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  1. Absolutely. I have always supported the team and reacted to the professionalism of those in charge of my club. You can ask but it makes zero difference to me or my actions. Modern football eh!
  2. Some of the replies... man! I wish him nothing but best wishes and so should everyone regardless of you views on him as a footballer. He needs a massive cheer!
  3. Rather than a disconnect with the club, I feel its more football in general. We have the "thrill" of going for promotion but when you get there...look at Burnley. Also, under Farke in this league it was soooo good to watch... it's a kind of damned if you do damned if you don't situation. Also feel the protracted takeover has sapped people's enthusiasm even if it might be the best approach (I would rather it happened sooner by hey ho..) Modern football is rubbish
  4. In terms of stopping the negativity, there is a lot to be positive about so I think a piece from Knapper... value all the fans, need them to create a good atmosphere, lets get the season done and see what we can do better... a lot better than stay at home!
  5. And unlike Farke he kept a team in the premier league
  6. Same here.. but as you say, maybe Wagner is trying to fostering that siege mentality and if it works... all good. If not, I fear the split will grow between the two sets of fans. We do need to have constructive ideas to improve things, I won't hold by breathe given the quotes from one of our owners.
  7. Really pity.. hope we see him again in the Yellow & Green but reckon QPR might be his last outing... Great player!
  8. Another attempt at the unity Sara has pleaded for.... sigh! "It is funny how much booing winds some folks up.." I worry about people's health the way they get all worked up...
  9. There's a boo boy over here .. quick get the police
  10. Ah bless the hugely paid manager.. how is he going to cope... meanwhile in the rest if the world...
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