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  1. Fast forward through MOTD to the analysis of the goals from the high angle, it confirms everything I've been saying about our off the ball work being absolutely shocking and that is down to Farke and his coaches. Sacking Farke and replacing him with a coach who can set up a team to be competitive at this level would make a difference, even if we still go down it would be much less embarrassing. You don't need a Hodgson or Allardyce to improve us in the areas we need to improve, just a coach with a more modern high intensity playing philosophy who understands the pace and intensity that the game needs to be played at in this league, one who won't let our players gently trot back into position and will demand that we get tighter to the opposition, press in numbers, not ball watch, offer a passing option at all times etc, you know the really basic stuff that our coaches just can't seem to get the team to do.
  2. "Farke’s brutally honest post-match admission perhaps some of his players were dazzled by Chelsea’s star appeal should cut much deeper than the lacerations from a club record equalling top flight loss" Apart from Normann, Hanley, Cantwell and Aarons I just don't see that attitude of 'I'm good enough and deserve to play at this level' from any other of our players, we need every one of our players to feel and act like this and not give a t055 who the opposition is, we show too much respect to other teams. Too meek, too nice and too much of a soft touch.
  3. Defeatist and very short sighted. A stay of a few years in the Championship will see the parachute payment money gone and all our best players will leave and with our self funding budget we will have approximately £0 to spend every window before player sales. We did very well and the stars aligned somewhat in Farke's second season, but seasons like that are very much the exception to the rule and we can't expect that it will magically happen again. Instead of meekly giving up we should give ourselves a chance this year by bringing in a coach who understands how you have to play at PL and can coach the players to be more competitive instead of burying our heads in the sand and praying that Farke miraculously turns everything around (it almost never happens for struggling coaches) and leaving it far, far too late like we always stupidly do. Look at Watford who rightly had the bottle to put the best interests of the club, it's whole staff and fans above that of one employee, they scored more goals away from home in one half yesterday than we have in this entire season
  4. I see quite a few similarities in how Ole and Farke set their teams out to play. Just way too slow and lacking in intensity, relying on individual brilliance to create chances, not getting close to the opposition, not pressing in numbers etc. You need to play at a lightening pace to be effective at this level
  5. Yup, among other subtle and not so subtle tactical issues that you can broadly summarize with being too passive off the ball both when defending and when trying to play our pass and move football. It's why I get frustrated by all this talk of formations and switching personel. Farke will change his team and formations but he will not abandon his core playing philosophy of slow, patient passing football where the expectation is that we don't lose the ball. That expectation means that we are not really well prepared, coached or set up to deal with being without the ball so much and we often look bemused by how often we lose the ball, like we were expecting that the opposition wouldn't, with their team of super athletes try to win the ball back from us as fast as possible. That is the key issue, switching base formations around won't help us if we don't either change the manager or he radically alters his coaching philosophy, drastically improves our shape, structure and movement and somehow injects a much higher intensity into our play.
  6. I don't want to go too off topic here, but all rich people find ways to avoid paying taxes. One of my friends has some extended family based in the Cayman islands and they basically make a ridiculous living finding creative ways for wealthy people to avoid taxes through clever accounting and manipulating business books. I won't name any of their clients, even though I've seen pictures of them together, but some of them are what we as people and in the media often think of as some of the good guys, ones you wouldn't think are into tax avoidance. The problem is that what people like them and Marcus Evans are doing is basically legal because the system is designed to allow certain people to exploit it and avoid paying what they should, I'd like to think if I was in their position I would contribute fairly like everyone else, but you never know, these people live on a different planet and it's bound to affect them. So by all means despise Marcus Evans, I can't fault you for that, all I'll say is they're all up to it to some degree.
  7. Equal parts pathetic and terrifying. This sounds like something that would happen in an authoritarian police state, people should be very worried if this type of abuse of authority occurs. I really do hate the direction not just this country but the whole world seems to be drifting into. For anyone else please don't try to argue a racial element. Firstly Saudi's are not a race, neither is the cartoon any kind of stereotypical caracature. This is just an excuse to abuse police power to silence and oppress a small dissenting section of the population. It's disgusting.
  8. I know Adams has a lot of good qualities but he's never recruited a manager before or overseen a recruitment strategy to fit that managers approach, I'd be worried if he's calling all the shots next year. I'm worried he's just going to hire Russell Martin and we'll carry on playing the same unsuitable, outdated football next year and when we get to the PL again be just as woefully out of place because of our unsuitable playing philosophy.
  9. I'm dreading this. Our biggest issue is our low intensity, our lazy languid style and how slow we are to react to turnovers and teams who play at a high pace. Leeds are a high intensity team who move the ball about quickly, attack at pace in numbers and swarm about the pitch to out-work their opponents. If they're on their game it really won't be pretty.
  10. Agree Dimi was run ragged by James bit I disagree with Williams being a better option. I don't think he's any better defensively, he gets caught out of position more and offers less going forward. I feel sorry for Dimi to be honest, he was up against one of their best players today and in that half gave more than anyone else in front of him did. I think in the 343 he would have offered more than Williams and that's without the benefit of hindsight even though it wouldn't have made a difference. I'm confused by Farke's use and treatment of his fullbacks this year. When they get the ball nobody offers them a passing option so they have no choice but to run into blind alleyways (see Aarons screaming MOVE! at a team mate last week in frustration), they don't get much cover from midfield, they are our only counter attacking option but have to get through too much defensive work, when they do get close to the opposition box nobody shows for a pass so they have to cross to nobody in the box and when things have gotten tough the left back has been made a bit of a scapegoat.
  11. He's more of an expensive Johan Elmander. RVW couldn't really play football but could find space and if given enough chances in a weaker league would score a few, but aside from that was semi-pro level in every other aspect of his game. Sargent for all his faults can at least put himself about a bit, control a football, pass to a team mate and win some headers. He's somewhat useful despite his price tag whereas RVW was a complete waste of space and playing him was like playing with 10 men.
  12. Unless we change manager (which we won't) it's over already so there's no point worrying about other teams results. You can however feel jealous that other clubs aren't as incredibly naive as us and understand how you need to play to have a chance at this level. We struggle to compete at this level because of our finances and that we can't really help but we're so utterly woeful and embarrassingly poor because of our own delusional naivety. This squad is capable of more than we're seeing right now despite being desperately short of two Tettey/Skipp type players and the reason we look so abject and poor is entirely our own fault
  13. Neither Watford or Brentford have spent much more than us. The difference is they don't try to play slow, languid, lazy low intensity tippy tappy football and don't stand around the pitch like statues, trot back at a slow jog when they lose the ball and they have that aggressive streak that allows them to take the opposition on and run at them when they get the chance to attack unlike us and that's why they're doing so much better than we are. Nobody wants to support either of those clubs, but unlike us they don't live in a strange fantasy land and actually understand what is required to compete in this league. It's so frustrating watching other clubs get it right without having to be especially clever or inventive and seeing us go into a season signing players like Gilmour and neglecting the DM position because we think we can somehow pass teams off the pitch at this level.
  14. Because someone with a conservative mindset is definitely going to want to come in and spend loads and loads of money. Because that's what conservatives do, throw money at things and left wingers are all about austerity and living within their means... I think you might be a bit confused
  15. Yes exactly what we need! A lovely, nice guy who plays idealistic, slow, inoffensive tippy tappy football. How you can watch our games this season and think we need a manager who plays the same style of football as Farke is totally beyond me.
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