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    Her dad- it's a girl Anyway, if Onel had taken the advice in the thread title then he'd be on the way to Brighton as we speak.
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    While some of us had higher hopes before the start of the season, most people (quite rightly) expected us to be fighting for survival. We obviously set the bar pretty high by beating Man City so it is understandable to be disappointed by the run of games since - just 1 point from 5 matches is a poor return. However, we are not far away from where we would have expected to be and I'm sure we will turn things around. When reflecting on the first quarter of the season, keep in mind the following: We have played 7 out of the current top 10 in the league. While no Premier League game is easy, we have faced a disproportionate number of the better (and more in-form) teams. We will have easier runs of fixtures in which to make up points. We have faced a ridiculous injury crisis of unprecedented scale. It was always a gamble to largely stick with the promoted squad, but imagine if it was £100m worth of new signings lining the treatment room right now. Just 1 win could see us out of the relegation zone. We are involved in some very entertaining games. Last night was quite a spectacle, even though the performance was poor on the whole. I would much rather see that kind of drama than a tight and cagey 1-0 loss. Even if we do get relegated we will be in a great position. Obviously it would be a big loss, but we would be in great shape to tear up the Championship again. Last season was the best I can remember. I'd rather we had won a couple more games, but things are likely to improve over the coming weeks. Let's enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is supporting Norwich!
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    Or people are presenting horribly simplistic solutions as self-certified pub wisdom. We can attract young, unproven, technical talent because we play such players. We don’t have a lot of money. Quality technical and big physical players are very expensive and everyone chases them. We have no money so we go after players with chequered careers, injury risks or those who have travelled without settling or - excellently - quality young players starved of opportunity (that de-facto others have rejected or not opened the door to). Whatever we choose we want players who can play a fluid, expansive, possession-oriented game. To bring in physical players therefore either means the binary of bringing in players who are big and physical (and perhaps not so technical, thus undermining the model) or bringing in players who are big and physical and technical (which every half-baked analyst from a 3rd tier side can identify. They cost a fortune and everybody chases them, thus undermining the model - again). We are on a model on the Auxerre-Ajax-Barcelona spectrum of long term methodology and philosophy. We will prefer players we have bred and talent we have schooled. If we can have all the assets plus physicality of course we will welcome it with open arms. Of course equal brilliant and superior physical beats just equal brilliant most times. To change means so much more than trite pub landlord solutions and simplicities. We were incredible last year. It was a wonderful unexpected miracle. We didn’t then spend any money. Other Premier teams already had lots of money and lots of great players. Our methodology is refreshing and will maximise our chances and improve our players based on our available parameters. Repeatedly upsetting the odds against teams and players that are better is unlikely however. You must believe it and you will sometimes achieve it, though let us not stake our houses on rainbows and unicorns, rather let us enjoy victories against Man City and the wonderful memories of a beautiful and - let’s not forget - the already against the odds and unexpected success of last year. We are pocketing the cash to develop the model. A pragmatic choice and one that has momentum behind it, though is borne as much out of necessity as choice. We either go into a gunfight with a knife or we try some innovative guerilla tactics that may not work, though which do not see Steven Naismith in the reserves, but rather see Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell et al receive an unbuyable education, likely enhancing their values (perhaps exponentially) and ‘proving’ to the world that we meant it when we said ‘come here (excellent young, underused player) and you’ll be given a fair chance and a great education. This way the next Maddison comes to us too. And slightly better young players are attracted than even before. And so it continues. Or you could spend a load of cash on big lads that are a bit worse than everybody else’s big lads, with money we don’t have and putting off all the young gifted players that we haven’t yet signed that are crucial to our sustainability under the current model. Parma
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    I have been watching Krul closely, he's been doing this since August.
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    I'll go for 0/0. I apportion the blame as follows; Sunshine 0% Moonlight 0% Good Times 0% Boogie 100%
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    Hi, Having just read Adam’s post I have felt compelled to sign up to your forum & post. As a BHA fan I feel embarrassed as to his post. Clearly a wind up poster & not a Brighton fan. I was at the match yesterday and your side didn’t play that poorly. Indeed if that shot in the first half hadn’t hit the top of the crossbar you would have gone 1-0 up and the game would have resulted in a different outcome. It took our subs to finally break you down which I suggest is down to stronger numbers in depth currently for us. Beat Watford next week & you are back in the room - you only need to win 9 games to stay up & pick up some draws. There is little difference between any of 10 or so clubs in this division. Keep battling & supporting your side. Great to see 3,000 Canaries yesterday. Lots of friendly banter between the sides.
