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    A balanced view? I hope any Librans out there would say so… 1. The project. Yes, there is one, like it or not. And the project exists because it is the only financially sensible way of running the club if you have pauper owners who are not prepared or indeed able to break whatever FFP rules are called now. By its nature the project is likely (as we have painfully seen) to involve sliding down the odd snake as well as climbing up a few ladders. Arguments against the project in reality are arguments against having pauper owners, and there are valid arguments to be made there. But given the apparent handover of power to Tom Smith, with the status quo implied (on the basis of very limited information, and I would need to know more) by that succession, then arguments are futile. Fans who do not want the status quo need to start acting now to try to force change. 2. Could we have avoided relegation, the snakes and ladders aspect of the project notwithstanding? Subsection a) Were the summer and winter transfer windows c*cked up? Not least because we spent zilch? Yes and no. The signing of several promising youngsters (and those this summer) was in tune with the longer aim of the project. But the headline deals? That we didn’t spend much of permanent deals is less important than whether we signed the right players. If we had bought Fahrmann, Amadou and Roberts it would have cost us a satisfyingly macho amount of money. But not one lasted the course. I don’t know about Roberts. But Amadou was plainly meant to replace Tettey (I believe Tettey said – and expected - as much) and I remember Bethnal, who is no-one’s fool on football, saying what I also thought, which was that Krul would start the season as first choice but Fahrmann would end it as such. Krul ( I know it is heresy but even factoring in playing behind an awful defence I still have doubts about him, as presumably did Webber and Farke) made no obvious mistakes, and Fahrmann was left twiddling his thumbs. And Amadou, in a crucial position, where Webber and Farke obviously knew we needed at least cover and probably an upgrade, left in the winter as well. Was it a risk to place such hopes on someone who’d never played in English football before, given the tactically important and physically demanding nature of the position? As it happens it was good we didn’t spend the money on permanent deals, but that hardly makes up for the fact, for a variety of reasons, and Webber and Farke might well have explanations that put this in a more rounded context, that the summer window didn’t achieve one of its two main objectives, which was to improve the first-team squad. Subsection b) Did Farke's game management and coaching let us down. I don't know, not least since I never had a minute's football coaching in my life. I have read a great deal about the supposed failings of zonal marking, particularly at set pieces. Is that it, or is it simply that we have missed our two most physically imposing central defenders? I defer to posters who actually know a bit about the game, but I get the sense Farke could have done better sometimes, even allowing for him coming up against some of the best coaches in world football. The CV of Ancelotti at Everton, for example, is just absurd, taking in a good percentage of the greatest clubs in world football. I don’t think relegation is a self-inflicted wound, but I don’t believe we made as good a fist of trying to stay up as we could have done. I also believe Webber and Farke will have learned from this season.
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    It always strikes me when I read threads like this just how abjectly dim a proportion of our supporter base is. Yes this season has been a footballing catastrofcuk, and I cannot abide relegation - especially when we pass Leeds going the other way. But. * You don’t get a big wad of cash upon promotion. It is paid in instalments. See also parachute payments * No-one wants to “invest” in Norwich City. If the majority shareholders were rejecting takeover offers left, right and centre do you not think that maybe, just maybe, the press might get wind of this. There may also be a duty to inform shareholders of offers, someone who knows more about company rules could answer that. * “The board” could have mortgaged the club’s future for a better shot at staying up. The last time this was tried NCFC ended up back in the Championship and close to administration. Only selling James Maddison prevented this from happening. * Delia/the board/the tea lady aren’t “trousering the money.” The accounts are published and are there for all to see. Just look on the Companies House website. If you repeat claims that the owners are pocketing money then I submit that you are mostly bone from the neck up. * The general consensus at the start of the season, and certainly after we beat Man City, was that a good approach had been taken re transfers and spending. There’s a hell of a lot of revisionism going on here. * Setting a target of being a top-26 club doesn’t mean no ambition. It’s realistic. Would you rather Delia came out and said “we have the ambition to win the Premier League in five years?” Of course not as it would, rightly, be derided as bunkum. Being a top-26 club does not preclude further ambition. Having this target does not exclude having an improved target once this one has been reached. Norwich City is a mid-sized, provincial football club with a very strong local supporter base but little international support and marketing potential. Norwich itself is small provincial city with little in the way of opportunity for large international investors. There are no major infrastructure projects and poor connectivity to places with secondary interests potential new owners would look for. The club is also, now, financially stable, meaning investors can’t buy it on the cheap and turn a quick profit. The reality of the club’s position is that it must live within its means or stand the very real risk of going out of business. Would you really prefer a couple of mid-table Premier League finishes followed by relegation and then administration, over attempting to build something sustainably?
