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  1. https://www.nationalworld.com/culture/music/take-that-tour-2024-stadium-venues-dates-4343784 Those of you who thought that Gary Barlow was the answer to our striking woes are going to be disappointed/relieved.
  2. It's quite simple, the one figure that people can quote from the Brexit debate is the £350m written on the side of the bus. That's an economic argument (and a lie). It' no surprise our resident stupid person finds this all a bit too confusing.
  3. Is anyone gullible enough to believe this absolute pile of sh!t?
  4. I didn't really understand any of it so I voted the opposite of Essex Canary.
  5. You must mean the lefty FCA blob anti-growth coalition wokerati North London ULEZ loving socialist fascists. They just do what Meghan Markle tells them.
  6. It was terrible when we went there in 1993, if the fans weren't trying to attack us the police in the stadium were. Decided I never wanted to go back there ever again.
  7. Will be back later to save another club. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/neil-warnock-press-conference-live-27733613 NW: Whose decision? "It's the club's, that's correct. But I always told him I'd do it until they were ready and then if they let me know I'd go, and they have let me know so you can't say fairer than that." NW: Any bad blood? "I've not fallen out with anybody. Jake's come to me and said they want to move on and management's the next step. I think management is the biggst decision they'll have to make really."
  8. 3 o'clock in the morning & you posted this? You need help.
  9. Resident Irish citizens & some Commonwealth citizens can vote in UK Parliamentary elections. UK Parliamentary elections Across the whole of the UK, to vote in a UK Parliamentary election a person must be must: be registered to vote in the constituency; be of voting age – 18 years old on polling day; be either a British, qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland; and Not be subject to any legal incapacity to vote – Peers in the House of Lords, prisoners serving a prison sentence or having been convicted of committing certain electoral crimes.
  10. The OP says it will only add If Labour wins power, its plan could see as many as 1.5million more young people across the UK elect MPs for the first time. Seems a lot of fuss about a few more being added to the electoral register.
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