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    I have decided to head off to pastures new and next Friday will be my last day at the publisher formerly known as Archant. I have been assured that this messageboard will still exist when the sites migrate over to NewsQuest. I just need to decide which fortunate soul on the sports desk will be responsible for moderating the forum. I'll pop my head on here every now and then as a fan under this profile: https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/profile/16797-peteraven/ All the best and OTBC!
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    The number of people who complain about McLean regardless of how he plays astounds and, at times, annoys me. I am not a Kenny lover. In fact I feel we need better if we do achieve promotion but lets give credit where it is due on occasions. Yes, he is not a DM. In fact the last time we were promoted he played in the midfield with Olly Skipp, who is a DM, but, at the moment we do not have a DM so the manager calls on Kenny. Before Byram regained fitness we didn't have a left back so the manager called on Kenny. Then we look at tonight's match. Pukki scored our first goal after a free kick. Who spotted a one on one and quickly took a long, accurate ball, yes Mclean. The second goal, a through ball from Ramsay to Pukki after an interception. Who anticipated the Bristol pass and made the interception? Right again, McLean. But he couldn't have anything to do with Sarge's goal could he? Look again. A positive run takes away Weimann to allow Sarge the room for his header, that was McLean again. But all he seems to get on this forum, from most people, is criticism. When he plays badly and contributes nothing I have no problem but he seems to be on a hiding to nothing every game.
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    Can we just please stop with this fallacy that in the championship all we done was destroy teams in the championship and these sort of scrappy away wins never existed? Our last championship title winning campaign under farke started with - 1-0 win vs Huddersfield thanks to them playing a backpass to Pukki - 2-2 draw against Preston at home, with Placheta rescuing a point for us in the 85th minute. - 0-1 loss to Bournemouth. They scored in the 35th minute. - 0-1 loss at home to Derby. Cries from fans that Farkeball has been sussed and Ipswich would finish above us. - 2-1 win against Rotherham. Same scoreline as tonight, apart from we needed an own goal, red card and last minute penalty to take the points. - 1-0 win at home to Birmingham. We needed a red card and an 87th minute Vrancic winner, for the record. - 2-1 win against newly promoted Wycombe Wanderers. Farke was an absolutely fantastic manager for us and always comparing Smith to him seems unnecessary anyway. But if you're determined to compare them, at least compare it against the reality rather than a figment of your imagination.
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    Billy Gilmour's failed loan spell having further repercussions..
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    In amongst all the hand-wringing about City's performance, no one seems to have noticed how our opponents played. The were, frankly, a horrible side full of body-builders and spoilers. They set up with the proverbial banked defence and gave us no space in any attacking area. They were as well-drilled as any side I have seen recently and were happy to cheat their way through the game, time-wasting, holding, and pulling shirts. A sterner ref would really have got into them. They were successful in stopping us from playing and in ruining the game as a spectacle. Crucially, they got a valuable lead from a set piece when we had been suckered into conceding a free kick in a diabolical postion. Dean Smith knew what we were up against and probably knew that it might be a struggle, considering our profile. So let's just remember that there are two sides out there trying to thwart and overcome the opposition.
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    Well if she changes her football allegiances like she changes her political allegiances, she wont be for long.
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    Maybe Potter knew what was coming and signed him so he wasn't on Chelsea's books anymore. Football genius
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    Even more concerning, what are all those weird creases? I've just checked in the mirror, and there are none of those on my belly.
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    We've gone from having a unique style and identity to being a carbon copy of everyone else. We may still have some successes at times but I for one regret what has been needlessly thrown away.
