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    Exactly. I’m completely behind him and hope he replicates the success he had with us, with them. It’d be brilliant to see the East Anglian derby as a top flight fixture and even better if it was more competitive and they won a few... Or... Give your head a wobble. He was brilliant with us but he jumped ship at the first sniff of a ‘big club’. He has failed miserably everywhere he has been since and we’ve grown (eventually) without him. Ultimately, he’s back where he was before we gave him his break; managing a poor East Anglian team in League One. He has never shown an ounce of loyalty at any club he’s been at and if he never sets foot in Carrow Road again, I wouldn’t be bothered. Meanwhile, we’re playing better football than we ever did under him, the club is more ‘together’ than it has ever been and he’s scraping results against AFC Wimbledon with a rag-tag bunch of turd footballers and loanees while blindsiding their support with meaningless platitudes and soundbites. I once got banned from this forum for saying what I really thought..
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    I don't remember you telling me that we would start the season with three excellent performances, convincingly winning the one game we stood a chance in and running the UEFA Cup winners really close. I don't recall you mentioning how we would have the league leading goalscorer or be among the most entertaining teams to watch. I also don't remember you acknowledging that we are bringing a promising defensive midfielder up to speed and awaiting the imminent returns of two of our best three centre backs. Nor do I recall your insight into how it might take a few games for the players to get used to the speed and intensity of the Premier League or how this young and inexperienced team would exceed all expectations in this regard.
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    LAWRO'S PREDICTIONS All kick-offs 15:00 BST unless stated. Norwich City 12:30 Chelsea Norwich got lucky against Newcastle last Saturday. Pukki's wild hoof at the ball in the 1st half would have gone over the stand 99 times out of 100 whilst Newcastle would have got a deserved equaliser through Joelinton's bullet like header had the goalposts at Carrow Road been in the correct position. I don't get the fuss about Pukki. He's got lucky four times this season, he won't do it again whilst the Norwich lads and their mates who make up the team under manager David Fork will struggle against Kerry Dixon's power and the pace of Pat Nevin on the wing. Norwich 0 Chelsea 3
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    This is so laughable it’s hardly worth commenting on. Zimmerman was by far our best defender last season and that showed by his finishing 2nd in player of the season. Hanley did what in our promotion campaign?
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    Outside of the 5 or 6 biggest teams in the league no other team is likely to have a 4th choice centre back that could be considered "very good" at this level. Just feels like people are stating the obvious and being unfair to Hanley as an individual. He knew where he stood this season which is why he almost signed for a Championship club. He's all we've got fit, we know Klose and hopefully Zimmermann are better. Perhaps in January he'll complete that move and we'll upgrade, in the meantime he's one of ours and we support him whenever he's on the pitch. This club has made giant strides towards being one about togetherness and winning and losing as a club. We could carry on in that direction or we could start threads slagging off our players.
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    Nice in depth analysis from the Newcastle game, i'm glad to report even Steipi gets a shout out in this one https://www.canofootball.com/articles/tactical-analysis/norwich-city-and-sheffield-united-the-new-boys-with-the-new-ideas-a-statistical-analysis/
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    Is Mr Farke quickly becoming one of our most successful/ popular managers of all time? I`m impressed with every interview he does, speaks so highly of our club and fans. I for one am thankful for such a nice guy leading our great club, we`re playing the best football i`ve seen home and away for many years, long may it continue.
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    I told you all well before the season started Norwich City were going to come a cropper because of the lack of defensive preparedness for this season at this level. So now we have had 4-1 against Atalanta, 4-1 against Liverpool and 3-2 against Chelsea. The Suffolk Socialists decided to prepare the club for The Championship next season instead of the EPL this season so now the chickens are coming home to roost. Already the most goals conceded in the EPL. The SS are just not committed to football at this level because they will not go to the next step financially. They are haunted by Naismith and so spending no money at all is now their mantra. It is not just me highlighting the shortcomings. The boy Downs on Canary Call virtually said all the same things word for word. We are well on course to be the highest scoring team ever to be relegated from the EPL. Just as I predicted. Delia and Wynnie must go. No one else is responsible as we have seen these shortcomings year after year, coach after coach.
