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  1. shefcanary

    Ron Saunders R.I.P

    Great man. Fittest manager ever. Had a great career
  2. shefcanary

    Sour grapes

    Even bigger issue is comment raised on BBC today. There are now two sets of rules being applied internationally in the big leagues. This is a ridiculous situation. VAR seems to work better abroad, but no the ENGLISH Premier Lesgue arrogantly applies something different than the rest of the world. Worse than Brexit
  3. shefcanary

    Advice on Prime matches

    Watching at moment and seems from the empty seats at both Palarse and Burnley, that this experiment is reducing attendances. And atmosphere seems poor at both too. Not a good start.
  4. shefcanary

    Salaries / Wages

    Better guide for this season is last season's players squad cost plus the promotion bonus (effectively making up last years salaries to EPL equivalent). That takes average to over £30k per week - £1.5 million p.a. Nice. Wonder if they begrudge the tax paid as much as that bloke earning £80k on QT? No doubt some overseas players have a net take home agreement!
  5. shefcanary

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    That"s akin to saying Rupert Murdoch should hold his counsel as a media publisher. But you see his views peddled in every outlet he has. **** off Big Vince, she's only doing her bit to level a biased playing field.
  6. shefcanary

    Thumbs up to our away support

    Bit harsh on Christoff. He was thinking of being a teacher as well. Glad he chose to stick at football.
  7. shefcanary

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    #Zimbo, Zimbo, Zimbo, Zimbo, Zimbo# c. Echo & The Bunnymen. I truly feel that the spirit of Forbes has transferred to Zimbo. Let's crack on boys and climb the league.
  8. shefcanary

    Have we sold out Everton

    We didn't return the upper tier tickets, the club decided we didn't need it! If we haven't sold out the smaller allocation then support is waning. Who ever goes though get behind the lads!
  9. shefcanary

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Zimbo is Farke's go to man. If Zimbo says he's ready, Farke will start him.
  10. shefcanary


    Interesting lack of story on Punk'Un. Are all reporters on holiday?
  11. shefcanary

    Yep, we're down

    No way back after that shambles. Even against 10 men never looked like scoring. So let's build for 2022 and the "manufactured" season that Qatar 2022 will bring. One season to get back.
  12. shefcanary

    Team for Watford

    It's only Watford. Play a trained CB ffs, bring Famewo in!
  13. Here's a challenge. Given we haven't picked up owt over past few matches, I think it has turned into a missed opportunity to blood a youngster who is a specialist centre half. By now they would have learnt enough to be at or close to a level required for EPL, we wouldn't have done any worse as far as results is concerned (goal difference another thing but not sure its gonna matter). Thoughts?
  14. shefcanary

    NCFC Confirmation Statement

    Most of us bought some shares (ordinary and preference) which were issued during the Huckerby promotion season in 2003. That was the last time there was a proper public offering.
  15. shefcanary

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    FO! The current safety laws are pure UK - nothing to do with EU. This fallacy you spreads is pathetic!