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  1. Imagine what jury selection would be like?
  2. We do have to get rid of the inconsistency. In a tournament its imperative to improve each game. As you say the first half was one sided but didn't produce because one or two were not on it. And Rashford was one who wasn't. I am not bothered about blowing away teams as much as I wish we could. Just a little improvement each game and a settled team. Its taken until the third game to see what is needed. I can forgive Southgate for that because individual form is also critical. And when do you drop somebody if you are hoping they are improving? Kane hasn't scored but his pass to Rashford in the 1st half proved his worth. But just maybe Foden's presence will finally get Kane in the goalscoring mood.
  3. I think it is deeper. I tried scannow but it hasn't worked. I will try chkdsk.
  4. I can't disagree with your points but not convinced with the opposition. Perfect might be beating France and deserving it.
  5. Plenty of BS about Wales from the commentators. 1 goal, a penalty. 1 point. Bottom of the group. Nothing to be proud of.
  6. They didn't have a good starting eleven and no depth in their squad.
  7. Who would believe we have scored 9 goals and Kane hasn't got one.
  8. I said to my Grandson that the free kick was either going over or into the wall. He picked into the wall. If you're sat in row Z And the ball hits your 'ead Marcus Rashford. Apparently Bale touched the ball once so he has gone off with a bruised ego.
  9. Typical Southgate performance so far. Talented footballers over passing.
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