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    In 12 months' time, a lot of clubs will be looking enviously at the way we run our club. If we do get straight back up, all the better, but even if not we'll be debt-free as many other clubs are desperately fighting to stave off administration or even insolvency. Even the rich benefactors will have seen their own incomes and assets severely devalued; how long before their 'playthings' become too great a burden? Looks like our 'train set' will still be running self-sufficiently while a lot of other EPL clubs are gambling their very existence on getting back to the PL. Yes, of course it would have been better to have stayed up. Yes, this season was a disaster from a footballing perspective. But I think a lot of those pundits mocking us now might be looking at us again in a year's time and realise why we did what we did.
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    I'm always curious to see if this cynicism existed when we were winning the league last season, or even at the start of the season after, for example, playing Newcastle off the pitch and go toe for toe with Chelsea. Now don't get me wrong, there have been some real problems this season, some self-inflicted (poor recruitment, wrong tactical decisions etc) but then there has also been factors that we cant control; being in the first year of VAR, having a pandemic make the key home games not home games and ultimately still financially paying for mistakes made by those trying to buy survival for Alex Neil. As for the, explain themselves.. I mean, come on, you can disagree with the approach, you can be frustrated by it, you can wish for other owners, but surely your not telling me you haven't understood what has been repeated time and time again since the summer? Or for that matter, to an extent, last season too. I think if your wanting a change of board/owners there are two things I would want to point out: firstly who is chomping at the bit to buy us? This fictitious person waiting to come in doest exist. The second; We start sacking board members and we could end up with a Jez Moxey again.. be very careful what you wish for. We weren't good enough, we all know why, we will go again. Welcome to how football works.
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    Ashley Westwood should say sorry for stitching up Emiliano Buendía Tommy Conlon Sunday July 19 2020, 6.00pm, The Times The theatre was Carrow Road, the stage was the pitch, the thespian was Ashley Westwood. It looked to me like a bravura performance of ham acting. Watching the Burnley midfielder writhe in agony, medical staff may have been caught in two minds, not knowing whether to give him the last rites or a standing ovation. He had tangled with Norwich City’s Emiliano Buendía in the 33rd minute on Saturday evening. The Argentinian was in possession; Westwood lunged in and the ball broke away; a few afters followed. The English midfielder kneed Buendía in the thigh and pinned him momentarily using his arm and leg, preventing Buendía from walking away. Buendía turned to extricate himself and in the same movement dropped his elbow on to the back of Westwood’s head. Replays showed he applied moderate contact. One would doubt it left a skin mark, much less a bruise. The whole incident was nothing. Buendía’s arm makes contact with Westwood, inset, who overreacts in a way that brought the Norwich player a red card via VAR It was Westwood’s reaction that escalated it. Had he done the decent thing and walked away, it would in all likelihood have petered out. Instead he enacted a pitiful display of victimhood. Westwood collapsed on the floor clutching his head. He got to his knees clutching his head with both hands. Then he lay flat on the ground clutching his head. He executed one roll, then a second, still clutching his head. He managed then to haul himself on to all fours. At this point there was some sign of an improvement in his condition, for now he was applying just one hand, albeit he was using it vigorously to massage the afflicted area. From there he made it on to his knees and finally into an upright position. By this stage, play was suspended and VAR was investigating for possible violent conduct. After multiple viewings in the video room, Kevin Friend, the referee, was advised to have a look for himself on the pitch-side monitor. It appears the incident was not shown to him in full on the monitor. It had been edited down to the split-second where Buendía’s elbow made contact with Westwood’s head. Without any context to complicate his considerations, Friend quickly made up his mind: red card. Letter of the law? Probably correct. Violent conduct? Not remotely. Had Friend been able to assess the whole sequence, he’d have seen at least some possibility for mitigation in that Buendía was trying to extricate himself from the tangle – and that Westwood had been looking to extract a reaction. One would have thought the Burnley player was entitled to a yellow card for his part in the proceedings. Instead he is entitled to a black card in the court of public opinion. In my view, his was the classic stitch-up job of long and ignoble tradition. It requires two acting roles, the first as the provocateur who goads his opponent into retaliation, the second as the injured party when said retaliation arrives. But this was a particularly shameless performance. The feigning on the floor was not so much laughable as contemptible. Westwood is 30, a senior professional who ought to have some sense of duty to the wider game. And he ought to have it for another reason too: his own manager has previously condemned this kind of behaviour. In fact, Sean Dyche was preaching about it only last August. “The game’s in a really poor state for people diving, feigning injury, all sorts,” he declared. A few weeks earlier he had attended a meeting of the Premier League where he was told that a yellow card was the only sanction available for such conduct. “And I said, ‘So that means basically that every player in the Premier League can cheat at least once a game?’ . . . It’s about the greater good of the game. The game’s in a really poor state for people just literally falling on the floor.” Did Westwood’s behaviour on Saturday therefore trouble his conscience? Or did he just think, great, Norwich are down to ten men? It would be taking idealism into pie-in-the-sky territory to expect that Dyche might publicly distance himself from one of his players. Even a charge of hypocrisy against him would be unfair, given there is no evidence that he encourages his players to cheat in this fashion. If the buck ultimately stops with the manager, it doesn’t mean that a player should be spared the obligation of taking responsibility for his own actions. This one is on Westwood. He owes Buendía an apology. Notwithstanding the fact that one of his players failed dismally to practise what he preached, Dyche did the game a service last August. As he also pointed out at that press conference, very few other people in the industry are talking about the issue any more. This form of cheating has become normalised to the point that it is barely even noticed, much less discussed. It continues to poison the water. Maybe it is because there has never been more at stake for clubs financially, that players feel under greater pressure than previous generations to salvage results, by fair means or foul. In a time of supercharged professionalism, perhaps the ancient ideal of sportsmanship is seen as a dying relic of amateurism. But the game in its entirety is played overwhelmingly by amateurs, including the millions of children and juveniles who are daily watching their heroes behave with dishonour. And of course the behaviour becomes learned and replicated. It is an abiding plague on the game, this particular brand of cynicism, and there is seemingly no desire to find a cure.
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    I dare say I will be shot down for this. Here you see where the lack of supporters has a detrimental effect. Whilst we now have a lot of spectators and coaches in stadiums, even ours, at Norwich we still have thousands of supporters. By that I mean those who spend 90 minutes supporting their team. Those who believe every refereeing decision against us is wrong for the duration of the game. Whether Buendia was a silly boy or not is for the inquests on MOTD. But during the 90 mins Westwood is a cheat and will be booed until he either loses it or is subbed. And the referee will constantly be told "he doesn't know what he's doing". This is home advantage and a full Carrow Road still has enough supporters to make a difference.
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    Hi folks. Firstly, I've cleared this with Pete Raven, and with Nutty from a PUPs perspective, and they're both happy for me to post it. The Norfolk Community Foundation, in conjunction with former North Norfolk MP Sir Norman Lamb, are running a campaign during August to raise money for youth mental health in Norfolk. The EDP covered the story here yesterday, but the short version is that Sir Norman is encouraging people to club together throughout August and collectively walk, run or cycle 500 miles between them in and around Norfolk. Among the ambassadors for the campaign are Delia Smith, Christoph Zimmermann, Alex Tettey, Iwan Roberts, Jeremy Goss, Darren Eadie and Paul McVeigh. As someone who has experienced mental health problems since my teens, this cause is extremely important to me. It's vital that we give our young people the best start in life; a lot of the time, when people turn 18 they are simply dropped by youth mental health services and passed on to adult services, where they often face long waiting lists before being able to resume any support or treatment. As such, I have decided I'm going to have a crack at covering 500 miles all by myself; this would be a modest distance for an experienced road cyclist, but I have no experience of long-distance riding and I'm also clinically obese. I'm hoping that by completing this challenge I will be able to help Norfolk's young people while also improving my own mental and physical health. I'm planning to keep a video diary of my experiences, talking about the journey itself, the people I meet along the way, and my own experiences of mental illness. If anyone else is interested in getting involved, don't hesitate to join the campaign; or if you're Norfolk-based and would like to ride a little way with me, just drop me a PM and we'll sort something out. Even if you can't spare any money, every share and retweet will help to raise awareness. Links below: JustGiving Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter Cheers, Matt (feedthewolf)
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    2017 called, it wants it's discussion topic back.
