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  1. Hah, I had a plastic one in my hair once for a kids game I was refereeing, and the bloody thing snapped. Spent most of the second half running with my chin up in the air. Not much fun running around with your hair all in your face. Although nothing trumps the Paulie Malignaggi / Lovemore N'Dou boxing match when Paulie's braids came undone during round 7 and a pair of scissors suddenly trumped the Endswell in the corner at the end of that round!!
  2. Knew about the model beforehand, but hadn't thought about it in a football team. And it certainly makes good sense here as part of a squad evolving. Very good shout. I would say it's still in a cross between the forming and the storming phase though as when so many are hauled in at once there's still an element of working out where the pieces best fit.
  3. @Yellow and Green is absolutely right re. the signing period. Rupp's come in during the January window, which is notoriously difficult to hit the ground running. He's also come back off a bad injury if I recall correctly - and moved to another country to a struggling team to boot. I thought he was one of our best players on Sunday, Skipp being our MOM. He's had several good games where his defensive diligence and work rate have given us greater solidity as a team (Newcastle away, Liverpool at home, Man Utd in the cup last season, to name but three). I'd agree with those who'd take him over McLean - there's definitely a very tidy player in there if he gets the games. I'd like the same formation against Derby, but replace McLean with either Stiepermann or Vrancic. If we're making a defensive switch, let Gibson play ahead of Zimmermann.
  4. Nothing wrong with Alice bands. Excellent for keeping hair out of your face. Just a bit annoying when they slip mid-race (which is what happened when doing Warszawa-Praga parkrun last year, hence the photos all show me holding my Alice hand in my hand). If you're growing your hair longer, they're almost inevitable at some stage. Gel on its own often won't hack it.
  5. Except we played 4-1-4-1 yesterday with two pacey wingers. Totally different formation.
  6. Exactly this. This is a question of attitude and application. Show that, and you're in. Don't show it, and you're not.
  7. To use a German quote from a pretty damned fine player in his day - and one who was also renowned for not taking any crap... "Wenn meine Oma ein Bus wäre, würde sie hupen!" (If my grandma were a bus, she'd honk) (Dieter Eilts)
  8. Exactly. Farke will give young players their head if they look like they deserve to be there on merit. The reverse side is that he will not hesitate to say something if he is sure that they are not doing everything to maintain those standards. Compare the efforts of Aarons, Godfrey, and indeed Lewis before he went. They kept their heads screwed on and kept giving 100%. This is all part of the game of being a pro player, and if you're a highly promising youngster, you'd better keep your head screwed on otherwise you're far more likely to be one of those "wasn't he touted for the England squad once" sort of player. As you train, so you play. Slack off in training, and it shows on the pitch.
  9. The end is nigh! Shoot Rupp! Sell McLean!! Shoot the board!! Why's Gibson not playing? We'll be playing Ipswich next season!! Summat like that, right?
  10. I'd agree with Vrancic for McLean, especially if Rupp continues in the vein he showed today. He looked pretty good and was well ahead of McLean. The thing I would say is that Hernandez and Placheta on at the same time leaves us a bit short of explosiveness coming off the bench. I've always thought Hernandez is better coming on with a hour on the clock to throw at tired opponents. Pukki also needs Stiepermann around. I think people are forgetting how effective that partnership was last time out in the Championship.
  11. Thought we played quite well in the second half, but were half-a-yard too slow / inaccurate in attack for things to stick. Against a side that well-drilled like that Bournemouth side it wasn't quite enough. Main difference was that they had a relatively stable, settled line-up with few new players in, and we're in something of a rebuild.
  12. Gotta admit, Vrancic, Placheta, Pukki, Idah, and Hugill all on at the same time is definitely a definition of "going for it" here!
  13. Subs are earlier nowadays compared to the last two seasons.
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