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  1. International weekend always tends to throw up a lot of very short bankers, so I'm going to offer a speculative alternative to boost the other five: Hartlepool v Wrexham – AWAY WIN. Hartlepool are slap bang mid-table with nothing to play for, and a pretty ordinary 6-6-7 home record. Although Wrexham's away record is a middling 7-6-6, they're still in the hunt for the title and a win will be essential for them to stay in touch. Odds are 31/20 on Bill Hill, which seems pretty decent. BTTS – Barrow v Harrogate. Barrow have been in BTTS games in 4 of the last 5, and Harrogate are the Conference top scorers.
  2. Thanks for 'debunking', Bethnal
  3. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    I'm sorry, I can't continue with this charade. It's just too revolting.
  4. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    I feel a bit sick having posted that.
  5. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    Did I mention she used to be an Ipsh*t fan?
  6. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    Working in a pub, natch.
  7. Feedthewolf

    If Bolton go ....

    They're all relatively small clubs by comparison. The larger clubs with more illustrious histories do tend to get saved - Middlesbrough in the 80s, then Brighton in the 90s, Coventry, Portsmouth, Sheffield Wednesday and so on. A club of Bolton's historical pedigree would surely get saved by someone?
  8. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    She booked the tickets, I was in two minds! She also went to Bournemouth on her own in the League Cup because I had work commitments. Keeper.
  9. Feedthewolf


    Has Paul joined the new forum yet? No thread about minute's silences would be complete without his input.
  10. Feedthewolf

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    I'm on the bus, and so's my wife
  11. Feedthewolf

    Ben Godfrey

    It's like Russell Martin all over again...
  12. Feedthewolf

    And The Lee Croft Award Goes To...

    Over the two games they played against us, the only players who look to have any natural ability at all are Trevoh Chalobah (back off to Chelsea, see you later) and Gwion Edwards (did cause us a few problems at Portaloo). Slim pickings, though. They'll probably give it to Luke Chambers for his long service. He must have a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome, he should get that looked at.
  13. I thought that the yellow card for removing the shirt was for sponsorship reasons, ie. if you take your shirt off then the sponsors miss out on 'valuable' exposure. Either way, the rule is a hump of shít.
  14. ****. Right guy, wrong time.