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  1. Feedthewolf

    Daniel Farke at the cricket

    There's another NCFC flag a little further along from that one, just the club crest on an England flag with 'N C F C' in the corners.
  2. Feedthewolf


    It'll be 2029 before it happens again...
  3. Feedthewolf


    Oh man... we toyed with trying to go to NZ in 2017, but it was just waaaaaay too expensive to even contemplate. Match tickets for the WC games worked out about £40 each, which is very reasonable. All the accommodation in Sapporo says 'please contact hotel for prices/availability', so we're going to do a homestay and stay with a Japanese family for a few days. Can't wait!
  4. Feedthewolf


    Haha no chance, I'm not made of money! It's just me and the wife. We got lucky with the ticket ballot for the Sapporo match package - Australia v Fiji on the Saturday, then England v Tonga on the Sunday. Gonna head out a week or two earlier though, to experience Japan before all the rugby tourists arrive. Are you going?
  5. Feedthewolf


    D'oh, I'm clearly running a bit slow today...
  6. Feedthewolf

    Can Only Hope For Good News.

    Jeez, that's heartbreaking
  7. Feedthewolf


    Haha, hadn't read it that way!
  8. Feedthewolf

    Leeds and potential legal action

    Bielsa was effectively taking the rap himself, to try to exonerate the club as an entity from any wrongdoing. Wish they'd just hurry up and slap his wrists so we can stop all this speculation!
  9. Feedthewolf


    My wife's a season ticket holder at NCFC, and we're off to Japan in September for the Rugby World Cup (as well as Newcastle in May for the Champions/Challenge Cup finals). Haven't be able to convert her to the joys of cricket yet, though, so I'm off to Edgbaston with the lads for a couple of days. Should be a fantastic year!
  10. Feedthewolf

    Onel likes the little blue pen.

    Onel is a Cuban, He wears a Cuban hat, He likes to shop in Argos, Because it's near his flat. He buys hot drinks in Costa, And toiletries from Boots, He loves our retail outlets, Despite his commie roots. Oy!
  11. Feedthewolf

    The Blades

    I think the side they put out at Poorman Road in August was worse. Adding the experience of Collins and Judge plus the muscle of Quaner and Keane will make them a better side once those four players are up to speed. Still think there's too much complacency on here about the derby, especially with the Lambert factor.
  12. Feedthewolf

    Can Only Hope For Good News.

    Not according to my Twitter feed?
  13. Feedthewolf


    Gone to Reading on loan, official site. Read more here.
  14. Feedthewolf


    I'm going on nothing but my ailing memory here, but when we signed him, wasn't it well documented that his ego had been a bit of an issue at Forest? I'm pretty sure I remember it being seen as a bit of a gamble that we could keep his attitude and temperament in check.
  15. Feedthewolf

    Can Only Hope For Good News.

    Difficult to tell just through text, some people are just trolls. If you're genuinely autistic then it explains a lot of your behaviour. If you'd said something sooner then you might have gotten more understanding from people!