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  1. crispeduk


    Yep, it is quite possible to have an adult football debate (which by definition can include criticism), without stooping to personal vilification.
  2. crispeduk


    Yep, ‘social’ media – a self-sustaining social disaster, but so hard to know how to resist this kind of damage to decent folk’s lives. Engage with these people and that just throws petrol on their little fire – ignore them and they just up the ante with their sense of entitlement as they somehow think the lack of resistance is tantamount to approval. So all the grown-ups can do is trust in the club’s people management skills to keep Emi and other victims feeling the love.
  3. crispeduk

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Spot on Peanuts. It’s a strangely old fashioned view of football to suggest that strengthening the heart of defence and shielding it does not help the attack. It was obvious against Watford that the fullbacks were holding back because of the frailties in defence – either because that was the training ground game plan or they had the footballing nous to adapt their game on-field (probably a combination of the two as at times they seemed undecided on whether to sit in or go for it). Midfield with less fear of disaster will be able to play with more freedom and Teemu can get his mojo back because he then gets the support which means that if he misses he knows another chance will come along soon. He can play without tension. I for one am looking forward to Everton – our team should be a completely different animal to these last few games.
  4. Every club’s got moronic moaners. Saw a game with family members at Sid James Park last season, one of the tanked up 110 decibel toilet mouths sitting behind us was still screaming Perez was playing f***ing cr*p and should be f***ing taken off by f***ing Rafa– nearly 10 minutes after he was subbed. It was impossible to know if he was joking – but all the grown-ups were laughing at him so he would’ve had to make out it was a joke anyway! Before all-seater grounds you just moved away from people who’d been drinking on an empty head, as well as from those with severe body odour – can’t be fun sat next to one of those with a season ticket!
  5. crispeduk

    ACN print fanzine issue 2

    Another great read
  6. Ha the **** is implicitly far worse than what I said, even the software is programmed to troll. So @£%"*(!!" +=%***** to the programmer!!! XXXX
  7. 100 per cent agree. And some **** somewhere has decided we've all agreed we can't blame it on injuries - don't be stupid, of course we can, it's as plain as the nose on your face! Oh and forget the trolling abuse, I'm a grown up who's off to bed after a good night at the pub, so I won't be listening! X
  8. crispeduk

    Come on Leicester

    And some people say we've got problems. The difference is that we will play much better while many Newcastle fans don't believe their side will and there's plenty of them say they're as good as down because of that as there's too much damage to repair in January even if Ashley signs off on more spending. Very impressed with Leicester, even without Madders (imagine what he would've done to that Newcastle back line today), an object lesson in keeping the ball moving against 10 men.
  9. crispeduk

    Soton vs Cherries

    Agree with all the above, for me it confirms our brand of football (with or without the Man City result), is a level above many in this division. When it goes wrong we can/will look awful and yes, dinosaurs could make targeted assaults on our players which sometimes might work, but win, lose or draw I know what I'd prefer to watch.
  10. Well played Tim Krul - without his performance this could have been a very damaging defeat rather than an off-day. And yes trolls, that is what it was - just an off day.
  11. You're still asleep - just a bad dream. We're actually winning 3-2
  12. Snoddy shows the way to get a yellow!
  13. First yellow card!!!! Talk about lenient
  14. Talk about cynical. Don't usually do retribution on but I hope someone gives something back to the culprit for Zimbo.
  15. Yep - Noble drivelling on about teaching us all about the Prem must be some obscure kind of Cockney Rhyming Slang about diving and hacking.