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  1. Duncan Edwards

    International Duty

    @BobLoz3 I wish I had come up with that!!
  2. Duncan Edwards

    We hate Wolves, apparently

    Muscat will always be a disgrace. I’ll never forgive what he did to Bellamy; the most exciting player we’d had for so many years. Thankfully, he had a great career but I can’t be alone in thinking he could have achieved even more but for this gaping welly-top. We might have gone up that year (fanciful maybe) but the Bellamy/Roberts partnership was flying. Thank fûck Emi doesn’t have to play against a bell end like this.
  3. Duncan Edwards

    Hitler's dismay at Leeds loss to Sheffield

    I understand that. However, this is a film that was released years ago...by a German/Austrian production company. The performance of Bruno Ganz is widely acclaimed but this particular scene has been used for almost as long to parody numerous situations and events. I genuinely don’t see how adding subtitles that portray AH as a Leeds fan would be particularly galling for anyone, German or not. I mean, while we all hope that we never see anything like the regime again, the conflict itself has been the subject of what must be hundreds of films and documentaries. Should we ban them all? Perhaps we should ban written accounts too? Or we could burn all the books...
  4. Duncan Edwards

    Hitler's dismay at Leeds loss to Sheffield

    I’m offended.
  5. Duncan Edwards

    Villa Creeping Closer To The Playoffs.

    Could still chase us down..
  6. Duncan Edwards

    Aspiring to the Swansea model

  7. Perhaps that’s an indicator of our evolution? Maddison regularly scored bangers but we struggled for goals overall despite creating great on-field positions. This time around we’re less reliant on one players ability to conjure a hare from a bonnet. We stick to our methods, we trust in our ability and fall back on our fitness. We have goals all over the park and I’d take half a dozen Pukki Pokeys than one Howson Howitzer any day of the week. Preferably Saturdays. Unless Sky have intervened.
  8. Gutted by this news. Been my favourite band since the early 90s; a real shame that he found himself in such a place that he saw no other way out. A sad day.
  9. Duncan Edwards

    71 goals

    That thread has some posts that are a real dogs dinner; maybe “Pal” or “Chum” would be more appropriate? Mind, now we’ve started to “Winalot” more often, folk have changed their minds. Woof!!!
  10. Duncan Edwards

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    I thought they might like to read it? Why? Because it’s funny. I was actually searching for something completely unrelated when I stumbled across this gem of a thread. I read through it and it made me chuckle because it’s genuinely remarkable that we’ve gone from “Farke sort it out!” (Ipswich away) to him being treated as the second coming and choreographing a buoyant and resplendent Barclay (Farkelay?) in six months. Equally as remarkable is the turnaround in the opinion of some posters. Is that a criticism? No. Fans of every club are fickle; it’s the nature of the beast. It’s nothing new. Now; as for this ‘holier than thou’ accusation.. Really? I’d be a bit daft to adopt such an attitude. There are countless posts on here that I’m sure would take about as much tearing to threads as a moth infested jumper. Not only that but I’ve been stupid enough to write and post dozens of opinion pieces on here, MyFootballWriter and AlongComeNorwich. Plenty of those, I know, people think are wrong, bonkers or have subsequently proven to be one or both. What I haven’t done though is post or agree with a load of crap criticising the club and it’s owners because we’ve lost a few games and then seamlessly forget that I did so when we’re top of the league. As I said, fickleness is nothing new and is commonplace throughout football. However, if you’re somehow upset by that or don’t like that it might be people’s perception of you, well, only you can fix that. Was bumping the thread mischievous? Yeah, a bit. But like I said earlier, it made me laugh. That was the intention behind it, that people are getting so precious about it is, in all fairness, nearly as funny. OTBC
  11. Duncan Edwards

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    You should cut out the middle man and get involved!! I’m sure I’ve seen you on Twitter though?
  12. Duncan Edwards

    When we were rubbish,and the scum weren't!

    It’s not like we’re in denial that they had a good side though. I was coached in my younger (more athletic) days by Trevor Whymark, scored past Paul Cooper but also count Trevor Hockey and Ian Culverhouse on that list along with Mike Sutton. Trevor Whymark was really good to be honest, as were Cully and Sutton (although Sutton was a **** for fitness, running and what you did without the ball). The best was Hockey by a mile. I wasn’t even very old but I remember standing on a cold October day in the pouring rain waiting to go through a drill again while everyone else had taken shelter. He recognised that I was just a little kid that loved football and he loved that. I mean, I was rubbish, my right foot is a wrong foot. But I wanted to be out there. Anyway, yeah, they had a good side for a few years but I’m 40 and didn’t have a season ticket until 1984. They were shot by then. So for all their illustrious history it won’t be long before they’re consigned to written accounts as they peg out. Done nothing since 81. Nearly forty bloody years.
  13. Duncan Edwards

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    I’ve had a day off mate!! Funny though isn’t it? Thought you didn’t have a Twitter account? Have you been fibbing all this time....?
  14. Duncan Edwards

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    I imagine those that have will be along to hold their hands up at any moment...