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    And who on this thread suggested that Hanley should be selected ahead of Godfrey? No-one, you are making up stuff now. The fact that Godfrey was picked to play last season demonstrates the ability of Farke and his team to 1) recognise potential talent and 2) to nurture it. And if they believe Hanley is our best option at CB then that’s enough, move on, find something else to worry about. And the amount of hindsight on this thread is, well, actually it’s unsurprising given previous nonsense we regularly see on here. We started the season with four CBs, four and a half if you count Amadou. Everyone from what I can see rates Godfrey as a future £30m+ player. Timm has been there and done it in the PL, and could have kept us up if it wasn’t for his injury in the past. Zimmerman is a rock, had a fantastic season last time, and was singled out by Wenger when we played Arsenal. There weren’t many (any?) posters on here saying he wouldn’t be up to the PL. And for a fourth choice - fourth choice - CB we have Hanley, who has played in the PL, was probably out best CB at the start of last season and was one of the most expensive players in our squad last year. And as I said, we have Amadou. But we should have rushed out and spent a huge chunk of our available transfer fund on someone better? Seriously? But suddenly all the know it alls are out saying we should have bought a better defender than Timm. Like I say, pure hindsight.
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    I informed Mrs R that it was an early kick off but still couldn't get out of the usual trawl round Sainsburies and M & S this morning. However I was able to escape eventually and by the time I got to CR at just after twelve, it was more than a touch on the warm side. It was same again for City and I was quietly pleased to see Chelsea were without Kante and Pedro. Every little bit helps when you play these teams who have such an embarrasment of riches. The opening exchanges were cagey with both sets of players playing some easy possession but when Chelsea came forward down their right there was plenty of time and space for Abrahams to get on the end of a perfect cross and slam a low first time shot past a startled Tim Krul. It was hugely disappointing to concede so easily but City weren't behind for long and it was lovely control from Buendia that made it. The little Argentine rode through a couple of tackles before combining with Todd Cantwell, and then Pukki as he surged into the box. Pukki might have had a go from the angle of the six yard line but clevely picked out Cantwell with a sharp pass and the City youngster made no mistake with a low effort through Arrizabalaga's legs. It was a lovely goal and one the pundits would rave about had it been scored by one of the big boys. For a while it was even steven but Chelsea definitely had the edge in quality and the home defence were often at full stretch. A goal was coming and it wasn't a surprise when City couldn't clear their lines in the seventeenth minute. Mount's speed and clever movement left him in the clear to rifle a shot past Krul from near the penalty spot. City were only attacking spasmodically and finding it difficult to deal with the visitors sharpness in midfield. It could easily have been 3-1 just before the half hour only for Krul to superbly deny Christiansen's powerful header with a instinctive palm over the bar. City seemed to get a second wind and came forward down the right. Cantwell cleverly dumied a pass that found Buendia in space and once again the little wizard timed his pass perfectly for Pukki to outpace a defender and fire a low angled shot that the keeper could only parry before finding the net to square things up again. It was now the home sides turn to dominate for a while and there was a big chance for them when Buendia's free kick was only parried by the Chelsea keeper. Hanley manage to get a shot in from the rebound but Arrizabalaga was able the block it and the ball was hoofed away. There were one or two other alarms for City as we ran up to half time but thankfully the defence held firm. It was a satisfactory half but you couldn't deny that Chelsea were asking most of the questions and this pattern of play became even more obvious as City were often at full stretch in the opening ten minutes of the second period. Hanley and Godfrey made important blocks and Krul had to punch a corner away under heavy pressure. As we came up to the hour mark Emmerson had loades of space and time on the right to hammer a shot that somehow Kru managed to grab and hold. It looked like City might be able to hold on and there were hopes of even more when Pukki found enough space for a strike on goal but the Chelsea keeper saved comfortably high to his right. City had been drawn a bit too far forward in that attack and when Chelsea broke forward the ball was played quickly to Abrahams who made room for himself before rapping a twenty yarder past Krul. It was hard for City now but Godfrey almost brough City back into the game with a strong run that was only with difficulty crowded out for a corner. When the cross came over it was Godfrey again with a storming header that clipped the bar and went over. With ten minutes left Farke went for a back three and took Trybull, Leitner and Stiepermann off, bringing on Vrancic, McClean and Srbeny. The home side piled forward but Chelsea looked comfortable and milked the time with a bit of gamesmanship with players falling over at every opportunity. Buendia managed to slide a ball across the visitors six yard line but unsurprisingly the legs were beginning to go by this time. There were a few boo's at the final whistle, hopefully only for Chelsea's time wasting because I thought the boys gave everything but there was little doubt that it was the visitors who had the edge in class. My MOM, Ben Godfrey, also outstanding contributions from Cantwell, Leitner and Lewis. Buendia was brilliant in flashes. A fair result but we always knew it would be hard against the class teams.
