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  1. BroadstairsR

    Always xxxx on the old blue and white 2..

    "I thought Evans's "hospitality" business was a small part of what they do. They mainly do worldwide "summits" and conferences, including all the personal arrangements and security etc. The interruption won't be terminal." Perhaps so.His fingers are in many pies. I seem to recall that the MEG was the official ticketing agency for the London Olympics and that he was involved enough to face charges of ticket touting for Rio which extended to arrests in Brazil:- Googled:- "Police in Brazil had arrested Kevin Mallon, 36, a director of THG, Mr Evans’ sports hospitality company, on August 5, the day of the opening ceremony, when officers reportedly seized more than 800 high-end tickets for the Games. Police investigators said the scheme was planned to make three million US dollars (£2.2million)". He likely had plans to gain from the, now postponed, Tokyo Games. It seems that his business will be hit hard all round and this could impact negatively upon our friends down the road.
  2. BroadstairsR

    Always xxxx on the old blue and white 2..

    Presumably with no 'hospitality' allowed anywhere in the world Marcus Evans' hospitality business (which is the main thrust of ME Enterprises) will have no business to speak of and accumulate much less income. It could well cost his company millions. With Evans suddenly up against it one has to wonder just how much this might impact upon ITFC and the continuation of his financial support of that, already impoverished, club. He wasn't prepared to donate more than the minimum required at the best of times. What will he now afford at the worst of times? On the other hand, and somewhat lightheartedly, with restaurants closed and more people needing to cook at home perhaps Delia will benefit from an upsurge in book sales and be a richer 'owner' after all. Most clubs will be up against it and some more than others, and for a variety of reasons. (It's quite unusual to have thoughts of football come to mind even if they are a bit bizarre like those above.)
  3. BroadstairsR

    Steven Naismith

    He's obviously the bogeyman of all bogeymen at NCFC, through reasons not really of his own making. He's was far from the first footballer to stick to his contractual rights (as he apparently did at Norwich) in any case. However, everything I have read about the man's character and off-field activities has been positive: (Google S.Naismith's charities.) "Naismith is an ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland, launched a scheme to help ease the progress of injured ex-service personnel back into work, and supports centres for the homeless in Glasgow and Liverpool." There is probably more.
  4. BroadstairsR

    Wuhan coronavirus

    So it's just us "Island monkeys" is it. "PARIS (AP) — Young German adults hold “corona parties” and cough toward older people. A Spanish man leashes a goat to go for a walk to skirt confinement orders. From France to Florida to Australia, kitesurfers, college students and others crowd the beaches. Their defiance of lockdown mandates and scientific advice to fight the coronavirus pandemic has prompted crackdowns by authorities on people trying to escape cabin fever brought on by virus restrictions. In some cases, the virus rebels resist — threatening police as officials express outrage over public gatherings that could spread the virus. “Some consider they’re little heroes when they break the rules,” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said. “Well, no. You’re an imbecile, and especially a threat to yourself.”
  5. BroadstairsR

    Small Claim To Fame.

    I once stood in an urinal next to Tommy Cooper. We nodded (as you do)and he left before I did saying "Better out than in" and gave that famous laugh. Everything he did was amusing in some way. If most said such things it wouldn't be funny. He was just funny, full stop. We were in the bar of the Station Hotel(?) Chatham and were sitting at the next table to TC and that trusted secretary of his. It was noticeable the enormous amounts of large G & T she was fetching him at speedy intervals. He was due to play live in Chatham later that evening.It was sad in a way that even a seasoned performer like Tommy Cooper needed to get tanked up before a performance. His drinking habits were known, but probably arose as a result of occupational habit.
  6. Sad how all thoughts of NCFC, the squad selection, the players and management and our PL plight, have totally gone to the back of my mind now. Ipswich? Who are they? Their plight used to be a source of fun yet now I've lost interest.It seems trivial. For as long as I can remember City have been paramount in my thinking. How quickly I have virtually lost interest. Yet we will need all our passions to be to the forefront of our thinking in the next few gruelling months in order to keep our minds active. Sad times, but I'll still tune into the PinkUn every day and chip in occasionally as usual.
  7. BroadstairsR

    Is Alex Salmon a goner?

