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    Feedthewolf on Keith Massive twát.
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    If you've seen the PUPS thread that appears every week in the season and wondered whether it was open to everyone then the answer is YES! It is not some exclusive club, and new participants are always welcome, to boost the numbers and help a really worthwhile charity. Just to explain the history, RAYS FUNDS, otherwise known as the PUPS, was started by my good friend Ray Ducker (Arrdee) to benefit the Norwich City Academy. From August 2013 the money raised each year has gone to the COMMUNITY SPORTS FOUNDATION and specifically the NORWICH CITY DOWNS SYNDROME TEAM. And this fund-raising is helped by the very generous support of our sponsors, TURNER EUROPEAN CONSULTING and KARE PLUS. How It Works · Every Wednesday during the season we start the new thread. · The 'Pink Un Pickers' (PUPs) then each choose one match from the weekend's fixtures and post that as their suggestion for a specific result. It is normally a home win but it can be an away win or a draw. · On the Friday evening the nominated picker from our PUPs rota selects six results from the week's suggestions and these half dozen selections become our £10 accumulator bet for the weekend. · The PUPs rota is made up of the previous season’s top 40 in our PUPs League. The league is determined by order of correct picks and is a fun competition for the message board. · There is no requirement to pay to play but obviously we need £400 per season which is met by PUPs each sending a tenner at the start of the season. But those who can’t pay or want to try it out for a week or so before committing themselves are still very welcome and are usually covered by those who can. · We also have a £10 NCFC MATCH BET funded by an anonymous benefactor, in which PUPs suggest specific bets on that weekend's game, and the nominated picker uses them and their own ideas to as to how to wager the tenner. How much have we raised? So far the total is more than £14,000! This has come not just from the two bets outlined above but from pledges, competitions and other donations thanks to the wonderful posters on the Pink Un message board. Here are the latest totals:-
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    Congratulations Norwich on a fantastic win today. Your performance at Turf Moor was superb and thoroughly deserved. You ran us (Burnley) ragged from the first minute onward and we could not complain had the margin of victory had been greater. I've got to wonder how the hell you are bottom of the league playing like that! Good luck in the next round.
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    His ability to produce attractive passing football whilst having beggar all backing.
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    It has been frustrating, certainly, but only occasionally joyless. We are so close being a team that has sufficient consistency to get the wins we need. The frustration stems from sheer bad luck, too many costly mistakes, a really rough deal from VAR, and the fact that even at our best we will still suffer some defeats. If we maintain our consistency the season could yet turn. This is no time to give up hope as our fate rests largely on the home games, and a confident crowd can make a crucial difference to the team.
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    Considering the paltry budget he's been working with, I'd say there have been a lot more hits than misses. As far as misses go, I'd say Franke, Marshall, Husband, Srbeny, Heise and Watkins have been poor permanent signings, and of those only Franke and Marshall cost us more than a million. Watkins cost us nothing and we turned him for a £1m profit within 12 months. On the other hand, I'd say Vrancic, Hernandez, Trybull, Zimmermann, Buendia, Krul, Pukki, Hanley, Stiepermann, Leitner and Byram have all been somewhere between decent and excellent. I can't be bothered to trawl through all Neil's signings, but I doubt his hit rate was nearly that high, and he also spent considerably more money. Factor in the quality young players we've either invested in or brought through the Academy (Neil would never play youth team players, remember), and I think it's fair to say Webber has been relatively successful with his recruitment.
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    In Newcastle? How ironic!
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    I don't feel let down. This time round I am proud that we are trying to "Do Different" in looking for another way to run our club. "Look at Sheffield United" you say. "Look at Villa" I reply. They may stay up, but they have almost made an Art Form out of burning piles of money.
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    You just couldn't resist, could you Jim? All you had to do was stop at the end of the first paragraph, but no...
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    Good stuff Flying Dutchman !! I’m having a bit of this ! Ipswich v Posh away win ( what else ) Norwich to win 2-0 .
