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  1. crispeduk

    Behind the Scenes

    Which wire's for the corner floodlight?
  2. crispeduk

    Zimmermann to miss pre-season

    Successful clubs have squads to handle this kind of thing and that is just what we have – just look at the potential defensive combinations discussed on this thread, all of them valid and making for a great read here. Zimbo will not get a chance to go back in until he’s fully fit, meanwhile the changed line-up has to prove he cannot improve on their work and they may well do so. He took his chance last season, now it’s their turn to go for it. But in a tough season, mentally and physically, Daniel knows he’ll need to rotate more than last season to take some players out of the firing line from time to time, so having a refreshed, fit again, centre back hungry to return a couple of months in is no bad thing. And this depth extends all over the pitch, meaning that few in the squad will not be making a contribution at some point in a testing season and surely they know it, which is likely to be one reason why so many have agreed new contracts, knowing they all have a chance to stake a claim in the Prem. This really is a great time to be a supporter of our great club.
  3. crispeduk

    Leicester spending power

    I don't give a monkeys about the moneybags clubs, however they're funded. Very happy with and proud of our club (and our owners), for doing it our way, however this season ends up.
  4. crispeduk

    Liverpool away

    Agree with much of the above. There's never a good time to play the likes of Liverpool if we're serious about picking up points, but there are some times which are better than others and this is one of them. I’m happier with our pre-season than theirs which might prove distracting and wearing, also we play them a few days after their Community Shield Wembley date with Man C and a few days before their Super Cup match in Istanbul. Jurgen Klopp will not disrespect or underestimate us but would be failing in his duty if he did not rest some key performers. As the support act for the Anfield love-in curtain raiser can there be a better free hit for us? – no-one, including ourselves, expects us to win so we lose nothing in self esteem and confidence if we get worked over. And then at home we have the car crash which is Newcastle United. Jamal to get the only goal of the game (preferably at the Kop End) then Jordan to come off the bench to get the winner against the Geordies at the Barclay End would be a nice way to go top!!! If none of this happens so be it, it’s a long time since there’s been so much fun to look forward to. Love it. Btw love the new kit.
  5. crispeduk

    The Surprise Relegation Team

    We are perfectly capable of beating most teams in the division and this time round will have VAR to reduce the loony reffing decisions. Continue as we've done and an entertaining midtable finish is quite possible.
  6. crispeduk

    Benitez to Leave Newcastle...

    Jose loves taking teams to St James and would consider it an honour to manage ‘Mr Robson’s Club’ – but what would doubtless be an incendiary relationship with the current owners would prevent that happening any time soon … unless the club really is for sale.
  7. crispeduk

    Season DVD

    dvd pig-out update. Had to break off at end of October to water the garden – wife’s away, but it’s her garden and her influence is far reaching – so only just got to end of 17-18 season. Weirdly we looked really good, much better than mid-table, but hey, that’s editing. And that Oliveira chappie seems a bit useful too, worth scouting??? Back to the vindaloo and Wainwright's
  8. crispeduk

    Season DVD

    Got the season dvd today, when told to expect it at time of ordering – can only think others were told to expect it earlier and have been disappointed because of big demand as well as production problems others have mentioned. Got the 17/18 review at same time, fiver in the shop sale, so, with my wife away, I’ll be settling down with a curry and a few cans tonight to follow the growth of the dream LDC did you see Crawley are at Carlisle August 3, 3pm? Hopefully a chance to see how George Francomb's going on and to take a look at Mason Bloomfield in his loan side.
  9. crispeduk

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    Yep, a legend - surely worth a statue!!!
  10. crispeduk


    VAR will never be perfect and is not a remedy for big-club bias among officials and media, be that subconscious or otherwise. But in my book anything that reduces the opportunity for blatant injustices when Norwich (or any other ‘little’ club) goes up against the moneybags clubs has to be welcomed. Injustices will still happen, but less often.
  11. crispeduk

    What price Webber?

    Those are great points Parma – in a hard-nosed football and business sense that would fit and I for one had completely forgotten Mr Webber was a Leeds fan, which could tip the balance if his head was turned. A more likely future destination than Man U, as there could be further north if Ashley’s sale of Newcastle goes through. They’d be a tempting challenge if the new owners take a hands-off approach. To paraphrase, the supporters there would ‘love it, just love it’ if someone like him rolled up at Sid James. But those two clubs’ recent history highlights just how good life is for us and as a few said earlier it does feel too soon for a parting of the ways, especially as missing from the cv is how can he hack it in the Prem up against a shedload of moneybags clubs.
  12. crispeduk

    Season DVD

    Out the day after the Prem fixtures - great marketing timing, with pre-ordering already started. As with most things the club is getting so much right. Agree minimum postage & packing charge is steep, but add a couple of lesser items, like a new keyring or small fun items desirable but not viable to buy online on their own and it can be turned to good value. Wonder what other clubs charge? Btw absolutely cannot wait for my copy!
  13. crispeduk

    What price Webber?

    Great point LeedsC, there's the makings of a dynasty here.
  14. crispeduk

    What price Webber?

    Agreed, not a good fit for Man U, but in a common sense world he would be and they ought to grab him. But how much common sense is there at Old Trafford? Think Purple and Surfer have it right – our big appeal to Mr Webber included the autonomy he found for himself here. As yet I suspect he is not powerful enough, despite his track record so far, to go in and dominate the politics of it all at OT and so I believe that he would for example find more trouble coping with the recruitment committee than actually recruiting – don’t think there’d be much chance of uncovering gems by stealth and, however big a club they are, they definitely need some of them given the scale of the rebuilding job. I know it’s a cliché but even a broken clock is right twice a day and The Sun’s scatter fire rumours will eventually get it right, maybe sooner than we’d hope, but I’d be really surprised if this is that moment.
  15. crispeduk

    Grealish or Bamford

    Seriously, how many Prem teams would Grealish or Bamford get into?