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  1. That one foot is our best long range passer by some margin. Wes was the most one footed player we'll ever see and he'd be one of the first choices on all of our team sheets in his prime.
  2. It's a pre season friendly with several of our full squad missing due to internationals and a new manager needing to run the rule over the entire squad. I wouldn't start pant wetting just yet.
  3. It's definitely a possibility unless we sign another CB, which I certainly hope we do given the creaking old age shared between Hanley and Duffy
  4. Bit concerned about the McLean to Sheffield noise not going away, Kenny is a important part of our squad and 1.5m will in no way replace him
  5. Completely changed the atmosphere around the England team. Absorbed the pressure and took England from underdogs to genuine contenders. Bought through a whole new generations of young, exciting talent and although he perhaps got hindered by the loyalty to backbone players from his initial squads (Henderson/Maguire), he has completely revolutionised England at international tournaments and created a great springboard for the future. He has done an amazing job, and only fell short of a European Title on penalties. Thanks for everything Gareth, for finally making England worth watching and supporting in my lifetime!
  6. I disagree, he was fully aware of his shortfalls if you listen to any of his press stuff he was pretty much on point. I assume the plan wasn't to play Trippier for that long at LB, but Shaw wasn't ready to play. Yes it was poor selection in not taking another LB, it was a risk that didn't work too well, but that said he took us to another final. How do you argue with that?
  7. I'd also like him to stay for the World Cup, if it doesn't happen there then I'd respect him standing down. He doesn't owe us anything now, best men's English manager for over 50 years
  8. The main difference for me was Spain deployed a system that got the best out of their best players, IE their two wingers. We failed to do that all tournament bar a few spells in the first half against the Netherlands. Kane, Foden, Bellingham and to a lesser point Saka all largely poor because the system didn't allow them to flourish. Change the system and bring on Palmer and Watkins and suddenly we look like a team actually trying to score a goal. I totally get making us difficult to beat, defensively (tonight aside) we were probably the best in the tournament, but it's about finding the balance and we did not do that well this tournament, which given the plethora of attacking talent at our disposal is very disappointing. That said, Gareth and the boys should be proud of their efforts. At one stage it looked like we might not get out of the group and in true Mike Bassett style we managed to fumble our way into another final which is no mean feat. The least we want to see is a bit of fight and we definitely got that the last few games
  9. Kenny is hugely underrated in our side, and until replaced arguably has higher importance than many think
  10. Kane brings a lot to the squad and is our best penalty taker. Watkins did well given the circumstances but has not done enough to be starting
  11. I imagine 5-6m is probably where we'll be but agree he's probably worth much more than that to us as young strikers are not particularly cheap
  12. Pretty sure we always used to release it to coincide with the Norfolk Show which was on a week ago so not that far behind if Friday is the launch. The announcement of the headline sponsor was only a week or so ago wasn't it, so it's possible that has delayed the launch a little whilst all the media is made for it
  13. To be fair to Dan he did have to miss a fair chunk of football for a while. He's very highly rated, and would likely be our 3rd choice this season.
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