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  1. king canary

    Audrick Kramer - Steven Naismith's agent?

    The Pink'Un would be mad to let THIS 30 year old poster move to WOTB.
  2. king canary

    Audrick Kramer - Steven Naismith's agent?

    Pretty laughable article and a super weird website that seems obsessed with putting peoples ages in their headlines.
  3. king canary

    Song for Marco

    There has got to be something to the Spiderman tune surely? Stieperman Stieperman Does whatever a Stieper can (I don't know, I'm not a songwriter)
  4. king canary

    Whoscored.com team of the week...

    What I would say is that I'll take a team of the week like this with some methodology behind it rather than the usual guff you get from some random ex player who has usually just picked 10 players who scored a goal and a keeper who kept a clean sheet.
  5. king canary

    Whoscored.com team of the week...

    There was an excellent Guardian Football Weekly awhile ago with Ted 'Mixed Knuts' Knutson, the former head of analytics with Brentford. He said that the two positions it is extremely hard to analyse statistically is central defense and goal keeper.
  6. king canary

    Whoscored.com team of the week...

    Yeah, I stopped taking these seriously when they put Seb Bassong in the team of the week the week we lost 5-4 to Liverpool.
  7. We're really bloody good, if you ignore penalty taking.
  8. king canary

    Bolton v Norwich

    I honestly think Farke likes to play up knocks on press conferences to keep other teams on their toes.
  9. Exactly that. That is his cumulative total throughout the game- so it could mean he had 3 chances that were each worth 0.1 or one chance worth 0.3 etc etc. The fact he's Ipswich's highest XG rating suggests they never created any notable chances.
  10. This graph gives an idea... Pukki's first (where the second yellow dot is) looks like it is given an XG of about 0.2 or 0.3. You can see from how our XG rating leaps after the first goal that was clearly considered a much higher % chance.
  11. It depends if you define time wasting as cheating- Rudd was certainly time wasting (if it was just frustration he's not punching it away from all the Norwich players) with what he did but it is hardly the awful act some of those clutching their pearls on here are making out.
  12. king canary

    T&T - our L&G?

    The L&G problem was much more about having to leave out one of your two best midfielders- I'd say the question of whether we can play Leitner and Vrancic is more of a Lampard/Gerrard equivalent. For what it is worth I think they can play together, just the style of play has to change- maybe move Buendia more central, go a bit more direct at times etc etc.
  13. I don't know, I haven't seen the stats- not many places post Championship XG so it is difficult to say. Apparently it was 0.8 v Ipswich though. It certainly isn't perfect and to be honest it took ages to get my head around it but once I had it properly explained to me it made much more sense.
  14. Get a grip- we had Stiepermann doing similar on Sunday and we wasted all the time possible v Sheffield United not long ago.
  15. As Bethnal says- it isn't about 'you should expect a goal from this chance.' It is about how high the likelihood is of each chance being scored and a cumulative total. So against Ipswich one site has our XG at 1.6 which suggested from the chances we had we should have expected between one and two goals. The fact we scored three suggests that our finishing was good and we made the most of the chances we had.