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  1. Year of the tiger

    And another one

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/49994933 Deep joy, where does it end
  2. Year of the tiger


    It's my understanding that you cannot recall a player except in January & only then if there is a break clause for either club in the contract.
  3. Year of the tiger

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    I thought plan B was going to be 3 at the back with wing backs as DF suggested in pre season. Unfortunately you need 3 fit centre backs for that
  4. Tettey has had 3 full seasons in the Premier League so I fail to see how he hasn't been fully tested. Yes injuries are a problem but a fit Tettey makes massive difference to our midfield. Amadou may eventually be the replacement but until a cb is fit he cant be. Oh & his passing is accurate, makes certain we retain possession & allows the creative players to play.
  5. Year of the tiger

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    Back in 2004 Worthy decided not to retain the big characters/leaders from promotion season & with hindsight he/we saw a nice bunch of lad get relegated with barely a whimper until it was too late. This season we seemed determined not to repeat that error, almost everyone was retained. But injuries. Last season four players captained the side, Hanley, Zimbo, Klose & Tettey, the big characters, the leaders. If we had needed another captain it would probably have been Krul. Farke also paid tribute to the influence of Jordan Rhodes within the group even when not playing or when he came on when things weren't going right. All missing on Saturday. Not I agree the whole problem but a fair part of it.
  6. Year of the tiger

    We need a Plan B

    Our plan B was using the pace of Hernandez rather than the build up through the middle. Plan B is on hold
  7. Year of the tiger

    Team for Man City (h)

    Tommy T is injured judging by Mrs T's instagram pictures. So possibly another one out
  8. Year of the tiger

    Oxford United

    Lads played really well but seemed to run out of gas towards the end. Not surprising really as very young side, with only one player out of his teens & 16 year olds on te bench.
  9. Year of the tiger


    Noble& West Ham have previous with City. He put two players out for 3 months in Jan 2005. Bad tackles on Bentley & Helveg in a cup tie. That leopard hasn't changed his spots
  10. Year of the tiger


    Regretfully not anyone near ready in the u23s and no recalls allowed for those on loan. Even if they were ready
  11. Year of the tiger

    Travel last night to Crawley

    Some great scenery near Ide Hill & Goathurst Common, plus a look at an Aston Martin dealership. A bit different to the usual motorway tours
  12. Year of the tiger

    Travel last night to Crawley

    Believe me , we went down those roads including one 'not suitable for HGvs'.Got there thanks to google maps & some good drivers
  13. From what the current side might need Dave Watsin for centre back or Mike Phelan defensive mid
  14. Year of the tiger

    Crawley Tickets

    Seats sold out, terrace on general sale
  15. Year of the tiger

    David Powell

    Dave could drive me mad on the coach especially when he & my husband started agreeing!! Totally passionate about City & Swardeston Cricket Club, I'm glad he at least saw our first game back in the Premier. We'll all miss you on Coach 1