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  1. It's brilliant and things are never going back to business as usual, which is great news. People who don't like it are mainly the Brexit-voting pensioners who don't understand it and don't like progress. Been the best thing that's happened to me in my career.
  2. I didn't think Farke should have been sacked and don't think Smith should either. This mantra that Farke couldn't cut it at PL level annoys me - no manager could cut it at PL level with our squad as Smith is proving to be the case and no manager could be expected to cut it last time where we spent £750k. I am certain that Farke is perfectly capable at PL level as is Smith - with a decent squad that is.
  3. On the new manager subject, we should stick with Smith, although it's difficult to get enthused by him at the moment, he has to be given a proper chance and not dismissed after 75% of a season with a terrible squad. Even if we don't have a great year next year I still think he should be given time. My only caveat being that the football can't continue in this hoofball manner. If we start next season pumping it long I'll lose patience by October!
  4. Yep. Seems to think he has authority to 'swear' at others for voicing an opinion he doesn't agree with then gets all huffy when the same is done back to him. A right ****.
  5. Is he? Just coz they're bad that doesn't make him good. He's awful.
  6. Farke's last 5 games = 5 points and sacked. Smith's last 5 games = 0 points and safe. It is not ridiculous to suggest DF would have made a better fist of it than this.
  7. Omo is the best prospect I've seen in years. That value is a mile away and Hanley surely more than Gibson, but generally I don't think it's that bad
  8. Nandy is great but I'd love to see Burnham in there.
  9. Recently, Vrancic v Leeds away was something else. Historically, Hucks v Cardiff comes to mind and going further back, Iwan v Scummers when he scored a brace.
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