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    Have you personally written to the board or just moaned about it on an Internet forum?
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    I have heard a number of people argue that even though we don't have a lot of money, if we had just gambled on 15-20 million this season we would have had a chance. I think people are really overestimating what that kind of money gets you, especially being a Premiership team. If you take a look on Wikipedia at say Southampton, Brighton, Wolves, Burnley, West Ham, Bournemouth, Sheffield Utd and review their squad, you will see that they have a number of players who were bought for £10-18 million. A number of them aren't really setting the league alight. Trust me, you will be surprised at just how many there were. Once you factor in signing on bonus, wages, agent fees etc 15 million is about right for one Premiership player. The Murphy brothers have had no impact on this league at all and they were near this figure. Things have changed over the last 5 -10 years. You aren't going to out scout other Premiership teams, if someone is good and available we would face competition meaning a bidding war. Add to the fact that teams see the Premiership as a cash cow. The richest league in the world means you have to pay premium because... you billionaires can afford it. Truthfully, were we one quality player away from survival? No we were well short unfortunately. Also what is the impact of someone joining on 60k when everyone else is on 15k? Could it have changed how much players were asking for when we renewed their contracts last summer? My opinion is, while it is frustrating to admit, we had to do what was right for the club long term and that was to not overstretch again at a point when we had made so much progress in recovering from past mistakes.
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    Nah. We'll just call him Dave
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    Something similar In the pipeline for a while. McCallum a significant investment for Norwich in context. Very much aligned with the model. Byram also a good player, notwithstanding injury concerns which were clearly factored in. Within these parameters Lewis is both poster boy for the methodology - again advertising à la Maddison the clear and exciting development and playing time pathway that Norwich offer the best young prospects - and also clearly replaceable (in fact already replaced). Given the financial limits of the Club’s ownership structure, that surely is optimum management? As for Jamal deliberately opting for a lower option than Liverpool. No. The ‘best’ team in the world want you? 5 times your salary? Champions League? Maybe 15-20 games a season? (And every player with a bit about them and on the way up thinks they’ll smash it in training and be a first choice regular, be made Captain and lift the Champions League trophy in front of 100k at the Nou Camp..why else dedicate your entire life to it?) Norwich can also put Norwich-to-Champions-League-winners on their pathway CV as the next Jamal visits Colney. Powerful stuff. Parma
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    If only we had a transfer rumour thread you could have posted this in.
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    The sun is still out. I've got news for you Vinny and you other miserabilists - the sun is still shining. New exciting young players coming in - the latest one stating what a brilliant club this is to come to - and things to look forward to. A new challenge, a further development and improvement of what we are trying to do as a club on and off the field and if we get up again to the PL then we will be better equipped to stay there. I know I might as well be talking to a brick wall than trying to get through to the likes of you, Vinny, but your "I told you so" is about as limp as it can get.
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    It's our new policy, Jim. Smith and Jones and Webber were running out of ways the annoy the h*ll out of you so I suggested signing players who can't actually play for the club...
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    I’m a long time reader of this forum, but this is my first contribution. Despite a disappointing 19/20 season, i’m really looking forward to next season & the new players which we’ve already signed, plus the other new players which will follow in the coming weeks.
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    If this in anyway means Ipswich are in for an prolonged stint in division 3 , then excellent.
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    Surprised by this response. Here's a player who on leaving us went to Wolves, achieving promotion in a side playing great football. He then played regularly for the same side, commonly considered an underrated part of it. He got a move to Leicester making five starts (admittedly, not many) in a side chasing European football. I think there is a habit we might have our judgement clouded by the player he was. I think he's moved on and developed since then. He knows and loves the club. At 30 he would be younger than both Hanley and Klose. For me, Godfrey plays his best when alongside Zimmermann - if Zimbo could be a similarly influential partner for Bennett, it would be a fantastic move.
