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  1. You know what, looking back I'm doing him a slight disservice. In head I had him down as getting injured straight away but that was Stefanovic- Kennedy made 20+ appearances and then got injured, unfortunately having to retire. I do remember it being a Glenn Roeder special to sell Shackell and replace him with an loan central defender with a questionable injury record though.
  2. There isn't many standout options from the Championship this year- Toney feels like he'd cost more than we'd spend. Adam Armstrong has scored a good few but I don't have a great view on what his all-round game is like.
  3. Soto hsa so far struggled to make an impact at u23 level since his return so I wouldn't bank on it- I'm sure Farke will use preseason to assess him and allow him to state a case though as he did with Cantwell last time we went up. Gut feeling is him and Idah could both do with a season on loan in the Championship to get used to playing week in week out.
  4. Oh god, take out the insults and I actually agree with you...
  5. I don't think we'll be getting any 'proven' strikers at this level to be honest- I think we'll either be looking at someone from abroad or someone from the Championship. Someone to push Pukki for his starting place and not just be a bench warmer ala Drmic and I don't see Hugill being that.
  6. Well this was a wild ride to read this morning. Must say it took me ages to find the iFollow logo but that is because I've mainly watched on Sky this season. Also just a note for Bill- VanWink also couldn't have been watching Sky 20 minutes before kickoff as you seemed to claim as the stream doesn't kick in until 6:55pm.
  7. No idea if it would be viable or not but the one I'd be keen for us to look at is Lookman if Fulham go down, he's a real talent.
  8. Rhodes again? Hugill is a far better option than him at this point.
  9. Taken over by ex Norwich player John Kennedy too. Not that he played very much here mind you.
  10. Not remotely clued up enough to know to be honest- I'd hope so but I'm not sure. I don't think promising more devolution will cut the mustard though.
  11. Nothing crazy but I think Gibson, Hernandez and Rupp might be pushing for some more minutes. I don't think swapping those three in for Zimbo, Cantwell and McLean weakens us hugely.
  12. I'd assume due to the independence debate- if you're a Scot Nat who wants an independence vote then you vote SNP, if you're a unionist who wants the opposite you vote Tory- voting Labour risks a coalition with the SNP based on the promise independence vote.
  13. You've got to admire the willingness of Skipp, who basically plays every single minute, busting a gut to get up there for 95th minute tap in. Love him.
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