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  1. Fuzzar

    The Brexit Party

    I bet Kenny Everett was your favourite comedian and, like you, was about as amusing as chlamydia.
  2. Fuzzar

    football quiz - grounds

    8 the first time round. 6 the second.
  3. Fuzzar

    Czech Republic v England

    He withdrew from the squad with illness and will miss Monday as well. God, that midfield was crying out for him.
  4. Fuzzar

    Akin Famewo

    Klose has only played 10 PL games, in the season we were relegated. Surely the jury is still out as to whether he's PL quality. For me, a fit Zimmermann is more important to our survival this season, luckily!
  5. Fuzzar

    Could AD be our AC??

    You should go Hog. Maybe he's more interesting in person.
  6. Fuzzar


    Excellent news, fingers crossed. When all the players are fit we can go back to squabbling over the best starting 11.
  7. Fuzzar


    I've run out of likes.
  8. Fuzzar

    It’s not just injuries

    Yeah, I wish we'd have spunked £40m on Iwobi like Everton, so we'd have that extra point.
  9. Fuzzar

    Our summer business

    Jean Claude Maurice.
  10. Don't agree, it was a very good finish right in the bottom corner.
  11. Hodgson is a wily old fox and sets his teams up well. They managed us pretty well and the sub took his goal with aplomb. But I'd be confident of beating them in the return fixture and am definitely not writing us off yet!
  12. I'm happy to give him more than 16 before I make up my mind.
  13. Okay Drmic, what you got?
  14. If we play the second half like the last 15 minutes we'll win this.
  15. We've easily been the best side in the last 10.
  16. We can definitely get something out of this.
  17. I wish Todd would stop giving the ball away.
  18. Fuzzar

    Bribery endangering health

    Fifthed. But mostly because I've never used that word before.