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  1. The much maligned Lukas Rupp may have been more useful today. I'm still waiting for Sorensen's "debut," whilst Normann showed some class whilst not being the midfield cruncher I expected. Time will tell. It will be some time before Gilmour is able to fully bring his presence to a PL midfield, and Chelsea knew it. The bravery of pitching Omobimadele in at the Emirates last week was confounded by his omission this. Omo garnered praise all-round, Kaback seemed a bit rusty.
  2. I never like singling players out, although we all touch on it occasionally. Some make a habit of it, some even need a permanent scapegoat. That it has come to this is even worse.
  3. He used our refusal to do that as a means to question the club's ambition. There is an argument in favour of claiming that our approach to player recruitment is, perhaps, amongst the most ambitious of all. There is almost always an eye on the future, as well as the present.
  4. Sorry, "The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium." (AS opposed to the "Tottering Norwich City Stadium?")
  5. I don't quite get the OP's point. Is he suggesting that the club borrows in order to finance player purchases or does he think it should seek new investment for that purpose? All complaining, nothing concrete by way of solution. He's probably never been in business. I'm one of the few who thinks that the club may have missed a trick by not embarking upon the stadium expansion during the lockout on the basis that all businesses, whilst enjoying success, should expand their infrastructure in order to progress. 'Speculate to accumulate,' as they say. The work needs doing sooner rather than later in any case. A loan, when interest rates are low might well turn out cheaper, or at least not much more expensive, than the cost of the upheaval (and inflation with delay) when the work is eventually undertaken, and it inevitably overlaps into a season. Sell-outs of that extra five thousand seats or more would also be assured, for the foreseeable at least. Anyhow, that's all another matter, but if the club is to be accused of lack of ambition then failing to "strike whilst the iron is hot" with regards expansion is the only valid criticism as I see it. Then again, as with the OP, I'm not in charge of the purse strings or have access to the complete picture.** My thinking therefore perhaps becomes as impractical as the OP's. I can see with my eyes though and cannot fail to have noticed the array of modern, fancy structures that bedeck many football grounds these days, even at some lower league, minnow clubs, and compare these with our own embarrassment of a tiny main stand, with the cathedral in the background being more prominent than the director's box and wonder why that decaying edifice has yet to be nominated as 'a place of historical interest' whilst grounds like White Hart Lane win the 2021 RIBA National Award. ** Webber has previously said that the matter is "always on his desk," so we probably need to accept stagnation for now, although an up-date would be appreciated.
  6. I don't mind us being a yo-yo side, I just wish that the string was a lot longer and that we managed to survive a season or two longer.
  7. The all-smiling advert for the SunLife Plan with Derek and June, usually run during the graveyard shift. "It's June Dad." "Hello June, would you like a parsnip?" (Smiling.) "This came next door for you, Derek, it looks important." "Oh, it must be my SunLife Plan (all smiles.) It gives me peace of mind for when I go all my funeral expenses will be catered for." "Oh Derek, I must get one myself" (Tentative smile.) Well, you get a free gift too. I'm thinking of getting a new pair of binoculars." (Broad smile.) "Oh, I'm definitely in, Derek." (Broad smile.) "I'll put the details through your door. Parsnip jam, wine?" Both smiling hysterically as the camera fades. How two people are supposed to be so delighted when contemplating their own funerals beats me. It's the free gift what does it.
  8. He's being lined up as the next ITFC manager as we type.
  9. Yes, likely. It came from the top of my head and to succeed then tv monies would need some review and adjustment. The television companies would be aware of the fact that, with only ten teams involved in a "super league" the audience for it would be restricted, whilst the "yo-yo" league would have a wide appeal. The nearly boys, the West Hams, Villas, Leeds and Wolves might not like the risk of being left out of the elite either.
  10. Something to do with the appeal process, which Derby could threaten to follow, and the length of time it would then take to resolve the issue. This compromise is to get the matter settled, apparently.
  11. The Sky punditry on Saturday were discussing WBA and came to the conclusion that; "Not being good enough for the PL and too good for the Championship," they needed their own league. Rings a bell? They, of course, then extrapolated and included Norwich City, then Fulham, then ...... to the point that the Premier League was almost half denuded, and they were virtually suggesting a super league. Perhaps there is something in this, although not the version put forward recently by the big boys of Europe, a more English version, perhaps. A PL of just ten teams, giving them time to fit in their European campaigns and the domestic cups, with just two relegation spots and then two leagues of twenty (Chumps Div. 1[dubbed the Yo-Yo League?] and Chumps Div. 2,) with three promotions/relegations and play-offs as before. This might not be acceptable to many and may not work, but something has to give.
  12. It's a delight. "Life like a permanent w--k" for all City supporters with the rivalry in their blood. Cook can't buy a win (4 in 25?) Not even against a team of kids and is duly getting the mandatory hammering on TWTD, open letter, polls, insults, the lot! He's been called the 'Eddie the Eagle of football management' and one poster even longs for the "glory days of Lambert." Change owners, change managers (frequently) and change (complete) squads. Nothing really improves things. The downward trend continues with appalling consistency, and with rather more rapidity than even my worst share investment. Some binners are now convinced that the club is "jinxed," whilst others want an exorcist to expel the demons by peeing on all four corner flags. I still maintain that there's something in the water. There must be because some are now calling for Eddie Howe or Chris Wilder to be brought in to stop the rot .... believe!
  13. I'd forgotten about McCallum and needed to investigate him in order to catch up. Wiki says that we paid £3.5m for him, which, if true, is some wedge for a youngster. I realise that such signings are a fundamental part of our strategy and that not all will come off, but somebody seems to have got a bit carried away there, as there seem few indications that he is progressing towards our set-up. I suppose a step-up from League 1(Coventry) to the Championship is progress. Let's hope that reported fee includes add-ons or that the signing is eventually justified in some way. He's still young, but not the youngest, being two years older than Mumba and one year older than Brandon Williams. I suspect a permanent move to QPR being the intention now.
  14. Those achievements were truly noteworthy, but it is perhaps unfair to mention them in relation to today's situation. To be sure, City were a self-funding club then, but so were many other teams in the top league, those we were up against. (Jack Walker's spending made Blackburn an exception, and they duly won the league.) Today we are a rarity.
  15. CS is on to something, although I certainly don't think brown envelopes are involved. I cannot particularly recall any of these crucial/weird/narrow decisions going our way, more they always seem to go the way of the bigger boys and with appalling consistency. It seems to be a consistent trend to the point that it is expected as a matter of course. Probably, though, more a result of officials being seemingly in awe of the game's hierarchy, to the point of being scared of it. 'Fergie time' was a similar anomaly. Hooper was (scared) and was like a frightened rabbit in the headlights, and who could blame any City supporter suspecting foul play in that disgracefully biased display ... and it will rankle with me for evermore. It's the easy way out to rule against the small fry, and almost amounts to an inexcusable form of bullying. Come on Ms. Ward, fly that flag.
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