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  1. https://assets.thaivisa.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2019_10/balls.webm.14b4ad465acc14a36714034677122919.webm Even John Motson couldn't match that detail.
  2. BroadstairsR

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    It can be done welly quick:- https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/30/chinese-construction-firm-erects-57-storey-skyscraper-in-19-days
  3. BroadstairsR

    Ownership questions

    The ''majority shareholding" issue doesn't really bother me,and certainly didn't concern many once last season became the success it did. The total dedication of the "owners" then is a plus point along with their unrelenting dedication towards attempting to always do what is best for the club. The fact that this is aligned with the fact that they are not they are not the wealthiest owners on the scene is a minus and easily picked upon by their critics. Most of us seem to have accepted this though and the fact that it is mitigated against by the so-called "self-sustaining" model which has involved, most of all, by investment in the academy. This same academy has borne fruit and promises to continue to do so, and promises to get better Nobody can dispute that this needs time to bear fruit to achieve the full, despite the bounty it has already currently producing. Even though the prospect of a third one-season stay, out of four attempts, at the top table will be a massive, massive disappointment the liklihood of this seems to be facing us all sooner than expected and critics can readily blame lack of investment when required. There is some truth in this and, even though Stewart Webber made the decisions for the squad over the Summer and I recall expressed pleasure with the outcome of the dealings, the Delia/W-J stalkers have re-appeared in force. It's been a mixed start to the season but we are probably a couple of points less than satisfaction. That's not enormous and the injury situation has been unkind to us in buckets full to boot. Personally, I have seen enough in our play to be confident we can (when fully up and running) have sufficient to survive ... just. Another decent defender in the Winter window would be essential though. Like most, I have been a Deli "in" and a Delia "out" protagonist in equal portions over the last two decades as I reserve my right as a football team supporter to be fickle. Her "take it or leave it" mantra in the press regarding Tom's future involvement put my back up. Nothing personal, I just thought it against the best interests of the club considering all the other options available, including selling those/some of those shares to wealthier investors. We seem to have a top notch operator in Stewart Webber and it could well continue.It might not and McNally went from hero to villain in shortish time after all (as did Robert Chase incidentally in a somewhat different scenario.) The demand for a richer owner has predictably been resurrected as the shortcomings of our current approach have been exposed by some poor results. Delia's so-called nepotism is extreme though and invites counter-reaction with equal extremity. When this dignified (for the most part) elderly woman finally relinquishes her shareholding perhaps she might please more supporters by a more widespread approach to it's allocation. Wouldn't a third sold to 'wealth,' a third to the family and a third to Stewart Webber (and spouse)make good sense. Of course this is none of my business and I have no right whatsoever to even suggest to this successful lady how she eventually disposes of her assets. However, she always makes a lot of doing what is in the best interests of the club. As a supporter of many years the best interests of the club are allowed to be my concern also.
  4. BroadstairsR

    James Madison

    Oh! 15%. That's on the high side. That's Webber. That's even better.
  5. BroadstairsR

    James Madison

    Saturday's game was the best I've seen him play for Leicester. He was outstanding and all amongst rumours of Manchester United and an £80m fee. OGS desperately needs a big signing to rescue his diminishing reputation at Old Trafford and Maddison would seem the ideal fit. The fact that Liverpool, and Spurs in the past I seem to recollect, are also on the horizon as rivals for the player's signature just increases the fee, especially in the January window. Some have suggested that we should receive 10% of profit, which means a hefty £5m+ for City .... some say more, but it's usually a complicated business with many fingers in the pie and I'm not sure if even Coventry are off the gravy train yet.
  6. BroadstairsR

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    I've just turned the sound off as I cannot take anymore of the Scottish co-commentator pointing out how bad we are and how brilliant Burnley are. I'll turn it back on when we get to 2-2.
  7. BroadstairsR

    Lawro ( Berk )

