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  1. keelansgrandad

    The Brexit Thread

    I promise says Boring Boris. Where have we heard that in recent months. Does anybody still fall for that? I don't think its fair to include RTB or Swindon as they would fall for Father Xmas being anti Semite as he doesn't deliver presents to Jews. To think we are going to have to put up with that paper hat for another five years. Unless Gove finally stabs him in the back once they have a majority.
  2. keelansgrandad

    What y'all listening to?

    Forgot about this one for years. Still sounds the business
  3. keelansgrandad

    Genuine question

    Even if he drop kicked Delia's Mum, he ain't going anywhere. Whatever your thoughts on it, or the reasons for it, it is true he hasn't had the financial backing to improve the squad let alone the team. He is starting to realise that as nice as it would be, we cannot compete gungho and will adapt, last nigh'ts second half showing proved that. For me, if he stopped zonal marking, I think he can still keep us up.
  4. keelansgrandad

    Farke v Emi

    Apart from Teemu, who is a one off, Emi is our most gifted player. He does frustrate and annoy, he is petulant and sulks but I would have him in the team any day. I wonder if DF might give him a chance in the "Number 10" role. If anyone can unlock defenders sitting in their own box it is him. We have to find a way of scoring more regularly. We certainly don't look like doing it from set pieces. Good luck with corners against the Blades or Burnley. Man City have thosein a nd around the box who can do it and I think Emi is very similar. Keeping him on the bench is a waste IMO. Krul Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey Lewis/Byram Tettey MacLean Todd Emi Onel Teemu
  5. keelansgrandad

    Amazon buffering

    Mine and my sons buffered once during the last ten minutes. I think it must be Amazon's problem and they need to get it sorted if they want to be a player.
  6. keelansgrandad

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    I am not sure we need a change of personnel just the way they defend. Watch their second goal. Shane Long is way behind our three marking the 6 yard line. He then makes a run alongside and eventually in front of them and doesn't have to outjump them, he gets to it first. I know zonal marking is popular, especially in europe, but I don't think it suits us at all. We need to man for man mark at set pieces for a change and see what happens. In this aspect, I think DF is being stubborn.
  7. keelansgrandad

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    No Vrancic or Emi then.
  8. keelansgrandad

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Beyond abysmal peformance. We are so far out of our depth in the premier league it is embarrassing. Still, that's what having tin pot owners does for ya. Oi Keef, oim after givvun yuse a pissballer side a the ed. Wunt do no damage tho
  9. keelansgrandad

    Amazon buffering

    Mine buffered last night and I have fibre straight to the TV and get over 70 but tonight is fine
  10. keelansgrandad

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    How come we can all see that we are suckers at set pieces because of zonal marking but DF cannot. I can accept a poor performance if you come away with something, but we have been dire. Stupid free kick to give away for the first (that isn't having a pop at Todd, just observing that he was wrong). And the second saw Long run from behind the three in the six yard box so they didn't even see him coming. Vrancic has to come on for Amadou. And tell Hernanndez to just run at them.
  11. keelansgrandad

    Bob Willis

    Poor old Bob has died after a short illness. Will miss his analysis and remember him as one one the first who didn't suck up to the establishment.
  12. keelansgrandad

    And we thought

    I wonder how many takes they had to get them all correct? Very good. Ignore MY.
  13. keelansgrandad

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    So are the Murphy twins now regarded as failures? Jobbo didn't know they were twins. He was an only twin.
  14. keelansgrandad

    The Brexit Thread

    RTB, pointing out your errors (virtually every post) is not stifling debate. You just troll out the same old thing. Corbyn is a Marxist, terrorist loving, trying to bankrupt Britain, no good. Unless you change the record, you cannot have a debate. Only an argument.
  15. keelansgrandad

    Power vacuum

    Aren't F1 cars smaller engined but faster?