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  1. Christoph Stiepermann

    The fabled academy

    To paraphrase Webber, we're gearing our academy structure towards producing great players not great teams. I'm sure he's done at least 2 or 3 interviews about this, why do some people just refuse to listen or absorb information?
  2. Christoph Stiepermann

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Nobody at the club is that stupid.
  3. Christoph Stiepermann

    £34 million loss

    Is it Leicester now? I'm well out of the loop, I thought everyone was still jealous of QPR and their big money signings and big name managers that our club would never be able to compete with...Or was it Cardiff? I can't keep up anymore. Seriously though. Nobody like Leicester or Wolves for example's owners want to buy Norwich. We're simply not appealing enough for an owner with both limitless wealth and footballing nous. We might attract a Marcus Evans type if we whored ourselves out enough, but what we know where that road leads. We need to attract certain types of players and managers that fit our culture here to be successful. If you throw money at mercenaries who don't want to play for this club or live in this part of the country you end up like Sunderland/Portsmouth. The model we have now is the one that will give us the best chance of success and a team that we can enjoy supporting. It has it's limits but it's better than any other alternative available to us. If there was an owner out there who cared about and understood the club and football like Delia/MWJ and had the money to bankroll us you can bet we would sell the club to them. But that person doesn't exist I'm afraid, like it or lump it that's the reality we face.
  4. Christoph Stiepermann

    Match Thread v Brighton

    This is what happens when you try to get a team built to play a certain way to try to be solid and defensive. You slightly negate the bad while taking away all the good. The players look drained of confidence and have no belief whatsoever. I don't think the losing duels and one v ones is a physical iussue, more that our players feel inferior and low on confidence and we're afriad to impose ourselves. Next week v Watford go back to doing what we did at the start of the season. Yes we'll conceed like crazy but it'll be better than losing ever game by the odd goal and scraping a 0 0 now and again
  5. Christoph Stiepermann

    Match Thread v Brighton

    We look to me to be playing a 5 3 2, certainly at least off the ball and while it has tightened us up at the back a bit, we've lost most of our threat going forward. It's a sensible approach to take but I'm not sure it suits our players, we're too lightweight in the tackle and easily brushed off the ball to play deep defensively. If we play our usual game we're often carved open too easily. I'm glad I'm not Farke as I have absolutely no idea how we can get the balance right with the players we have available.
  6. Christoph Stiepermann

    Match Thread v Brighton

    With or without VAR we never get decisions at this level and never will. I don't even get mad anymore, it's just how it is for us for some reason
  7. Christoph Stiepermann

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    It's fair to say we have a physical disadvantage in this league. You only have to look at us during the hand shakes at the beginning of games v the bottom 15 or so in this league to see that. Every smaller club in this league is packed with pace, height and power and the greater finances of every club and better scouting have meant these players are also technically gifted now as well. Tactically this league seems to have regressed in the past 5 or so years, nearly every team plays simple counter attacking football based on a solid defence and a few strong, fast outstanding dribblers. But i think our problems at the moment are more simple. Buendia and Stiepermann who are so crucial to our play haven't found their feet yet, Hernandez who gives us another dimension has been out all season, we haven't had a settled CM pairing and our defence is ravaged by injuries. Yes we're small and slow for this league, but with a fairer wind and the momentum and confidence we came up with we could've had a real chance at thriving for a while. People won't like this excuse because there's no one to directly blame but it's the injuries and some poor individual form that have killed us. Sucks but that's the truth.
  8. Christoph Stiepermann

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    I don't see those issues as tactical or something we're not being drilled correctly on. It's simply that we have a small, inexperienced team. To play Farke's style of football you have to be technically gifted as a bare minimum. This squad has been largely built on a shoestring so we've sacrificed physicality and experience for players who first and foremost fit our philosophy. We have some tall players but they aren't quick or that strong and some fast players who are weak and inconsistent, much of our team is also out injured. I would argue there's very little Farke can do on the training pitch to stem the flow of these types of goals. We're not yet at a place where we can afford players who are physically and technically good enough so we are where we are. It's not fun and this was my main fear coming into this season that we'd be dominated physically and in the air but it is what it is and we have to get on with it. Kenny McLean, a physically average, attacking midfielder currently being deployed in a holding midfield role is our best header of the ball in the team at the moment. That says it all really, no amount of careful coaching can fix that problem
  9. Christoph Stiepermann

