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  1. Feedthewolf

    Nelson Oliveira

    Totally the wrong kind of striker, even taking his attitude out of the equation. He's a good striker for a team with no real passing ethos, who need someone to make something out of nothing. Every time he gets within 30 yards he swings his left foot through it trying to score a worldie - the exact opposite to Pukki, whose intelligent movement and awareness in the box have made him a lethal weapon. Additionally, Oliveira has no pace and can't play on the shoulder - in this system he'd just be dropping deep in the central channel getting under the feet of the AMs. Would genuinely rather have Srbeny in the squad than Oliveira (although naturally I hope we upgrade, and expect us to).
  2. Feedthewolf

    Well done Newport County

    Massive achievement on a very limited budget - well done indeed. Hope they go up, just so the binners can experience defeat at the hands of NCFC next season.
  3. I think he meant nine goalkeepers.
  4. Feedthewolf

    You’ve got to be joking!

    I think Yanic has been worth every penny – he's been vital in making the rest of the squad feel better about themselves and their ability. He's about as versatile as a Scalextric car stuck on an eternal and simple loop.
  5. Feedthewolf

    Go On - You Know You Want to!

    That kind of small-club mentality is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place. Anything less than the title will be yet more evidence of Delia and Michael's inability to take the club forward.
  6. Feedthewolf

    2018/19 PuPs prediction pledges

    And remember we've still got £250 from "Mike" to come...
  7. Feedthewolf

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    You know what, Lakey, I'm with you on this. Not from the sentimental 'they've earnt the right to have a stab at it' perspective, but more from a continuity perspective. I don't think we'll be able to pay the kind of money that would bring in players of a calibre to drop straight into this style and system and look a cut above. You only need to look at our performances last season and then this season to see that this is a complex tactical system requiring outstanding levels of fitness and footballing intelligence, and it's not something that can be picked up overnight. All the players in and around our first team understand all the nuances of the style and tactics that have got us to where we are. I certainly think we need to strengthen the squad (cover/competition at GK, RB, DCM, wing and CF), but superseding any of these players for expensive yet uninitiated 'marquee signings' is likely to do more harm than good.
  8. Haha, so I'm not the only one who calls it T!ts & Dragons!
  9. Feedthewolf

    Mayor of norwich

  10. Feedthewolf

    Mayor of norwich

    20/20 is actually an American drink – surprised not to see him with a bottle of Buckfast tonic wine in hand at some point. Absolute bloody hero, though – I'll definitely be getting one of those T-shirts!
  11. Feedthewolf

    2018/19 PuPs prediction pledges

    Gulp! 94 goals plus 93 points: £18.70 CHAMPIONS!: £50 Just sent you £68.70, Eddie.
  12. Feedthewolf

    Relegated without Buendia?

    We managed it for about 114 years before he even joined...
  13. Feedthewolf

    Style or Survival

    Bravissimo, Parma. Perfectly put. Obviously the downside of 'yo-yoing' is that you have to keep resizing and restructuring when you go from the ridiculous riches of the EPL to the relative parsimony of the Championship, but those changes don't have to compromise your philosophy. I trust Farke and Webber to upscale our playing resources sufficiently to compete next season, without risking the financial stability of the club should we go down again. Look at the FFP issues among Championship teams this season - I don't want to be one of those. A lot of people were saying we couldn't compete in the Championship this season without significant external investment, and our model was doomed to fail. Let's all now get behind this model, and trust the intelligence and foresight of the people in charge of it... irrespective of what division we're in.
  14. Feedthewolf

    Pre Season Friendly

    I'm more interested in the partially obscured advert for MONKEY INDOOR SPE Monkey Tow Could you maybe post an unobscured version of that advert, please?
  15. Feedthewolf

    Wes V Russ - Stream available

    If you live within a reasonable radius of Carrow Road, get your backside down there unless you have a strong excuse not to. These two club legends deserve your support and adulation for one last hurrah. And if you're prepared to let the weather influence your decision, have a long hard look at yourself.