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  1. Feedthewolf

    What is it about horses?

    I'm a Quins fan, and I love Joe Marler. He's certifiably insane.
  2. Feedthewolf

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    It's like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it? How surprising that he didn't deign to reply...
  3. Ciao Parma! One of my very favourite posters in charge this week. I'd like to put forward the following offering, although proceed with caution as my recent form has been questionable to say the least. In the Austrian top flight, I'd like to back ASK Linz to win away to Swarovski Wattens. Swarovski are in the bottom half, with a very poor home record of 1-1-4-5-14. Linz's away form is perfect so far, with a record of 7-0-0-14-2, and they're hanging on the coattails of leaders RB Salzburg. Odds of 4/11 look enticing. For the match bet, I've found a tasty little number in the #YourOdds section of the Bill Hill website: Pukki to score, Alex Tettey and Lucas Digne to be carded: 45/1. Pukki's bound to break his duck sooner or later, and if Tettey plays he's the man most likely to get booked! In bocca al lupo a tutti... e forza canarini!
  4. Feedthewolf

    Today in Helsinki

    Amazing! Hopefully he survived the pitch invasion... last I saw of him he was in the midst of several thousand crazy Nordic folks going bat**** crazy!
  5. Always tricky to pick something decent on international weekend, there are tons of 1/100 shots that are pretty useless. I'll go for Holland to win away to Northern Ireland at 4/9.
  6. Feedthewolf


    Spartak Moscow signed him for £11m two months ago. Not happening.
  7. Feedthewolf

    That Gary Neville interview with Delia

    I think another issue here is that clubs tend to be bought out when they're underachieving; we're pretty much at our most unattractive as a purchasing proposition right now. We're debt-free, in the top flight with a lot of assets in the form of talented young footballers. I think anyone looking to invest in a football club - which is akin to pouring money into a furnace - would be looking for a more malleable proposition that can be built up; for example, good staff but poor facilities, disillusioned fan base and a half-empty stadium, underachievement on the pitch that can be translated into an upward trajectory. To guarantee us jumping to the level of an Everton, Leicester or West Ham (ie. not in the top six but not really in danger of going down) would take an astronomical amount of investment. I'm pretty agnostic on the idea of a takeover myself; it's obviously contingent on who the buyer would be. I'm just being realistic about where a potential investor might want to invest.
  8. Feedthewolf

    404 not found

    What have you been looking at, then?
  9. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how easy it is to admit you're wrong. There are a lot of people on here who could learn from this...
  10. Feedthewolf

    Sellable Assets

    Let's see where we are in January. If we're still adrift at the bottom of the table then it might be worth cashing in on at least one of them. If Mings and Webster are worth £20m each then Godfrey is worth that as a minimum, especially considering he's already captained England U21s and can play as a DM too. Aarons was EFL Young Player of the Year last season; Ryan Sessegnon, who won it the year before, didn't have a great season in the Prem last year but Spurs still paid £25m for him. Lewis is an established full international who started the season well but his form has fallen away alongside pretty much everyone except Krul. He's another one in the £15m+ bracket. Cantwell is an England U21 player who has looked decent in patches at Prem level, so his value would surely be north of £10m if we were looking to sell.
  11. So you stand by your statement, then? So of 25,000 Norwich fans at the game, only 250 of them weren't standing and clapping the team at the end of the match? Honestly son, you need to engage your brain a bit more before your fingers fart all over the keyboard.
  12. Feedthewolf

    Some science for a Monday morning...

    They don't seem to have given up to the extent of many people on here!
  13. Feedthewolf

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    This simply isn't true. Read their EDP interview from January - they have put the executive committee (Webber, Ward, Kensell) in charge of considering and meeting potential investors. You may speculate that they have no interest in entertaining any such approach, or that they have told the executive committee that they are not interested in finding or considering external investment, but there are no facts to back up that assertion.
  14. For anyone who's feeling negative about our current plight, give this article a read. With a little bit of self-coaching, you can teach yourself to enjoy your life and its situations a little bit more. You can reprogram yourself to recognise the positivity in situations with some application. https://www.verywellmind.com/negative-bias-4589618