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    And I fear under this model it won’t ever change for us at this level. It will not enable us to compete consistently in the absence of a lot of luck, momentum and great coaching and this season we have had very little of any of those. Ultimately the lack of ambition/desire flows from the top and is our main weakness but my g*d we’ve not had any breaks this season either (even today Chelsea roll over for Saints after doing the same for Bournemouth). The injuries have been awful as well and Farke has been disappointing. I don’t think he fully grasped how important games against relegation rivals really are and I don’t think he knows how to sh*thouse a win in them. I don’t want him out (we are generally playing well) but I don’t think he’s earnt us any underserved points this season through great subs, tactical changes or being well drilled. I can’t remember a single point that we got this season that we didn’t deserve and we have left so many out there. We don’t score from set pieces, we concede loads of soft goals from crosses and set plays and we gift teams points they don’t deserve and without them really having earnt them. We seem to have to work so hard for any points unlike some of our rivals. Giving that utterly sh*t Villa side 6 points this season is an utter embarrassment (how we lost today is beyond me) but we should and could also have beaten Wolves and Shef U and the capitulations to Burnley, Palace, Villa abs Watford with just a meek shrug of the shoulders were not acceptable. i just want the season over with but it’s going to be heart breaking to see this talented side wasted/broken up and another great opportunity tossed away. We had the basis of a very good side when we went up, we still look very close to being one. It’s really demoralising time see it being chucked away but ultimately the owners don’t want it enough.
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    This season should never have even happened. You'd do well to remember that when you're all crying about how we're going down again. Look at our ****ing squad, look where they came from. We've got academy players, players from German league 4, players we signed on free transfers. We shouldn't be anywhere near the Premier League, yet here we are and we're not completely out of it despite how bleak it looks. Even if we go down, what this manager has achieved with peanuts cannot be overstated. Would you rather be a club that spends 15 years in the Championship?
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    After much rain this week we finally had a bright dry day ideal for football. The Xmas traffic made the journey a bit hairy but we finally arrived with a few minutes to spare with Carrow Road looking a picture in the late afternoon sunlight. With Godfrey injured, Grant Hanley made a long overdue reappearance in the centre of the back four as City kicked off towards the River End. The home side began tentatively in the early minutes and we were into the fifth of those before we had a touch in the Wolves half. Buendia found McLean with a shrewd through ball as City broke forward and the bustling Scot got a shot away that was deflected for a the first corner of the match. This got the crowd going and City were soon causing all sorts of problems for the visitors defence. It was Buendia again as we came up to the tenth minute, slipping Pukki in for a one on one with the keeper. The City talisman had been pushed a shade wide and Patricio in the Wolves goal saved fairly comfortably to his right. More pressure down the right saw the ball fall to Alex Tetty in a similar position to the goal he scored against the Blades. This time he let fly across the keeper and it looked a goal all the way until the ball hit the inside of the far post and bounced along the line before being cleared. When Pukki was again blocked out at the expense of a corner after being put through on fifteen minutes it looked as though it might not be our day but in the next attack City went ahead. Cantwell picked up a loose ball in the centre and set McLean away down the left, his low hard cross just missed Pukki and a defender but intrying to stab the ball clear the Wolves full back could only tee it up for the inrushing Cantwell, who slammed a rising shot into the roof of the net. It was no more than City deserved and we were well past twenty minutes before Krul had anything meaningful to save when he easily fielded a shot from the speedt Traore. There was some lovely football on display at times and Buendia was back to his imperious best. There was a magic moment in defence, when he rode two desperate tackles before sliding an inch perfect through ball that set Pukki racing clear of the Wolves defence. From a position where you would bet money on him scoring he again could not beat Patricio, in truth he might well have had a first half hat trick if he hadn't left his shooting boots at home. There was generous applause at the half and although it was only a single goal lead it could easily have been two or three. The pleasing thing was that we looked in little danger at the back while looking very dangerous up front and I think more than a few of us began to harbour the illusion that we might have come to terms with this this division at long last. The opening minutes of the second half were negotiated with few alarms and once again there was a delicious moment fro Emi Buendia. After a spell of City pressure he picked up a clearance and ghosted past a defender before unleashing a powerful