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  1. BroadstairsR

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    The binners still seem able to convince themselves that relegation to L.1. is better than promotion to the Premier League: "Your Nodge mates won't be laughing that much when they lose every week in the premier league, starting with away at Liverpool, finishing away at Man City. They'll be envious of us winning matches every week." I could write a list a mile long about the advantages of being in a position to play in front of 50, 000+ on the world stage that is Old Trafford as opposed to a few thousand at Fleetwood Town or Burton Albion but as I am aware of the number from TWTD who regularly read our forum I will desist so as to not destroy their allusions. Suffice to say that TK has really summed it all up and perhaps their main focus for next season should be in keeping that debt of theirs reigned in as the scenario of a car crash manager at a car crash club does not really indicate "winning every week" as being a likely outcome. (Blimey! I needed to scroll a couple of pages past the Mass Debators postings to retrieve this TK post. I hope a few are interested in his game as he cannot be faulted for effort. Well done that man.)
  2. BroadstairsR

    Can't we keep Ben and Max?

    Inevitably this has been discussed many times already and it only goes to repeat previous: We all seem to be well acquainted with the scenario we prefer for all of Aarons, Godfrey, Buendia and Lewis. Keep hold of them all for the entirety of the coming season. Rely upon them to fully contribute to a successful season ie. survival and maybe that little bit more. See their respective values surge, as they surely will. Then bow to the inevitable and, willingly or otherwise, cash in. That's the best we can hope for surely? We can only perform the Canute act for so long. In the meantime we tell ourselves that a season of further establishment in the comfort of Carrow Road is the best thing for all of them. Rather a regular first team season in the yellow than a bit of bench warming in a red tracksuit after all.This, of course, may or may not be the case, but it suits our bias to the full.Whether the player or his agent thinks the same is a matter for conjecture. For the next month or two then it's just a question of keeping our fingers crossed and relying upon Webber, Farke and the scouting team to continue to perform miracles whatever happens. (If we cannot avoid losing any of our youngsters in the coming month or so then a good price accompanied by healthy sell-on clauses is essential.) I believe all our youngsters are heavily contracted so this is a plus factor for NCFC at the moment. I might also venture to suggest that it is easier holding a youngster to his contract than a more seasoned pro intent upon a move, but you never know with active agents at large.
  3. True Mr. S., it is hardly a rags to riches story but realistically you have to compare it with the spending of the big six at the time to properly evaluate their achievement. A bit like City last season, some shrewd expenditure, some chance/clever finds, some decent youth development and, of course, the right manager at the right time. All meaning that Khun Vichai didn't have to dip overmuch into that £180m (didn't mean that the prices in his duty free shops were lowered in any way though.) Ranieri would have been on a decent wedge I suspect.
  4. From espnfc.com LEICESTER Kasper Schmeichel - £2m Danny Simpson - £2m Robert Huth - £3m Wes Morgan - £1m Christian Fuchs - Free Marcin Wasilewski - Free Marc Albrighton - Free Danny Drinkwater - £1m N'Golo Kante - £5.6m Riyad Mahrez - £400,000 Shinji Okazaki - £7m Jamie Vardy - £1m Mark Schwarzer - Free Jeffrey Schlupp - Free Demarai Gray - £3.8m Andrej Kramaric - £7m Yohan Benalouane - £5.6m Andy King - Free Gokhan Inler - £5m Leonardo Ulloa - £10m TOTAL: £54.4m The previous calculation I found was nearer £60m, so was possibly made at a different stage.
  5. Interesting one re: Leicester's spending or otherwise to achieve the title. With the backing they benefit from they were never likely to be short changed in the kitty stakes, but neither would they have been bankrolled ad infinitum, although Khun Vichai did claim, following Leicester's promotion to the Premier League in 2014, that he would spend £180m to break into the top five within three years. The squad at Ranieri's disposal actually cost about £60m in total which is not peanuts, but even then would have paled into insignificance compared to the big boy's expenditure. Apparently though the team he actually fielded at the start of that season had cost just £25m. To a certain extent, and by comparison with any level of transfer market investment by NCFC when we were in the top league (and indeed that proposed for the upcoming season) there is some truth in the statement there was some "serious" investment but more to the point is that, like City they had previously made some shrewd moves into the transfer market (eg Vardy, Mahrez) and also had a few youngsters from their youth set-up come through at the right time. It would be nice if Norwich City could have some £60m to spend this Summer though.
  6. BroadstairsR


