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  1. FenwayFrank

    Brucey the elephant

    I’d quite like to have a longer trunk
  2. FenwayFrank


    Not on their own though, we have to defend as a team. After watching the game yesterday I do think Godfrey has to be in the team with one other, probably Klose if he gets fit
  3. FenwayFrank


    This takes us back to the “ we need a good defensive midfielder “ conversation.
  4. FenwayFrank

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    That’s horrible
  5. FenwayFrank


    Going forward they are fine but they are too easy to play through which puts the back four under too much pressure in my opinion. At the moment they probably are the best we’ve got though.
  6. FenwayFrank

    New membership scheme

    I’m really pleased I didn’t buy one, if I can get to a couple of games when tickets go on general sale then fine. If not I’ll do a few lower league matches and tick off a few new grounds
  7. FenwayFrank

    Tour de France 2019

  8. The standard members might as well pay another £15 to get in the main group, if not they’ve wasted their money
  9. The membership scheme has now made the club £715,210, I’m sure they’re really pleased with that
  10. FenwayFrank

    New membership scheme

    Quite a few I reckon
  11. FenwayFrank

    The bun fight for tickets.....

    This is something that irritates me. Liverpool, Spurs etc give us 3k tickets maximum in 60,000 seat stadiums, we give 3k tickets to anyone that wants them. If we only gave them 2k that would mean more availability for our own fans that have stumped up £50
  12. FenwayFrank

    Norwich Legend in Germany

    Perhaps the lads at along come nodge could do a piece on her
  13. FenwayFrank

    Player diets

    Mo Leitner is very careful about what he eats. When he arrived on loan he asked if he could meet the chef to discuss his diet.
  14. FenwayFrank

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    I have no idea why anyone would recommend Yarmouth
  15. FenwayFrank

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    I think we need to recommend some pubs