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  1. Given our aging midfield it's refreshing to see some young blood in there. Think it's a shame we never got Reed on a permanent as I quite liked him to eventually take over from Tettey.
  2. I agree it's a shame Oliveira didn't work out here, he was one of the best natural finishers we've had here in recent years. I'm hopefully Idah can progress well next season and become a similar player. His attitude looks spot on, just needs a few league goals under his belt
  3. Video evidence shew Lampards effort for England had crossed the line and there were no after affects then, and I highly doubt there will be now. I would have loved Villa to come down with us purely due to their outlandish spending, but credit where it's due they kept themselves in with a chance and got the 4 points they needed from their last 2 games and deserve to stay up.
  4. I really don't like Villa. Hopefully it's all false hope and West Ham smash them so they go down on goal difference. West Ham have been in decent form the past few games
  5. Pukki had probably suffered most from our growing lack of confidence. Especially since the restart we've got deeper and deeper to the point where we just aren't creating anything for our strikers. We could have Ronaldo and Messi up top and still not score right now. I don't mind but playing Pukki, he hasn't scored since January and needs to earn his place. But why play Drmic over Idah who has shown much more worthy of a chance in his cameos than Drmic has. Hopefully he'll finally get a crack against Man City
  6. Can't be anyone but Krul fit POTS. #2 for me is Cantwell who hasn't had a bad breakthrough season, but Krul has been mega. #3 Tettey has proven he's still got it. The rest? Meh.
  7. Tettey is the last of the old guard now. Aside of Klose and McGovern, we haven't really got any longer serving players left. Will be sad to see him go when he does, he's been so good for us over the years
  8. Going to miss him when he's gone, he's been an outstanding squad player over the years. Just need one last Tettey thunderbolt before the season is done!
  9. We had a very slim chance after the league resumed, sadly we've performed so poorly since I think you'd be delusional to suggest we can do it now. We can't score for toffee and have shipped 11 goals in 4 games...
  10. They don't need to scrap it, that just need to implement it correctly. "Clear and obvious errors" doesn't equal 4 minutes of watching frame by frame and drawing squiggly lines. If it's not obvious, the refs decision stands the same as rugby or cricket
  11. He can't in terms of keeping us up, is the long and short of it, but can going forwards. His biggest challenge now is to keep as much of this squad together as he can. Thankfully the gulf between the championship and premier League means that we should still be competitive when we drop down if we can keep the core of the squad together. Making Plans I agree with a lot of your points, bit harsh to call Steipi dross given how critical he was to our success last season, and Trybull has put in some decent shifts - although neither have reached the levels they provided last season, but in truth that statement applies to a large chunk of this squad!
  12. Tactically, I think he's probably one of the better managers we've had in recent times and I certainly don't think he's done a bad job at Preston given the limited budget compared to rivals. He was a bit of a victim of his own success here, but yes there are some apparent trends you've picked up. His immediate impact on working with the tools he was already provided with was great and we played some great attacking football, but his record of signings and squad development was fairly poor. His reluctance to try youth was a bit baffling, when here we are a few years later having sold Maddison and the two Murphy's for mega millions and have a squad full of successful academy products. You can argue Maddison being sent out on loan may have improved his development in some way but he came straight into the squad after Neil's departure and was an instant match winner game after game and ended up virtually having a team built around him. Instead he wasted money on journeyman players who made little or no impact on the long run as alluded to by the previous poster. I watched your Match against Cardiff and you were simply out fought in the end, but it was definitely a winnable game.
  13. Whilst I think it would be good to see Mario get a chance, Todd was probably our most positive and influential player for large chunks of last night's match. He'd need to come in for Duda or McLean, and sadly for Vrancic that looks to be Farkes preferred choice at the moment
  14. Our best chance to do well next season no matter what league we end up in is to simply stick with the plan we have. We know we haven't quite got the points we have perhaps deserved from our football this season, but what we are doing is okay. Yes it's frustrating that we're looking likely to go down and haven't splashed much cash to give it a better go, but, we play entertaining football with exciting young players and to me that's a good thing. The championship isn't an easy league to get out of but Farke steamrolled through whilst building a legacy, I'm very happy with how he has done. It's not his fault, after all, that we haven't spent much money.
  15. No matter how many Pukki missed yesterday, Duda missed the worst of them all. After Pukki's attempt was saved and Newcastle just about avoided an own goal, El Dude had acres of space and time to pick his spot or even square it to a completely unmarked city shirt. Instead he panic blasted it high and wide. That one should have definitely ended up in the net.
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