    Even though it means missing out on those two gentlemen from Verona, Coriolanus and Titus Adronicus.
  7. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    Here we go again. Yet another one freely bandying about second hand terminology at the slightest hint of something to take offence at, and in this case the use of a term on a football forum that in certain company was once, and perhaps still is, used in a derogatory manner. Oblivious to the fact that such a reaction does nothing but dilute the very cause they would appear to stand for by constant overuse of words that, in the real world, should only be used to condemn the real menace of "racism" both at home and worldwide. Perhaps those who only seem capable of using such hackneyed expressions in such a loose manner should take more time to consult their history books, and I do not just mean those starting at the Holocaust. Real ugly, evil racialism goes back centuries to the extent that that any terminology meant without offence does not even constitute the thin end of the wedge. Real Racism is indeed hordes of skinheads marching through sensitive areas with intent to violence. 'Intent' being the operative word in the same way that the forces in Myanmar intended to wipe out the Rohingya population. That's rascism. To call upon the racist label to react against a casual term is trite, simplistic and undermines the cause of people who have need to face up to genuine prejudice in their lives. It might well be the easy route to take, as getting on one's high horse with copycat, comfort zone, self-indulgence usually is, but it hardly addresses the real issues.
  8. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    The Aussies (sorry Australians) look ominous so far.Their fielding was superb the other day and won the match for them against the Pakistanis (nb.) I'm one of those who think that the blatant cheats (Warner and Smith)have been allowed back into the International fold too soon.
  9. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    "If you have so much experience of South Asian using the word to describe themselves, I suggest you should ask them if they would find it fine for you to describe them that way." In the correct company I suggest that they would take no more offence than I would if an Australian called me a pom (something to do with prisoners of his/her majesty.) Or from the disgruntled, middle-aged American lady who, when I reprimanded her for her rudeness to bar staff in Singapore who told me that "BRITS" were "too clever by half." Offence will always be there if you look for it. Perhaps you actually know differently, or alternatively you can use your googling skills which seem as seem well honed as mine.
  10. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    Got it in one.
  11. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    This is beyond belief. Who the **** do you think you are calling a me "a bit of a rascist." You haven't got a clue have you?
  12. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    I actually posted the term without a thought in the world and fully aware that "My Paki brother," is an oft used term that people from that country use frequently when referring to each other, as I know from personal experience x a lot. The fact that some skinhead in 1964 decided to use the term in a derogatory fashion about all people from that area is no reason whatsoever why I should need to think twice about the terminology I use, when discussing a cricket match, and which will never have any offensive intent in any case. Your rather ridiculous interpretation of my intentions just serves to confirm my own view that you seem to have nothing better to do than lurk continuously on this forum looking for conflict. That you are not very good at it doesn't seem to deter you.
  13. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    You excelled yourself there.
  14. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    How silly.
  15. BroadstairsR

    Cricket World Cup

    Well that didn't take long ...a matter of minutes Actually it's not a 'slur' when used as a shortened version of Pakistani and refers directly to people from Pakistan. Even young Pakistanis use it in reference to their group. They probably invented it. It is a 'slur'when used in the wider sense for all Asians, Bangladeshi, Indians etc. or even people with a dark skin. However, you never know in these sensitive times. Some snowflake will get upset whatever is said or used. It's the intent that matters in any case.