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  1. https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/articles/the-lambert-diaries-final-edition/
  2. Harsh as this might sound, I couldn’t care less about King’s Lynn. I didn’t care about Boston, I don’t care about Ipswich. Neyul, seems to be doing pretty well with the loan market as it is. Godfrey, Maddison, Cantwell... If we really want a local-ish lower league club to blood our youngsters, there’s one not that far away *currently* a couple of levels higher. And Russell Martin seems to be doing ok so why not help him out?
  3. Brentford 11/10 Norwich 6/4 Swansea 9/2 Brentford still favourites with the bookies as well as Norwich fans.
  4. Emi Buendia feeding Craig Bellamy would be something to behold. That instinctive vision and weight of pass coupled with the frightening pace and, frankly, ridiculous confidence in front of goal when one v one. It would be beautiful.
  5. Three hundred thousand and thirty four nine hundred and seventy four thousand
  6. I thought they’d be our closest rivals but they were so slow and deliberate tonight. Worried to make an error, everything was safe. They earned a shedload of corners but were never really threatening, even the goal they got was from some ill discipline in the wall. Ok, it went in but it was an awful attempt really as it was straight into the wall. But it went in. So meh. If we can bag a result tomorrow, Bournemuff surely can’t catch us. A long way to go but pole position. Come on you yellows!
  7. Ugh. Chippy hitting his own crossbar is branded into my brain. We had such a good side. Had Sutton been three years older we might have won the double.
  8. And..while I’m here boring you all. The 1985 cup final against Sunderland was my first foray into going somewhere else to support Norwich. I don’t remember much from the game really, I probably annoyed the old man by just talking.. I do remember the old boy sat behind us, a Sunderland fan, and as we lifted the trophy he put his scarf round my neck and said “You’ve won this, son” and I’ve never forgotten it. Had tears in his eyes (this cup used to matter) but took the time to make it mean that little bit more to a kid who supported the other team. We could all learn from that.
  9. Didn’t we play a half-fit Fleck? My memory deceives me. I seem to remember that on one occasion his Father had sadly passed away and on another we stuck him in an Oxygen tank? Maybe broken rib or something? I do remember a few things from the 89 semi, the first is about 200 Norwich fans pissing up the back of a supermarket (Asda?) maybe. My main memory is drinking from the incorrect cola bottle. But hey, start young. That trip in 89 was great and will always stick with me. I always went to football with the old man but on that day I was with Nutty and my Grandad. I genuinely thought we’d win it. Probably the only time in my life where we were genuinely the best side in the country. Had we had Sutton THAT year, we might have done the double. But no. It was horrific afterwards when all the stuff about Hillsborough was coming out. It’s not like now, we’d know about it in seconds. The general consensus - to our shame - was that Liverpool fans had kicked off again. I suspect that closure from that disaster is still a long way off and we can all learn from having predicated ideas about people. But all I remember is - as I recall it - Chippy somehow hitting his own bar and the little nuisance but fine player, Pat Nevin smashing it in the corner. I really hate Villa Park.
  10. I've answered your question time and time again Mr Greaves. However, despite your protestations to the contrary, you DO seem bothered by him blocking you. I honestly don't know, I mean, I could speculate based on our exchange on this thread but it wouldn't provide you with the closure you seem to so desperately seek. Not sure that somebody who uses the forum popping up on the forum is a particularly strange occurrence, is it? It definitely isn't funny, maybe on a par with Mrs Brown's Boys. I'd suggest that if their contribution displeases you, why not utilise the "block" facility. Like Nutty. Hope this helps.
  11. I understood it from the beginning. My answer hasn't changed. I still don't know. Yet subsequently you advised that you knew that he HAD blocked you. So I'm assuming the question you meant to ask was "Nutty Nigel has blocked me. Is that because he doesn't want to answer my accusations of hypocrisy?" I still don't know. Is it a recent blocking? When did you start calling him a hypocrite? Do the dates marry up? Without his input any conclusion you make will still be speculative and based on assumptions. As I've said throughout this delightful little discussion, I have no idea whether he has blocked you, or the reason (if he has) why. Uncle Douglas says Hi. So does Mark. Hope this helps.
  12. Again, I'll repeat the answer. I don't know if he has blocked you rather than respond to your accusations of hypocrisy. Oh, hang on, you are now claiming that he HAS blocked you. Well this really has been a waste of everybody's time, hasn't it? My friend, Mark? Strangely, if I want to talk to him I can ring him, text him, message him, email him or tweet him so him being banned from here is really no obstacle to our ability to chat or for me to ask him anything. I don't have an Uncle Frank. I do have an Uncle Douglas but even if I did need some help to contact Mark, he wouldn't be able to help because he has no idea who Mark is. Hope this helps.
  13. Aw, thanks. You’re not the first person to imply that I’m thick, I doubt you’ll be the last. As I’ve continually told you, I don’t know if he has blocked you. I am perfectly aware of how it works, but I don’t know if he has blocked you or not. I seem to remember advising you to message him to ask him as he’ll be able to supply a definitive answer. Hope this helps.
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