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  1. Feedthewolf

    Health + Fitness

    I've always been 'heavy'; even when I was proper skinny I was still north of 12st, despite only being 5'8". I got up to about 16st 7lbs and decided enough was enough; started jogging, cut out beer and bread (mostly, anyway!) and also eat very little red meat any more. I'm not setting any targets, just trying to live more healthily for its own intrinsic benefit. I do yoga, stretching and weights every morning before breakfast and go jogging every other day. On my days off I try to go for a walk or a bike ride, or do some Wii Fit stuff. I've also cut down on booze; used to be a big drinker, but I'll generally not drink during the working week (maybe one glass of wine or a G&T if I can't resist), and then drinking sensibly at the weekend. Drinking a pint of water with every alcoholic drink really helps me to limit my intake.
  2. Feedthewolf

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    What the actual f**k is that?!
  3. Feedthewolf

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    You guys are smashing it! I've been on a health kick too. Was north of 16st 7lbs stone at Christmas, and I'm now 15st 10lbs. I've been doing weights alongside the cardio, though, so a lot of fat has been converted to muscle. Jogging was the most difficult thing for me, and I still don't enjoy it, but at least I can keep going for a little while now. Best thing I ever did was go up to Sportslink at Taverham and get my gait analysed for a tenner; they then recommended me the ideal pair of running shoes to match my gait. The shoes were about £90, but worth every penny. Another thing that's really helped my jogging is calf-strengthening exercises - when you're carrying excess weight, the calves and shins take a huge amount of pressure. I do 30 'toe stands' every morning - up, stand on tiptoes for a second, down - and then 30 more standing on a stair, so as well as standing on tiptoes, you then lower the heel below the step, which stretches the other end of the calf muscles (if that makes sense?). Also, lean back against a wall with your feet together about a foot in front of you, and then raise your toes. This stretches the muscle on the front of your calf (tibialis anterior). Just squeeze in 10 or 20 any time you can, and the calves will become a lot more durable pretty quickly. Oh, and one last thing - I massage my calves with oil before I go out, really give them a good knead and rub down until they're sore... I find this loosens them up no end. Any other running tips would be gratefully received, as I'm still a complete novice and haven't even managed 5k yet!
  4. Feedthewolf

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    Eek! I learnt a few words when I was in Reykjavík. Currently learning Japanese, though, so you think you've got problems...!
  5. Feedthewolf

    250 ,000 volunteers

    I signed up. Anyone else who is fit and able should do the same: www.goodsamapp.org/nhs
  6. Feedthewolf

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    According to Tilly's post above, we could now build over Carrow Road; I hadn't realised that. That would surely make a two-tier stand viable.
  7. Feedthewolf

    The season is over now

    Do you have a link to this information, by any chance?
  8. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    It's all the original code from the Amiga version, the graphics are identical to the 90s version. It's totally authentic!
  9. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    Nope, me neither
  10. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    Thanks mate. Can you quote the one above that, where I mention bar billiards?
  11. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    Download it, mate! I'm still using keyboard rather than a joypad, and Career Mode is an absolute joy. One of my mates is actually on the development team for SWOS 2020, and I'm very keen to get more local people involved - we could even do a local tournament if enough people get into it (or an online one for exiles, of course).
  12. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    @Pete Raven, I'm still getting these silly emojis when I quote other people's posts. Also, I wanted to go into the previous post to edit the URL and make it clickable, but I can't edit my own post. When I hover over the word 'Edit', it's not clickable. And neither is 'Quote', for some reason - @TIL 1010 said the other day that he couldn't quote one of my posts, so there's definitely something odd going on with my profile...
  13. Feedthewolf

    Sport can continue

    There's a thriving Bar Billiards league in Norwich, which is still going ahead despite the virus! If anyone is a similar vintage to me (around 40), I've recently found out that there's a new version of the Amiga arcade classic 'Sensible World of Soccer', fully updated with 2020 squads. What's better, it's totally free to download and play, and is constantly getting updated with new patches! They even have both online and real-life tournaments, with real trophies and everything: www.sensiblesoccer.de
  14. A few points: * 'EL who cares.' UEFA will probably care, and teams like Wolves and Sheffield United will probably care. * Top four (or five) get Champions League places. If Sheffield United were to win their game in hand, they would be in fifth. Legal challenge incoming. * Championship: Fulham could argue they've got an excellent chance of finishing in the top two. Anyone down to QPR in 13th could claim they have a realistic chance of reaching the playoffs, and thus competing for the PL via the play-offs. * League One: six teams are within three points of second-placed Rotherham, including Wycombe who have a game in hand. * League Two: lawsuit incoming from Plymouth/Exeter/Cheltenham, as the top three are supposed to be promoted automatically. I did have concerns when I saw 'Pete' and 'elegant' together...