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  2. Dont think so. Lewis know he is not at Norwich for Long. If he plays well then he will find a PL team that realy wants him. The best team in the world wanted him.
  3. “Also the libertines and(probably mainly) Pete Doherty. I sounds like they made it up on the spot. Perhaps worst of all is ABBA. They just make me so angry. I don't know what it is. I just have to turn then off if they come on the radio or walk out of the room if they're playing.l Hallelujah! I thought it was just me
  4. Great news ... it sends out a very clear message. If you want our stars you have to pay what WE want for them - even if you're European Champions! Nice to be in the driving seat for ONCE! Thanks Webber!
  5. Orrr in a negative sense this could become a Zaha at palace type deal in which Lewis wanted the move (which he most likely would) and the club stopping him from leaving makes him resent us and not want to play for us and thus he hardly bothers putting any effort in
  6. They're enabled due to said atrocious system that is a century out of date. We've got the same fundamental problem in the UK. First-past-the-post voting is fit for one thing only, namely the scrapheap.
  7. I wouldn't have begrudged him the move. But the money offered simply wasn't enough. Look forward to him playing in the championship next year, him and McCullum = sorted at left back.
  8. I think we would only pay that fee after multiple clauses were met. I think the initial fee was about 1.5 million.
  9. where does that leave the boy from Coventry then? No way Webber would pay £3.5M for a player to kick his heels on the bench or not made the squad.
  10. This sums it up pretty well I think.
  11. Yes the data is here https://covidtracking.com/data. New York State looks like this - it's almost as if it's a different country. As you can see from the dotted line, their testing has stayed well above the US average even though new cases per million have fallen away. Fall off in New York and New England states is a big factor in why the US curves look the way they do, offsetting recent big increases in the South and West. As the Governor of New York said "it's like nobody learned anything from our experience" - sounds rather familiar eh? Their New tests and New cases per day data puts the lie to the President's comment we only have more cases because we do more tests. While it is true that you won't be able to confirm that you have infected people in your population if you don't do any tests to find out, New York proves that if you continue to do a lot of testing does not mean that your case rate can't also fall away dramatically. I think the mayor of New York said this week that their test positivity rate was now around 1%, and so schools could reopen and remain open as long as it stayed under a 2% threshold. Once more we need to look to the media to dig deeper and get past the stupid headlines like "California now has the worst outbreak of Covid 19 in America" Well based on raw case count yes it does, but if you look at cases per million it's right at the US average. The question they should be asking is - why is testing falling off in states like Florida and Texas? How did New York contain the pandemic and what lessons can the State and Federal Governments learn from that?.... all too hard apparently for reporters to actually report on, so we will very likely continue with this fiasco for months to come.
  12. Melissa Reddy @MelissaReddy_ Liverpool and Norwich fail to reach an agreement for Jamal Lewis, with the Premier League champions close to signing Konstantinos Tsimikas as cover at left-back for €13m (£11.75m) from Olympiacos. Medical expected early next week. 9:30 AM · Aug 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone Jamal Lewis interest ended
  13. The 'dirty money's series on Netflix. They cover stuff like the VW emissions scandal, payday loans, Trumps dodgy business dealings, money laundering by the big banks. Theres a second series now too I need to see. 20 ft from stardom. About backing singers and the contribution they've made to hit records. Metallica. Some kind of monster. You don't have to be a fan of the band to enjoy this (I'm not) it's more a study on 4 disfuctional people. They filmed themselves trying to make an album when one member leaves, another goes to rehab. They've got so dysfunctional that they hire a full time therapist. 2 of them come across as complete idiots. I just found it really interesting. The big short. Not strictly a documentary but it has that feel plus it's good so I want to recommend it!. About the housing market crash in the US 15ish years ago. Based on a book by one of the guys who saw what was happening early on but wasnt taken seriously by the banks. That should do for today!
  14. His corrupt GOP enablers have been the problem.
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  16. I've had a crash. I'm okay other than bumps and bruises, but my bike is a right mess (it's currently being looked at). Please keep sharing my fundraising page at tiny.cc/colo500, and follow me on Instagram here - I will get to 500 miles if I have to crawl.
  17. I don't think that's true. I've watched most of the clubs on the right hand side there and seen obvious big gaps of several hundred (usually the corners). I remember being really surprised seeing that with Sheff.Utd's first game back in the prem (Palace I believe).
  18. If Alan Nixon says we are in for him it’s good enough for me all down to as some say is he up for a new challenge or going to home pastures
  19. These new shirt designs over the last few seasons are for the svelte.....certainly not for the Pilsbury Doughboy/Michelin Man type torso..... Regarding the current Palace home and away shirts they look ok to me..... Anyway, if our next home/away shirt goes with jeans and trainers, it'll do for me.....
  20. https://premierleague25years.wordpress.com/2018/10/25/seasonal-stories-norwich-city-1994-1995/
  21. Judging by our last 10 results/performances it looks like the whole of our current 1st team squad haven't either....
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