good. Fingers crossed and all that.
  9. BroadstairsR

    James Norwood - No words

    Perhaps so, but historically it would seem easier to bounce back from Championship relegation than survive that first season in the Premier League. No doubt statistics will refute this but I really think that we started the season with the tougher job of the two. Especially as the PL now seems to be spending more on so-called 'big names' by the season and two sides in League One starting the season with a negative haul.
  10. BroadstairsR

    James Norwood - No words

    They'll never be insignificant Flecky as they are our historical rivals and as such a lot of bad feeling, as well as good banter, has transpired between the two sets of supporters over the years. It's especially fun, therefore, when we rule the roost in the way we do. We should of course always respect that "gap" though as that is far from insignificant.
  11. BroadstairsR

    James Norwood - No words

    I have always considered that, realistically, they have more chance of coming straight back up this season than we have of surviving. However we have, even after so very few games, now a right to feel more optimistic whilst their start has hardly been barn-storming. Even so, the prospects for them next season at best, is for more Championship mediocrity whilst ours, at worst, will likely be maintaining our status as a yo-yo club.
  12. BroadstairsR

    James Norwood - No words

    Being signed by giants like ITFC is akin to a lottery win to the likes of James Norwood. It seems to have gone to his head. The problem he now has is living up to the expectations of the binner fan base. Having started off as their 'Grant Holt' figure his recent hat-trick in pre-season has seen him metamorphosised in to a player of Messi-like proportions. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, particularly as nothing ever seems to go right for that impoverished lot.
  13. BroadstairsR

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    I wasn't referring to you actually, just responding to the general criticism Hanley has been getting recently. Neither was I the first to use that term in response to some of this criticism.
  14. BroadstairsR

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    How is it possible to scapegoat a fourth choice centre-half who put in a decent performance overall. Even Davitt's six isn't exactly a disaster. Scapegoating for scapegoatings sake, imo. We're hardly expected to replace the injured Zimmermann and Klose with an expensive world class replacement after all ... who is?