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  1. This is whats so baffling, nothing happened to put him there. If you watch the highlight of the goal, he's just...there. 5 yards off everyone else. Never in line, never moved out of position by an attacker, just merrily setting his own defensive line for...reasons? Don't get me wrong he's certainly not the only person at fault here- Williams is neither in line or closing down the man on the ball, Normann should track his man better and Kabak should be aware Hanley is so far off that he cant let Sarr run on. But the lack of defensive shape stems from Hanley here.
  2. But you cant sit deeper on your own. Thats just basic. One defender 5 yards behind the rest just creates problems. Hanley should'nt need to be 'pushing up' because he should be in line with his team mates, not setting his own defensive line for ****s and giggles. If we're supposed to be sitting deeper tactically then the entire back 4 would be doing it, not just one player. You're right the passage of play is important- I'd be more sympathetic to Hanley if he'd been dragged deep by tracking a runner but he hadn't. He'd just totally switched off and had no idea where his fellow defenders were. If he's in position he's making life harder for King who has to go it alone, take him on the outside and shoot from a tougher angle. Instead, his **** poor positioning means King can freely charge to the by line and pull it back with ease to Sarr who should have been offside. So if it isnt on Hanley then you must be saying all three other defenders were holding an incorrect line?
  3. Sure, Kings still onside. But if Hanley is where he should be he'd be close enough to actually defend against King and Sarr then has to get back into an onside position. Others arent doing their jobs but the fact our defensive leader is that out of position is shocking.
  4. For the first goal i agree, Kabak should do more. The second however all comes from this completely criminal piece of defending by our captain... Honestly what the **** is Hanley doing here? 5 yards behind everyone else, playing both Watford attackers onside, it's schoolboy stuff from our most experienced defender.
  5. The penalty shout was one thing but about 2 minutes earlier he baffling gave Watford a free kick for Rose fouling Aarons.
  6. For me the damage was done by the defensive leader sitting 5 yards behind the rest of the defence playing King and in an embarrassing amount of space. Hanley does his job and stays in line the goal doesnt happen.
  7. Starting to wonder of Farke is the managerial equivalent of Robert Earnshaw or Jordan Rhodes. Dominant at Championship level, cant adjust to the top flight.
  8. Folks at the game suggesting Sargent was dead on his feet. More surprised by Normann to be honest.
  9. Not sure how it was on Kabak- Aarons, Williams and Kabak are all in line, Hanley is miles behind them playing King on.
  10. Absolutely scandalous defending for that goal. Hanley standing 5 yards behind everyone else so King is miles onside and easily played in. He's supposed to be the leader of that backline too.
  11. Still sound defensively suspect, Krul keeping us in contention.
  12. Classic Teemu. Sounds totally against the run of play but who cares.
  13. Didn't ideally want to hear about our new star central defender being easily out jumped for a goal.
  14. Big fan of that starting xi. Only concern is can we get Pukki going but I'm excited to see how this plays out.
  15. Its going to be interesting as Watford are a good example of the kind of team we struggled against last time round - physical, athletic and able to bully us. If we look similarly like we dont know how to deal with them it doesnt fill me eoth confidence for our otger games against the Premier League lower orders. However if we look like we can combat that then I'll be much more confident about our chances longer term.
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