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    Is this any different to your "board are on thin ice" thread?
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    If we didn’t sign youngsters, you’d be saying the players we were buying were too old. If we paid a lot of money for a player, you’d be saying we’ve wasted cash and overpaid. If we hadn’t brought anyone in yet, you’d be saying we were too slow. If you had half a pint you’d be saying your glass was half empty and you didn’t want beer anyway.
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    There are no clubs that can maintain this stable premier league club fantasy some have. The ones that are there now are just biding their time. Remember when Stoke and Swansea and Sunderland and all sorts where nice and stable and we’re prepping for long term futures in the top flight. Even money doesn’t seem to matter. The sainted Bournemouth, who seem to have hidden the fact they are backed by a billionaire, are going down with us. If you are a Wolves or a Burnley you may think you are safe and sound but you are just renting your position in this league. Take Sheffield United, Excellent season and fair play to them, but it’s going to go wrong, probably sooner rather than later.
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    By the new Russell Martin you mean the main scapegoat, a better player than a lot realise. In the mid-80s I recall Mike Phelan being very underrated by supporters - Ken Brown came out and said he did a lot that supporters don’t notice. He clearly had something as went on to play for Man U and England.
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    I totally disagree with the sentiment of that 'myfootballwriter' article. It seems to want to continue doing things the way that they used to be done ... which we REALLY should learn from instead! As far as I see things there are 3 routes to take. 1. Do what we used to do pre Webber ... go up, spend what we can, fail to stay for a sustained spell, go down and feel the burn of owning relegated mercenaries on big wages that don't have the hunger to fight for promotion. 2. Sell the club to billionaire investors ... we could do a Leicester, Wolves, Hull or Portsmouth. Fingers crossed. 3. Stick to a long term plan which concentrates limited funds on the roots - recruiting promising starlets, building an enviable academy, polishing up our training facilities, tying major assets down to long contracts, clear old debts and OVER TIME buy and sell shrewdly enough to get up and stay up. For me only options 2 and 3 make sense. I'm patient enough to watch this fascinating experiment unfold but suspect that if it crashes the argument against option 2 becomes a lot tougher.
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    Well this is a whole world of bonkers. I must admit, If Webber’s comments were directly aimed at Todd then I find it odd. He’s been a breath of fresh air this season and has been one of the few that have clearly demonstrated that they’re capable at this level. Then, I’m not privy to Colney goings on and perhaps there are things behind the scenes that suggest Todd has designs to be elsewhere. I don’t know. The crap about his hair though... Seriously? Who cares? Have none of us ever looked back at photos and thought “yeah, not sure what my thinking behind that was...?” I know I have. From dodgy curtains to my curly long haired nonsense (I mean, now I’m bald I do look back with some fondness). From George Best’s Beatle Barnet to Bobby’s combover to Jason Lee’s precursor to the Bradley Johnson man-bun to the Beckham Mohican, Ronaldo hair island, Robbie Savage’s Atomic Kitten affair to Curetons Greenness and Huckerby’s mullet; what does it matter? Cantwell has been decent this season, was easily our best player in our last game and has a bright future in the game. Give him a ****ing break. If you’re digging him out for his haircut, you’re a moron. He might be the best local lad we’ve ever produced and I’d much rather he was here than not next season. Serious talent and if he’s got a bit of ballsy arrogance about him, good. It didn’t harm Craig Bellamy (the best player we’ve produced).
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    They have been completely honest and transparent since they joined. - The club was in a financial mess - We were going to buy cheap players across Europe and promote youth - We have a plan, which involved getting promoted within 3 years - We would stick to the plan and our playing philosophy - We wouldn't gamble the future of the club by spending loads - We would be favourite to finish 20th - If we get relegated, we won't panic. We will regroup and have another go They said all of that before a ball was kicked this season. They also have 'ignore the noise' written in the training ground. What frustrates me is that fans are so fickle. Last season, this team were the best in the club's history. Now we want to dismantle it and hope to find a better solution. Webber got the recruitment wrong, which hampered Farke (and the players) this season. We have a decent squad of players and I have full faith that they will learn their lessons and get our mojo back next year.
