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  1. Tanner rush on a Saturday morning when nobody heard a thing as everyone was screaming.
  2. We are going to need a lot of help with that. Mind you, we did in the EU.
  3. I am trying to think of the last great escape in the EPL where a club kept the same manager. I remember WBA in our 2004-5 campaign but obviously that was a long time ago and a fairer playing field.
  4. Oh yes agreed. But I fear football has sold its soul forever. There appears no turning back. Even the corrupt as well as the heinous have no place in the game.
  5. I was asked by a pundit, Scott Minto, after DF's first season, whether I rated him as a coach. At that time I said I could see how he wanted to play but it was too slow and we would need a massive change to alter that. And I wasn't sure whether he was the coach to do that. And of course the rest is history.
  6. The House of Saud are, to us anyway, a vile family and their rule is not fit for purpose in this world. Just like many others of course. And protest is fine and good. But we do have to examine all owners in reality. Say for instance, Marcus Evans. While some things might not stand water, the fact that he avoids tax by registering his companies in Bermuda for starters, make me despise him as well. Some might say its not the same but it boils down to what is acceptable and unacceptable to each of us. And I would wager there are massive differences.
  7. Punditry is easy of course. We were the darlings after that ManC win. Now we are hopeless. Brentford are the darlings and while they are doing well, and good luck to them, the pundits will compare, just as we all do. But the most important are us and we probably used more passionate and industrial language to describe not only yesterday's performance but attitude.
  8. Changing a coach is always a gamble. How many top ones risk going to a smaller club? Hardly any. They just move around all the big clubs knowing they will strike it lucky now and again. How many of them could turn us around at the moment. None probably because they have never had to. So we would be in the market for one of several types. An unknown like DF or Alex Neil. Someone doing well with a lower league club like Ryan Lowe at Plymouth. A continental coach who has done reasonably well in La Liga or Seria A. So the risk is immense. But personally, I feel DF is in a rut. Despite the thought we have no money and can't buy, he has had a lot of different and supposedly better players at his disposal. And yet we look worse than ever. He has tried different systems while ignoring the one that served him well, all to no avail. Yesterday was, I thought, a perfect example. It was apparent from the start that defending was inviting trouble. And without setting off the why aren't we alarms, Brentford showed that a concerted attempt at attacking and putting pressure on Chelsea could work. In other words, we would have taken a 1-0 defeat, as so many supporters appear to have accepted. We watched all Chelsea's defenders be allowed to come forward and attack and even score. And we did nothing to try and change that and even had the bizarre episode of Williams replacing Giannoulis. Obviously some people will still be confident that DF will get us out of this mess and even if not, will get us winning the Championship again. And like my opening sentence suggests, that would also be a gamble. For me, the question is not should we replace him but who shall we replace him with. You could argue for someone, assuming they all would come, like Lampard who will have the fame to bring in certain players while not really having a record of success. Eddie Howe plays a brand of football we like. Mark Robins would be a firm favourite and has had the success. But they would all be risks and while we think we are a top 26 club, there are others emerging like Brentford or Coventry ready to push us out of that spot.
  9. So now its Ipswich fans fault we played poorly? If we don't get behind the team, stop booing and believe we can do it then its OK for the coach to not have a clue what formation and players to use and players like Gibson to act irresponsibility. (I hope he gets as much stick as Tzolis got). Managers, coaches, players, DoFs all have a shelf life and have to satisfy the vast majority of supporters. I fear some are exceeding that shelf life.
  10. Your post contradicts itself so many times I don't really think you are going to get many likes.
  11. Surely it was a tub with a wooden spoon?
  12. If we have such a talented bunch of signings then they aren't being coached right or don't fit our system. So is it the coach or the recruiter? Both I think. Its such a shame because DF is such a nice guy and has given us as much joy as despair. But the club is far more important than anything else.
  13. I guess Emi probably wanted to leave but I wonder how hard we tried to keep him. If he was on £20K a week in the EFL and doubled it in the EPL then why couldn't we have offered him £80K a week to stay with us? Now we have a group of players playing bit parts for us presumably all on £40K a week.
  14. Of course Emi was great for us and one of ours to sell on. But I think Skipp's absence has hurt us more. We tend to forget that apart from an odd game, Emi looked quite ordinary with us in the Prem. Ollie's positional sense made it possible for players like Emi to take risks and showboat. We just do not have anyone like him in our squad.
  15. He said he wants to help the team. Well I guess there is one stark answer to that.
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