    It’s not just injuries

    Only thing i agree on is the physical size issue. It's the main thing i was worried about going into this season. All the bottom 15 or so teams minus Leicester and Bournemouth are full of 6ft2+ athletes. West Ham and Palace are the extreme example here and that extra strength, pace and height can overwhelm our young, slight team. We have big players, but they aren't quick and we have fast players who are easily brushed off the ball, PL teams are full of players who have both and can play a bit. They don't need to knock it around like we do when they can dribble through us and win areal balls 90% of the time with ease. We still look a good side but against the also rans in this league it's looked a bit like U16's v under 18's at times this year and there's little we can do to address it even without injuries.
  10. Christoph Stiepermann

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    There's a reason why farke rarely changed the team last year even if we had dips in form, the way we play benefits greatly from continuity and an understanding between players on the pitch. This injury crisis has really killed us, we've not been at our fluent best because we've had to change the team around so much and it's also killed that bit of momentum most teams get promoted with. Despite what Farke says I can see it's gotten to the players as well, they look really fed up and hard done by. You need a degree of luck to stay in this league as a promoted side alongside quality, we haven't had any this year. All we can do is carry on supporting but it's looking ominous at this early stage. It's gutting because with a mostly full strength squad I think we could've made a real go of this.
  11. Christoph Stiepermann

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    Draw v burnley Loss v Palace Win v Villa Draw v Bournemouth That would be 5 points and a great haul. Burnley and palace are the type of teams that cause us problems, plus we never win at that cesspool Selhurst Park. We should have enough to beat Villa but Bournemouth are brilliant at home and a draw there would be a brilliant result.
  12. Christoph Stiepermann

    🙃And nobody needed to 'beat the traffic'....

    On night games, train times to Great Yarmouth are an absolute joke, if I leave dead on the whistle at 90+4 then sprint hell for leather to the station i only make the train half the time. Or then there's another one or maybe two carriage train an hour or so later that people get packed into like sardines, absolute stupidity. I stay till the end because I don't work mornings and I can run, that's not the case for everyone though so i don't blame people for leaving a few minutes early, everyone's circumstances are different. It would have been a crime to leave early Saturday though, why wouldn't you want to drink in that atmosphere? As an aside, getting into your seat well after kick off because you were p155ing about in the concourse is unforgivable and you should be banned from CR for life.
  13. Christoph Stiepermann

    Sheff Utd fall out

    I haven't been on their forum or spoke to any of their fans, but I'd imagine the locals are pretty angry at the situation? They have such a good thing going at the moment and some shady guy with no connection to the club is trying to spoil everything. I assume they're united in all wanting this sale to fail?
  14. Christoph Stiepermann

    Sheff Utd fall out

    I'll appoint my son in law to run the club... That should raise about a million red flags. No matter what happens this season if that sale goes through our little rivalry with Sheff Utd will drop flying back into the rear view mirror pretty quickly. They can have all the cash they want, I'd rather be paupers and have Webber running the club than millions and the random son in law of some "Prince" calling the shots
  15. Christoph Stiepermann

    Todd Cantwell

    Where has this insane improvement come from? last year he looked a decent Championship player that could develop into a very good Championship player but this year he has gone up several levels and is looking like a star player in this league. If he maintains this level of performance I don't think he'll just be worthy of wearing the number 14 shirt he'll actually be an improvement on the last player to wear it. Outstanding performance today to go along with his other brilliant performances this season. Did he always have this potential or is Farke really the prodigious coach we all think he is? Makes me wonder how good the Murphys could have been if Farke could have started coaching them early