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  2. It makes no sense to me. There will never be a dividend from investing in that asset-shy, car crash of a club. However, they're frothing at the mouthwith excitement. Talk of waving 100 dollar bills at us and being 'Champions of Europe' again (they won the UEFA Cup in the Stone Age.) I've always found it quite amusing and ironic that they have constantly reviled Lambert for always going on about his past playing achievements, whilst continually reminding the world about theit club's own so-called 'history.' I would be quite amusing if this all fell through, as many of these convulated schemes do.
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  4. "A party with no policies except pursuing whatever keeps them in power" Sounds likes a party of winners!!!
  5. I agree the new ownership wouldn't fill me with confidence if it was happening to our club. But its probably worth noting that if us and Ipswich were in opposite positions a lot on here would be posting about how jealous they are that Ipswich are getting a rich investor. That's what happened when Evans took over...
  6. Good friends with our Daniel and Norwich are therefore one of the few teams he watches casually. Good man!
  7. Last but not least PUPs backing City is going for the five timer on Sunday... OTBCCOYY
  8. Thanks for these Wacky and for the generous second set for Sunday and Monday. Both sets look really good to me and I think we have a brilliant chance of getting that win we are all willing to happen. I've placed the Saturday set with Bet 365 where the potential return is £43.87. Here are the details... Bochum 8/13 12:00 Sat Bayern Munich 1/6 14:30 Sat Dortmund 2/11 14:30 Sat Utrecht 1/4 15:30 Sat Galatasaray 1/3 16:00 Sat PSG 2/11 16:00 Sat I've placed the Sunday/Monday set with Bet 365 where the potential return is an exciting £135.45. Here are those details... Inter 2/11 14:00 Sun Slavia Prague 8/11 15:00 Sun Lille 3/4 16:00 Sun Zagreb 1/4 16:00 Sun Club Brugge 11/10 17:15 Sun Benfica 4/9 19:00 Mon Hope you PUPs enjoy the weekend. We have loads to follow thanks to you generous pickers so here's hoping for PUPs wins and a City win. Good luck Wacky and all you PUPs
  9. Thanks for these Mandie and your generous offer to cover all the options double stake. I'm sure we'll get some decent returns from these. The two trebles weren't possible again I'm afraid and even finding a double wasn't possible. So I did 'penalty in the match' and 'Norwich win to nil'. Here are the details... Vrancic goal anytime £2 Bet 365 13/5 £7.20 HT/FT Draw/City £2 Bet 365 11/4 £7.50 Over 3.5 goals £2 Bet 365 7/4 £5.50 Buendia to score first £2 Bet 365 6/1 £14.00 0-0 £2 Bill Hill 12/1 £26.00 Over 2.5 goals £2 Bet 365 4/6 £3.33 Norwich 3-1 with Pukki to score anytime £2 Bill Hill 16/1 £34.00 Pukki to score 3 or more. £2 Bill Hill 16/1 £34.00 Hugill to score last. £2 Bill Hill 4/1 £10.00 Hernandez to score last £2 Bet 365 6/1 £14.00 Gianoullis to score anytime £2 Bet 365 10/1 £22.00 Norwich 2-0 with Buendia anytime goal £2 Bill Hill 16/1 £34.00 Norwich 4-0 with Hanley anytime goal £2 Bill Hill 125/1 £252.00 Emi Buendia to score at anytime. £2 Bet 365 7/4 £5.50 Norwich 2-0 £2 Bet 365 6/1 £14.00 Hanley to score anytime. £2 Bill Hill 12/1 £26.00 Norwich 1-0 £2 Bet 365 6/1 £14.00 City to win and Vrancic to score. £2 Bill Hill 21/10 £6.20 Penalty in match £2 Bet 365 2/1 £6.00 Buendia 2 or more goals £2 Bet 365 10/1 £22.00 City 2-0 pukki first goal £2 Bet 365 13/1 £28.00 Norwich to win to nil £2 Bet 365 5/4 £4.50 Norwich 3-1 £2 Bet 365 11/1 £24.00 I hope I covered them all. It's going to be awesome following these on Sunday. Good luck Mandie and of course our beloved Canaries
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions, ladies and gentlemen. It's only when you're in the hotseat that you realise how many selections there are each week (or possibly you do when you sit down on a Monday to calculate the scores every week like someone does) and it wasn't easy picking six. I've gone for six teams from biggish leagues, primarily because the bookies offer slightly better margins on more well known and trustworthy competitions, but also because they're a bit easier to follow and I'm reluctant to pick teams I've never heard of. So, the final six are: Bayern v Köln Utrecht v Emmen Galatasaray v Erzurum Bochum v Würzburger Dortmund v Bielefeld PSG v Dijon I'll also pick Galatasaray as my choice, because 1/3 look decent odds for the league leaders at home to a team one place outside the relegation zone. All of those games are Saturday, so I'd like to do a Sunday set as well, but unless I've made a mistake, only three of the matches that have been tipped in this thread are Sunday games. As a result, I'll add Inter, Lille and Benfica to Dinamo Zagreb, Club Brugge and Slavia Prague and send over another tenner for a more speculative Sunday/Monday six. Fingers crossed one will come in!
