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  1. Steve Coopers response was delusional in his post Boro interview.. loathsome side.. embarrassing dives and play acting
  2. 3 points, 3 goals for, none against, no cards, no injuries... Can not ask for anymore.
  3. Absolute rock tonight.. MOTM without a doubt. Work rate amazing...
  4. Absolute rock tonight.. MOTM without a doubt. Work rate amazing...
  5. 1996 when they attacked our players on the pitch and one fan complained Gunny had punched him....went for treatment and then ran off.. morons to a man
  6. Hideous club and fans ... Hope it fails miserably. Still remember Gunny being taunted after he lost his child... Hope they go bust.
  7. Defence is stronger and I feel this side would grind out more results in the premiership but not as enjoyable to watch.
  8. Once gone I do not care.. that includes Madison, Godfrey and especially not idiots like Mills... Not interested.
  9. For all those youngsters on here (not me and Til 1010).. he is a 70s comedian
  10. This thread is like a bad Russ Abbot sketch...
  11. Delia saying he will be a top player but not with us! Why not set the bar higher and say you want to see him become a top player at NCFC. Bit stupid as potentially lowers the price as the owner is basically saying we will sell. Little old Norwich syndrome that drives me mad...?
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