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    I understand the frustration sometimes with the Murphy's - but their best (especially Josh's) was very, very good - you can understand managers feeling that the potential is worth a gamble, particularly as both managers concerned had financial limitations. Norwich have done very, very well out of the Murphy twins - they gave us a memorable youth team campaign, some great goals and 20+ million - I get a bit annoyed sometimes at the negative comments.
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    I think I've found the original draft...
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    It came on to rain about tea time and by the time I arrived at the ground I was a little on the damp side but the pitch looked in magnificent condition for a match between what I expected to be two good passing sides. From the off it was the Swans who dominated the early possession and City didn't get a sniff of the ball for the first couple of minutes. The visitors looked sharp in their passing and Krul was the first keeper to be brought into action when James was set clear with time to crash in a low effort that the City keeper did well to parry before the ball was hurriedly cleared away. At the other end Buendia blocked a ball into Stiepermann's path and the lanky City forward almost got in an effort after a neat one two with Pukki. Both teams were attempting to play out from the back and there was one hairy moment for the home side when Krul looked like he had taken a split second too long as the speedy James almost robbed him. Swansea were looking a well accomplished side and it was difficult for the Canaries to find any consistent rhythm on what was a very slick surface. Krul was certainly the busier keeper and again had to be sharp to keep out James when the ball was worked in from the Swansea left. City were then nearly undone in a pacey counter only for Aarons to nick the ball away at the last second. It was all a little bit worrying for those of a nervous disposition. As we approached the midway point you could feel a sense of anxiety in the crowd as City were finding it difficult to dominate in their usual manner. There was however one lovely move when City's persistence through the middle led to Buendia getting Pukki in the clear just inside the box. Unfortunately when the trigger was pulled the ball screwed well wide of Nordfeldt's left upright. Then there was a cross from Hernandez that seemed to beat everybody as it flew across the six yard box. We hoped it was a cue to City turning up the wick but it was the visitors who came back with a purpose and Krul was again called into action to turn a deflected shot over the bar for a corner. I for one was extremely glad to get to the break without conceding and if it was a boxing match all the judges would have had the visitors ahead on points. The scoreboard told its own story with no City shots on target and five from the visitors. At this stage I was beginning to think that maybe a point here would be a good result. Thankfully we looked a bit more determined as the second half began. Hernandez was lively down the left and City put on a bit of pressure with a couple of corners but when a shot came in it was high and wide. However it did look a little more promising although goalmouth action continued to be at a premium. A s we came up to 53 minutes I decided it was the time to nip out for the usual and of course those long time readers can guess what happened. Yes Ricckky again missed the goal but I regained the top of the stairs just in time to see Buendia crash home an unstoppable drive on the big screen. Now at last it was a different game because Carrow Road burst into full voice and you could see that the players were lifted by it. The home side pushed the ball about with increasing confidence and at last most of the play was confined to the Swansea half. Stieperman had a shot deflected over as City continued to look dangerous while most of Swansea's attempted ripostes foundered on the rock that was Lewis, Godfrey, Zimmermann and Aarons. Time ran away very quickly and although the visitors threw on fresh legs they didn't look like breaking through. There were a few free kicks and corners and a couple of long range efforts that sailed high wide and not very handsome but Krul never had to work for his corn in the way that he did in the opening half. City began to shut the game down fairly effectively and if anything it looked more likely that they would extend the lead rather than concede. Indeed Pukki almost got his obligatory goal with a turn and quick shot that clipped the post. Vrancic came on for the tiring Stiepermann with about ten minutes left and both Lietner and Klose came on as we moved into injury time. Buendia was as usual reluctant to leave but I'm sure he must have enjoyed the ovation. The three minutes added were comfortably seen out and it was a sea of happy face when ref Jones signaled time. Eightynine points will be enough and I am ever more convinced that we will get them. This time last year I wouldn't have believed we would be where we are now and I bet I'm not alone with that thought. Did you all enjoy it? Ricardo certainly did, even though the seat of strides was wet through when I got home.
