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  1. I can accept that but what then follows is that they both suffered from a huge lack of professional judgement as to the real nature of GB News. Few of us outside the 'bubble' had any doubts as to it's true nature at the outset.
  2. That's my ten years time-scale again (8 or 9 now). 2024 election is too soon for SKS or anybody else to be radical but the trend and polling (let alone demographic death and taxes argument) is now very clear. Of course, the EU will also change in that time too - perhaps Ukraine and Moldova will also be members when the prodigal child returns.
  3. Ok - Then the case must be made for in Norwich stations at Thorpe Business Park & Cringleford on existing lines as a minimum and quite possibly light rail from the NNUH / UEA to the centre and on towards say Sprowston. The Marriot line could also re-instated. It's what any sensible European city has. However, I don't believe that will happen and then for most it becomes a questionable niche mode of transport and yes a fiscal black hole of very questionable environmental credibility given the usage and large dead-weight support / maintenance costs (carbon) involved! Lastly - Do you think £100Bn+ on HS2 will benefit you or anybody practically? FYI I was once told by someone quite senior that the real reason it's being built is to alleviate (or expand) capacity on the existing commuter lines into London from Bucks and Herts. etc. Again, really a London centric infrastructure build spun as something else.
  4. I'm playing devil's advocate TB - I quite like the rail BUT not at any cost and certainly not to be held to ransom by the train drivers (I have sympathy for the much more lowly paid workers). That's why much of it was shut down by Beeching. It was hopeless. We have to make a justifiable case why it costs us so much for what it now delivers. It seems from some of the responses it's a rather hazy sacred cow with no real argument for. What else could we spend £7BN on - insulation, heat pumps - I could go on all of which would have a much larger environmental benefit. I wonder if we were to start again with rail we'd build it / fund it the same way?
  5. No - It's a question of degree. Unlike all of the above where the huge majority do use such things - here the vast majority do not - apart from in a few locales principally near London. More, even if I wished to make use of them here in Norwich - and indeed I've tried - they are proven impractical. It's not as if I'm asking you to subsidize my transatlantic or pacific flights, am I? What I think is that the subsidy should be levied / collected principally in the areas that get the most benefit from them - and not in areas such as Norwich with 1 station (and even that is awkward to get to from the burbs).
  6. I haven't got anything against rail except it's patchy nature and huge costs. If you can make it work for you then good. However, for whatever reasons for many (nearly all) of us it doesn't work so why expect us all to heavily subsidize your choice? If you wish us all to spend £7Bn a year subsidizing rail, heavily tilted towards London and the SE, then I expect to see a lot more train stations and reopened lines in Norfolk / Norwich which I can use at a sensible price. Else the rest of the country is simply cross- subsidizing Londoners (and a few others). ASLEF beware. Daily short commutes can be done by bus but intercity and freight is I think more sensible to subsidize.
  7. I propose my two types of NHS solution earlier.
  8. Well said BF. It was too late last night and I didn't realize HWC was quoting 2022 (and cherry picking without context 2021) figures when we were indeed playing 'catchup' from the Covid recession with the economy moving from full switch off to switch on. The deeper the recession the bigger the recovery / return to normality it should of been. As you noted we are now unique amongst the G7, a laggard, in not yet recovering our economy to pre-pandemic levels. Answers on a post card but B is a large part of it. I do find it very odd and frankly disingenuous that some Brexiters' want to take credit for the 2021 'Covid' recovery but not the previous year Covid loss. Even us Remainers didn't think it was fair to blame that dip on Brexit but if the Brexiters want to own it so be it. It's a long charge sheet already. It's actually rather like the Government itself last year not raising pensions in line with 'average earnings' as the Covid dip in 2020 followed by the recovery then gave us an artificial statistical 'lift' to earnings. Even the government could see that wasn't a real earning increase but a simple recovery of an exceptional event (and the pensioners didn't get a 10% cut the year before). So back in accepted recession and bottom of the league we are. A Brexit success story to some.
  9. No .. this is November Bottom I'm afraid. https://www.oecd.org/economic-outlook/november-2022/#gdp
  10. This is the OECD data September 2022... the last I'm aware of https://read.oecd.org/10.1787/ae8c39ec-en?format=html,pdf We are bottom for predicted growth apart from Russia. Simplified version for you not in dispute. https://www-bbc-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63704841.amp?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a9&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw%3D%3D#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=16695930644938&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com Now where is your link?
  11. CPTTP was Abe's baby who kept it alive after Trump pulled out.
  12. I used to take the train to LHR on an all too regular basis. However in order to get anything like a sensibly priced ticket (under £100 return) meant being on certain return trains off peak from Liverpool St - and given the vagaries of return flight delays inevitably usually meant hanging avoid for several hours at Liverpool St. I gave up with the whole idea and always drive now. Convenient, flexible and even usually cheaper including parking. The train may work for some but for many it's just a non-starter - literally these days. Make intercity very cheap but full unsubsidized price for commuters.
  13. Please adjust for value of pound. You might also like this government report linked to in the original article... or perhaps not ... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1117781/japan-trade-and-investment-factsheet-2022-11-18.pdf
  14. Sadly WBB (and I respect your change of heart) until we admit to ourselves our true predicament and the mistake we made all in the name of 'immigration' fears - as opposed to the reality and UK needs with an ageing population we will continue as a country in a downward economic spiral. Admit the problems and we might have some hope of fixing it. Oddly, there are lots of discussion above about Japan - a country I know well and chat to almost daily. One of the strongest messages I learnt years ago working in a Japanese company in Tokyo (I still have my Pasmo card but no Oyster one ) was to admit quicky if you had made a mistake or a bad judgement - there was no disgrace in saying I got it wrong but every disgrace in covering it up. Saying you got it wrong early gave the company time to fix it - and oddly from this it followed that the senior managers were then also well respected by us underlings as they would publicly take the blame for our errors! Upward accountably - so sadly lacking in the current Tory/Brexit party and dare I say UK culture at large. Japan by the way is also encouraging immigration - it realized it needs it as it also has a very ageing demographic (a close friend's grandmother is also in a care home etc).
  15. Another negative Brexit effect. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/nov/27/brexit-worsened-shortage-nhs-doctors-eu I did wonder for fun if we should actually split the NHS in two 1. For Brexiteers only - understaffed with only a handful of Brexiter 'British' doctors and nurses - waiting lists measured in decades although of course you can always pay to go private and.. 2. One for the Remainers (or lapsed reformed Quitters) - fully staffed with immigrant and British hard working doctors and nurses - efficient and a short waiting list. Job sorted.
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