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  1. Good evening all! For the match pick, 3/10 seems pretty long for Real Madrid at home to Osasuna. Obviously Real will have had more players away on international duty, but they should have more than enough to beat Osasuna. Despite the visitors' strong start to the season, they lost 2-0 at home to Getafe last time out and have only scored one goal in their two away games so far. As for the Norwich match, I'm not expecting any fireworks in Blackpool... actually that's a lie, we're going to watch the World Fireworks Championship on Saturday night! I'd expect a rather cagey match, so under 1.5 goals at 12/5 with William Hill looks a decent shout. Best of luck everyone... OTBC!
  2. I'll take two of them off your hands... one for me, and one for Mrs Wolf. £20 sent to Nutty
  3. Me too. With Hayden, Gibbs and Sorensen all still injured, we desperately need him. For all his foibles, he's the only fit CM with any kind of defensive capabilities available to us at the moment!
  4. There are plenty of awful one-cap wonders from recent years (Michael Ricketts, Seth Johnson and Gavin McCann are three that spring to mind without Googling)... I remember Paul Konchesky getting a couple of caps too, which was pretty rank. 'Our' David Bentley even managed a few caps before he got bored of football and faded into obscurity.
  5. I am aware that it is an area of high social deprivation, a shame some people are so judgemental. I'm sure we'll manage to enjoy our weekend without looking down our noses at people who have been born into acute poverty with next to no life chances.
  6. Thanks everyone! We've already got a hotel booked that's just a stone's throw from the ground, so we'll probably stay central(ish)... although maybe grabbing a Sunday lunch in Lytham on the way home might be nice. Cheers @Mr_Biff1961 for the heads up... my missus absolutely loves fireworks, so that's going to be a must-do!
  7. Hi folks. Just wondering who else is going up to Blackpool this weekend? Any recommendations for things to do/places to go aside from the obvious tower/illuminations/pleasure beach? Myself and Mrs Wolf are driving up on Friday and back on Sunday. And for those who have been before, what's the best pre-match pub? The Old Bridge House, The Albert and The Manchester Bar all get a mention... any thoughts? Fan guide to the stadium here for any other first-timers: https://footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/league-one/bloomfield-road-blackpool.html
  8. Also a Red Sox fan, but this season's dead in the water already, unfortunately. Don't really fancy watching the Yankees cruise into the playoffs
  9. Crikey, this is tough! If you can pick a winning six from this lot, Eddie, it would be a remarkable achievement. I'll also go for Turkey to win in the Faroes, please. For BTTS, loads of goals around in League One so far this season. Bristol Rovers v Accrington looks a good shout.
  10. Wolves are in for him, apparently, in which case there's no chance of him coming here.
  11. The counter-argument to that, though, is that the squad might be so good for this level that we can finish top two despite having an uninspiring manager. When Hayden, Lungi, Gibbs and Giannoulis are back fit we should be a lot more solid at the back (and we've only conceded six in the last seven anyway), and we've got plenty of creativity and firepower up top (with Idah and Rowe still to come back too). While we're in and around the top two, it's pretty much a 'like it or lump it' scenario. I am still hoping that a fully fit Hayden will provide the screening ability we've lacked so much, and give us the chance to play with a proper double pivot with a creative playmaker (Nunez) alongside a specialist destructive DM in Hayden. There's also the chance of going 4-3-3 with Kenny as extra physicality if we need it, or indeed retaining the 4-2-3-1 but playing Kenny or Gibbs alongside Hayden. With the quality of squad at our disposal, there's no excuse for us floundering, and I don't see Smith ballsing it up to the extent that we're in danger of finishing outside the top six (which I suspect would be the board's minimum expectation for him retaining his job). Even if we do maintain our recent form and win the league, I haven't seen anything to suggest that Smith would be able to keep us in the PL, even if our man in Milwaukee gave him a generous budget to do so.
  12. It's just a matter of time... would be very surprised if we're still waiting at Christmas! Nice little earner when it arrives, though.
  13. Two already! Could do with him getting that third one ASAP, it's Mrs Wolf's birthday next month and suffice to say we're not exactly rolling in it right now
  14. Love belting that out at the start of the day's play when I go to a Test match. Much better than our insipid anthem... although its one saving grace is that it is at least mercifully short!
  15. Saw a bet on William Hill pre-season, Haaland to score three Premier League hat-tricks this season at 25/1. Wishing I'd had more than a tenner on it now...
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