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  1. I always find the arguments for and against expanding CR to be fascinating because there are valid points on both sides, it's a huge risk with huge potential rewards and the financial landscape is ever changing which makes it's viability change frequently. For me the idea lives or dies on whether you believe we can fill another 6-8'000 seats every home game from as soon as it's completed. If we build the new stand at the right time, say right before a great promotion season like 18/19 and then manage to survive in the PL for 2 years we should get close to filling it week in week out and have it become profitable pretty quickly. If we time it poorly (which is more likely as we have more average and poor seasons historically than good ones) I think right now and in mid table Championship seasons the capacity is right where it needs to be and we won't need any extra seats except for derbys and the occasional big game and it doesn't make financial sense to spend 30m on redevelopment for a few extra 100k's in ticket revenue for the odd game. The argument for bringing new fans in is a good one as well, but it would require either some excellent marketing strategies (combined with good results on the pitch regularly) or a drop in ticket prices which will mean the new stand would take much longer to start becoming profitable. Even though I really don't like this idea I think the stadium won't be expanded and the future will be in increasing revenues through streaming. Eventually clubs will be allowed to live stream all of their games no matter what time or day of the week for a fee and that's how we'll be able to increase match day revenues without having to pay for bricks and mortar and how a lot of newer generations of fans will become supporters and follow the club. It's a shame and it doesn't compare to going to CR to watch a match but that's just the way things are going and if I was in charge of the clubs finances I'd consider it a much safer bet than building a new stand.
  2. They will beat us again at some point in the future. That doesn't make me a binner to say that, as long as football goes on indefinitely we will find ourselves in the same division at some point and they will beat us again. I'm absolutely dreading it to be honest, it's going to be unbearable and I might have to go into online exile for a while. I don't fear them now though. They have improved under their manager but people are seriously overestimating the quality in L1 and giving that league far too much credit, it's absolutely shockingly poor and much worse than we were down there, covid has really done a number on lower league clubs. I do worry about our frequent tendency to have off days though and if we happened to meet them (if they get promoted) when we're in poor form we might get done because any hard working professional team could turn us over when we're not up for it and I worry about the mentality of a lot of our players.
  3. Was never the problem last year to be fair to him and while I'm as guilty as anyone else of getting on players back at times, perhaps sometimes unfairly I've always liked and supported Sargent. Right now he's a top Championship level striker who on his day can perform in the odd PL game so he's worth the 8m we paid for him already, even if that's a lot of money for us it really isn't for that level of player overall by other clubs standards. Here's hoping he really develops over the next few years and can make that step up if and when we get promoted again. His problem is confidence (at times), consistency and positioning/movement in and around the box which are all things that can be improved. His finishing with his feet gets a lot of flack but I think that's more of a confidence issue and the fact he isn't always in the best place at the best time to take shots on goal which can be worked on. He's already a strong lad by Championship standards but if he could fill out a bit more as well that would be useful, he's too much for a lot of Championship defenders to deal with but he struggled to bully PL defenders last time so if he can improve his physicality even more he could be a real handful for us in the PL if we go up again.
  4. I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about the TNC boys. I watch their occasional video if they get someone interesting on but I'm not a subscriber. I think that was definitely one of their better chats and they are improving over time but for the love of god if either of them are reading this LET THE GUESTS TALK AND STOP INTERRUPTING THEM! If you have other fans or someone else on by all means interject with personal anecdotes but when you get an Attanasio or Webber on let them finish what they're saying and give them time to answer the question before moving on. Another little tip would be you don't have to constantly reaffirm what the guest is saying with 'yeah' 'hmmm' 'wow' 'right' or 'okay' every 5 seconds. Stuart Hodge does similar and to be honest he's probably the worst journalist about for doing that, I like him but it really grinds on me. Overall though I enjoyed it and think they did really well to get them on their show.
  5. Parma made a very good point in his thread last week about Sargent in that he's a 'level player' when given that fraction of a second longer to do his thing he can look unstoppable at times but at a world cup where the defenders are so sharp and quick and the football played is generally slower and more technical I can only see him struggling to be honest. To me he is and probably always will be a top Championship/lower European top flight league level player and won't be able to do much in the PL. I wouldn't worry about anyone trying to buy him off of us but he'll definitely score goals and look a handful whenever he plays for us in the Championship I hope he does well though and nicks a couple of goals, but are a Brighton/Leeds/Brentford/Palace going to spend 8-15M to buy him from us? Highly unlikely.
  6. Something as a bit of an aside that I really feel like Webber should be cracking down on and discouraging if we ever want to be a PL team is that I've heard some things recently and seen some thing that suggest that a lot of our players erm, really like a post game pi55 up to put it mildly. I don't post rumors on here but I have a pretty strong reason to believe that this is actually true but I won't go into too much detail. You can talk all you want about ability and tactics but the mental side of the game is huge and we often seem to switch off and lack concentration. Remember what happened when Wenger took over Arsenal and forced them to become more dedicated and professional and pretty much teetotal. I'm sure we're not that bad by the standard of other Championship and FL teams but PL teams which is where we want to be are extremely dedicated and ultra professional and that could be an area that Webber should crack down on because it could make a difference and explain some of our more baffling performances. This happened during the Farke era as well so it's not a Smith thing. We're not a team of alchies but they do like a night out and when talking about marginal gains and all that I feel like our Sporting Director should really get a lid on all of that.
