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  1. I saw them twice last year. Your comparison of Downes and Korey Smith is a good one. It was impossible to make a judgement on Wolfenden as the quality of the opposition was so poor and completely lacking in pace. Dozzell is worth next to nothing. Can't even get a place in a very poor League 1 side. It's a nice thought that a team based on youth could play their way out of that Division. I would think they'll get trampled on and leave by the wrong door.
  2. Not quite sure what you are picking on the Germans when the UK is the world champion at tax evasion. One in 3 bank accounts in tax havens worldwide are controlled by a British person or Corporation. One in three. Try reading 'Treasure Islands, the men who stole the world'. It will open your eyes to what is happening in this country.
  3. Why are people getting upset about stupid newspaper talk? A guy from Sky Sports said at the end of last week that a Premier League chief executive had told him that "Norwich are a nightmare to do business with". Leave Webber alone to do his job. He's good at it
  4. We won. I still think telling a cricketer to catch a ball is about as stupid as you can get. Fish chips and beer then watch Lewa smash Chelsea
  5. Watching England v Pakistan. Why do the players shout "catch it" when the ball goes in the air? Do they think their team mates don't know the rules? Surely it can't help with concentration when people are screaming at you when you're about to try and catch the ball. Stupid game. When does football start again?
  6. The Red Kite was being discussed on the Mulbarton FB site this week. Most sightings have been around Hethel Woods and Bracon Ash.
  7. I live on a 10 year old estate south of Norwich and we have House Martins nesting every year. We are getting close to the time when they go back to Africa and they all gather on and around the roof of one house for a couple of days before they start the journey. The lovely people who live there are thrilled even though they spend ages pressure washing the house afterwards. Yesterday I saw my first ever Red Kite in Hethel. What a sight!
  8. That looks remarkably like Mark Francois! What are you trying to say Bill?
  9. It's their knees that bother me, not their hands
  10. In my mind Bennett would be a better bet than Mawson. He's a very good Championship player. Mawson has had 2 recent knee operations. No thanks
  11. I dare you to call him lightweight to his face
  12. The opportunity hasn't been missed yet. In the current situation it would be crazy to build a new stand without the money in the bank. But I would suggest that the board is being prudent and thinking there is no point in building a stand if, as seems likely, a vaccine isn't found.
  13. Don't forget that players coming in will be replacing others and our saleable players are going to be on good salaries. The only additional amount to be found is the difference between incoming and outgoing players
  14. We have significant losses to bring forward which will help with the tax situation. The problem with spending on a new stand is that a lot of the expenditure won't qualify for any tax relief.
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