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  1. Jimmy Hill & Ollie Burton going hurt, but Ron Davies sale was devastating especially as the fee seemed too low. There was a bit of me never totally forgave Watling.
  2. That is not true. It was not viewed with amusement at the time or subsequently & from that moment his days were numbered.
  3. If you read the thread it IS Cantwell they’re talking about
  4. Hondermarck is at Barnsley, he’s made 7 appearances I think. Don’t think Kole Lambert has a club
  5. He’s blasted a shot over when he could have just rolled the ball home, & has just had an air shot. Lacking a bit of confidence I guess
  6. They also said it was Gilmour who put Idah through. Funny the bloke who hits the pass has no 17 on his back
  7. Ditch the loan players &start building for next year. You might just hit on a winning formula which we don’t seem to be able to do with the current mob. Gilmour massively over rated Kabak Klopp was right Williams no better than Gianoulis & he’s ours Plus I see people above putting Lees Melou in the side, please let me know what anyone has seen in him.
  8. It did that with mine. I logged out & back in & that cured it
  9. I couldn’t get the pdf on my iPad (greyed out) &trying to do the birth date on my phone would have taken hours. Uploaded a screen shot in the end & seems to have worked
  10. It was one of the reasons the atmosphere in the away end at Brentford(even before we scored) was vastly superior to anything else this season. It wasn’t a big club some want to see & because it was a new ground a lot of ‘old school’ city fans were there.
  11. Norwich have a verbal agreement with Dean Smith to become their new head coach. Plan is a 2.5yr contract. 50yo was contacted by #NCFC immediately after leaving #AVFC on Sunday & emerged as 1st + unanimous choice. With @michaeljbailey for @TheAthleticUK The tweet from the Athletic which should explain it to even our most obtuse supporters
  12. Just looking at the two sides as they lined up before kick off, the difference was striking. I thought that was an objective this time to make us more physically competitive but it didn’t look it today. Also we have to learn the dark arts. How many free kicks did Danny Rose concede without getting booked. Same as ManCity, they commit little fouls to break up play before it gets to the danger area. We need to learn fast.
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