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    Right, let's get involved then... Fulham V Huddersfield - Home win For City, Duda anytime goalscorer (brave, but really like what I'm seeing)
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    Never done this, definitely guilty of never really understanding it/giving it time from the start and therefore not really paying much attention to it - for that I can only apologise. I always found myself a little 'out of the loop' and confused whilst everyone in the thread definitely knows what's going on! I should have spoken up and just asked sooner, I can't offer any reason why I didn't. However, top informative post from Nutty, which has led me to message him to get involved and importantly throw my name into the pot of donators too. Good work, great cause. Thank you Nutty for making this easy to understand for those of us who somehow missed the boat. I hope you get more responses because of it.
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    Great win yesterday. Watching match of the day and think they pretty much summed up our season. We have been great to watch but haven't taken enough of our chances. I think this is why most Norwich fans aren't that upset about how the season has gone so far. I'm loving it. Maybe a cup run is just what we need. Have to admit I would love to see us win it. COYY
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    Ipswich 0 Peterborough 4
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    So he plays the way Farke likes his teams to play?
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    I think people like you forget teams are signing an individual, not our defence. The fact he's been playing in a defence that ships goals doesn't really matter unless the team interested think he's the cause of them. They'll be looking at his qualities, attributes, potential and his advanced stats (not just 'he hasn't got an assist therefore he isn't creative'). The last left back Palace paid good money for was Patrick Van Aanholt, signed from then bottom of the league Sunderland who also had a defence who leaked goals for fun. I don't think Lewis is worth £30m but in the current market £15m would be cheap. If a team enquired I'd start at £30m but would imagine we'd end up settling somewhere in the middle of those two figures.
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    He wouldn't have trebled in value staying at Norwich though- the reason he's now worth so much is he's proving he can do it at the top end of the Premier League, another season in the Championship wouldn't have done much.
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    He always takes the cup seriously. Remember the epic games against Chelsea and Arsenal? Daniel also reiterated just last Friday that they're not waving the white flag and working towards their little miracle Not Toca's Miracle - Farke's Miracle. You lot can wave the white flag if you want to. I'm hoping to help with that miracle
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    Methinks there is an agenda against Drmic on here today unfortunately. Hardly going to be at his sharpest in his first start and after injury lay offs. Still it wouldn’t be this message board if somebody wasn’t written off every Saturday
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    It's quite simple really ... be a nailed on top 26 club without a billionaire owner. Playing attractive football with young and hungry home grown players. Not ever being rocked by having a talented coach or top player poached by a bigger fish. Not worrying about financial ruin. Either scrapping to survive in the Prem or being a genuine contender to win promotion. Sounds ambitious, sensible and exciting to me.
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    I dont think I would turn on Farke. Certain things do frustrate me about him, especially his late subs, but im being picky and he has worked miracles at NCFC.
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    Is he going to sign for them?
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    Pfft! He won't go to London - they've already got a mayor.....
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    If we start thinking that selling our only natural left back in January, who was also in the championship team of the year less than a year ago for 15m is good business because of 'lost confidence' then we are in big trouble. He turned 22 only 2 days ago, he has the potential to be worth far more than 15m in today's market. I actually think he looked better than Aarons for a fair chunk of the start of the season.
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    I fail to see why anyone should be disgruntled at all. Three seasons ago we would have given our eye teeth for this, people seem to have very short memories. As KG mentioned earlier in the thread, this generation has been thoroughly spoiled over the last twenty years with season upon season with either promotion or relegation in prospect. Some of you need to live through a decade of dross to see how life is for most football supporters. It is very easy to lose heart when you appear to be going nowhere for season after season and I know many who gave up during those times. I see nothing to be downhearted about, we have valuable players, we are playing decent football. Yes, we are a bit out of our depth in this league and have not had the best of fortune with injuries but that shouldn't be a surprise when we look at the comparative financial clout. Farke and Webber have done ok with a very light purse and I for one won't be turning on them when we are relegated.