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    Its been a strange sort of week emotionally, given national events but it was good to see the minutes silence immaculately observed by the near 26k present. When things got going there were notable situations at both ends within the opening minute. First it was Cantwell nipping in to set Sargent away only for the big striker to get caught in two minds and he niether crossed nor shot when the opportunity presented itself and the ball was tamely lost with a back pass. Then at our end Byrom needlessly presented the ball to a Bristol striker who thankfully made a mess of a golden chance. City were looking up for it and another move came down the left. Nunez crossed to Pukki following a clever dummy by Sargent and it took several defenders to finally block the City Talismans path to goal. It was an encouraging start with little coming back from the visitors at this stage and as if to cement their early superiority the home side went a goal up on ten minutes. A long ball forward was misjudged by a defender and Pukki managed to clip the ball over the keeper and keep his composure to nod the ball into the unguarded net. All was looking fine and dandy with City looking dangerous with every attack and it was no surprise when the second goal came at the midway stage of the half. Ramsey latched on to a loose ball in midfield and slid a nice pass between the Bristol centre backs where Pukki did what Pukki does best and slid the ball past the advancing Bentley. Bristol had looked fairly open at the back and I think most of us were expecting a possible goalfest was on the cards but this thought was firmly silenced as the visitors took control of midfield and began to call the tune. City had looked good with those sweeping early moves but didn't appear to have an answer as the away side upped their game. A number of crosses and corners were dealt with competently enough but the continual needless giving the ball away began to get large portions of the crowd aggitated. Cantwell was putting himself about to good effect and Nunez mixed some good work with the odd bit of waywardness while Ramsey, for all his good work often seemed outmuscled. Lambert in his pomp would have spotted the danger and changed it after 35 minutes but there was no signal from the sidelines as things deteriorated. A degree in Clairvoyance wasn't needed to fortell what would happen next and just before the break Conway duly nodded in the inevitable goal that had been long in coming. Changes were obviously needed if the points weren't going to be thrown away but I, and I expect many others were aghast to see the same eleven trot out for the second half. If the manager thought a talking too would do the trick he was badly mistaken as City continued to misfire and Krul was called into action a couple of times to field on target efforts. I don't know if Smith heard me shouting but he finally forced himself into action by taking Ramsey and Cantwell off for Hernandez and Sara. It gave us a better outlet on the left and a bit more bite in midfield and although Bristol still came forward it didn't look so much like The Little Big Horn. On 65 minutes City won a corner on the left and Sara's cross was met perfectly by Josh Sargent to head inside the near post and restore the two goal margin. It was probably more than we deserved on the balance of play but it was very welcome all the same. Pukki departed for Sinani with the game apparently won as It seemed that the rot had been stopped and from here it should have been plain sailing only for the ref David Webb, to make an appalling error. Max Aarons was grabbed round the neck by an opponent and pulled to the ground and as 26k people waited for the obvious whistle, the memerised ref allowed play to continue and Semenyo netted. I know you should play to the whistle but the only explanation I can think for not blowing it was that he was struck monentarily blind because everyone else in the ground saw it. From here it was backs to the wall and further wierd substitutions only increased the tension. Gibson for Hanley and Dowell for Nunez with six minutes left appeared to be a hostage to fortune as the game became stretched. Sinani should have settled the nerves when put clean through but shot straight at the keeper. What is it with forwards who don't have the sense to take the ball round the keeper in that situation? Six minutes added was a strain on the nerves but somehow we survived to take all three points but this one was more by luck than judgement in my opinion and Bristol will be going home wondering how they got nothing from the game. Teemu my MOM tonight but quite a few ought to be looking at their performances tonight and that includes those on the sidelines.
