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  1. Yes - It seems the ones that are easily 'bought' are most in favour of it as it stands. It surely needs reform to have any meaning whatsoever - no political/sport/showbiz gongs but only for truly exceptional people or unrewarded actions above and well beyond any normal 'job'. I guess as per the monarchy it sells a few papers still and keeps some media luvvies employed. The 2nd house clearly also needs reform but I'm more open there to experts to scrutinize proposed legislation (and no that's not the odd political advisor but perhaps senior ex-cabinet ministers, judges, scientists. medics, engineers etc)
  2. Welcome back SC. For what its worth and as per the title I think you'd make an excellent King SonyC the First if the Windsors want to pass the baton (and I'm not a monarchist but we are where we are). Always trying to calm troubled waters.
  3. I think all water execs should be forced to take daily swims in the rivers (all weathers) just down stream of their outfalls.
  4. Its the rest that's actually more telling as an MEP and beyond.
  5. But I think this article with input and quotes from many of his past close advisors and acquaintances seems to paint a picture of somebody who isn't actually what he likes to portray himself as (the somewhat shallow but jovial pub bore selling the punters only what they want, not need, to hear) ). He's far darker and self-centred than that.
  6. Simply outclassed. Has their keeper even had to pick the ball up in anger! Gunn could of done better with the first but no chance with the second or the penalty. They can't break the press or play out / go long. Men against boys and could get a lot worse.
  7. I saw this and this link at the same time. Doesn't really paint Farage as anything other than a dodgy chancer on the make playing to a certain gallery. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2024/jun/14/he-was-a-deeply-unembarrassed-racist-nigel-farage-by-those-who-have-known-him
  8. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the water industry, seizing assets at less than market value short of war would simply be a disaster for the country with the markets and completely destroy any and all credibility. Nobody would invest in the country. It would be total madness. By all means buy back such assets fairly if you can afford them or if they fall back into the states hands as per rail franchises.
  9. Exactly LYB. Johnson was world class in pouring on BS.
  10. Hi SC - Yes I agree. I actually once won a case of 'maladministration' against a county council - took a lot of work and effort and with the help of the local then (Tory) MP (he later lost twice to Livingstone). I always recall one of his 'pet' phrases which of course are well known. Politics is the art of possible - some need to understand this - compromise. and more pertinently for our Brexity friends - The 'mushroom' treatment - keep them in the dark and pour on bull s h i t.
  11. That's the funny thing Fen. I might agree HF by occupation is not exactly representative of the public at large but it seems to me equally neither are you. You seem to be some sort of 1970s unreformed Labourite with a slight chip on your shoulder about anybody with a degree - which these days is incredibly common (is it 50% of the younger generation). I also saw some stats that in the under 50s - the Tory's are in FIFTH place! The polling would seem to indicate that the public at large are far more left of centre on general topics than your (or Reforms) current position - even on Brexit and the 'culture' wars - indeed if you ignore the splits in both left and right (Reform/Tory vs Labour/LD/Green) its very clear. It seems to me 'age' and associated education is what's really at work here. There will always be an unredeemable core far-right wing vote same as a similar core left-wing vote. I'd say 15% each (Corbynites vs Farage's). Then we have the typical Tory's now not representing almost anybody but OAPs but I guess still appealing to their rational elderly base but who can't stomach Farage or yet leap to LD/Labour! SKS and Labour have clearly occupied the centre-ground and with the LDs look set to stay. In short - I think HF views are in fact generally representative of the modern public at large today.
  12. You have to wonder if the Tory party will actually survive or hang together long enough for anybody to vote for on July 4th. Probably about time for the 'every man (or woman) for themselves' order!
  13. Le the Tory blood letting commence. https://www.thetimes.com/article/cdc8d582-17fc-4757-8f4b-ddcee80fdfdb?shareToken=03ce0c205cae031e1f067d82e22828f4 Reform overtakes Tories in poll for first time YouGov survey for The Times finds backing for Nigel Farage’s party at 19%, one point above Rishi Sunak’s party
  14. Oddly these are exactly the actual so called culture war issues I want to hear less of. I know they ignite their prospective bases but are simply not relevant to sorting the countries real problems. It exactly the same reasons Brexit itself has been sidelined by SKS for today. That's an issue for the next election in 2029.
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