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  1. Sorry I'm late this week. Best of luck Kev and Kathy. I am going to pick Bromley to beat King's Lynn in the National League.
  2. I'm going to take Celtic to beat Livingston this week. Best of luck everyone.
  3. Sorry, late yet again! I'll take Dortmund to win this week.. Good luck everyone.
  4. Sorry, late again - will try to be on time soon... might as well take Man City as well and look to make a more meaningful pick next week. Best of luck everyone.
  5. Sorry for being late (again. And again and again). For what it's worth I'll pick Grimsby today. Good luck everyone!
  6. Oops! Good spot - my own pick will be Atalanta this week. I may take a detour after the game 😉
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. Once again there's a lot to work through here and given that it's early in the season for most leagues still, it's much harder to get a grasp of form than usual - even the tactic I have used in the past of the performance of each PUP making their pick is difficult to make useful at this point. There's still plenty of good ideas here and it was tough to whittle it down to six, but this is what I am taking a deep breath and going with... Dunfermline v Inverness Man City v Southampton Fulham v Reading Ostersunds v Elfsborg Salernitana v Atalanta Ajax v Cambuur Slightly dicey with three away wins here but I do fancy my chances with these. At the end of the day to get some cash in the pot, no matter how much, will be a victory so fingers crossed...
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks Eddie for the opportunity especially as I ended up taking last season off, but it's good to back in it now. Thanks for all the picks so far too - please keep them coming. I'll be back later (possibly early evening) to post my final picks - needless to say there's plenty to think carefully about and it'll be tough narrowing it down to six. Hopefully see some of you after the game tomorrow too.
  9. Sorry I am late! I think the last team anyone wants to face today is Manchester United, so I'll go for them to beat poor old Newcastle. Good luck everyone.
  10. Sorry, late again! I'll take Spurs to beat Watford for what it's worth. Good luck everyone!
  11. Sorry, second week of the season and I'm late! Good luck Duncan for this weekend. For what it's worth I'll pick Bayern Munich this week. I don't log in very often these days so didn't see that I had been tagged, sorry! But 18th September is fine.
  12. Hello! After a season's hiatus I am back (hopefully for the season). Early season picks are hard but PSG to beat Strasbourg seems a good a bet as any. As for our game, it's a tough one but I'll go with both teams to score and leave it at that. Eddie, if I see you soon I'll chuck you a tenner. Good luck everyone.
  13. Sorry for being late again. I'll go for Dortmund to win too. Best of luck Helen and all PUPs.
  14. Sorry for being very late, I'll take Chelsea to win as well. Good luck everyone.
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