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  1. A guy that didn't exactly do too much for Burnley in the Premier League before they went down has bagged twice off the bench to keep the Dutch in it. Can't script this.
  3. Why do the Dutch seem to end up in more than their share of handbags in World Cup matches? Battle of Nuremburg in 2006, the final in 2010, and here we go again!!
  4. I get a real sense of deja p-o-o about this. As in "where the hell have I seen this sh/it before?"
  5. Japanese/Bavarian chicken yodelling for me today. Some of the German pronunciation is that bad I want to invade.
  6. *curses in Jeremy Beadle's bleep machine on Beadle's About*...
  7. He'd certainly give us some pace if he's fully recovered.
  8. Happy Holidays, everyone. Hopefully I'll get a ton of work in, as 2023 will have at least seven half-marathons and possibly a full marathon at the back end of the year.
  9. Suppose the jokes are Gouda go cheesy, I'll b-Edam-ed if they don't.
  10. I like how both subs who were brought on at the end have missed their penalties. One job, lads.
  11. Richards might not always have much insight, but he's choc-ful of humour and his enthusiasm for the game is obvious. Good foil for the others.
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