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  1. 6 wins and 3 draws from the next 14 games will do it giving is 88 points. It would take a hell of downturn for us to lose it from here. 6 wins and 3 draws over 14 games would be our worst run of form throughout the season. For me the Watford and Brentford games are do not lose as opposed to must win
  2. It will take time, which is why I don't begrudge Phil Daly getting games. He's not as good as Chris and he annoys me with how he lets the guests waffle on to much and doesn't stay with the game but Chris Goreham wasn't perfect in the early days either so he'll learn. I agree that the Brum commentators weren't that bad compared to most this year, but I'm yet to listen to one as good as our regular commentator. If I have to listen on the radio I want someone who can clearly articulate events and create excitement in their voice when things get interesting. I've never met Chris, I've never even called canary Call and I'm not a relative or anything btw but I'm a big fan of his work
  3. Having to listen to away commentary some weeks really makes you appreciate Chris Goreham. I always had an inkling that he was pretty good based off of years of listening and the ease at how you could follow the game without seeing it, but now comparing him to every other local commentator he is a clear cut above. He's a very good, knowledgeable, fair and insightful commentator and for me matches aren't as good to watch on ifollow when opposition radio or Phil Daly is on instead
  4. One of the best results of the season for me. Unless you've ever played on a plowed field like that you don't know. We did well tonight and the boys deserve credit for digging in and playing well in areas we're not normally known for
  5. With how they play and the state of the middle of the park forget performances, anyone would struggle to play here, it's all about the result tonight
  6. Nothing against Birmingham but I really hope we smash them tonight, I hate Karanka and his football, we always have awful games against them, we usually win, but it's so frustrating to watch. Hope we smash the confidence out of them and he gets the sack.
  7. Has a bit of a first season-Vrancic about him for me. Not quite playing at the right pace, not used to his team mates and trying spectacular things that aren't quite coming off. I think he needs a long run of games before we start seeing what he can do. I think he'll come good for us in the future but right now I'd stick with Vrancic to not upset the balance of the team too much with Dowell coming on as a sub
  8. I don't understand the rationale behind the decisions to keep giving these average merry-go-round managers work. They must interview so well
  9. As well as Toney's done this year anyone would score goals in that Brentford side, Sarr is the one type of player we don't have, a strong, fast ball carrier who can go round players and would add a lot to our attack
  10. Best central midfielder in the Championship for me. If we go up I'd make getting him on loan again our top priority for the summer, even if we have to pay out the nose for a loan fee he is absolutely essential to making us tick, he's the perfect player for that number 6 role and for me is our best player relative to the position they play. I actually think Spurs wouldn't mind him playing 38 games in the PL for just one more year before they make him part of their first team, it would be better for his development than being a bit part player for them
  11. Are there any examples of clubs outside of the obvious biggest clubs in England who are American owned and successful? I mean I don't believe this rumor for a second nobody on this planet is paying 40m for Ipswich town but Americans haven't exactly good a great record with owning football clubs over here.
  12. Aside from the obvious Ched Evans my choice would be Naismith. Was a massive drain on our resources, didn't want to come in the first place, didn't fancy working hard in training when Farke arrived and ever since I saw him blatantly and deliberately fondle a West Brom players balls before a corner I've had him pegged as a bit of a creep, I'm all for psyching opponents out to gain an advantage if you can, but that was sexual harassment and I don't want to see players who are privileged enough to wear our shirt sinking to that level.
  13. A version of the PL with no VAR definitely. This league is only fun when you're too good for it like we currently are, spend a few seasons in this division and we'd be dragged down to the others clubs level. Has everybody forgotten what it was like in the mid 2000's? Give me scraping for survival in the top league over floundering in this division with absolute donkeys wearing the shirt
  14. Worst players I've ever seen play more than a few matches for us are Mark Fotheringham, Julien Brellier, Andy Hughes and Chris Killen. Time has mercifully completely erased pretty much all memory I have of the Grant-Roeder era so I can't picture exactly why but I remember thinking those players were shocking every time I saw them. Worst two I've ever seen live though were Theoklitos and Whaley but I agree only playing one game doesn't count
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