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  1. king canary

    Play at Norwich FC

    One day maybe...
  2. I think they'll get decent crowds next season as at least it is something different. However if the season starts poorly I think it'll drop off pretty quickly.
  3. king canary

    Alex Tettey

    Thompson signed a new 4 year deal in October so I can't see him being sold. I imagine he'd be a strong candidate for a loan though.
  4. king canary

    Red cards

    I think it is fundamentally about the potential damage to another player. Egan handling the ball is cheating but can't hurt another player. In theory Buendia could have hurt the opposition player with that tackle.
  5. king canary

    Chris Hughton

    I'm not totally sure Hughton does have that- it seems to have a shelf life and when the results run out very little is left.
  6. king canary

    Secret Scout

    Is it by True Grit?
  7. king canary

    Steven Fletcher Dangerman

    On your average University Challenge episode that only takes out about one person. Was it Paxman
  8. king canary

    Alex Tettey

    I'm assuming his injury combined with his non-home grown status has kept him out of contention.
  9. king canary

    Steven Fletcher Dangerman

    Which person is he the spit of? I watched it and can't say I noticed.
  10. king canary

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    As I've said to you before, you should be a politician.
  11. king canary

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    I'll take ridiculously unbalanced, you can take hateful...
  12. king canary

    Chris Hughton

    You've still got to give those weapons some form of chance though. He invested in attackers here but just couldn't use them to any effective level.
  13. king canary

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Grand, might as well shut the forum down then...
  14. king canary

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    You're an absolute master at deliberately missing the point. It isn't about whether you're on twitter. It is about the fact you've gone after numerous people on this thread for potentially damaging Cantwell, calling them 'hateful', 'a disgrace' and accusing them of 'facilitating a witch hunt' against them. Yet the poster who might actually warrant those descriptions gets a pass because...I don't really know? Only one person on this thread said he 'never wants to see Cantwell starting for us again.' Only one has tagged Cantwell in a message calling him 'god-awful' so the player actually gets to see it. Yet he doesn't get called a disgrace or hateful or anything other than 'clued up' apparently.
  15. king canary

    Chris Hughton

    Yes but football like his inevitably has a short shelf life- tolerable when you're winning, horrible when you're not. I think his level is very much upper Championship/lower Premiership and it seems like his time with Brighton is playing out quite similarly to his time with us.