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  1. Kabak, Williams, Normann, Gibson, Giannoulis, Lees-Melou, Rashica, Tzolis, Sargent, Gunn, Gilmour. I suggest you think again about what you have just claimed. Also, please feel free to detail how many of those millions spent have been spent on players for the academy.
  2. And which players did they buy who were PL proven talent?
  3. Clearly you have no shame, coming back to make another inane comment despite having ballsed up colosally with your previous claim that Biden was the subject of Milley's concern. Have you now actually watched the video you posted and so laughably failed to understand? Looking forward to your comments on Trump's treasonous incitement of an insurrection on Jan 6th.
  4. Perhaps you can remind me which players who fit that description were bought by Watford and Brentford.
  5. A shame it can't cure stupidity! Facts are clearly not your thing as you have demonstrated on innumerable ocassions.
  6. I suppose it's just a little too much to expect you to interrupt your pleasure at slagging the club off and doing as Badger requested by providing the evidence for your claims. So let me reproduce the facts instead: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/einnahmenausgaben/wettbewerb/GB1 Compact Detailed # club Expenditure Arrivals Income Departures Balance 1 Arsenal FC £149.04m 19 £27.81m 13 £-121.23m 2 Manchester United £126.00m 13 £27.09m 8 £-98.91m 3 Manchester City £114.75m 27 £34.92m 15 £-79.83m 4 Chelsea FC £108.00m 25 £110.12m 22 £2.12m 5 Aston Villa £89.84m 13 £114.30m 10 £24.46m 6 West Ham United £67.05m 10 £2.70m 8 £-64.35m 7 Crystal Palace £66.09m 10 - 13 £-66.09m 8 Leicester City £60.84m 10 £3.60m 8 £-57.24m 9 Tottenham Hotspur £60.21m 10 £29.43m 15 £-30.78m 10 Norwich City £59.54m 28 £34.56m 26 £-24.98m 11 Leeds United £53.01m 10 - 13 £-53.01m 12 Brighton & Hove Albion £51.30m 24 £57.29m 19 £5.99m 13 Southampton FC £38.79m 10 £54.33m 12 £15.54m 14 Liverpool FC £36.00m 12 £24.75m 10 £-11.25m 15 Brentford FC £34.38m 14 £900Th. 7 £-33.48m 16 Burnley FC £28.71m 9 £8.37m 6 £-20.34m 17 Newcastle United £26.46m 5 - 7 £-26.46m 18 Wolverhampton Wanderers £23.67m 23 £28.35m 16 £4.68m 19 Watford FC £16.92m 25 £11.57m 24 £-5.36m 20 Everton FC £1.80m 10 £7.20m 11 £5.40m
  7. Nope! Treason is a matter of law, look it up, it really is that simple. Come back again when the independent DOJ decide he has a case to answer. I think you'll have a long wait, especially as the courts are pretty tied up prosecuting the insurrectionists that Trump incited to overthrow the US constitution.
  8. It's probably being used to ferry all those illegal immigrants across the channel (far more profit in that).
  9. I guess you're unaware that contact between military opponents is not that rare or necessarily treasonous. It has often been the case that opposing forces inform the "enemy" that activities they've been engaged in, or plan to engage in, are not the precursor of a pre-emptive strike. Milley's first duty is to protect the population of the USA from the threat of a catastrophic nuclear attack; his actions are totally explicable and justified in pursuit of that overriding responsibility. You should be far more concerned that he felt the need to contact the Chinese because he judged the president of the USA to be a deranged sociopath capable of provoking a nuclear war as a response to losing the election. Milley's judgement that Trump would indeed respond to his defeat in a deranged manner was subsequently vindicated by Trump's incitement and support for an insurrection against the country's democratic constitution and institutions on Jan 6th. As the Nuremberg trials made explicitly clear, military personnel are legally culpable to authorites that transcend the orders of those higher in the command chain. Not only is Milley's action not remotely "baffling", it was also entirely justified and not remotely treasonous. (There is a reason why our forces swear to serve Queen and Country and not the government of the day.)
  10. Did you sell the fish to Sainsbury's? Seems they can't get any from our now redundant fishing industry.
  11. Anyone with money to invest should put it all into candle production.
  12. Yes indeed you are, glad you've owned up at last. Although the constant flow of your posts trashing the club hardly required that confession.
  13. Some people confuse their hate of the owners with love of the club.
  14. Tut, tut! You do realise it's illegal to foul a pond with effluent, don't you?
  15. If I was Norman I would confront the desiccated corpse of mother in her her rocking chair and scream at her for making me commit such an egregious act of footballing depravity.
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