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    The annoying thing is that those who can afford to 'stock up' wan't be the ones willing to eat the same stuff a few months down the line. Dried pasta, rice etc will simply be thrown out. It is those on a low income who do not have 'spare' money to buy in bulk who are affected. It is pensioners on a limited budget who will suffer if their shopping visits are limited and then find essentials not available. All this is doing is causing as sense of fear that manifests itself as panic, and irrational behaviour. No one is starving or will starve.... who are bulk buying. Starvation is what happens in the third world. And it is not 'human nature' either'. It is behaviour brought on by a fear of there being a shortage. A supposed shortage stoked up by inflammatory stuff put out by certain sections of the media, The same sections who endlessly bleat about the wartime years, the stoicism of the British....'keep calm and carry on' while refering to others who don't buy into this myth as 'snowflakes'. Where now that stoicism Daily Mail ? Hidden behind your photos of empty shelves in shops. Photos of greedy and selfish folk putting two fingers up to the vunerable in society. So my words to you who have been on the pillage today in a food shop is - stop being a c***.
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    Well I'm just casting my mind back to all those years ago when we were barred from taking up our European spot when English clubs were banned because of the action of Liverpool fans and I'm thinking about the fairness of that and how karma can be a ****. Liverpool will just have to suck it up the same as we had to.
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    Hey, everyone. There's this guy you probably haven't heard of posting something you otherwise probably wouldn't have seen. He's using freedom of speech to ask questions and stuff. Now, I don't like this question, but instead of ignoring it and moving on with my day I suggest we all go and give him loads of hate, not that it will enrich our lives or make any difference to us whatsoever. Social Media: The one virus there will truly never be a cure for.
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    I'm sure he had help with his new column in the Sunday Times today but the emotions he has expressed are clearly his own. He is disgusted with Boris Johnson and the football authorities and feels their lack of early action has put the players families at risk. It really is very powerful stuff. This is one of the problems I have Dylan. If you had said that nobody would have paid attention. But because Wayne Rooney is worried, it is how high should we jump. The same Rooney who found a loophole to pay little if no tax on his substantial wages at ManU. Tax that may have help us have more respirators or IC Units. Now he has found out that his family is no more important than anyone elses. Tough. Its time he thought carefully about social responsibility a bit more often.
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    1p5wich have been doing this for years. I don’t know what effects it has had on infection rates.
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    I have a John Peel story, which does go on a bit, so I shall keep it as brief as possible. 20 odd years ago, maybe more, I was involved with a local Suffolk and Ipswich League team which ran three sides at various levels. One of John Peel's (John Ravenscroft's) sons signed on for our 'A' team - Tom Ravenscroft, who was in his late teens at the time. He was a really good and popular lad. At the same time I got involved in a little social / drinking group, maybe 6 or 8 of us who met in the same pub every Friday. We dabbled in wholesaling organic wholefoods, just as a sideline, and always had a good laugh when we got down to the pub. We put more effort into drinking than we put into marketing. One particular night we were having an impromptu pop quiz which ran on and on into the early hours as the beer flowed. There reached a point where we were deadlocked over the answer to a particular question. One of our group - Mick O - insisted that a sixties singer 'Clarence Frogman Henry' had recorded a certain tune. None of the rest of us had even heard of Clarence Frogman Henry, so we refused to accept the answer. Mick dug his heels in this, and the dispute went on and on and on. Bear in mind it was after 2am and we had been drinking for hours, because what happened next does us no credit. Suddenly, Mick O got to his feet and walked over to the telephone which sat on the bar and said 'I know how to settle this'. Now, Mick managed the football team that Tom Ravenscroft played for, so he had John Peel's home telephone number. So, no matter the unearthly time, he rang the number, with us inanely giggling in the background. The phone rang and rang and eventually an extremely bleary John Peel answered. Mick simply asked 'Sorry to trouble you John, but have you heard of Clarence Frogman Henry?' With minimal hesitation, John Peel said 'No I haven't', and hung up. That should be the end of an embarrassing little story, but it wasn't. About two years after, on a sunny Sunday lunchtime, I found myself with Mick O and families at a North Suffolk pub called Cotton Trowel and Hammer. We were in the beer garden where there was a large swimming pool which drew the crowds in as soon as the sun shone. Sitting in the beer garden, Mick O suddenly reacted like dog which had got the scent of a rabbit. He had spotted John Peel and his family a few tables away, and like the naive guy he was he upped and walked across to JP's table and fixed his stare quizzically upon the world famous broadcaster. Eventually, John Peel enquired 'Do I know you?, to which Mick replied with three fateful words - 'Clarence Frogman Henry'. It is fair to say that JP was not amused. He said ' Do you know I had to go ex-Directory because of you, you c**t'. And that was it, end of conversation. I still find the story embarrassing and amusing in equal measure. The evils of alcohol!
