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Year of the tiger

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  1. Year of the tiger

    Guess Who?

    Graham Benstead?
  2. Year of the tiger

    Ex-Canaries in Champions League Finals

    UEFA cup Cully & Bowen have winners medals as non playing subs v Andelecht
  3. Year of the tiger

    Ex-Canaries in Champions League Finals

    Peter Crouch & Craig Bellamy were subs for Liverpool in the 2007 final. Crouch came on but Bellers didnt
  4. Year of the tiger

    25 man squad

    Also have to take into account that no more than 17 can be non home grown. Of the squad above I make it 14 non home so no more than 3 extra unless someone leaves.
  5. Year of the tiger

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    Such sad news, a true Norwich legend. So pleased he lived to see us win the Championship.
  6. Year of the tiger

    Penalties in the Prem

    By my calculations 113 games ago. Incidentally that wasn't given as a penalty. The lines at Poorman Road had been almost washed out. Ref gave a free kick & only when placing the ball saw the washed out line & changed to a penalty. Previous one to that was at Old Trafford the game before we went to Inter Milan
  7. Year of the tiger

    Penalties in the Prem

    As we have not had a penalty in the Premier League away from Carrow Road since September 1994, I doubt whether this will bother us much. I remain convinced if we get awarded one at Old Trafford, Anfield etc, VAR will overturn it.
  8. Year of the tiger

    Nelson Oliveira

    No thanks. For me it's not even his attitude that is the problem. It's that he doesn't fit our style. Look at Pukkis goals this season. They do not involve a striker getting the ball & shooting from 30 odd yards. So many of our goals are team goals, with Pukki, Hernandez, etc finishing off a slick move. Sorry Nelson is not that sort of striker.
  9. Year of the tiger

    Liverpool or Man City

    Totally disagree with some earlier posters. When Man City went down to the 3rd tier their fans stuck with them. Ok some now are glory hunters but the core of long standing & suffering fans is still there. Could never support Liverpool for what they did to us in the 80s
  10. Year of the tiger

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    He did applaud our fans last week at Villa
  11. Year of the tiger

    Canary Bond holders

    Damn I'll have to pay to watch the pre season friendly now!! Think they should still let us have that for this year
  12. Year of the tiger

    Warm Glow

    I kept saying at the time, we could play so much better. In fact we had at Cardiff earlier that week with the "reserves" 5 or 6 off whom are now our first eleven. But having seen Ipswich previously & what they were doing in that game, I thought that was as well as they could play. Guess I was right
  13. Year of the tiger

    Canary Bond holders

    Don't know about first years interest but someone told me promotion bonus would be end of September. Would seem logical as they don't just get a heap of cash from PL now
  14. Year of the tiger

    Dare we support Sheffield United?

    Just to query the original post, I have no love for Leeds, the team it's fans etc. But I can't help feeling that the 3 teams who battled it out all season are the 3 that deserve to go up, so providing Leeds are in the play offs I hope they go up. Much prefer that to Aston Villa, John Terry Jack Grealish et al
  15. This carried on outside River End with several police trying to shepherd the group away but they seemed intent on going back for more, especially the extremely gobby female. One of the males starting having a go at 2 cops. Didn't see the final outcome unfortunately