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  1. Which would still be a greater accomplishment than anything I bet you've done.
  2. It's not about opinions you utter spanner. It's fact. The course of Sheffield Utd's season bares remarkable resemblance to our own. If you don't want to acknowledge this because of some deep seated, unexplainable hatred for Sheffield Utd ("The minute I think we are like Sheff U is the minute I give up on the game" - what a ****ing weirdo you can be) that's your problem. 8-0 is a big loss. Like 7-0. Regardless of who it's against. Honestly, I don't know why I bother.
  3. We lost 7-0 away at Chelsea. Both us and Utd sold their best players. Both have gone about transfers poorly. Both sacked managers to appoint the wrong person. The comparisons between us and them are undeniable.
  4. Why is his last name so often misspelt? He's Wes Hoolihan Wes Holahan Wes Hoolehan Now Wes Hollahan
  5. I suspect we'll miss out on the play offs, but that's a better result than I would have expected.
  6. Not an argument I thought I'd be seeing made out ever
  7. Nonsense. Our squad is being talked about as too old. A manager who can relate to a younger squad of players is essential.
  8. So what you're saying is if you stopped posting here, we'd be ok?
  9. He plays a midfielder deeper which bares responsibility for giving extra cover to the defence, turning over possession and starting counter attacks. This is a role we do not have a player who can do these things well, every player who plays this role lacks something which makes him effective.
  10. Does it address every issue I have with the way the club is being run at the minute? No. Does it go into sufficient detail to help me understand the direction of travel the club is on and what Ben Knapper wants Norwich City FC to be? No Does it give me confidence in Ben Knapper? Yes. He says the right things. Definitely not as charismatic or forceful in his manner as Webber, but he's clearly a talented football man, the lines about youth pathway does give me encouragement and I like what he says. I hope to perhaps get better clarity in the summer when I think we'll start to see a bit more change undertaken.
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