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  1. The midfield is the biggest area of concern to me. We have plenty of options in there, but I agree with other comments about us never seeming to win the midfield battle. What concerns me the most is the lack of an outright destructive DM. If you're going to sign a lightweight playmaker such as Gilmour, it's imperative that he has a bodyguard in there to protect him and help him play his game. We were trying to find the right guy for that role right up until the end of the window, and ended up with Normann who doesn't really seem to tick those boxes at all (although it is early days, of course). We have Gilmour, Sorensen, Rupp, McLean, Lees-Melou and Normann to play in the midfield three (or two, if we revert to 4-2-3-1), but none of them are the physical, disciplined defensive screen we needed to replace (and upgrade) Tettey. Gilmour in a midfield two in a 4-2-3-1 wouldn't be likely to work as we'd get overrun, but the 4-3-3 really doesn't seem to be working either. One suspects that if DF felt Sorensen was good enough to start as a DM in the top flight we'd have seen him there already, although maybe he'll get a chance in the coming games as we seek to find a decent balance in the centre of the park.
  2. My name's Matt, nice to meet you. I don't feel the need to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, plenty on here know me in real life. If you fancy a reasoned debate I'm more than happy to join in, otherwise I've nothing further to say.
  3. I agree with that bit, but Sargent had definitely run his race for the afternoon. Perhaps Idah would have been a better substitution in terms of giving us that physical presence, but Sargent had run himself into the ground and, as Hoggy said, kept stretching something out.
  4. Every post is a hard post for dear old Freddo to write. I can almost hear his brain ticking from here
  5. These aggressive broadsides are impressing nobody. Whilst I largely agree with your overall points about both the booing of the team and the criticism of the substitutions, there's simply no need to talk to one of our most respected posters like that. Ricardo takes the trouble to write us a match report every week, and is an excellent barometer of where the club and team is at; he's one of a few fans on here who has been supporting the club for a lot longer than the 50+ years of service you claim. I would respectfully suggest that you perhaps go and sling your excrement around on one of the club's Facebook fan groups if you lack the necessary decency to debate respectfully. I know it's easy to show some attitude from behind the anonymity of a username, but you're coming across as pretty lame.
  6. It's not the first time Farke has started the season slowly. Yesterday was a big step in the wrong direction, but Farke needs a few more games at least to try to get a tune out of these signings. Let's see where we're at after the Brighton game. As for the project itself, that must not change. Anyone who has been to Colney in the last few months will testify how massively our infrastructure has improved, and the players we're producing through the Academy are only going to improve as the fruits of our off-field labour are harvested. It may be that Farke's tactical style proves insubstantial for survival in the PL, but he is ultimately expendable (much as I love him). Until such time as we have very wealthy owners, the project is absolutely the best manifestation of this club I can envisage.
  7. OSP has nothing to do with on-pitch matters... as well you know, you little tinker
  8. I don't either, I also desperately want him to turn it around. Big ask, though. Let's hope he's got something up his sleeve.
  9. I thought the first half was relatively even, and I still felt quite positive at half time. The second half was an absolute shocker and extremely concerning. The only way we can excuse today is by winning a couple of games; nothing else matters.
  10. I'm not so sure. Depends on the fans' reaction, of course, but if we put in another dismal display against Brighton and end up on zero points after eight matches, I'd expect the fans' reaction to be pretty unforgiving. Webber is a very ambitious bloke, and he's been able to give Farke his 'gun' this time around. He's going to have to learn how to make it fire very quickly, or he could be gone.
  11. Sadly I agree with you here, Jim. Absolutely love Farke as a man and as a manager, but I think he's got three more league games. If we don't win any of Everton, Burnley or Brighton, I fear that a defeat at home to Brighton could be one of those days when you know a manager's time is done. Desperately hope he can turn it around, but today's performance offered no evidence to suggest that he can.
  12. Sorry for abrupt reply, Tilly. As mentioned before, the club and the OSP agree the agenda between them, with both parties being able to bring agenda items to the table. There are various bits of info I can remember from the meeting, and a lot that I can't; but seeing as someone from the club was formally minuting the meeting and will write up and publish those minutes, better to wait for those to be available 'from the horse's mouth' than me just posting anecdotal mumblings in the middle of a rather hectic day at the office
  13. Just in time! Sorry, very busy week... good luck everyone! My pick: Livingston v Celtic - away win SuperHooper's pick: Middlesbrough v Blackpool - home win Match bet: Wolfie: Under 1.5 goals (cagey!) SuperHooper: Aarons to score any time
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