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  1. Surprised to hear that about Sitti as they gave him a big fanfare when he arrived.
  2. Bit of a bargain in the current market. Even if they do I wonder if he becomes available in January- Fulham may spend and he might find himself a bit part player.
  3. Not anything I've heard- all I know is that according to reports Pritchard being sold was one of the big disagreements Farke and Webber have had since they were here.
  4. I get the sense Southampton don't see him as a Premier League player. He's 25 now and has been loaned out every season pretty much. With Fulham, I wonder if they get a bit starry eyed again once promoted.
  5. king canary

    Test match

    Not doing so well in this match. Had high hopes for Burns but he's very hit and miss at the moment. Need Pope to get a big score as I dont see Buttler digging in.
  6. Miguel Delaney has been consistently excellent on this sort of thing- great article here... https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/arsenal-redundancies-latest-news-miguel-delaney-a9655826.html Particularly this part "It is all merely an example of the unfeeling hyper-capitalism that has come to engulf the game – particularly among the super-clubs. Many might say that’s just business – that’s the world football clubs operate in. But that makes stressing this point all the more necessary, and means clubs should be very vocally reminded of it more often. Football clubs are supposed to be much more than businesses. They’re social institutions, community assets. They have a moral obligation beyond business. Too many have forgotten that. This is just part of a tapestry. It makes it all the more tragically laughable that, next week, Arsenal are one of six clubs set to announce a commercial partnership based on the idea of giving back to community. Developments raise the question over whether they even know the meaning of the words any more. They know how to pay lip service, for business purposes. Just another skewed priority, and far removed from what football clubs are supposed to be about."
  7. Bumping this thread and saying thanks to Mr Angry- in my 6th season a Mike Ashley owned Norwich have just won the league on goal difference with Espositio bagging 30+ goals for the second season in a row. What a player.
  8. I think he can play a bit wider and also deeper if needs be (ooh matron). I imagine we'll see quite a lot of interchange between our attacking midfielders depending on who remains.
  9. Brady is a decent shout as is Redmond but I think @Feedthewolf suggestion of Reed is probably the most realistic/useful for us right now. Would also love to have seen more of Pritchard and Farke clearly loved him.
  10. I think it could be- if he is a bit part player he can still be sold for a good fee, especially if the inflation in transfer fees continues. Liverpool managed to get £20m for Dominik Solanke who basically did nothing in his time at the club.
  11. The £10m is quoted as how Liverpool value him. I'm sure we value him higher and as another posted said we'll likely meet in the middle somewhere. Maybe £15m rising to £20m based on a few add ons.
  12. 21/22 will be make or break seasons for those two here IMO- Famewo will turn 23 and Bushri 22 that season, no longer really youngsters in football terms.
  13. Heart says I'd like Brentford to go up, head says it would better for Norwich if Fulham were out of the division.
  14. Our strategy may be largely about players like Dowell but not exclusively. We signed a 29 year old midfielder in January remember.
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