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    Whilst we played very well on Saturday (and in spells at Anfield) i'm a bit uneasy about some of the comments I've seen since about how we will beat Chelsea or how Shef U look like a championship playoff side in comparison (I do think we will prevail over the course of the season but they are up there on merit, have a good manager and have made a better start than us). I obviously hope we continue to grow and we prove the doubters wrong but it seems a bit premature for some of the baiting of pundits on social media that has taken place since the weekend claiming we have already proven them wrong. They may yet be proven right in which case they will have the last laugh. We have won one game and still have an defence that looks very ropey at times. We are very reliant on Pukki who to date has not been injured for any length of time. We are at our best when humble and channelling the underdog spirit so lets not get too big for our boots off the back of a couple of decent showings.
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    Can we pleaaase not make Steips the skapegoat this year. I can see it coming already. Some d1ck behind me on saturday was whinging for Farke to 'get him orrf, e'z useless' ! we need to look at his contribution more closely, he drives us forward so many times. done underestimate what effect getting us up the pitch 20, 30 yards can have. even if he then plays a sidewards pass, its huge to our gameplay. he had a huge hand in 2 of teemu's goals on saturday too, how many players would have tried the turn and shot for pukki's first goal? instead, he played it calmly back out to emi and the rest is history. i think he is a confidence player so the moaning and groaning just because he isnt scoring isnt going to help
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    This is why, unlike Gareth Bale, I had so much respect for Steve McClaren in Holland, and Joey Barton in France, they nailed the native tongue in what seemed minutes, it was incredible
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    Aww Gawd - if Merson is backing us to stay up then relegation is almost a certainty!
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    When I said paul moy was the stupidest person in this thread I didn't mean for Jools to see it as a challenge.
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    Well surprise surprise...some away games are more popular than others..just as its always been. and its for exactly that reason as to why those games should be sold on a staggered priority,points based system
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    We set up to go toe-to-toe with Chelsea, trusting our collective methodology over their individual talents. No shame in Chelsea slightly having the edge over us today, we gave our best and there wasn’t a lot in it. We played some brilliant football at times and had them on the back foot with quality football. Not shutting spaces, shutting the game down and spoiling to create an equality, but genuinely trusting our football to compete with them. A great effort from young, vibrant, talented players,playing highly intelligent, well-drilled, fluid football. I’m not sure what more can be asked . Parma
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    Apart from being at fault for the Newcastle goal and almost allowing Joelinton to score a head at 0-0.
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    Even if we go on a bad losing run, get relegated and struggle next season (I don't think any of those will happen), this man deserves us to stick by him. The style, the entertainment, the we he talks (win lose or draw), his bravery to stick to his philosophy and his attitude is everything I want associated with our club. He has become my favourite ever manager (or player).
