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  1. May famously danced her way to the podium at conference to Abba's "Dancing Queen". It's rumoured that Truss has selected another Abba tune:
  2. What about getting all those people fleeing conscription to bring a bottle of gas with them. We'd soon have more than enough.
  3. Erm, only when he didn't get trapped in a fridge.
  4. Quite incredible isn't it! The BOE had to intervene today to save multiple pension funds from insolvency. In response the government would rather snatch money from a destitute NHS and education system than retract their utterly feckless and immoral pledge to stuff £55,000 into the pockets of every millionaire. Such degenerate ignorance defies belief.
  5. Wow! It's now being reported on Sky News that the BOE intervened to buy up government bonds in order to prevent the mass insolvency of pension funds. That report was swiftly followed by a government minister who denied that Kami-Kwasi's "budget" has caused any of these problems and it's all the fault of the war in Ukraine. This bunch of incompetents and liars is a bigger threat to the UK than Russia.
  6. F'ing hell! That's another £37bn down the drain then.
  7. Do you think Norman Lamont is running Kami-Kwasi a bath, and loaning him his copy of Edith Piaf singing Je ne Regrette Rien?
  8. He's blown up his own pipelines to show he's not bluffing, perhaps someone can persuade him to blow up the Kremlin to demonstrate what he could do to the White House.
  9. LYB is right that very little of Putin's decision making conforms to standards of rationality. However, one plausible reason for thinking it is a Russian act of sabotage is the proximity of the explosions to the new Norway-Poland pipeline. What better way to demonstrate its vulnerability to Russian aggression.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/starmer-cuts-different-figure-as-he-faces-real-opportunity-to-reach-no-10-beth-rigby/ar-AA12jTYu?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=9517294577484937a074c7174319c73d Starmer cuts different figure as he faces real opportunity to reach No 10 | Beth Rigby This was a leader placing Labour firmly in the centre ground and taking aim at Tory territory, pitching to be the party of economic competence, business and aspiration. And Sir Keir was so different too: I remember back in May 2021 when Labour suffered that not just a humiliating by-election defeat in Hartlepool - the former heartland town electing the first Tory MP for the first time in 62 years - but also a slew of losses in local elections across the red wall. But on Tuesday, the Labour leader cut a different figure. He was serious, assured and definitely not second-guessing himself. He became increasingly confident throughout the summer as his nemesis Mr Johnson was deposed, and the new Conservative administration's woes seem to have shifted to the next gear. Hope has given way to belief. If you take one thing away from this conference, it is that this is now a party that believes - from top to bottom - it can win the next general election. This is what Angela Rayner, the deputy leader, told me when I asked if she had a message for Liz Truss: "Do not completely trash the country before we take over and make it better." Jonathan Reynolds, the shadow business secretary, told me that this was the best party conference he'd ever been to, and he's been coming since 1999.
  11. Haha! She's supposed to be on her honeymoon period and the country is already petitioning for divorce.
  12. Jesus! You plummet to new levels of shameless economic illiteracy on a daily basis. Why not compare the Truss tax cuts to the NHS budget of £190bn, or the defence budget of £54bn? It's because comparing reckless and unfunded tax cuts for the rich with necessary (funded) spending on essential services and investment is utterly absurd. A much better comparison is your grasp of economics with Jack's grasp that the family cow is worth a handful of beans. Sadly for you the world is not governed by fairy tale magic but economic reality. Sadly for the people of this country Truss' reckless gambling will cost many billions more than the money she has just shoved into the top pockets of her rich mates. As the pound plummets and interest rates rise, it will be ordinary people who bear the burden of the tens of billions Tory economic recklessness is costing the country.
  13. Haha! This is now the standard childish Tory RWNJ response when any organisation points out the stupidity of Tory policy. E.g., the EU demanded that the government implements the NI protocol, so the RWNJs demand we withdraw from the agreement. Throwing their toys out of the pram is now standard practice.
  14. Wow! Even the IMF are telling Truss to reverse her tax cuts.
  15. It's a bit below the belt to publish their IQ scores.
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