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  1. Lots of angry little man syndrome at football. It’s a vent. I’m sure it doesn’t escalate into violence like we saw years ago but it’s still very much an outlet for the pent up aggression of a hard working week or just being a titch I think.
  2. Can’t judge a table this early. Unless we’re bottom. 6 points ahead of Rotherham and they’ve got a game in hand. Hardly something to write home about. And I suspect this is very much papering over cracks and we’re winning in spite of a dreadful squad and turrible management.
  3. If we can get £5m for Rashica someone should call the police.
  4. I had a £1 build-a-bet freebie. As such, I’ve chucked some **** at the wall and hope it sticks.
  5. Barkley is a strange one. Probably an example of going “too big, too soon”. All those years ago, he was the outstanding player on the pitch when that ball hit RVW on the head and went in. Problem with joining a “giant”, especially as a homegrown player is that you’re maybe not ticking the box you thought. Maybe someone will take a chance on him, he’s not that old, there’s obvious talent but what have these years done to him mentally? Chelsea also signed that lad from Leicester (Drinkwater?) and it basically finished him didn’t it? I suppose his money is still in the bank but as others have alluded to, you don’t get those years back or the appearances you’ve missed out on. I thought both Maddison and Emi could have gone “higher”, yet Maddison is - for the most part - key to Leicester, Emi has seen the managers pal come in and rarely starts, much to the apparent chagrin of the support. I dunno, I guess it’s always a gamble, some teams/players just fit and others don’t. Although I have a nagging, if illogical, gut feeling that in some cases these BIG clubs like Chelsea and Man City snap up players so that others can’t… but nobody has THAT big of a budget, do they?
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