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  2. Serious question. Why is that so far fetched? The common consensus is that he dominated the midfield against England at the Euros, as a 20 year old. With only reserve matches under his belt. Which lead to Gary Neville freely admitting that England don't have a deep lying playmaker like Gilmour. Vieira agreed and so did Souness. Chelsea fans love him and would take him back in a heartbeat. Lampard loved him. Rangers fans love him, even though he only played for their youths. Scotland fans love him. Brighton fans love him. Roy Keane got him out of his chair and he said that he looks world class. And he's won the trust of one of the best coaches in the world. All at 21 years of age. It's arrogance to say that a few Norwich fans know more than a former England International. Four world class ex midfielders. Four sets of fans and a world class manager. I wasn't being controversial when I said that he would walk into the England team. He would. In this current England set-up, the main thing missing is a deep-lying playmaker. And before anyone chimes in. It's not me who keeps this thing going. Hell, someone brought it up in the England squad announcement thread.
  3. Technically, Gilmour was subbed off against Newcastle when the score was 2-1. And he set up the Brighton goal. He started on the bench against Everton. He came on and played 12 minutes when Brighton were losing 4-0.
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  5. Just realised that his twitter bio says he's assistant coach, does this mean that Buhler is off?
  6. A large percentage of the general population are idiots. There are a few thousand well known professional footballers around the world so by the law of percentages quite a few will be idiots. Then you throw in the fact that because many of them were so obviously talented from a young age and focused on their game instead of their education and that having your ar5e kissed 24/7 and constantly being told how wonderful and special you are regardless of how you act because of your fame, social status and talent and you're going to end up with quite a few idiots. For me it's not surprising that so many footballers are idiots, it's more surprising to me that so many are actually decent people despite all of that and take time out to help people and do good in their communities. People like Russel Martin or Onel Hernandez just as an example have no incentive to be good people, but they are anyway because it's who they are. You're going to get idiots in every industry, there are probably a percentage of healthcare professionals/soldiers/scientists/whatever else that profession that people tend to look up to and celebrate who aren't decent people and are just in it for the paycheck or because they're good at what they do. Some people are just idiots or bad people. You'll find them in every walk of life.
  7. Wasn't Wagner an X-Factor or Britain's got Talent contestant? Wasn't Chico, too? Coincidence, or conspiracy? We need to check the names of the half naked Greek dancing duo, I have a feeling they were called Christos & Dimi Flatley.....
  8. I thought it wasn’t too bad for a euro final - there have been some pretty dreary ones over the years.
  9. It’s the Norwich fans thinking that McCallum is our next season left back not players being idiots.
  10. I’m saying that once they appointed Deano they sealed their fate…
  11. Harry Maguire walks into the England side and he is gash. DK based that on the position Gilmour plays and asked for players in the same position to compare against. It wasn’t just a generic statement. It’s academic anyway, we don’t really play with a Gilmour type midfielder. Time will tell on the mid tier talent comment I guess. Whatever mid tier means
  12. Rather than be the 4th person to ask you what you meant by this without your reply, I’ll assume as per you’re making an incorrect link between Webber once being at Huddersfield and this meaning any Huddersfield employee past or present must somehow be his mate. Webber has never worked with him before.
  13. He's a mid-tier talent at best. DK claimed he'd walk into the England side..
  14. For balance, he also played in the 5-1 and 4-1 defeats to Newcastle and Everton.
  15. I get those that don’t like his lack of contribution for us l, because that was the case, but there’s obviously a player there.
  16. But played in 14, I know early doors for final subs. But majority came at end of season, beating Man Utd, Arsenal and drawing with Man City in that run. Alongside demolishing wolves 6-0 in a 90 minute spell. Had been roundly praised in those fixtures by fans and pundits. So in the last period of the season he played often.
  17. Not a great advert for European football, both teams were dreadful at time wasting and play acting. More needs to be done to stop it. To be fair to Anthony Taylor I thought he handled most of the theatrics pretty well but as per usual too much goes unpunished. When you've got VAR there you need to start taking action against players intentionally trying to deceive the officials
  18. Hope the new motor doesn’t have that dashboard glitch…
  19. He started 7 games and played the full 90 twice. Half his appearances lasted less than 10 mins. Often? Nope
  20. Have they ever won it after qualifying via getting knocked out of the sterile Champions League? That seems like a ****ty system to me, a bit like the “league phases”, all designed to keep the biggest, richest, most prestigious at the table for as long as possible. Sh1te, the lot of it.
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