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  1. I wonder if we’d be charging less per game if there were more games and the associated commercial revenue? Then again we’d have to replace the pitch 4 times as often. I always find this difficult because the headline figure used is that our cheapest season ticket is expensive in comparison to others. Nobody ever seems to factor in that “that” cheapest price is available throughout both ends, corner infills, Jarrold wings… If the club were cynical about this, they could reduce those season tickets with impaired view. Offer a few hundred at £250 for instance. Loss to revenue would be minimal but that particular stick would become firewood.
  2. I just checked with Morty. He said you are a “Stupid, sad, no-life ****” Didn’t expand on warnings etc.
  3. 1-4 We start strong. Loads of running and endeavour, winning challenges and duels but we begin to fizzle after 20 minutes. Preston then score with their first shot which is a one on one after two passes from the keeper. Go in at HT 0-1 We then concede 2,3 and 4 within 8 minutes of the second half starting. Some gallows chanting about Portsmouth. Angus Gunn goes on a maze-up and scores a Maradona86esque consolation that is only witnessed by Delia, Michael, Nutty Nigel and the intrepid streamers. Hope I’m wrong.
  4. This forum doesn’t get moderated unless someone tittle-tattles. I’ve no skin in this argument, but what I’ve said is true. Nobody is keeping an eye and unless someone goes crying to teacher, nothing happens. That’s not to say that any accusations are accurate or otherwise, I don’t give a monkeys if people want to have a ruck in the muck; fair play. But, seriously, unless someone presses the naughty button (matron!) beggar all happens.
  5. My point is/was that none of this stuff matters when we’re winning. Nobody gives a shiny Tom **** about “corporate governance” or Delia being Delia or contracts for young players and, undeniably, the atmosphere in the ground is upbeat. As I’ve said elsewhere, when Delia spouts some old sh1te about the best supporters in the world when we get promoted or whatever, she’s just a loveable old dear in the background. Talk about the fans when we’re NOT winning and she’s an out of touch, dictatorial, power crazed narcissist clinging on to power. It’s mental gymnastics. I have been asked about “improving atmosphere” at Carrow Road a few years ago. The simple answer I gave was to win more games. I’m yet to be convinced there’s another answer. That infernal fcking drum certainly wasn’t it.
  6. The Kingsway was the pub by the bridge. And the one the other side of the road was the Jolly Maltsters and then the Clarence was round the corner by the road bridge over the train tracks. I think.
  7. If we had lost instead of luckily won those three in four we’d be one point outside the bottom three. Damning.
  8. I hear you. Though I’m still not sure what she said was stoking division. What she said is, fundamentally, true. If we get on our own teams backs, it’s manna from heaven for the opposing team and manager. Because things are pretty moody at present, any oppo manager coming to Carrow Road is surely going to suggest that they start really hard, chase everything, and be front foot. It won’t be sustainable, but if us lot start groaning and go quiet(er) then it’s the first battle won. It has changed in recent years too, I think. When we’ve looked like we are challenging - going back years and years - if we conceded there’d be an absolute chorus of OTBC ring out around the ground, an effort to lift the team and confirmation that we were still with them. These days, we might score a goal and then a “How Sh1t Must You Be, We’re Winning At Home” or something might ring out. I love a bit of gallows as much as the next fan but we do seem short on memory as to how bad we could/can be. It can’t possibly help and while clumsily put, she wasn’t wrong. As I’ve said elsewhere, Delia doesn’t change. She says daft things when we’re doing well and daft things when we’re not. It’s just that when we’re doing well she’s that lovable old girl in the background and when we’re not she’s an omnipotent harridan, betrayed by her years. Just like she’s a passenger when we’re in the front foot and running the show when we’re not. It’s all b0ll0cks of course. She’s not banging on the boardroom table and demanding that Hernandez starts; they pay people handsomely to make those decisions and to decide who to let make those choices. I completely understand the animosity towards Wagner; I’d sack him. Yet during the game, our only choice, the only way we can influence the game positively, is to back whoever Wagner picks, get behind them, cane the opposition and berate the officials every time they give a decision against us. Come 90 minutes, if we get thumped, have your “say”. It’s done then. But at least you/we will all know that WE left everything out there for the team even if Hernandez couldn’t finish a Happy Meal or Gibson pass the parcel at a 6yo birthday party. I think that’s what she was driving at and I don’t think she was wrong. I’m certainly not crying about it.
  9. I believe so. It’s managed for him, or was when I used to use it regularly a few years back. He was spending a lot of time in Asia on travels but there was still a family presence.
  10. What would you have liked to have seen? What would have changed?
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