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  1. crispeduk

    National League null and void

    I'll just be happy to still be alive next season - whenever it starts.
  2. To protect vulnerable groups I suggest everyone under 68 should be denied admittance. Or maybes we could take it in turns – old farts this week, newbies next week (counts on fingers how many games to Cup Final).
  3. crispeduk

    Sam McCallum

    Well, maybe walking football.
  4. crispeduk

    Sam McCallum

    Ha, I did the same, hospital staff were pleased they'd got me that relaxed. Though I admit I'll not be playing football any time soon :)
  5. crispeduk

    Newcastle Tickets

    Tickets look to have sold well at the Newcastle end, so although there will no doubt still be stayaways among the season ticket holders we remain good box office and this time it’s at proper kick-off day and time. Many are still unhappy about their team’s prospects, but Brucie does seem to be winning some doubters over; regardless, Geordies like to see good football (at the same time as maybes scenting a revenge), so there should be a great stage for a good match. One thing’s for sure there’s quite a few on Tyneside would be happy to see us prosper because of our playing style and ownership, as long as it’s not on February 1 of course.
  6. crispeduk

    Palace v Brighton

    Looked like a relegation six-pointer.
  7. crispeduk

    Palace v Brighton

    I might just vomit if I hear one more time that Roy Hodgson is grappling with an injury crisis. Don't they realise their national treasure is naïve?
  8. crispeduk

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    Not trying to make any particular point for or against here, just adding feelings. I have lived on Tyneside almost continuously since 1969 and regularly stood on the terraces at Sid James and Joker Park. My two sons were born here and despite my best efforts are natural Newcastle supporters and Mackem mockers, although they retain a warmth for their Dad’s club. As with myself (born into a Forces family and waking up to football when a kid in Norfolk), their club chose them, they didn’t choose their club. But they have never caught the match day bug because their formative years were in the days of Keegans’ Entertainers, before the big ground expansions, and even if I could have got tickets I could not possibly afford to take my boys to the game. Retired, I now have the time and money to go two or three times a season, with or without them and friends. To do so I have a club membership (free) so as to buy the tickets. I’ve just been on line and if I felt like it I could buy tickets right now in many parts of the ground for tomorrow’s game – ok it’s lunchtime and on tv, but this is The Champions of England coming to town. Even on the box anyone can see the holes in the crowd at Newcastle these days and a businessman friend who has held four season tickets for many years for corporate entertainment has cancelled them because of Ashley. Nowadays my boys enjoy the match if and when, but in truth can take it or leave it. Newcastle cannot fill the stadium without consistently good performances or vitally important fixtures. Many times their stadium is too big whereas we can near fill our stadium come what may, which suggests our stadium is a bit too small. I’m sure there are youngsters in Norfolk who love football but will never get into the match day habit and modest expansion rather than a potentially soul destroying mega-build could fix that. Ok, I think I am making a point!!!!
  9. crispeduk


    Yep, it is quite possible to have an adult football debate (which by definition can include criticism), without stooping to personal vilification.
  10. crispeduk


    Yep, ‘social’ media – a self-sustaining social disaster, but so hard to know how to resist this kind of damage to decent folk’s lives. Engage with these people and that just throws petrol on their little fire – ignore them and they just up the ante with their sense of entitlement as they somehow think the lack of resistance is tantamount to approval. So all the grown-ups can do is trust in the club’s people management skills to keep Emi and other victims feeling the love.
  11. crispeduk

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Spot on Peanuts. It’s a strangely old fashioned view of football to suggest that strengthening the heart of defence and shielding it does not help the attack. It was obvious against Watford that the fullbacks were holding back because of the frailties in defence – either because that was the training ground game plan or they had the footballing nous to adapt their game on-field (probably a combination of the two as at times they seemed undecided on whether to sit in or go for it). Midfield with less fear of disaster will be able to play with more freedom and Teemu can get his mojo back because he then gets the support which means that if he misses he knows another chance will come along soon. He can play without tension. I for one am looking forward to Everton – our team should be a completely different animal to these last few games.
  12. Every club’s got moronic moaners. Saw a game with family members at Sid James Park last season, one of the tanked up 110 decibel toilet mouths sitting behind us was still screaming Perez was playing f***ing cr*p and should be f***ing taken off by f***ing Rafa– nearly 10 minutes after he was subbed. It was impossible to know if he was joking – but all the grown-ups were laughing at him so he would’ve had to make out it was a joke anyway! Before all-seater grounds you just moved away from people who’d been drinking on an empty head, as well as from those with severe body odour – can’t be fun sat next to one of those with a season ticket!
  13. crispeduk

    ACN print fanzine issue 2

    Another great read
  14. Ha the **** is implicitly far worse than what I said, even the software is programmed to troll. So @£%"*(!!" +=%***** to the programmer!!! XXXX
  15. 100 per cent agree. And some **** somewhere has decided we've all agreed we can't blame it on injuries - don't be stupid, of course we can, it's as plain as the nose on your face! Oh and forget the trolling abuse, I'm a grown up who's off to bed after a good night at the pub, so I won't be listening! X