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  1. Kenny Foggo

    What makes Farke special then?

    Apologies.. er no. Do we expect apologies if this so called 5 year plan fails... no. Bit silly really
  2. Kenny Foggo


    NOt premiership or even championship level yet so a loan is a good move.
  3. Kenny Foggo

    What makes Farke special then?

    No that was Delia & Webber wasn't it
  4. Kenny Foggo

    What is the "five year plan"?

    Ps Top 26 .. come on NO ONE ever thinks this is credible...
  5. Kenny Foggo

    What is the "five year plan"?

    Wow.. rather than reach for the stars.. its stay afloat.. good job our London Olympic committee did not follow this conservative scared outlook... My opinion not fact x
  6. Kenny Foggo

    Godfrey in for Zimmerman or Hanley?

    Not much between them... all making mistakes. 47 goals in 24 shows that no one is really capable of cutting out the errors. 1.95 goals a game... An area we should have strengthened and did not.
  7. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    I fear this summer, given a big role and a decent budget, he will be off to German & a club with higher aims / expectations... ala Wagner. I for one would not blame him at all... I mean Webber is off the season after....
  8. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    A tidy sum and lots of gaps in the team... with owners who do not like to spend.. what could possibly go wrong?
  9. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    "delighted with our progress and where we are today" Bottom of the Premiership is something I am not delighted with to be honest & I see zero progression this season. "In fact all that I believe is missing is probably a double the size City Stand" I would like a competitive premiership squad myself...
  10. Kenny Foggo

    What makes Farke special then?

    So you think someone could do better with this squad? Who?
  11. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    The backing is not fit for purpose, if that purpose is to stay in the best league with the rewards that come with it... in that respect our board have backed Farke in the way they wish to see the club.
  12. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    The Top 26 target is an absolute joke. Its a "get out" / throw away quote designed to suggest that relegation is fine & we were planning for it. Why compete unless you give yourselves challenging targets and actually give yourselves the tools to try and achieve those targets.
  13. Kenny Foggo

    Turning on Farke

    He is frustrating with subs but a lack of depth in the squad due to the poor recruitment in the summer means it's very difficult for him to change a game. Yesterday, Zimmerman didn't track Dele Ali for the first goal after Cantwell failed to clear. Both individual mistakes that both are bound to make as they are playing above their level. Second goal Krul & Arrons get in each other way... these mistakes happen week in week out but he can not change it as they are the best he has... couple that with the fact we have run Pukki into the ground and he has understandable gone off the boil.... It's a squad not built for the premiership. As someone with connections to the club told me last night, the board "could not afford to go up last season" ... anyone on Farke's back is not looking at the facts.
  14. Kenny Foggo

    If someone bought Ipswich for you, what would you do?

    Merge it with Norwich City.. taking the first 3 letter from us and, being fair the last 4 from them to call us Norwich
  15. Kenny Foggo

    Not good enough

    We are the worst team as we are bottom. That is how league work. Its a game you get points for beating or drawing. Its frustrating because we are not far off but we have not supported Farke so it is what it is