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  1. Nearest Decathlon to Norwich is Cambridge, but if I find myself in that neck of the woods I'll certainly have a scout about. Failing that, there's always the ubiquitous Amazon...
  2. Cool. I've got a little thingamajig that I velcro onto the frame, plus a phone case on the handlebars with ample room in it. A 'bumbag' or similar mightn't be the worst idea, though...
  3. This will be the first time in my life that I've actively sought to avoid bonking... Planning another 19 miles tomorrow, although I've chosen a route that I can trim by a couple of miles and avoid a hill into the bargain if things are getting tricky. Hang on... you have pockets?
  4. Hahaha! The helmet isn't so bad today, but we'll move swiftly on... Thanks so much for your support!
  5. I'm starting to do that too. It's much easier to be consistently nice than getting ever more antagonistic and embattled.
  6. Sorry to be a nitpicker, but they did spend two seasons in the Conference National. Still, a brilliant achievement... always good to see a new member of 'the 92'. Just a shame they had to beat Notts County... I was born in Nottingham and my dad used to take me to Meadow Lane before we moved to Norfolk when I was 4, so they're kind of my second team.
  7. We're doing alright at the moment, aren't we? If you steer clear of the political threads on the Non-Football forum I think we're playing pretty nicely.
  8. Yeah the mental health thing is just a front, I'm actually trying to pay back St John Ambulance...
  9. Yeah, just the two though. Draw at home to Wycombe, then 45 straight wins.
  10. I had a couple of reasonable conversations with the OP, despite us having very conflicting viewpoints. Let's keep the happy vibes going throughout the post-season/pre-season, there will be plenty of time for sh*t-slinging when we drop our first points of the new season!
  11. Was just about to post this, Wacky! 4-5-1 can become 4-3-3 very quickly, just as 5-3-2 can become 3-5-2. The nominal formations and positions are extremely malleable based on the height of the block, the attitude towards pressing, the offensive intent of the full-backs/wing-backs and so on. Just compare the 4-4-2 of Arrigo Sacchi to the 4-4-2 of Sean Dyche, for example!
  12. I bet you any money I chew it up within 15 seconds, no matter how hard I'm trying to leave it alone
  13. I'm easy... jelly babies are fine by me! I'm one of those weirdos who likes the citrus-flavoured ones, so I'll leave the red and black ones at home for the missus to snack on...
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