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  1. Weird - I can only think that the familial relationship between Tom and Auntie Delia was not explained fully first time, as his lack of independence jumped straight out of the page the first time I read the papers. I assume someone has alerted the TP (????), rather than them just reading this thread.
  2. And as I read it, the next move is for Smith & Jones to sell part of the shareholding to the Norfolk Group. As I read it, that actually is a Trigger event re. conversion of the C Pref Shares which makes a return to the TP for snother waiver incredibly messy! But, both parties have both stated they never expect a Trigger Event to ever happen. I'm totally lost on this as in effect it means the 40:40 continues into perpetuity! Nah, 40:40 into perpetuity ain't going to happen, so yet more untruths in the GM papers?
  3. Just watched Football Focus where Klem interviewed the new Gillingham owner, also American. His takeover happened very quickly. Just saying ...
  4. They promised to do this after the previous GM. But the TP / Waiver issue seemed to throw them. If nothing similar happens this time it will be extremely disappointing not to hear about future plans.
  5. My apologies this afternoon, attending an urban indie music festival in Sheffield today, you'll miss my witty urbane critique of the match (and my slagging of Kenny!). COYY! OTBC!
  6. Believe it or not, pretty much the route I used to take! Although didn't usually have time for one in the Queen!
  7. No, as always and as many people on here have counselled you (so I am assuming you are just on a wind up), the facility offered by the CT is there for you or you can go to any respectable high street share trader (virtual or real) and ask them to find and make a deal with someone willing to buy your shares. As Big Fish says, Norfolk may take up the opportunity afforded them under company law to buy you out once they get to >90% - although there is no absolute requirement for them to do this, but if they do you cannot refuse.
  8. Given the complicated ownership of Norfolk I am not sure how the Attanasio's can retain total control if Mark (let's hope not) pops his clogs before ultimate control of the club passes to this entity after the cessation of the Shareholder Agreement. Oh to have a look at his will. As long as Norfolk does ultimately gain total-ish control, I would expect the ownership of Norfolk to simplify in due course with all its shares passing to the Attanasio family. But there again we may be regularly taking part in the ECL by then and the club may be considered one of the big boys in the top 8 of the EPL. Smith & Jones estate at this stage seems pretty easy to predict, with any shares they have control of passing to Neppo Tom. But she may just throw a curve ball in and leave it all to the Pope, or the Labour Party. Who knows? The Pope's representative or Kier Starmer regularly appearing in the directors box at the Carra.
  9. Under normal plc takeover rules there is an automatic right to the body that has acquired 90% of the shares to force minorities to sell, although I understand it would be down to the 90% holder to trigger this formally - they may be happy to allow the minorities to retain their shares. Hence why I see Smith & Jones holding >10% of club's shares in the long run is a potential outcome.
  10. FTW, it is right to say that during the period of the Shareholder Agreement (it ends in January 2026) Attanasio will not be looking to increase his holding, although it is only that agreement with Smith & Jones that I believe legally would prevent him from buying from minorities directly after a period of grace. If that agreement came to an end then all bets are off as to what the next steps would be. I have long held the view that ultimately Smith & Jones will sell a large proportion of their shares to Attanasio to allow him to become overall solely in charge of the club, but I expect them to retain a small block of shares and transfer them to a trust (just over 10%) for much the same reason that the CT exists really - to act as a block to one person having "absolute" control of the club. There's no guarantee of that, but it would make sense to me that the CT and Smith & Jones at some point enter serious conversation pool about the pooling of resources to this effect.
  11. So's Kenny, and always has been. Okay for the championship, not for the EPL or for teams like Leicester. Can Sara lose this bad habit? If he can then he may well be one of the best players we have ever had, but if not, he is going to be a frustrating watch.
  12. YGA, did you not see our front press in the first half not engaging with their back line, deliberately? Wagner had identified that the midfield was an issue, and last night there was a change of approach. Most commentators commented about the game in the first half being a chess match (most fans will say it was boring) precisely because Norwich were protecting the midfield two. Gibbs and Barnes interchanging played that third central midfielder role well. They only became more aggressive with the press after falling behind. Until that point we had won that battle in midfield. The shame was that we gave the ball away when we were trying to build an attack that led to the goal. Sloppy mistakes cost us yesterday, not the line up.
  13. It was a foul, but was in the D, not in the box.
  14. Hey FTW, can you explain the phase rule in offside for me? I believe the pass to Dewsbury-Hall and his subsequent pass to MacAtear were all part of the same phase. Irregardless of whether MacAtear was offside for the second pass, at the beginning of that phase he was offside! I would agree it could be debated he was onside if it was TWO phases, but here it was definitely only ONE. I'm lost. Help.
  15. Is Barnes such a big loss? He's contributed virtually nothing in his last three games, even his legendary "fighting attitude" has been missing. I wonder if he has been carrying an injury for the last few games and yesterday playing in that more mobile central striker role he came undone. He's a professional but he is also having the last throw of the dice - I can see him hiding such an injury for FOMO. Give him a month off and bring him back for some vital games leading up to Xmas.
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