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    Is that the team coach?
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    Make the decision yourself, government cannot save you.
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    So the one season that Leeds haven't fallen apart, the league falls apart instead.
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    Hope she is ok, it is absolutely ridiculous (and disgusting) that anyone should have to put up with this kind treatment whilst trying to do their job. I don't consider myself remotely authoritarian in outlook but I've never understood why we so readily accept the vile abuse of/assaults on NHS staff in NHS A & E departments every single Friday and Saturday night for as long as I can remember (and probably other days as well!) when that kind of behaviour would result in people being arrested in any other context. Unfortunately in the current crisis your girlfriend and many like her are also in the front line as far as these selfish idiots are concerned. This morning, for the first time I went out shopping first thing - although in the overall scheme of things its a minor thing I was getting a bit teed off that I haven't even seen a bag of flour for a couple of weeks at least, so I thought see if the early bird did actually......... Went to Aldi first (busy but not rammed) then Morrisons (not even busy, for clarity neither in Norfolk) and got most of what I needed but still not even a sighting of flour! And the thing that struck me most was that (presumably following yesterday's announcement about the pubs closing) all the beer and wine had been striped from the shelves by the stupid idiots. Even while toilet rolls, flour, pasta etc etc have disappeared from the shelves there has been absolutely no problem with booze and I'm sure there are warehouses full of it. We are not all in this in together, and quite frankly we're never going to be, because whilst we have many good people trying to do the right thing we also have a huge bunch of morons and worse than that a bunch of morons who think they are fully entitled to do whatever they like irrespective of the impact on those around them. We have a sick and divided society and IMO it is pretty scarey that not even a crisis on this scale is uniting us to combat it.
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    And when this is all done and she looks back she can honestly say to herself that in her own way she was a hero for a few weeks. Others will be able to look back at a big pile of bog roll and shame.
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    I'd be very interested to see exactly how "clear" you felt it was if you'd been dealing with 150 upset Year 11s all day, panic stricken as they knew there would not be exams but no idea on how they will receive grades as the government didn't tell them. Or if you had been dealing with enquiries from 700 parents all at once, whilst trying to sort out the year 11s, who were wanting to know if their job was exempt, but you weren't able to tell them because the list of who is and is not exempt has still not been published by our glorious leader. Or if you were trying to arrange staffing for Monday and the start of skeleton schooling without any kind of idea about the pupil numbers involved, or what you were meant to be doing with the kids who do come in - is it education or is it childcare? Maybe better not to comment on things you clearly know **** all about, although I grant you that doing so would leave you with very little to say about anything.
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    My first instinct was Alan Brazil.
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    Don’t like eating wookiee though. It’s a bit chewie
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    This match! When we went 4-1 down my Dad told me he wanted to go. I told him no. He was so pissed with me we didn't talk until that Drury goal where we spent the next 90 seconds jumping up and down together celebrating. Sadly my Dad has now passed, but it's memories like this that I remember most when I think about him. Not to go too deep - but it's also why I think I haven't enjoyed going to NCFC games as much since he passed. It's taught me it really is the people you share these things with rather than the football itself that makes this.
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    Haven't read what the guy posted on Facebook , he may not be financially independent, may have been told he has no job, I don't know. Wouldn't be too quick to judge him. His family may be more important to him than his footy Club. Mine are and I wont apologise for it.
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    I shall not ask for a refund and if they give it to me I will return it to the club. When this is over people will need a club to go back to.
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    My weekend still goes ahead.
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    On a more serious not I had a doctor's appointment yesterday - (ahem) men's troubles rather embarrasing as it turned out the locum was a woman doctor even more embarassing when she said 'I'm going to have to ask you to stop masturbating, Bill' more embarassed I asked her why she said it was making her desk shake
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    So, as expected, Tim Krul has been called up to the Holland squad. Totally deserved. To think that at the beginning of last season Tim was making bad mistakes and getting slated by some on here. Since then he has been brilliant in every way - a great goalkeeper and a massive presence and a leader in our team. Well done Tim - and well done to the genius Stuart Webber who brought a Dutch international goalkeeper to our club for a transfer fee of precisely nothing!
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    Your complaint would have been better directed at those several leading Leave campaigners, and not just that idiot Mark Francois, who started it all by invoking the supposed British wartime spirit of the Blitz and D-Day in their argument for Brexit, and how it could be managed, along with the usual puerile anti-Teutonic slurs you will hear from English football supprters whenever they are playing a German team. Herman was justifiably satirising those imbecilic and irrelevant invocations.