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  1. Spot on. At this rate we're going to be finishing this season so late, next season is going to start in December....
  2. When football restarts, we should agree to talk football only in the football forum and all others in the non football forum. A revolutionary idea, I know....
  3. From the two or three matches I've watched, it's emphasised that the crowd can be the X factor in games. Average players in the heat of the moment can play like superstars. World class players can crumble under the pressure. From what I've seen, removing the crowd leaves you with which 11 is the better 11.
  4. You clearly aren't that outraged at the lack of attention that child abuse is facing. You haven't used a single exclamation mark! In all seriousness, I find it very distasteful to draw child abuse into any sort of comparison, not least from someone so happy to trivialise dementia.
  5. Wow you are outraged aren't you. SIX EXCLAMATION MARKS. Goodness me. Get a grip.
  6. You don't turn a blind eye to someone's wrong doings because of their political outlook. It really is that simple.
  7. Good goal, well taken. Hope the lad goes on to make a success of himself. He was quite obviously vilified here for no better reason than not being quite good enough.
  8. You've definitely come to the right place to fill in gaps in your knowledge. This forum is filled with posters who believe they know everything and are never wrong. The accuracy of that is somewhat debatable though.
  9. Ditto, would definitely do this, particularly for charity.
  10. Question 2 seems counter intuitive to the statement made after question 1.
  11. Honestly just let this thread die,like the credibility of some of those who have posted here.
  12. Expecting a rational, evidenced argument from Bill is a bit like expecting to win the lottery. Yes it might happen, but I wouldn't be holding your breath.
  13. Absolute proof if any was needed that motivation behind Project Restart is entirely financially driven with a total disregard for all other concerns. Or else these same options would be laid out before the Premier League sides.
  14. A really very compelling argument, very well made. In stark contrast to the usual **** on here.
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