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  2. Yep, it always grates on me how you can finish fourth or fifth and still compete in a "Champions" League. Very few will remember who comes fourth or fifth in this summer's Euros or Olympics.
  3. Almost like we have dirt cheap and poor owners and no money while other clubs have billionaire owners and are loaded.
  4. Certainly do for Sara. Leicester fans would love to sign him.
  5. Thanks for these details. Sorry to be a tad negative, but how else can one be when a a Team facing 150 charges win our league, shades of Trump; but why do we need Long?
  6. It’s just a general list of players we had at the time and a good manager, set up etc… inspires players. I’ve never said (or meant to imply) it should be ‘just’ youngsters…. I’m a coach, I know a team needs a mix including support from a capable recruitment team and a club that gives the manager time without the pressure of promotion when it’s not feasible. But there has to be something with potential and Hayden, Ramsey, Marquinhos , Barnes, Batth, Duffy, McLean, Gibson, Hanley aren’t offering that. Look at Gibbs progress this year. He’s been managed by someone that’s shown no faith and whose win at all costs trying to get to the Prem. Nunez had lots of chances in there and has only recently won Wagner over, Gibbs didn’t get that opportunity.
  7. …but we appear to expect others to offer the same sort of figures on Rowe, Sara et al.
  8. They are like the sad kid at school who sticks the cheat code in cos he can't hack it on FIFA or FM and then acts superior like he actually won or achieved something.
  9. At the same time, the Premier League and many of those clubs and their investors have: Successfully reduced the number of clubs in the league to 20 - and will likely push for further reductions Successfully scrapped cup replays on the basis that it is too many games yet have no problem with additional places for European league format competitions etc etc. None of those changes benefit the rest of the clubs in the football pyramid, The 'fixture congestion' they complain about can be remedied to going back to how it was - only the champions qualify and the competition is an open draw with no seedings. Otherwise the gap between the haves and have nots grows further, the predictability of the league and apathy amongst fan bases grows stronger. The attitude of the FA & Premier League needs to change or be made to change by a regulator with sufficient powers.
  10. Some of this please, we were so pleasing on the eye, even before Daniel.
  11. Winning. Actually, that’s not true. I want committed, passionate performances from players who at least look like they care.
  12. Not dean smiths or Wagner's ! Attacking do or die stuff. Possession based press.
  13. You're a bit "whelmed" and I'm quite gruntled to hear you choose that word! 👍
  14. On the one hand; Hooray. Raisai was an awful, awful person who's policies have lead to the deaths and murder of thousands But on the other hand I do worry this could lead to a power vaccum and all the chaos that one of those often causes.
  15. Yes, but was it Zionist fog?
  16. Disappearing for 3 games consecutively is 2 games too many for an allegedly £20m + player. i can remember seeing some of his performances earlier in the season & was certain he would to be leaving for a top 6 PL club at the first opportunity, only to then vanish in the next match. I still think that his lack of consistency limits his attraction for clubs in the top division. And Sarge - as he is at the moment - is not a £20m player.
  17. It really needs a little trademark/copyright sign next to it.
  18. We need to bring in a proper CB pairing. I’d prefer youth, potential and longevity over experience. Would love to see Ronnie Edwards come in. And I’m always impressed with Ben Sheaf to play that CDM role.
  19. Clear direction from the very top. The handover of power to be completed and not drawn out because some can’t let go. Knapper to do some magic recruiting in the summer and a better kit than 23/24.
  20. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/05/18/the-case-against-israel-has-just-collapsed/
  21. Agree but it’s a top eight really Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa, Chelsea, Man Utd, Newcastle and Tottenham.
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