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  1. Norfolk  Dan

    Can you name them all?

    97... Not enough time and could not get Belize or Norfolk Islands to enter...
  2. Norfolk  Dan

    EPL new plan

    Think about this. Medical support. Player injured as part of in-game, while VAR decides if it's a Red card for the goal keeper at the other end of the pitch.... "Hi 999 we decided to play sport of our own accord, please send an ambulance to our start £55m player who is currently critically injured." "sorry mate, we are too busy with the lives of people who are invaluable" hangs up.
  3. Norfolk  Dan

    Football Pools help needed..

    Just gone into the football pools website... Competition Close Time for Classic Pools is 2.30pm Saturday 21st March So you have the results, but we can still place a bet?
  4. Norfolk  Dan

    Football Pools help needed..

    Fine with this...
  5. Norfolk  Dan

    Football Pools help needed..

    25 Plymouth v Exeter
  6. Norfolk  Dan

    What's your favourite kind of Rice?

    Propper laughed out loud.. Thanks NN.
  7. Norfolk  Dan

    What's your favourite kind of Rice?

    Possibly my favourite thread in years... Condoleezza for me....
  8. Anyone going to wear a mask if the game is on.... Which one should I pick?
  9. Norfolk  Dan

    Team for Sheffield United

    Are we all in agreement that TL team at the start of this thread is our best 11 for sat?
  10. This shows me one thing. How powerful media, news, stories are. In turn the truth of any given situation should be validated on its on merits and from a single point of view and experience. That single view point is mine in my case, and yours for yourself. The question then is what you decide to build your view point upon. I'm waiting just like the flu bug, like SARS, like ebola, I still have no experience of any of them in my 44 years, so ignore the hype as it's for a another reasons of fear and control, and so far they are doing a dam good job of it. Just under 6000 people die each day of booze related deaths, each day, every day, and do we shut down the source? When was the last time you were scared of a pint! Hope the people really start to see the madness of our politics sooner rather than when it's too late... Yes I'm off to get my tin foil hat on!
  11. Norfolk  Dan

    Free Transfer - Daniel Sturridge

    Or Jordan Rhodes....
  12. Just been released by his Turkish club. Would you take the punt?
  13. Norfolk  Dan

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Can't wait for Spuds.... Will be great to carry that result .....
  14. Norfolk  Dan

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    What a strike......
  15. Norfolk  Dan

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Big big win.... Just hope returns!