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  1. Pukki played in goal and scored, got an assist and a clean sheet... That's some performance!
  2. Last 2 wrong.... Crofts & Pilkington. Ernie up front now would be a nice option, or Ashton.
  3. Thanks for that.. back to the stone for some more grinding.
  4. Oh, back to the game. I fancy a clean sheet and a 4 goal win today. Tetty with the first.
  5. Perhaps at dancing lessons for his next Instagram update?
  6. @Mr Angry I think it's a play on and old internet joke. The kid is named after where the kid was conceived, I have read one where the joke ends thanks backseat! But to see it.... I'm lost! @GenerationA47 would love to be at a pub and spouting that kind of talk,. Thanks for supplying ! Beers on me then?
  7. Possibly my favourite post in ages. Go two ways. List four and we shall see which one.of five happens. Oh I wish we were in a pub and you just said that. You would be getting the beers in!
  8. Hey Alex, Hope all is good with you. I'm going for Middlesbrough as my dark horse. I think they are the kind of team that can keep getting better and better. We shall just have to see...
  9. Let's hope we can take an early lead and manage the game out.
  10. How are they going to heat the balls up to get the normal pick of the draws they want?
  11. He will be just fine playing in yellow. Plus he might even be able to.play in that "blue" kit, given he is Brazilian.
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