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  1. While I agree that many of our problems have stemmed from the midfield not offering enough protection, we still have the issue of conceding too easily from crosses and you can't expect the midfielders to drop into the penalty box to mark players every time the ball gets played wide by the opposition. It doesn't matter which combination of our 4 CB's we play, we always struggle immensely at dealing with crosses, whether that's high floated or low across the ground, it always causes us chaos and it's such a cheap and relatively risk free way for the opposition to hurt us. Particularly in the Championship where many teams don't play through the lines, they like to get the ball wide, get bodies in the box and then smash it in and hope for the best, this shouldn't cause good teams many problems but we can't defend these situations. This is an individual problem with all of our CB's and it's why we need new, experienced signings there. We need 5 first team quality CB's to account for injuries and incase Farke wants to play a 3. We currently have 4 and one of them will likely be sold this summer. I personally would be extremely disappointed if we don't make any signings at CB again this summer.
  2. I'm not writing the guy off but surely 5 ft 3 is just too small to be a defender? Even if he's great going forwards that lack of height would be such a simple and easily exploitable flaw in our system for the opposition to target. Imagine him in a game against West Ham or Palace, he's literally a whole ft smaller than most of their players
  3. I said the same thing after the disallowed Pukki goal. he was onside, they then moved it forward a few frames and moved the thick line back a touch to make it look offside my mm's. You could not see the exact moment when the ball left Vrancic foot so they bodged it to give spurs the benefit of the doubt. I will only ever accept a version of VAR that is programmed in such a way that it can make decisions itself without human influence and is correct 100% of the time. there's too much room for corruption as it is. There is no point to it in it's current form
  4. Never seen him play, is he actually that good? There wasn't this kind of reaction when they sold Redmond or Grey.
  5. Finishing in or near the playoffs looks easier than usual as I only see about 6-8 standout teams including us but finishing top 2 will be as hard as it's ever been
  6. Good set piece delivery with both feet as well. That's another area we've been lacking. If i was the hazard a guess at what's 'wrong' with him, ie, why he isn't already playing for a bigger club players like this can often be too fast and direct for their own good and are maybe prone to making the wrong decision when in a good area or trying to rely on their speed all the time when a better option is available. Also he's young and looks very slight to me. An exciting signing, but let's not put too much expectation on him too early. He's not going to be the finished article, he's stepping up hugely in quality and intensity for the Championship and he'll have to get used to our style of play and the demands of his team mates. This isn't like bringing in an experienced player in their prime who has played 200 odd games before in the top two divisions like when we signed Huckerby, this is a bit of a gamble.
  7. I started supporting in 2001 so I can't really comment before that, but from my time the top 5 are a massive cut above the rest Lambert Farke Worthington Hughton Neil All based on their time with us ignoring what they've done before and after. I'm sure to most on here the top position will be taken by one from the Saunders to Walker era, which is fair enough.
  8. There's an article in the Athletic claiming that those two are among several Brighton players who are leaving in the Summer. I would take those two in a heartbeat. Stephens is an excellent, experienced defensive midfielder and would add some badly needed physicality to our midfield. I also think Murray would be excellent playing a similar role to the one Rhodes performed for us in the past, he offers a completely different option to what we already have, would give us an aerial threat and would definitely still be able to score goals in the Championship even at his age. Brighton are actively looking to offload these players so they wouldn't cost a fortune either. Anyone else think we should take a punt on these two?
  9. 2-1 now. Leicester seem to have a bit of an issue with the poorer teams.
  10. I'm pretty sure if you replaced us with any top half Championship team since the restart for our fixtures they would have got a point or at least performed better than us. This has nothing to do with our spend or physical shortcomings. Something feels wrong to me, I'm just speculating here but I reckon Farke is leaving and has told the players behind closed doors. i can't explain these pathetic performances any other way realistically. Either that or half the squad know they're off. Something is definitely wrong though
  11. No chance, unless we got offered something stupid like 15m+ He looks shot of confidence, it's nothing to do with an injury. He's not gambling, anticipating balls, making the right runs and when he gets a half chance he's panicking and fluffing it. It's also becoming increasingly clear to me that a big reason for his previous goalscoring form was his understanding with Stiepermann. who was trying to play him in every chance he got last game but Pukki was always on his heels or in the wrong place. Once back in the Championship, if we keep Stiepermann and Buendia, start to dominate games again and create him chances he will find form again, I'm certain of that. It might take him a few weeks but in those circumstances it will happen, then watch him bang them in regularly again from then on. I would leave him out for the rest of the season though. give him a rest, give Drmic a good chance to see whether he's really up to it and give Idah some time with the pressure off.
  12. Although risky we should be trying to get most if not all of our signings in before we sell anyone then try and drag out negotiations for the players we sell until really late on, that way clubs won't assume we're flush with cash and we can hopefully attract a few desperate bids for our players. Much easier said than done of course but I think we can approach this window safe in the knowledge that at some point big bids will come in for some of our younger players and we can afford to risk holding onto them until late in the window.
  13. I'm kinda ashamed to admit I made some money on this tonight. I put a last minute bet on after they mentioned his goal drought in the pre match build up. It would be fair to say, over the years that this has been a bit of a familiar theme.
  14. Many other clubs, particularly those in Europe where survival in the top division isn't as vital financially as it is here will be looking at his reputation as a coach. They will look at the amount we spent and the signings we made and would largely write off this season if they were interested in his coaching ability to bring through young players and add value to their squad. He also plays good football that fans will like and doesn't cause problems for the clubs board by moaning about how much backing he is given. There's a very good reason the likes of Sam Allardyce etc don't generally attract interest from abroad, the profile they are looking at is generally much different from here where at most clubs it's entirely results driven. Even when we go down i expect Farke to still be in demand and very attractive for clubs in Europe.
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