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    Getting some grief on Twitter this morning from the great unwashed. Apparently we're going to get beat 8-0 by Man City next season. When somebody pointed out that would be like losing 9-0 to Man Utd he was told it was 'history'. Don't really do irony do they?
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    ...it's worth dusting this down ready for any Binner work colleagues/students/family members that are due to walk among us this coming week... Had this for years, can't remember the source - apologies!
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    Unfair to whom? I assume you mean to NCFC? 1. He didn't get injured on purpose! 2. NCFC negotiated the contract, fully aware of the stage he was at in his career. 3. It was beneficial to both NCFC and Naismith to loan him out. I don't see anything unfair to either party, just a misfortune for the player and his loan club.
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    I'm surprised the headline wasn't "Foreigners vandalise car with soap and water and film event for sick kicks". Apples
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    With around three quarters of the season gone, now is the perfect time to look at the remaining fixtures in detail; if for no other reason than to be able to say that, if we do somehow throw it all away, it will be against all the odds. I'll only look at the top 3 as I think West Brom would have to win all their games to finish above us; now watch them do that and make me look silly! The first thing is to look at the current table: Norwich have a 2 point gap to 2nd and a 4 point gap to 3rd; but as Leeds and Sheff Utd have to play each other we are guaranteed that one or both will drop some points. As a theoretical maximum, the team in third place cannot finish on more than 97 points and Norwich can finish on 102 so we effectively have a 5 point buffer. Norwich's remaining opponents contain just 3 of the current top half teams: Middlesbrough (5th), Hull (10th) and Villa (11th); and average 15th place in the league. In the reverse fixtures, Norwich achieved 9 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat for 28 points. The stand out fixture is Boro' away: they have the best home record against other top 8 teams in the league, and Norwich have achieved fewer points in away games against top 8 teams than in any other type of fixture and avoiding defeat would be a bonus. While there will likely be points dropped elsewhere, Norwich will be favourites to win all their other games until Villa away where a draw or loss are as likely as a win. Leeds play 5 top half teams including: Sheff Utd (3rd), Bristol City (6th), Birmingham (8th), Villa (11th) and Preston (12th); the average league position of their remaining opponents is 14th place. In the reverse fixtures Leeds achieved 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 defeat for 24 points. Aside from the obvious '6 pointer' against Sheff Utd, the away games against Bristol City, Birmingham, Preston and even Brentford could be tricky. Leeds will be favourite to win all their other fixtures. Sheffield Utd play 6 top half teams: Leeds (2nd), Bristol City (6th), Birmingham (8th), Forest (9th), Hull (10th) and Preston (12th); the average league position of their remaining opponents is 13th place. In the reverse fixtures, Sheff Utd achieved 4 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats for 15 points. While they will be favourites in all their home games, Bristol City or Forest could be tough; Leeds, Preston, Birmingham, Hull, then Stoke away is far from a run of guaranteed wins and Sheffield Utd average under 1.5 points per away game against top and mid table teams. So, how does this all play out? It's very difficult to predict individual results so I prefer to look at averages for example: Norwich are likely to win 2, draw 1 and lose 1 of the next 4; any better would be an overachievement; we could lose to Swansea then win the other 3, or draw against Swansea and Boro' and win the other 2 etc. It's this approach that I've used in my predictive algorithm. The final table shows what happens if each team gets the expected average number of points, adjusted for recent form, based on results against teams in similar positions in the table home and away. Here's my projected table: But, the one I like best is from fivethirtyeight.com: apparently we have an 82% chance of being promoted... Obviously there is a long way to go and they only way anything will be achieved is through a continuation of the hard work the team have been putting in so far. Us fans will have our part to play as well. Around 7% of that 82% figure is by winning the playoffs!
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    Different servers nutty, the old forum is like Mick McCarthy, we beg to get rid of it but then the new one keeps letting us down
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    It can't be due to volume of users because there were far more after the Millwall game last season...
