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  1. Oh dear. You still can't tell me in what way Starmer is corrupt. You don't understand the Thatcher thing either. When Bobby Robson was manager of Ipswich I disliked him and Ipswich intensely. 40 years later I can look back and admire him. I disliked Thatcher intensely as well but she was good at what she did and I have no doubt she believed in what she was doing. Starmer admired her for her sense of purpose, not her politics. They are two very different things. As for the Middle East, Corbyn lost an election because the Tories convinced everyone that Labour were anti semitic. He's not going to let that come back to bite us again. It's simply not worth losing an election over, especially as very few people in the UK are that bothered. If you asked 100 middle of the road people in the UK which 5 things concern them the most at the moment, the Middle East would barely get a mention. Quite simply, he's trying to win the most important election in this country's history. To do that he needs to appeal to a wide spectrum of people and he needs to shake off the country's view of the Corbyn era. It's absolutely vital that he succeeds because we just can't cope with this lot any more. The only thing that can stop him is people like you. Take a long hard look at yourself because this mess is your fault. You gave people the excuse they wanted to vote Tory. This country won't elect a left wing Government at the moment so unless you want it completely ruined, please keep quiet and wait another 30 years. Only then will you get what you want.
  2. Did you read The Telegraph article? He didn't laud Thatcher. He described her as a leader with a vision and purpose in contrast to the current Tory leadership. He certainly didn't suggest he admired her. As for the Israel situation, you may not agree with Starmer but that doesn't make him corrupt as you previously suggested. As it happens, his view on the Middle East is totally irrelevant but he knows full well that there is nothing he can do about 2 groups of religious nuts who are hell bent on killing each other.
  3. Have you ever actually met a Reform Party candidate? I have and it was an awful experience. He could barely string a sentence together but you want to reform our political system and give people like him power.
  4. The latest opinion polls are indicating an extraordinary result at the next election. I think the record for the most number of seats won was 419 by Labour in 1997. Listening to the radio this morning there are suggestions that it's 50/50 as to whether Sunak lasts the week due to the Rwanda debacle. Looking at the projected result next year the right wing of the Conservative Party may well think they may as well twist rather than stick. https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html
  5. I have to disagree with that. I have no idea how competent a Labour government will be but surely it's impossible for them to be as corrupt as this lot?
  6. It's not missing then is it? Buy a dictionary
  7. Poor Cedric. You can't make a silk purse out of a cow's bottom
  8. Probably the funniest result in Premier League history. Apparently it should have been more. I think they should employ McKenna immediately.
  9. Well. We're better than Preston. Which begs the question, how on earth are they where they are? This is the worst Championship I've ever seen.
  10. He doesn't run as far as Onel. When Wagner was asked about last week's game he referred to how many km Nunez had run.
  11. But Onel runs a very long way. Usually in the wrong direction but nevertheless....
  12. Jools made a video! Watch this video on Facebook https://fb.watch/oPX7rfwExV /
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