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    We got a lift to the ground today and despite setting out early we only just made it for kick off. To be honest the bike is much quicker and more convenient and I hope to be back in the saddle soon in hopefully cooler conditions, for it was very warm again in this extended Norfolk summer. I was glad to see Cantwell restored to the starting line up as I feel he really needs the minutes to come through this lean spell and he didn't disappoint, getting involved in everything from an early stage. City dominated possession in the opening exchanges but we were at five minutes before the first meaningful threat emerged down the Coventry left. Some neat play ended with a ball pulled behind Pukki before it was scrambled clear. Then some more enterprising play in the Coventry area ended with a Ramsey snap shot a yard or so wide. City were persistant though and Pukki was almost through before Cantwell followed up with low shot straight at the Coventry keeper. It was all looking very promising and the hoped for, early goal duly arrived just before the quarter hour when the lively Nunez snapped into a tackle thirty five yards out and quickly stroked a defence splitting pass through to Pukki on the edge of the Coventry box. Pukki did what Pukki does best and held off a defender before sliding the ball past the advancing keeper for one nil. It was one to savour, a goal of almost Buendia 'esque, beauty both in its making and its execution. There was little coming back from the visitors other than a header glanced wide and a speculative long shot and it seemed a second home goal might come at any moment and when Ramsey got a free header to a Max Aarons cross I was half out of my seat but he miss timed it and it hit Teemu before bouncing away. A couple of times Nunez won the ball high up but got a bit over ambitious trying to repeat his "Pukki pass" and kept giving it to a defender. As so often happens when the expected second goal doesn't come there is suddenly a chance at the other end just beyond the half hour the visitors had the ball in the net after a corner was half cleared. Thankfully the linesmans flag was up and after a bit of deliberation, ref Gavin Ward ruled it out, presumably for offside. It seemed to spur the home side on and Nunez soon went close when Ramsey set him up twenty five yards out. I felt our play deserved another goal and it duly came just before the break when Pukki spun away down the City left and poked a pass on to Ramsey, who might well have taken a shot but had the wherewithall to slide a pass across the face of goal for Josh Sargent to clip the ball into an unguarded net. I nipped out for a quick visit to the mens room after this and apparently nearly missed another goal but I didn't see it so can't tell you what happened. In any event a satisfactory half concluded with a good round of cheers from the stands. If we thought it was just a matter of counting the goals we were soon to be disappointed because from the restart Coventry appeared to up their game and should really have pulled a goal back in the opening minute. Somehow Hanley could only deflect a through ball into the path of Gyokeres and with the goal gaping should have been odds on to score but thankfully it was Tim to the rescue and the shot cannoned off his legs as he spread himself. A narrow escape should have been a wake up call but almost immediately a wayward pass set up Dabo who might have done better than fizz a low shot a couple of feet wide of the far post. City had certainly hit a sticky patch and string of sloppy passing and poor decision making had the crowd getting justifiably nervous. Coventry were looking the more likely scorers at this stage but thankfully they were unable to take advantage of a very disjointed twenty minutes from the home side. It needed a change and mid way through the half Pukki, Byram and Ramsey made way for Dowell, Hernandez and Sara a City began to get a better grip on the game. Hernandez was always a handful down the left and might have scored late on but after doing everything right in the set up he couldn't beat the Coventry keeper. City had a bit more control as we moved into the final quarter and a third goal put the game bed when the industrious Cantwell put Sargent in the clear with ten minutes left. He was driven a bit wide but had the control to turn inside a defender and lay the ball across goal where Dowell arrived to slot a low shot under Wilson for game set and match. Hugill and Sinani came on for the final knockings and both might have added to the total as things became very stretched but all in all the score was a fair reflection on proceedings although a better team than Coventry might well have taken better advantage of the home sides sloppy twenty five minutes. MOM is difficult because there were quite a number of good performances but also some mistakes. I thought Ramsey had his best game so far and Todd made a major step back to the player that we all know he can be. Teemu scored a lovely goal and set up another, as did Josh Sargent but for an all round ninety minutes I am giving it to Marcelino Nunez who probably touched the ball more and was involved more than anyone else on the pitch. I really believe he can only get better and better.
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    Some interesting comments on this thread, my two penneth for what it's worth... In all the time I've been watching football it's very unusual for a team to play well and fluidly early in a season, especially if new players are coming in. You also have to factor in players mentalities - given we've yo-yoed for two seasons, I think some of the old guard may understandably be thinking elsewhere - I'm thinking Krul, Hanley Pukki here, pretty much our spine. What I'm trying to say is what I've seen on the pitch so far hasn't surprised me, many of the players know they are good for this level, some may thinking about their futures, others such as big Andy O, Nunez and Sara have it all to prove, it's an interesting mixture and it's not going to click all at once. Look at the goals we've conceded so far - no one has really opened us up, I accept Sunderland were close to this on Saturday, but most opposition are happy to sit in and hope to nick something - I think Hayden will tighten us up further in this regard. Don't get me wrong, I have some concerns, but I think Deano's doing alright so far. It's not Farkeball, but I'm willing to give Deanoball a chance
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    Our players should have been tested for performance reducing drugs last season….
