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  1. Bold is underselling it a bit! We play 18 League games between now and January. We've taken 13 points from our first 7 fixtures. You're suggesting we'll go from nearly 2 points per game to 0.55ppg. If we ended up on 23 points after 25 games as you're suggesting would be the maximum amount then we'll be firmly in a relegation battle.
  2. Yeah that was my first though. Replays showed it was very tight, difficult to tell for sure without our old pal VAR.
  3. Yeah this is how I see us too. We're probably in a chunk of about 8 teams who aren't good enough for top 2 but good enough to grab a top 6 spot.
  4. Yeah I was underwhelmed with Fassnacht tonight. Idah just doesn't seem to be able to bring all his obvious attributes together. We need some spark from Sainz and Nunez.
  5. Yes, I have no idea how anyone can look at a 3 on 3 counter attack where Stacey was ran past with ease and ALL GIBSON'S FAULT!!!!!
  6. It was very tight. The kind of goal that would have led to 5 minutes of line drawing that we all complain about in the top flight.
  7. It wasn't offside because he was level with the ball when it was played. Nothing to do with Gibson.
  8. Oh well, game over. Was always a possibility when we were throwing everything at the equaliser. Stacey looked knackered. Still think we've played pretty well.
  9. We've been far the better team these last 20 minutes or so but the counter attack is scary.
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