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  1. dylanisabaddog

    Help with ticket renewal please

    You may have trouble finding 4 together but good luck. We have the world's most annoying 7 year old boy sitting behind us. It's surprising how irritating a child can be. Perhaps it's just my age
  2. dylanisabaddog

    Help with ticket renewal please

    Thanks all
  3. Has anyone found details of when you can go into the club to move seats? It used to be called Movers Day but I can't find anything in the information pack and the club aren't answering the phone today. Thanks!
  4. Not sure about that. They have spunked more than £100m up the wall. Do you think their owners will do it again? I don't. They're heading for oblivion like our friends down the road
  5. Yes Ricardo, Villa are coming down with us. On the plus side, we will be more than £100m better off than them in August
  6. dylanisabaddog

    We failed because....

    We failed because our front six players are too small and are constantly bullied off the ball by much bigger but equally talented opposition.
  7. dylanisabaddog

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Sorry everyone
  8. dylanisabaddog

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Listening rather than watching but I've just had a small bet at 9/1. Doesn't sound like a one sided game at the moment
  9. dylanisabaddog

    Duda done deal according to father 🙏

    It's not arguable at all. From 1986 to 1994 we had teams that would have murdered this lot
  10. dylanisabaddog


    No he isn't a totally different kind of player to Emi. He is best known for the quality of his forward passing. Have a look at the video and quotes from his former coach in the story on the Pinkun front page. Sorry, my phone is refusing to let me post a link at the moment.
  11. dylanisabaddog


    Can't help thinking Duda is a long term replacement for Emi
  12. dylanisabaddog

    Paradox in defence

    Spurs also have good individual defenders but struggle to defend as a team. I think the issue is that the other 6 outfield players are just not big or strong enough to cope in the Premier League and as a result our defenders are put under more pressure than other teams
  13. dylanisabaddog

    How Many Nationalities Have Played For Us?

    Two current players missing Vrancic. - Bosnia Hernandez - Cuba
  14. dylanisabaddog

    No Teemu

    My dog could score a hat trick against Phil Jones
  15. dylanisabaddog

    Ground v Player Sacrifice

    If all the money is borrowed on the market the club would need to sell 90% of the additional tickets for 20 years to pay it back. The likely cost is in excess of £30m. It would be very difficult to fund that amount using the same method as for the Colney redevelopment. Although we clearly need additional capacity, football isn't financed by ticket sales any more. It needs to be done and I would be quite happy to sell Max to finance it. If, or rather when we're relegated there will be 3 or 4 players leaving for large fees so we'll never have a better opportunity to do it. Anyone proposing borrowing the money should look down the road to see what happens when it goes wrong.