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  1. Pretty sure they did, but obviously not for a long time. Should be interesting to see how we use the squad.
  2. F.a. cup replays scrapped. League cup first four rounds are played in September, but no mention if they are two legs in the first few rounds. Although by playing each round over two days that likely.
  3. It's simply going to be a case of the clubs, players and staff having to work more with less(time and money) a lot like some of us suffer at work currently. If the competition does not generate income for those involved scrap it for a season. International football should be the one cut back, but I suspect as with the Premier League that FIFA won't be wanting anything close to that. International travel involving changing entry/exit rules makes it a joke. Israel could forfeit their Euro playoff game with Scotland's due to goverment rules for example. The Nations League should be scrapped and international football curtailed until at least March for the world cup qualifers and a few games leading into the Euros As for the League Cup its possible to change the format and regionalise the earlier rounds. Group stages. No extra time, but crowds not allowed in especially likely in the earlier rounds where is the benefit for the lower league clubs?
  4. Good thread though sadly i think I know where it's going.
  5. Usually say Fulham to avoid them like the plague, but lets have at them next season and take 6 points off them.
  6. Image someone is named after a famous manager who then grows up and plays for that manager. Jurgen klopp
  7. https://www.afcb.co.uk/news/club-news/open-letter-a-thank-you-from-eddie-howe/
  8. He must have really wanted to get back. Stll Birmingham need to improve so he will help them start at the back.
  9. What would happen if leeds went into administration then. 12 point deducted next time they are in the football league?
  10. On the topic of away fans I'd reckon they should be cut right out of the equation. It will limit the need for extra stewarding, travel across the country and opens up more of the stadium for social distancing. Still the problem is you have a large amount of people arriving to an area where several bottlenecks will have to be controlled.
  11. Technical error. Please setup the forum into nice little sections for us.
  12. It's a shame full backs don't really cover as defenders anymore we've got plently of them.
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