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  1. Because the players Mrs will be on your secret computer ?
  2. FenwayFrank

    £13m for a 20 yr old Championship Defender

    The binners thought big and have had ten thousand empty seats every week. Let’s say we stay up and then have Burnley here on a February evening, we would struggle to sell that out with our current capacity.
  3. FenwayFrank

    Stunning season - at a cost

    I think someone’s on a wind up
  4. FenwayFrank

    Kit nerds assemble

    I get the feeling you’re easily offended aren’t you ?
  5. FenwayFrank

    On the Beach.

    Sea Palling/ Horsey or Holkham to the north
  6. FenwayFrank

    Kit nerds assemble

    Ever thought of going on a diet ?
  7. FenwayFrank

    Perfect Season?

    I “played” at Carrow Road Monday night
  8. FenwayFrank


    There’s plenty of them in the crowd
  9. FenwayFrank

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    She doesn’t look quite so good from the front
  10. FenwayFrank

    Perfect Season?

    Along come nodge
  11. FenwayFrank

    LMA Awards

    They spent £4.1m on one player !
  12. FenwayFrank

    The Forgotten Men

    Hilarious stuff ....
  13. FenwayFrank

    Well done Newport County

    Too much information
  14. I’ve never sung. ”never mind your danger”
  15. FenwayFrank

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    Would anyone pay for Gash in Kings Lynn ?