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  1. KiwiScot

    The Title

    Promotion 99% sure. The title however will be decided at Villa Park.
  2. KiwiScot

    Brentford v Leeds

    Leeds v Villa playoff final?
  3. KiwiScot

    Brentford v Leeds

    1 more point needed for promotion with an 11(we have better goals scored) goal swing protection if we don't get it! More confident now. The title however. Still to play for.
  4. KiwiScot


    Bonne nuit
  5. KiwiScot


  6. KiwiScot


    10 goal swing over 2 games?
  7. KiwiScot


    Everybody panicking.....Let's cut it loose. Edit: Joint Norwich and Leeds wet pant shuffling
  8. KiwiScot

    Today’s games 🐥

    My nerves from Norwich not getting the job done seem to get calmer as the other two keep slipping up as well.
  9. KiwiScot

    Pukki for 30!

    Pukki for 30 and now on 29 goals, 28 League goals. Go on Lad.
  10. KiwiScot

    Today’s games 🐥

    Right. Not Good. C'mon Brentford.
  11. KiwiScot

    Today’s games 🐥

    That you're reassurance is mistimed and relys on a good team losing when we should be doing it ourselves.
  12. KiwiScot

    Today’s games 🐥

    If and I'd prefer mathematical.
  13. KiwiScot

    Today’s games 🐥

    Thank god. My Nerves....Get another one! Pukki for 30!