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  1. Seems like Trybull is 50/50 for Friday night. If Trybull doesn't make it should we do a straight swap for Tettey or be a bit more adventurous and bring in one of Leitner or Vrancic? Been a long time since Tettey played - at least Vrancic and Leitner have had some minutes in the last couple of games.
  2. Thirsty Lizard

    Dean Ashton

    So Dean Ashton - after Man City's injury time "winner" was ruled out by VAR" do you know what "celebrating too early" looks like now?
  3. Thirsty Lizard

    Red cards

    Absolutely agree with all of this CanaryChris.
  4. Thirsty Lizard

    Nightmare scenario

    You could have given us a spoiler alert before posting this Mr Wolf.
  5. Thirsty Lizard

    Chris Hughton

    We all have our own priorities and way of doing things I suppose, but watching Norwich win very rarely fails to entertain me. I really enjoyed that 1-0 win against Arsenal.
  6. Thirsty Lizard

    Srbeny and Idah on the bench

    Saw Idah play for the U23s on Friday night - he's obviously got potential, but based on what I saw I'd say he isn't there yet. And as others have already pointed out he doesn't yet qualify as a home grown player.
  7. Thirsty Lizard

    Nightmare scenario

    Cantwell steps up and scores!!!! Glad to be able to put your mind at rest!
  8. Thirsty Lizard

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Read the whole report about it on the BBC website and from that I would come down on the side of thick. Apparently he was able to produce a number of photos of himself during matches which were quite similar to the one in question where he was trying to communicate/shout instructions to his defenders.
  9. Listed as being Geoff Eltringham. With big decisions going against us in the last two games lets hope he gives some our way against Wednesday. Looks like the first time he's reffed us at Carrow Road this season. Was in charge for our away games at Derby, Hull and Preston.
  10. Thirsty Lizard

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Aaahhhh - that Reading goal!! I've watched it back far too many times than is good for me. To put it bluntly it was a defensive horror show - one of the worst we've conceded all season. Rhodes, Godfrey, Hernandez, Stiepermann and Trybull were all to 'blame' in varying degrees.
  11. Thirsty Lizard

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Calm down Dan - maybe it didn't show up on your screen but there's a winky smiley at the end of my post - it was meant in a light hearted way. I'm guessing you picked Todd Cantwell first in the Pink'un poll .
  12. Thirsty Lizard

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    And the award for the most ridiculous exaggeration of the season goes to..............................................................
  13. Thirsty Lizard

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Crumbs looks like Stiepermann is the most popular choice - I'm sure Canarydan will have something to say about that.
  14. Thirsty Lizard

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I'm sorry RTB, but I can't just let this go............ Which one out of Leitner, Vrancic and Cantwell is toffee pudding? Which one is creme caramel and which one is lemon cheesecake? I think Norwich City fans deserve to know!!
  15. Thirsty Lizard

    Team Vs Wednesday

    That's all very well Mr Wolf, but what about Louis Thompson??