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  1. Only time a scam call came close to engaging me was a call about washing machine maintenance agreement expiring. Since it was the month it renewed I figured it was them, but it felt off so I said I'd call them back.
  2. You have to delete them by editing the actual post it was included in or get admin to bulk delete some without any say in which ones go. The actual delete function on the attachment page on your profile has not worked in ages
  3. A lot of videos on social media show random people listening to old songs for their reaction. usually tagged "first time hearing". So I was reminded of this great show.
  4. Zoolander... "give in to the power of the tea"
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/article/2024/jul/23/deeply-ashamed-gb-dressage-star-charlotte-dujardin-pulls-out-of-olympics-over-coaching-video Whipping a horse a lot years ago. Other person involved just decided to complain.
  6. See they are letting membership have final say again. Never a good idea.
  7. See they are letting membership have final say again. Never a good idea.
  8. Simone Biles in gymnastics is back after suffering the yips last time out.
  9. 4 months to go is a very long time for those swings states to swing plus just as Dylan said now what brought Biden down will be focused on Trump. Anyone but Trump is alive and well.
  10. Don't worry Kingy. When the going gets tough for the Democrats out come the celebs. Katy Perry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jon Stewart and Barbara Streisand amongst many.
  11. Chaos! Republicans had all their responses pre-planned. Deomcrats flocking behind the VP
  12. What are you more proud of? Being right in a 50/50 question or being the Real Buh.
  13. We live in interesting times. Can't think of a presidential candidate withdrawing before and so close to the vote. "Campaign finance experts also say that Harris would have the most straightforward legal argument to keep the Biden campaign’s fundraising haul, while another nominee may have to forfeit that money. As of the end of May, the Biden campaign had $91.6m in cash on hand." He's now endorsed Kamala Harris as Republicans call on him to resign which would make her President.
  14. Alright Comedy Time. Want a laugh, well try this. Steve Martin trying to get home from New York for the holidays, but beset with problems and joining up with John Candy along the way. Good laugh and great ending.
  15. Right pre-season has started, Euros are over and fixtures are out. Who we signed for the first team then?
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