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  1. Thirsty Lizard

    Lewis, how often did he pass the ball forward!

    My heart bleeds for our Daniel where subs are concerned - almost every time he brings on all three subs relatively early someone gets crocked. Happened again last Friday night - on comes Vrancic as our third sub - a minute later and Drmic does his hamstring!!
  2. Thirsty Lizard

    Farke gets vote of confidence

    Dunno about that, but I imagine it might clear the room.........
  3. Thirsty Lizard

    Interesting stat on Bournemouth..

    I think that he actually comes from The Highlands.................
  4. Thirsty Lizard

    Interesting Comments By DF

    You do you know that Bournemouth have got a massively wealthy Russian sugar daddy and that they had to pay a £7.6 million fine for breaching financial fair play rules?
  5. Thirsty Lizard

    Patrick Roberts

    Fair point Kirku - apologies - was reading the whole thread in too much of a hurry and got mixed up.
  6. Thirsty Lizard

    Patrick Roberts

    I've got a better idea - lets select Pukki to play for us based on his NORWICH CITY history.
  7. Thirsty Lizard

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Crumbs - if someone had told you at the beginning of the season that we'd be starting a Premier League game with Tettey at centre back...........
  8. Thirsty Lizard

    Duncan Forbes

    A terribly sad loss. Big Dunc really was a captain, a leader and a legend. One of my fondest memories is of the time, aged 14, when me and a friend had planned to go to an autograph signing session Duncan and Justin Fashanu were going to do at Keymarkets (now Morrisons) on Spixworth Road. We decided to go to the Club Shop at Carrow Road to buy something for them to sign, but got our timings totally wrong. With 15 minutes before the signing was due to start we were still stuck at Carrow Road without a chance of getting back to Keymarkets in time. Then, to our great surprise, Duncan and Justin came out of the ground. They saw us looking at them and Duncan said: "alright lads?". Although we were totally starstruck we somehow managed to explain our situation. "No problem lads, jump in the back" said Duncan opening the back door to their car. We just sat in the back open mouthed as our two heroes basically chauffered us to the signing session. I still remember to this day that they were discussing Joe Royle, who had just joined us. Duncan Forbes and Justin Fashanu were my two biggest heroes as a youngster supporting Norwich, both now sadly departed.
  9. Thirsty Lizard

    Premier Watch

    Good grief - our performance against Villa is looking positively good compared to what Saints are serving up tonight.
  10. Thirsty Lizard

    President Trump

    Incredibly unfair on the frog, but the resemblance is striking...........
  11. Thirsty Lizard

    The Brexit Thread

    ..........Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the last person left on planet earth who actually believes the Daily Express.
  12. Thirsty Lizard

    The Brexit Thread

    I wasn't aware that Macron has a say in the date of the next British general election.......
  13. Thirsty Lizard

    The Brexit Thread

    Says the 'Nostradamus' who predicted that UKIP would sweep to power at the last general election...........
  14. Thirsty Lizard

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    It's almost certainly the best central defensive partnership available to us at the moment........... (hoping Godfrey makes a quick recovery).
  15. Thirsty Lizard

    The Brexit Thread

    Wise generals fight battles at the place and time of their choosing Ricardo - not when their opponents want.