drive that only cleared the crossbar by inches. It would have been a deserved goal but we were reminded of the fine margins between success and failure as Wolves sprang clear and only a timely challenge by Hanley deflected a goal bound effort for a corner. It was taken short and when delivered to the far post, the lanky Saiss was on hand to head past Krul. Oh dear. From that moment it was the away side that took up the running and only a couple of blocks by Aarons kept the scores level as the speedy Traore began to find more space. It was so disappointing after City's hour of dominance but now the shoe was on the other foot and I don't think anyone was surpised when with ten minutes left, a hard low cross from the Wolves left was only partially blocked by a combination 0f Krul and Hanley. The rebound fell kindly for Jiminez who had time to control before crashing it in from eight yards. Farke chucked Vrancic, Srbeny and Hernandez on as time ran down but apart from a low strke from Pukki that Patricio went full length to his right to gather, it never looked like City would get back level. It had been such a good first half from the lads but Wolves showed their resilliance by staying in the game and eventually ending up dominant in a game that should have been done and dusted at the half. Buendia, my MOM today, head and shoulders above anyone on the pitch when he is in this sort of form. We must enjoy him while we have him. It was very hard to take and when I got home I heard the news that pretty much caps a miserable day; Martin Peters has just passed away. A great, great player and probably the best I have ever seen in a City shirt. A shame we couldn't have three points for Xmas but we all knew it would be hard. A happy Xmas and a prosperous new year to all from Ricardo.
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    Anyone that thinks Farke should be sacked is an absolute moron. He should have his contracted extended if anything.
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    6-5 to us with the final score being 0-0.
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    Fair play, he's played really well since returning to the side. Good old fashioned centre half. Whisper it, but exactly what we've been missing.
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    For me the key thing is ... stop repeating the failed strategy of the past whilst accepting that we won't sell out to a billionaire any time soon. This means ... 1. Starting with an ethos / philosophy / style and only recruiting players and a head coach to suit that. 2. Aiming to always be greater than the sum of our parts (round pegs in round holes). 3. Never being too dependent on one player / a manager. 4. Investing in young talent and developing it at academy level and with excellent training facilities before selling them on for lucrative profit - for further investment. 5. Seeing THIS promotion as an unexpected free hit to clear the debts, tie down young talent (core assets) to good contracts, showcase this young talent and give top level experience to our head coach and players. 6. Being in a far stronger position next season to fight for promotion than following any other relegation and CRUCIALLY returning to the top tier able to spend more than this time round. Like Burnley and WBA bouncing back and forth a wee bit before sticking for a sustained spell (are there any 'established' clubs lower than Wolves/Everton?). This is long term planning to make us an established top club without the risk that foreign ownership brings. I'm fascinated to watch it pan out and glad that we have a brave and intelligent club to be proud of but ... my fear is that (knowing the Championship as we all do!) bouncing back from relegation isn't ever a doddle - however smartly you plan for it ... it's a vipers' nest! I suppose at worst we'll only end up back where we were pre Webber/Farke but in a far stronger financial position and with some fab memories. Enjoy the ride!
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    Didn’t seem to be a lack of bottle v Leicester! doesnt seem to be much mental strength or bottle on here !
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    Probably not... BUT! Has there ever been a team in this situation before that has had a better chance of getting out of this position? We have great players, we have a great manager who isn’t under threat of the sack, we have a fanbase that hasn’t given up, we’ve got an amazing goalscorer. We are also scorned with this VAR injustice. We have all these attributes that the bottom team usually doesn’t have. Usually the bottom team is totally gone and preparing for the championship. can we harness all of this and pull of the ultimate great escape? Maybe I’ve watched too many rocky movies but I believe we can do it. It’s unlikely, I’m not a maniac, I’m aware it’s very very unlikely, but I’m saying we have way more weapons to be able to do it. Us surviving in this league, in a year with so much injustice from VAR, would be such a middle finger to the games authorities. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.
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    Today’s game highlights just what standard of football Farke has bought to City, with Youth, 2,3 & 4 division German league players and free transfers. Now imagine next season with money to invest and the future looks very bright, even if we have another season in the championship. We are in a fantastic position even if we sell a couple of our stars, money will be there to build.
