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  1. Christoph Stiepermann

    What y'all listening to?

  2. Christoph Stiepermann

    Jack Grealish Being Jack Grealish. ( Apparently )

    A lot of famous people have been making prats out of themselves recently. Desperate attention seeking.
  3. Christoph Stiepermann

    Corona Virus main thread

    Still don't think enough people will follow these rules to make much of a difference. Too many ignorant, arrogant nobheads out there.
  4. Christoph Stiepermann

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    Us supermarket workers generally get treated like dirt pretty much all year round so this is nothing new, people know we'll lose our job if we stand up for ourselves so they cowardly find great pleasure in belittling and trying to bully us, it always amuses me how different people speak to me when I'm in uniform and out of it . But now it seems people feel like they're entitled to go even further, one of my colleagues at Kings Lynn Iceland was punched in the face today by a customer. We're all working extremely hard doing crazy hours and leaving ourselves exposed to infection yet many people are still acting like rude, entitled, petulant brats. Wouldn't surprise me if we hear many more cases of fights between staff and customers in the coming weeks with so many people acting like brainless morons.
  5. Christoph Stiepermann

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Short of forcing people to stay inside I can't see how any of the government's advice and guidelines are going to help stop the spread. Many people including me cannot work from home and have bosses who will expect you to work even while sick therefore money and food/product packaging will become contaminated, they'll be millions of shop workers all working with the virus spreading it to each other, to customers and contaminating products. Also many elderly will refuse to isolate out of stubborness because they don't like being told what to do and many that do stay inside will end up looking after kids who will be spreading the disease about now that schools are closed. A good portion of the population is also completely ignorant and pig headed with no regard for others and will do their best to spread the disease around, then there's everyone with terrible hygiene habits etc To me this seems like a pretty pillow fisted way of fighting this, too many people either can't or won't follow advice, this is going to ravage the population regardless. They should have locked everything down a week ago, forced every business to close, stop people traveling and then closed the borders, except for allowing holiday makers to return for a brief week window into quarantine. Then only starting things up again once the cases had been dealt with, no travel in or out of the country until a vaccine is developed. Draconian and extremely harsh measures, but we're talking about hundreds of thousands of lives here.
  6. Christoph Stiepermann

    What are you going to do at 3pm today ?

    Suffering through work as usual. At least I won't be missing anything this time! Silver linings...
  7. Christoph Stiepermann

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    Paddy Davitt and Dave Freezer seem adamant the season won't be declared null and void and that it will finish at some point, possibly late in the summer. I know they know no more than us but I'm surprised at that, in my mind there is literally no other option. This season should be wiped from the records simply for the VAR farce alone, if a season cannot be completed then it should not stand.
  8. Christoph Stiepermann

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    It's gonna make planning for next season extremely hard. especially if we don't find out till late and this affects TV revenue, we could find ourselves going into another PL campaign under prepared and without any money to spend...although if I was offered that situation now I'd snap your hands off!
  9. Christoph Stiepermann

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    Would only be fair on teams who are mathematically promoted, relegated or champions to declare them as such. The rest should be declared null, obviously I'm biased given where our club is but it would be unfair to decide teams fates with 8/9 games left to play.
  10. Christoph Stiepermann

    NCFC Release Coronavirus Statement.

    Yeah, the virus transmits through the air via breathing/coughing/sneezing etc so honestly, feel free to shake hands and hug the guy next to you if we score in spite of this advice, won't make the blind bit of difference, although you might catch some other germs. You can bring all the hand sanitiser and tissues you want, if there are confirmed cases in Norfolk by Saturday you'll be taking a risk regardless of your or others hygiene habits.
  11. Christoph Stiepermann

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    I was at this game because my Coventry supporting mate had a spare ticket. They are absolutely diabolically bad, even worse than last season somehow. I was expecting them to be poor but it was like watching non league football at times. The gap between the Championship and L1 has grown significantly since our brief stay there. Even Coventry who are top would struggle to stay up in the Championship. The funny thing is on TWTD some were saying this was a better performance by them! If that's the best they've got they're in real trouble, they're about as far away from being even being remotely competitive at Championship level as we are from winning the PL. Dark days ahead for them....lol.
  12. Christoph Stiepermann

    Grant Hanley

    Exactly. That is what Farke is here for and why he's so highly rated. I get frustrated by posts criticising him for the timing of substitutions or how he uses his squad, as if people expect him to be more of an old fashioned dug out manager like Lambert was instead of a head coach. The fact of the matter is if he was as good at all the tactical/game management stuff as he is at coaching and motivating players then he would be at a European giant winning trophies every season and would have never set foot in our dugout. Anyway I agree with all the praise Hanley is getting, he definitely looks more mobile and I'm never nervous when he's playing the ball now either. As a CB he's not even reached peak age yet so there's room for him to get even better.
  13. Christoph Stiepermann


    Players will likely all have lots of bonuses linked to cup progression, much like last year when we had to spend a reported 10m on bonuses from promotion I'd wager most if not all of the prize money has gone on player bonuses. Webber likes to heavily incentivise contracts so it wouldn't surprise me.
  14. Christoph Stiepermann

    match thread

    Krul, Lewis, Hanley, Aarons and Cantwell were excellent, Buendia and Drmic were pretty good as well. Mclean was superb when he came on and made a big difference. Also a word for Idah and Cantwell for stepping up and cooly slotting away those penalties, that took balls, look how the young Spurs players wilted even in front of their own fans for comparison. Brilliant composure! We defended really well given our limitations against a big, fast side. Our defending is strange. We look really good when the opposition is ia little bit off the pace and we look excellent in desperate times when they throw the alamo at us. It's when the opposition's tempo is fast and confident but not too gung ho is when we seem to struggle the most, if we could bottle the mentality we have when our backs are against the wall and utilize it in games when the pressure is on but isn't quite at boiling point we'd concede a lot less goals. It's almost like we need that tension and atmosphere for every player to focus 100%. I never felt like we'd concede from about 80 minutes and we always look really solid in these situations. But usually in games, when the atmosphere is flatter, there's less at stake and the opposition just turn it up a gear and pile a bit of pressure on we look extremely vulnerable, It's frustrating because we often show that we can really defend well sometimes.
  15. Christoph Stiepermann

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown Part Two.

    Take a look at their next manager wishlist thread. Bless, they still haven't realised they're now a toxic, impoverished division 3 club. Chris Hughton? Aitor Karanka? Even Karl Robinson and Mark Robins wouldn't swap their gig with the Portman Road. You just know their next manager will be Steve Evans and I can't wait to see the fallout from that one.