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  1. He copped a lot of deserved flak because he was playing clearly unfit players over him. Is he ready right now? Probably not. Would 10 or 15 minutes off the bench have hurt? Not in my view, especially if we were trying to convince him he had a long term future here. Talented young players need a pathway to the first team and belief it will actually be followed though. It's a good sign that the Knapper/Thorup combo has managed to convince him he can progress here as he seemingly didn't have the same belief that it would happen under Wagner and Webber.
  2. The point with the first shot is that he did get enough on it to divert it wide, his hand/wrist was weak. That isn't a harsh interpretation, it's just what happened. Ask any keeper and they'll tell you that if they got as much behind a shot as Gunn did with that one then they should be keeping it out. I doubt anyone would argue that point if he didn't play for Norwich.
  3. This is the most charitable possible interpretation of his night- basically just writing everything he didn't do well off as bad luck. Yes you can say he did well do get down to the first shot - but once you get a hand on it like that you have to keep it out. Same with the disallowed goal- it isn't 'unlucky' that it landed in, it's a direct result of a weak save.
  4. I think the people who were concerned about teams spending big money on Gunn can relax a bit...
  5. Nah, I still don't want him playing for us again, he looks completely shot. I just thought saying 'stealing a living' was harsh.
  6. I'm not a fan of his but this is harsh- he was a solid championship option for years before the injury, it isn't his fault he got injured or that the club was addicted to giving long contracts to aging central defenders.
  7. Yes I think there is a fair bit of truth to that. Generally the conservatives are the party I've found myself most in agreement with on this issue, which is rare. Problem is the current Tory party can't resist a bit of red meat for the base and thus goes a bit too far the other way in my view, letting Labour take the more sensible middle ground. I doubt the Labour party of 2019 would have done the same.
  8. I think the Stonewall/trans stuff is relatively easily defused seeing as Labour have confirmed in their manifesto they aren't looking for gender self ID and have committed to following through on the Cass report. To be honest they are probably the most sensibly positioned of most parties on this issues- the Tories obsession with it makes them look bigoted and keen to score cheap points at the expense of trans people, while the Lib Dems are still pushing the absurd self-ID policy and looking to remove the much misunderstood 'spousal veto' which is just bizarre to me.
  9. While I completely agree with you I have to point out a 360 degree reversal would be pointing in the same direction - you mean 180 degree 😉
  10. A great example in the wild of how the smaller parties can create policies that sound nice but have no actual merit to them- a reform candidate who basically admits their flagship NHS policy hasn't even the most basic bit of detail to it... https://x.com/BeardedGenius/status/1799207496260980918?t=9wmbu8ZBfw0P4M6pf3khsw&s=19
  11. Just rewatched Arrival on netflix. What a film. I've seen it three times now and it doesn't disappoint.
  12. Difficult to deny that Farage is a very good communicator. His pitch that it's about who will be the opposition is much more genuine than watching the Lib Dems or Greens talk about what they'll do if they win a majority which just won't happen. I'm honestly think there is a chance the Tories might get less votes than Reform at this point.
  13. Had the exact same experience in my town- one busy road with loads of potholes, got filled in maybe a month ago, same spots all reopening.
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