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  1. Hi, Here is a thread for all the middle aged blokes on here to post their softcore **** so the women's world cup thread can stay on topic. Cheers
  2. king canary

    New Kits - Why did you...?

    I like the West Ham one
  3. king canary

    New membership scheme

    The Carrow Park stuff is just shabby at this point. As far as I'm aware though the car parking is still free- think there was a misunderstanding that the club listed it as a VIP benefit (probably to make the VIP package look better) which led to people thinking it wouldn't be free for non-VIP's.
  4. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    Absolutely need Pakistan to win this to prevent a week of dead rubbers.
  5. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    Groups stage is too long in my opinion. If India win tomorrow it's pretty certain who the top 4 will be with still about half the group left.
  6. All this talk of Leicester is a good example of why the original article is so silly. I bet when the fixture lists came out that season people could have moaned that teams who had Leicester in the last couple of games would have an easy run in- after all they only just avoided relegation the season before. Right now we don't know if having Man City in the last game of the season is an awful game- they could be in the thick of a title fight or they could have nothing to play for an a Cup final to rest players for. Similarly Burnely at home on the penultimate game of the season could be against a team in a relegation battle or a team happily mid table.
  7. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    Making more of a game of it than I expected.
  8. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/chris-lakey-on-fixtures-1-6106849 Apparently our season being bookended by Liverpool and Man City is 'unfair.' What nonsense.
  9. king canary

    Women’s World Cup

    Ah yes, finally some discussion of the much under recognised men's game.
  10. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    Pakistan have just been the weirdest team this world cup.
  11. king canary

    Women’s World Cup

    Cool. Anything else you're not watching?
  12. king canary

    Women’s World Cup

    Weird to watch an England v Argentina game where England are so superior.
  13. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    Like British Pakistanis?
  14. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

  15. king canary

    Cricket World Cup

    He's quite a player isn't he? I remember watching Chris Jordan who seemed to generate 90% of his pace from his shoulders which always made me wince. Archer doesn't seem to have that.