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  1. You know, I never actually considered that element of this username. I simply picked another way to say City Til I Die. I will retire this username.
  2. Apologies I thought I was on the Pink Un NCFC forum, not Norfolk Aviation Geeks Anonymous.
  3. Good grief. I can't believe I'm having this conversation. That list is the list of regular chartered flights. So KLMs flights to Amsterdam. Loganairs flights to Aberdeen etc. It doesn't cover the private charters, who fly from all sorts of locations. Doesn't mean it's an NCFC flight.
  4. So you drop a £30m player in Todd Cantwell to play him just because of his value? The best players for the job should play, irrespective of their value or how much we spent buying them.
  5. We do need to remember it is an actual working airport and not exclusively used for NCFC transfer business...
  6. Of course, the board works perfectly fine when the spambots come calling
  7. I suspect the only Car to be associated to NCFC this year is a Lotus Car and Jimmy Carr
  8. Interesting line in the free agent article... https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-free-agents-centre-back-8247046
  9. Do you really think Daniel Farke picks players based on whether we spent millions to bring them here or if they're on loan? Actually wait, thinking back over some of your posts I wouldn't put that past you.
  10. Chalk another to Stuart Webber, master negotiator. Would expect no less from the man who sold Marley Watkins for £1m. Seriously, I think this is a very good move. With Byram injured, we are a Max Aarons or Dimi injury away from playing Bali Mumba. I like Bali a whole lot, but I think he is a season or two away from Premier League football. I wouldn't be surprised if Williams ends up displacing Dimi. Dimi was great against Liverpool, but I wonder if Williams offers a slightly more defensively capable full back, even if Dimi is the better offensively.
  11. Oh that video is absolutely brilliant
  12. Am actually quite surprised. I was quite impressed by some of their signings. To see they've lost 4 and who they've been beaten by - clearly the rot hasn't stopped just yet.
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