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    The early optimism of the Virus falling away seems to be changing quickly to a more realistic understanding that sadly it looks like being with us years rather than a year and all that goes with that impacting upon peoples lives and life styles. I know we have had a poor season but with hindsight we were very fortunate to get promoted when we did it enabled us to shore up our finances, buy and blood young talent that is worth a lot more money than a year ago and get 2 seasons parachute payments. This debate on how we will get lower numbers of fans into grounds has been parked and now there is the debate on when will any fans get into grounds. Given that the kids are going back to school in September we are fearful of increased infection levels in the winter i think we may be fortunate to see hardly fans in grounds before the spring and the better weather and possibly a vaccine. All clubs outside the PL in this scenario are and will see their finances fall off a cliff edge like cinemas and airlines. The next 2 years parachute payments and player sales and hopefully prudent investment gives us optimism more than most clubs that we will still be here in 5 years time and if we play our cards right even back in the PL in the next few years. We can have a pop at the board for not investing last season but we are fortunate by accident that they did not and we could well take advantage of that yet. What will football look like in 3 years time impossible to say even in 3 months time, who will go, who will want to go who will have clubs to go and watch. Anyway in very difficult and sad times our club it better positioned than many andwe should be grateful of that
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    No, just roundly ridiculed, I'd imagine.
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    We can't end up at square one: we had unsustainable spending commitments and were heading for financial ruin. Now that we have balanced the books, brought through lots of young talent, and instilled sensible player contracts, the worst case is that we become a self-sufficient mid-table Championship club. That's infinitely better than our position from 3 years ago.
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    There are certain Man City fans who have found themselves not supporting the club anymore and drifting to other local teams like Oldham and Salford (although that is less common due to the Man U connections). Personally I hope that such a dilemma is never put upon Norwich fans. I don't want Norwich to be a global brand and more of a corporation than a football team. I love being a Norwich supporter as it feels like a 'real' thing. Big clubs like Man U, Man C etc. feel ethereal. I live in London, so if I see someone in a Norwich shirt I can say 'hi' and have a joke about the club - if I wear my shirt people feel they can say 'hi' to me, or shout 'on the ball City' as they pass by. That is what I mean about community. You don't get that if you support a big team like Man City. There is no community as they are just another global brand with very little about them that is unique. I'd hate to have to feel less of a connection to my club as surely that is the most important thing in football. All glory is relative and I'd much rather win as the underdog than be the team who spend half a billion pounds and achieved a modicum of 'success'.
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    The whole nation isn’t laughing at us, the only people who think we are an embarrassment are some of our fickle fans.
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    The issue for Pukki this season is simply that the bulk of our possession has been in our own half which has meant that neither Cantwell nor Buendia have been able to deliver the volume of line breaking passes they did last season because they are back helping out defensively. For Pukki to be effective we need a platform of possession in the opponents half in order for Cantwell and Buendia to work their magic. We've rarely had that. Pukki is good at running into spaces on angled runs to through balls and most of this is from short passes in and around the box. Secondly we have lacked an effective number 10 who would be another supply line to our striker. Thirdly, opposition coaches are wise to how we play and in the Premiership they are much more astute tactically and the defensive manpower is of a far higher quality. Most negate Pukki by isolating him mainly by pressing us high. They know Pukki is our main goal threat and they prepare for him specifically. Once teams had worked us out we had no real plan B. We had to play through the press which did work sometimes but it always takes a lot of passes to move the ball from one end of the pitch to the other and each pass risks a turnover in possession. Without the ball most sides we played had the quality to play around our press and as a result we rarely won ball in the opponents half. Eventually teams worked out that they could just throw numbers forward against us as West Ham did. It looks like Farke is well aware of all of these issues, firstly because he's been toying with 442 which that means opponents have less manpower to commit to the press and his other solution is different players- Sorensen for example has a good record for long passing and Placheta has a lot of pace which will give us more options against the high press because of the threat of the ball over the top. The big question is who our number 10 will be. We have the scope to be a much more effective attacking force this season than we were when we went up last year because a season of Premiership football has forced us to address these points. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The solution isn't to replace Pukki the solution is to beat the press and get Pukki into the game by not to allowing the opposition to keep him at arms length. I expect us to score more goals this year than we did in our last Championship season. Other teams are going to hate playing us.
