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  1. crispeduk

    Grealish or Bamford

    Seriously, how many Prem teams would Grealish or Bamford get into?
  2. crispeduk

    LMA Awards

    I expect it to be confirmed next season who the best is and I’ve no doubt it won’t be a gritty Englishman.
  3. crispeduk


    Just love football
  4. crispeduk


    Spot on Darth, can we play Spurs early on! Re Max, a £30m bid plus Kane as cover for Teemu might come close.
  5. crispeduk

    McNally Tweets!

    Ha - I don't mean to suggest Mr Webber's soft, far from it, I wouldn't like to have to negotiate with him!
  6. crispeduk

    McNally Tweets!

    I share Indy's respect for McNally, he was the right man for the job at that time and we needed a hard man. We've moved on now, but that's football, that's life!
  7. crispeduk

    Best season ever ???

    It’s often said the first win is the toughest in sport and I always held that Ron Saunders’ team for the first promotion, the breakthrough season, topped everything since, even when we had better footballers and played better football along the way, but 2018-19 just goes to another level. This has been achieved with such class City have broken through a glass ceiling of respect. One national media outlet (can’t recall which – alcohol memory damage) said yesterday we were ready to grace the Premier League. For me this is the best season yet.
  8. crispeduk


    And the question remains: if it didn’t matter, why did they do it? It’s hard for supporters of the other clubs fighting for a play-off spot when they consider what might have been – and that piddling fine can only tempt other chancers to give it a go in the future despite any rule changes.
  9. crispeduk

    I’m bladdered

    early onset hangover here
  10. crispeduk

    Getting ahead of ourselves

    ‘It’s interesting though that every fan of other clubs tell you that we are as good as promoted.’ Too true Daz, I went for a pint last night, a Makem friend came in and the first thing he said was ‘Do you think you’ll stay up next season?’ It’s taken as read by others – they know all our rivals have to win all their games to put us back under real pressure, it’s not going to happen. That’s not arrogance that’s glass half full logic and it’s how neutrals see it.
  11. crispeduk

    Finland fixtures?

    Will be watching those games from behind the settee - don't expect it to be fun, really want him to score, but it'll be uncomfortable viewing - especially from that position!
  12. Just noticed Bristol City v Ipswich on Tuesday is the Sky Main Event match while Leeds at Reading that night is relegated (good word that) to the Red Button. So now even the allure of the slow motion road crash exceeds that of the ‘big club’ running itself silly. Maybes they think no-one would want to see one club over and over again on the run-in ….. oh wait!
  13. crispeduk


    Spot on ASMS, it’s so ridiculous I’m struggling not to think it’s a wind-up. But if Michael Benjimam really exists and has even a gram of football nous, even the scraps of Quest highlights would at least give him a hint that there’s so much more to our game than that of a ‘big club’ in white shirts running and running and running. There’s a little thing called technique which sets us apart. It may not be enough in the Prem, even with our spirit and togetherness (oh and our running too), but I suspect Daniel will make us a little harder to work out than Leeds if they ever do make it through the play-offs.
  14. crispeduk

    Charge of the Light Brigade

    Farke footy having ‘Sam Allardyce reaching for the sick-bag’ ­ quite an image conjured up there, almost makes you nostalgic for late September when some should’ve been back at school instead of wanting him in after binning Daniel (not having a pop at anyone, just couldn’t resist the play on the lyrics, after all every picture tells a story!!). Looks like we didn’t dodge a bullet there, more like a cruise missile.
  15. crispeduk

    Live crowd prompting...

    Memory can play tricks with old farts, but pretty sure that was the match. Second half and we were on the way out. Pre-segregation and the crack with the away fans at the River End was good, bugler sounded like was in the Barclay near where the Snakepit now is.