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  1. We'll never know for sure, but I think if lockdown hadn't happened we might have had a shot at staying up, certinaly I don't think we'd have done as badly as we did. It's a mute point now of course but we seemed to be hitting some form coming into lockdown (despite 1-0 loss at SU where we should have won the game).
  2. Just occiasionally, we upset the apple cart by beating one of the big boys. It doesn't happen very often, but you get more bites at the cherry in the Premier League. I started supporting Norwich after Kevin Drinkell and Trevor Putney turned around a 1-0 half time deficit against Liverpool to win the game. Having not long moved to Norwich, that was the moment to say "I support my local team." Moments like these are a wonderful reason to be in the top flight!
  3. Today’s performance reminded me of Nigel Worthington’s last game against Burnley. I hope Farke hasn’t lost the team, but the lack of fight and commitment as you say Captain is bemusing.
  4. Funny that despite being relegated we'll still be in a division above them. And having not done a Villa and spent all the money. And with parachute payments to come.
  5. After a period of reflection, I would very much like to hear what he has to say. In the past he has been refreshingly honest, lets hope this continues
  6. Maybe "saved" in Delia's case is an exaggeration, however she did help the club at a time when they were very Frank Boff. I remember her in an interview saying that her and Michael could have sat in their garden on a load of cash or try to do something useful with it. She never expected to see it again.
  7. He's still in the Norwich area I believe. My dad sees him out golfing from time to time. I'd rather Dean Ashton than who I've got, I've got bloody Matt Holland as one of my golf club members
  8. I remember an interview with George Graham (ex-Arsenal manager for the young-uns) looking back on his side that one the old 1st division saying that his defense were actually very intelligent players, because they played a zonal marking system and the players needed to be very intelligent to play it. Not saying ours defenders are not intelligent, however for one of the goals today we say Klose and Godphrey going for the same header, only to see Antnio beat them both in the air to score. So zonal marking can work - just ask George Graham. As to the op question of "Why?" - either zonal marking is no longer fit for purpose in the premier league, or as was suggested the players still don;t get it - either because they never will, or the coaching. Certainly zonal marking does not seem to have clicked after the last 2 seasons.
  9. Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down
  10. Lambert's, because they stayed up in the Prem and were competitive. Remember 1-1 away at Liverpool?
  11. It would be great to hear from Webber. I'm only guessing, I don't have inside info, but I believe they were publically managing expectations from the start of the season while privately hoping they could have a good first season in the prem. Certainly after the first few games (performances 2nd half liverpool, newcastle, chelsea, [ignore wet spam], man city) there was every reason to believe we could hold our own. So I can imagine to go out with such a whimper is below expectations, and frankly not good enough. By the way, back to Robbie Earle the way he said it was almost reluctantly, it wasn't just a sound bite.
  12. That’ was the view of Robbie Earl on NBC Sports at full time. He said “The manager has lost the team, and hats a hard thing to say.” I don’t know if it’s true, the players seem to be trying to play the Farke way. Either they’re not good enough to play it, or his way isn’t working. Tettey after the game said it was defensive mistakes all season, but I guess that could either be aimed at the players, or the tactics. Something has to change for next season that’s for sure!
  13. Delia was completely ineffective against Watford today. I thought she was off the pace and missed some guilt edged changes. No wonder people want her out ... Oh hold on I'm getting confused. Sorry. Delia is the one that has saved our club, and put her last 20 years+ of blood, sweat and lots pf tears into getting to where we are. We have a lot to be grateful for. Just look at that lot down the road! OTBC
  14. My local golf pro is a Sunderland fan. Apparently Sunderland fans are seething that we have bought him. A bargain apparently!
  15. Klose was just being very affectionate!
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