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    It's good to see us second particularly after more injuries but it doesn't say much for the Championship does it? I doubt there is anyone out there who thinks we have played well so far but the opposition has been dire. This league seems to get a little worse every time we come back. I do hope that we get better as the season progresses but at the moment we've managed to get to 2nd with lots of injuries and having not played well. That's the state of our game today. If clubs the size of Villa and Leeds struggle to survive in the Premier League I really don't see that we're ever going to manage it. The only way I can see it changing is if the richest 7 or 8 leave to join a European League. If that doesn't happen where will we be in 20 years? Sorry to sound so miserable but if the reward for success in the Championship is getting hammered out of sight for a whole season then I struggle to see the point. Sorry to start the day on such a negative note but that's my rant over!
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    I just think the fact that there are some saddos trying to have a 'sack the manager' campaign after a draw after 6 wins on the trot is hilarious.
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    Thought it might be useful to pick a few of the more interesting bullet points from the article... Attansio has provided a £10m 'loan' by buying these c preference shares. These pay a 7% dividend for the next 7 years. At the end of the 7 years we'd either own a repayment of around £16m or he can convert the loan into ordinary shares up to the value of 10% of the club. Foulger has been keen to sell for a bit of time but it is made harder when the majority shareholders aren't also looking to sell Space on the board for another person who doesn't need to own shares- MB seems to think this won't be Foulger though (although he's open to staying on) but likely another member of the American group. Smith and Jones see it as a rare opportunity to get money into the club and learn from an experienced owner in another sport. Attanasio has wanted to invest in 'soccer' for awhile and Norwich met his criteria- owning our stadium, training ground and having the option to purchase a minority stake initially were all on his tick list The American's presented to the owners the weekend of the Spurs game- apparently two key points were around data and how they use clubs in the Domincan baseball league to create a talent pipeline. Interesting nugget in there that we apparently have a long standing interest in doing similar by buying a lower league team in a European country to help develop players and that this could accelerate that plan Attanasio's money is more likely to be used on projects such as the City Stand and Colney development than to finance player purchases. Smith and Jones have remained steadfast in their desire to retain 'guardianship' of the club. Attanasio has approached a large number shareholders about how open they are to selling their stakes moving forward- mentioned success with all those approaches could take him as high as 40% but would likely be much lower.
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    Encouraging that two of our players can now walk and one can even run!
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    Has Webber's "pissing money up the wall" comment ever bitten someone in the backside quite as hard?
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    No finer way to commemorate a deceased monarch than to push a couple of hundred images of her over a mechanical waterfall. Sir , I salute you.
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    Potter signs Gilmour for Brighton.... Then ****s off to Chelsea....
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    It's a peculiar season so the EPL has more regular matches than usual before the World Cup break. But otherwise it would be a much more sparse fare for the sides not competing in Europe. But not only sparse. Quite often you get just one home match in a month. I hate it. For a side like Norwich you can go weeks without a win or draw and that's a problem because football supporters enjoy a match for days before and after and if you take that away, as happened during our last two EPL seasons, the fun gets sucked out of being a fan. Already, after a hard fought win at Birmingham, we look forward to another Saturday home game and for a few weeks now it's been this regular and this stimulating. True Club fans don't support their side because of the league it is in and below the EPL the fan experience is much greater and this includes the sense of fairness in being able to compete. So I'm loving being back in the Chumps. Yes, it's great to be winning and it would be great to gain promotion but then it becomes a case of 'here we go again' with the incoming journeymen and speculative chancers who wouldn't give a Club like ours a second look if it wasn't in the EPL. Enjoy this season while it lasts. There is a familiar feeling growing that Norwich City is getting on a roll.
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    The big teams are starting to flatten teams by 6+ a lot more regularly in the PL. This gulf in class will of course be attributed to promoted and lesser teams 'not trying hard enough' rather than the ever increasing power at the top end. Take nothing away from the spectacle, but if you have people playing a game in which it becomes clear there's no way for you to win, interest will quickly fade. I saw a mad take on Twitter between two Utd fans where they concluded teams should be banned from promotion for 3 years if relegated after 1 season. Because then at least other teams could 'have a go'; say it with me now, promoted teams are not the problem
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    Incredible how some of you can't enjoy a last minute winner like that because the manager isn't German enough for you.
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    “Milot expects more of himself and is working hard at that.” Could this sound more like a school report? Hugill: “Jordan is a popular boy and occasionally can work hard with good results, but needs to apply himself consistently.” Aarons:”We expect great things from Max.” Cantwell: “Todd works well when he applies himself but is too easily distracted by his circle of friends.”
