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  1. Returning for a moment to say none of that was aimed at you Til, as might be supposed falling right after your comment re Rupp and Pukki. Hope you get to the game and enjoy. OTBC.
  2. Thing is, whatever he says and whatever team he puts out some people will always moan and no, it's not creative criticism, it's just an endless meaningless whine which could be coming from anyone, whether a true supporter or not. If Pukki gets dropped 'he should've played Pukki' if Todd starts and runs himself into the ground with a brilliant performance 'he should've used Cantwell as a super sub' whatever centre back pairing or three he chooses 'he should've changed it/left it alone, shaken it all about' and so it goes on. On another thread there's been recollections of past posters who may or may not still be around. Maybes this constant grinding, carping, boring criticism of everything Norwich City is the real reason people just stay away. So Goodbye.
  3. Nope, he's just gone native - a response as English as Nelson and Churchill. A passion up there with Henry V on the eve of Agincourt while insisting Watford isn't a must-win game (it isn't). Cry God for Harry, England and St Daniel. Love it.
  4. A wonderful player who shone in outstanding sides.
  5. What a shi*bag day – and family visitors just before KO meant couldn’t even share in the first-day misery at the time or now, as impossible to focus on the tv action. So envy those at the stadium, even in defeat. But great that proper football’s back and now looking forward to beating Man City again Sleep well all. OTBC.
  6. Would normally agree, but because of the weirdness of this pre-season he must be tempted as Tzolis for example has more match fitness than most and Sergent looks to offer a very different option.
  7. Is the clock running backwards? This waiting is hellish
  8. Welcome back !!! Oh and well done - I was hopeless and gave up
  9. I think the funnier thing is ManC paying all that wonga for Grealish just as free kicks for falling over go out of fashion. (Though I suspect we might still fall victim to the divers in one or two key situations this season)
  10. Well it's not as if they weren't warned, at least by some of you on here.
  11. Adam Armstrong scored at Goodison. No Ben - he injured or one of the Covids?
  12. In glass half full mode, maybes missing a couple of training matches in pre-season was not the worst of preparation in the circumstances. Haven’t checked back but can’t recall so few injuries coming into the first weekend in recent years and, watching the highlights, while it was interesting that one or two Newcastle players felt the need to leave a foot in on a weakened squad, I’m not sure there was that much to gain, or for Daniel to learn, from the trip to Tyneside last Saturday. During the latest Covid disruption at the club there would’ve been more time to work with the players who were available, while I doubt that professional athletes hid in their back bedrooms if they were self-isolating without symptoms, so the fitness issue may not be as damaging as many, myself included, at first feared. At least we're not in Everton's state. This week, with almost everyone back for us, intense squad work would have been increasingly possible, without staleness creeping in and at the end of it there could even be that bounce off the training pitch back into games which the side seems to get after an international break. As for screams of ‘there’s no substitute for match fitness’, that’s true and blindingly obvious, but it is what it is and Daniel and the team can be expected to make the most of it. It’s day one and if I can’t be a happy clapper at the start of a momentous season of passion for our game after the lockdowns and restrictions, then when can I? Oh and loving the lazy, ignorant punditry which has us already relegated, not the prediction itself which is ok if it’s well informed but the complete lack of real-time analysis from many of them. Maybe they should do Fantasy Football and would get a surprise, as I did, at the transformation of our squad since relegation when you see it listed. But it’s almost like they’re doing Daniel’s first team talk for him - if he bothers to listen to them! Don’t know about anyone else, I don’t have a clue what the line-up will be ... but nor will Jurgen Klopp who anyway has had problems of his own this summer, even if on a different astral plain to Daniel’s. 3-2 City OTBC
  13. What's that? We're already down? Oh ok I'll watch the retro Emerdale Omnibus instead.
  14. And while we're waiting, can any Toolstation listeners keep us updated about what time we'll get relegated this afternoon?
  15. You can put the jumper away now.
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