  7. He'll draw more attention as they'll have to double up on him which might open up space for our other players. Plus his inclusion would mean we wouldn't have to string together 6-10 great passes to create something every time we attack. Yeah he's limited and frustrating, but he's the only player we have who can get the ball and run at the opposition and I think he'll be more useful in this game than another player who will only want to play pass and move like Cantwell or Nunez
  8. It's definitely not as conducive to controlling games you're right and that's why we won't win as many games or get as many points under Smith this year as we got under Farke the last two times. But that's kind of the whole point because we're building a style that can get results without having to control games if we get promoted again. We could stick Farke in charge and give him 100m to spend in the PL but we're still unlikely to be able to control games, score goals and keep teams out in the PL because the quality and athleticism in that league is so high. It's not perfect now i'll freely admit that, which is why I say we're building and not fully utilizing yet. We need to cut out the defensive mistakes and be more coherent and incisive in our counter attacking but I can see what we're trying to do even if it's not working yet. You have to remember though most of our players were signed for Farke and Smith has admitted in his latest press conference what is blatanetly obvious “Sometimes you can have a lot of players who just want to play football, but there are times when you look at the game within that, which isn’t solely about trying to play football, but to turn the opposition and create opportunities." You want someone like Farke in charge and to try to control games if you've stayed up for 3 seasons and have build a good team in that time, a manager like him with that style isn't right for us for where we find ourselves right now.
  9. People seem to want to forget that a in a lot of games under Farke we weren't very good and had to rely on moments of individual brilliance from Buendia or Pukki to get a result. It seems like people remember us always playing brilliant, incisive passing football under him in every game but that wasn't the case. In many games in our last promotion season we looked unconvincing and struggled to break teams down, in his first promotion season we were often woeful defensively and had to win and draw games from behind because we were far too open. The PL was a different story, we had the odd good game where we cut teams open in 18/19 but the vast majority of the time all of our passing moves broke down by the half way line and we looked really poor and dull to watch because we were so one dimensional and too easy to knock off the ball. Smith always seems to get judged against how we played under Farke v Leeds away and Huddersfield at home and not the average Farke era performance and it isn't fair on him. He doesn't have Buendia and is trying to build a style that will work better if we get promoted again which means developing players who have some physicality (at the expense of some technical quality because of our budget) and trying to attack teams quicker. People always wonder why we finished higher than Brentford in that promotion season but they then went on and survived in the PL when we didn't, it's because they built a team and style that could make the step up when required, it doesn't win you as many games against inferior opposition like Farkeball, but it translated a lot better when playing better teams and that is similar to what Smith is trying to do here. Yes it isn't as good as what Farke treated us to at his best, but we're trying to go up and stay up now, not be the best and most exciting Championship team because building with a style that only works if you have equal or better quality players than the opposition doesn't work in the league above.
  10. I'd still be really interested to hear the details of how McNally left. I've heard some whispers but nothing concrete. From my vantage point it looked like he took that relegation really hard and got too p155sed one night and over reacted on social media and then resigned in embarrassment. I'm not saying I'd want him back or that he shouldn't have left when he did, but he was great for us without a doubt and I'd love to hear the full story of how it fell apart.
  11. He knows Potter who he was speaking to when Farke was under pressure in his first season. i do wonder how that job would look for Webber though, he wouldn't have as much control as he has here, I wonder if they're sounding him out to be a transfer or more business/culture orientated SD. On his replacement I'd actually be okay with Adams, i'm much happier with the thought of him as SD than I was when he was appointed manager. He's been learning the job, knows the club (which I'd argue is more much beneficial in that role than it is for a head coach) and knows how to spot a good player. I think we'd need a slight restructure of responsibilities though and Adams should focus entirely on the football side of the role and let Ward+whoever do the business side.
  12. Managers tend to find a style and way of playing early in their careers and stick with those methods until they retire. It's rare for managers to change over time and football has left Bruce behind by now. It's the same reason nobody hires Allardyce anymore and why he's not as effective, although in his case it's more that modern coaches have adopted a lot of his methods so he's now redundant because almost every top flight team defends with a disciplined shape, gets the ball forward quickly and prioritizes set pieces, in Bruce's case though it's just too basic and just telling the players to go out and play doesn't work so well when so many modern coaches are clever and very good tactically.
  13. That outside footed cross that lead to Hanleys chance in the first half was top class, he definitely meant it as well. brilliant technique.
  14. He isn't. I've seen him in person a few times and he's just a shade shorter than me and im 5'10. I wasn't saying he's short, just unremarkable physically which sums up a lot of our team.
  15. He's the archetypal Webber-era Norwich player. Good in the Championship, poor in the PL. 5ft9 with no pace, strength or dribbling ability. Likes to pass and move but doesn't like to tackle, run with the the ball or shoot. Has a good attitude, cares about the club and is a nice guy but lacks that ruthless edge and composure. He's the typical Norwich player but he gets picked because he covers ground, follows instruction and is one of the rare players in our team who can win a header, plus I didn't see anyone on the bench today who i thought should start ahead of him. But i get why people are frustrated. When we as a team are playing too slowly, too much backwards and sideways, too many short simple passes and he's the main culprit of that I get why it would wind people up. He's not as good or bad as people who are divided in their opinion of him seem to think he is. He offers quite a lot at this level but is also a frustratingly limited and risk averse player in some ways, especially as the current successful trend in football has moved towards pace, athleticism and direct running when it comes to midfielders. On a side note I continue to be impressed by Gibbs. He can run with the ball, beat players and set up counter attacks which is very useful.
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