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    Are you Diane Abbott?
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    I think the problem isn't so much the individual quality of the players, I think they would all be at least squad players for a lot of the current prem teams, more of the problem is that collectively they don't have the experience and we have had such a huge hole in our foundation through injuries our players have just not been able to adapt as a collective.
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    To be fair , this board gets much more interesting when we are losing. The pious , the moany, the "I told you so's" , those that know more about football (or accounting) than professionals, those with encyclopaedic knowledge on all football contracts, the sky deal, tactics , Fifa 2020 , who we did or didn't try and sign , is great isn't it? I think this is the highlight at the moment. I'm glad I binned my Brighton ticket. I might leave early from the Watford game. I remember when we were a well run Club. June I think it was.
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    Lol Morgan signed Big Dunc from Colchester at a time when Mid-table Div 2 (Champs) and a cup run was the best we did. By the time he hung up his boots we'd had 8 seasons's in the top flight and 2 Wembley cup finals. Duncan Forbes was a massive part of that success. I'd say the modern era would not have happened without him. So many memories from those years but not just the football. He was a big part of the community around the club. When my son Duncan was a baby he used to say "hello Little Dunc, I'm big Dunc". On away trips he'd order a crocodile sandwich "and make it snappy". He sadly spent the last years of his life stricken by alzheimer's. So sad and so unfair. Duncan's wife Janette came to our Still On The Ball group in the summer and shared some great memories and of course a few of those jokes. A Scotsman's favourite dessert? Tartan custard... RIP Big Dunc and thanks for everything.
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    Norfolk Cafu has taken his first step on the management ladder after being appointed manager at MK Dons. Have no doubt he will be a massive success. Good luck to him!
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    Leitner is the perfect foil for a midfielder destroyer. Put him next to Amadou and he'll be more effective. As much as I trust Farke, I do find his decision to push Leitner into an advanced role slightly odd. He's clearly so much more comfortable with the play in front of him, and therefore suits the deeper role. Providing he's got a ball winner next to him.
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    Quite a lot of players wear gloves. It's not just to keep their little handy pandies warm, it's medically proven that if you keep the extremities warm, the body will waste less energy trying to keep them up to temperature and therefore mean the energy can go where its needed most - in their legs...or maybe in some cases, their brains.
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    Sad occasion for my first ever post . My first Norwich hero . As a little boy I was lucky enough to sometimes go in the players lounge after games with my Dad . Dad was popular with the players as he worked for the then Norwich Brewery Company/Watneys and many of them had an eye on taking a pub when they retired , although I don’t think Dunc did . He’d always come over with a drink for me and say hello and ask me what I thought of the game . And as he approached he’d always roar “Duck , low flying haggis !” . Got me every time ! Wonderful man , great memories . Cheers Duncan Forbes . Bless your heart. RIP .
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    We’re hilarious really. When we’re winning there’s an apparent togetherness, unity and pride that we did it against the odds; didn’t go down the tried and tested “bullocks to FFP, let’s spend it anyway and if we get promoted it doesn’t matter”. Yet for all the joy and happiness at winning the title, for some it was through gritted teeth. On the one hand their team had won the league, on the other it AGAIN demonstrated some sort of justification for Smith and her cost-neutral approach. How many more times can she possibly get lucky? Here we are, looking decidedly ropey having again chosen to live within our means and the clenched teeth are now gnashing again. No ambition, no plan B, no money, where’s it all gone? Becchio Syndrome is also back in full flight with anyone not playing an obvious and immediate upgrade on somebody that is; what does Patrick Roberts have to do to get a game instead of that moany little git Buendia? Can’t be long until the Times article is dragged up and the “clubs not for sale” brigade reunite for a comeback tour. Perhaps they could support Westlife? They’ve got plenty of money.
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    I'd take a point all day long.