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    Nobody wants this surely? The beautiful game is being made ugly. It's not just us, though it feels like we are getting it worse. I think all fans hate it. The powers that be need to be listening to that. They have ruined the game. Absolutely ruined it. Im angry, not just for my team, but for my sport. Surely all football fans are in agreement that todays decision is bad for the game
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    This is a million miles away from when Roeder was here
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    Clear it is absolutely vital we sign a central defender in January- we can't exist permanently one injury away from crisis.
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    Palace fan in peace here. Norwich going down?, not a chance in my opinion. Too much skill in that team for that, remind me a LOT of Palace and the frustrations that come with it. Sometimes the sum of the parts is weaker, and that is what I saw today, just like Palace on a lot of occasions. Palace are stretched squad wise but a good performance by Norwich still shone through. Just need a bit more belief and to gel as a team, once that happens you'll be safe. I wish you all the best of luck for the rest of the season and really hope you get out of the relegation zone soon.
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    I have noticed over the years that when it starts to go against you it seems to continue for some time. Conversely when it goes for you it seems to continue that way too. Last season it just seemed to go right, this season is a complete turnabout. It's a bit like life, you have to take the ups with the downs and try to enjoy the ride.
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    Well that certainly sums up the fact based, reasoned analytic approach we've come to expect from leavers
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    This is an extract from Circular number 17, issued by Ifab on 21 August 2019, to all national football associations. I have underlined and enlarged the parts relevant to offside. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) protocol The use of VARs is only for ‘clear and obvious errors’ and for ‘serious missed incidents’ (where the match officials have not seen what has happened) in relation to a goal/no goal, penalty/no penalty or direct red card incident, or for mistaken identity relating to a yellow or red card. The principle that the original on-field decision remains unless it is a ‘clear and obvious error’ applies to all reviewable decisions and a decision is not changed unless it is ‘clearly wrong’. For factual decisions (e.g. location of an offence, position of players for offside, offence by the goalkeeper at a penalty kick or kick from the penalty mark, ball in/out of play etc.) the VAR must inform the referee if there is clear replay evidence. If the replay evidence is not clear (because of camera position/angle, difficulty determining the exact moment the ball is played etc.) the VAR does not intervene. The protocol does not allow referees to ‘review’ an incident where the original on-field decision is not a ‘clear and obvious’ error; ‘reviews’ are not permitted for a ‘second chance’ to look at an incident or to confirm or ‘sell’ a decision which was not clearly wrong.
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    After many years of use I put aside my lucky City scarf today as the magic seems to have drained out of it. Mrs R bought me one of those new scarves that have the smart very thin stripes a few months ago, but I've been reluctant to give up on the old favourite until now. I thought I would give it an outing tonight just to see if the luck would change. I assume the four changes were due to resting certain players but it was nice to see Vrancic get a start and although Byrom has played well, Lewis has done little wrong before the injury. Steipermann and Hernandez completed the line up. Once again we were treated to a cagey five minutes with both sides playing sideways rather than forward.. City were the first to show some intent when Hernandez broke down the left before Lewis had a speculative crack from twenty five yards that fizzed a yard wide of the visitors left post. Then on eight minutes, Gazzinga, in the Spurs net had to make a smart save to his right as Steipermann evaded a couple of tackles in the box and toe poked the ball towards the far corner. We were still rueing this opportunity when Spurs had an even better one at the other end. Zimmerman hit a pass straight at an opponent and the ball bounced kindly for Kane to bear down on goal. Hanley forced him wide but the pass set up Deli, for what from our end look like a tap in. Somehow he side footed it over the bar. City were starting to dominate now and were playing some nice stuff with Buendia at the heart of everything. Just past the quarter hour the little Argentine won a midfield duel and the ball broke kindly for Vrancic who surged forward down the middle. He had good options to both left and right but the Spurs defence seemed to part like the Red Sea and he let fly from the edge of the area with a shot that Gazzinga got half a hand to, but could not prevent City deservedly going one up. Spurs upped the pace and there was a hairy moment when Kane looked to be through from a long ball but somehow Krul was off his line quick enough to deflect the ball for a corner. Then minutes later a combination of Hanley and Zimmerman deflected another goal bound shot. City were still giving as good as they got in what was a good open game. With Tetty and Buendia snapping into tackles in midfield City were seeing plenty of the