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  1. BroadstairsR

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Perk up. We must look for positives. A win in the Premier League will always be a precious thing. A win away is a particularly tough ask. Southampton were poor but that first half showing of our players was awful. There may or may not be something in this fatigue theory. We more than matched them (on their own turf) in the second half and could have snatched a (deserved) point but for Byram's miss; and he seems to be making a habit of missing these gold plated chances, and I would favour the return of Lewis despite the incumbent's decent showings thus far. Lewis adds more to the attack. I digress, so to the point, which has been raised before. None of Southampton, West Ham, Burnley, Palace or Brighton have particularly impressed me by comparison, either when they beat us or subsequently when viewed on the small screen. I do not even rate Place nearly as high as their league position suggests. Repeat: A win away in the Premier League is a tough ask. All these sides have to visit Carrow road in the second half of the season. In fact our last three home fixtures are against the Hammers, Burnley and Brighton. Conveniently forgetting the Watford fiasco (which I'll put down to injury fatigue, as I might as well some of the above mentioned defeats,) I feel that we are good enough to pick up lots of lovely points against these teams when they visit Carrow Road. Relegation is not decided at the beginning of December. Southampton, Palace, Brighton, West ham, Burnley, and of course the likes of Everton and Bournemouth all have to come to our fortress before dishonours are decided. Clearly there are misgivings (mostly at the back still, imo) but I genuinely feel that we have shown enough to be able to survive and that a lot of teams that have beaten us to date have not been sufficiently superior to our team to suggest that they can finish up above us by rights. EG: Southampton.
  2. BroadstairsR

    And we thought

    You do seem rather over concerned about my harmless little video that some may or may not find amusing. I'd nearly forgotten about it.You clearly haven't Does it matter that much?
  3. BroadstairsR

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    As predicted. That bench is of super-Championship class and illustrates just how far we've come in just a short time at the top level.
  4. BroadstairsR

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    Talking of ex-players, I'm hoping that Nathan Redmond doesn't turn it on tonight. He's capable of it. The good, the bad but never the ugly whilst at City he was probably my favourite at the time, and I felt his inevitable loss. He could see this as a big game for him considering his Canary connections and the binners will recall how he always did well in big games.
  5. BroadstairsR

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Spurs have a more than useful youngster of their own for the centre back position in Cameron Carter Vickers. I know of him as he was at the @Loo for a while and was a big hit with the binners to the extent that I had hoped we would go for him at some point. He is 21 and currently on loan at Stoke ... the mind boggles. Perhaps we could have him, the £30m fee and a hundred or so add-ons. Just a thought.
  6. BroadstairsR

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I forgot Peters. How awful ... the creme de la creme. I still don't remember Gary Brook though. We must had had more transfer activity with Spurs over the years than with any other side (Leeds, the feeder club, apart that is.)
  7. BroadstairsR

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Hmm. Stephan Strandberg? Even if it's £30m we should still insist upon add-ons to keep us going for a while in the same way that the Maddison money has/does.
  8. BroadstairsR

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Wasn't Monty Norman enough for them? I mean they only gave us Chivers, Neighbour, Bowen, Culverhouse, Polston and Crook in return. So they then got Ruel Fox to redress things a bit.
  9. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    Chilled? Argh! Room temperature my friend, room temperature. Not warm either.
  10. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    "No matter what you say I do not believe that they should (not) be allowed to sign you up for it automatically." But they do not. I assure you of that. Prime membership is a matter of choice and not a requisite for making purchases ... unless things have changed very recently. You said Cricfree was "old hat" and that there were loads of better sites. I would be keen to get details ... if allowed on here.
  11. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    "When trying to cancel I have never seen or found "a one click" cancellation option and in my experience trying to cancel is deliberately made difficult.2 Account --- My Prime membership --- end Prime membership.
  12. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    Tell me more. Btw, Cricfree was excellent throughout the entire Ashes series.
  13. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    "That's all good Broado, as long as you are happy with the death of the high street. I'm neither happy nor unhappy, I just see it as evolution in the way that things are never constant. None of the three High Streets in my area are actually dead.The opposite in fact and all have shown signs of revival, not just with charity shops, casinos or coffee outlets either, but more with 'designer' & craft shops, eg. a vinyl record outlet, a furniture restoration centre, an upholsterer, a home-brew shop, and a small craft beer bar have all sprung along with bistros and even more market stalls. Some buildings have been converted into flats, which eases the housing crisis. It's swings and roundabouts. I can no more mourn the death of Woolworth's or BHS than I can the extinction of the dinosaurs. With their prices W. H. Smith and Boots might not have long to go in their present incarnation either. The weekly queue up in the bank is not missed either, to say nothing of having to drive around for an expensive parking slot in order to effect the slightest transaction. Of course these changes inconvenience some, especially the elderly, but perhaps this perceived "decline" can be reversed with local authorities using some of the cash from their meters to find ways to assist these people more, and perhaps if business rates and rents were not used as a cash cow for the government and the landowners alike then the 'problem' might not have arisen in the first place. We cannot spend our time mourning the past surely? I do miss those two little old men who used to walk around the pitch at Carrow Road with the half-time scores on a board though, or was it some competition result? And warm beer of course.
  14. BroadstairsR

    And we thought

    I'm not really into slapstick, but I found that quite amusing. Similar I suppose to when a batsman gets hit in the nuts by the ball in a cricket game. Everybody on the field bursts out laughing even though the poor chap is writhing on the ground in agony. To call it slapstick is probably unfair as the commentary is quite good satire. Apparently it's gone viral, as they say, and there is now a site (spoof) selling Scott Sterling replica shirts.
  15. BroadstairsR

    Advice on Prime matches

    I'm an Amazon shopaholic and even have my own locker at the local petrol station Between them and Tesco all my shopping needs are served, with the only dilemna being which one to use to fill up the car. I don't understand how you are 'automatically' signed up for Prime when buying from Amazon. I have Prime, but that wasn't originally the case. Also, cancelling is just one click surely? I have cancelled it annually when I go abroad with no problems, although taking up the annual £54.00 deal this year negates that this time around I'm now hoping to watch the the Boxing Day game abroad, which will make it worth it. I thought that last night's coverage was decent and am hoping for some more Prime games in the future It was nice not having to negotiate all the tricks that are served up on the likes of Cricfree etc. for once. P.S. In order to compensate for my devotion to these multi-nationals I intend to vote Green at the forthcoming poll. So there!