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  1. It makes no sense to me. There will never be a dividend from investing in that asset-shy, car crash of a club. However, they're frothing at the mouthwith excitement. Talk of waving 100 dollar bills at us and being 'Champions of Europe' again (they won the UEFA Cup in the Stone Age.) I've always found it quite amusing and ironic that they have constantly reviled Lambert for always going on about his past playing achievements, whilst continually reminding the world about theit club's own so-called 'history.' I would be quite amusing if this all fell through, as many of these convulated schemes do.
  2. Watford have us, Swansea and Brentford in their last four fixtures.
  3. Being in the lockdown habit of visiting the various forums of our rivals in order to complete the picture, the following amused me from the Swansea forum. "I can't see anyone catching the budgies with their three little birds in the team; Puke, Bon Jovi and the little girl are a good combination.They do also have the knack of winning when not being spectacular."
  4. Is that the game where tommy Smith bundled in an equaliser from a set-piece, sprinted towards the binner section swirling his shirt above his head before running around the pitch three times and then was seen heading towards the A140 before being reminded that the game at Carrow Road was still to be won? Nathan Redmond was on fire that game..
  5. It's because of the equivalence ruling. The Amsterdam share business is small fry in the grand scheme of things.More symbolic than costly, and much went to New York too. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/feb/11/amsterdam-overtakes-london-as-europes-top-share-trading-centre
  6. Same with me. I'm on a Chromebook, and then have to log in to many saved sites that are normally automatic from my bookmarks. Pain in the 'arris.
  7. I had thought it reciprocal. Perhaps it was just for those from the UK. Of course, the rumours around this area are that the variant was brought into Kent by lorry drivers, and the like, coming from Europe. The fact that they cite it is because Kent is the nearest to France and it is therefore no co-incidence makes it a compelling argument. The fact that it has not yet taken a dominant hold anywhere in Europe makes it less so.
  8. I have been keeping an eye on France, both literally with my telescope and also by reading their newspapers (Google translate) It is immensely worrying for whilst they vaccinate slowly their rate of infections rises with more speed. Particularly with incidences of the so-called English variant, which is becoming more dominant. The Telegraph article has picked up on a trend of the last two weeks. France currently has 20, 000 plus infections a day and it is rising. We have to hope that the somewhat anticipated explosion will not happen, but if it does, a newer more dangerous variant will not evolve. I believe that the suspension of compulsory tests for lorry drivers to be a mistake and that other measures might well be needed in order not to threaten the progress made in the UK.
  9. Well it's down to either Eddie Howe or Frank Lampard then. Other (serious) suggestions from some of them.
  10. This is a good subject in as much as this is the route we need to go in order to improve should we go up. The creme de la creme of the Championship should be one of our market places. Of course, getting players from the clubs who are promoted with us would be very highly unlikely but, as many of the above suggestions illustrate, there are plenty of other gems. It won't be cheap and there will be competition so Webber/Farke will need to be at their best, and discovering relatively unknown gems from elsewhere along with youth development would still be necessary. I believe that Sarr wants out at Watford with the likes of Liverpool interested. It will be a similar situation that we will likley find ourselves in with Buendia. Brentford may not be able to hold on to Toney. Players who can attract the big fish of the league with big wages and European football on offer. Watford, reportedly want £50m for Sarr. This is likley to be the first big sale, even if Watford do go up, so the price will be the yardstick when it comes to getting the right price for either Buendia or Aarons when the situation heats up. Perhaps we should refine this thread, by concentrating upon some of the lesser known gems in our league. It would be a more realistic approach to a realistic avenue for the club to follow.
  11. 1. Toney (The untouchables.) 2=. Elliot (Blackburn> Liverpool.) Massengo (Bristol City.)
  12. Sunderland (support,) Portsmouth (catchment, history,) Charlton (London) for me. Wigan and Bradford are split between football and rugby league whilst Bolton have so many other clubs in their vicinity to compete against. This is a superficial assessement, but what is more obvious is the fact that Club ITFC currently have little on offer to attract a buyer. They have a secure lease (fair enough) on the ground their high maintenance (and somewhat neglected) stands sit upon, they rent their training ground, have a nilly-naffy squad of limited value (and some with proportionately high wages,) carry quite sizeable annual losses just to keep going as a matter of habit and have a large debt. All this whilst contending with the diminishing fan-base that results from a fairly limited catchment being exposed to nearly twenty years of nothing much to get excited about. But, the game has been so characterised by suicidal investment projects over the last two decades, and more, that you can never say never as far as the hapless binners are concerned.
  13. I think we are better this time around, but it's not total. Last time goals seemed easier to come by and almost on demand at times, but then we've been without little Argos for a long spell and he conjured up some memorable moments. Defensively we are much sounder, and that's the crux. Singleing out individuals would be tin-hat time, but perhaps Ben Gibson deserves a special mention, along with the £25m we banked ... no names no pack drill. Horses for courses and the like. We must be better now. It's part of the 'plan' which has worked so well so far.
  14. Valid points OP, but we won the three points. The end justifies the means. This does seem to be a season of even more valium grabbing, nail-biters than usual, with quite a few games where we have either struggled to get that vital goal against packed defences or, if we do get an early goal we never seem to 'fill our boots' and are left with a fraught ending due to the fact that a lucky bounce or such could cause us to lose the ascendency. The commentator never failed throughout the last sixty yesterday to remind us of the fragility of our one goal lead, to the extent that he all but talked a Rotherham equaliser up. As for your apology: "As has also been pointed out, I accept that I am a mere nobody pink'un poster with no credentials that could ever raise any point against a far-superior-in-every-way elite professional coach." Don't concern your self with that. All over the country on hundreds of football forum there are usually thousands of supporters expressing doubts about their manager's decisions, selections and substitutions concerning the latest game played, lost, drawn or won. Very few of them have any genuine credential either. Me included ... "Why wasn't Drmic brought back into the fold when we were short? "Where's young Martin these days?" It's the way it is. It's what's involved when supporting a football club. Any one who comes the old, "You're not qualified" line would be a rarity indeed if he had never, ever himself questioned a manager's decision.
  15. I made a little plasticine replica of the player last night (hairstyle and all.) I stuck pins in it this morning.
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