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  1. This will presumably do Webber's reputation in the wider footballing world no harm either.
  2. Agree with Christoph that he'd be a good fit for Leicester if Chilwell gets his move and I think we'd get nearer to the £20m we're looking for. I'm happy we've stood firm.
  3. Maybe this and the Pukki to Burnley rumours are connected?
  4. Great result. How much more fun would that have been with a late Saturday evening Old Trafford crowd?
  5. Thanks Nuff, long time no hear, enjoyed that.
  6. I keep trying to read Hardhouse when he posts, just that it comes out in my head as Sh!thouse.
  7. Sounds like Jim Smith is finally getting to grips with the model.
  8. True, but I think Lewis would start in the Champs as he's more of an attacking threat.
  9. Can anyone else hear anything?
  10. I can't see Liverpool paying anywhere close to £20m for a reserve left back. They got Robertson for £8m a few years ago and Covid will affect values. Lewis can get up and down like Robertson, but he doesn't have the same attacking attributes and his final delivery isn't anywhere near as good. They both have a weakness where the ball is played inside them, as neither can use their right foot. But maybe this has legs. £10m, including a player swap and some add ons might not be such a terrible deal, with McCullum already in the building.
  11. Hanley's 28. Doesn't feel like a Farke signing to me. Maybe, but only if Klose is leaving.
  12. The political journalist for The Observer, Nora Beloff, always made me smile, but then again I'm puerile.
  13. Rio Ferdinand's been working overtime.
  14. The way things are shaping up, surely there's a market for some sort of TV season ticket, say a fiver a game for all 46 games televised live. Would help with the inevitable loss of revenue if some of that made its way directly to the clubs.
  15. Does the Ake transfer give any guidance as to Godfrey's market value, I wonder? Somewhere in the £20-25m bracket I'd guess, all things considered.
  16. As long as we don't play him on the left..
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