    For all his punditry exposure (and wages) Mark Lawrenson seems to have a very superficial knowledge of the game, a fact probably backed up by his very brief and unsuccessful venture into actual team management. The fact that he sees fit to expose this weakness on a weekly basis and in public doesn't concern me in the slightest. I suspect his whole career in the media is a question of being based upon the "not what you know, but who you know" factor.
  8. BroadstairsR

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    Target or forecast? Farke will target 12 points, the pundits will forecast many less. We'll need half a season under our belts (rather than just 5 games with mixed fortunes) before I will feel comfortable in totting up the collection of prospective points. Apart from the 'never under-estimate your opponents rule'there will also be the 'anti-climax' factor, that football always seems to throw up, to be taken into account. Achievements in the game are rarely accomplished in a straight line. Both these will apply to the Burnley game of course, particularly the latter, imo. Also, they are no mugs, have good spirit and a canny manager. They are on home turf. They must be favourites, but by the same token Norwich cannot be ruled out and we've (unusually) yet to get a draw as well. Fink tank: Home win: 55% Draw: 25% Away win: 20% We'll have more idea about the following three games once this match is done. However, "Oi'll give it five" because I am a Canary supporter who likes to dream on.
  9. BroadstairsR

    Wilder 😂

    I read it as something of a back handed compliment, tbh. A bit like if the likes of "lil old Norwich" can get a result like that, then so can we type of comment. I think the main point of this lies in this quote: "Meanwhile DF sits on his sofa eating his cake and only really comments about his own team." Managers should resist commenting upon rival teams and their achievements as a general rule, imo .... apart from the usual pre-match bullshine about how tough a proposition they have in store. Wilder does have a bit of a history of adversely commenting upon City and Farke, although I doubt that he has any massively felt long-standing grievance towards us and if he is to be given the benefit of the doubt it must be assumed that he was just speaking in terms of us being another newly promoted club.
  10. Do you suppose Madam Macron will be wearing it in bed as night attire? Hardly a David Mellor moment, but worth imagining. Perhaps she has a need to remind her husband about scoring after all.
  11. BroadstairsR

    Wilder 😂

    A hint churlish that and a bit like reading some of the remarks about the game on TWTD over the week-end. Meanwhile DF sits on his sofa eating his cake and only really comments about his own team.
  12. BroadstairsR

    Time to cash in?

    From John Bond, through Mike Walker and onto Paul Lambert the route to the supposed "big time" is paved with dangers and failure ... and that's just in the experience City's past managerial superstars. Player-wise, it's been mostly a case of success stories, with may be the Murphy's being slight exceptions in recent times, but then once a player is instilled in the "Norwich Way" he is destined for better things in any case.
  13. Having reconciled themselves with their desperate plight and lowly status many of the bin brigade are now professing to enjoyment in League 1 and the way their season is panning out. They should be in the mix throughout and attendances seem to be holding up ... for now. In truth it's a novelty for them to be actually winning games again and, of course, they will be revelling in the fact that City are likely to have their fair share of bad results this season; conveniently overlooking the massive gap in the quality of the respective oppositions. In truth, one win like the one we had last Saturday is worth half a season of victories in League 1. They need respite from the constant miseries of their last decade and more and lower league opposition is proving to be the perfect anecdote. True to form some of them are predicting that Lambert will 'do a Norwich' and bring about successive promotions whilst, in fairness, many just foresee their best possible outcome being a return to mid-table Championship mediocrity. It does seem that Evans has opened his wallet somewhat in a bid for a quick return, but should they fail then the future for them is nothing but grim. That debt must be escalating rapidly at the moment as well. In my view, the widening of that famous "gap" has made this season's rivalry more interesting than the predictability of the recent past and I am just eagerly waiting for that mid-winter, Tuesday night defeat in the frozen North against the likes of Tranmere Rovers. It will happen.
  14. BroadstairsR

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Not called the "history boys" for nothing. The entire ethos of that club is based upon achievements in the days of black and white television or at least forty years in the past. It's all they have. They remain as close to seeing Premier League football at Portman Road as I am of becoming Mr.Universe**. ** came a creditable tenth in 1986 though.