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  1. Haven't got problems with this site but just tried to look at a Swansea forum and got a bad request response
  2. We're going to get absolutely hammered tomorrow. Have a nice day
  3. I think Southgate has always done well with the players available to him. In the past the draw has been kind to him but that luck has now run out. The difference this time is that he has Bellingham. And with Foden and Saka as well you never know. It is possible because at the moment there are several teams that look very good but none that stand out above the rest. It would be good if Southgate got the respect he deserves. It's a far more difficult job now than it was 60 years ago and he handles the pressure with dignity. Good luck to him.
  4. Didn't Phil Bowyer have something to do with Grantham?
  5. £20 a year for what in the main is complete drivel isn't great,especially when you can get the Athletic for £12 a year. I regularly read more insightful posts on this forum than Archant ever manage to achieve.
  6. Absolutely bizarre. I didn't think the Belgian actually touched the bloke but giving it offside was a bit odd. Why did that need the ref to look at it again? Either it was or it wasn't. I share your despair
  7. The other two must have been a long time ago or I'm losing my marbles. Did Clive Woods play for England?
  8. Didn't play for England. Trevor Whymark is one of the others but I'm stumped after that.
  9. According to Alex Scott, Dan James is in the Wales team because of "his attackideness". Oh dear. She makes Roy Keane look intelligent.
  10. You obviously have a deep understanding of the good people of Norfolk......
  11. https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/topic/83147-footballers-from-norfolk/#comments
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