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  1. The match report by Jonathan Northcott in The Times today is pretty brutal. It does feel as if there's a scent of blood in the water. It's not great being pitied in the nationals. Like a few others on this thread I haven't voted, but it increasingly feels to me that Daniel may be running out of rope. Webber has a lot to consider over the next few days and, if Farke is still in post next weekend, we simply have to win.
  2. Webber couldn't even find proper sows ears !
  3. It seldom happens in life that your worst fears are realised. 5-0 and down to 10 men.
  4. There are ways to lose a football match - this definitely isn't one of them. No passion, no urgency, no hope.
  5. I couldn't stop myself from shouting Wake up Gibson you dopey c*nt, there. Frightened the cat.
  6. Hugill wouldn't have been quick enough to create the goalkeeper error chance on Saturday.
  7. Lukaku hasn't netted in half a dozen games - got 0-0 written all over it .
  8. It was Rupp losing the ball just outside the box that precipitated Maupay missing his sitter. Would have cost us the game.
  9. I know! Yet you've failed to explain why he'd leave better funded, established Prem side Brighton, for us!
  10. Much better second half. Though Rupp did his best to gift Maupay a goal at the end. On balance a draw was a fair result, but we've got to start taking the chances up front or we're toast.
  11. Disappointing half. Disjointed, with no real creativity.
  12. Nah. Just think you're a bit thick for misspelling such a well-known nickname, that's all.
  13. I think they are. And, amazingly, born eight years apart.
  14. How about New Newcastle, managed by Jaap Stam(mer)?
  15. They should at least be good for the lolly they owe us for Lewis.
  16. It wasn't their third team of kids. And his direct opponents were England international Joe Gomez and £31m summer addition, Ibrahima Konate. I reckoned 8 of their starting line up would have made ours.
  17. I imagine it's Kabak's size, physicality and his obvious ability to travel with the ball that gave rise to the suggestion. Definitely not the silliest thing I've ever read on here.
  18. People in glass houses. Paul Cook has won 6 out of 28 games, two leagues below.
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