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  1. Why would a group of Americans want to buy a struggling League One team? Seems a bit odd, but then I guess in football these days £17m is not a lot of money to buy a club, I'm sure we'd be asking for a lot, lot more than that
  2. I'm hoping he will be available, maybe makes sense to rest him anyway given the schedule and the fact he has played a lot of minutes lately. He's in good form, makes no sense to risk him being out for longer if he has a niggle anyway I guess
  3. I mean, technically they could both be correct. As it stands his contract does expire in June 2022 having signed a new 3 year deal in 2019, but it is quite common for Norwich to have a extra year option in virtually all of the contracts they done under Webber's rein so would expect that to be true. I have no doubt there are plans in place for Todd, probably waiting to see if we get promoted this season before sitting down to talk contracts
  4. Think we miss Gibson's calmness at the back. But job done, no matter how bad we were at times the 3 points are all that counts
  5. Can't fault his effort and workrate, just needs to improve his end product but Hernandez had a similar issue during his first season here and has come on leaps and bounds, and I've no doubt Farke and his team can start getting the best out of him. He is only 22 so we don't want to burn him out. I think that just shows how well the club has done with Aarons and Cantwell, and even Godfrey and Jamal when they were here to look after and develop them. In Farke we trust! I suspect, like Dowell, Farke will try and encourage him to perform when given the chance. They need to win their places after all in a side that is in good form again.
  6. There once was a man named Ed Balls Who everyone thought was a fool Bought in a sporting Director, And with Webber and Farke, The Canary's have really struck Gold
  7. Skipp is a fantastic all rounder, he has a good future ahead of him. I wonder, if we are unable to get him for another season from Spurs if we go up, whether it is worth another look at Harrison Reed currently at Fulham, should they get relegated. I always liked him for us and think he would fit back into Farke's plans quite well. I don't think he's as good as Skipp though so hoping we can get another year!
  8. is Woodgate permanent or just until the end of the season? Maybe they are accepting their likelihood of promotion is looking slim and are now looking to rebuild for next season?
  9. I think Farke's recent comments are definitely a push for Dowell, with Marco coming back to fitness soon I can see him dropping to 3rd choice behind him and Vrancic. Dowell needs to make things tick when he's on the pitch and he simply hasn't, you know Marco returning will have a much greater impact. I keep saying I feel we have Missed Marco and I can't wait for his return, I can see him keeping both Dowell and Vrancic out the side if he can rediscover his form of our last promotion push!
  10. Husband, Drmic, Van Wolfswinkel must be amongst the worst I've seen in the flesh. Dave striker, Sibierski. Mike Theo must take the award though I'd say
  11. I love the chase of getting into the premiership, but don't take for granted how hard that is, we are very fortunate to be in a great position but it's not a given right to be promoted. We've been very lucky to have gone up so many times in recent history. A lot of teams that haven't have faded away badly. So, the answer has to be the Premier League. And hopefully, if we go up, this time we can do more to try make it stick
  12. The Leeds sending off with scandalous, the ref will watch that back and wonder how on earth he managed to miss the fact their player cleanly won the ball! Can't argue with Sitti's two bookings sadly, he'll learn from it though. I watched it in parts, Steipi looked a bit rusty in truth, but made a few good runs and showed a few good touches. I would imagine he's still a fair few weeks away from being near the first team
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