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  1. If this is not doing it for you.. join the debate on yellow / white / yellow and green nets...it's rivetting
  2. Can never have enough imo... Covers injuries etc. Onel was out for ages and we missed him. Need some defensive muscle ...
  3. True but he was not a professional football player....
  4. Pace.... We lacked it last season. He has it in bucketfuls... It's a yes from me
  5. Can not be believe the negativity on here... How dare you criticise the club.. I suggest you go to the back of the queue for access to Carrow Road.... I like it, it's classy
  6. Having no experience in this league is a real risk but Farke did ok for us and he did win the league he was previously in twice... Let's hope he s rubbish
  7. Feel for him and hope he doesn't end up with a Jarvis career of the odd game and then months out injured.
  8. Any worth pinching I wonder? Double value in we get a good player they get even more bitter...
  9. Doh... My bad! Ps. Don't take anything on here seriously least of all my posts
  10. Seen him live a couple of times... Everytime he got the ball the ground lifted... He is one special player. No excuse but the tax issues were down to his advisors whom he did not keep an eye on... Ie his Dad
  11. Was knocking on England's door couple of seasons ago but not happened for him at Burnley but would be great in this league with regular football IMO.
  12. Couple of points William. I do not slag off our club, I question the custodians of our club whilst also praising some of the great work they have done. Try and keep it civil.... There's a good chap. Point two, I really don't care for Villa as much as a lot on here, I just point out some similarities you seem to have forgotten. In fact Villa is not a club I wish to discuss on here... Unfortunately they have taken over from Fulham as everyone's whipping boys to the point of obsession.
  13. Jesus... Gibson would be a fantastic signing for us. If he doesn't sign for Middlesbrough it will be down to Burnley and finances. Would be sad to see Cantwell go as he is a talented lad but losing him and Buendia would be unacceptable in my books.
  14. I feel I have explain as you clearly missed the point totally... So here we go. Maddison HAD to be sold or the club faced real financial difficulties based on over spending Villa WOULD have to had to sell or the club faced real financial difficulties based on over spending Those holding up Villa as badly run, must therefore realise so were we, by our current owners. I hope that helps. The new plan see us in the same division as when the club "launched" it but albeit currently in better financial position, in that we do not seem in a position desperately having to sell. Also, being linked with better players which is good but the proof is in the pudding.... I hope Webber has a better transfer window this time.
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