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  1. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Trump will cut interest rates in order to weaken the dollar, give a further kick to the US economy and increase exports. He has probably seen the benefits that a weaker pound has had for UK exports. He will have to keep an eye on inflation but the experience of the UK is that it is not a major worry, especially as the world may be enteriing a period of stagnant growth. He has done a pretty good job so far !! So the world is heading for stagnant growth. Its that leftie Brown's fault of course.
  2. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Boris is doing nothing other than electioneering. He is visiting Tory areas where they could lose out to the LibDems. He came to Truro during the week, apparently to tell us that measles is on the rise and children should be properly vaccinated. No disagreement there. This on the back of a promise of £100M to build a new mother and baby unit at our largest hospital. And then to discuss farming, fishing, pasty making etc. Next day Rudd comes down to promise a bit more money for something else. I don't blame him because that is what someone in hos position would do. But don't pretend it is for the citizens of this nation. 31 October will soon be here and he will have to go to the nation.
  3. keelansgrandad

    Thick As Mince..........

    Officials in the NFL are miked up to tell the spectators what the penalty is for and what the punishment is. If we are going down the road of technology and stopping the game, why not the ref explaining it. What would it take? Another 10 seconds?
  4. keelansgrandad


    After the Liverpool game, some said we couldn't defend and others said we need a goalscorer to take the chances we create. Take your choice
  5. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Net migration is down again. The weakness of the pound and the thriving Polish economy being the main reason.
  6. Terry Anderson. One of the most skillful players we have ever had.
  7. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The reason we have voted to get rid of freedom of movement is to give priority to UK workers while allowing access to foreign workers if we need them. This will stop cheap workers flooding into the UK and cutting average worker salaries, thus making UK workers better paid in the future than they would otherwise be. But don't you realise it is the lower paid workers who have flooded into Britain that have caused the economic change. The building boom could not have happened without Poles etc working for half what the Brits will. You yourself Paul think that that too many manual workers earn too much money, you've said it yourself. The majority of people in this nation do not give a monkeys about other people. As long as their life is OK they are happy. That is why we have different governments and parties. Thepeople who elect governments are not people like us who have strict ideas but those who vote for the ones who look after them the best, in their opinion.
  8. keelansgrandad

    Wes scores down under....

    The title is the joke
  9. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I'm going all in with Teddy's brother Bryan
  10. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Don't rush into anything silly Its OK. I'm keeping my Semprini collection as back up
  11. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Noticeable and boringly predictable -- we've had three and a half years of it. No, you have had three and a half years of it. We voted remain. We don't have to lift a finger, agree on any proposal. You say out means out. We say fair enough. We say get on with it then.
  12. keelansgrandad

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Anyone stockpiling yet? I am trying to keep hold of my tenners but Mrs KG is doing her bit to stimulate the economy. I might have to sell my Winifred Atwell collection.
  13. keelansgrandad

    Thick As Mince..........

    Holloway plays on "zummezet" accent and thinks it makes him lovable. He normally talks a load of siht but puts that little act of mirth into it, the appealing "oim roit inneye". He is currently not managing a football club.
  14. keelansgrandad

    Things you love to see...

    Wus gorn on? he orta be a scoren instedder orl thet old squit.
  15. keelansgrandad

    Things you love to see...

    Quite remarkable really. He doesn't seem to tire, get angry or bother about opponents. Just goes out and does it.