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  1. I'm going to move to this universe. Will report back soon...
  2. Brian Gunn over rated..... The goal keeper who even in this thread is mentioned as we would have not been relegated if Gunn did not break his ankle... Gunn who kept the force of Munich at bay to bring us European football nights that will never be repeated... Over rated you say.... I'm lost for an insult to close this post....
  3. Report it as a HSE incident, they have to do something about it...
  4. We would all take 2nd right this minute... But we don't deserve it. Let's just play the season out, and hope by the end we do deserve 2nd.
  5. It's missing a reason why I'm reading this thread rather than doing my job!
  6. Strategically Charlton would be a good buy, but some Scandinavian already has that locked up. A team with 98%+ home attendance for over 5 years, would be a good measure... Would the Euro Millions win be enough to tempt Delia?
  7. I don't like Southampton at all... Don't like Liverpool fans more than the club. I like the Super J's... Other than the given IP.
  8. Someone once posted.a.link about "the secret" something to do with caffeine, wonder if the secret no longer works. They have fallen off a cliff ! Loving it... Oh best message my Liverpool fan friends... Just check in, see how they are...
  9. My biggest issue is that I can't explain 1. the offside rule anymore 2. Handball 3. Why the ref can look at a TV in some games and not others.. 4. Why we appointed Smith.
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