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  1. ACL injury will need to be replaced in January.. now where is our sporting director?
  2. Or taking up a wage and not being replaced by something better to improve a declining squad.
  3. Yep it was so obvious. That Chelsea reject ignored him time and time again.
  4. To a child... I said they would get promoted and be competitive. Nothing else. I don't think they be promoted twice. I hope they don't get promotoed once. You'll probably get this on Sunday as it past bedtime. Night night.
  5. They will get promoted and should be competitive next season.. they unlike us are on the way up.
  6. No people are sick of the sub standard engagement. Its a joke.
  7. I fear that this really isn't the environment for 80 year olds to be in charge. I think the sooner they hand over the reigns, then we can celebrate their many achievements, get a professional management structure in place, remove the Ward / Webbers and replace Smith & Shakey. The club is rotten to the core. Our lack of any attacking ideas on Saturday told all you needed to know about Dean Smith and the standard of coaching.
  8. What is the succession plan & what do you think is causing the flat atmosphere? Or Roswell true or false...
  9. I like Archant acting outside of the "inner circle" despite us not knowing facts and figures most supporters groups take for granted because they will now be absolutely independent and will print what they see as correct and not be swayed by others with other agendas.
  10. Maybe running a successful club is not a job for an elderly retired lady or gentleman.
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