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  1. Work mate of mine is a Pompey fan & season ticket holder. Said, he has grown up, first part of the season he was too light weight, and kept turning back. But now if you feed into him and force him forward, no choice but to take a man on, he is well worth the money to watch. Stronger and quicker than at the start of the loan. He is first team quality. Let's hope he is right ...
  2. We finished 3rd in the Premier League with a negative goal difference. That was one of the most entertaining seasons we have ever had.
  3. If somehow we win this we could be 6th with these crazy subs. Just imagine where we could be?
  4. Goalkeeper has to take the first penality in a penalty shoot out. Get 2 goals from a penalty if you point to exactly where you are going to play the ball and still score past the keeper. A bit like the black ball in pool! Naff idea, just I kept typing! Miss a pen or saved a pen, the ball goes dead. Goal kick. Kids £5. Adults capped at £25. Posh seats £200. Bring back half time Sumo.
  5. What on earth are they supposed to be?
  6. Why would anyone want to go? 99.99% we lose. They always batter us since Goss said bye bye to the standing kop.
  7. Cheese Room... If anyone knows the real Cheeseboard I would love to borrow his hat for my visit!
  8. Jarrolds has a cheese counter!? As a Norfolk expat in Dorset I can't wait for my next visit... Smell my cheese!
  9. But the red January sale sign has been removed! Full price now!
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