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    "In the future, everyone will manage Watford for 15 minutes" - Andy Warhol
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    In my time serving my Queen and Country, when on parades I always enjoyed marching along to the sound of pipes and drums.....Just something about the swirl, the tempo, the passion and energy - and we all used to march with a bit of extra swagger..... Today was a funeral fit for a Queen....and what a wonderful Queen she was.....Well done to all involved you did our Country so proud whilst the World looked on....
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    Several of us who were undecided about Dean Smith said 'let's give him 10 games'. Well, here we are. If you'd asked me on Wednesday then my assessment would have been somewhat more positive, but today was a reality check and highlights how little we've progressed under Smith. I'm willing to allow those first three games as a temporary blip while we found our feet. Far from ideal, but not the end of the world. The next 4 we found a way to win without playing especially well. Definitely a good sign. The next two we hit another gear (for the most part). However, the midfield frailties persist. McLean is not a DM and Nunez is not fast or physical enough (yet) to perform the defensive part of the role he is being asked to do. The telling thing for me is that we had dropped Rashica and (finally) reverted to the 4-2-3-1. With a number 10, Pukki was unshackled and back to his best. Cantwell was playing well too, in the same role in which he had originally broken into Farke's team. We were creating chances. And taking them too. Yet here we are today. Cantwell dropped (squad rotated?) and back to the 4-3-3. And back to the same turgid rubbish from last season. No ideas. No creativity. Pukki isolated. Kenny as a single pivot in midfield, looking vulnerable and ineffective. A massive backwards step. We're second in the table. 2 points per game. Salvaged a draw from a losing position against a good side. It's not so bad. Good enough, ultimately. However I'm still left with the overriding questions: what have we gained? Is this progress? It seems like the plan is still to keep persevering with the 4-3-3, despite its obvious shortcomings with our squad. It isn't working and it won't work with these players. I can't warm to Dean Smith. The atmosphere is flat. There's an underlying discontent, simmering under the surface. We might just about have enough for automatic promotion. But we're nowhere near the level we hit under Farke. And we look further away from being a Premier League team than at any point in the last 4 years. So, after 10 Championship games my verdict on Dean Smith: meh.
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    I got the bike back in action today for a pleasant ride down to CR. There is a touch of Autumn in the air now but it was bright and sunny although the wind was a bit on the gusty side. I expressed on an earlier thread that I was a little concerned that todays visitors might be due a change of fortune because I had watched them against Burnley and Watford and thought they should have won both those games. They are certainly a better side than their league position suggests. City, kicking off towards the Barclay end for a change, gave Sara a long awaited start while Cantwell was demoted to the bench and in the opening five or six minutes both teams had quite long periods of possession without any end result. This was to change abruptly in the 8th minute with West Brom winning a free kick on their left and about thirty yards from goal. The kick ballooned over everybody and into the path of a completely unmarked Dara O'Shea who had the simple task of nodding in for about 6 yards.There was a lot of finger pointing in the home defence and a rather stunned silence from the crowd. If we thought it would stir the home side into action we were badly mistaken as a sequence of slow labourious build ups, interspersed with some near fatal giving the ball away, was to be our fare for much of the half. Indeed the visitors might have had a second when from another giveaway in the 15th minute, Hanley was lucky not to get penalised when bundling into Swift in the area. The visitors seemed to be wasting time from an early stage and the crowd got annoyed, but in truth they looked comfortable and squeezed the life out of most of City's attempts to come forward. It got really quiet as most in the crowd could see that we were second best in most departments and it took a series of corners at the midway stage before the crowd started to get into the game. There were a couple of bright moments from Ramsey who tried to get things going down the left but West Brom defended at the expense of another corner. From the cross there was a scramble and a Nunez shot from 20 yards was only narrowly wide. Ten minutes later he tee'd up from a similar range but shot miles over. I then tried to get things going with my usual pre halftime excursion to the toilets and it did at least produce an effort from Sara that hit the top of the crossbar. At the whistle there were more than a few boo's round me and although I didn't join in I was strongly tempted to hold up a blank sheet of paper. Unfortunately I didn't have one on me. Again I expected some sort of response as they came out for the second half and again I was to be sadly disappointed as things continued in much the same manner only slightly worse. Almost