ball and Spurs had to defend strongly at times. Just after the half hour it looked like City had doubled their lead when Vrancic, hooked a superb ball for Pukki to chase down the middle. The City talisman chested the ball down and made a few yards before driving the ball past Gazzinga, into the net. The crowd went into raptures and the players were already lining up for the restart when there was a VAR check signalled. There had been no flag and no appeal from the Spurs defenders and again it took more than a couple of minutes for someone three hundred miles away to decide that Pukki was half an inch offside. This is killing the game that we know and love and even if it means mistakes will occur, I feel we need to go back to the old system. It's becoming almost impossible to celebrate a goal spontaneously anymore. At the half I felt we were fairly comfortable and worth our lead but in the light of recent home games there was little room for complacency. Spurs brought on Lucas Mora, at the start of the second period and immediately looked a better side. Krul, had to go full length to his right to keep out a shot but the City defense appeared to be keeping Spurs at arms length. With ten minutes gone Kane clearly fouled Lewis on the edge of our box as he leapt to clear. In the act of tumbling his arm brushed the ball and to the amazement of all around me, Mr. Friend gave the visitors a free kick. Such are the small margins, and if someone would have laid me evens I would have bet that Eriksen would score from it, which he duly did. It was very disheartening and Spurs might have had another only for Deli to be pulled up for offside. Just after the hour mark City finally had a stroke of luck of their own. Pukki found himself in space in the area and as defenders moved to close him down the ball seemed to change direction and leave the keeper stranded, going past his left hand as he was falling to the right. All was right with the world again but City were now pushed right back as Spurs upped the pressure. Vrancic had taken a couple of knocks and Steipermann appeared to be running on empty so it was no surprise when they were swapped for McLean and Trybull. As time ticked down there were a series of desperate blocks as City held on and even Pukki was drawn back to bolster the barricades. One of those blocks from Zimmerman was truly memorable but he took some punishment in the process. I was just beginning to think we would hang on when City broke away down the left only for Trybull to lose possession on the halfway line. A quick ball was played to Kane cutting into the area from the right and this time Zimmerman got it all wrong and went right through him for a nailed on penalty. Krul did his usual but Kane's shot into the corner was unstoppable, even had timmy gone the right way. Cantwell came on for the tiring Tetty but City could not force another chance but at the very least they continued to hold Spurs at arms length and I thought that in the end they were well worth the hard earned point. The annoying thing is that we have looked so good at times this season without getting much reward. Surely at some stage we will win a game playing poorly. Other teams seem to manage it on a fairly regular basis. I am in two minds about the new scarf because the luck was a bit mixed tonight but I shall wear it again on Wednesday and hope it has warmed up a bit. Buendia again superb, Mario, great vision and a fine goal.
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    I'm very nearly done with football too. It's a disgrace. Every part of it. From the pathetic diving, to the overpaid prima donas, to the blatant 'luck' the big teams get in decisions, to the unbelievably poor application of a technology which is proven to increase success rate.
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    When Webber and Farke arrived we had big debts, were paying out mega bucks to players on long contracts and who contributed not very much. The infrastructure of the club had a future based on the Portman Road model and the academy had produced very little. All we had was one saleable asset in Maddison. Fast forward two years and what has been achieved is nothing short of amazing. Yes we're extremely likely to come down because we used the cash windfall to sort out all the highly expensive problems listed above, the alternative was to spend like Villa and Fulham and end up in sh!t creek again if we went down. When we go down we will be where we should have been when we came down under Alex Neil instead of the utter Horlics of a state we actually found ourselves in, after pi$$ing it away up a wall, to coin a phrase. This time we will be debt free, the players we have are worth fortunes rather than leeching away cash like Naismith and Jarvis, who couldn't be given away. The infrastructure improvements have been paid for and we have added significantly to our up and coming academy talent. It's not nice at this stage of the project and ultimately we may **** it up again next year, but we have given ourselves the best possible chance of taking the next step.
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    Cracking goal from our departed true legend Martin Peters RIP, ‘that goal’ from Justin Fashanu amongst others, and a little bit of history from Martin Peters time with us up until the 1989 FA Cup semi final. We’ve had some bloody good players at Carrow Rd it has to be said
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    Funny that I've never heard him criticise the fans yet JWC gets to hear it first hand in public just like that. Bit naive of him don't you think? I'd take second hand stuff like this with a pinch of salt before I gave him a hard time for it personally.