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  1. Duncan Edwards

    Football Pools help needed..

  2. Duncan Edwards

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Bowing to crowd pressure. Beginning of the end for the gaffer I’m afraid.
  3. Are you calling him thick? Out of order.
  4. Duncan Edwards

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Indeed. I’d overlooked that. So in the interest of fairness they’d only need to get to 90 points. Which they still can’t, so erm, . You are awarded one pedant point.
  5. Duncan Edwards

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    With FIFTEEN matches remaining our L1 winning points tally of 95 is already out of their reach.
  6. Duncan Edwards

    Champs Starting XI

    McGovern Byram Hanley Zimmermann McCallum Rupp Sitti McClean Stiepermann Hernandez Idah Sold: Aarons £8m, Lewis £5m, Buendia Released, Pukki £3m, Godfrey £9m, Cantwell £15m, Klose Released, Krul £500,000 Solid looking team and a warchest of £40.5m for the hambag.
  7. Duncan Edwards

    Klopp being a tw*t

    They were lucky to beat a very poor Everton side, who really should have won quite comfortably. The Liverpool youngsters are talented lads but they don't create a lot and it was a big ask for them to do it again having got away with it a bit vs Everton. That said, I suppose they earned their crack. Irrespective of that, replays haven't suddenly "become a thing" and Klopp knew the possibilities. If he wanted to avoid one, play a stronger team. Daft to have replays during the break? If you're Liverpool, maybe. It's the FA Cup. The break is for the Premier League. If you don't like the format of the FA Cup, don't enter it. If they were 16 points BEHIND Man City, I guarantee they'd have a different attitude too. So **** em.
  8. Duncan Edwards

    Klopp being a tw*t

    If he'd paid Shrewsbury a bit more respect and played a stronger team he'd have had his winter break.
  9. Duncan Edwards

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    We never got relegated under Hughton.
  10. Duncan Edwards

    Leicester At Home Might Be Moved Again.

    The things people do for kicks...
  11. Duncan Edwards

    What is the "five year plan"?

    No. It’s all rubbish. Invented by the sycophant deliaites. Truth is we’re sleepwalking to relegation, beating Bournemouth just papered over the cracks, fire sale in the summer, nothing coming through from the academy, no investment from the board, club not for sale while all around us obtain significant cash injections leaving us behind, Farke back to Germany, Webber gone the season after, academy downgraded, relegation to league one, administration, points deduction, wound up, playing Wroxham. Appears to be the five year plan. On here, anyway.
  12. Duncan Edwards

    Tainted Title

    I'd have been perfectly happy to never see Liverpool win the title ever again but they've been exceptionally consistent this season and it will be well deserved. That the "rest" have simplified their task by being collectively gash at various points isn't the scousers fault and nor was it Leicester's when they took advantage.
  13. Duncan Edwards

    Buendia for POTS

  14. Duncan Edwards

    Leaving early

    If you want to leave early, that’s your prerogative. However, if you want to leave early and then stop in front of somebody that doesn’t and obstruct their view because we’re on the attack, then you’re a selfish twit.
  15. Duncan Edwards

    Time to move on.

    So clear that the ref didn’t give it.