all the play was condensed in the City half as the away side continued to dominate and Button, in the West Brom goal might well have brought a newspaper and a deckchair out with him for all the work he had to do. Hernandez came on for Sara on the hour mark and it did at least give us a bit more going forward as the little man stretched the visitors defence and a cut back gave Nunez a sighter from 25 yards which he could only scoop well over the bar. It did succeed in increasing the intensity as City broke down the right and Pukki almost slipped Sargent in only for the shot to be deflected wide. It turned out to be the prelude to an equaliser however as Hernandez's cut back cross in the 68th minute, found Pukki on the edge of the box and his powerful strke appeared to deflect off Byrom before nestling in the net. West Brom defenders appealed for handball and my son said that in his opinion it was one of those that VAR would have disallowed. It all happened so quick that I won't venture an opinion but all that counted was that the ref, after consulting his linesman, gave the goal. From here thoughts of a victory probably began to flicker through some peoples minds but I can't say it really looked likely and would have been a travesty of justice had it occurred. Dowell and Cantwell came on in the closing stages and although Dowell had a snap shot straight at the keeper late on, most of the play was still centred in the City half of the field and it took a few stern challenges by the City rearguard to secure what looked for long periods, a very unlikely point. Again at the end quite a lot of booing, but not from me as I was still looking for my blank sheet of paper. MOM? Nah, don't think so.
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    No idea what you are responding to, but Farke started believing in his own hype and was falling out with and discarding players at an alarming rate. It would have been nice to have bought more expensive players, but perhaps Farke would have destroyed their confidence last season like he did Tsoliz, Giannoulis and Cantwell. Adam Idah looks a new man under Smith too, and what on earth was Farke thinking discarding Onel in favour of the Polish beanstalk. I think Farke had some extreme personality traits which saw him fall out with a lot of players, was their unity in the squad? Last season I don't think things were harmonious at all. He could be a bit toxic. I'm sure Leitner was difficult to work with, but it always shocked me that Trybull was put in the bomb squad, seemed like such a nice chap and gave it all on the pitch. Farke did really well to build a league winning side in just 2 seasons here, but he's got a dark side and I'm not sure we can actually afford to sustain his attrition rate when we're talking big money players. More manageable when they are cheapos and free agents. If Mr. Dean 'a bit mediocre' Smith leads us to a league title this season i think people may start to realise that our success is down, dare I say it, to our growth off the pitch, and our philosophies imposed by Webber and Ward, and not as much down to Farke being some sort of a genius. If Farke was a genius at anything it was cultivating fan buy in. Smith is already showing himself better at making game changing subs... Sara on for the assist yesterday weren't it?
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    Who do you think took the photo?
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    Again, why the need to rewrite history just to have something to whinge about regarding Smith? Farke was constantly criticised for his lack of involvement on the touchline and surely the one negative all fans had was his inability to change a game when the play wasn't going our way. No plan B was a constant comment. Now we have a coach who's tried and trying various methods and formations of play- and we get this nonsense OP. As a ST holder behind the dugouts I can say Farke did show passion at times but pales in comparison to many managers, and I'd say Smith is certainly as passionate, and much much much more vocal, along with Shakespeare. There was a good post saying that fans only see what they want rather than what's actually happening. I agree in this situation that people simply don't want Smith to succeed and therfore are doing all they can to find a negative. When actually we should be celebrating a coach who's not got the star players we lauded last time out, who's bringing in youth and new signings to the team, who's tried different styles (but we have no identity mwah mwah ) and.... has got us to the top of the league. If Farke was in charge, I guarantee we would not have the bleating about his touchline antics, poor 25mins in second half (when already 2-0 up!!!) and that it was a missed opportunity to push ahead our GD. We won 3-0 and are top of the league. Happy days.
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    Yeah quite right. Kissing the badge is one thing but having a Norwich tattoo is another. He's turning the clock back to 2018/19 Onel. And don't forget after Project Restart he was the only player that gave a ****.
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    You could have just said 'no, never heard of him'
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    You’re in the right place
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    Good win for our U18s at the weekend. Fantastic goalkeeping performance from Caleb Ansen and an emphatic winner from Ken Aboh.
