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Year of the tiger

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  1. Year of the tiger

    Srbeny and Idah on the bench

    Trouble is Idah doesn't count as home grown. Will probably be Louis Thompson as the extra sub
  2. Year of the tiger

    Brexit and “ foreign “ players

    Back to the 1980s. Big clubs get their player, small clubs don't. Remember City trying to sign a young New Zeelander Wynton Rufer who went on to have a great career in Germany & Switzerland, whereas Arsenal were trying to sign an over the hill Yugoslav winger . No one need guess which was approved & which rejected
  3. Year of the tiger

    Stiepermann booking

    Zimbo & Max had bookings in the League Cup which are separate, so in the end we're well clear of the 10
  4. Year of the tiger


    There was no announcement at Rotherham, very strange, so I believed it was for Christchurch. However I've subsequently seen it was for theirChairman/owner's? wife who recently died.
  5. Year of the tiger

    60 Years Ago Today.

    A similar result for the Blades tonight would be most welcome
  6. Year of the tiger

    Bristol City Penalty

    I had a clear view & certainly from my angle Jamal took the ball cleanly. Certainly not one where I instantly looked at the ref.
  7. Year of the tiger

    "I won't let the emotion of the occasion affect me"

    Away at Tranmere in League One
  8. Year of the tiger

    Tim Krul

    Have you got a link to the footage. Managed to miss seeing him
  9. Year of the tiger

    Hope its not Hooper

    Its Peter Bankes who was ref for first match of the season
  10. Year of the tiger

    Welcome.... Nick Hayes.

    Very exposed by poor defence but didn't cover himself in glory. Looked as if he might have been trying a bit too hard. Couple of good saves at the end.
  11. Year of the tiger

    Gassan Ahadme signs

    Any idea of how old he actually is. Makes no mention in the article.
  12. Year of the tiger

    Bolton tickets

    Probably delayed till after next weeks cup tie. If Bolton win at Bristol game would be postponed
  13. Year of the tiger

    Sneaky Sods Sheffield Utd Losing Deliberately?

    Thought Sheffield United were another of those "big" clubs with fanatical fans. Having watched the highlights can you imagine a cup tie with the Barclay empty. No me neither.
  14. Year of the tiger

    Team for Pompey

    Husband cannot play for us in the FA Cup as he has already played for Fleetwood in 1st & 2nd rounds
  15. Year of the tiger

    Matt Jarvis joins Walsall on loan

    We did but it was to allow us to sign another loan player , only 2 allowed in the PL. Shame it was Bamford.