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  1. I heard it announced on sky sports news. The lady said it was Gary Neville
  2. Norwich just got a mention in the context of potentially signing Koné in Jan
  3. Darn it! Was hoping he was an undiscovered player for us to sign.
  4. Yes I noticed this also. It was a thankless task for him. Have to blame the tactics.
  5. Ok they didn’t score, but what a performance! Brave, energetic, great flowing football, penetrating passes. 20+ shots on goal against Belgium is very impressive. Very unlucky to lose the game to a route 1 goal.
  6. Yes I wondered that. Was surprised he wasn’t picked, I’d take him over Rashford.
  7. Maybe we’ll get to see Smith on a horse? Sorry Daniel.
  8. Bees make honey. Wasps make marmite. Nuff said
  9. I think the title is wrong. These are not sobering stats, they are reasons not to be sober!
  10. An encouraging interview. Clearly holding back as he’s respectful of current owners, but reading between the lines he wants to achieve the same level of success as with his baseball team.
  11. It did seem quite early to take him off. We were still 1-0 up at the time, probably a coincidence but maybe the balance was upset
  12. Might be some truth in this. Doesn’t explain our bad performances completely, but a contributing factor. I get the impression Farke worked his players harder on fitness than other teams, based on past comments of players.
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