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  1. dylanisabaddog

    Open training sessions?

    Hello Shirley. Do you think this lad could teach them how to take a penalty?
  2. dylanisabaddog

    The Scum Now Require Snookers.

    Ipswich are one of the worst teams in Championship history. If they played their best 11 against Leeds and Sheffield United they would lose.
  3. dylanisabaddog

    Canaries on the radio

    https://www.edp24.co.uk/features/on-the-air-city-norwich-58-59-fa-cup-run-on-radio-norfolk-1-5894665 Radio Norfolk 1.00 on Sunday. Not sure how Radio Norfolk reported on games in 1959 as it didn't exist then. Should be interesting though
  4. dylanisabaddog

    Help please!

    The only point of the River End is to stop the ball going in the river
  5. dylanisabaddog

    Gordon Banks Dies Aged 81.

    A brilliant goalkeeper and a lovely man. But was the save from Pele really the best ever? I'd go for Jim Montgomery of Sunderland in the 1973 FA Cup Final against Leeds. I also saw several from Kevin Keelan including one from a Muhren shot at Portman Road that beggared belief
  6. dylanisabaddog

    The vultures are hovering again

    The price of £10m quoted for Godfrey in The Mirror is a joke. Both he and Aarons are £20m players and Buendia isn't far away from that. The fact that more than one club has an interest will be to our benefit but hopefully we'll go up and keep them all. I think the current team would survive in the Premier League. It's the best footballing team in the Championship since Bournemouth
  7. dylanisabaddog

    Lambert feels he is underappreciated

    To be fair to Lambert, the Chairman disliked him so much he didn't speak to him for his last 2 year here Lambert may not be the nicest man you'll ever meet but that is disgraceful bearing in mind his achievements with us.
  8. dylanisabaddog

    Villa v Sheffield Utd

    Villa look as poor as Birmingham did here recently with just hopeful punts into the penalty area. Doesn't say much for the teams outside the top 6 at the moment. I think that us, Sheffield United and Leeds are significantly better than the other teams in the division.
  9. dylanisabaddog

    Spygate and the fall of Leeds United

    They have lost 5 of their last 7 games. So sorry, but it's not ridiculous at all
  10. There was lots of talk about punishing Leeds for spying but perhaps the biggest punishment has been their form since they were caught. It could be that they're not as well informed about the opposition now or possibly the media coverage has had an adverse effect on them. Of the two teams we have played in the last 2 games I think Sheffield United look more likely to join us in the automatic places. There was an awful lot of noise and endeavour from them last night but very little end result.
  11. dylanisabaddog

    Urgent medical advice required

    Cheeky little git
  12. dylanisabaddog

    Urgent medical advice required

    Buy one get one free at the moment. I'll send one to Bielsa
  13. I am 59 years old. I did a small pee in my pants when the 3rd goal went in. Is this normal?
  14. dylanisabaddog

    Leeds and potential legal action

    As I said in the opening post, I think that this is a serious matter. Training on Thursday and Friday is specifically geared to the opposition and particularly how to attack and defend set pieces. It's very naive to assume that we take the same approach in every game. We vary our routines to take account of perceived weaknesses and strengths of each opposition team. Knowledge of how the opposition are going to approach set pieces is a huge advantage as they provide so many goals. The responses to my original post suggest that we are split 50/50 on this. Some think it's no big deal but if that's the case why did Leeds go to such extreme lengths to get the information? A lot depends on the code of conduct but there may be a Championship team out there who has a good case to sue for loss of income if the EFL don't deduct points. They are probably already seeking legal advice and I would guess they will base their decision on what that advice is. I think we'll finish in the top 2 anyway so hopefully it will have no effect on us.
  15. dylanisabaddog

    Olive branch

    https://www.pinkun.com/home The look on Maddison's face in that photo tells it all! The club accounts to 30/06/18 wrote off the cost of Olivera's contract as being of no value. That effectively meant that he couldn't play for us again. Which leads me to wonder if we did the same with Jarvis. If so, any contribution from Walsall will mean that we have to pay some extra tax.