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  1. Evening everyone yes it's not as easy picking a winner as you think. Stoke v Leeds - Away win 1:1 Draw for the Norwich Match
  2. I was off Abroad, but Diane requests something British So Bath v Tonbridge - Home win and for Norwich - A Penalty in the match 3/1
  3. KiwiScot

    Membership Scheme Last Night.

    I don't know where exactly the away supporters were, but someone I follow on Instagram had this posted. Comps! for what looks like the away end based on the pics. Otherwise Norwich fans in the home section.
  4. When done Wacky and it wasnae to be Wazzock. The top 6 is a temperamental beast
  5. Hello from soggy Alba. My Top 6 pick is.... Norway Division 3 group 2 Drobak-Frogn v Ullern, away win. Best of luck
  6. Not ready to choose my top 6 pick yet and its getting funny how so many of my possible choices have been choosen already. Its like we all think alike. For the Norwich Pick well its VAR this season so maybe penalties are our best bet rather than goalscorers. Norwich to score a penalty at 17/1
  7. Pups is back. Lets hope for lots of success.
  8. KiwiScot

    Norwich pride

    I'm done posting here best I can resist. Except for Pups.
  9. KiwiScot


    Yes generally the confidence I have in the team and this board are starting not to be look the reality. The defence is worrying and so is the split dynamic developing on this board.
  10. KiwiScot

    Is this a football site or not!

    Get over it you guys. Got nothing to talk about so just complain about anything you can find.
  11. KiwiScot

    Luton today

    Looked fine. Strangely I have been here for a Norwich game. Maybe when Adrian Forbes was playing. They are getting a new stadium btw. https://www.stadiumguide.com/new-luton-town-stadium/
  12. So this extra £3 on the Norwich bets. Do they just get put on for a straigh draw and lost or can you say ask it to be a nil nil draw?
  13. Ten squid wriggling its way to you now.
  14. KiwiScot

    Liverpool tickets

    Curious Jobsworth what games are you considering going to at the moment? I try to go to one a season and generally try not to go for the big games.