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  1. FenwayFrank

    Brum 9 point deduction

    @Bethnal Yellow and Green May be able to clarify, but it looks like £13m was put into the club in January, they then spent £6m on their new keeper !
  2. FenwayFrank

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Didn’t Villa’s owners put some more money in to cook the books a bit ?
  3. FenwayFrank

    Adam Idah

    In league 1
  4. FenwayFrank

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    I’m in Paris. If anyone knows of a sports bar we could “ accidentally “ walk past could someone let me know
  5. FenwayFrank

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Did qpr ever pay ?
  6. FenwayFrank


    The day we get promoted I think we’ll all get pretty stiff !
  7. FenwayFrank

    If Bolton go ....

    Panic on the streets of Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside
  8. FenwayFrank

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    That could explain why Waveney isn’t on here so much
  9. FenwayFrank

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    You think she was on her own ?
  10. FenwayFrank


    Looks like their fans were just as confused https://www.millersbanter.co.uk/t65395189/pre-match-silence/
  11. FenwayFrank


    Perhaps he’s having a long spell of silence for the old forum
  12. I’m hoping someone will do one for the Ipswich supporting Adolf when he finds out what’s happened this season