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  1. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    This is what they said in 2017. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/may/26/conservative-labour-tax-spending-plans-ifs-general-election-manifesto Neither party’s general election manifesto sets out an honest set of choices, says leading thinktank It will be same for this election, just as it's been the same for probably all of them.
  2. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    Wait a few days and they'll be saying the same about the Tories.
  3. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    Johnson shows his contempt for Remembrance. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/5431700/MPs-expenses-Boris-Johnson-claimed-16.50-for-Remembrance-Sunday-wreath.html Boris Johnson today apologised for claiming the cost of a Remembrance Sunday wreath on his Commons expenses
  4. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

  5. A Load of Squit

    Coldplay at Carrow Rd.

    I enjoyed the humour. Amazing how some people get so angry about some bands.
  6. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    A very good idea from the EU to give Cornish Pasties protected status to avoid poor immitations. Nothing in Johnsons plan to continue this, will probably lead to the market being flooded by crap pasties.
  7. A Load of Squit

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    It's true Charlton markeb Henry out of the game when he played for Bolton V Arsenal. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2003/dec/22/match.sport7 I wonder how Robert Chase would've been able to cope with the current transfer window system. It would've stopped him selling players during the season to pay off the short term loans he took with the bank.
  8. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    John Young @johnyoung1 · 12h Last night I was in the audience for the live #ITVLeadersDebate and when they came off air only one of them stayed. One of them walked around the audience, spoke to us, thanked us, showed humility and integrity. I'll let you guess which one that was.
  9. A Load of Squit

    President Trump

    The answer is 'very'.
  10. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    Never thought we'd see this.
  11. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    He could just wait until the very last minute and then write two articles for a newspaper before deciding on which one to publish.
  12. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    Welcome back, we've not missed this complete b0ll0cks. I suspect you've been usung FactChechUK.
  13. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    RTB failing again. It's not just kids homework, think about it, broadband is essential to have access to a multitude of services.
  14. A Load of Squit

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    Is it down to the lake, I fear.
  15. A Load of Squit

    Cheers James!

    It's all rather pointless really, the Suffolk Socialists won't use it to buy players, they'll probably just quaff some Champagne in the board room (served on a silver platter by Nepotism Tom) whilst laughing at and shredding the letters that rich foreign investors are sending in to the club begging to buy them out and take the club onto the next level. Whatevers left after they take their cut will be used to put a couple of floors on the hotel instead of increasing the ground capacity, Premier Inn will then put a viewing platform on the roof to allow VIP guests to have unrestricted access to the game. After they fufill their ambition of turning the club into a full time concert venue with League 1 football as a side show they'll sit on their hands with all the other happy clappers and marvel at being debt free. The clubs a jook.