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  1. Good day without breaking sweat. If thats not a psychological boost for tomorrow then what is?
  2. Our death toll is a disgrace. There is no other way to say it. But some would ignore that as China is lying. Yes, they probably are. But does that excuse us? People have to get used to Chinese foreign policy over US from now on. The BBC Trump documentaries illustrated their "we want to be number one in the world" and they are terrified they are close to losing topspot.
  3. I take it you are referring to the retaliatory strikes? Jimmy Carter, the only President not to have the US military fire a shot in anger in his four years.
  4. Newsmax? You are having a giraffe.
  5. They are safe from relegation aren't they? North and South have finished the season.
  6. Me too Diane, on my Kindle. As you say, clearing history, and clearing cache and cookies works. But then you have to sign in again every time.
  7. They have bequeathed them to Tom because they are sick to death of my begging letters.
  8. Grandaughter had her jab today. She is only 17 but Diabetic 1, so its a relief for everyone that she has some protection.
  9. This will be another "greatest _________ in the history of the world" no doubt.
  10. Trump will have trouble recalling if these people ever worked for him.
  11. Cardiff have some players who have been around a while and would easily adapt to Mick's style. They have been a bit like us for a few years so I wouldn't bet against them doing it.
  12. Funny how the Government ignored vaccinating those with learning disabilities, which is a mild way of describing their conditions, until a Radio celebrity speaks to them. So Marcus Rashford, Elton John and Jo Whiley, their causes not in question, get attention when everyone else can go to hell.
  13. Wonder if they will have an outside bar at Stonehenge?
  14. Yes. Alternative facts from an alternative dimension. Trump belongs in the Phantom Zone.
  15. But as we are looking for help with the NI problem, I don't think refusal was ever on the agenda.
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