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  1. Absolutely farcical that they avoided a point deduction last season. Feel for the fans but they deserve to go down. Feel for Rooney as well, can't think of anyone in recent history that's had a tougher first management gig!
  2. Interesting comments from Farke, seems to be a bit on both sides. Players are obviously feeling it, as are the fans, unity is the way forwards and hopefully the players can deliver an early goal against Watford to help the atmosphere!
  3. It's only a couple of clicks on the app to get proof of vaccination up so not really that much inconvenience as long as your prep it in advance. Unfortunately there will be a rise in cases as winter comes, so it makes sense to prepare for the inevitable implementation of rules
  4. How about replace the away team bench with a bus stop. Nothing more uncomfortable than a bus stop bench
  5. I'd love to see some tests at Carrow Road but unfortunately I don't think the pitch is the right shape for cricket
  6. Happy for Onel, needed to rediscover some form and I hope he finds it at 'Boro so he can get back to enjoying his football. Has a tough gig here now with Rashica, Tzolis and Sargent coming in so made sense for him to get out and play, did really well for us in the past so hoping he can do well for himself at Boro
  7. I'm not sure how likely they are to survive this season, especially if they do get a deduction
  8. Impossible to say at the moment, if the new signings can start to gel and we start to score some goals I'll feel more optimistic!
  9. I've been on here since the rumours of Huckerby signing, the failed official message boards helped make this a permanent home for most I would think. Age doesn't matter here, but poster etiquette could be improved. I miss 1st Wizard, whilst he was an excellent wind-up merchant he was a lovely chap at heart. And it would depend on why they got banned, some people just never learn unfortunately
  10. Raducanu was also fortunate with the way the draw opened up in all fairness but you've got to do the work to win it and that she did, beating a couple of top players. I think the real test comes now she's peaked, if she can keep up that level of tennis she's a dead ringer for more major titles
  11. The idea this season was clearly to sign players who can score from midfield. We now have Tzolis, Rashica, Cantwell, Lees-Melou and McLean who should be weighing in with a few by the end of the season. My issue with these performances is that whilst a 1-0 defeat doesn't look that bad, it's that we just never really look like scoring and feel like we only really made half chances. We need to be far better in the final 3rd, but hopefully it'll come as the new guys gel together
  12. We have a new striker, his name is Josh...
  13. There's no doubt she's very talented but like most talented athletes has been playing from a very young age. Between 18-19 she made the final of 5 ITF tournaments, winning 3. She's definitely elevated massively this year though with entry into the main tour as a wildcard at Nottingham. Will be interesting if she can maintain this level consistently, if she can we'll see her winning many more titles in the coming years
  14. Absolutely mad a young lady who just a month and a bit ago was 361st in the world, having just got her A-level results, first stormed partway through Wimbledon and then took that experience to absolutely wipe the floor at the US open. That's no mean feat, she literally hasn't dropped a set even through 3 qualifiers. On the plus side, she'll never have to qualify for anything ever again!
  15. Nice one, got mine in the end. A lot of seats left, especially in the southstand when I was on. The checkout button did nothing though, so in case it happens to anyone reading this, click on basket in the top left and wait for it to load again then try pressing checkout again. Did the job for me
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