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  1. Alright this weeks pick to avoid with it's sound reasoning is Toronto v Inter Miami - Away Win. Toronto have a goal scoring beast while Miami have 2 reasonable ones, but an awful away form. However with 2 games left Miami can make the playoffs while Toronto cannot. For Baldyboy - Thompson to be booked or maybe Norwich to score a penalty.
  2. Keeping it simple in the ever confusing League of Nations win your group get into the playoffs. Win the playoffs qualify for the Euros. Don't fancy it for Scotland this time with having to get the best of Israel, Bosnia and Serbia. Not impossible with highly capable players such as McLean, Hanley and Murdo MacScoggin. Still keeping it complicated who knows what team we'll face if we've not qualified already, but this promotion has I reckon increased our chances of qualfying for the 2026 World Cup.
  3. Do Octopus do one DD for both fuels or seperate one. I'm curious as I expect my electric DD to reduce, but the gas one to stay the same.
  4. KiwiScot


    Classic episode classic show. "I've played pool with planets, and I've given birth to twins, but I never thought in my entire life I'd taste an edible Pot Noodle" Boris Johnson Dave Lister
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/27/rupa-huq-has-labour-whip-suspended-after-kwarteng-comments Chancellor is only black in appearance apparently. Dodgy stuff and instantly makes me think of a racist slur she basically has got said about the Chancellor.
  6. What's a pound away. Scotland will have a glorious new currency comrades. It will be called the Salmon and will be decimal with 100 Sturgeons to the Salmon. We estimate a pint will be S2.30 and the min wage S12.85
  7. SNP are painting the next GE as an independence referendum should the courts not award one. Plently will see voting Labour as the best way of getting rid of the Tories, but getting rid of the Tories is independence. Not voting SNP would highlight support against this . Scotland for the forseeable future is voting SNP. They will attempt to broker an independence referendum or the usual more powers for any coalition otherwise they will vote with the goverment when they want to.
  8. You might be able to increase that by going here and deleting some stuff https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/attachments/
  9. The womens game ended 2:0 so games a bogey nothing to see here. Bring on the stats please Nutty.
  10. That's it all over. 4 goals sort so not even close. £10 to play for in the final BTTS tomorrow.
  11. Yes, but Solihul are down to ten men Barrow v Leyton Orient Bristol Rovers v Accrington Woking v Solihull Moors(Red Card) Peterborough v Port Vale Welling v Havant & W Edit Solihull down to nine men!
  12. Well at half time we are have 5 of the 10 needed goals Barrow v Leyton Orient Bristol Rovers v Accrington Woking v Solihull Moors Peterborough v Port Vale Welling v Havant & W
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