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    It's been a busy old day today, what with it being Mrs R's birthday and having to run my great grandson out to Watton for a Sunday League match. At least we managed to fit in a nice roast dinner at Hingham on the way back before getting off to CR. It was pleasantly sunny in the morning but the gloves and woolly hat were needed this evening. An unchanged side wasn't a surprise and we started well enough when Aarons made good ground down the right before picking out Cantwell in the box. The shot was high over the top when from a good position fifteen yards out, it really should have tested the keeper. United were looking quite sharp but City appeared to be coping well in the early exchanges, indeed we were past ten minutes before their first attempt from the left of the box skidded well wide. Then with twenty minutes on the clock Krul, was finally forced into a meaningful stop when he got his feet in the way of a low shot from the dangerous James. From the resulting corner Krul somehow got in the way of a point blank effort that the City stopper somehow conjured over the bar. It should have been a warning but when the second corner came over from the right there was a fair amount of dither from Cantwell, giving McTominay a chance to strike a low shot beyond the static Canary defence. A couple of minutes later James, burst through and from my viewpoint seemed to throw himself into Godfrey before both players went down. The ref initially waved it away but consulted VAR. It seemed purely academic to me but I was totally stunned when after a long delay, VAR overturned it and a penalty was given. I can only conclude that I missed something but those closer to the action than me certainly didn't seem to think that it was clear and obvious. Thankfully justice was done when Krul grabbed Rashford's shot to his right. The crowd got really loud as City came forward but more dithering on the halfway line saw James nip in and flight a long crossfield pass to the unmarked Rashford who controlled well before slotting under Krul. Dear oh dear we do continue to be the masters of our own misfortune. Aarons was having a decent game down the left and a few minutes later almost created a goal when the ball was worked inside to Pukki who gave a chance for Cantwell to strike one from twenty yards only for DeGea to palm it over for a corner. When United came back a fierce shot from the edge of the box struck a defender before going wide. The ref signalled a corner but once again VAR overturned it and gave a penalty. Again, I was too far away to comment on that one. Unbelievably Krul was once more the hero when he went full length to his left to fist away Martial's hard low effort. Carrow Road was a cauldron of discontent by this time and chanted VAR, VAR at every disputed decision but in truth it was hard to dispute that the visitors were well worth their half time lead and I was just thankful that it wasn't worse. Obviously a change was needed and Farke responded by taking Cantwell and Leitner off for Steipermann and Hernandez. It almost conjured up an early goal but Pukki could only miscue from six yards when Aaron's set him up from the City right. United still looked the superior outfit but at least the home side was a bit more in the game. The match ebbed and flowed with occasional bursts from Hernandez down the left but there was nothing to really trouble DeGea. We were hoping for a City goal to spark a revival but United still looked the more likely though a couple more good stops from Krul kept the scoreline respectable. Farke again changed it bring on Byram for Lewis but it was all in vain minutes later when nice interpassing saw Rashford slip Martial in for a delightful dink over Krul from a narrow angle. Amadou and Krul were both injured in that incident and although the City keeper seemed to recover it was obvious the big City defender was in trouble. Having used up the subs he was sent forward more for nuisance value than anything else. In the dying embers Hernadez glow suddenly burst into flame as he ran at defenders before leaving them in a heap and slotting what was no more than a consolation goal to finally give the faithful something to cheer about. My verdict is that this result was pretty much par for the course considering our injury problems, which may now have even got worse. It never rains but it pours. Tim Krul magnificent today, an obvious MOM performance, good points for Max Aarons but not much else to say about the rest. Plenty of effort but we will need more than that to still be in with a chance at Xmas. At least my great grandson's team came away with a win this morning else Mrs' R's birthday would have been a complete washout.
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    Goal line technology is all we need. Nothing else.
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    I'm cursing my luck right now about not being alive in the 50s. If only I Iived in an era full of fist fights, one less box on a form and not having to wade through an army of pregnant men in the toilet like I do now.
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    Your regular handy guide.
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    Running out of space on the bingo card again.
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    PUPS! Kiwi here and guid evenin' again from Glasgae Toon. Love, buckfast, roll and square and dancin' all round. Nutty thanks again you daftie, you bampot for running this hing. How you do it I don't know and also good luck Michael Bailey in your Norwich picks. Right nae messin' this wkend so lets hae yer best efforts tae git in the cash fur the weans and wee stoatin adults wha need oor help. I want as many picks as possible. Risky ones, safe ones and if something is already picked and if you think its a good shout say so, but pick something else. Of course though your pick is your own and life is fast paced. Finally since pledges make PUPS I'll repeat my goals pledge. £1 for every goal in the 4 Scottish Leagues and Scottish Cup this Fri-Sun. The creaking from my scots wallet will be heard on the Richter scale. So let's hope this weekend is a belter. Taps aff and a wee nip if we do.