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  1. The only player other then the keeper to play the full 90
  2. Jack Cork, Jay Boothroyd, Matt Jarvis, Joey Barton, Alan Thompson, Anthony Gardener, Francis Jeffers, Michael Ricketts, Michael Ball, Gavin McCan, Seth Johnson, Steve Guppy. My word that's a long list of average garbage isn't it!
  3. If they'd actually advertised it, or got the club to promote it I'm sure more would have attended. I knew nothing about it until too late, but would have enjoyed an afternoon out
  4. Could Bali so a job at RM/RW? We really lack a decent right sided winger with only Sinani able to play there
  5. Interesting move for him, just outside the playoff's with a decent looking GD dropping a division to Derby given all they've been through.
  6. Looks like we've got yet another good keeper on the books! Great distribution for our goal as well
  7. Would be a shame if this happens, a lot of non-league clubs getting a TV deal for a home fixture that ends in a draw, then enjoying a PL club away day can completely revolutionise the club with the sudden windfall. It's part of the magic of the cup.
  8. As has been said many times before, I think his lack if height is the one thing thing stopping him moving to a top 4 side, it doesn't mean he still won't make it there though. He's still quite young, only being 22 despite being in our squad for many years already
  9. I assume they didn't realise anyone was out there and completely missed it
  10. Hopefully just a "I'm injured because I want a rest" scenario we often see with internationals rather than a genuine setback for him. Fingers crossed as him and Hanley are definitely our best 2
  11. I've openly said I'm still not convinced by Smith and I still feel that way. I think the one thing he needs to do is make us hard to beat if we're to survive another season in the Prem if we get promoted (a lot of ifs) and if anything we're still guilty of the same repeated issues that were present last season. Some of that is, of course down to personnel, but I'm yet to see Smith stamp any authority on this squad. Too much square pegs in round holes for me trying to get systems to work that don't and not playing to players strengths. That said he's done what he was employed to do, we've won games and we're in the top two so he's doing okay.
  12. I'm really pleased for him. Was a but surprised by his trip to Russia, always thought German top tier was his next calling
  13. I think whilst it sounds good I'm not sure Pukki is really as fast as we think he is and would perhaps be exposed defensively. Pukki still has a great burst of pace when played through but it's very different to running at full backs all game.
  14. I still think we could play a diamond again with Pukki at the top behind Sarge. To me that would be the better use of both players. I think a big problem for us is that we still don't have a right winger
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