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  1. Err I'm the wrong person to ask for the finger on the pulse. Lots of people talk about the rise in cases but it's pretty much live as normal from what I can tell with the usual awareness. Social distancing observed a tiny bit and we still need to wear masks. Cases got up to 6.7k and seem to be falling at a good steady rate now. Nicola is saying what I imagine Boris is saying in that cases are high and pushing the number of younger people involved to help push vaccination as it's helping reduce serious illness. Talk about maybe reintroducing restrictions, but stresses that increases were expected athough bigger than thought . So it was basically its high, but not high enough yet. Recently the headlines have been taken up with Ambulances and covid passports for large events including football+nightclubs(1st October) up here as a measure to be doing something. They are working to increase ventaltion in schools and workplaces. Cases seem to slowly go up at the beginning of August, then rocketed a week after we opened up(9th August) so by the time schools went back(around 18th ish) it was already shooting up, but schools could have feed it more. I'd say the weather has been good up recently and warmer in general than you'd expect, August was a bit ****, but September has been good. Lots of talk about NHS struggling up here in line with everywhere else I imagine. Various council areas have suspended non-urgent procedures and the % of Abulance times being met in 8 mins has dropped a good bit as the volume of calls has rocketed.We have request miltary help in that regard. Social services are also in my opinion are greatly affected by lack of staff with people changing jobs(and less foreigners to fill jobs) due to high number of vacanies. So you'll finding you're discharged from care more quickly and the council has basically said they are cutting everything back to prioritise the most vulerable. There is a bit of critism in regard to closing the Louisa Jordan(scottish nightingale) which could be picking up slack, but it's Glasgows/Scotlands major event centre so is needed for COP26
  2. Summer in Scotland is not cold, but now it's not warm nor cold plus theres less daylight hours.
  3. Hard luck Graham on this miserable day, but well done to The Great Drinkell as we come away with £17!
  4. It's a interesting thought in having different posters having a turn at doing the preview.
  5. Hehe. Ta, but you realise we both have the same record so I think you've just sunk us with a "Mind Mend" gone wrong. I've warned Cosmic & Purple about it before however they love logic.
  6. This is the site for you. https://www.facebook.com/RateMyPlateNow/
  7. Previously I'd said how Dunfermline were a fancied team for the divison despite having a bad start. Now I've become aware of that the home fans are not best pleased with who they have in charge. They are managed by Peter Grant! So I'm going for an away win as Caley bring their 100% record to town. Dunfermline v Inverness Caledonian Thistle - Away Win For the Norwich beat - Tzolis to score anytime and Norwich to win 4.1
  8. Here's Emma at the Met Gala. And also Naomi Osaka.
  9. Going over to look at their forum they certaintly seem to be doing the same amount of moaning about how bad they are as we have been doing about ourselves. I feel a bit more hopeful now
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