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  1. All you seem to have is childish insults, Child's mind in an adult body. Get a grip.
  2. The original point was about the quality of ceremony, nothing more, nothing less. You don't seem to have grasped this and are now out of your depth with matters you clearly know nothing about. Having carefully explained that fact to you, I won't bother with anything else in return, as nothing you actually post is worthy of a reply. 'Dur' is the only appropriate response.
  3. All very, very true, but not really related to the original point made. Interestingly, the succession of the new king there (not a particularly popular man) has led to some erosion of the esteem of the monarchy in the country, especially among the younger generations. The lese majeste laws are now neither as strictly followed nor enforced as they traditionally have been. Social media is harder to monitor, for example. Some believe that a similar effect will result in the UK now that the last queen has gone. Some of the anti-monarchist sentiment expressed on this forum has suggested as much. Charles 111 seems to appreciate the need to steer a careful course .... and has even suggested trimming the whole 'operation.' Perhaps it is about time for a good proportion of the 'pyramid of the chinless' to be removed from the payroll. Watch this space.
  4. Yes. I'll desist for the sake of politeness for others. It's just so much fun winding dumbo up. He asks for it.
  5. All the logic to be expected from a fourth year 'C' streamer whose life skills have been finely honed on the nearest street corner. Explanation enough for you? Dur!
  6. How do you know that for sure? I was in Thailand when the last king died. The whole pro-longed ceremonial event was something else. The King's funeral procession along the Chao Praya river was, in particular, eerily magnificent. Can't we just settle for having the best football league in the world, the best health service in the world, the best television service in the world, the best fish and chips in the world and all the many other things we are constantly being told we are best at? As for ceremonies like today? We compete with the best, but let's not get carried away.
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