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  1. Does that just apply to me or does it cover the other 15 or so posters who are talking about it on this thread????
  2. I''m so confused .... I just don't know who's judgement to trust? Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? I'm torn. Torn I tell you! Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? God it's such a difficult decision!!
  3. No, he didn't block that one, but he's blocked countless shots this season and received a fair few kicks in the head and face while doing so - do you actually watch our games? (Or are your rantings at the TV considered to carry the weight of the pronouncements of Moses?).
  4. Dont' be such an absolute twit! Godfrey has blocked god knows how many shots this season. If you watched the actual film of the goal rather than making a snarkey comment about the still you would see that Godfrey went to close down Welbeck, and only half turned away at the last second when Welbeck's boot was moving in the direction of his head. Cameron Jerome's 'goal' against Palace was disallowed for less.
  5. Rubbish signing - he's useless at defending set pieces........................
  6. Yes, lets have a team who are all over 6ft just like Watford - it worked well for them this season after all.........oh, um. err.............
  7. He's injured - Farke said so at the pre-match press conference and it was reported on this site. Keep up!!
  8. Paul Freeman ................ Danny Sweatman ............ John Wilson ...................
  9. You really are a funny fish sometimes cc......... This from Wikipedia....... made his league debut for the club on the opening day of the 2019–20 season away to Watford, playing in a back three alongside Lewis Dunk and Shane Duffy; according to the Telegraph's report, he excelled as Albion won 3–0.[62] He continued as a fixture in the starting eleven, and by the end of the year was the only Brighton player to play every minute of their Premier League campaign.
  10. Scored as many goals this season as Jack Grealish who as everybody knows is worth of every penny of £75 million!!
  11. Good comedy post Number9. The problem is that we've got a high number of very small players - Buendia, Pukki and Aarons in particular. Hernandez, Byram and Trybull are on the short side - Lewis, for all his other attributes is weak in the air - likewise Cantwell, and players like Vrancic, McLean and Tettey are only average in height. Add to that the fact that our three biggest central defenders have all been in injured for large chunks of the season and you've got an impossible situation unfortunately.
  12. He probably got it 'viciously assaulting' an opposition player Emi Buendia style.............
  13. Okay, fair enough - I thought you meant that Reece James was another lower level player (like Flynn Downes) that we should be looking at.
  14. Reece James is a CHELSEA player. He was on loan at Wigan last season and has made a number of appearances for Chelsea this season!
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