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  1. I think Wagner and his support staff and NCFC leadership really ought to take the time to try to understand the root cause of all the frustration, and try to address that through open communication. Part of the issue is the poor communication and the frustration that results is compounding match after match until it results in booing a winning team. So I would not be too hard on us fans, there is a reason for this frustration and we haven’t seen the end of it.
  2. It amazes me that people leave early, especially when the scoreline is close. You must have missed so many goals and such drama over the years. I’m curious, knowing what can happen at the end of a match, why do you feel the need to beat the crowds? I wouldn’t go to the cinema and miss the last 10 mins of a movie so hard for me to understand.
  3. Style of play, not what we are. Its what the players are forced to do. Playing out from the back against a pressing side with the quality of Liverpool, only one outcome. Insanity - doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.
  4. Wagner had a bet with Ivan Toney on 5-1
  5. Having been generally quite critical of our style of play under Wagner this season, I’ve got to give credit for the Leeds and West Brom games. If the team had performed like this all season we would certainly be in a strong playoff position. The team seem to have a new found belief and are much more impressive in have they pass from back to front. If these performances continue and can translate into more goals then we could yet make the playoffs. Big warning though, huge reliance on Sargent staying fit. Idah had yet another chance tonight and fluffed it. What is to be done with him?
  6. This is an absolute disgrace. He is such a nice man. I think it is absolutely shameful of <replace with name of football club> Feel free to re-use the above text next time it happens. Simply fill in the appropriate team name. You’re welcome!
  7. You mean you have a life? <head exploding emoji>
  8. My 80 year old dad refers to him as ‘little legs’ due to his lack of pace (laughing emoji)
  9. I hope we play daring, attack minded exciting football! I predict we will play frustratingly slow, invite pressure on ourselves by passing out from the back and embarrass the club on TV. I hope not, but that’s my prediction.
  10. Im pretty sure Loki and Thor came from Aasgard?
  11. They weren’t playing for Norwich
  12. You make two points - both correct: 1. Sitting on top tier of Barclay (or Riverend I’d guess) gives a really good perspective on movement of the forwards - either no movement, or runs that are ignored/not seen. I’ve said before that the coaching staff would benefit from watching the game from the Barclay upper, different perspective … although 2. The coaching staff are the problem. If it were me I’d be working on different movement tactics that the players could employ mid game, and encourage getting the ball forward in fewer passes (not long ball, just less fannying around).
  13. Surely, it’s inevitable that Wagner will go, hopefully sooner, rather than later. Yet, with a clear trend of poor tactics, under performing players, very unhappy fans, he is still here. Normally, the excuse is that you have to give a manager time. Well, he has had plenty of time and I don’t see any cause for hope in the current trend of utter tosh, so it cannot be time as the reason. Ultimately, it’s a simple question. Is David Wagner the right coach for us to achieve our long-term ambition? If he is, then he should stay and we should back him 100%. However, I don’t see one single thing that makes me think it will all be okay in the long-term if we stick with Wagner. So why (the hell) is he still here? <insert angry and confused emoji’s>
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