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  1. Funny Huddersfield were denied a clear pen in the Champ Final last year because var wouldn’t/didn’t intervene. Now Barnsley denied a pen & an unjust red card. I’m not anti var totally but the var officials seem to be afraid of upsetting their mates by overturning, especially if it is against the bigger club
  2. Agreed he seems to have got better as the season progressed, but it seems to correspond with the team getting worse. Feels like we had better results with Krul in the team, although Gunn played better
  3. 1959, the FA Cup run to the semi final. First game a year later
  4. He’s our best right back & left back, shame he hasnt got a twin
  5. Didn’t work for Watford. Palace seem to be ok defensively but struggle to score. Strange then to appoint Hodgson who has been historically a bit defensive.
  6. The mystery to me is why Tim Robinson consistently gets the tv games. Since his appalling display when we played at Hull in 2017/2018 I ‘ve watched him time & again & he really is shocking. This isn’t just for Norwich but all teams. I think it says it all that he seems to be have been regarded as a top Championship ref but if you are any good after 5 seasons at ‘the top’ you get promoted. He has had one PL game
  7. This impartially, does anyone reckon if Lineker had tweeted in favour of the immigration policy, he would have been disciplined? It would still have been breaching impartiality
  8. Def looked a red but this was the same ref who sent Dimi off when he ‘fouled’ Ben Pearson
  9. Yes Diane I know several who are attending. It could be a moment of history in the club & we are being asked to vote on something that has not been explained. Ok I know that any vote or abstention from a minor shareholder is irrelevant.
  10. Such a charming turn of phrase. Perhaps if it was explained properly & shareholders understood what they were voting on & the reasons for it, said d1xk heads would not feel the need to attend
  11. Meeting to approve 194,512 ordinary shares per the notice of meeting. Strange number but I don’t understand the legal language in the letter. Be nice if they explained rather than asking us to vote on something we don’t understand
  12. Tickets bought that can’t be posted are usually brought on the coach & collected at the home club collection point
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