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  1. Even kinder of the Chelsea defenders and goalkeeper to give us the opportunity to win the game with a well worked goal and a lovely finish.
  2. Good win for our U18s at the weekend. Fantastic goalkeeping performance from Caleb Ansen and an emphatic winner from Ken Aboh.
  3. I got to know Roger quite well back in the day through the Football Supporters Association. He was a lovely and genuine bloke, a City fan through and through and also a great marketing man in his professional life. RIP Roger and deepest condolences to all your family.
  4. Maybe - and on the balance of play we absolutely should have beaten Cardiff, Hull and Wigan.
  5. Says the poster who confidently predicted that 'Sunderland would smash us'.
  6. Of course - I agree with you completely. It's just that the phrase has entered the popular lexicon as a way for right wing nut jobs to have a go at people for being 'woke' etc. Really I was just pointing out that it's very easy to use the phrase in other contexts.
  7. The generally accepted modern phrase for what you describe is, 'Virtue signalling'.
  8. Well the U21s have played 4 games so far - Won 2 and Drawn 2. But bless you for finding a negative angle.
  9. Was just about to post the exact same thing! (He's on a plane to Turkey) Maybe.................
  10. Josh's left foot (or lack of it) was a hot topic of conversation on here when he was first signed. I'm pretty sure he scored with it yesterday. I say "pretty sure" because I've watched the highlights about 10 times and I can't for the life of me work out whether he scuffed it into the ground or into his right shin. Either way, I'm guessing he's still really popular in the dressing room.
  11. Oh and Bobby Zamora was released by us as a 16 year old.
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