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    He is one strange, hate filled man. If there's one thing the Queens death has done is really expose some rather nasty people.
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    I had the honour to serve our fabulous monarch for 26 years in the RAF, I am literally heartbroken after hearing the sad news upon my arrival at Heathrow this evening. Thank you your majesty, reunited with your true love, Prince Philip, sleep tight
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    It just seems strange to me is all, crying for someone you never knew She was the mother of the nation - the figurehead at the head of the country that was always above the nonsense of politics and politicians so a very important part of the workings of the country, a fantastic ambassador for the UK around the world, a plainly lovely lady whose smile was always full and sincere, the knowledge and experience she had about her position was incredible, a hugely influential person who carried out her duties with 100% comittment ever since she was old enough to know what they were - and that is since 1938 when her father came to the throne - 84 years. No retirement, always focussed, never let her guard down, always stayed in control through the terrible times in her personal and family life - and showed a kind of love and devotion in her duties to the country that can only be wondered at. Look at the smile she had on her face in that photo of her with Liz Truss just two days ago, full of life and radiance as always. She was a huge figure at the head of the country and has been since before the second world war. I've never been a staunch royalist either, but in recent years, I've grown to appreciate her more and more - the historical aspects of her life and the monarchy are astonishing - and although, as you say, we never knew her personally, she was like a distant relative you knew all about and felt an affinity to. She has seen it all and given her whole life to her duty and position, so yes, she was worth a tear or two.
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    "potter is a fool"
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    So back in the 80s I remember watching a young striker Dion Dublin playing for the reserves. He was released and signed for Kings Lynn. I followed his career in the following years as his goals helped drag Cambridge through the leagues and so nearly to the PL. He then signed for Man U for a million quid but unfortunately broke his leg and subsequently scored loads of PL goals for Coventry and Villa. Played for England too. We did get him back in 2006 for a swan song. http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/dublin.htm
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    Probably our worst performance of the season but a cracking result. Feel a bit light on the winners but here goes... Winners Onel Hernandez- faced some (valid) criticism over his lack of end product and still may be better suited to being a sub but a last minute winner can't be argued with, especially taken that coolly. Also unlucky not to get an assist after some uncharacteristically poor finishing by Pukki. Byram- the team looks much better with an actual fullback in there, even if his final ball was lacking at times. If he can stay fit he can hold the fort until Dimi and McCallum return. Dean Smith's substitutions- again, subs changed the game and played a key part in getting us back into it. Those of us who said this was a poor league- we've not got going yet but we're second and have won 4 on the bounce. There are some scrappy teams in this league but eventually our depth of quality will win out over teams. Losers Dowell & Sinani- all three of our attacking midfielders got hauled off after an hour v Sunderland but only Onel was left riding the pine. Neither of these two did anything to justify the reprieve though, phoning in completely anonymous performances and both were deservedly hooked after an hour again. If either start v Coventry it'll be a big surprise. Aaron Ramsey- after some promising flashes from the bench he got a start in his home city but didn't grab it by the scruff of the neck. He's only 19 so inconsistency is to be expected but can have no complaints if he's back on the bench on Saturday. Marcelino Nunez- after a white hot start to his time in England he's had a couple of difficult games. Gets credit for never hiding and always looking to make things happen but too often tonight his radar was off. Too many overhit balls or misplaced flicks that, against better opposition, may have cost us. Still easily the most creative of our starting midfield though. Dean Smith's team selection- surprising to see just the two changes after the poor first hour v Sunderland and those choices could have cost us today. Luckily the strength in depth saved us but Smith has to work out his best XI soon. I said after Sunderland he needs to find a way of getting Sargent and Pukki on together and that remains the first order of business but close behind is how to get more out of Max Aarons in attack. Championship referees- I really don't like blaming refs but it is kind of amazing we've yet to have a penalty considering some of the stonewallers we've had this season. Add Sargent being tripped to the Byram pull and Aarons kneecapping we've seen in recent games. It really has to change.
