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  1. Comedy gold - Delia and MWJ have been majority shareholders since 1996. In that time we will have played getting on for 1000 games. You can come up with 1 where fans have been singing rude things about them.
  2. If any of that were really true there would have been howling mobs battering down the doors to Carrow road when we were in Division 1 wouldn't there? In reality all that happened was that a couple of blokes ran on the pitch and threw their season tickets at Bryan Gunn when we were 7-1 down at home to Colchester.
  3. The answer is contained in this video Greavsy - (ignore the first 15 seconds or so and be aware that it contains some 'language').
  4. There are other options on the left if Onel isn't fit. Idah has played there a few times including earlier this season and Mumba didn't play for the U23s today having done so last week.
  5. Just out of curiosity - are you the Tony Swallow who ran on our pitch all those years ago or is it just a joke name?
  6. Lovely goal for the U23s at Middlesbrough this afternoon - of course our goalie could have just hoofed it up the field...............
  7. This really isn't true. Yes, we conceded more goals than we are doing this season, but we still had the 7th best defensive record in the Champs last time around. And of course, to win any game, you have to outscore the opposition.
  8. At the current rate of progress it looks like we might lose by an innings................... (What an absolute joke of a pitch).
  9. That was my recollection too - but Connor has twice stated in articles recently that the club have an option for a further year. You would hope that he has done his research on this and got his facts right.
  10. So Feedthewolf's excellent spreadsheet (with the help of Vazzza) lists Todd's contract as expiring in June 2022. However Connor Southwell states in his article on Todd today that the club possesses an option to extend Todd's contract for another year beyond that. So who's correct?
  11. Well we only spent around £10 million in the Prem last season, so it was hardly surprising that the players we brought in didn't add to the team at that level. If we do go up we are already committed to spending £14 million on Gibson and Giannoulis. I would say that the lesson we as fans should learn is that the Club are basically trying to defy the laws of football physics in the Prem - and that rarely ends well.
  12. I. Chair? Is that where you sit when watching a match on I.Follow?
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