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  1. Whisper it, but if Klopp does leave for the German national team, would Liverpool look to another German currently working in England as a replacement?
  2. You never know, Dowell may be more suited to the Prem than the Champs. It's happened before that a player who looks out of place in the hurly burly of the Championship, suddenly looks a world beater in the Prem. You never know ...
  3. A more intriguing question is that of who takes set pieces. Without Vrancic in the No.10, Buendia's contribution in set pieces (corners and in front of the penalty area, his wide free kicks are better) are disappointing to put it mildly (I'd say **** but it won't make it through the censor). W / should a no.10 pick hinge on set piece quality. On another thread someone (half) jokingly said its a contractual thing that Emi takes them, but really he shouldn't. But could Dowell?
  4. Stick. Why? The players, to refer to the OP saying our players were too lightweight for the EPL, are another year older and have acquitted themselves well in the Championship so far - the defensive stats and the clean sheets underline this improvement. The big issue will be avoiding the injury crisis of our last visit to the EPL. A relatively solid back line will give a base to allow relatively lightly used youngsters to come through. I'm also expecting lots of EU players outside the big 6 will return home next season as their contracts run out. This will weaken many of the middle ranking teams. It'll be a more level playing field next season as cash flows tighten.
  5. I'm eating humble pie. He really did exactly what was required tonight. Well done Kenny. Please keep it up. But, but, but why didn't you show this form earlier?
  6. That defensive display of ours today must give the nay sayers hope for next season - well, at least if we can keep Skipp.
  7. I said at beginning of the season he'd be our break through player this season. Ah well, there's always next season, and what better place for it to happen!
  8. And now he thinks he will be given the chance to further divide Glasgow? Deluded ....
  9. I'm not going to sell my share, unless I have to. And therein lies the rub. Whatever Smith & Jones do has to be repeated (albeit in a quasi class action type way) with several hundred other people who own the other near 40%. Sure takeovers happen all the time in Business but usually the little shareholders aren't bothered with ending up with cash or shares in another similar entity. At Norwich it will cost, take time and potentially upset quite a lot of supporters who only want their part of their club. In short, it won't lead to an immediate change in fortune, it might even set the club further back. But if it is what the majority want .....
  10. My view is that we have a better defensive mindset this time. If we avoid injuries in the defence, we can survive nay thrive like Sheffield United last season and Burnley before them. If we have the same injuries as last time plan for 2022/23 as soon as they bite. I hope in Mumba & Sorenson we have players who can step up immediately. Omobamidele should also come into contention. So given a fair wind the defence looks better set. Idah (remember a current full international) and Martin with another year should be good as back up elsewhere. Pepe also a full international will hopefully settle down and be a good bench regular. But that still leaves 4 or 5 essential signings which are required even before selling. It will be a busy window, with Brexit pretty complicated too. But not impossible.
  11. “It has, however, become clear after holding discussions over the last few days that there are significant differences of opinion as to the order of immediate priorities and we agreed it was best for us to part company. I would like to wish both Paul and Stuart the best in the future.”
  12. Curious, the plot thickens. Mutual consent and just after a win against a promotion rival.
  13. Agreed, the wicket where the TV umpire didn't roll the VT on to see the ball pop out and brush the batman's hands was unbelievable. Root was telling the pitch umpire to roll it on but ....
  14. And Itoje getting so many penalties against him is a joke! He is too quick for this ref. Only one of them of them was right.
  15. Until today. This guy and the video ref rank alongside Mason and Hooper. Ruined this game.
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