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    Roger and I were best mates for a number of years and we attended matches together for many seasons. More recently (the last three years) his presence at Carrow Road became less frequent due to his worsening health, he suffered from Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and emphysema, the later requiring a portable oxygen cylinder. As some have alluded to, he was an erudite raconteur who could entertain at the drop of a hat and was an immensely respected marketeer, It was this expertise that he brought to the club, initially as a Director and then as Chairman for seven years. Among his many achievements as Chairman were the introduction of the family enclosure (the first in the country I believe) and increasing season ticket sales from circa 13,000 to the current level of 21,500, this was achieved thanks to a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work, and were undertaken alongside his ‘day job’. I worked with Roger on a number of business projects and saw his skill and expertise at first hand and it was an absolute pleasure to behold. Roger had many passions, from his model railway, through to his cars, however Norwich City FC and the fans were top of the list, so much so that despite his ailments and mobility issues we would meet for lunch every Thursday at a well-known hostelry and for two hours or so we chewed the fat over all things football and Norwich City, interspersed with numerous hilarious stories he would tell involving past players and managers, Roger spent the last week in hospital, the only excuse I would accept for him missing our Thursday lunch, and passed away peacefully at 5.55am this morning and I know he would have appreciated the recognition shown to him at the match today. I’m going to miss you my dear friend, rest in peace. Ray PS) I make no apology for posting this on both threads
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    Trying to make sense of a very confusing game last night.... Winners Norwich! - We won! We beat a team near the top of the league! We're second with a 4 point gap to 3rd after only 9 games! Teemu Pukki- Questions had been asked after a quiet start to the season but last night was peak Pukki. A few weeks ago I'm not confident he'd have taken the second goal with such ease but now he looks comfortable again it never felt in doubt. Can he break 100 goals this season? Josh Sargent- No where near as effective on the right wing as through the middle but he still popped up with a crucial goal and had some moments on the counter where he looked a real threat. I'm still of the opinion though that Smith needs to find a way to get him and Pukki playing together rather than having to shunt Sargent out to the periphery. Issac Hayden- no game has exposed our lack of a DM more than this one and thus the 'Becchio effect' goes into overdrive for Hayden. You've got to think either him or Gibbs are going to be pushed into the first team as soon as they are fit. Gabriel Sara- easily his best cameo off the bench and surely odds on to start at the weekend. Our pre-held prejudices- If you went into this game (like me) largely being pro-Smith you'd have come out of this one generally pleased to see us beating a good team in Bristol City without a recognised DM or left back. If you went in doubtful of Smith then a performance full of sloppiness and errors in defence and lightweight midfield performances likely won't have won you over. Our luck- earlier in the season I commented how unlucky we'd been with some of the goals conceded earlier this season. Last night felt like it evened out somewhat with several suicidal passes in the first half not quite dropping for Bristol City players and thus not costing us early on. Would be good to cut it out ASAP. Losers Daniel Sinani- Coming on as a sub is tough but all in all his 20 minutes cameo was pretty rancid. An error that helped set up a goal, blasting a great chance to seal the game straight at the keeper and another shot miles over the bar. It just wasn't happening for him last night and it didn't help that he replaced Pukki on a hat-trick. Tim Krul- maybe it is just me but Krul has gone from being a keeper that largely seems to inspire confidence to one that gives me 3 or 4 heart in mouth moments a game, especially with the ball at his feet. You do have to wonder how long before Gunn is between the sticks. The midfield off the ball- it isn't the fault of anyone on the pitch last night that we don't have a proper DM fit enough to play but we still need to see more off the ball from the players who are out there. Cantwell offered zero protection to Byram down the left, while the McLean, Ramsey, Nunez combo in the middle offered very little resistance when Bristol marauded forward with the ball through the middle. Based on how easily we were cut through, it is probably a blessing our trip to Burnley has been postponed. The ref- it is very rare that the final whistle of a home win is greeted by boos and jeers but the referee's decision to blow the final whistle as Sara had just slipped us in one on one completed a second half performance that felt more like performance art than refereeing. Obviously we'll never know but if we miss out on promotion by goal difference you do wonder if this might come up again...
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    Webber missed a trick there. Smith out!
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    It's tough, I don't think DS is the man to take us forward. He doesn't know his best side or setup, we have a vast amount of attacking players yet aren't creating anything. I want to change Smith, to do that we'd obviously have to lose, I don't want us to lose. I'd be very worried if we scrape promotion and have to rely on Smith to take us to a genuine next level. For me we're papering over cracks.
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