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  1. I posted about Bacon on my village Facebook page after reading this thread. It's a bit Tory around here but he has been roundly criticised by all. One person has pointed out that his only real action in Parliament in the last 5 years was to propose an amendment to divorce laws which apparently annoyed his wife from whom he had recently parted
  2. Richard Bacon 634th out of 650 https://www.change.org/l/uk/the-people-power-index-how-did-your-mp-score
  3. Whilst I understand their frustration, the simple fact is that the UK produces around 1% of the world's carbon. Whatever we do with our homes will make little or no difference in the general scheme of things. The airline industry on the other hand is responsible for about 5% of worldwide emissions. If they were to blockade Heathrow they would have my full support.
  4. Taking things out of context aren't you? We don't need a goalkeeper at the moment but we do need to use everything at our disposal to develop our young players. I very much doubt Delia had any input whatsoever in the purchase of BocSoccer and I think I would be wasting my time if I tried to explain to you why the coaching staff thought it was worth the money. You sound a little bit more like the 'run up and down Mousehold' sort of person.
  5. There seems to be a huge degree of ignorance over the shambles that Chase left behind. Even with the sale of Ward we were teetering on the brink. That sale was forced by Barclays Bank who stated that they would call in their debt if he wasn't sold. That would have led to administration at best and liquidation at worst. Someone above has said there was no Sky money to prop us up which I'm afraid is complete rubbish. Yes, it was much smaller than it is now but so were players wages.
  6. You forgot to mention that the sale of Ashley Ward was forced by the bank in order to keep the club trading. Shame that Chase forgot to tell Gary Megson about it. In that year we lost Bryan Gunn to injury. Chase couldn't come up with money for a replacement due in part to the fact that he had spent £40k on canary embossed carpet for the boardroom. The failure to replace Gunn led in a large part to relegation from the Premier League and the loss of the income it provided for several years.
  7. A figure of £7m is being reported. Bruce says he's going to retire. So would I
  8. The leading contender is Paulo Fonseca who used to manage Roma before Mourinho took over. I suspect they will struggle to stay up. English clubs will not be keen to sell them players in January and it's an unknown for top foreign players. Added to that the whole of the Premier League is going to want them relegated this season. I've no idea who has been in charge of recruitment but I assume they will go along with Bruce. I feel sorry for him but his tactics are years behind the rest of the Premier League. Playing 442 and standing a left winger in front of Jamal Lewis left me wondering why on earth they bought him.
  9. On the subject of tactics there is a superb book by Jonathan Wilson called Inverting The Pyramid. Quite expensive on Amazon but there are second hand copies available online. One of the early highlights is Scotland being accused of cheating in The Times because they passed the ball in an international match against England. Believe it or not, no one in England had thought of passing the ball before. It changed the game overnight.
  10. The system is usually 4 or 5 players in the zones and 4 or 5 players acting as blockers. You often hear so called experts say that a blocker "wasn't even looking at the ball". They're not meant to. They are meant to do everything they possibly can to disrupt a run into the zone. The 4 or 5 in the zone will usually be the best headers of the ball. Someone above has asked why we don't leave someone up front from corners. The biggest supporter of that idea is Ian Holloway who is now out of work having been involved in Grimsby's relegation from the Football League. Quite simply, the odds of letting in a goal from a corner increase if you leave a player up front but the chances of that player turning the defence of a corner into a goal at the other end are tiny. It's a bit similar to playing out from the back. They know that if the keeper kicks the ball long that the chances of keeping it are lower than if you play out from the back. Clubs employ people to compile these statistics and they do what they do because it works.
  11. Source was a discussion programme on Radio 5. I think it was the lead football reporter with The Times but Chris Sutton was also involved. I think you've hit the nail on the head in that everyone is now doing it which really is the proof that it works. These people lose their jobs if they get simple stuff wrong. I recently heard Alan Smith critisize a team for using a small player to "mark" a big player at a corner. He just doesn't understand how the zonal and blocking system works which is shameful bearing in mind that's what he's paid for.
  12. Since zonal marking was introduced to European football the number of goals scored from corners has dropped by 80%. That doesn't excuse the fact that we regularly fail to clear the first defender but the simple fact is that it is very rare to see goals scored from corner kicks at the top level. What always amazes me is listening to the likes of Keane and Carragher getting paid huge amounts to say they don't like zonal marking. Perhaps it's because they're outside the game looking in but it beggars belief that they don't earn their money and do some research.
  13. To be fair, the fans comments at the bottom of this article suggests they're not quite so keen to play us https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/41267/cook-id-love-norwich-at-home-in-the-third-round
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