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  1. Remember the tube stopping at Moorgate station on the day of the final(different line obviously) & the whole train falling silent. With regard to the final just remember Johnny Miller putting two corners straight outbehind the goal
  2. Club Canary to Wembley with other half & son aged 4. Some family questioned that he was going to the final(he was a season ticket holder & been to a few away games), I knew there would be absolutely no problem with the Sunderland fans. Main memory pre match of walking up & down Wembley Way with son, wearing City shirt miles to big for him carrying a little city flag. Lost track of how many Sunderland fans stopped to shake his hand, one even tried to tuck him under his arm & take him to the Sunderland end.
  3. They haven’t actually started building yet so an extra bulb or two might be necessary yo see them through
  4. Was at the Hewlett school. So cold they flooded the quadrangle & turned it into a skating rink. Health & safety would have a fit today. We finally played the 3rd round tie on Mon 4 March, the replay 2 days later, 4th round v Newcastle on 13th, Man City in the 5th on the 16th & went out to Leicester on 30th
  5. By that reasoning, there are no members as the first half of the membership fee has been refunded.
  6. I see from a tweet from Kieran Maguire that the £250m is an advance from future tv monies so not so generous after all. Also we’re told there are no dissenting voices in the EFL but already Andy Holt(Accrington) &Lincolns Chairman have been very critical
  7. Unfortunately ifollow accounts are club specific & non transferable. I’ve had to use two other email addresses at Plymouth & Newport. Expensive but enjoyable two matches. The commentary tonight was interesting, made Goreham seem like the model of impartiality
  8. All that was needed on the original post was ‘if they can afford to’. No need to abuse those who will help the club if they can.
  9. Now over 50000. Ludicrous that you can book to be on 3000 people at the Royal Albert Hall at Christmas, all of whom will be arriving by public transport(unless a very large car park has miraculously appeared) but you can’t have any sports fans in the open air.
  10. I know I’m in a very small minority on here but I don’t see we were in any trouble at all until Tettey had to come out of midfield. He is written off by so many but he is still probably the best player in that out &out defensive midfield role
  11. With regard to u21s, I believe (As rules were stated after EFL vote)you don’t include anyone born on or after 1/1/1999 unless they are loans. By my calculations that would mean a squad of 26 with Aaron’s, Mumba, McCallum, Martin, Idah U21 s. Assume the odd one out would be Famewo who may well go on loan
  12. Think Adshead is training with Telstar in Netherlands with a view to a loan
  13. On the bridge over the motorway just outside Burnley waiting for the police escort.....twice. First time two of the coaches decided to go & watch Wigan v Bury, they gave us our own stand.
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