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  1. I recall another 7 goal thrashing which was the start of a renewal. Norwich 1 Colchester 7
  2. I recall the very first time we made it to the big time. Ron Saunders. 1972. It's been a roller coaster ever since. Cheer up. At least we're not Ipswich.
  3. I can agree on today but I was really talking generally over our 'season' so far. Today does make you wonder if Farke has indeed lost the confidence of the players plus the Cantwell issue.
  4. As usual too many disparate threads on here. I do believe the problem is however Farke - not the players themselves. Farke's successful (Championship) teams have very often picked themselves through injury or slow starts needing complete overhauls from limited choices - and then Farke has been very slow to change. I'm not sure previous teams have been chosen 'by design' or by necessity. A good coach but perhaps not a team manager. This I think is the root of todays problem. Farke isn't at all sure what his 'best' team is or how to play. Frankly I don't think there is much wrong with the CBs or defense in general. Max lacks a final ball and Giannoulis isn't perhaps the best defensively. Is Williams any better ? Midfield. Normann has looked excellent but McLean (a notable Farke favourite) always seems to me to be lacking, PLM has generally looked good. Pukki I'm afraid I think is overrated (too many -Oh he would of put that away last year type comments) and Sargent a work in progress / outlet. So yes- I would like to see Sorenson given a role/chance alongside Normann for defensive solidarity and perhaps some of the new boys let off the leash for Pukki.
  5. Any positives from Brexit yet? Fishermen, farmers, exporters.... No, didn't think so, but was just checking.
  6. If we had got 4 or 6 points out of the previous two games I would of accepted this. We didn't and I don't. I do think its last chance saloon.
  7. I agree with you. I think Sargent is coming good - I'm more worried about Pukki. There - said it now!
  8. I share your exasperation with some posters! SC is a comedy act I'm sure.
  9. I saw that and also his off the cuff comments on masks (JRM - Ok with those you 'know') I just came to the conclusion that . a). Johnson (Sunak also) now 'own' it - same as the HGV and supply chain crisis - the 200 odd somewhat avoidable deaths a day (or as someone put it a 9/11 every 2 weeks) is all worth it and as per plan! b). He's making it up as he goes along.
  10. Neighbours both sides now have Covid. Just anecdotal.
  11. 2:1 to Norwich. We have to start somewhere!
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