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  1. Trouble is, most of the longstanding season ticket holders will have no pensions to renew next season, and everyone else will have nothing left out of their paypackets to buy them instead.
  2. From my perspective, on the Bramall Lane kop, some random thoughts. Max was definitely the elder statesmen of the side, despite the fact he was a midget in a team of giants. Thankfully he only had to mark Khedra, and did a good job on him. Got forward well in the first half and took charge of attacks at times, but his crosses (some were made very early), found no-one. Noticeably played a more defensive role in second. Max certainly knows when to feign injury to take the heat out of the game. Overall a mature performance, you could see the respect the other players had for him. I was really impressed with Aaron's brother, was class in Central midfield. Can Aaron match him, or go one better? The mass substitutions at 60 minutes was pants; if both sides were going to do this, for entertainment value why not do it at half time! Enjoyable night out, but for the band and those vuvuzelas!
  3. The U21's underlined this today. I remember when U21's looked skinny and underdeveloped but not the side England had today. Given the stresses these young men put on their bodies just to get to U21 level, it's no wonder so many burn out mid-20's.
  4. As soon as he played his career nose dived. Been better off not accepting the call up a la Sutton!
  5. I'm actually going to this, £6 a ticket a steal. I'll report back (eventually).
  6. It costs too much to get right, as you have identified it will just generate more problems which in most grounds are just not solvable. As we now know, safe standing will never recapture the feeling and atmosphere of the old terraces, I really don't see the point. If you want to stand at Football (apart from the away end), go to non-league matches, you can watch with a pint in your hand too! What's not to like.
  7. Told you Hanley was useless; or is it our defensive midfielders shielding him from having to do any work?
  8. My bad, I thought it was the GP who were supposed to contact me! I've only been going off my wife's experience, she worked in the NHS, and suggested it was shocking that i hadn't been contacted and thus should chase it up! It's this lack of clarity that permeates everybody's dealings with the NHS, it becomes hearsay mainly. As I said, apart from slowing down as I get older (my regular 6.5k run is taking longer most times nowadays), my health is good and recognising the strain on the NHS, haven't proactively chased it. I am interested in being healthy; I watch what I eat, exercise regularly, have a BMI well within my target zone, and have responded to Bowel Cancer tests etc. notified to me on a timely basis. I will now proactively chase the "MOT".
  9. Given the lack of consistency about the opposition, perhaps it was more for Wycombe's benefit than Norwich's. Will find out later if Hayden played, when Smith announces another set back probs.
  10. I'm told you're supposed to get a health MOT once you pass 50, but my GP hasn't contacted me regarding this. I'm nearly 59 and my wife is nagging me to chase one up, but I'm reluctant to as I feel perfectly fine, if a little slower on my pins nowadays. But I wonder if this lack of follow through is actually building up more problems leading to the current lack of access to GP's. It's a hard one to answer, but think my tale is fairly widespread.
  11. Our friend Bethnal tweeted the following: Anyone got any info on this?
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