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  2. Lyon v Lorient home win For the Norwich game (hoping they've been doing some heading training) Gibson to score Good luck everyone OTBC
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  4. The one thing that's promising about our defense is how much Omobamadele has improved over the last season or so. If he continues to develop, he could easily become our first-choice central defender. Admittedly the bar doesn't seem particularly high right now though.
  5. I have only eaten Greek kebab, so I can't really have an opinion on the matter. Well, they are kind of old so I don't think they would have enough stamina to play as midfielders.
  6. And what do you think of John Travolta and Olivia, Newton and John as midfield options?
  7. i.c. Which country makes the best kebab?
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  9. I totally get that argument Nutty, it wasn’t a great experience for them, not denying that personally. But you don’t think Carrow Road emptying before the final whistle had an affect on them? You don’t think the fact from goal 3 the home crowd was pretty much silent had an affect? It was a stinker of a result and performance, they know that and how the crowd felt regardless of any boos.
  10. I doubt groans over a misplaced pass would have any effect. I see players moan themselves for misplacing a pass and acknowledge it to their team mates. Being booed off on your debut is a different thing. Or it is to me. Surely we want those players to succeed and even if we don't they deserve more than one game to fail.
  11. Farke has always been open and honest about what he thinks - and his coments on the fans booing were fair - he said they have every right to boo if they want to, just that it was unhelpful to the players and he then explained why. As for criticising players openly - he's always done that and quite a few players have had to face that.
  12. Getting up and walking out early isn’t helpful. Sitting silently isn’t helpful. Groaning when a player misplaces a pass isn’t helpful. If it’s going to cause upset whenever supporters do anything that isn’t helpful there’s plenty more examples.
  13. Usually, Tzolis swapped sides with our right winger Andrija Zivkovic, who helps a ton when the team is defending. Our left back last year was Rahman Baba, on a loan from Chelsea, who was a very attacking back and the winger on the left side would be covering his position in transition sometimes. Tzolis wasn't very keen on defending. But our last season's coach Pablo Garcia and Tzolis go way back. Tzolis is a player born and bred in PAOK and Garcia was PAOK's youth coach for many seasons. He actually cared about the boy and his development as a player more than his numbers. Fun fact, when Tzolis was playing for PAOK's youth squad, he was actually a striker at first. Pablo Garcia insisted on using him as a winger so that he improves on certain aspects of his game. His body is strong. Hard work has paid off I guess. That is one of the reasons apart from talent that made him succeed last year in my opinion. I really hope Tzolis makes us all proud. Not many PAOK bred players have made a significant career abroad. You probably haven't even heard of them (Stafylidis or Pelkas for example). And the fact that Giannoulis (best left back PAOK has ever had in my opinion) and Tzolis play in the top league probably in the world is something huge. At least for me. I noticed that many Norwich fans comment on the club's self sufficient style of management. It can be frustrating at times but oh well. That's life sometimes. Regarding the formation, in my opinion Farke should stick to 4-2-3-1 that worked wonders last year. I don't like the 3-5-2. Especially with these center backs. But regardless, he should stick to one formation and a main starting eleven squad. I hope with some Greek love we will see better results!
  14. Teeth would probably be in better nick if people did it more often.
  15. The biggest sharks around? You seriously learned that terminology in translation from Greek to English? Those are some adept translations. You're not Greek.
  16. Is possible to have too much of a good thing maybe. Brushing your teeth is good for you but you wouldn’t do it all the time would you.
  17. If booing was helpful, it begs the question why we don’t do it all game. I suppose there is still time….
  18. To be honest I'm surprised we are where we are at right now. On Saturday we had the situation where two players were making their debuts. Two big signings that we'd chased all through the window. We know part of "the sell" is a passionate Carrow road but their introduction to this was to be booed off. Is it helpful?
