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  1. Can’t believe they didn’t just go for Webber, how odd.
  2. Signed it off? Is there a form to fill out?
  3. Back to the substitute tombola next week it is then. Roll up, roll up, who’ll be next to be randomly subbed
  4. Just having some energy up from is making a huge difference. Shame he’s “injured” still lol
  5. So are we going to just gloss over the fact that Sargent was never actually “injured” or “a doubt” for the game yesterday and that Wagner just subbed him the other night because he just had “one of his little moments”?
  6. “I’m about to be sacked??? Quickly, put the substitution tombola away! I’ll tell them that Sargent is a late call and could still be injured”
  7. I don’t care where you’ve lived, telling people how to behave at the football and that booing is “the worst thing you can do at the football” is lame. It’s a lame thing to do.
  8. Your concern about what happens at the stadium you never visit is noted
  9. I’m disappointed about how futtun quiet it is on ere tonight
  10. Mate, you attacked the whole fanbase after the last game
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