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  1. Singled out Hanley. There's a thing.
  2. ****, Gilmour was not available today! He couldn't play against the club that has loaned him. For a few hours I was beginning to side with you, but you've now ended that with this **** stirring.
  3. His Insta shows him having a haircut on the King's Road after the match.
  4. It's too late for boo-ing. You all had your chance back in September. Me, I'm crying now .......
  5. Rick Astley has just reformed them with The Blossoms! Enjoy.
  6. And any takeover will take the best part of six months to complete (with no surety of success) for reasons I've mentioned on here before. A takeover won't keep us up this season.
  7. He's only interested in Southampton job. Doesn't want to move his kids from their school and won't lodge away from family.
  8. Webber has the responsibility for hiring / firing. Delia could discuss, give her opinion, but delivery is by Webber. This is where he truly names his name for overseas posts, but think he'll come up short on this.
  9. 4-2-3-1 with Kabal, Omobamidele, Normann and Sorenson as the core 4, Aarons & Giannoulis the FB's, Tzolis, Rashica, Cantwell behind Pukki.
  10. I think he gave the clearest statement yet. Todd has not done a complete week's training in two months. Yes, he said some of that was due to personal issues, then injuries, but wants two complete weeks of training from Todd before he will be considered. Doesn't take a mind reader to figure out that Farke doesn't think Todd is fully committed at present. Accepted, the reason for the lack of commitment from Todd however has not been shared, but surely that should be the case. Sort it out in private, not in the papers or on social media.
  11. You're really upset by someone dying, so you are allowed compassionate leave. Then you go back to work. Then the funeral of that person means you have to take the day off work - for some unknown reason your employer decides to open up the place of work to all and sundry and your absence is noted but no-one asks the question. I just would like to state I have absolutely no idea whether the above scenario is true, but it seems a lot more plausible explanation than anything else I've read. As advised by people nowadays, if this is the case, the club has quite rightly decided to let them grieve in private.
  12. Someone dies; then a fortnight later their funeral takes place (or in this ****ed up UK currently three or four weeks later)?
  13. MOTD didn't reference the incident at all. Its a Sky driven conspiracy! Or BBC ensuring VAR doesn't get criticised?
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