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  1. king canary

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Heart says yes, head says no. I just don't see the depth in the squad in key positions.
  2. You get what you deserve if you only show up for half a game.
  3. Thanks Captain Hindsight.
  4. Woeful defending by Southampton there- one defender two or three yards behind the rest to give Pukki a free run. Hopefully we'll start playing more of those sorts of balls rather than the sideways crap we've tried so far.
  5. Lovely ball by Tettey, lovely finish- get in!
  6. I actually didn't think he was particularly poor- feels like a waste of a substitution to make a like for like change at DM.
  7. Not for me Clive- we've lacked any penetration and these two don't add that.
  8. Got a lot of faith in Farke but I'm baffled by those changes.
  9. Tettey and Stiepermann coming on?? What??
  10. Not this season we haven't- as the commentators said we've lost every game we've fallen behind in this season.
  11. By OK I assume you mean we passed it around in safe places a bit? We've managed one shot all half.
  12. That was terrible. Back to being comfortably outplayed by average teams and an ability to even trouble the worst defence in the league.
  13. king canary

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    This is feeling a bit 'what did the Romans do for us?' now. We've generally generated good prices for people we've sold but we're usually pretty happy to cash in.