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  1. shefcanary

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    FO! The current safety laws are pure UK - nothing to do with EU. This fallacy you spreads is pathetic!
  2. Actually I remember that this followed the Norwich match at Burnley shared on here recently when we won 5 - 3. Watched Sky Sports news in a bar at the Olympic harbour. I started to cheer and sing as we took the lead at the end, only to be confronted by 3 Burnley fans who were up for a fight. My stag mate pals persuaded me to quieten down whilst they calmed the Burnley lot down. Quite a day.
  3. I saw Barca v Villareal in 2004 whilst on a stag weekend. A boring 0 - 0 match with hardly a shot on goal. The biggest cheer of the night was for the sight of Ronaldinho warming up at half time (he was coming back from injury so didn't start). Even when he came on in 2nd half he couldn't effect any excitement. I started to boo at the end of the match (30 odd hours of constant drinking raised my bravado) but was met by the Barca fans turning round and waving their white hankies at me (apparently this means they were happy with their performance). Nothing for it but a quick chorus of On The Ball City! Total bemusement from 70,000 fans but at least I got out alive.
  4. shefcanary

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Oh well a stopped clock is right twice a day. Let's hope Lawro is right about us no more than twice this season.
  5. shefcanary

    We need a Plan B

    Serious question. Why did McLean stay on the pitch? Can anyone say what he contributed today? Anonymous. Never mentioned on commentary or feed.
  6. WEell made it to half time without another concession; let's see Farke work some magic over half time and we go again.
  7. Only Dr Dublin helping me here - all streams are buffering, even the pink'un live feed has stopped. Given the score maybe for the better.
  8. shefcanary

    Sheff Utd fall out

    The Prince is a Prince in name only. He has no personal fortune and borrowed cash from the Bin Laden's for his stake. McCabe owns the ground and the training academy. If he decides to play tough he may either charge a fortune in rent or even evict the club a la Coventry. Whatever the Prince has to find a substantial amount of cash very quickly, which many people doubt he can. The Blad3s are looking at very turbulent times.
  9. shefcanary

    Otamendi Disaster

    Okay I'll bite. Here in Sheffield, there has been a huge shock over the Blades ownership. The High Court has decided one of two equal shareholders has to sell out to the other. McCabe who is a property developer with a small fortune has to sell his 50% to Prince Abdullah, from Saudi but with no personal fortune himself (a pauper if still a Prince). However McCabe owns the ground and the training academy. So if McCabe gets vindictive he can evict the club and leave them homeless. He will certainly attempt to get a good return on his investment to date through rent etc., as he cannot recover much from his sale of shares as Court has stipulated it is for only £5 million. So BV, yes Smith & Jones have seen us relegated 4 times, although promoted 5! But at least the club owns its ground and training facilities and despite your criticism have always had the best interest of the club at heart. It may be a rollercoaster, but generally the ride is enjoyable and we just about know where we're going.
  10. Did anyone else notice the grass was just a shade bit longer than normal yesterday - a deliberate ploy to slow down the passing of Man City?
  11. Thought Klose now just 1 to 2 months - so mid-November
  12. shefcanary

    Max off with an injury

    So, was it his knee or his ankle? Was it serious, or not too serious? Conflicting news abroad at the moment. As Paddy wrote "pray for Max", although would missing a heavy defeat at the hands of Citeh be so bad?
  13. shefcanary

    Who'd have thought it!

    Bloody hell. We have a legend in our team, no doubt about it!
  14. shefcanary

    Who'd have thought it!

    And against Italy as well! Pukki party time.
  15. Pukki scores s penalty for Finland. Who said we'd get more under VAR in the EPL?