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  1. RB Leipzig v Eintracht- home win For Norwich, it hasn't let me down yet so I'm going to say over 2.5 goals for the 3rd week in a row.
  2. Felix Passlack. The only reason we lost to Liverpool is that we missed our key cog.
  3. king canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    But what you're claiming just isn't true. Take last season. We beat Brentford 1-0. In the next game against Wednesday we started Hernandez with Steipermann dropping to the bench. The game after that Marco returns with Vrancic this time stepping down to the bench. Farke rotates, just because you played in a game we won doesn't mean you're guaranteed to start the next game. I'd much rather have the actual, real-life Farke than the weirdly dogmatic and inflexible version of him in your head.
  4. king canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    You realise this is total nonsense right? Squad rotation is a commonplace across the league. Liverpool hammered us 4-1, then made changes for the Super Cup final and further changes for the next fixture. I'm sure these players are totally comfortable with where they stand and Klopp is known for being an excellent man manager.
  5. king canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Sounds a bit like you with Ryan Bennett to be honest
  6. king canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Can we ban the word scapegoat? I swear nobody on here actually knows what it means. This is a football discussion forum. If people don't think a player played well they should be able to say so without people immediately claiming they are scapegoating them or wanking on about 'getting behind the player' as if a positive post on this forum makes a blind bit of difference to how Hanley plays. If the crowd in the stadium are turning on him then fair enough to complain. But don't join a discussion forum if you don't want any actual discussion of players performances.
  7. king canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    According to the great football mind of Ian Hollaway, we can add VAR and the new handball rule to the list of things to blame the EU for.
  8. king canary


    Against Liverpool he gave the ball away too much when we needed to try and keep hold of the ball and take the sting out of the game. He was much better against Newcastle though. As I said earlier I'm not advocating dropping him but I can see an argument for it, especially against a team like Chelsea where we may need some calmer heads in the middle like we had when Leitner came on v Liverpool. I'm a big fan of Marco though and I've no doubt he'll keep improving.
  9. king canary


    OK, re-read my post and tell me where I said anything about whether he's scored or not.
  10. king canary

    James Norwood - No words

    Christ the sense of humour bypass here is quite something. 'Not a great look.' One of our players was hammered on the town hall balcony at about 10am. It was funny and was treated as such. Norwood is probably a **** but its a light-hearted gif. Chill out.
  11. Getting carried away is fun- who cares? Just as I've said to LDC that I don't believe anything negative posted on this forum has any affect on what happens on the pitch, I don't think fans thinking we can beat Chelsea will make any difference to the result. Football is supposed to be fun- if you can't get carried away when your team plays well then whats the point?
  12. king canary


    I don't think we have actually had scapegoats very often. Just some people love to cry the s word the second anyone says anything critical of a players performance.
  13. king canary


    One of the things Marco does very well is find pockets of space between the oppositions defence and midfield and then turn and run at defenders when he has the ball. I'm not sure of anyone else in our team who can do that (Cantwell maybe?) as effectively.
  14. king canary


    I've never been a huge fan of Vrancic at the 10 role simply because it limits his range of passing. I was impressed with how Leitner slotted in when he replaced Steipermann v Liverpool so I could see pushing him up with Vrancic in the deeper role. Equally I'd be interested to see Roberts come in with Cantwell in a more central role. I'm not saying we should drop Marco, just that suggesting it isn't scapegoating or heresy.
  15. king canary


    He's been one of the weaker performers in the first couple of weeks and there is an argument for him dropping to the bench to accomodate someone like Vrancic. That isn't scapegoating.