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  1. I work with a lady from South Africa, just so you know
  2. I don’t think they’ll have to as there will be bids for them before it gets to that stage
  3. We don’t want to sell and the only player that could possibly put in a transfer request will be EMI. If other players leave it will be because of bids.
  4. Mcallum being signed at Christmas was a big indicator that he would be leaving in my opinion, we were never going to spend £3m on someone to just sit them on the bench
  5. That would be a massive tantrum wouldn’t it ?
  6. The last two minutes are interesting
  7. I’m definitely not an expert but could it have been a moth ?
  8. Adele, and anyone else that has been to “ become a pop star “ school anything and everyone involved in the X factor
  9. Agree with this, I quite like a bit of Dexys though
  10. In the Army Now by Status Quo, just terrible Any novelty song
  11. Did I see @Feedthewolf cycling through Rackheath at 6.30ish tonight ?
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