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  1. Good game at Wroxham, the U21's were the better side. Having said that, none of them stood out and I was surprised when I saw the line up as I don't see any of them pushing to get in the first team, including Aboh who was a grumpy little s0d for most of the game. As Rupethebear has said, JHT and Neil Adams were both there, Hucks son plays for Wroxham so he's a regular at Trafford Park.
  2. Where have all the insects gone?
  3. I bet the people that sat behind you didn't
  4. Ernie, you can park at the ground, there will be a couple of blokes in hi viz vests that will point you in the right direction.
  5. Just because canarydan doesn't want to go doesn't mean the rest of us can't 😉 Wroxham 🆚 @NorwichCityFC U23s 📆 Tues 23rd July ⏰ 7pm 🏆 Friendly 🎟️Adults £8 Cons. £6 Youth (16-18) £2 Children FREE with paying adult 💳 💷 Card &cash at the turnstile 📘Programmes £1.50 5️⃣0️⃣/5️⃣0️⃣ cash draw £1 / 3 for £2
  6. Don't right footed players sometimes lose time by getting the ball to that foot ? 😉🙂
  7. Just looked on official site, Ernie Wise was correct it's the U21's
  8. It's actually the U23's so the two new young lads from Spurs and Notts County will possibly feature plus the ones that aren't with the senior squad. Should be a good game with the opportunity to see the young players close up.
  9. Has to be a binner to describe them as sensational signings
  10. If the cameras zoom in on Adelle, Ed Sheeran or any other z lister that's just discovered football I'm chucking something at the telly
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