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  1. AJ

    Feeling even more positive now

    There will be some players given the chance to prove themselves today. Let’s hope they put in a shift!
  2. AJ

    How many will man city get

    3 or 4 I'd take, let's keep that GD down as our might be needed. But with our defensive woes with injuries I'm expecting it to be 5 or 6
  3. Wow, genuinely concerned about our chances of staying up, although it does raise questions about why we didn't sign another CB if we knew Klose and Zimmerman weren't going to make the season start. Absolute nightmare. And after 2 weeks supposed rest. Gulp.
  4. Roberts, like any of our new guys, must learn how we play and be integrated. Although I am surprised he isn’t on the bench as I’m sure Onel would be if he was fit...
  5. Fully deserved as well. Hope the lads enjoy and grow from the experience
  6. Any confirmation on the seriousness of Klose's injury?
  7. AJ

    Summer signings

    I only followed it on here, but it sounded like we were generally poor despite our majority possession, being unable to break their defence down. Too many loose passes, not many have done much to put their names in starting XI contention anyhow...
  8. AJ

    Bury have gone

    Sad days, let's hope Bolton don't suffer the same fate
  9. AJ


    Sounded like he played better at CB
  10. Terrible news for Klose, only just in his comeback. Really hope it's not ACL but any major knee injury is going to be a minimum 6 months. Thank goodness Zimm is back too, and Amadou looked good at CB tonight too
  11. AJ

    Newport v West Ham

    Looks likely to miss our game by the sounds of things
  12. We seem to be making a habit of conceding early at the moment...
  13. I mean I know it's a rights issues, just don't think it's fair
  14. Bit rubbish! Never understood why you can't listen online when it's free to air