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  1. Surely this is a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate the fan base. Out with all the doddery old blanket-covered, flask-clutching harrumphers and in with a vibrant young fanbase that can keep up with the too-fast shout/singing of the Barclay. We might finally hear something other than moaning and snoring from the Geoffrey Watling and it would be great to see the River End bouncing again. We could then have flags all the way round the ground as efforts wouldn't be hampered by arthritic limbs and general displeasure at the sight of other people having some fun. If they don't do this, give me a full refund and pay my Broadband for the season I'm going to be apoplectic and start a petition. Or hire an aeroplane or something.
  2. To be fair, you've got some work to do, a guy on Twitter had written Bali Mumba off within 4 minutes of him being announced.
  3. I understand that this signing was very much based upon a strong recommendation from Tom Smith. He's been spending a lot of time with our scouting team with a view to becoming more "hands on" and this is a player he identified early on during that period.
  4. Only if you're thick. They could have said Top 20 - to be in the Premier League. Of course, that's where they want to be, but if you finish 18th, 19th or as we just have 20th, you've met the brief but can't meet it next season which makes no sense. So perhaps they should say a top 17 club but that doesn't account for the very distinct possibility of relegation from the top flight. We don't want to be relegated but as Norwich City aren't Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and at a push Everton, we have to wager that into our thoughts - it's always a possibility - as countless "established" clubs have found to their detriment (see Watford and Bournemouth now coming down in their fifth season). It's not realistic to ignore the fact that we might finish 18th, 19th or 20th. So, accepting that relegation is a possibility, how can we produce a target that accounts for that but still wants us to be as good as we possibly can be? By saying what they did. That the ambition is to be in the Premier League and that if we find ourselves not there then to be strongly challenging to be there; which means being in the top 6 of the Championship. It's not a lack of ambition; it's realistic, pragmatic, ambitious, achievable and the bare minimum that they hope to accomplish. The argument that it lacks ambition is nonsense; what would you have them say? Top 26 not ambitious enough, top 20 we might get relegated still, top 17 why aim for fourth from bottom, top 10 why not target europe, top 5 why only target the UEFA cup, top 4 well if we're going for the Champions League we might as well target winning it...behave...
  5. Well, I’m stood next to him and I’ve just double checked (I didn’t need to) and he has confirmed it definitely isn’t him.
  6. The club has just been harangued for a supposed penny-pinching approach to Premier League football and you want to further cut the income? We could probably do it if we upped everyone's season ticket by £100 (literally no idea if his is accurate but it would represent £2mpa - probably too much?) or something. Maybe only £50? I'm game. Suggest it to the club.
  7. I mean, if this was to happen (which nobody is suggesting it is) I suppose that would be ideal. But they announce squad numbers every year so probably not essential? West Ham retired Bobby Moore’s in 2008
  8. I don't think there's ever been a soft Championship. Apart from when we've won it, obviously.
  9. Which would it be? Who did it belong to and what did they achieve to warrant this honour? I'm not sure we've had anyone quite do the things Jude Bellingham has done for Birmingham but we have our own legends that we could acknowledge with this symbolic gesture of worship and thanks.
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