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  1. Seems like other teams have been working out how to play us so lets see if we have plan B and if we can take out another big side. Kill!
  2. Alrighty then Pups National League South - Taunton v Havant - Home Win. To win both halves.
  3. I would be happy to change the age of consent laws to 18 for everyone, 16 for say 16-20yr olds, and maybe even see what legal ramatications are in place for under 16's sleeping with each other. All these would have provisios like we currently have like not if you are in a position of trust.
  4. Because she's going to lower taxes(then repeat that five times to any other argument)
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-66839501 A no **** sherlock statement once I realised the deal has a revision date of 2025. He does seem to be saying a bit more now.
  6. So reckon Norwich will win this, but won't be surprised if it's a draw. Probably should name an unchanged lineup since we've had the break as Stoke will likely be trying to include new signings.
  7. About the same time you made your last one, so let's call us the Desperados, hombre. What say we both don't do it and see who crops up.
  8. After the international break we host Stoke and former legend manager Alex Neil. He's not really done much else since we sacked him, but who can forget his time in charge. Alex, Alex gies us a wave. Stoke themselves are a good example of an established premier league side that eventually get relegated and fester. They've won when at home this season and lost while away so welcome to Carrow Road! News - The Mayor secures another term bossing the midfield until 2026. Rowe is EFL young player of the month. Still waiting on scan results for Núñez while Sainz is back training, but will likely appear for the u21s soon. Match Preview - https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/norwich-city/preview/preview-norwich-vs-stoke-prediction-team-news-lineups_523946.html Pups Thread - Hissing Sid & Jellytot are up to bat - https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/topic/153597-rays-funds-for-the-csf-with-the-pups-season-17-week-7/page/2/#comments Stoke forum match thread - https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/309789/norwich-city-stoke?page=1
  9. Well they were my feelings and concerns from reading the evidence presented which was pretty much it was the cause of people from voting. Which reads as cost and voting impedied for no good reason, but it is is true it won't be removed. Simply because the harm has been done and why waste more time reversing it.
  10. Not much new now the report is out. Warnings to increase variety of accepted IDs, assist councils in hiring election staff and for raising awareness. General feel from the reporting that the system has hindered more and reduced turn out. Again for me a pointless excercise. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/sep/14/photo-id-voters-uk-cards-expansion-electoral-commisison-report https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-66788130
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