  11. Because you don't have 2/4/8 thousand people leaving the supermarket at the sametime, that you would at a match.
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  13. This is going to cost a whole lot more than just the headline takeover figure. They've got about 40 players out of contract this year. Very few - if any - are good enough to play at this level never mind the one above. So a major clear out is on the cards, how much money is it going to take to put together a half decent squad?
  14. Bit like owning a shed on an allotment then. The new tenant may give you a few quid for it but if he doesn't t want it - you're stuffed.
  15. Some things run in cycles, some don't. Ipswich may come back to rival us one day, since there is infinite time to do so then at some stage you may be proved correct, much like the 'predictions' of Nostradamus. On the other hand, they may not. Clubs go out of business, they fade into non-league. The swing of the pendulum back in their favour is by no means guaranteed.
  16. Evening Everyone I've cleared this with Eddie, as this week I would like to place a £2 bet on every suggestion up to this point. I make that 23 different selections. So I will send @nutty nigel some extra cash via the wonders of modern technology (PayPal) and sorry Eddie if you're up into the wee hours placing all of these bets for us! Thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions - hopefully this way we've got a lot to keep an eye out for on Sunday and there's a few chances for some funds for the wonderful CSF gang. OTBC
  17. Vrancic should come off the bench for me. Besides, it worked nicely against Wycombe last time. If I were Farke, and assuming everyone's been about average in training with no late injuries, I'd go with this. GK: Tim KRUL (Or Teemo Krul if you're a Coventry commentator) RB: Max AARONS RCB: Grant HANLEY (C) LCB: Ben GIBSON LB: Dimitrios GIANNOULIS (Or "the Greek lad" if you're a Coventry commentator) DCM: Oliver SKIPP DCM: Lukas RUPP LAM: Przemyslav PLACHETA CAM: Kenny MCLEAN RAM: Emiliano BUENDIA CF: Teemu PUKKI (wait, according to Coventry commentators he's in net as well, right? ) Subs: Nyland (GK), Zimmermann, Tettey, Sorensen, Vrancic, Hugill, Mumba, Hernandez (if fit), Dowell
  18. “TWTD understands that much of the cash will come from the pension fund for the fire and police services of a so-far unnamed US state.” Yup
  19. If any of that were really true there would have been howling mobs battering down the doors to Carrow road when we were in Division 1 wouldn't there? In reality all that happened was that a couple of blokes ran on the pitch and threw their season tickets at Bryan Gunn when we were 7-1 down at home to Colchester.
  20. All the best WWIAFTM & MM and all other PuPs. This week's 'obvious' draw is Bournemouth vs Watford (9/4); and Klose to home, I think we'll win 3-1 (11/1).
  21. Indeed it would be very hard to believe, if it was true, but since it isn't true the supposed unbelievability factor disappears.
  22. They are now but that's solely on the back of results this season and our league position. Does Smith deserve credit for that? Of course, it would be churlish to deny that. However, if you were to trawl back through this forum and look at the posts during that appalling Project Restart, you would be hard pressed to locate your 'huge majority'. Such is the fickleness of football fans as we both know.
  23. Not if they’re gambling with people’s pensions. Either it’s some two bit local scheme run by local bigwigs who think they’re cleverer than they really are, or there’s some financial aspect to this that hasn’t been spotted yet which means their money isn’t at risk. Either way, it doesn’t translate into a stinking rich messiah who will lead 1p5wich into the Premier League.
  24. Of course! Get yourself back into the top 5. All the all leather armchair, smokey malt whisky goodness of the platinum lounge and its high stakes odds will open up for you. Or get a TV dinner and join those 2 for their mid table domestics.
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