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  1. Let’s face it, he was always going to get injured and not be available for us when he gets back, wasn't he?
  2. I wonder what the attendance will be at Kenny’s testimonial?
  3. One of the (many) reasons going to the ground for a game sucks big old sweaty balls is because the matchday experience itself sucks. This includes building an atmosphere. That also includes matchday songs on the PA. I have noticed recently they’ve tried to inject a bit of life into their terrible selection of basic songs just by turning them up as high as it will go. Nice one guys. Far be it from me to make a suggestion but why not play some unique songs? I’d like to suggest the attached song, a unique version of our goal music that absolutely slaps in my opinion. Let’s try out a few things, maybe it leads to a new chant or something? We news to raise standards and expectations in every area, maybe we can start with the matchday music? got to start somewhere Alternatively, just keep playing Ed Sheeran at full blast or whatever.
  4. Would be great to finally meet them and let them know that there’s one team in Norfolk Get back in your box, Lynn, you are basically the midlands.
  5. It’s “why aren’t we..x?” sorry to be pedantic, I just want purity in my “why aren’t we” meme
  6. Stick a canary in that Brazil shirt and I think we are on to a winner, love a day-glow yellow!
  7. You keep bringing it up mate, for the record I don’t want it to happen, I just don’t trust our absolute state of a manager with it.
  8. Crap football crap stadiums crap tournament crap country cant wait to see how bad this fails!
  9. Is the Qatar shirt in your wardrobe right next door to the North Korean one?
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