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  1. Duncan Edwards

    Leaving early

    If you want to leave early, that’s your prerogative. However, if you want to leave early and then stop in front of somebody that doesn’t and obstruct their view because we’re on the attack, then you’re a selfish twit.
  2. Duncan Edwards

    Time to move on.

    So clear that the ref didn’t give it.
  3. Duncan Edwards

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    Norwich 5 Bournemouth 7 All Bournemouth goals will be penalties awarded by VAR
  4. Problem is that could be us with all the munny diss a paring into that hambag
  5. Leicester or Wolves or Sheffield United. I used to want to be Bournemouth or Stoke or Huddersfield. To be honest, I might still want to be Bournemouth. There’s a long way to go.
  6. Contingency planning for relegation? No ambition. Smacks of that “Top 26” nonsense. We should be planning for next season in the Premier League and failure to do so will see us relegated next year if we’re not relegated this year. I’ll say it again, no ambition.
  7. Duncan Edwards

    Why we will be relegated

    To touch on the zonal marking thing, I honestly think that our lack of physical size would mean we’d be even more vulnerable if we adopted a man to man approach. The zonal approach means that you’re vulnerable to good delivery and movement; it’s likely that attackers will get the run on relatively statically positioned defenders. If the delivery isn’t good then you can win the ball with players positioned in key areas that would be unlikely to win a contested header. As for reasons.. We haven’t taken advantage clinically enough when on top and we ship two goals a game. Man City could probably concede two a game and still win more than they lose. We can’t. We’ve been desperately unlucky with defensive injuries and VAR at times but there have been too many games where we have also somehow contrived to concede twice when comfortable in games. Outlook? Bleak with a chance of sunshine breaking through the clouds.
  8. Duncan Edwards

    Hopefully we can

    The one with all the money spewing out on it.
  9. Duncan Edwards

    Hopefully we can

  10. Duncan Edwards

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I hear you. Hopeless against Watford, rolled over by Villa... Yet we HAVE played well in plenty of games without seeing them out subsequently. Whether that is down to naivety, lack of concentration, inept performances or maybe just not capitalising and taking our chances when on top is open to debate. Perhaps it’s all of them? Signing a “10” with a goal scoring pedigree might turn a few of those draws into wins and defeats into draws or better. It’s a straw. I really don’t think we’re far away from those above us and if we can maybe secure another one or two, Duda works out and Emi finds some goals to compliment the rest of his outstanding play...you never know. As asks go, it’s enormous. Yet other teams seem to have considered themselves “safe” prior to Watford and Soton going on runs. We’ll need an almighty run and it looks hugely unlikely on the face of it but I’m not willing to throw the towel in just yet.
  11. Duncan Edwards

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Are the band getting back together? Live at St Andrews Hall... The Gangrenous Legs!!!
  12. Duncan Edwards

    Bounce straight back up?

    I bet you weren’t.
  13. Duncan Edwards

    Bounce straight back up?

    Someone should send this to all clubs; piece of p155.
  14. Duncan Edwards

    Bounce straight back up?

    It’s a shame that you feel that way, honestly. Last season was as good as anything I’ve ever enjoyed as a Norwich fan and in many ways better. I was proud that we were bucking the trend and that we had brought through youth players and that we were playing scintillating football and that we were polishing rough diamonds. It’s not been so enjoyable this season. Although the sense of pride I feel when I watch us play remains. In Emi Buendia we have as good a footballer as I have ever seen play for us and even if we fail to win another point all season, I’ll still savour the enjoyment he has given me with his talent. Lots of people bemoan the fact that we “haven’t given it a go” this season. Paraphrased, we didn’t spend much money. We didn’t have the money, of course which is what (yet again) sparks the envious glances to whichever club is flavour of the “nouveau riche League table” at the time. The same people though, would be as equally annoyed if we were bottom of the league having “had a go” and spent £50m. It’s disingenuous of them to suggest, as Richard Balls did on Twitter, that they’d be appeased if we’d “had a go”. That they’d be HAPPIER if we were £50m WORSE OFF because that would show some faux notion of ambition.
  15. Duncan Edwards

    Bounce straight back up?

    But they do run an EPL club. Which, I guess, means that they’re not too poor to own one because they, erm, do? Well....most of it. I own a little bit of it too. So does Nutty. And Til1010. PinkUn Posters Out.