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    Terrific. It's all as though this season has burned out on the back burner for those with proper thought (rather than the "Stowmarket two" obsessives ) and are totally focussed upon the progress and the real business of running our club successfully. There's clearly more to supporting NCFC than constant whinnying about the owners or the manager or whatever. The real business goes on apace.
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    I'd say the worst thing is probably the fact your lectures have gone from weekly to daily to almost hourly.
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    To do with Premier League rules on player bubbles. Not allowed to mix with the first team squad.
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    How about you not being here next season ?
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    I think it's insane we've got actual fans thinking selling Godfrey for 20 million is a great deal. At what point he has had a top class, experienced defensive partner next to him for any length of time to learn from? He has all the attributes of a modern day, ball playing central defender, the comparisons with Rio Ferdinand are for more than just having him as his agent, and it's blindingly obvious that a number of very good sides are genuinely interested in him, but apparently he's not good enough for us... I'd argue that in many ways, we're not good enough for him, as we've never given him a top quality partner in the heart of the defence, combined with weak support from the midfield and fullbacks who can often be caught having to rely on their pace to even get back on a counter. Given the right support and better coverage from team mates, Godfrey could easily develop into a regular in the England back line, and play for any of the top 6-8 clubs in not just the Prem, but across Europe as well, but hey, let's rush him out the door and hope that Ryan Bennett will prove to be a stronger option.... Pure madness.
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    Honestly, what is it with people imposing labels on one another? Brexiteer, remainer, boomer, millenial, snowflake, leftie, rightie etc etc. If people stopped seeing each other for what's different and trying to put them down for that with stupid nicknames and tried to actually get on with each other, the world would be a much better place.
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    Vrancic was instrumental in our promotion last season. He didn't quite step up to the prem (although he was arguably not given a fair crack) but he is great at Championship level. I'd be disappointed if he went.
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    Give us your address and we can have a whip round for a medal
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    OP Could you explain which part of the plan either is not working or is on track as I can only see stuff that has happened ahead of the plan. 1. We were near administration and were told over the next 3 years we would have no debts - Achieved after 1 year. 2. We were told the club would be run without risk to it being destroyed - Achieved even after the Pandemic, had we had not been in the financial situation we were, COVID would have been the last straw to our club 3. We were told that we would have a world leading training / academy after 3 years - Achieved after 18 months 4. We were told 3 would see us producing ONE multi million pound player a year that would keep the club in a financially secure position - Achieved 10 times over 5. We were told we would be promoted after 3 seasons - Achieved after 2 seasons 6. We were told that when we were promoted there would be a likelihood of going up and down for a number of seasons - Achieved to date 7. We were told that the person achieving 4 would be sold to keep us financially secure and our squad would gradually be added to - In my view Achieved as we built a team from the Maddison money to get promoted and then then last year gave that squad the chance to keep us up. 8. We were told over 5 years there would be ground expansion if most of the above were achieved - That seems to be on track as we have now bought and own the relevant land. 9. Players would be brought in who were going to be big names before they got injured, giving them the chance to resurrect their careers with little risk to us - I would say achieved with Krul, Pukki, Hernandez, Byram if he stays fit, whilst those that haven’t cut the mustard were quickly moved of our budget, some moving for a profit. If what we have done to date is so bad why are people remotely bothered about wether we sell any of our players as 7 of those were pretty much regulars in a team that performed worse ( the same people keep pointing out ) than any Norwich side before them. Maybe I have missed something ? Which part of the plan is not on track at the moment ? Had we have finished 6th when we got promoted, then destroyed the Championship last year would you be claiming Webber was a failure now ? One last point we have had parts on here of the Bilic interview. It scoots round the fact that what he said was ‘ our players ( meaning the wba players, not our players ) are more suited to the Premier league, in fact when we played Newcastle 3 of my players came to tell me you get lots more space in the premier league ‘. Word for word that sounds exactly like we thought and did.