  19. It won't, he doesn't understand that seats are locked up so it isn't 1 seat = 1 fan when safe standing is in effect. I suspect he thinks a safe standing seat has one occupant who can pull the seat down at any time, which of course isn't the case. Locked up when area is designated standing, unlocked when designated seating. It is 1.8 standing fans per 1 safe standing seat.
  20. Of course it won't reduce the capacity. The "seat" is locked up, for each rail seat = 1.8 fans standing. The seat exists for competitions which don't allow standing, e.g. if we qualify for Europe, or to give us the option to be flexible with capacity. So 1000 rail seats = 1000 fans if seats down, 1800 fans if seats up. As for the cost, it will be cheaper than knocking down and rebuilding the city stand. I should imagine if we do it as a club we'll start with just rows D & E in the Barclay Lower, sort of like a hardcore / ultras section?
  21. Very fast Farke turn from "I will not agree 17 th place at the moment because we are better than this...." one day before Liverpool 1st round and then to criticised fans last week and criticised in front of media 19 y old records signing who have only 1 year competitive football at mighty Greece league yesterday. I never ever seen him do this things before ! He know that is on very bad situation and is 2 3 games away from totally loosing the plot... Also we fans so easy turn from amazing transfer business few weeks ago to we have no any PL level player now!? My opinion is that always Is very hard to be competitive with so many unsettled players added also nightmare pre season not help this at all. All in all Farke not have any time and I doubt have ability to adapt or change his style who is trade mark and may be Webber or/and Farke end will come if avalanche of bad results grow next weeks. Still I can support our management even If we relegated but we badly need to be at least competitive not idiots of the league who broke all negative records!
  22. It's not the emotions that are the problem, it's the way that people react to those emotions that is the issue. No one should bottle up emotions, but you can learn to accept those emotions - good or bad - without over reacting to them - and booing during a match and even afterwards, imo, is an over reaction. I am pretty sure that every person in the stadium and watching anywhere was pretty upset and disappointed at the Watford game, but only a few of them booed during the match and a few more afterwards. All it needs is a little self-control and to think how booing will affect others - and as many people have said, booing is unhelpful when a team - especially a young team - is trying it's hardest to achieve. Mental health? Learning to deal with emotions without letting them get out of hand is a key part of that.
  23. For Everton Krul Aarons Omobamidele Kabak Williams Norman Rupp Sargent Lees Melou Cantwell Pukki. Kenny, Rashicha, Tzolis to come off the bench.
  24. 1. I think most of us club constantly things we're not very impressed at. Goodness knows how many boring speeches I've had to sit through, and clap politely at the end. 2. I don't think it is inconsequential, that's the point. I think it damages already fragile confidence and risks making a bad start into something worse.
  25. Does this mean we could do the conga in the Snake Pit? A safe conga, of course.
  26. Again not quite what is being said but close so will indulge. Sissoko on 78k per week for Watford. Not sure what Ajer is on but to be fair, I don’t think anyone has claimed Brentford have a wage structure that is high enough to succeed in the PL either. At a loss to understand how someone saying our limited ability to recruit and pay Premiership quality players is a significant obstacle to survival is even debatable let alone called out as false due to lack of evidence!
  27. Ah ok, So, Who was getting being picked for the position that he's best in? I'm curious why the manager wouldn't play his best players in their best positions? From what I've seen of him he has a lot of class in how he controls the ball and his mind is very quick to respond. Out of all our new signings most supporters have the highest hopes placed on him, but he's so young still. However, he already looks quite a solid/strong player despite his age. As with Rashica & Sargent who we've signed, there seems to be very passionate Greek, Kosovan & USA supporters that have been interested in our club, which is great. I've seen so many comments on youtube videos that the club post, it makes you want to see these players succeed for their home nations as much as for ourselves. Wow that's incredible, he seems a very rich owner. That's our biggest problem if you've not noticed - we are a self funding club so to spend on anything we need to bring that money in first. Hence why this season has been really hard, so many new players and we're not even sure what formation to play so far. Hopefully you stay around for a bit and bring us some Greek luck, it's nice hearing external opinions for sure!
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