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  1. Yes he's a good pro who manages to show his love of the club while his detailed description of the the play allows the neutral to enjoy the day and opposition supporters to pick the bones out of it. Comparisons with most commentators around the country, including at national level, make this obvious. I've never met the guy either, but feel I know him - that's the broadcast test.
  2. Love the way that after Fry won a free kick off Pukki he seemed to join Teemu in laughing directly at referee Keith Stroud for misreading the situation (I know, hard to believe he made a mistake ).
  3. Is it a condition of being a Burnley star to have the looks, touch and etiquette of a bricky's labourer? Oh and before anyone calls foul for snobbery or whatever I was a plasterer's labourer as a young man - in the days before you needed tattoos to get the gig, that's how long ago.
  4. Don’t usually agree with discussing others’ private matters on line without their permission but this is one of those exceptional occasions where the greater good can be served and though I don’t know you Til, I would guess you thought long and hard before posting. Depression can be a very lonely, dark, place at any time of day but through the night it can be devastating – just knowing others care, really care, can help a lot.
  5. Bet the guy sat astride the ridge on a garden shed roof was happy for it not to go to extra time
  6. It's actually quite funny, not a lot do do with football, but these two deserve each other. Is Stan Laurel on VAR?
  7. Remember being in the Barclay one Boxing Day I think it was, back in the mid-60s, only around 9,000 turned up. Took it in turns with my dad to stand beside a pillar sheltering from the wind, can't remember who we were playing. If that all sounds a bit vague it's because all I can be sure about is that I've never been so cold before or since. Pretty sure we stayed to the end though. Can't imagine what Wisconsin was like - insane.
  8. Terrible, terrible news. Worth reading about his life and times - he fell in love with Liverpool while watching from the terraces when studying/teaching on Merseyside and later returned as (joint) manager, so achieving the sort of thing any one of us might have dreamed about. We've lost so many of the good guys this year.
  9. .... or get his Prem move with his home club!!!!
  10. Friendlies don't count in normal times - though in these abnormal times there might be a bit of flex. That said, if he forces his way into a regular starting place there's competitive games enough in a busy spring and summer for the USA for there to be a realistic chance of him being at the Carra next season. Absolute master stroke, presumably by by Mr Webber, if it comes off; if not what a visionary punt this will have been.
  11. Lincoln at Gettysburg: “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Compare that strength of character to Trump's in his attempted coup. Salute the defenders of democracy, the ordinary Joes, many of them volunteers, who have shamed the intimidators with their integrity in just counting - it's they who are making America great again and it's wonderful that it's happened in Pennsylvania. God bless America.
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