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  1. The speakers/PA system badly needs modernising, it sounds awful
  2. Exactly this. Whilst the American investment process has been very slow for us there has been a clear and transparent process of making sure the interests of the club are at heart. Whilst short term investment may have kept us in the Premier League over the past few years, I'd take stable Championship football over financial ruin or complete discord between the owners and fans
  3. Offsides with VAR shouldn't even need to be down to opinion, I'm pretty sure AI could make 100% accurate split second decisions on whether it is offside or not. Surely that is the way forward.
  4. I'd imagine bringing Wes and Holt out of retirement would have better results than the crap we had to witness last Saturday!
  5. In the EFL specifically I'm struggling to think, we beat Spurs in 2013 but we were in the PL at the time
  6. I've yet to see anything from Hwang to suggest he was worth signing. He's shown nothing more than the odd glimpse that makes him no better than Placheta or Tzolis
  7. If Hanley was fit he'd certainly be 3rd choice which will be fine. Unfortunately it isn't fine while Hanley isn't fit.
  8. If Duffy doesn't get pulled at half time this could be 8-0 come the end of the 90!
  9. No mention of the foul on Dimi that looked like a pen to me? Just felt like one of those tonight and paid the penalty (quite literally the first time) with a little bit of naivety. It is disappointing again how we never really looked like scoring apart from perhaps Duffy's header which was virtually straight at the keeper. Sargent missing is a blow indeed but we haven't really been creating the chances for Barnes either.
  10. 100%. On TV they said it wasn't and that there "needed to be significant contact". Apparently going straight through the back of your opponent isn't that then? I think a 1-1 draw from two pens would have been a fairer reflection
  11. I think we'd feel okay if it was 0-0, a very silly penalty to give away but those are the fine margins between promotion and not. Very silly challenge.
  12. Ah completely missed that, works taken over my life lately. Great news as I couldn't make the game tonight. Thanks chaps!
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