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  1. I can thoroughly recommend this book, a brilliant read for kids and adults. Great story, very funny and of course our club is at the centre! Pete is offering free kindle editions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07VDSZWGF/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr= The Bumpy Road to Wembley follows the fortunes of football-crazy brothers Jimmy and Danny Barnes, aged just 10 and 8, who following a comical mix up with the England National team, are given the chance of a lifetime to be professional footballers with their beloved Norwich City and to play international football with England. The Bumpy Road to Wembley is a humorous fictional story about family, friendship and of course football. Although the book is aimed at children aged 7-13, the expectation is that any Norwich City fan will enjoy reading the tale regardless of their age! This edition includes Norwich City Legends past and present and details the story of the race for promotion to the Premier League, against their old rivals Ipswich Town!
  2. Canary Jedi

    Ings or pukki

    Yeah but you just know the moment you drop Pukki he will come good! He’s still my captain, clearly a decision of the heart rather than the head
  3. The OP was an aspiration at the start of the season. Looking at it now with the benefit of hindsight, all the points are holding up so far. Especially pleasing is the fact that we have proven we can compete, even though results are not always the right ones. And on the support front it’s fantastic how the players and Farke are supported during and after games, sometimes you would think we were in the top six! Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, let’s keep this amazing support going and if our enthusiasm and belief continues to transfer to the players then who knows what may happen! OTBC
  4. Canary Jedi

    Banter today

    I’m not so sure, I scanned a freeze frame of the away supporters in great detail and was unable to identify a man with a large hat with corks dangling from it. Perhaps he was in disguise?
  5. Canary Jedi

    Banter today

    Danny Murphy says we are the best bottom of the table team he has ever seen
  6. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    While it’s true we have been too open, recently we haven’t been. Unlucky against Spurs - Cantwell error for the 1st goal and lucky winner for the 2nd. If we had taken our chances it would have been 4-2 to us. I don’t think we will keep many clean sheets between now and season end, although we are looking tighter, however if we start taking our scoring chances then conceding goals will be less important. Putting the ball in the onion bag is what we need to fix, then it’s game on!
  7. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    The team is improving all the time so it’s not a correct hypothesis to base our remaining games on the ones so far. Based on recent performances, if we can continue playing that way and start converting our chances, yes I think we can get six or seven wins between now and the end of the season. If it were the case that we were playing rubbish then I would agree with you Indy.
  8. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    (late reply, been working!) I’d like to think that’s not true. If the majority of fans have a negative “we’re already down” mantra then this will ultimately feed through and negatively affect the confidence of the team. Which was the point of me starting this thread to say this: (Dambuster music starts to play...) Although the odds of us staying up are not in our favour, while there is a chance, and we continue to put in performances like Spurs, let’s bloody well get behind our team and join with me when I say “We can still do this!” If enough of us put aside our negative feelings and put that energy instead into pure and undiluted belief in the “little miracle” that could yet happen, then maybe, just maybe it will. Uri Geller firmly believed that the reason Scotland missed that penalty against England in 1996 Euros was because of the overwhelming power of people hoping that McAlister would miss. So let’s do the same for our team. Pukki will get to 20 goals, and other players will start chipping in with goals. Gradually we will creep up the table at which point those around us will start to bottle it. We will make Premier League history! Think this way. Believe and tell others to do likewise. This is the way.
  9. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    Look, my OP is about the future, not about why we are here and what might have been. 2 wins might still mean we are bottom but will probably be within touching distance from safety, so it’s not out of the question we can still do it, albeit history will say we’ve got no chance. Then again Leicester had no chance of winning the Premier League so you can never say never. So let’s plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Better to be positive than negative right? The point is if we are negative and the players feel that negativity, then we really haven’t got a chance. It was great at full time at Spurs, majority stayed to cheer the team, message = “we will back you to the death” - proud to be part of that, even if ultimately futile ... so I’m not giving in yet!
  10. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    Two wins and we’re back in the game
  11. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    If we all start thinking we’re down then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I’m not an idiot, I realise it’s a big ask, but think about it, we’re only two wins away from safety at the moment. Doesn’t sound so bad when you put it like that right?
  12. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    Has the season ended already?
  13. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    PS it is rather worrying, I do often find myself agreeing with LDC, maybe I am indeed the one and only LDC and also schizophrenic?
  14. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    Haha But LDC is right, If we were not creating the chances we are I would agree we are doomed. But surely we can’t go through the rest of the season creating so many chances are not converting them? Believe.
  15. Canary Jedi

    We can still do this!

    To be fair Farke said 6 wins and a few draws. In any case, the point of this post is immense positivity based on the last couple of performances! Repeat after me ... WE CAN DO THIS!