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  1. Too true, but at my age I'm one of those who have to agree with the OP that 73 is early!
  2. Agreed, but other factors might right now have a stronger than usual influence, especially where players have family. The Covid uncertainty won’t go away in a hurry and feeling the security, on many levels, of what you and yours are familiar with can be very powerful. We’ve all changed in these last few months and one of the ways for the better, in my opinion, is a greater awareness of the emotional needs of those around us. So I'm not disagreeing, just saying it's not so clear cut any more.
  3. Yep, there's a reason why they've had enough of it up there
  4. Emi off for violent conduct? I'd do more damage if I dropped a bath sponge on my own foot! And the second red, regardless of the validity, why no looking at the screen for that one Mr Friend? Meanwhile Burnley players laughing at what they've got away with in the first half, habitually leaving something on the man at every opportunity. Wonder why so many players didn't want to extend their contracts there. I'd rather get relegated if than play Dyche anti football.
  5. Don’t mind rivals trying to wind us up after we’ve pressed their buttons, it’s fun, after all that’s what we used to do with visiting fans on the terraces before we got separated like cattle. Don’t mind lazy pundits making assumptions about my club, they’re just showing themselves up for what they are. Don’t even mind relegation, though I would’ve been curious about what we might have done with the second season Prem money. But every time we get a setback I really resent people on the street who know more about cup cakes than football making patronising noises implying that it’s only a game, we’ll grow out of it and quoting some random cliché (which one of those lazy pundits dribbled out months ago), as if it’s some kind of profound universal truth which we’re too simple to grasp. That’s when I remember why I needed fencing in. Stuff them. OTBC.
  6. I'm a glass half full man, one of life's optimists, but I can't watch this, pants beyond words. But TV banter? Dear old Glenn says the planning starts now for next season - bit late with that thought, running football clubs has changed a bit since his day! Oh well, champions next season …. as I said, glass half full
  7. Some people thought it was all over
  8. I have a watch which hasn't stopped too
  9. Not that it'll make much difference but how only FOUR minutes of stoppage?
  10. Adam is going to be the business - he's the one we simply cannot lose!
  11. Agree a bit of hardcase defending wouldn't go amiss for us (but I suspect two yellow cards might happen quite quickly if it looks like being effective), but not sure I could put up with watching a set of lumps all season. They're down there with us for a reason and they got spendy to do it too!
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