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  1. 09-10 - Grant Holt Scored 30 in all competitions, but only 24 league goals. You have to go back to the Sixties for that, but having troube finding exact stats.
  2. Stolen from Bristol Citys Forum https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/186815-season-201819-championship-clubs-forums/
  3. KiwiScot

    Away Fans and Luggage

    Thanks to ICF for storing my bag in his car at the Preston game and resssurring me it would get through the gate at Bolton which is did. Imagine it, the security man didn't want to search my bag too much after I said there was dirty socks etc in there. A tip there for all you budding anarchists wanting to hide your flares etc. Impressed with Preston who pressed us a lot harder than Bolton ever came near to doing and took full advantage of our complacency to get the 3 points. We just had no luck once we woke up, but deserved the kick up the backside. Bolton(Match title to be called "Bolton had no Bovril" after which the fact they had none to sell me). Sublime play from Norwich and the best I'd ever seen them. Awesome to see a pretty amazing Pukki goal at the away end as well. I always like a lobbed ball goal. Oh. Let Pukki take the penalties.
  4. Hi Nutz yes can do that weekend, but wasn't expecting it, but be warned I must be a jinx after attending last nights game.My picks to hit the crossbar and rebound straight in our fave are... Clyde. Home win. Norwich to win 3:1 with pukki to score.
  5. KiwiScot

    Sorry no report yet

    Have a beer and a whisky instead.
  6. KiwiScot

    Derby Day

    Lambert away with ye and dinnae some back!
  7. KiwiScot

    Derby Day

    Stiepermann doesn't need to do that. Hope someone has a word with him.
  8. KiwiScot

    Derby Day

    All to easy
  9. KiwiScot

    Derby Day

    Need to win this to have an advantage in the automatic race and to avoid a potential lack of confidence from a bad result. Lambert needs to lose.
  10. KiwiScot

    Hong Kong!

    This guy posted earlier in the week the same thing. You can see my reply.
  11. KiwiScot

    It's Snowflake Friday...

    If you can someone a flake. Is that offensive these days? I'm thinking its not, but bound to get confused with calling someone a snowflake so maybe
  12. Hello hello! Top 6 - Glenavon to beat Ards Norwich - Norwich to win the 1st half and also win the 2nd half BTTS - Crystal Palace v West Ham
  13. KiwiScot

    Hong Kong Canaries

    1)From the canaries website - Supporters clubs Hong Kong Canaries Hong Kong Canaries were formed in 2006 and has around 50 members who watch the Canaries on TV in Asia, and keep in contact through e-mail. Contact: Bob Barrell and Tim Watson bobbarrell1@gmail.com and timwatsonHK@hotmail.com 2) https://twitter.com/asiancanaries 3) Maybe this guy knows https://www.facebook.com/people/David-Lee/689358876?hc_ref=ARTPrUkznfGvqW5_EUtK4K2hDjqHAU339uuREYg_MiTWd1knC_ajfNzgDghmVLJgzGg&fref=nf 4) Google sports bars and english pubs Hong Kong?
  14. KiwiScot

    NFL Thread

    Boring game, but it was alway close and tense with the great defensive battles. Clearly the Patriots offensive was able to best deal with it taking the early time outs to adjust and managed to move the football more. Goff looked out his depth as the pressure mounted and this led to the Rams defense getting tired towards the 4th where you know Brady will be coming for ya. Key moment Jason McCourty stopping the touchdown late in the 3rd.