    Prefer salmon to sturgeon any day. Quite like the tinned stuff but only after I've scraped off all the skin and cleaned it out. There's not much left after I've finished with it, but it's nice and healthy, I hope, even though it's probably been farmed in Scotland.
  8. BroadstairsR

    The season is over now

    This is one of the most important factors to be discovered about this unknown virus. It is vital that scientists/medics establish one way or the other asap. Traditionally humans build up an immunity to these types of viruses (eg. flu and flu jabs)but there have been one or two reports(mainly from China) of people catching it twice.This has to be mitigated by the fact that these people might not have been clear of it in the first place and also that the medical evidence might be unsound.) The other factor is that a virus such as this develops different strains, but these are usually weaker. It would be a massive relief if it were established once and for all that the human immune system can withstand further exposure once the victim has succumbed to it before. In many ways this is a fairly mild virus compared with SARS and even flu.The main problem is that it is so easily transmitted.
  9. BroadstairsR

    Wuhan coronavirus

    "Being a dictatorship is probably an advantage." May be, but not if that dictatorship cares little for the people and whose measures will be centred around self-preservation. I recently managed to watch a very harrowing film called "First They Killed My Father," about the Khmer Rouge's dreadful treatment of the Cambodian population as a whole during the period now known as the 'killing fields.' It was sickening. Life is treated more cheaply in some parts of the world than we are used to. At least Bumbling Boris is no Pol Pot even though his administration seems to be all over the place over their response to this major problem. One day he was advising over 70'snot to go on cruises (?). A few days later there is talk of making them self -isolate for three monthsand more.The over seventies present no more risk of transmitting. Some like to get out and about. They know the risks. Instead of forced isolation they should be provided with self-preservation equipment such as N95 masks and eye protection ( a la South Korea) if they wish for it. Also: what about other vulnerable people under 70, high blood pressure, diabetics, COPD vctims?
  10. BroadstairsR

    Wuhan coronavirus

    "Thailand was one of the first countries after China to experience the Corona virus, and in the early days (week 1-2) was leading the charts for infections by country excluding China." Thailand is run by a military coup who organised a sham democracy. They ban popular opposition parties and are notorious for fact-fiddling and keeping the truth from the public. Until recently they were still letting in Chines by the thousands for the sake of tourist money. Hospital facilities in the NE of the country especially are poor. There is drought, famine and dengue fever to cope with. There are also wet markets still allowed to function in Bkk.( Chatachutek (?)for one.) Their figures are false, imo. Singapore,however, is trustworthy.They are the most community minded citizens in the world and often self police.They will obey the rules to the letter. The Thais won't. However, I hope that you are correct about both countries and that there is something to be learned from stringent temperature monitoring.
  11. BroadstairsR

    The official Loo Roll thread

    Use a sponge. eg Tesco car wash sponge cut in half. Wash out each wipe. Washes out totally. Wash your hands afterwards as usual.
  12. BroadstairsR

    face masks

    "reverse ferret" What the fcuk! No point in debating with you is there? A conclusion many others on this forum have long since come to. Btw: I added something else later to the post you quoted. Perhaps your expertise leads you to disagree with this as well. Now! I've had my say. Take it or leave it. We are all vulnerable and we are free to take whatever measures we wish.
  13. BroadstairsR

    face masks

    I am talking about the medics who are dealing with coronavirus victims in hospitals. NOT the mask worn normally by surgeons or dentists. "Surgeons and nurses performing clean surgery wear disposable face masks. The purpose of face masks is thought to be two-fold: to prevent the passage of germs from the surgeon's nose and mouth into the patient's wound and to protect the surgeon's face from sprays and splashes from the patient." Two completely different products for two completely different situations. I have acquired N95 masks. I will wear one on appropriate occasions. Others can please themselves. BUT if infected thyen it is a person's duty to waer a proper mask to prevent transmission. FACT
  14. BroadstairsR

    face masks

    There appears to be so much expertise. Believe what you want. What mask do you suppose medics wear then? Ignorance is bliss. it appears