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  1. Corbyn describing it as 'very odd' is another good reminder of why he was totally unelectable.
  2. Beautiful to see that type of natural balance in action.
  3. One thing you certainly can't accuse Truss of so far is bit a populist. Almost every economic policy she seems to keen on is likely to be deeply unpopular and fruther cement the Tory brand as one that is only interest in helping the rich get richer. Cutting workers rights, lowering corporation tax, lack of a windfall tax etc etc all point to someone driven largely by ideology over any sense of electoral popularity. I'd almost admire it if it wasn't for the fact that nobody voted for these policies. I've never been in the 'new PM means a general election has to happen' camp but when the new PM in question seems to be creating an entirely new manifesto then surely people need to get a say on if that is what they want?
  4. I agree in part (certainly when people talk about left backs for example- we can't carry three specialist left backs in case two get injured!) but we're light in central defence. We've got three senior central defenders and a 20 year old with two first team appearances who has looked shaky so far. Going into this season we took the same gamble we did two years ago where we had Hanley, Gibson and Zimmerman backed up by Omobamidele. In that case the gamble paid off as Omo stepped up brilliantly. I'm less confident that would be the case with Tomkinson based on the league cup performances. Additionally the lack of central defenders is somewhat restrictive when it comes to different formations (although this is also hampered by the injuries at fullback). V Bristol I'd have been tempted to match their formation in the second half and switch to a back 3 but having only one central defender on the bench combined with the worry over Hanley meant that wouldn't have been possible even if Smith wanted to. However I do wonder if, when Dimi and McCallum are back, we may see Byram used in central defence too.
  5. Good post. People are complex, multi-faceted and often contradictory in their thinking- nothing wrong with that, it is human. It is perfectly possible to wish with all your heart when kick off time comes that Norwich win each and every game while also being extremely ambivalent about the prize we'll get by winning all those games- namely promotion to a league where our chances of finishing 19th feel vanishingly small, let alone staying up! Someone mentioned the term 'existential crisis' earlier in the thread and that is generally how I feel about football in general but especially for those who sit somewhere between 10th in the Premier League and 10th in the Championship but particularly those who sit in yo-yo territory- us, Bournemouth, Fulham, West Brom etc. After a few seasons quite a few fans find themselves forced to confront the question of 'what is the point?' For a club like us in the Championship it was clear- win promotion, play at the top level. But when playing at the top level becomes a soul destroying experience of beatings and humiliations handed out by teams who aren't better run than us but just have richer owners then that purpose becomes less enticing. And what if we do manage to fight gravity and remain up? It's fun for a couple of seasons but then we're again faced with 'what's the point?' And in the lower-mid Premier League the point simply becomes 'to survive' both in terms of avoiding relegation but also in financial terms. Try and save some money for the inevitable rainy day of relegation, which will come for you one day. Then back to square one. There are some out there who can ignore the picture piece and just take each game as it comes, where the purpose is much clearer- our purpose as a club each and every time we kick off is to score more goals than the opposition over the next 90 minutes. I think that is probably easier for those who attend week in week out where the experience is the purpose as much as anything and you can enjoy the game for what it is.
  6. I think you're probably right and in part I think he's suffered due to our yo-yoing. It is hard to keep progressing as a player when we go up and down each season and it is hard to impress as a right back in a team that has issues all over the pitch and can't compete. I think he'll likely end up getting a move to a Villa/Wolves/Leicester (provided they pull out of their current nose dive) in the next season or two and then who knows if he kicks on from there. But he is too good to be playing every other season in the second tier.
  7. I feel like the Bristol one does rather show the limitations at time of XG and that it remains somewhat subjective depending on the model you use. That graph suggests the Sinani 1 on 1 was worth 0.1 XG at most, which I cannot get my head around. He was clear through, no defenders pressuring him and had time to control the ball. All I can think that has bought it down was the range (I think he took it from outside the area) but even then I don't think that is a chance that gets taken less than one in ten times.
  8. TAA being a bit found out this season though- he might be taller but he's still not a good defender.
  9. I think for most fans in an ideal world the Premier League comes to its collective senses and running a club in the manner we're run becomes the celebrated and then eventually the norm but that feels more like blind hope that anything. So I don't blame fans pining for richer owners in a sort of 'can't beat them, join them' sense. Some find themselves able to take pride in the UEA style 'do different' ethos and credit to them but I don't think others are bad for getting frustrated. I was thinking earlier this week about how many new signings I think we'd need if we did get promoted. I settled on 7 or 8- keeper, central defender, defensive midfielder, central midfield, number 10, winger, striker. And we'd them to all likely be starter level. So, by current costs, we'd likely need to spend about £100m and that is without someone being sold to help fund as we did last time. That isn't realistic (and it isn't the clubs fault) so it is tough to be enthusiastic about another season in the top level.
  10. I think he's probably not good enough for a big team and too expensive for a mid-table Premier League team. I'd imagine we were after north of £20m still for him- in comparison Leeds were able to get Kristensen from Salzburg for under £12m and he is an international player with European experience.
  11. Do you mean domestic loans? Because we consistently have more than two loanees total- 5 last season, 4 the season before...
  12. Yep. Returning from injury, first start in the league, in a game we struggled and in a midfield lacking a proper 'holder' and some are writing him off already?
  13. Crazy weekend- Dolphins, Cardinals and Jets all completing highly improbably comebacks in one evening. Really sad new about Lance- was excited to see how he develops but Jimmy G is a more than capable backup. NFC East looks interesting- Eagles and Giants (!) at 2-0 and the Cowboys managing an unexpected win vs Cinnci (who look a total mess) means it all is pretty even right now, although I think the Eagles have to be favoured. Finally, the Bills really are living up to their standing as pre season favourites- they've destroyed last seasons Superbowl winner and the AFC number one side in consecutive weeks.
  14. Jesus, it's like some of you have never followed football before. A player who has started several games in a row, didn't have to come off injured on Saturday suddenly finds he has a minor muscle injury before an international break is a shockingly common occurrence and usually is paired with a miraculous recovery after the break is finished. I'll eat my hat if he's actually inured and doesn't start v Blackpool.
  15. Who knew the guy with a Pepe the frog avatar might be a bit of a ****? Shocked I tell you, SHOCKED.
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