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  1. Notts County HOME WIN BTTS Bolton v MK
  2. Duncan Edwards

    Interesting Comments By DF

  3. Duncan Edwards

    Patrick Roberts

    The question was: Why isn’t Michael McGovern playing?
  4. Duncan Edwards

    Interesting Comments By DF

    We’re hilarious really. When we’re winning there’s an apparent togetherness, unity and pride that we did it against the odds; didn’t go down the tried and tested “bullocks to FFP, let’s spend it anyway and if we get promoted it doesn’t matter”. Yet for all the joy and happiness at winning the title, for some it was through gritted teeth. On the one hand their team had won the league, on the other it AGAIN demonstrated some sort of justification for Smith and her cost-neutral approach. How many more times can she possibly get lucky? Here we are, looking decidedly ropey having again chosen to live within our means and the clenched teeth are now gnashing again. No ambition, no plan B, no money, where’s it all gone? Becchio Syndrome is also back in full flight with anyone not playing an obvious and immediate upgrade on somebody that is; what does Patrick Roberts have to do to get a game instead of that moany little git Buendia? Can’t be long until the Times article is dragged up and the “clubs not for sale” brigade reunite for a comeback tour. Perhaps they could support Westlife? They’ve got plenty of money.
  5. Duncan Edwards

    Patrick Roberts

    Why isn’t Michael McGovern playing?
  6. Duncan Edwards

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    Indeed. However, if we’d sacked him when these folk thought he might not be very good, they’d never have gotten the chance to change their minds.
  7. Duncan Edwards

    We need a Plan B

    You’ve kind of answered your own question. As I said, Plan B is a lot like Plan A but possibly with subtle changes in formation and different faces. Farke did this again yeaterday; we went 3 at the back and employed wing backs as confirmed by Michael Bailey on Twitter: FTR, Norwich are now in a back 3: Amadou, Godfrey, Lewis. McLean and Byram wing-backs. 81 | 2-0 #NCFC #BURNOR #Burnley So there you have the subtle changes that you’re advocating. Of course it isnt perfect and we are hampered by injuries but I think the only real criticism that can be levelled is perhaps the timing of these changes. Even then, I think it’s because of the belief in our Plan A and wanting to give it as long as possible to work. Given what I’ve seen. I’d struggle to argue against that philosophy either.
  8. https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/articles/burnley-duncs-verdict/
  9. Bristol C v SWANSEA - Away win. 0/6 incoming...
  10. Duncan Edwards


    And yet still you here the panicked shrieks of “get rid of it” as we calmly knock the ball around our own penalty area. Although the natives are becoming more learned, the education must continue. Of course, the aimless hoof can be worthy of appreciation too, it has a time and a place. The days of it being our default play from a position of territorial disadvantage appear to be over. The philosophy is one built on trust. Trust in ability. Trust in colleagues. Trust in science. Trust in statistics. In such enjoyable times the least we, as supporters, can do is trust in it too. SO STOP BLOODY SHOUTING “GET RID” or “FORWARD!” or any other such nonsense. If you’re that desperate for a bit of long-ball hoof, watch it come straight back action, only bother turning up for the last five minutes as we cling on to victory or there is that other (fairly local) team...
  11. Duncan Edwards

    FAO PUPs

    Looks pretty good.
  12. Duncan Edwards

    How many will man city get

    At least ten
  13. Duncan Edwards

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    We’ll see...
  14. Brighton v BURNLEY - Away Win for the Norwich bet Man City (-3) is 2/1 on SkyBet. It’s pessimistic but with so many injuries for us I think that looks an absolute steal.