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  1. If you know you have a set up that can keep you in the game, then that's the set up you move to once your attacking players have made the goals.
  2. Thanks for the reminder... Lucky dip coming up... I will buy Emi back... And build a new snake pit in front on the hotel!
  3. If one team in EPL can get relegated after the latest up on the Geordie rollercoaster its Newcastle. The soul that runs through that club is true, but they may have just sold it. Bad luck to them I say.
  4. Call the ticket office. They will help out..
  5. Ouch... I'm pretty sure I have a friend who can get more from the Government for sitting on the sofa all year round. This country has gone to pot!
  6. I think my.problem with this formation is more to do with what we will switch to when we are 1 down with 65 mins played. We will end up with attackers in all over the field. Surely go 1 up then switch to defend the lead?
  7. Just had a reminder from @Alex Moss so ticket sorted! Thanks.
  8. Guess it will help drown the sorrows for some!
  9. Care to explain that... Cause reading that we would be 12th and still in the bottom half by my counting.
  10. So remove the top 6 or 8 into a euro super League. You then have 18/20 teams in the top national division. We will still be in the bottom half and still have to manage the same risks. If we want this to change then the whole game has to change, rules of salary etc. Currently we have the same model as F1. More money the more wins. We will need to go to a place where the only advantage is your commercial activity and that will still lend itself to the club's with the big grounds and London based. Suggest we just accept what we have and understand that life is about cycles and seasons... This is clearly a stormy winter...
  11. I would have taken the this type of line up for the first 3 games.... Picked up a point and know we can defend a game... Lets see...
  12. You have to earn he right to be given that much space at the back. We have not earned it, so we will be pressed like this is every game. Thus the need for a way to play higher up the pitch and fast.... We risk with no reward. So you can not keep doing that.. as it's just like placing your money on green at the casino....
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