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  1. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Please don't stick up for Dyson. He had a factory in Swindon and shut it and moved his manufacturing to Malaysia. I know because all his injection molding machines ended up in a Curver factory in Redruth. When a Leaver clears off apparently it is because of the high corporation tax and is good business sense. Even though they are supposed to be backing Britain. Unless they meant Benjamin Britten, another one who beggared off.
  2. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Jools How come you pasted a graphic about wages up, jobs up and borrowing down to back up your argument when because all this has happened while we are still in the EU so it defeats your argument entirely.
  3. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    It seems the BBC is as good as the Royal Family when it comes to apologising. The BBC also said it reviewed the polling figures used in the programme, and that while a YouGov poll on the day of the programme put the Conservatives ahead, Ms Abbott was "right to say other polls suggested Labour was either ahead or tied". The BBC added: "We should have made that clear." Instead it allowed Fiona Bruce and others to mock her about the figures. And now it still calls that an apology.
  4. keelansgrandad

    Very Sad

    Three of the very famous sporting family, the Sodjes, have been jailed for stealing from the charity they set up.
  5. keelansgrandad

    What y'all listening to?

    And if you are going to cover a classic, give it a new meaning
  6. keelansgrandad

    What y'all listening to?

    In honour of Teemu Pukki I have been giving Steve n Seagulls a bit of a blast today. Should have seen them at the Looe Music Festival last summer but the organisers ran out of money beforehand and none of the original acts appeared. Love their version of Thunderstruck
  7. keelansgrandad

    Shinji Okazaki

    Probably the hardest worker in the Prem but not a scorer of goals. Teemu is not only a hard worker but a scorer pf goals. So there is a big difference. If he was injured then I think Jordan would do well for us. Teemu has scored all his goals bar one inside the 18 yard box. And I think Jordan would do the same.
  8. keelansgrandad

    Danny Mills

    Thought they might question stamping against Brum to Gallagher Did they not show the three major incidents to Gallagher? Any one of them merited discussion at least.
  9. keelansgrandad

    NFL Thread

    I'd like the Rams to win but that blown call by the refs was horrible. It seems so easy to have thinks like that reviewable as it could be corrected pretty damn swiftly. Commentator said that they review it in the CFL. Seems the obvious choice in the sense of fairness. Blatant pass interference. And even if he hadn't caught it, it would still have been half distance and the end of the game. All credit to the Rams though for their last drive and a kick that was still rising over the posts.
  10. keelansgrandad

    The Blades

    They should be nervous. Our first half against Brum was maybe our best performance of the season with three starters missing as well. It seems we can bring someone in and not affect our performance too much. Forget the little blip. Everyone has one and ours didn't see us go any lower than third (on goal difference).
  11. keelansgrandad

    Leeds and potential legal action

    I'm sorry but I find the whole episode laughable. Bielsa looks a real wally for his obsessiveness and the rest of clubs look silly for making such a big deal about it. Points deduction? For what? I don't believe they have broken any league rules. Morally wrong? So shall we ask the league to punish Birmingham for maybe putting Buendia out of next match? We could lose and if we missed out on promotion by a point would we want retrospective action? How do you define if Leeds have an advantage? They have a bigger income than Rotherham. Is that unfair? Of course not. And if you think watching your opponents train is worth employing people to do it then you are short on reality. We all knew how Birmingham would approach our game (maybe not as violently) and it panned out just like that.
  12. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Very nice treatment from the Government for pensioners. If any pensioner claims pensioner credit, which I hope none of us do or ever have to, but their spouse is below the official state pension age, then they will not be able to claim it any more as it will expected that their spouse is able to work. Yet it will be OK for other people to claim they cannot work any more than 16 hours a week and claim some very nice benefits, whether or not they have ever paid made any contribution. I am a socialist and a great believer and supporter of the welfare state. But it was not created as an income and an excuse not to contribute to our better lifestyle and country whether it be not working or having several children. It was there to say to someone who had fallen on hard times that they shouldn't have to worry. The rest of us will support them until they get back on their feet. Many younger groups say that us pensioners are getting a good deal that they will never get. My argument is that I had to wait until I was 65 to get anything but have paid in for such a long time. I am surprised the government has done this and I am shocked that the excuse is that it makes it fair!
  13. keelansgrandad

    NFL Thread

    So what do we know? Although I must say I think the Rams were the better team overall, that should have been a penalty at the death and it is all over for the Rams. Shame that officials can be the reason a team doesn't get to the Superbowl. Haven't seen the Pats game. It was way too late.
  14. keelansgrandad

    20 more points for the play offs

    I must admit, I am worried by our injuries. If Buendia is missing for any time we really will be down to the bare minimum of attacking midfield players. McClean will be the only one left. I say that as Cantwell seems to have lost a little (hope he meant the haircut and Delilah din't cut it) just lately and I think he may well be sub for a bit. Timm had good news but isn't going to be ready just yet. Leitner is supposed to be the end of the month but would they risk him against Leeds first up? Friday's game showed than Tettey isn't perhaps going to be a big miss and Thompson and Godfrey can step in there.
  15. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Even heard pundits saying that Gove would be a good PM. He is what the Aussies would cal a Kipper. Two faced and no backbone.