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  1. Bothers me little. It’s like Wimpy trying to take the **** out of Le Gavroche.
  2. What would the statement need to say? What sort of message would settle everyone down? Are we looking for some sort of arbitrary target? A number of points/games or Farke gets the bullet? An apology? Vote of confidence? Given the various levels of panic/disappointment/reactionary nonsense/Corporal Jones' etc; I doubt anything they said would do anything to relax folk and would likely just pour fuel on the fire. They gave Farke a new contract about 20 minutes ago, about 10 minutes before most fans seemed delighted with our transfer window. Given that contract, the club position regarding the manager seems to have been made clear recently. I don't really know what else you'd want them to say.
  3. Probably best just to fold the club now, Jim predicts we're doomed. For a change...
  4. This weeks guaranteed away loser is....: Derby vs STOKE For the match bet: Brandon Williams to be carded.
  5. Bit of a nothing statement to be honest. Not sure what the point is. All very half-@rsed. It's neither one thing or the other, achieves nothing but an annoyance for the fans.
  6. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/important-update-on-covid-19-certification
  7. Apparently, I’m out of likes….set me free…and let me out this misery… But yeah,
  8. We are all represented by what we post. Something you should perhaps try harder to remember.
  9. Oh, you’re back quick!! As Lakey says, it wasn’t his actions that got Morty banned. And I’m bothered little that he considers being a snakey grass as childish. What is childish is charging round the message board being a **** to people, talking rubbish about them and then playing innocent. There’s a little clique on here that think they’re untouchable. And Greavsy, old son, posting MASSIVE RESPECT as a reply drawing attention to people’s mental health…? I see you little fella. I see you
  10. Didn’t know your Daddy posted on here? Who is he?
  11. Whatever it was, it’s now “Sad little cliques ganging up and grassing. Or do they…” Conversations do evolve, unfortunately.
  12. I didn’t say that Pete didn’t read the forum. I said he doesn’t have time to read every post on every thread. You’ve been having this discussion for hours and now you want to “stay on topic”? I’m still wondering how you know other peoples memories, other peoples warnings and why Morty’s banning is so interesting for you? Bizarre. I just can’t put my finger on why that would be. Maybe you miss him too.
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