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  1. The point has been made that he always managed lesser Premier League clubs, ie. those up against it from the outset. The comparison with Ranieri is valid up to a point, but Ranieri inherited the cream, for the most part, whilst the Hoots usually got a poorer hand. He was, in fact, a good tactician and the series of videos he brought out about this aspect of the game is well regarded. He was also unlucky in as much as the strikers he signed failed to live up to expectations, especially RVW and also Hooper to a lesser extent. Many of us were frothing at the mouth at the prospect of those two. Intelligent individual who I suspect the players liked. My money is on Bristol City doing well next season.
  2. Compared to Liverpool (away first fixture,) Manchester City (3 points thus far,) Chelsea, Arsenal, Man.U. and Spurs (beat in the cup) etc.etc.? It's a doddle. We look fit to tackle that lot. I think that all the relegated sides will do well ... that gap widens by the season. A packed Carrow Road would be most useful, but that's an unknown at the moment. "Big Lil Old Norwich" for me. We are the yo-yo boys after all.
  3. I see Placheta as the new Bill Punton (albeit better ciofferred.) Happy days?
  4. The proof of tre pudding will be just as much as the waistline expands ie.the cost and value for money,. I have always been excited and somewhat positive about these signings since the days of Drazan Musinic. How OTT was that hype? Some clearly fail, but I remain happy with this deal.
  5. We seem to have been preparing for the next season quite well with what amounts to an un precedent number of signings, both young and some with a degree of pedigree. It seems to be business as usual with due regard to the budget. Our transfer activity of late has been a glow amidst the darkness of the last few weeks. It has encouraged me, but I still think that we need to invest big to solve the defensive weaknesses that seem to have dodged us for so long.
  6. How could you possibly know that we want £25m for Cantwell? You seem guilty of reading over many PinkUn evaluations. For a youngster (very) he has also achieved quite a bit at the highest level. Are you yet another binner? They seem to abound on here since our relegation and it's always detectable by bitter, sour grape type comments. I'm no Matthew Hopkins, but my sense of smell hasn't deserted me.
  7. Precisely. Most of that cannot be disputed by the rational supporter. Btw. I never said that Toney would be £5m. Looking back to my posting I put : "-£5m Ivan Toney from Peterborough." ie.Less than £5m. Probably quite a bit less with add-ons. I have heard and seen (limited) such good things about him that he is just the type of player that our history suggests we take a risk with. There may be others around, of course.
  8. Please list the other clubs who you deem to be better equipped for the season ahead and as things stand at the moment? Or are you a binner and only informed about matters L. 1 (mid table?)
  9. He had a torrid time there. They never accepted him because of his City upbringing and the abuse caused his confidence to collapse, which made matters worse. He was a very decent 'keeper though in my memory. However, I seem to recall that although a great shot stopper his command of his area was a weakness, especially at set pieces. He went on to carve out a decent career and became a stalwart in the lower leagues, but did the binners no favours apparently. I prefer to call him agent (Ian) Marshall. This goalkeeping history is very confusing for a wet brain like mine. There's also David Marshall along with Rudd, Steer and Matthews to work through. Let's that hope that Oxborough or Mair don't join them in the list of also rans. Yes. We have a certain history of producing decent pro goalkeepers and it clouds the memory. Only one went on (notoriously) to represent England and that was Green. Did John Ruddy get a game once perhaps? Yes Ruddy = one cap in 2012.
  10. Clearly being in the public eye creates a pressure that some handle with ease yet others are unable to cope with, be it the pressures of fame or the financial rewards involved. In crude terms, the likes of Johny Depp, who in another existence might well have been a car mechanic with a wife, three kids and a mortgage, suddenly finds fame and wealth that his personality/intellect is unable to cope with without resort to various props. It starts with alcohol and seems to progress from there. We get it with professional footballers a lot. Examples abound of individuals with such richness of fame and millions that their lack of intellect is unable to handle. The world of pop music abounds with fractured lives. The stabilising aspect is that the majority are level headed normal and manage to come to terms with themselves. Even if it's like, for example, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and others who have managed to exist with their failings by becoming a parody of their image. I can't recall ever seeing a Depp film but nevertheless feel that he would struggle with a Shakesperian script. Eye liner before real talent? I could be wrong. Goodbye Norma Jean and all that. The current very messy court battle would likely destroy the average individual but I get the impression that the likes of Depp ( and Heard) are, by now, so addicted to their fame, their delusions of speciality that they are totally immune to it all. Just another day at the office.
  11. How silly. I'm on about Declan Rudd. Remi at NCFC ....not quite. Declan? Wouldn't mind.
  12. Yep. PNE. Soz. Why did that original report mention Bolton as he was never there. Or was he? He could still do better than ITFC though. Graveyard.
  13. I'm lost. You change with the wind , more than it does from the sea where I live. Suddenly your argument against taking a punt on Tomey necessitates bringing up Idah ...which was not your original stance against that player. Neither of us want a big money signing for Championship football. BUT , we need another striker. on our books? It's a long hard season in the Chumps. Have you a better suggestion than mine then? We have a history of buying small and ending up big, no matter how far back we need to go. It's NCFC. It's what we do. The likes of a Tomey is what we do. (Notwithstanding the big money signings in which we have been severely burnt more than once.) If not Toney, or similar, what is your answer? It is clear we need another force up front to cope with a season's demands of Championship existence. You seem disgruntled, but proffer no answer, despite my consistent questioning.
  14. I noticed that. We might well do with him as no.2, but only if Oxborough and Mair are not deemed ready. Rudd has been pretty good at Bolton ... did he play with credit against us two seasons ago?
  15. I hope you were wearing your Fitbit just in case. You seem to have avery big heart for NCFC, but does that cope with running up a load of steep terracing?
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