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  1. It's illegal to have betting company logos on kids' products.
  2. That's the back of the SHIRT sponsor, there is a back of SHORTS sponsor to be announced 'in due course' as according the release today.
  3. No sleeve sponsors in the Championship. There is a 'back of the shorts sponsor' yet to come according to the announcement - so some lucky company can have their logo on Onel's ****.
  4. Prefer it to the current one - never a fan of fades. Can understand the launch video not being the slickest - hard to do that stuff when most of your staff are furloughed and there’s a pandemic on!
  5. I can’t see Norwich being interested in him at all to be honest. This rumour looks agent generated and a general ‘come get me plea’. Jacob had one good season where he massively over performed compared to his normal outputs. Even by the end of that season he wasn’t looking that good.
  6. There is a chance Norwich’s youth team will be playing Ipswich in the EFL Trophy - that should help clarify how good their young prospects are.
  7. I guess he has some contacts at the club and gets titbits of information every now and then. Whether he has been told something or just guessing is another thing. I wouldn’t imagine the club would do a signing and a shirt launch on the same day. Normally you’d space things out, but with a short pre-season and all the players returning to Colney soon they may just throw a lot of announcements all together.
  8. Chris Reeve has said he ‘thinks’ there will be one to launch the kit and it seems a lot of supporters have taken that to mean there definitely will be. The publicity shots for the new kit will have been done before the end of last season, so I can’t see how a new signing can be used to launch the kit. Could be a signing announcement tomorrow of course, but don’t think it will be used to launch the kit.
  9. He's an expert in getting a team organised - an arch-pragamtist in style. If he gets his methods over will make Watford really hard to beat and could be ideal for the Championship. He could crash and burn of course, how new managers adapt to the Championship is always a bit of a gamble.
  10. Very rare, if not pretty much unheard of, for a player to jump from League One to the Premier League (and actually play). Guess said Ipswich fan has seen their players linked to Prem clubs and not quite grasped that they want to put them in their U23 squad. This does remind me of Norwich fans when they were in League One who started raving about the academy players. In reality Korey Smith and Adeyemi weren’t the fantastic players they were made out to be, but looked decent at League One level. The gap between the Championship and League One is growing. Whereas we used to see clubs like Norwich, Southampton etc jumping straight from League One to the Prem it doesn’t really happen anymore. Teams coming up from League One are usually struggling against relegation. I don’t know anything about most of those Ipswich players, but it is very easy to over estimate how good your young players are in League One - which is an increasingly low quality League.
  11. Norwich were linked to Cullen earlier in the year, along with a bunch of other teams, so that either makes this more likely or is just a rehash of an old rumour! Can't argue that he'd be a good addition in the midfield though.
  12. Don't think it is any secret that Norwich are looking for another defensive midfielder. I wouldn't believe anything you see on EFL Hub though.
  13. I guess it depends on how McGovern is rated. It seems the club think he is good enough for a second choice in the Championship. Emergency loans certainly aren’t a desirable route to go down, but to cover the bench it isn’t really a huge issue.
  14. This latest set back for Byram is hardly related to his injury history. Getting a cyst is just unfortunate and if he’d had the operation as soon as it was discovered he would be ready for the season.
  15. The rule was changed so clubs can get an emergency loan keeper if they don’t have two fit senior keepers. So if Krul gets injured, Norwich could get one as Barden doesn’t count as a ‘senior keeper’.
  16. I can see both sides to the argument. McGovern doesn’t fill me with confidence and a long Krul injury would be big blow. However, back up keepers tend to demand large wages in order to sit on the bench and not play. This could obviously be spent elsewhere on players who actually contribute to the team. Also, there is a good chance if Krul got injured that Norwich would be permitted to make an emergency loan to cover the position. The main thing that bugs me is using an non-homegrown slot on McGovern.
  17. Yeah, they are a great group and well worth checking out. Do a lot of great work in deprived areas. As I read it Bidstack are paying for Badu Sport’s logo on the Norwich shirts.
  18. They signed a three year deal only a year ago so can’t see it changing.
  19. On the backs of the kit, not the main sponsor which will still be Dafabet.
  20. Can’t work out which would be worse - Buendia to Leeds or Villa...
  21. True, they get their info from the club. But the relationship is based on trust, the club won’t lie to those guys and those guys won’t lie for the club. Bailey knew Dowell was coming but kept quiet because the club didn’t want it leaked. That’s different from what he’s been saying about Dennis Man which is that the deal is dead. The Pink’Un and Athletic are certainly more reliable sources than random people on Twitter.
  22. The PinkUn guys and Micheal Bailey say it is dead - they are the ones who know these things best. While I’m not convinced Placheta was instead of Dennis Man like some have suggested, they seem too different in their skills and styles, I don’t think we’ll see Dennis Man come to Norwich unless Steau Bucharest dramatically change their valuation.
  23. Not particular new news, but apparently Tottenham are looking at three potential new right backs - Max Aarons being one of them. However, he’d be the most expensive option. Sounds like there could be a similar situation to the Lewis one. Spurs have just sold a right back, so will likely start an approach for a new one soon. Interesting to see if Aarons is who the go for.
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