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  1. I liked him. Intelligent. Worked hard. Nice passing range.
  2. Honestly, what planet are you on? Wikipedia is edited by literally everyone. Go on Sky Sports. Go on Wigan's own website. I linked you Leam Richardson's interview in which he said they had made 1 signing. Wigan are not a side in flux. Just admit you're wrong and move on. Don't be a **** every moment of your life.
  3. You need a lobotomy mate. Quoting dodgy websites and taking them as gospel. Let me guess, you believe in the New World Order, that Bill Gates is trying to inject you with chips and Tony Blair is the demon reincarnate because you read it online? Thankfully, old Uncle TY here can set you straight. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/12666938/leam-richardson-wigan-athletic-need-23-new-signings Is a link directly to a video in which Leam Richardson jokes Wigan needs 23 new signings BECAUSE THEY'VE ONLY SIGNED ONE PLAYER ALL SUMMER. They aren't a team in flux. They're a team who are using the same players who won L1 comfortably last season. So ditch the **** websites and start reading around a bit more. There's a good old chap.
  4. Yes. Daniel Farke after Project Restart. But I'm sure that doesn't help your ridiculous anti-Smith agenda.
  5. We've spent more than 90% of the rest of the Championship. With a squad worth hundreds of millions more than some. What do you think more money is going to achieve?
  6. Oh shut up you thick ****, I've no issue with what you say about what you saw today, I've an issue with your factually wrong suggestion that Wigan have made 8 signings and lost 13 players. ****ing ****.
  7. No they haven't you idiot, they've lost their three loan signings from last season, two more have been sold/released and signed just one - Ryan Nyambe on a free from Blackburn.
  8. Virtual reality proving he lives in virtual reality with this post. Away with the ****ing fairies.
  9. Wigan in flux? They've made one signing all summer. Of all the sides you can claim are "in flux", Wigan are not one.
  10. A supreme over reaction. Unfortunately, his mistake is what happens when a player who hasn't had a preseason through injury is thrown right in. It was a much better performance than Cardiff. Let's start by giving credit to Wigan. I thought they really did defend well. How they defended will definitely be an example of how teams are likely to come to Carrow Road. Positives 1. Nunez looked good. This was after just two days of training with this team. Early days, but the suggestion he could be the spiritual successor to Buendia seems to be on the mark. 2. Aarons. My MOTM; I was thinking this before the goal, his defensive performance was solid and whenever he got on the ball in an offensive position, he looked threatening. 3. That first 30 minutes was superb. Wigan struggled to cope and we created several good opportunities. I think if we'd have scored at this point, our confidence would likely have taken over and I think we'd have finished with a comfortable win. Sadly, that didn't happen. Negative 1. Injuries. Dimi looked in a lot of pain. Aarons less so; but two injuries to two keys players is never a good thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dimi laid off now for a while. 2. I felt our substitutions didn't really make us stronger today. At the end of the day, some were enforced on us, like McCallum and Sara. I was more thinking about Sargent, Sinani and Onel. For me, none really had a discernable impact on the game. Many might think that harsh on Onel. He got into good positions, beat his man a couple of time. But he also gave the ball away and his crossing was wayward. 3. Teemu Pukki. Two good chances today. Missed a free header at the near post too. On another day, Teemu would have scored two or three. He cuts a frustrated figure up front at the moment. I hope that changes. 4. Refereeing performance. Another poor championship refereeing performance. I really did think the tackle on Max Aarons was absolutely a penalty. I also felt in a season in which referees are supposed to be cracking down on time wasting, he didn't come down hard enough on Wigan who took the **** more than once. 5. Two points dropped. We can't avoid having dropped two points which could be important come the end of the season. It only cranks up the pressure against Huddersfield, who will be under pressure themselves to come and get the points. Krul: 6 Aarons: 7 Dimi: 6 Gibson: 4 Omo: 6 McLean 5 Sorenson 5 Cantwell 6.5 Nunez 6 Rashica 5 Pukki 5 Subs Hernandez 5 Sinani 4 McCallum 5 Sargent 5 Sara not on long enough
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