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  1. It’s hard but I’m going to try. Starting with a long run listening to an audio book (American Dirt - brilliant!). Then a walk in the woods with my wife (no, don’t say it!) and then I’m on gardening duty. So hopefully enough there to take my mind off it. What about you? Probably the fact that you are on this message board and reading this means you’re looking for answers or just to let off steam. Best to channel it all into something more worthwhile I’d say Wishing you all a nice Sunday!
  2. “Can I ask you to leave a pause between the word aim and the word fire? 30 or 40 years should do.”
  3. Well, something drastic has to happen before Leeds. Either big tactical / performance improvement or change of coach
  4. Oh gosh I had erased the Colchester result from my memory. I was thinking back to Blackburn7 Norwich 1 in about 1992/93 season I think. I seem to remember we actually played ok that day but just that Shearer was on fire.
  5. Oh yes good one, that really kisses me off. They all need a week on that new-fangled video game room they just spent a fortune on to improve their cognitive reactions so they make better split second decisions!
  6. Here’s the thing. I didn’t get the impression that they didn’t turn up (ie not trying). They seemed to be trying, but were just out played, out classed and out muscled. Sargent ran his heart out to no great effect. Pukki also ran loads but mostly in vain. Against Leeds they need to be moving the ball faster, passing better, battling harder
  7. Yes however league performance is not the club’s measure of success, unless we fall outside of top 26 and stop developing talent to sell at a considerable profit. If league performance was the measure then yes, I think he would be sacked now.
  8. That would do nicely. Have you seen our December fixtures
  9. To be fair it was a difficult chance. He had to react quickly to a fast cross and still had to beat the Dutch international keeper. So it gets my vote
  10. It is amazing that this is allowed to happen, assuming all the stuff I hear second hand is true. If so I’d fully support a peaceful demo when the Geordies pitch up at Carrud
  11. Not to be greedy but may I suggest two managers? First a specialist at keeping us up. Then a specialist at progressing in the Premier League.
  12. Was there a “passing” resemblance to our performance this afternoon?
  13. To complete the lyric… I know it’s over Still I claim, I don’t know which manager to bring in…
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