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  1. Feedthewolf

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    It's wonderful to read these reports as I can't access mainstream Western media in Shanghai, so thanks for posting them. Heading to Tokyo tonight so I'll be able to revisit everything in glorious Technicolor tomorrow. Also having to rein in my joy a little bit considering I'm staying with my Citeh-supporting mate!
  2. Feedthewolf

    I wonder if,,,,,,,

    You obviously weren't at West Ham then! In seriousness, though, our style is better equipped to play technical sides like Man City, but we will have a totally different challenge at Turf Moor. If we can win that, we'll definitely be looking good to ensconce ourselves safely in mid-table.
  3. Feedthewolf

    Now do you understand??

    It's the kind of game we need to be winning if we're going to make the top four.
  4. I think I'm right in saying Tottenham didn't sign any players in summer 2018, so unless they gave a youth player a first start that might be one answer. Although I'd imagine it's a record in terms of having signed players but not started any of them.
  5. Feedthewolf

    Now do you understand??

    Fair play to you, Lakey! Wish I could have been there, watched it in a sports bar in Shanghai. Found a couple of other Canary fans too, and our goal celebrations were outrageous. Then after the game a German guy came over to us and said he was a mate of Stiepi's, and had just sent him a video of our crazy celebrations via WhatsApp! What a performance, what a night. OTBC!
  6. Feedthewolf

    Rugby World Cup - NCFC fans in Japan?

    Trip of a lifetime... thanks buddy. Taxi to Norwich International will be here in five minutes...
  7. Hi folks, Slightly off topic I know, but Mrs Wolf and I will be in Japan for two weeks from Tuesday. If anyone on here knows any NCFC fans who are also going to be out there, feel free to drop me a PM so we can exchange details and maybe meet for a pint somewhere along the way! We'll be in Sapporo for England's first game, and Tokyo and Osaka for the rest of the time. Cheers, Wolfie x
  8. Feedthewolf

    Max Aarons?

  9. Feedthewolf

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    A ten-minute walk? You must have long legs...
  10. Feedthewolf

    ACN live event on Saturday

    Sorry I can't be there mate, off on holiday... I'm sure it'll go swimmingly, and I'll be there for the next one!
  11. Feedthewolf

    Max Aarons?

    Yeah, but just saying it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the true prognosis could get into the public domain before the club announces it. Right, I'm off on holiday. See you in three weeks or so, and don't bully Lakey while I'm away.
  12. Feedthewolf

    Congratulations (again) TEEMU!

    Aguero scored more goals and averaged 45 minutes per goal, and Sterling scored as many goals as well as goals for his country. Scandalous that these two spectacular world-class players have been overlooked for a plucky little no-mark from Finland.
  13. Feedthewolf

    Max Aarons?

    But sometimes it is based on truth... Max will know the prognosis by now, so it's possible he's told friends and family. It does happen quite a lot that someone has an inside track on these things, I remember someone saying Elliott Bennett would be out for the season after picking up what looked like an innocuous injury on the first day of the season (Wolfie's debut against Everton IIRC?), and that turned out to be accurate.
  14. Feedthewolf

    Raheem Sterling

    And some people can't quite grasp that literally no one fits in with their world view, and still call it the world's fault.
  15. Feedthewolf

    Raheem Sterling

    Bump. Can't believe you lot are still falling for it. You will have noticed that he has now moved from condescension to butthurt whining about the insults he's getting. Textbook Lakey.