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  1. The Real Buh

    The official Loo Roll thread

    I’ve got 12.7 loo rolls left. Will keep you updated.
  2. The Real Buh

    Financially we must be OK.......but.....

    I want Ipswich to go out of business but not like this. This would be too convenient for them. A cop out. Their punishment must be more severe. the money from the top needs to trickle down and help the other clubs. Without teams there is no football. This is our heritage and must be protected.
  3. The Real Buh

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    Liverpool’s tainted title is the funniest thing to happen in ages tbf. Whatever happens they are screwed
  4. The Real Buh

    Man U details released

    There’s no way this game goes ahead with a crowd. postponed or behind closed doors
  5. The Real Buh

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    There’s no competitiveness in the league if we have whole teams self isolating. It’s hard to see it carrying on
  6. The Real Buh

    Hands up those who are not going Saturday

    A cauldron of people shouting and screaming and gobbing over everyone. I’m concerned to say the least
  7. The Real Buh


    See, you are trying too hard now. It looks desperate. Makes it look like you are losing it. You’ve got to be more subtle. Pick your moment.
  8. I will take every opportunity I can to laugh at them. I will pass out laughing when they go out of business, seriously.
  9. The Real Buh

    match thread

    I just want a messy, horrendous, scramble over the line goal from us. Anything will do.
  10. The Real Buh

    match thread

    Who have we got to kill to get a goal? It’s just insane
  11. The Real Buh

    match thread

    Come on city for f@&£s sake!
  12. The Real Buh

    match thread

    Have a notification on me
  13. “Facts not fear. Clean hands. Open hearts. Our children will thank us for it." I mean... come on. Give it a rest. All doctors I’ve encountered online believe they are social pariahs of sorts. Massive, massive superiority complexes. You can see how so many, especially surgeons, end up getting god complex.
  14. Why are all doctors so flouncy?
  15. The Real Buh

    Premier League coronavirus talks

    Anyone seen the hand wash facilities at Carrow road recently? I especially like the hand dryers that overheat instantly