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  1. shefcanary

    National League null and void

    My reading of the BBC article is Null & Void is the only realistic out come. Let's crack on with the transfer window now - something that can be done virtually, the bookies have a market to generate profits and it gives a reason for people to restart their Sky subscription. Everyone's a winner.
  2. shefcanary

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    Yep Sideshow. Same with us. My wife is not fully mobile and I had been working long hours so have used home delivery from Tesco since it first started. Never had a problem booking a delivery slot. Now its four weeks to a free slot! And yes, online can restrict numbers of items to 3. But, they can only deliver what is on your order, if it is in the store they are picking your order from. So for the first time ever, we didn't get 15 items in the most recent delivery, some of which most people would consider essentials. But we did get the more expensive Catsan at the price of the cheaper alternative we usually get. However I'm now going to have to go to a supermarket for the first time in years for the weekly shop next week. Wish me luck.
  3. shefcanary

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    B ugger all to do with repayment from clubs. I've had plenty of friends trying to cancel their subscriptions and Sky fear that once habit broken subscribers won't come back. So makes sense to keep them on board for now FOC rather than lose them to BT or bad streams in future. Me I only ever used the latter or went to the pub. All this talk that Sky can reclaim cash from clubs - absolute tosh. At most they may be able to reduce their payment pro-rata unplayed fixtures. Sky are panicking like the rest of the corporate world. Good riddance if they go bust
  4. shefcanary

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Well having just spent over an hour queuing outside Boots to collect a prescription (only 2 people allowed in at a time to protect their staff - government regulation apparently), then reading about the EPL suspension extension until end of April, with most commentators saying it is unlikely for a start then, some people appear rather bullish that this will be over soon. Today's news from China that today was 1st day in 3 months without a new case (believe, believe), would mean mid-May was earliest for a similar scenario here, if and only if we had a China-style lockdown and economic production break which we don't yet. And don't start me on secondary wave of infections. EPL won't start until there is a vaccine available for all. This time next year folks.
  5. shefcanary

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Hope you're right mate, but that is what the Imperial College report, the one that changed Boris' view, concludes. Trust in what Ricardo says, he's rarely wrong. This is going to be one hell of a difficult period.
  6. shefcanary

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Badger, it won't be 9 months of voluntary inaction. We're going to be in lockdown until a vaccine is widely available, Xmas at very earliest. This ain't going away until then, as risk of a reinvigorated pandemic will be too great. Sky / BT as we know it now will have to change.
  7. shefcanary

    Sutton's thoughts...

    As I said, what some people have wanted for years, summer football (yep like Rugby League).
  8. shefcanary

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Yep play the season out or null and void. Nothing else is possible, legally or morally. Euros cancellation will provide a window of opportunity to complete, but like Ricardo, I've no confidence the ban on public gathering will be lifted until a vaccine is ready for use. So null and void. And a move to summer football.
  9. shefcanary

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    Cost us Europe in '85! Never forgive them, like they still try to pretend their fans didn't cause the deaths of Juve fans. What goes around, comes around.
  10. shefcanary

    Decision not to spend will look very wise

    Forgot Leicester! 25% of the EPL and counting.
  11. shefcanary

    Decision not to spend will look very wise

    Can't play games behind closed doors if got no players, a la Arsenal, Man City, West Ham and no doubt Wolves on their return. Where will it end ......?
  12. shefcanary

    Stadium clocks and added time

    It's about time the ref's watch was wired to a clock visible to all like in rugby. Increased transparency for all.
  13. shefcanary

    Let’s win the FA cup lads

    I get a fair amount of banter! Next weekend could be fun. To be fair, because of past connections with Norwich Union / Aviva, there are a lot of us up here.
  14. shefcanary

    Let’s win the FA cup lads

    Let's do it for Nutty!