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  1. Stoke with a long ball throw?! Old school....
  2. Certainly, on Wednesday's video - when he pans to the team training - you can see the light glint of a forward's balding pate! So I knew Barnes would be fit for the game on Thursday.
  3. I know the director of football and coach relationship and roles are different to a board and a manager - but surely you would have thought they may have waited for the new head coach to look some of the players over before releasing them? Less so the older expensive players - but certainly the younger ones on less wages.
  4. Onel's videos could be entertaining over the next week! A bit different from the coffee/gym thing...
  5. Cheers - any chance you can link to this - I can't find it? Ta
  6. There's a Duffy gag in there somewhere, but I'll leave that to someone else 😉
  7. Or the Farmers Boys version on In The Country for a bit of self deprecation.
  8. Sorry - that's an embarrassment of a song. Tinpot.
  9. Ah, Brum. Lovely lot https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/23827840.birmingham-fans-attack-gem-norwich-carrow-road-loss/
  10. I couldn't remember if we had to buy tickets for the last playoff home leg - or if season ticket holders got them automatically free? It's definitely something we need to stump up for?
  11. His youtube video for this derby is priceless. Especially the chat with his dad at the end. Comedy gold - "there's a car coming".
  12. Either way - beating them 11 vs 11 is better than 11 vs 10 - they would have an excuse and a psychological push for the next game. With no red, they have no excuse other than we were better and they bottled it.
  13. There was a new Josh Sargent one going around the Barclay at the last home game. Did anyone catch the words to that?
  14. THE SAINZ ARE GOOD: red card rescinded ONEL! HOW AWFUL: Wishful thinking EADT headline... Hernandez returns in time to score the winner at Wembley play off final vs you know who...
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