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  1. I would never insult another true city fan but the more I read this the more I think you're not a City fan...
  2. Minus 20 goal difference so far, 1 goal in open play, 10.6% win rate in this division. Most relegatwd team under these owners. Just go Delia go now
  3. What about Webber or the owners? No one can defend our start this season. Down before Christmas
  4. So what will Lakey and the like say to excuse this utter sh*te? Zero point in us getting promoted
  5. Maybe Farke, fed up with last years issues and now this seasons issues, has decided tough love maybe the answer... Ferguson has these issues over & over.. nobody doubted his man management skills.
  6. Good hopefully he knuckles down and trains like the professional he is paid to be...
  7. So basically Farke should stop trying to get Cantwell to actually turn up and do his job yeah? He should allow him to play despite not being in the preparations for the games? He is 23 and needs to realise what being a top player is... (eg Staying at home if you have ankle issues rather than travelling to watch an NFL game?) You think a unfit Cantwell would help win us more points and it he is not fit how do you think that will change if he is tweeting from a West London restaurant on a Thursday night? He 100% needs to grow up. Two seasons running... its getting tiresome.
  8. Farke was probably trying to take attention away from Todd by saying he was injured... once Cantwell said he wasn't it left Farke with no option but to tell the truth. If you want to get in the 1st team, you have to train hard and train consistent. If you don't you are showing zero respect to your team mates and how can we expect them to train well, if Cantwell is not but still getting picked. He needs to sort himself out, train hard, shut up and get back in the side on merit. If he doesn't do that, sell him but if he thinks it would be any different at other clubs he is clearly deluded. Pity own of our own seems to have such a cr8p attitude. With Farke 100% all the way on this...
  9. Would you accept your personal work contract being subject to media scrutiny or a random stranger saying you he mental health issues? There is obviously an issue but I expect it to be dealt with behind doors. If he won't sign a contract ( his prerogative) sell him in the next window.
  10. I thought we were not allowed to ask why because of personal reasons..
  11. But do you want saving Nutty? Is accepting one's lot the purpose of life?
  12. I think Chase got as far as he could but they way he sold players behind the back of his managers rightfully led to his demise. Was at a football diner for Nordoff Robins charity on transfer deadline day and was introduced to Harry Rednapp, who asked if Keith O'Neill was any good (he asked who I supported) as Chase had offer him to (I think) West Ham that very day. They didn't have the money so turned down the offer. On the very same day, Chase was in the local press saying he had no intention of selling anyone... he constantly lied. Saying that, we had the best times on the pitch and after all that is what matters to 99.9% of fans (not on here I doubt..) I think, currently, it looks like our current owners have taken us as far as they can but their performance in the top flight I find embarrassing and all the fans of other clubs (including lower league clubs) I know are not jealous of the experience we have in the top flight. We are seen as kind of pointless... "why go up if you are not going to invest to at least try...). I don't 100% agree with that but there again a 10.8% win rate under Weber / Farke would not be acceptable in any other professional club. If this is far as we can go with this model what is the point of it... we are a big Crewe as far as I can see. Unlike Chase though the current owners will leave behind a more financial sound base and for that they should be commended.
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