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  1. FenwayFrank

    Gracia sacked

    Been replaced already by Quique Sanchez Flores
  2. FenwayFrank

    song for Amadou?

    Agadoo is too obvious and cheesy in my opinion
  3. FenwayFrank

    song for Amadou?

    Just remembered it was to the tune of “ knowing me knowing you “ which gets bonus points for the Alan Partridge style aha in it
  4. FenwayFrank

    song for Amadou?

    Someone came up with a song for him that came from a song by Abba, that was really good. Shame I can’t remember it !
  5. FenwayFrank

    What's wrong in britain

    Is the fact that the ex terrorist is a chain smoker and a ladies man relevant to anything ?
  6. FenwayFrank

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Membership meeting bingo- I’ve got “self funding”
  7. FenwayFrank

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    It’s going to be the NCFC equivalent of brexit
  8. FenwayFrank

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    How can one person buy 20 tickets ? Surely you would need 20 memberships?
  9. FenwayFrank

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Whatever steps they took, they didn’t work
  10. Mansfield v Scunthorpe- home win btts USA v Mexico good luck
  11. FenwayFrank

    Oxford United

    Thomas in blue boots ? Yeah I’d agree with that. Ciaran Jones was the better centre half, I was actually disappointed with our captain. I thought we matched them until tiredness crept in, plus they brought on three first team players. Enjoyed it though, I believe that the 152 fans that went are now in the “ mega mega superhero membership group” which means not only do we get first dibs on tickets but we get to fly from Norwich airport every time.
  12. FenwayFrank

    Huddersfield Shirt

    St Andrews hall was the main venue back then, along with West Runton Pavilion
  13. FenwayFrank

    Huddersfield Shirt

    Dopest? Garms?sneakers? You’re a lot younger than the rest of us aren’t you ?
  14. FenwayFrank

    Huddersfield Shirt

    Just had a quick look and I’ve still got a single by the vital disorders called “tough times”, I’ll have have to stick it on at some point
  15. FenwayFrank

    Huddersfield Shirt

    I’m on a Facebook group titled “ punk in Norwich from 1976 to the present day” there was some discussion about that ep recently. I can remember “ walking down London street”, quite catchy