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  1. Well played Tim Krul - without his performance this could have been a very damaging defeat rather than an off-day. And yes trolls, that is what it was - just an off day.
  2. You're still asleep - just a bad dream. We're actually winning 3-2
  3. Snoddy shows the way to get a yellow!
  4. First yellow card!!!! Talk about lenient
  5. Talk about cynical. Don't usually do retribution on but I hope someone gives something back to the culprit for Zimbo.
  6. Yep - Noble drivelling on about teaching us all about the Prem must be some obscure kind of Cockney Rhyming Slang about diving and hacking.
  7. crispeduk

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Not interested in playing around with words. I just could not possibly vote for a man of Johnson's quality and there are many, many decent Conservatives who agree. That's all. Bye.
  8. Matt Jarvis I think - or as ifollow would put it M a tt Ja r v I s
  9. Goals? Have I missed something - wouldn't be surprised!!
  10. Commentary kicked in at 8pm, what's the betting someone booked it in as an 8pm KO. Mind that doesn't explain why it sounds like they've got hiccups. You getting the same effect on youtube Kick it Off?
  11. crispeduk


    Have said before, had the early impression there's less goalmouth grappling with VAR, now I'm sure of it. Another less obvious effect is maybes that, with referees effectively under scrutiny now as well as the players, there does seem to be a levelling of the playing field around the pitch, not just in and around the penalty areas, in that 50-50s feel much more like they are just that, 50-50s. Not just for ourselves, I have been generally less angered by decisions seemingly being weighted the way of 'big clubs' than I was last time we were in the Prem. Not suggesting cheating in the past, just that pressure was easier to succumb to in the past. Early days I know, but I continue to believe there's more benefits than dis-benefits in using VAR. Btw I know VAR doesn't apply all around the pitch, I am talking about officials' mindsets, which they would likely not switch on and off according to where they are on the field.
  12. crispeduk

    Chelsea Injuries

    Agree. We have injuries too, that’s football – but one difference is that it’s not us who will feel a need to make excuses for our club in advance and no-one would listen if we tried to (few paid much heed to our injuries ahead of the Newcastle demolition, many had their focus on Brucie and the Mags, as they did after the game too). However Daniel points out there are plenty inside the game who know about us now, including other clubs’ chief coaches. So it should be only the fans whose radar we come in under this season. But, and it’s the biggest but, that takes no account of the psychology of the people who actually kick the football and although they will be nervous, no-one can tell me that, even after the start they have had, the Chelsea players as a group will not expect to win, it’s that mind set which helps make top players. It’s also any group’s Achilles heel. There will likely be just one or two whose egos dictates they expect to go ahead then go on cruise control. We have the team to identify them and pounce and – as Kick it Off points out – no Hazard. 4-1 after going behind.
  13. crispeduk

    Zimbo back in Training!

    Don't they do random testing any more?