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  1. Good Luck Parma representing the Pups selections for the win. With I am a bit busy this weekend so not looking for the low odds, more the high risk high reward. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen - Away Win For the Norwich Bet and Swindon Negative, but due to many results this season who cannot pick it. 2:0 to Everton.
  2. Croatia one nil down then i ordered my Chinese and suddenly it's 2:1. Chinese pup power
  3. Ok. Hopefully in time Croatia v Slovakia - Home win BTTS Concord v Dorking
  4. KiwiScot

    The Brexit Thread

    I went to the tatical voting website curious to see the advice it would give and entered every postcode I've ever lived it and it said for everyone of them "don't bother". Could be a Scottish thing.
  5. Long time coming. Well Done Hammond and supporting Pups!
  6. Bet365 should pay out on that match after a 2 goal lead is established.
  7. Yes may I suggest you place a tenner on that and donate the winnings if any to charity.
  8. KiwiScot

    Pantwetting continues

    You're derogatory language doesn't give any facts you're talking about credibility.
  9. Well you have a risky one 1.75 - Bristol rovers v bromley FA Cup, home win - Mid table league 1 v top of the league conference premier or a safer one 1.10 - Partizan v Indjija - Serbian top league - Home Win
  10. KiwiScot

    Pantwetting continues

    No point closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.
  11. Good variety of picks this week. Good Sign. Hows that for positively Hammond I feel 6/7 of the presented Sunday picks are quite reasonable. Would you like another one?
  12. KiwiScot

    Pantwetting continues

    I dislike worried people being bullied, but I agree that it looked bad once, but turned around. It looks bad though.
  13. KiwiScot

    NFL Thread

    They need anything that lets a 3rd wild card back into play. A london based team is a big mistake and simply a short term money grab
  14. Good day Pups and hope we all enjoyed the fireworks last night For Hammond - Cliftonville v Warrenpoint - Home Win and for Til a 2:2 draw Best of luck Pups