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  1. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    " whilst most of those who support it strongly do not understand what it entails at a practical level. ".
  2. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    We can expect more.
  3. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    The MEPs will have to change it to 'Job Gone'.
  4. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    The extra days are to accommodate extra bongs from Big Ben. Mark Francios is going to climb the tower are change his name to Mark Quasimodo.
  5. A Load of Squit

    President Trump

    Is Irans economy able to support hundreds of thousands of teachers and civil servants?
  6. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    I've heard a senior source has proposed that in order to secure a favourable trade deal with the US we are going to change our currency to "Trumps and Pence", a 'Trump' will be worth about a thousand of the old 'Pounds' until you try to do something with and you discover it's useless.
  7. A Load of Squit

    Scrutiny on the kit men

    But if you don't invest enough in a big enough blank canvas it seems pointless to invest all that time on deletion.
  8. A Load of Squit

    Scrutiny on the kit men

    https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/meet-the-men-transforming-norwich-city-s-dressing-rooms-1-6429287 I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the kit men have got away (Keith) Scott free from this shambles of a season. The players turn up at each venue and they've no idea whether they are home or away. They run out and look totally bewildered when they are met with a hostile crowd after believing that they were in the cosy home dressing room. Until we get back to the stark surroundings that the opposition present us with the players will never be able to concentrate. I'd go as far as putting up some alternative motivational posters such as "You're Sh!t", "Your owners a Socialist cook", "Your manager doesn't care about you, no-one crticises him" and "Only one of you is good enough".
  9. A Load of Squit

    Time to go Delia

    So there's nothing stopping an investor putting money into the club by buying these shares.
  10. A Load of Squit

    Time to go Delia

    My memory may be a bit cloudy on this issue but are there shares in the club available that are unallocated? Is it possible for someone to buy a chunk of the clubs shares without someone else selling them?
  11. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/ 53.5% Disaprove 41.8% Approve More ill-informed nonsense from Paul Moy.
  12. A Load of Squit

    M6 closed in Lancashire tomorrow

    I've done that trip, on almost every occaision I've bumped into City fans at Tebay services on the way back. Once there was a father & son from Dundee who went to all home and away games, that's some dedication.
  13. A Load of Squit

    President Trump

    The Globalists sent him 'to live on a farm'.
  14. A Load of Squit

    Duda done deal according to father 🙏

    Deals don't get done by the teams priority, you get the players in when they become available. There were some stats going around over the last few days highlighting our lack of goals from the no. 10 position, looks like they've decided to do something about it.
  15. A Load of Squit

    The Brexit Thread

    "If you’re unsure which side to come down on in relation to today’s royal shenanigans, the knowledge that it’s pissed off such reprehensible ****bags as Toby Young, Piers Morgan, Sarah Vine and Katie Hopkins should help focus your mind." Exactly this.