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  2. Not the EU. We could veto talks when we were members. Now we can't do anything. Our influence, which was wishy washy after Thatcher, is now non existent.
  3. If somehow there is a firm decision made by the 1922 Committee this evening, not including a vote, then surely he will be ousted. Nobody gives a monkeys about Ministers who get an earner. Its the backbenchers who may well issue a collective statement.
  4. Could not agree more. If fans who give players grief can't take a bit back as banter then what is wrong with them. I can understand some players might take it too far but a red for that it's pathetic.
  5. I agree, I think we’re crying out for proportional representation of some sort, although which system is best is a whole other debate. We even have a second chamber, possibly the most anachronistic piece of government in the first world (although maybe the US constitution/Supreme Court could be up there too with recent events) begging to be replaced by something a tiny bit more up to date. However, opponents (chiefly Tories as they are the ones who benefit most from FPTP) will be out shouting about a coalition of chaos and handing control to the SNP. I suppose it’s fortunate (?) that actually Johnson has done more to promote chaos and strengthen the SNP than PR ever could. There would be a Brexit-like campaign of lies and misinformation all over again if put to a referendum. Possibly Clegg’s biggest failure when in government, and he has plenty to choose from. It would need to be promoted SO much better next time, all the Tory 4rse-lickers in the media will be out to kill it.
  6. On a serious note though, we have been witness to 4 of the most exciting tests in years, if ever. And to have 4 on the bounce is spectacular.
  7. Sounds like you're pooh poohing your own pooh pooh there KC
  8. Burnley have had multiple bids turned down for Callum O’Hare at Coventry.
  9. Just came back to this - here's some reading for you as to why STG is weak. Part of it is the 'Brexit' policies and lack of growth. As I keep saying if you want the economy to improve stop digging elephant traps for it - and digging deeper & deeper Brexit holes is the first thing to stop doing all under our own control. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62053700 Pound slides to two-year low against the dollar.
  10. Probably right… glad I won’t be around for a Chinese dominated world in 100 years though! A 1 party state with that much authority over the common citizen? No thanks.
  11. Can we have an extra bank holiday day care of Queeny to celebrate (the end of) Boris Johnson day - along the lines of Guy Fawkes and November the 5th? I think we'll all deserve it, Queeny included.
  12. I didn’t realise s/t holders got an away match pick. Might give it a look.
  13. Indeed. In many ways that is exactly the point that the "we're all in this together" with supporters and minority shareholders aspect of the early part of S&J's tenure is not being adhered to now and they are making no efforts to restore it.
  14. Slightly pedantic, I know, but it's a real pet peeve of mine. Milan and Inter are two completely different teams; it would be like a non-English person saying 'Birmingham' when they mean Aston Villa or 'Liverpool' when they mean Everton.
  15. To all those who think I'm Craig, ....I wish I could write like he does. Don't say you did not know or heard about it here first. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/07/the-death-of-the-british-imperial-state/
  16. Basically agree, but picking up such a cheap second yellow early in the game remains a schoolboy error. It's probably not the silencing gesture itself, but taking the celebration to the opposition fans that warranted it.
  17. Looking at your comments, you ought to stop watching the public propaganda broadcasts, FFS why don't you wake up? you either can't read official CIA documents I have posted or you are saying that Putin has made the CIA do it. Your historic knowledge is just as the media you fraternize, **** poor awful those ex Warsaw pact countries, granted to Russia by a secret pact between Ribbentrop and Molotov, have been able and were allowed to join NATO, after NATO and its American proponents/hypocrites spoke at a meeting promising detente in 1997, saying that NATO would 'not expand into eastern Europe'. Since 2014 Putin has asked European and NATO countries to negotiate and develop a European security agreement, but the hypocrites were deaf to, as they were deaf to the Minsk agreements which they also ignored. You are the one who is trying to browbeat me with your frequent ignorance. I am an ex soldier and I have lost any trust in the ability of NATO to speak on behalf of peaceful nations, as all they do is lie cheat and threaten others that do not conform to their ever diminishing values or their violent global strategies.
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  19. More ministerial resignations this morning. 16 in total so far.
  20. There's no way I'm missing the Sheffield United match!! I'll take my chances with other local matches.
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