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  1. king canary

    Our summer business

    This doesn't make any sense. How can someone come in as first choice but not have first shot?
  2. Oh good, we're back to digging up old posts to pick fights over hypothetical situations.
  3. king canary

    President Trump

    People like Jools and RTB are so ball achingly predictable. Based on the Brexit thread you could easily predict they'd both be pro trump, climate change deniers and a whole bunch of other positions, all while claiming everyone else is brainwashed.
  4. king canary

    NFL Thread

    It is weird how such a aggressively capitalist society has sports that work to an almost socialist system.
  5. king canary

    President Trump

    I hope it is Warren. Bernie is the American Corbyn in that he's very popular amongst his quite rabid fanbase but seems to have forgotten about appealing to people outside of that.
  6. king canary

    Our summer business

    Apologies if you think I'm getting at you somehow- it isn't my intention. I personally don't see how I'm splitting hairs. The reason I mention Colney is that the clearest example of settling debts that I can recall from this past summer. All my point has been is that the restrictions and budgets he works with are set for him, not something he chooses.
  7. king canary

    Our summer business

    Maybe I'm misinterpreting but you challenged the idea Webber didn't set his own budgets and then told me he was in charge of overall strategy including 'settling debts.' What was paying back the Colney money early other than 'settling debts?'
  8. king canary

    Our summer business

    Oh ok. What on earth did this mean then?
  9. king canary

    President Trump

    It's almost as if different situations require different responses....
  10. Thought this was a new term for 'pant wetters' initially.
  11. king canary


    Clearly I should have knocked up the wife! I did end up in London and now Hertfordshire so I can get to Norwich in about 90 minutes but it just isn't the same.
  12. king canary


    Yeah- I'd have loved to have stayed but me and my now wife both felt there just weren't the job opportunities for us. I hold out hope of returning one day though...
  13. king canary


    They do call Norwich 'the graveyard of ambition' as it is too nice to leave.
  14. king canary

    'Oooh the non-football section looks busy, wonder why?'

    Well they are doing a pretty **** job of it.
  15. king canary

    Our summer business

    I'm not questioning the wisdom of the decision- I'm questioning the idea that it was Webber's decision to make. He runs the sporting side of the club not the entire thing.