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  1. I still love the guy for what he did for us and his time at Ipswich hasn't diminished that. Probably made the man love stronger with how bad he's done!
  2. If Delia had billions, this subject would never be broached. Delia and MWJ have given time, money, blood, sweat and tears for this club. They've made their mistakes - but they have taken us from a club about to go bust to a club about to be promoted again (the fourth time in their time at the club?) to the Premier League, relatively debt free with a squad arguably with more talent than ever before. No one wants or should want them to sell. And they would be absolutely right to set high standards that a potential new owner would need to satisfy to get them to the table. My only criticism is I suspect they would not sell the club in any circumstance, and if that is the position then this is wrong. If the right buyer comes along, they should sell. The truth of the matter is, if and when Delia and MWJ leave this club, they (and Justin Fashanu in my opinion) should have a statue made in their honour.
  3. Josh Martin has potential in abundance and it's absolutely right to champion him, but It thinkyou can't change a side in the form we are and putting big pressure on him does him no favours. I reckon if we get promotion wrapped up before the end of the season he'll come into the starting line up.
  4. Hi @daisy. You're a bit of a penis aren't you? All the best, TY
  5. I remember being devastated when he and Clingan left. That's the last time I've felt really gutted at players leaving - mostly because the seasons we have subsequently have shown me it's more about the team than individuals.
  6. I don't think so, but I could be wrong.
  7. You weren't being asked to. Show some empathy.
  8. I suspect the actual Hucks will be infinitely more classy than posting something like this within minutes of his death being announced. A terrible loss to his family and friends and at such a young age. RIP.
  9. Few things moved me so much as the incredible spirit he showed last year to raise tens of millions. The rest of his life was equally as inspirational. He leaves in his wake a wonderful legacy and will be proof that no matter your age, no matter your circumstances, a person can make a difference. RIP a wonderful, wonderful man.
  10. I haven't misjudged anything. I'll take lectures from someone who doesn't have a track record of posting near pornographic images of women onto this forum. ****.
  11. I know. If only people learnt to keep things in the right forums ehh? Forum would be a much better place.
  12. You're the sort of person who would win a holiday to Tenerife and complain it isn't Barbados.
  13. ****ing hell, this gets posted EVERY ****ING SEASON. Give it a ****ING REST.
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