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  1. Some good ideas. Could organise a petition, or a show of red cards at a certain minute during the matches (though not environmentally friendly). I like the tennis balls idea however could disrupt flow of game and also i suspect club will be on the lookout for people smuggling in balls (joke there somewhere!) Alternatively we could kidknapp the ref and hold him hostage until VAR is sorted out and we are given our lost points back
  2. Canary Jedi

    What must DF think?

    We’re actually close close to doing ok in the Premier League. Although some results have been disappointing the margins between losing and getting something out of the game have generally been quite small. Better second half to the season and who knows!
  3. Canary Jedi

    Reason to be cheerful..

    Well done @nutty nigel it was purely as a result of your fantastic optimism!
  4. Canary Jedi

    Farke gets vote of confidence

    The article was based on Webber’s interview by sky. Nothing new that has hasn’t previously eluded to, but good to hear they are sticking to the philosophy. I’m fairly sure Webber would intervene if he did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Admittedly i was hoping for a better start - that said we are only a few points behind, we’ve seen some parts of matches early on to prove we can compete but need to be on our game every time. Still proud to be a canary and i continue to carry my NCFC bag to the gym with pride
  5. Canary Jedi

    So many misplaced passes

    At least compared to when we were last at the Amex we tried, I could not fault the effort. it is strange that during the Champ we were so much better at passing. Maybe as a poster said it is the pressure, and we’re trying to be better than we are. LDC makes a good point, stick to the basics of what got us promoted.
  6. Can’t use injuries as an excuse. This is not the Norwich we know. Crowd did their best to support
  7. Canary Jedi

    Monday madness

    Can you get a season ticket?
  8. Canary Jedi

    Amex and Onel

    Can you use MasterCard at the Amex?
  9. Canary Jedi


    Then is there any point holding on to him? Are we expecting him to be like Neo from The Matrix - quite suddenly and unexpectedly becoming a super premier league defender?
  10. Canary Jedi

    We need a Plan B

    I just listened to the Farke reaction. Reading between the lines Plan A was not executed correctly, there was not enough belief initially in the first 15 mins and we were not on the front foot enough. Even if there was a Plan B there is no guarantee that it would have changed anything. I wasn’t at the game but it sounds like Burnley have identified (like Chelsea) that we don’t like being highly pressured while in possession. I get the impression Farke knows what he wants the players to do but today they didn’t execute it well enough. Against Liverpool we stuck to plan A after being 4-0 down and played much better, maybe he was hoping for a repeat performance. All completely speculative of course, though it does seem we are going to need to win lots of home games to stay up.
  11. Canary Jedi

    Man City tonight !!

    Ah but that was nothing to do with us, it’s because Man C had an off day. Same with Liverpool once they were 4-0 up.
  12. Canary Jedi

    Sheff Utd fall out

    It makes me wonder, especially after the global coverage of our Man C win, are we now a prime target for anyone wanting to get involved in the premier league? Sorry slightly off topic but since you asked wd40
  13. Thanks Nice. What gets me is not just the noise of the roar at full time but the length of time it goes on for!
  14. It was certainly an uplifting experience for us all!
  15. Canary Jedi

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    Haha at the end when Man C were making their last sub it was announced on the tannoy that Marhez was coming on. I said out loud “Jesus” to which the guy next to me calmly replied “No, Jesus is already on!”