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  1. So its predominantly yellow. And we usually do well with a predominantly yellow kit. As with the 2011/12 kit this is so obviously based on. If the quality of finish is better than the 2011/12 kit ( the neck stitching gave way too easily) then jobs a good'un.
  2. #eggandcress for me too! Our best ever season wearing that remember. I demand #eggandcress as a choice @TalkNorwichCity . It's not a true fans consultation without #eggandcress!
  3. At the Eden Project today. Graphically on display is facts about 5 mass extinctions since the earth was created! Maybe this pandemic is start of the 6th. Ah well. Bring on next season and let the fans in.
  4. So Liverpool were only using Lewis and their interest (?) as the key to unlock the Greek signing. Fuss about nowt again?
  5. He's as good as gone. The total package may, including loan swap, get to £20million. But post Covid the market will see a reduction in prices from the previous normal, no matter that Webber stated £20m start point. £10m will be the quoted fee. As for McCallum being injured a lot, can anyone share the evidence! Personally think he has the potential to be a step up on Lewis, certainly looks more physically developed.
  6. @badger it boils down to when the decision was made, which according to whispers here in Sheff was as far back as pre-lockdown. Only a judicial review could unpick that, an appeal wouldn't. However have Charlton got the cash to force one? Their informal approach to EFL is a case of who blinks first.
  7. Looks like plenty of other championship clubs feel aggrieved with this one! BBC reporting at least 8 other clubs will support Charlton. What gets me is apart from the Hospitality block behind the South Stand the rest of Hillsborough is a disaster and worthless as its ages old and based on a flood plain so land can't be built on without huge groundwork cost (given Covid even the Hospitality block is worthless at the moment) - the EFL should really have convicted them for the value of the transaction, not just the timing. If it goes to a judicial review I think both EFL and Wednesday will lose.
  8. Good shout, he played well whilst on loan at Sheff Utd, good stopper but a tendency for the odd clanger. Chelsea hold his contract which as a 26 year old means they must see some value in him. Given Lampard is apparently in the market for a replacement for Kepa with Cabalero there as well he is well down pecking order. The issue will be they would want guaranteed game time if he is loaned; if sold Blackman would probably want to be No. 1 too. I think I've talked myself out of this!
  9. If Wolves pay his salary while on loan, in for a penny say I.
  10. Saw him a few times at Sheff Utd. Didn't really fit their style, which probably doesn't suit everybody, so not strictly a criticism. However given our issues this last season I hope he's improved physically as that was what he missed most at Bramall Lane
  11. That strikes me as being too large a squad, even in the championship, to ensure all remain happy and motivated. However as the transfer money pool out there is going to be much lower post Covid, I struggle to see how we can shift any for anything like a decent fee, indeed if we do want to move them on it will cost us to buy out their contracts. Ironically the season where we get most of the squad on long contracts will be the one where we could do with a few of them being at their end! You couldn't make it up.
  12. @PurpleCanary Webber was jokingly saying he went there on holiday and then ended up being linked with this player Man. Perhaps he should go to Brazil next time?
  13. @TVB: thanks for spelling out the contractual constraints in detail. Moving our "failures and aging players" on is going to cost more than getting new, younger and hungrier players in. Let's hope that there is a market for them and our view is pessimistic, but post Covid I doubt it.
  14. Cash flow is the issue you are all talking around. The Sky EPL money comes in instalments. We started the year with an overdraft, and the Board commented the overdraft facility was likely to be reached before the instalments had been received. Much depends when the instalments from the Maddison sale and others was due to arrive as well. That would have put a ceiling on how much we could splash at the beginning of the season, even if instalments could have been negotiated. As others have said in the absence of a rich owner to cover / guarantee borrowings, we have lived wholly within our means. Going forward, the parachute payments will also come in instalments. We may have cleared the overdraft and other borrowings, we may also have negotiated a reduction in salary payments (although I'm sceptical that this is true of all the squad), but still see no great spare cash available for lots of new players. As I've said in another thread, much depends on contractual situations, and I think there are no significant contracts ending this summer. So I really doubt there will be wholesale changes this window, despite the hints from Webber. We cannot afford to buy out contracts to move players on and pay new salaries. Which doesn't mean to say post-Covid we are not relatively financially sound in comparison to other clubs. That will stand us in good stead by the January window.
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