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  1. Yellow Fever

    New signing photo leaked

    Excellent business. A good pro with something to prove and loads of experience. What not to like?
  2. Yellow Fever

    First game of season prediction

    Man.C away. Lewis with a surprise hat-trick and Lineker making another end of season bet with the viewers. What odds?
  3. Yellow Fever


    I thought they won the league ?
  4. Yellow Fever

    Chris Hughton

    It's the same sort of decision that 1p5swich made losing McCarthy That worked out well
  5. Yellow Fever

    The Fulham excuse

    Part of Webbers talk is expectation management. I suspect several of the lower EPL teams are no better, indeed worse than than the better Championship ones including us. We just have to be better than these next season; more clinical and fewer defensive errors and keep some momentum and team morale. Yes we need some extra players but nothing idiotic. Mid table I expect to finish...much like Lambert's first season.
  6. Yellow Fever

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    Somebody who can take penalties
  7. Yellow Fever

    Top 5pm Sat

    Carlsberg do do a perfect Sunday 5th May though!
  8. Yellow Fever

    Style or Survival

    GMD "Perhaps we need to take the Lambert approach to Premier League survival and not the Hughton approach - we need to stick to our philosophy, despite fears we are inferior and see how we fare. No guts, no glory" I like it - basically agree but we need to show that we can outscore the top 6..... .
  9. Yellow Fever

    Bavarian Farkesody

    World Class!!!
  10. Yellow Fever

    Villa boss confirms...

    Villa will of course want to spoil the party BUT won't want to risk any injuries, red cards, tired players. It's just NOT that important a game for them. They know that the playoffs are far far more important. I expect an on open but relaxed good game of football. Then again I'm usually wrong..... As to Stoke - a lot of (ex) PL players need to show up and impress for next season's promotion push! I expect then to be right up for Sheffield's visit. Everything to prove/gain and no downside
  11. Yellow Fever

    Relegated without Buendia?

  12. Yellow Fever

    Relegated without Buendia?

    I love Emi but frankly I thought Vrancic was more of a miss towards the end when he was on the bench. The Canaries are more than the sum of their parts - it was a team/squad/club effort.
  13. I seem to recall that the 'new' city stand (for me .. I often played as a child when watching the reserves in the 60s clambering up and down the old wooden benches) when rebuilt after the fire had foundations suitable for an eventual 2nd tier.
  14. Yellow Fever

    Sheff Utd v Binners

    Will 1p5wich EVER score another goal in the Championship?
  15. Yellow Fever

    Norwich v Blackburn

    Norfolk confides that every man will do his duty.