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  1. Go for a massive dump, we’ve got an outside loo
  2. FenwayFrank

    What y'all listening to?

  3. FenwayFrank

    What y'all listening to?

    There are some songs that make you a bit emotional aren’t there? Shipbuilding is one of those songs for me, along with a few others.
  4. FenwayFrank

    What y'all listening to?

    Out of interest does anyone here go to any of the Motown/ soul nights in the city when they’re on ? I know there are plenty of soulies with season tickets, just wondered if any of them post on here.
  5. FenwayFrank

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Coventry have done this
  6. FenwayFrank

    Thursday night entertainment

    Has James Corden ever been funny ?
  7. FenwayFrank

    Coronavirus and the Media

  8. FenwayFrank

    Tonight's entertainment

    I’m on it
  9. FenwayFrank

    The current season

    I thought Ricardo had already decided
  10. FenwayFrank


    Obviously not the plod from on here then
  11. FenwayFrank

    That Fulham game

    I seem to remember Hucks saying that a few players had already packed their bags
  12. FenwayFrank

    Best performance by a visiting player

    Paul Walsh for Charlton, he would have only been about 16 at the time. John Chiedoze is a name I’d completely forgotten about
  13. FenwayFrank

    National League null and void

    I know what Ben Kensall thinks
  14. FenwayFrank

    Earth Hour 2020

    Yes we can
  15. FenwayFrank

    Earth Hour 2020

    Can I keep the telly on ?