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  2. You should all consider yourself nay nayed. All these flavours and you choose hateraid #Hashtag #millenials
  3. I just heard all the pubs in Beccles shut their doors lol
  4. I’d sign Wes at 68 just to mug off the youngsters. The guy is a freak, a one off, a once in a lifetime human being
  5. Don’t matter now we are in the champ. VAR is cancer and I look forward to it being a disaster next season in the prem as well
  6. This season has caused referees to lean more on technology and they have managed to get even more incompetent and when they get things wrong... whoops, technology, out of our hands lads never mind though eh? absolutely abject. The referees in the premier league are the worst ever. Fat, stupid, unfit, old, borderline personality disorders, wannabe celebrities and, lets face it, corrupt and on the take in some respect.
  7. I have thought this might be coming. It’s been so abject this season and changed along the way to has massively impacted the fair nature of competition. They have my full support and Norwich City should support the legal case as well.
  8. You guys don’t need to get all aggy I was genuinely wondering if anyone knew if the law had a time limit associated with it or at least a check of virus levels required to ditch masks or anything. It’s my genuine concern that hypochondria is going to run wild and you’ll get people sleeping in their masks or wearing ear mufflers And a swim cap “just in case”
  9. Can you link me to any info on that as I am genuinely interested in finding what diligence has been put on this. Nobody has talked at all about when it’ll be reviewed, in fact I saw a report that stated public health England has no idea when the virus will be low enough to remove masks as mandatory. A nightmare scenario is people demanding them just during normal flu season etc
  10. Masks work, there’s no doubt about that, but making it a law and putting no sort of time frame on their usage before a review. Disturbing. Its more about public obedience and a government who has abjectly failed to deal with this virus just “doing something” to help us. The fervent, unquestioning long term support from this is reminiscent of communist totalitarianism. It’s deeply disturbing to me. Some people that have put the masks on will never take them off. Scarred for life. good news, Norfolk is an incredibly safe part of the country. Bad news, some parts of the country are living like animals. And everyone who is about to get a normal cough will convince themselves it’s coronavirus. It’s going to be a long winter.
  11. Win the league attack one another break into your own players home! https://news.sky.com/story/fabinhos-home-burgled-while-he-celebrated-liverpools-premier-league-win-12035072
  12. https://www.facebook.com/100010794340940/posts/1125966984439769/?
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