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  1. Not strange at all re Zimmermann. He's injured at the moment - this has been reported multiple times recently.
  2. And this - of course - is precisely what the doom mongers said the last time we were relegated. There is never any guarantee, but the 6-0 demolition of Bournemouth gave a good indication of what is likely to happen if we are relegated again.
  3. I was at the match last night - you weren't. The idea that Farke could have shouted on a message in the time available from his position about 60 metres away over the din of 26,000 people is farcical and ridiculous. That is all!
  4. Oh come on my old fruit don't do yourself down. If you put half as much energy into 'forcing change' at the club as you did into spouting carp on this message board and logging in using multiple accounts I reckon you could have us as Premier League Champions in a couple of seasons and be able to solve the Israel/Palestine problem and World hunger in your spare time.
  5. I think the smart money is on Vince and Keith being one and the same person.
  6. I've never met Tom Smith, but I know people that have. I wouldn't necessarily assume that he has the same views about ownership of our club as Delia and Michael.
  7. You read it here first - Delia and Michael are going to own Norwich City until the end of time and Daniel Farke is going to be our manager until the end of time.
  8. The crowd around my normal seat in The Jarrold Completely different bunch to normal. Really good mix of old, middle aged, young and very young. And a bunch of about 10 Turkish blokes all getting behind the team and obviously really enjoying being there - all from Istanbul and a mix of Galatasaray, Fenebache and Besiktas fans. Certainly suggests that there is a big potential market out there if we were to expand the ground at some time.
  9. As you say - very relatable to our current situation - hence why the angry mob on here tonight will totally ignore it. The truest saying in sport (life too). When you're winning you're not as good as you think you are. When you're losing you're not as bad as you think you are.
  10. So when you're presented with ACTUAL EVIDENCE you just get more potty mouthed and sweary. You're p*ssed off because we lost tonight - I get that. In the morning you'll look back at this thread and feel a little guilty.
  11. Well it would appear that he can hit the postage stamp top corner at vicious pace in a mega high pressure penalty shoot out in an away game in front of 60,000 fans. But please - whatever you do - don't look at actual evidence when making your judgement. That would never do when the Pink'Un mob is sticking the boot in to one of our young players. 2:06 to 2:36 here.
  12. You're wrong. He's taken 2 penalties for us so far and he's banged them both home confidently.
  13. It was the Liverpool fans. They've got history with him because he's a Chelsea player. https://tribuna.com/en/news/chelsea-2021-08-16-liverpool-fans-launch-homophobic-rent-boy-chant-at-billy-gilmour-its-origin-explained/ https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/billy-gilmour-liverpool-fans-homophobic-chanting-lgbt-chelsea-norwich-1151801
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