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  1. He's lost it I'm afraid, almost non-existent this evening. Time to cut our losses and sell
  2. Hopefully his finishing will click soon and he'll get a few goals, he deserves it
  3. I know. When we scored I performed a small fist pump and a slightly raised "Yes!" ... but NOTHING compared to if I had been at the game
  4. Hugill is growing on me, hopefully he will continue to improve. There is no doubting his work ethic
  5. Even more reason to get him back here, I could imagine that Soto would learn much from training with Pukki.
  6. Someone on a Whatsapp group posted the following in response to my taking delight at reaching 50 points: "I’m bored of the same teams up and down... I’d like some new bloody like Brentford." I asked him who he supported ... Manure of course. Such a typically arrogant attitude. Anyone who gets to the PL must earn that right and therefore deserve it.
  7. I don't like odd boots. It's unnatural and brings imbalance to the force...
  8. Come the revolution, players who wear odd colour boots will be first up against the wall! Well, perhaps after those that dive all the time
  9. Hopefully it's only that we haven;t seen the best of him, but I feel that's clutching at straws. Was expecting a player along the lines of Grant Holt ... he's not Holt or Pukki, so what is he?
  10. Yes, he did well to create a gap, should have placed it
  11. It's not the commentators you can hear breathing, it's the sheep
  12. If that red card was against us, would you be happy? Seems harsh
  13. Hey that's not politically correct. You should instead say that they are elderly, mentally challenged and suffer from severe flatulence
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