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  1. I wish this rapper would **** off. Get on with the fight.
  2. I didn't say that, I said he had limited success. You've picked two managerial posts out of 10. I'd say 20% is limited success.
  3. He'd be mad not to take it. Absolutely mad. Brighton have a good, established PL team. Potter went to Chelsea from there and De Zerbi is being linked to all sorts of jobs. It's the perfect stepping stone club for him.
  4. McLaren had limited success and Queiroz was not very good at all IMHO.
  5. Brian Kidd, Steve McLaren, Carlos Queiroz also learnt from Alex Ferguson but were pretty rubbish as managers.
  6. Please let this be the year we move on from McLean. Please. He's been a regular in one successful team from six years at the club.
  7. Mark Robins would be my pick but I'll trust Knapper to get the right man.
  8. Not one of our great managers but certainly not one of our worst. He did okay, but ultimately Knapper was always going to want his own man in and for that reason it is probably the right time to go. The club have acted well in this instance by giving him a chance and some time, and if we had gone up, I would have expected him to stay. This feels like the right decision at the right time and I wish him well in the future. No hard feelings from me at all. Blatantly going to be the Arsenal assistant manager once he finishes his GCSEs and moves out of his mum's house.
  9. Yes I think he will. Knapper will want his own man in and this summer will be seen as a chance for a reset.
  10. Here he is the biggest c*nt on the board.
  11. Some of our fans are proper thick. Boils my ****.
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