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  1. I said in another thread that I think 86 will be enough to get a team up. The condensed nature of the season has well and truly kicked in now and I think you're going to see a lot of very tired teams. The ones that are a bit less bothered with injuries or/and have more strength in depth will probably finish far better.
  2. Meanwhile, in Glasgow, Corona cases skyrocket....
  3. It's potentially relevant for the part I highlighted in bold. We're wildly guessing. As for the last part, that was the 12/13 season, not 13/14. Then the season after that, Mario Götze moved to Bayern. Bayern have often used Dortmund as a bit of a feeder club over the past decade or so. Hummels, Götze, Lewandowski spring instantly to mind. 2012–13 Borussia Dortmund season - Wikipedia
  4. Sure, but again, your links show that caffeine can be both an aid and a hindrance to cardiovascular capacity. That's why I'd be interested in seeing if he had similar high levels of injuries at Dortmund and if he used a similar method.
  5. Did he have this problem at Dortmund? Caffeine is a stimulant, however the article also says it can actually have an impact on the cardiovascular system - I remember reading somewhere that it can narrow the blood vessels around the heart and actually IMPAIR cardiovascular endurance as a result, which would be the polar opposite of what would be achieved with gegenpressing. Incidentally, it's not much in terms of evidence, but I'm an experienced (but average) club distance runner, and every time I've tried a caffeine shot before a race, my performance has sucked. Tried a Revvie (a caffeinated strip) before a parkrun and pulled off my worst run on that course (23:17). Did the Bolton 5K the day after, thought I could struggle with fatigued legs, decided just to pop an isotonic drink away and ran 22:05 on a course of fairly similar difficulty. My completely unfounded suspicion, as I am no doctor or sports scientist, is that it may be more to do with hydration levels as caffeine can have diuretic properties. There was a very interesting titbit in the Bolton News recently where Ian Evatt, the young Bolton manager, said his coaching team monitor hydration levels of players before letting them train and it seems to be cutting down the injuries suffered.
  6. Can people now see how hard we had it when we had a pile of centre-halves missing last season, with defensive midfielders helping out back there? Manchester City struggled for ages with a similar problem last season too even with all their riches. No wonder we were in trouble from the start of it.
  7. 30 tap-ins are 30 goals. If a striker's getting you those, he's getting you a pile of wins and points. I don't remember Pukki scoring many from outside the box, but as others have said, his game is all about getting into position when in possession, and he does that supremely well.
  8. Have to respectfully disagree here, at least with regard to the comparison. Totally agree that Sorensen was doing very well indeed there and can easily see him being seen as a back-up option there next season, but that wasn't why he was bought. Finding out that Sorensen had that in his locker was good luck rather than management, but it also raises the anticipation of what we're going to see when Sorensen finally starts getting a run of games in the position originally earmarked for him. It's not usually too good for a youngster's development if they're consistently playing out of position, so I'd really like to see Sorensen get more time in the middle now. Farke does seem to be bringing him on a fair bit now for a few minutes, feeding him small doses of positive experience in there and letting him get used to it.
  9. I agree that they'll never be eradicated from his game, and they are the kind of things that will stop him being with elite clubs. That said, if we establish ourselves in the Premiership, he could be our Zaha or Le Tissier in that regard - a player some way ahead of the rest who helps keep us up there. So, as annoying as the obvious flaws are, we might as well learn to like them, as they may be why he stays.
  10. I'd argue Giannoulis might have a better engine than Jamal. Jamal's got a bit more top speed in full flow, Giannoulis looks a bit more explosive late on in games.
  11. As @Hank shoots Skyler has linked, I think he's already in the building. I think it's Sorensen. Although the way McLean and Rupp are playing...Sorensen, McLean and Rupp looks like a pretty tasty and also very balanced midfield trio to me.
  12. Precisely, that bit in bold is key. Farke's patient with those who give it a good, honest go and don't hide, regardless of the outcome. Compare his patience with Placheta and his willingness to protect him compared to tossing Nelson, Moritz, etc. out - or indeed when aiming the odd pointer at Cantwell and Buendia.
  13. Nice and three-sy does it, simply luton the three points today. A polished performance after the first goal went in.
  14. Fair call, Buendia and Pukki off now. Some minutes for Dowell and Hugill.
  15. Sorensen on for Rupp??? Looks like McLean's going further forward then. Either that or it's more 4-3-3. Although I wouldn't be that surprised if Sorensen can play number 10 either.
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