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  1. Very sad that you think I'm left wing - I suppose I don't fit into your monochrome myopic view of the world. It's so much better in full colour and with many shades of grey. The point was Trump it seems is deliberately ramping up anti Chinese sentiment - for no other reason than his own naked political purpose - he needs an 'enemy' to blame for his own shortcomings and it plays well with those of limited intellect. Sadly the only people he is actually selling down the 'yellow' river are his own numpties.
  2. I think that's an interesting point. Spead in the UK also I suspect due largely to pubs and restaurants opening ie younger venues opening and extended family get togethers.
  3. The issue for Jools, Swindon and others of their ilk is that Brexit is a pure faith - beyond any rational argument. However, as with any blind faith reality does creep into their subconscious time to time giving them dark anxious moments such that they have to resort to 1/2 truths, lies and distortions to bolster their faith, tell themselves it will be alright, echoing back their beliefs from others to convince themselves, if only temporarily, they are right and soothe their minds. Hence all the daft pages Jools posts - Jools trying desperately to convince non other than himself and similar Brexiteers of their faltering beliefs in the face of the overwhelming evidence and facts to the contrary. It's not targeted in reality at 'Remainers' or even the rational undecided. Its targeted at themselves. Even the much modified title of the 'other' thread - the 'Positive' Brexit thread rather proves the point. Hence in summary - no point really in discussing the subject with Jools - they are actually only arguing amongst themselves as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. No more and no less. The only way they will ever change as with all faiths is when sadly everything totally falls apart around themselves - their Brexity 'God' doesn't save them and even then there will be some martyrs. Here endeth the lesson
  4. You could also add are you testing the same person 2, 3 or 4 times
  5. Starmer's doing well. A credible leader. All he has to do is let the chickens come home to roost in the next year and bide his time.
  6. Trump and China. Ever-thought that Trump is truly desperate to pick a fight with China to bolster his RWNJ support before the November elections? I worry he may do something truly stupid, stamping his feet in fury in a child's temper tantrum as things continue go against him. Tik-Tok and WeChat being the latest. I suspect the Chinese will just play the long game, they can afford too, he will soon be gone.
  7. I think you are the one guilty of clutching a bit at straws there BB. Obviously we all accept post lock down the odd local flare-up would occur. But if TT & isolate was working effectively it should (must) be capable of quickly controlling the outbreak and eliminating it. It's not, case are growing, generally almost everywhere. R > 1. Conclusion has to be TTI in it's current form isn't fit/capable for purpose with the current level of lock down relaxation. Action - Need to re-introduce lock down measures (i.e. pubs, restaurants) such that TTI can again become effective and R < 1. Alternatively need to beef up and make more effective TTI. Yes it's yet another political failure either way.
  8. If the numbers with covid are growing I would infer that the current track, trace and isolate hasn't been working effectively. As the numbers grow it only gets more difficult.
  9. Always helpful to be a little hazy where / when and why. I note the lo al police are taking no further action.
  10. I might agree its too little but nevertheless we as supporters do tend to overrate some of our players ... many of which were found out last season.
  11. Something seems wrong then. You should be overwhelmed.
  12. Yes. I fear our T&T is already proving inadequate to contain existing outbreaks hence its growing.
  13. I think it is clearly obvious now that CV-19 is on its way back to a neighbourhood near you. Local and then national lockdowns probably inevitable - we've opened up too much already.
  14. Most Brexiters seem the self-basting sort of turkey to me.
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