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  1. dylanisabaddog

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Thanks Ricardo. That was absolutely fascinating. I didn't arrive at Carrow Road till 1968 so I'd love to read any more of your memories before that, especially the 1959 cup run
  2. dylanisabaddog

    City and the binners

    I rarely buy a programme but I did for the home game last season. It may be the last one ever........
  3. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Depends on the nature of any exit clause
  4. I'd like to see Ricardo on his bike. Kids running relay races round the touchline gets the crowd involved although I'm sure the poor child who ran off in the wrong direction is still haunted by the memory. I still think the cross bar challenge was the best and it would be improved if a visiting fan was involved every time. Or would that end badly?
  5. dylanisabaddog

    Our away support

    Quite right. We could easily sell 10,000 tickets for this game. There will also be huge demand for West Ham.
  6. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Aarons will be a better player than both of them. He's too good for Palace. He's too good for us as well
  7. dylanisabaddog

    Max Arrons will he or won’t he?

    With all due respect to Crystal Palace, Max is much better than that. He's a top 6 player and he shouldn't be looking at other Premier League teams. I hope the club don't stand in his way if we get an acceptable offer from a top team. Anyone else should be politely refused. The same goes for Godfrey, Lewis and Buendia but Aarons is the best of the lot.
  8. dylanisabaddog

    8 March 1995

    Building over the top of an existing stand is far more expensive than building on bare land. And there is the problem of the road behind it. I've no idea who owns it but double yellow lines were painted not long ago suggesting it doesn't belong to the club. I seem to remember the figure of £35m being quoted at a shareholders meeting for around 5,000 extra seats. They would bring in about £3m a year. It's possible we could do it in a year's time and rename it the Buendia Stand. Those of a certain vintage will remember Kevin Reeves paying for the River End.
  9. dylanisabaddog

    8 March 1995

    I wasn't actually drawing any conclusions about expansion but merely stating the facts. I agree that we need to do it for the sake of the next generation but I can't see how we can make it happen unless I win Euromillions. If I do I'll gladly hand it over. I am strongly against huge borrowing. Just look what happened down the road. The one thing that would help a little is safe standing but in the current political climate that's unlikely to happen for years. We are fortunate at the moment to have people running the club who can be trusted to look to the future. They know they can sell 40,000 tickets for half the games in the Premier League but how long will we be there? It looked like Stoke had become an established Premier League club but all of a sudden they are now a very ordinary Championship club.
  10. dylanisabaddog

    8 March 1995

    There were many reasons crowds were low then. Robert Chase had a very negative effect on attendances which weren't as strong nationally as now and people who wanted to stand had been driven away. The recovery was driven by Kids For A Quid which created a whole new generation of supporters. Increasing population has obviously helped but there were 35,000 attendances in the mid 1970''s with a much lower population. The economics of expansion are challenging. Even if a financial institution could be found to lend the money, the club would have to sell 90% of the extra seats for 20 years to repay the loan. The other funding option is one or two very big player sales which would make relegation more likely.
  11. dylanisabaddog

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I expect Raggett's agent told him
  12. dylanisabaddog

    BBC Football Page looking good today.

    We were issued our shares in the Premier League at a meeting on Thursday which made us a legal member of the league. Can't help thinking that the BBC are being a bit silly in delaying the website change until that meeting
  13. Lots of very interesting posts here. Society in this country was killed by the Thatcher Government. It has never recovered and probably never will. I've travelled extensively over the last few years and other countries in Europe just aren't like the UK. People still care about where they live. Coming back to the UK is quite depressing. It is a sh*thole compared to the rest of Europe. At the very least we could stop throwing rubbish in the street.
  14. dylanisabaddog

    Crying out for Madders!!!!

    Bear in mind that 2 other Leicester players were in the team last night and Southgate has picked a Burnley player recently. I don't think he is remotely bothered who people play for. I was at the Under 21 game at Carrow Road last season and Maddison looked very uncomfortable in the role he was asked to play.
  15. dylanisabaddog

    First game of season prediction

    When I read the title of this post I immediately thought Palace. Strange that lots of others had the same thought. I don't agree with Ricardo for once. I know we have to play everyone twice but getting off to a good start is vital. If the fixture list is kind and we win a couple of early games it takes away a lot of pressure. I'm interested to see who Ipswich get. Really hoping they get hammered by someone like Lincoln. Last year it was very entertaining watching TWTD as the realisation that it had all gone badly wrong slowly started to sink in.