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  1. Yellow Fever

    New Labour Leader

    The main thing is that with Starmer we will have a credible and more so effective opposition. Something we have been sadly missing for the last few years. Johnson's political honeymoon and open goals has just ended. I wish him well.
  2. Yellow Fever

    Corona Virus main thread

    I'm always hesitant not to read too much into things like this for a few days. We know elsewhere that places like Watford General are now 'closed' ! What I suspect it might sadly show is that hospital are nearing capacity and now refusing admission for Corvid -19 but for only the most serious of patients. Hmm.
  3. Yellow Fever

    Corona Virus main thread

    Without a shadow of a doubt China, in the early days like most authoritarian regimes was in denial or slow / reluctant to release the full extent of the issue (I would guess low level officials needed 'clearance' from their political masters so to do). Oddly you could argue Trump had exactly the same type of response - belittling the issue, numbers and so on. Now today neither would seem have much to gain from that approach and actually much to benefit in being full and transparent. As an side virus mutations tend to self select for those that spread more easily - our own 'social isolation' perversely encourages just that! Eventually we may discover that the early forms of the virus as in Asia (China , Korea, Japan etc) were less infectious and possibly easier to control than later variants. That's why I tend to avoid over simple comparisons often done for political (and unhelpful) point scoring. Time will tell when the dust settles and we can all look with detail at the unembellished facts.
  4. Yellow Fever

    Corona Virus main thread

    We shouldn't believe any of them Ron at face value. 'Deaths' is a very dubious figure everywhere - what is a CV-19 death if you haven't tested i.e. deaths at home , cares homes etc even here let alone delays in notification! Some three months after the early China cases when the disease was little known and blind-sided everybody for a few weeks - our miserable response can still even today in the UK test only is it c. 10,000 /day. Apparently there are likely 1.9M (yes million) CV-19 infections in the UK already. Add to that mutations as noted above and direct comparisons become somewhat tortuous. The trends are however are informative. Frankly I see a lot of the political blame game deflection at play now.
  5. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    Yes. Totally correct.
  6. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    Quite right but events will overtake them anyway.
  7. Yellow Fever

    Furlough & relegation

    I think two separate issues are getting muddled up here. The club has relatively short term contracts with the players. Break the contracts unilaterally and the players could walk. The club also has many direct employees - no different to the shut-down car industry or retail. As a business it has to do what it can to protect the business - given it currently has and for the foreseeable future zero gate receipts etc and even questions over future TV monies. Many clubs as we know are actually or could rapidly be in serious financial trouble. Hopefully he players etc will separately agree to large 50% cuts/deferments else the opprobrium should be theirs
  8. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    Yes I can see this is turning into an all too common general anti-Chinese rant based on a few disturbing videos or newspaper articles and little to no first hand experience so I'll leave it there. I treat people as I find them - no 'tropes'. I enjoy the differences and engage with other cultures - and generally all over the world people I meet are good, friendly and helpful - indeed pleased to meet people of differing cultures to themselves!
  9. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    Yes - that's all I'm trying to point out - and the cultural differences but not to defend any such abuse. I used to go fishing when I was young - but frankly I can't today justify it. Why would I hunt an animal not to eat but just for my pleasure? Fox hunting, hare coursing, bear baiting / dancing are all from the same European mind-set. "I've no time for them whatsoever"
  10. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    You are falling into the trap of judging a whole people by some extremes (which goes by another name) when there are many things us Brits have also done (yes we are one of the few counties that have pretty successfully committed genocide - Tasmania). Let''s hope we are all judged fairly and try to improve. By the way there are many disturbing videos of animal cruelty that take place here in the UK (some even in the the EDP) - does that make all us Brits bad ?
  11. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    The point I'm trying to make is that they eat different foods to you - their diet is generally lacking in protein which places a premium on any animal meat - they tend to waste nothing and use everything. What we are used to eating is purely cultural (you likely haven't eaten insects deliberately but don't mind 'sea' ones i.e. shrimps and so on). Its protein. Nobody will defend the abuse of animals though.
  12. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    I would agree - it certainly can't and won't' be played out in the UK this summer. I suspect we'll eventually do something rather like the Belgians. Call L'pool champions (nobody will object) but otherwise the table becomes meaningless (alphabetical will suffice). No objection to the Champs promoting Leeds or Leeds + 1 other if they wish and can agree - when it restarts (then 4 or 5 for the drop) but I doubt they'll be agreement in the Champs on that.
  13. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    Actually of all the 'out of the box' ideas I've heard if they really do want to 'finish' the league this isn't a bad one. China is after all one of the major markets for the rights and marketing and has the money. I've actually already watched Norwich play when in Hefei! Would actually be rather good for Norwich on the world stage. As to the comments I see above on China in general - be wary you don't place your own cultural norms on another less you be judged -- animal welfare is a major issue in China too (and no excuses for some behaviour) but rapidly improving - but you don't have to think too far back when we used dogs for vivisection in cosmetics and smoking! Then again I think the Swiss still eat dogs ....
  14. Yellow Fever

    Corona Virus main thread

    Not that I wish to defend China and its bears or traditional medicine but didn't we only just close spending NHS money on homeopathy only a year or two back. The there's the British mad cow disease the world thanked us for.... Yes unbelievable.
  15. Yellow Fever

    National League null and void

    The good news is that the Belgians are actually recognizing the inevitable and now addressing the issues. Unlike the EPL that currently still has it's head buried in the sand.