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  1. BroadstairsR

    Chris Hughton

    I always preferred that there Chris Houghton. Where is he nowadays?
  2. BroadstairsR

    Chris Hughton

    I always considered Hughton to be a likable individual who represented the club with dignity. The fact that he had to cope with possibly the lowest transfer budget in the league at the time and that his one big cardinal signing turned out to be a bit of a flop surely excuses his performance at Carrow Road to some extent ..... but then I didn't have to sit through the catalogue of dire performances that he brought to Carrow Road on a regular basis. A little known fact is that he was once considered, within the game to be a tactical guru, and that his series of videos on that aspect of football were well respected and adhered to. A great pity that this was not evident from the way his City team evolved.
  3. BroadstairsR

    McLeish Gone, I wonder...

    Scammy Lammy is on too good a thing at the Portaloo these days to contemplate relinquishing such an easy ride. A hefty wage packet, and with gullible fans hanging on to his every word, I'll bet he can't believe his luck. He even dictates the price of season tickets. Having said that a quick exit would be par for the course for the man and he wouldn't look back once at the chaos left in his wake.
  4. BroadstairsR

    Your Easter score predictions...

    Three points on Friday and I will breathe a massive sigh of relief. The winning habit was great, I do not want it to turn into the drawing habit. Easily done.
  5. I cannot help but see this as the last chance saloon for Evans and indeed the club it's self. Clearly these reductions will exacerbate the losses as even if targets are reached gate income will remain the same. They are therefore relying totally upon Paul Lambert to do the business, their younger players to live up to some of the usual over-blown expectation and the old and sickies in the squad coping with a full season's battle pub-league style. The thing is only total success will mean success. Anything less than that and Evans will surely finally lose any stomach he has left with regards financing the train crash. In other words, they need a swift return (to mid-table Championship mediocrity ) or they could sink without trace. Already Colchester United represent a more realistic rivalry for them, and the fact that I do not even know what league the latter currently inhabit sums things up adequately. In the meantime NCFC will mop up all the vulnerable fringe support and beyond, especially if they achieve Premier League status for a decent period. Not a good time to be a binner. Could things really get any worse for them ...... er? YES as it's touch and go.
  6. It is rather a blatent contradiction. Apparently the average saving is expected to be between £40-50, something which seems to have caused immense excitement among the faithful, yet hardly enough to justify a season's commitment. . If they had any good sense at all they would bide their time and see just how well Lambert's promises/bullshine materialise. But then, good sense and binners is another contradiction.
  7. BroadstairsR

    Ipswich first to L2?

    Forest were the the real champions of Europe as they won the European Cup (as was) two times whereas Ipswich Town won that second rate competition just one time and more distant. Forest also won some 'Supercup,' I believe. I have neither been to Nottingham nor , to my knowledge, met a Forest supporter. Do they wallow in their ( far superior) 'history' as well?
  8. BroadstairsR

    Red cards

    Fair enough ... except for the fact that you have to take into account that a penalty was also awarded.
  9. BroadstairsR

    Alex Tettey

    Initial injury seems to have outed him for the season. Whether he is up to another season at the top level (should we get there) is one question, whether his experience will be of value is another. Don't write him off just yet as, just like Frank Sinatra, he's beginning to excel at come-backs.
  10. BroadstairsR

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I can't stand lemon cheesecake.
  11. BroadstairsR

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Two below par performances against teams who are fighting relegation suggests that something needs changing. Teams are down in the dog-end of the league after 40+ games for a reason. We are top for a reason. Yet in both games, particularly the latter we have been more or less equally matched. Some suggest that we were even fortunate to get a point against Wigan. Both games we came back stronger once changes had been made. It was these changes that led to the two points by achieving in forty odd minutes what the starting eleven had failed to achieve in well over two hours of game time.This amount of time without goals contradicts our season. This all suggests that some tinkering is now needed and that the so-called 'system' is perhaps not the precious artifact that needs preserving at all costs that some think it is. Are we that inflexible that we have to leave better players on the bench? Better, more experienced and more likely to influence the game and gain that important three points. Fresh players with something to prove. If we had won just one of those games then it would be all over bar the shouting. As it is we have well and truly lost that winning habit at precisely the wrong time of the campaign. Suddenly some are getting nervous when we were looking impregnable just a week ago. Of course young Cantwell is well capable of that game changing moment, but both Vrancic and Leitner are more capable. They have proven this to be the case over the course of the season. Farke's achievements this season means that, in our eyes at least, he sits on the right hand side of God. Yet, most of us seem to feel that he has made the wrong call for the last two games. "He thinks too much, such men are dangerous?" Well not really, we still love him, but let's just get the job done in as pragmatic a way as is possible.
  12. BroadstairsR

    Delia & Michael

    There's no black and white opinion on their role at NCFC though surely? We like their passion and involvement in the club but at times get angry at the thought that it could be seen as Delia's toy, emphasised by her "like it or lump it" stance when indicating nephew Tom's eventual accession. We like it when the club bravely takes on a new direction and it comes of but no doubt will come to resent the fact that we will be one of the poorest clubs in the Premier League. We support her when a managerial appointment, such as Farke, comes off but rail about the lack of ambition and the concept of 'doing things on the cheap' when they appoint a Neil Adams (no criticism of that man intended there as he is proving to be a quality member of the Carrow Road staff in another more suited role.) On the whole we cannot complain as we have have had a decent share of success since they took over, but being black and white the situation always lends it's self to criticism of those at the top of the hierarchy when things go badly on the field of play. For this reason now is probably not the time to evaluate their impact as things could not get much better and criticism becomes churlish. It's been a bit of a roller coaster but they always manage to avoid outright disaster one way or another and we do remain debt-free and self-sufficient, for the time being at least, both unusual in the modern game. The Norwich model is alive and well, and I think that the world has run out of Russian Oligarchs, Oil Sheiks and Thai Go-Go bar owners, interested in losing their money in English football, for the time being.
  13. BroadstairsR

    City on German TV Sport channel

    I understood 'Spud,' .... just!
  14. BroadstairsR

    City on German TV Sport channel

    Yes, frustrierend, it sounded interesting.
  15. BroadstairsR

    Match Sheff Utd's results twice

    All three teams at the top have had a slight wobble it would seem. Of the three I consider ours to be the most self-inflicted, beginning with Buendia's unnecessary red and being compounded by Farke's somewhat intransigent team selection, both before and during the last two games. The Blades seem to have had more of a bit of bad luck with recent injuries, but perhaps it has compensated for the good luck they have had by the fact that their two aging strikers have had a remarkably injury-free season up 'til now. McGoldrick was a precious and fragile being at ITFC for a number of seasons and was never able to play for such a prolonged period as he has this season. Sharp's swansong has been somewhat over-prolonged it seems. Leeds like a goods train are a force to be encountered, but they have to pay for their overall lack of finesse on occasions. It's inevitable that they will hurtle off the track now and again. Besides Bamford is a bit of a duffer overall, despite his moments of brilliance. Norwich? Perhaps, like a finely honed racehorse with a substantial lead in a race we are just easing up in the final furlong.