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    But on a serious note, Stiepermann is very unorthodox as a number ten, but he contributes more to the team than some people realise. He may not have the quick feet, turn of pace or tricky dribbling that a traditional player in that role has, and he may not be able to play eye-of-the-needle through balls on a regular basis, but he has other qualities. His size unsettles opponents, in a similar way to Marouane Fellaini at Everton when he played that role. That makes life a lot easier for Buendia, Cantwell and Pukki as they have someone else to do the dirty work and allow them to play. Besides, Stiepermann's technique isn't exactly poor and he possesses an excellent shot from range and has the tactical nous to make the right decision most of the time and link play very well. I see no reason to drop Stiepermann at this time.
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    Nobody is forcing you to be an idiot but you’re making a good job of it
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    No KG, my son has had a serious illness so it may be while before we get the bikes out again. Sorry to hear that Ricardo. Best wishes I know from all of us to your son and your family.
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    I checked out your message board, where you called us ‘snobby’, and it seems that because we weren’t too enamoured with the quality of the Sheff Utd v Palace game, it’s caused a mini meltdown - not quite of WACCOE proportions, but a meltdown nonetheless. I’m sorry if you’re offended because some of us, myself included, thought it was a game lacking in quality. I would love to say what a great game it was for the neutral, but if you have a look around at other supporters message boards they’re all saying the same thing. It’s nothing personal. It just wasn’t an amazing game, and as yours and Palace’s relegation rivals, it’s hard not to be pleased with what we saw. We played a poor team ourselves at the weekend, but the difference is we put them to the sword very convincingly indeed - you managed a 1-0 win. Who’s getting carried away here? I think we can all see that Wilder has you pretty well drilled defensively, as many people have stated on this thread, myself included. But I still can’t see what you and your fellow supporters are seeing in your attack - where are the goals going to come from? The likes of David McGoldrick etc (we know him well), do you genuinely believe you have the same quality offensively as us? There is no Pukki, Buendia, Vrancic, Hernandez, Cantwell, Drmic etc at Sheff Utd as far as I can see, or am I missing something? Time will tell of course, but I’m confident that our focus on attack, and a quality one at that, rather than defence will prove to be more successful in our attempts to staying up this season - sure, we’ll take some beatings along the way, but I don’t think you have enough quality up top to surprise too many teams like we possibly can. Sorry if that sounds ‘snobby’ or whatever but I’m just saying it how I see it. But credit to Wilder on his well drilled defence, you do look smartly organised there. As for us being at full strength, your friend is very misinformed. We’ve just lost Hernandez for 3 months, maybe more. And with total respect to Grant Hanley, our 4th choice centre back, but he’s behind the pecking order in 99% of City supporters eyes, and we will certainly be a stronger unit when Zimmermann, or Klose, return from injury alongside Godfrey. We have new players yet to feature such as a CDM, Amadou from Sevilla, and a top GK in Fahrmann from Schalke. It maybe that once they get their chance in the side then we’ll know what truly is our full strength side. At the moment, we’ve played a poor team in Newcastle, and the Champions of Europe in Liverpool, of which we quite rightly got many plaudits for. We showed offensively we can trouble the best, and if it wasn’t for some uncharacteristic wayward shooting, that result may well have been different despite Hanley sending us on our way with an unfortunate own goal. In Palace you’ve also played a poor team, and in Bournemouth, they’re not the team they once were and I have a feeling they will be keeping an eye on the wrong end of the table this season too. So I think your posters perhaps need to temper their expectations until you’ve also played someone significantly of note. As for ‘Canary Yellow’, who’s clearly a poster on here, and a two faced one at that, stating we’re ‘lunatics’. Well, we have our fair share of characters on here (which is a good thing), but generally it’s a very decent balanced forum with posters who live and breathe NCFC, sharing many different viewpoints - I’m not sure that’s in the Oxford dictionary under ‘lunatic’ but perhaps our ‘friend’ Canary Yellow has a better understanding of literacy than ourselves. I would have thought ‘fanatic’ was a more appropriate description myself, but never mind! Good luck for the season also. Will be very interesting to see how it plays out, I’m optimistic we’ll surprise a few people and finish around where we are now. OTBC