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  1. Fish everyone. Lets have it and what you like. I personally love scallops, but never afford them. Lovely stuff. Edit. Fishing also. And if you prefer to just watch them. Fish tanks and diving/snorkling. What do ya love about fish!
  2. KiwiScot

    First game of season prediction

    4:1 to liverpool.
  3. KiwiScot

    New to the Forum.

    Have you paid your £50 and do you like scampi? What about whitebait.
  4. KiwiScot

    Forum Feedback

    I still think there should be an easier way to access the other non-football board without having to go back to the main menu per say and then into it. Like a button somewhere on the main discussion screen that takes you there and vice versa.
  5. Ta very much. Useful for my general sale ticket purchase when I'm able to make it.
  6. KiwiScot

    Cricket World Cup

    England v Afghanistan.
  7. KiwiScot

    Raging perverts thread

    Don't Panic!
  8. KiwiScot


    Good stuff
  9. KiwiScot

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

  10. KiwiScot

    New membership scheme

    Maybe I should go for Burnley away this season. I always avoid the popular games anyway to increas my chance of getting tickets.
  11. KiwiScot

    Copa America

    Asian Cup champions Qatar. A team strangely in a good vein of form just got their first point. Coming from 2 behind to draw with Paraguay.
  12. KiwiScot

    Norwich City Knock-Out Tournament

    Maybe introduce the threads at a slower pace and try to create a poll on each one instead?
  13. KiwiScot


    Aldi have some mozzeralla for 64p so I've eating cheese on the cheap.