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  1. Oh I do love an open goal........... COX OUT!!!!!!!!
  2. Of course I have - my point - and it was very obvious - is that we've got plenty of others in the team who are in good goalscoring form at the moment. (You may have noticed that we scored 3 more after Sargent went off on Saturday). And just for the avoidance of doubt - that's not me saying that we shouldn't sign another striker - it's just that the person I was replying to was making the startling revelation that we need to score goals.
  3. You've heard of Jonathan Rowe yes? You've heard we're the top scorers in the Championship yes?
  4. Yes - a very nice finish from Placheta - kind of a mirror image of Barnes goal against Millwall.
  5. Essex Canary will probably start supporting them soon - seems like a good fit.
  6. Note that you don't even bother trying to deny what I said - just your usual deflection tactics................
  7. Absolutely agree with this. (and was about to post something similar myself until I read yours).
  8. You need to know the history of the OP. I would say that about 70% of their posts are having a snide dig at the club in one way or another. The OP is a right winger who doesn't like MWJ and Delia because they are a bit liberal.
  9. In general terms I agree with you, I really do - but Norwich to Bristol is a long way - we had a long trip to Huddersfield last weekend - we've got a long trip to Rotherham next weekend - I think under these circumstances it's justified. As for public transport - getting a train from Norwich to anywhere other than London is a nightmare. Of course it shouldn't be that way, but unfortunately it is.
  10. Your sad, bitter drivel about us flying to games is the only serious rival on here to Essex dragging his pathetic shroud all over the message board.
  11. Sky Sports Transfer News - oh yes, them, you know the ones who spent 24 hours years ago telling everybody that we'd bid £9 million for Gary Hooper.
  12. Full on don't risk any injuries to key players and give the fringe players a chance for me. (Keep the big hitters on the bench and bring them on late on if it's close) Long Fisher - Omo - Warner - McCallum Springett - Gibbs - Forshaw (if he's ready)- Placheta Nunez Idah
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