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  1. Bear in mind that the Fulham team that has been doing so well recently is almost completely changed from last season and the team at Liverpool included a huge number of loan players. That's not sustainable in the long term. In order to survive we simply need 3 teams worse than us. That will probably be the two that go up with us which leaves one. And therein lies the problem. I would say that Newcastle stick out like a sore thumb but Fulham could easily overtake them. We're then looking for a club to fall apart and nose dive like Stoke and Watford. Burnley hopefully. Whoever it was above who said it would take £100m for us to survive probably isn't far out and that sort of money just won't be available. It's a huge challenge but if Farke and Webber can't do it no one can.
  2. If you offered that deal to Spurs Daniel Levy would be on the M11 in about 10 minutes.
  3. We'll have to beg to differ. I certainly didn't give the child's colour any thought at all. It has crossed my mind in the last couple of days what would have happened if William had met Meghan. Would the heir to the throne have been allowed to marry her?
  4. And bongo bongo land. But I doubt it was him although it has to be Queenie, the Duke or Charles. If it's actually true. Either way as a staunch Republican I'm loving every minute of it
  5. The pub is awful but other than that it's a nice enough place to live
  6. Well, someone had to! Who is the racist who asked how black the baby would be? I'll go for Queenie
  7. Don't confuse Caister on Sea with Caistor St Edmunds. Avoid the one near the seaside. A recent study by a Dutch University found that there will be a beach at Acle in 50 years time unless something is done about rising sea levels so if you're young take that into account and always look at the flood map before you even bother to look at anything. Now the NDR is open it's much quicker to get to North Norfolk from south of the city. Have a look at Mulbarton which has everything you need and good road links to the A11.
  8. He's a bit on the small side as well. And he has an Argentine temperament. Definitely wouldn't want him here unless he proved himself at Premier League level
  9. Would you like him to walk on water? How about finding a cure for cancer and solving the homeless problem? And he definitely needs to be taller
  10. This is Sky's prediction and suggests we only need another 13 points. Looking at the fixtures remaining I can see why they have Watford down in 4th place. They have by far the worst run in.
  11. Any discussion on this young man coming to England is pretty much a waste of time. This one is special and the Bundesliga has first choice, particularly Bayern where Lewa has a lot of influence. And of course Poland and Germany are both in the EU.
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