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  1. Not convinced with Barnes due to age but happy with the other two. All that matters is the DM signing though. Get that wrong and we'll struggle again. It is so, so important.
  2. I think 'miserable contingent' is unfair...!
  3. Not unhappy with this. Seems like the right sort of player for where we are.
  4. Smith is nowhere near our worst manager. Results-wise it's probably Grant or Gunn, Roeder was just so unlikeable, and for style of play it is Hughton even if his results weren't all bad. Out of all them, the worst three are as follows (1 being the worst, 3 being the least bad): 1. Roeder 2. Hughton 3. Gunn Seems harsh on Hughton to be second worst in my lifetime, but the style of play was so boring that I would have literally stopped watching/supporting us at all had it gone on much longer. Football should stir emotions (even bad ones) but in those two seasons, it felt uplifting if I had double-booked a home game and could legitimately decide not to go! Roeder is the all-time worst though and by some distance. I've never actually hated a Norwich manager before or since, but I truly hated him with every part of me. An absolute c**t of a bloke.
  5. I totally disagree on this point. Leicester's playing squad will get decimated and the basis of the Leeds squad is the one that went up with Bielsa, except they're all older and richer. Leeds are also a team that resorted to Allardyce so they have no strategy whatsoever - I don't think there's any guarantee for them. Southampton will do well, and every chance Leicester reinvest well (although it's not a given), but I just can't see it being anything other than a tough transition for Leeds.
  6. He is very badly wrong on this one. Watch where Maddison ends up next season and it'll tell you how good he is.
  7. It was that bad an ending! You're talking like he's Andy Marshall or something!!
  8. Hoggy and NN are both good posters on here and add some balance to the mob when people are losing their s**t. I don't agree with them all the time (McLean being the best example of that) but they want what's best for the club as 95% of us do. They just don't accept that sacking everyone is the answer... and they're right. Having said that, those that criticise Webber and Delia etc aren't always wrong either. Life isn't that simple.
  9. The worst two teams to ever reach a play off final. I genuinely think that... they were both absolutely dire but it's nice to see a small team get up, so fair play to Luton.
  10. Is to leave Villa after 10 years this summer. What a total waste of a career... I can remember there being a fair bit of hype around him when he was 18 and to think he's just whittled it all away with crap loans and being second choice at a lower PL team and even for three years a Championship team, it seems so disappointing. I suppose it probably tells you something about his drive and attitude in itself that he's wasted his time like that.
  11. Been saying all along that next year he'll come good. POTS next year - I'm convinced.
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