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    It happens more than you realise... You couldn't make it up! Or could you...?
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    I thought they might like to read it? Why? Because it’s funny. I was actually searching for something completely unrelated when I stumbled across this gem of a thread. I read through it and it made me chuckle because it’s genuinely remarkable that we’ve gone from “Farke sort it out!” (Ipswich away) to him being treated as the second coming and choreographing a buoyant and resplendent Barclay (Farkelay?) in six months. Equally as remarkable is the turnaround in the opinion of some posters. Is that a criticism? No. Fans of every club are fickle; it’s the nature of the beast. It’s nothing new. Now; as for this ‘holier than thou’ accusation.. Really? I’d be a bit daft to adopt such an attitude. There are countless posts on here that I’m sure would take about as much tearing to threads as a moth infested jumper. Not only that but I’ve been stupid enough to write and post dozens of opinion pieces on here, MyFootballWriter and AlongComeNorwich. Plenty of those, I know, people think are wrong, bonkers or have subsequently proven to be one or both. What I haven’t done though is post or agree with a load of crap criticising the club and it’s owners because we’ve lost a few games and then seamlessly forget that I did so when we’re top of the league. As I said, fickleness is nothing new and is commonplace throughout football. However, if you’re somehow upset by that or don’t like that it might be people’s perception of you, well, only you can fix that. Was bumping the thread mischievous? Yeah, a bit. But like I said earlier, it made me laugh. That was the intention behind it, that people are getting so precious about it is, in all fairness, nearly as funny. OTBC
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    If you're off to the game tonight can I ask you to consider taking a couple of non perishable food items along? This is being organised by the Canaries Trust together with the Trussell Trust which run several food-banks throughout Norfolk. All items received will be distributed evenly between each of these.There will be three collection points outside the ground. While all donations will be gratefully received, the Trussell Trust tell us that they are particularly keen to get hold of the following: Instant mash potato Long life (UHT) milk Instant coffee Long life fruit juice Long life sponge puddings Thanks in advance for your generosity. There but for fortune etc,etc.....
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    If we didn't have Pukki we'd be giving game time to one of the division's best ever goal scorers in Jordan Rhodes.
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    Just the 55m in the season they got promoted. And Brighton made a loss of 65m in the two seasons leading to their promotion, with a 39m loss in the promotion season, when the total loss allowed over three seasons is 39m... Brighton said they had stayed within FFP, and Wolves apparently are saying the same. And they may well have done. But this almost ceratinly points up the flaw I have posted on before, to do with the change in the FFP rules, when they went from allowing a 13m loss per season to 39m over three. The idea was to stop penalising clubs that, say, made a 14m or 15m loss. But it opened the door to an obvious gamble that owners with a risk-takin corporate background were likely to take. Namely to push the FFP rules to the limit or even beyond over two seasons, using up your entire three-year allowance, on the assumption that if you didn't get promoted the first season you would the second, and so it wouldn't matter that you couldn't have made any loss the third. The answer is to go back to the 13m a year rule, but allow a leeway each season of a million or so, so that a club that loses 15m one season can only lose 11m the next. It would stop clubs gambling on using up their entire 39m allowance - or more - in one or two seasons.
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    And Leeds Castle isn't even in Leeds!
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    It disappeared with the St John Ambulance money.
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    The blue line looks like a scene from Holby City : It's no use, we've lost them. Time of death 4.57 pm, Saturday March the 2nd.
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    I thought this deserved a thread of its own. There's clearly a bit of Norwich City left in him: Pretty much every face is hilarious. I should add a credit to TGS Photo Agency before someone pulls me up about it.
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    It’s amazing. We’re top of the league, having a wonderful season, playing beautiful football, yet there’s posters having pops at each other, bumping old threads and appearing smug. Unnecessary behaviour from both sides of the spectrum in regards to the exteme pant wetters and extreme happy clappers.
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    Lil Kemp 89 years young today. A true legend who is known to many fans especially those who travel away.