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  1. Duncan Edwards

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    I stand corrected by the old man.. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/ron-davies-prolific-southampton-striker-hailed-by-matt-busby-as-the-best-centre-forward-in-europe-8638550.html
  2. Duncan Edwards

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    I’m sure when we signed Martin Peters there was a tale about him failing a medical or something? I mean, he didn’t, but sure the gaffer said something about if he failed the medical to sack the doctor...
  3. Duncan Edwards

    Joe Ferrari & Gemma Gifford leave NCFC.

    Seems loyalty has no value at all at Carrow Road these days.
  4. Duncan Edwards

    Name these two..

    I don’t know without looking it up but would guess we’ve played in front of more at Old Trafford last time in the prem and at Cardiff.
  5. Duncan Edwards

    The Great Mass Debater.

    Does that include this one?
  6. Duncan Edwards


    You fare dodge on the bus
  7. Duncan Edwards

    New membership scheme

    This would make a nice treat for a birthday or something.
  8. England -1. Currently 11/4 with SkyBet.
  9. Duncan Edwards

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Harry Roberts could certainly shoot; any relation? *Sorry...* *Duncan Edwards in no way condones dreadful criminal behaviour and certainly not the murder of police officers*
  10. Liverpool and over 2.5 goals is around the 2/1 mark. I’d love Spurs to win it but Liverpool are comfortably the better side and if Spurs try and rush Kane, I think it will play into Scouse hands. Just think they’ve got too much for them going forward.
  11. Another decent little addition. Well played all.
  12. I quite like over 2.5 goals at around Evens.
  13. Duncan Edwards

    Alan Brazil

    Or when he last saw ‘little Alan’