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  1. Remember when we all wanted to draw a 'big club' ?
  2. Man City away, it's a funny old game, anything can happen in a one-horse race, magic of the Cup, blah to blah etc. We'd smash it. Anyway could see if Bodds has improved on home turf !!!😀
  3. When a Non-League club near me got second hand floodlights they kept blowing until the sparky noticed he had the wiring diagram upside down. Could it be our traynun diagram is upside down? Disclaimer: This is a joke. Please don’t get angry. I know we’re in deep doo and this is a serious thread. Just looking to lighten up a miserable footballing new year. Btw belated New Year greetings to all.
  4. Just a reminder from the end of the article: Asked by the Guardian why the Goodall report and the full investigation it was part of had not been released under the 20-year rule, the CMA said: “As the statement is now over 20 years old, it has been reviewed by our records management team in line with the above process … however, there are a significant amount of documents which make up this matter which are yet to be reviewed. Further, the CMA, consistent with normal processes, will transfer these records with other records which have reached the 20-year mark and which have also been selected for transfer. This process will be completed over the course of this year.” That was in May - genuine question, has anyone noticed any news of an outcome over the course of last year, or are the chaps now all too busy electioneering to get on their case? Apologies if once again I just missed it.
  5. Pritch apart, Sunderland caught in the headlights. That was a surprise. Their coach looking out of his depth, was that really a surprise?
  6. Hard to disagree with any of that although my opinion comes with a plastic warning as for much of the season I have watched on the radio. But one thing which does occur to me is that Sargent and Barnes worked so well off each other early on that on his own comeback Barnes may have missed Sargent's presence more than any of us have allowed for, presuming that the less experienced guy's play would be the most damaged. Would be good to see them on the pitch together for plenty of minutes today to work that one out.
  7. This match feels like a free hit although a Cup run would be great. Away from the League tension maybe, just maybe, we'll have some liberated football to enjoy. OTBC
  8. But where's the Canary Call thread, or is that now filed under The Pure Negativity Thread?
  9. For a while yesterday there were quite a few on both sides of the divide who thought this was all fake, a brilliant wind-up, such was the disbelief. This morphed into a concensus that workers for a subcontractors had done the deed. Gradually most have come round to a realisation that SAFC screwed up. You can kinda see where the thought process came from, but once the 'welcoming gesture' idea had been floated someone must have switched off the common sense filter. The pi**-taking on one side and anger on the other has been spectacular. It's definitely a good job that all 6,000 visiting fans are being bussed down from Tyneside and Northumbria Police will be praying there is no replay.
  10. Watching the game at Anfield - does anyone fancy our chances there next season?😇
  11. Would prefer them in the semis - that way it's another two games unbeaten by them.
  12. Got that drain cleaned out, have I missed anything? ............... oh, I see. I used the rods, what did Leeds use.
  13. Speak for yourself, some of us are infallible. And my £20 bet in the summer on the automatics proves it 😀
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