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  1. @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man What time do you think you will be posting your picks tomorrow Wacky?
  2. Get an upgrade and chance your luck in style and get to look fabulous in a cane, top hat and monocle(optional)
  3. Well we have Pups backing City bringing home the dough so congrats to them. Want to say particular hard luck to Diesel as it's tough when it's one pick that doesn't get over the line. It's not an easy task getting a six though as many know and earlier this season one of my picks sunk a six so you're in good company.
  4. What do you reckon on any organised disrupted to this period i.e. Extinct Rebillion type things or just people protesting as not wanting to relive any form of lockdown/disruption.
  5. They don't bother me and I'm fond of the establishment in general and happy to have it as opposed to a politican. The media abuse them with endless intrusion that I'd not wish on anyone and in general the high profile and privilege they have puts them at odds with modern society(as opposed to celebrities who people perceive as actually doing something for their money). It's also hurt by the endless celebrity of the situation and only complete abolishment will end it while a lower profile would fit much better. I think the Monarchy in general does alright. It's main problem will be Harry will not be the last. Harry is now basically a celebrity and hopefully his message is not diluted as it's been well nutured through the legacy of his mother and the forethought of his father and a life given purpose by being a high profile royal.
  6. Don't we all however I think some inspiration might be found from the lady in 3rd... a.mp4
  7. Khonkaen win 3:0 Best 21,000 Baht I've ever spent. Thanks for the idea @Parma Ham's gone mouldy
  8. Never thought of the bribes angle, but I'll find out soon. I'm normally a bit relucant with Asian Leagues. The J-League is particulary full of minefields and my fondness for Korea means I've always got to ask myself "are you sure" when I consider those games. With Thailand games I watched Pathum play when I picked them and the standard of play was awful.
  9. Good Morning For Diesel - The Thai 2nd Divison - Khonkaen Utd v Samut Sakhon - Home Win. For Lakey - Pukki to score 2 or more goals.
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