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  1. I’m actually quite liking the siege mentality myself as well actually but I honestly don’t care what pundits or others clubs fans think, they are inconsequential at the end of the day.
  2. Reminder to everyone, you don’t have to “hate watch” match of the day. Just don’t watch it. The highlights of all the games are available on sky sports footballs YouTube account if that’s what you want. Don’t give them your attention or viewership.
  3. Regarding the subject of Watford. Can we discuss the distinct argument and possibility why the football club Norwich city are not the football club Watford?
  4. I understand the need to bolster up the defence, if we carry on we will just get pumped by everyone, but the misses today and the misfires up front. That’s what’s worrying. The whole frontline of players needs to go and have a word with themselves.
  5. “We that was cack” Now that’s insightful commentary I actually like it, kind of sums it up pretty well.
  6. Ricardo: “as I finished the last of my strawberry preserves and adorned my bowler hat I reflected on the leaves beginning to change on this fine morrow and, twirling my cane gaily, I sauntered my way to the ground, whistling “it’s a long way to Tipperary” as I went”
  7. Should be benched for that, I’m sorry but you can’t be offered up that and miss.
  8. A genuinely, heartfelt message for Norwich city fans everywhere.
  9. It depends do they use the social media platform or just own it? The idea of a social media company donating money is a pretty hilarious concept thought, right? They won’t even pay taxes let alone charity.
  10. I’m sorry guys, this has happened before to be fair. This guy thinks I’m some storm the capital building trump fan and I’m just not. He’s the ex-president of another country that I have no connection to. I don’t care at all. He creates enemies to make up for his own shortcomings and internalised rage bought about by, I’m sure in part, addiction to social media and probably a wider internet addiction. Addicted to self affirming news articles and enraging yourself on counter arguments. It’s all basic stuff. He’s told me before he’s a teacher which sums it up beautifully for me. Those who can’t do, truly do teach.
  11. Is everyone who has a pepe avatar a “4chan user” if so, this is awkward. I’m not on 4chan, it’s another time well. Pointless. the fact you’ve brought politics into it shows how weak your position is. It’s your go-to ejector seat. Just accuse them of being far right, that’ll show em’ like I said, you are a garden variety socialist. Never had an independent thought in your life. They’d have put you in a gulag in Russia for being so basic lol
  12. I think we all knew you’d be cranky today after the Facebook outage but we didn’t know it’d be this bad
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