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  1. Sounds like the West Bank.
  2. The Cowboys score points regularly at home. They are not quite so good away. But with who they have left I think 10-6 is the best they can hope for. The Eagles have them after the Niners so moving day is approaching.
  3. You are getting weirder. You know nothing about the person or what he is trying to achieve. A local lad trying to run a business. How many apprentices do you think he should have? 10 or 20 even. Just rope your neck in and mind your own business. And business is something you clearly know nothing about. Typical wannabe Tory.
  4. 15 April 1989. FA Cup Semi Final versus Everton at Villa Park. My two sons, two of my son's mates and myself got the train up. Forget the game. The train back was delayed and further behind by the time we got to Plymouth where they announced it would be terminating. What??? No mobile phones then. Phoned home and Mrs KG said she would come and get us which was just over an hours drive. Another lad appeared and said he was stuck. He had to get to Truro and could we give him a lift? No problem. Except when Mrs KG turned up it wasn't in our lovely big Renault 25 but her friends XR2. Our car had a dodgy tyre she said and she didn't want to risk it. So off we set, with five lads in the back of this XR2 which were never really more than 2+2. Sparks must have been coming off the back. We got through Trerulefoot which is a notorious accident black spot when we saw the blue lights flashing. He pulled us over and saw these five lads jammed in the back. And it wasn't our car. Long story short, he saw our scarves, was a football fan and let us off.
  5. Wait until the temperature drops in Wisconsin, then the opponents find out why the Pack were so strong.
  6. Once the right have had their frenzied feast on what they can get out of EU they will end up like Farage and his £60K pension for an institution he despised.
  7. So much in the oblivion that you brought her up
  8. Cabinet meeting: We are making a real mess of Governing. What shall we do? Answer: Decentralise. Its wha tthe people want. Hooray
  9. Just another example of the far right sending kids out to cause mayhem. Wind them up. set them loosse and then clear off yourself so you aren't involved. The right don't seem to have any justifiable arguments so they resort to violence. And Just Stop Oil are called disgusting loonies.
  10. I don't know whether the Pack were good or Detroit just downright poor.
  11. So seven years after the vote and four years since we left, the argument still rages about immigration. And some of it is so John Bull pathetic it makes me want to weep. Its the usual British moan that our inadequacy and broken society is down to immigrants. Its not our fault. Half the boat people are coming for free handouts we are told. One idiot on QT said they get straight off the beach and go to the benefits office. Funny how most end up on a lifeboat or some other boat and get taken elsewhere than the benefits office. There are a lot of people in this country who have contributed nothing and want handouts. Of course we have to have controlled immigration. But surely the 1.2 million who came in according to the latest figures, were allowed in for a reason. Skills or financial security for instance. If not, then the right wing Government we have had in for the last 13 years have to take the blame. But all they say is, we have to stop the boats. That is a totally different problem.
  12. Your last sentence shows you up for what you are. You haven't a clue have you. We are not talking about unskilled jobs. We are talking about high end decorating. Most of those capable are probably self employed. If you want to expand your business, put more vans on the road and all that entails, you cannot just say I will pay more and expect to get the quality. You have to get skilled men. In Cornwall, they are not available. He has an apprentice. But then you would know that at its so simple.
  13. Another top win for the Niners. Starting to put it all together now. I just hope the ydon't peak too soon. McCaffrey may not have the grace of Marcus Allen or strength of John Riggins but he just gets the job done.
  14. So you know him do you? I'll ask him if he knows a know **** all from the Pinkun who knows how he runs his business. As you are a feckin know all perhaps you can contact all the trained people he is after and give them his phone number? You have not a clue about how difficult it is to find trained people. He only takes on top quality work and only employs trained people at £25 an hour. The Polish lads were already here and better trained than their UK counterparts. But I thought a know all would have known that.
  15. But if you think it it then it means you have done it.
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