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  1. I just love how REFUK as a party pretty much is what it says.
  2. Incidentally, we also say "in the doghouse" for that. Pretty amused that Finnish, a language that is a very long way away from the Germanic languages, has a phrase which means the same when literally translated.
  3. If Lukaku and Werner are both missing, we could give them problems on the counter. At the same time, we gave Arsenal plenty to think about at the Emirates, and whilst they did clock up 30 shots, many were from distance and a lot were also blocked. I doubt we'll have much more than 35% possession, but I think we'll play a similar way to how we did against Brighton. Thought we looked defensively quite good against Brighton last week as you're not going to completely shut out Premier League teams as a promoted outfit. The longer it remains 0-0, the more Tuchel will have to think of pushing up. Initial instinct is one of those battling 1-0 defeats, or a 2-0 defeat where we get caught late looking for an equaliser.
  4. Not necessarily in my dreams as such but I do wonder how another of our former Norwegians, Erik Fuglestad, is getting on considering he had a major health scare. Mind you, I do wonder what Teemu Pukki thinks of the Ålanders - the particularly proud Swedish speakers in the Åland Islands, which are now part of Finland.
  5. I think that's a fair point re. WWI showing how women were better suited for the world of work than old norms and customs used to think (although that is a stereotype that still seems to exist in a slightly different way amongst a much smaller number of more atavistic-minded sorts), but at the same time, there is always a need to keep causes in public awareness. The time I didn't like the protest was when it stopped the ambulance. That was the "too far" moment. Everything else though, no. Not an issue whatsoever.
  6. Fair comment, would say that they can be combined or interlinked too.
  7. If this is a mental health issue (and let's make one thing bloody clear, I hope it isn't, but you never know) then let's hope Todd gets the help he needs.
  8. When do they not have a worthwhile role in society?
  9. Made more sense that you answered Badger's question as it was ultimately your point. And FWIW, I completely agree with what you just wrote.
  10. Re. the bit in bold, I think it's more a case of those who won't make a full effort to work with Farke are very quickly cut out. Apart from Leitner and probably Drmic, who else would that apply to? As the old line goes, the art of good management is to keep those who hate your guts away from those who are undecided.
  11. It would need a sign of a toxic atmosphere amongst the players for me to even think of it. As far as I'm concerned, managers are generally sacked far too quickly. Considering he's in the position where he's rebuilding whilst going upwards, he's earned at least the season from my perspective.
  12. Whilst the article makes some decent points re. sales and making profit as a way of being sustainable, it falls down spectacularly as a defence as it forgets to mention the financial issues that happened when Chase moved away from it and started spending on less necessary things. If anything, in its aim to defend Chase compared to our current set, it actually makes the case for a sustainable, debt-free approach to building a club stronger. As Lakey said, S&J have most certainly got it wrong on a couple of occasions, but they've had the good sense to learn from their mistakes with the recruitment of Webber now and giving him relatively free rein.
  13. As @king canary said, probably a salary cap is the best option. That would probably do away with the need for parachute payments as then teams wouldn't feel the need to basically throw the overdraft at attempting to stay up.
  14. Let's put it this way, in the top four divisions of pro footy here we've got 92 clubs. Let's assume, on average, that they've got 50 players per squad (probably some way too high). 92 * 50 = 4600 players. And, as many a Home Nations manager has realised, a considerable proportion of them aren't from the Home Countries, so it's even harder to get there. Garry Nelson wrote in Left Foot In The Grave that around 1% (I think) of all promising kids even get to a contract, they are weeded out before then. On top of that, the average length of pro career when he wrote that book (1998 IIRC) was eight years. By definition, focusing on the top tiers skews the perceptions.
  15. Regarding Poland and EU law, this might help. Especially the Background section. Back-door authoritarianism by the current Polish regime in an equally insidious way to Orban and his cronies. Independence of Polish judges (europa.eu)
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