  41. 6 points
    "I'm so angry we are not signing players!" "I'm so angry we are signing players!" this support base sometimes I swear
  42. 6 points
    Nothing much we didn't already know I think. The gap from Championship to Prem is still big, some underestimated that Spending loads doesn't guarantee you stay up, spending nothing guarantees you don't Momentum is easily lost but tough to get back We'll learn far more about Farke, Webber and the long term viability of this project next season I think.
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    I'm not aiming this at you personally Parma, but this is the sort statement that really makes me angry. Most top level footballers make more in a year than the average wage earner in the UK manages in 20, so a decade of these earnings is the equivalent of 200 years work for the average person! What's even more frustrating is the idea that once a player has retired, they're suddenly unable to do ANY OTHER JOB and instead have to rely on the money they've made in their pro careers - where does this nonsense come from???? Even on a 'mere' 10k a week, these guys are literally coining it in, and we're meant to accept the BS that 10-15 years of this sort of money is somehow only just enough for them to survive on post-football? Since when did earning millions over a pro career of 10-20 years make you both a pauper and completely unable to work afterwards? Hard life for some isn't it.......
  44. 6 points
    Not so well. Got kicked out of sixth form for setting fire to some cyclohexane. Dropped out of University. Been sacked from every job I've ever had. And yet here we both are! Funny how things turn out, isn't it?
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    In the absence of rich benefactors every club has a rough place in the footballing food chain. Ours seems to be top half of the championship with odd forays into the PL resulting in a rapid return to the championship. If something goes exceptionally right or wrong the PL stay may be a bit longer or we can fall into League 1. I would take that , most seasons there is something interesting going on. When relatives were still around i used to go and see Carlisle their place in the said chain is league 1 if things are going well, league 2 most of the time, Conference when the wheels come off. Be happy with our lot, it could be better but also a lot worse and the main thing is we have a club
  46. 6 points
    I'm starting to think that LDC has become a parody of himself.
  47. 6 points
    Bit touchy LDC. Why’s that? You’ve just criticised one of our players for nothing more than having a haircut before a game and someone has posted a short rebuttal disproving of it. Would you be less touchy if I posted a mini essay for the next three days calling you a ‘dinosaur’ and saying you’re a negative person with a negative view on life, that you are clearly not a real fan and you should just get behind the club and the boys. Why can’t you just support Cantwell? See the point? On a more serious note though, you’ve said elsewhere that players are human, and have gone on at very very great length about how stressed and fragile the players’ mindsets must be with everything going on as well as relegation. Yet here’s a young lad in his early twenties, who might have felt a bit better about himself after having a nice haircut/styling, get back to something a bit like normality, try and reduce that stress for the good of his mental health and he gets some chap on a message board calling him self indulgent and suggesting he’s somehow let thousands of fans down by having a hair cut a day or two before the team (all 11 players plus subs, not just Cantwell) lost a game which got us (the club, not just Cantwell) relegated. See the hypocrisy there?
  48. 6 points
    I think it is a bit too easy to read something into everything Webber says like this. I think he just means he isn’t going to make fake show for the cameras how upset he is as he had that moment in private already. It’s obviously different for players who are on display.
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    I agree the club "could be" so much more than it is at the moment. But then, so "could" Aston Villa, Derby County or even Forest Green Rovers. They "could" all be Champions League teams in theory. I think the actual assessment is whether we "should" be much more than we are at the moment. The way I see it, you give half a dozen builders the same tools and building materials then the end product will show which builder is best. The way things are in the Premier League, you've got a handful of builders given a fleet of heavy machinery, all the materials he could wish for and a wage budget to hire some of the best hands in the trade. And then trying to build something that could compare with their end product is a single brickie with a cement mixer, a pile of bricks and an apprentice who turns up hungover and late every morning. And despite that, he still builds something better than a lot of others with far more resources available. Our club's leadership is that builder and I actually think they've built something pretty remarkable with the resources presented to them. Yes, we "could" be so much more than we are at the moment, but I've not seen any compelling evidence to suggest we "should" be. In fact, it's about as scarce as the evidence that there are dozens of minted people that would swoop in with a £200 million transfer chest if only Delia would stop hiding them from us.
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    There’s plenty of ‘supporters’ on here who don’t show a great deal support for the team/club, behaving worse than spoilt children when things don’t go their way.
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