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  1. canarydan23

    So, Leitner

    Start him on Saturday. Bristol City are on an incredible run. If they beat us they go within 7 points with two games in hand, putting them right in the hunt for top 2. Beat them and it'll hopefully put them out of the running. It's actually become a pretty huge game.
  2. canarydan23

    Strong words from Farke...

    "(looked slight but definite contact nevertheless)" Contact does not automatically mean foul. Stop falling for the trap the modern pundits set. It was a blatant dive.
  3. canarydan23

    Strong words from Farke...

    Ours was never a penalty. Preston player got to the ball first, if anything Hernandez had time to pull out of his challenge, so you could argue that the correct outcome would have been a Preston free kick. Their's wasn't a penalty either, it wasn't a push, both players were shoulder to shoulder as is allowed and the Preston player has thrown himself to the floor. As there was contact (despite what every pundit says, contact does not automatically equal foul) he'll get away with the dive but you're pretty naive if you don't think it was one.
  4. canarydan23

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    His press conference today only furthers that question. There really are only two feasible options. 1) He's not the full ticket. He's unstable and genuinely believes that someone encroached in his technical area (I've watched back the video several times repeatedly clicking and unclicking pause because it beats doing work and it's demonstrably false) and his strange utterances immediately after the game and even into today's presser are the unexplainable ramblings of a mad man. 2) He's playing a really clever game and knows that he has been woeful on the pitch so throws these little tidbits to the sc(um fans, utterly desperate for anything to cling to, for a silver lining to this storm cloud of a season. He can't manage anymore, but he can keep his wage coming in much longer if he presents himself as a fighter, a staunch defender of the great ITFC, passionate about the cause. So, psychopath or grifter. Tough call.
  5. canarydan23

    Paul Lambert

    I remember hearing about this, it was either the away fans dinner of the Player of the Season Awards dinner. Plenty of people who were there commented about it on here at the time.
  6. I sit in the River End and whilst it was quiet from about 20 minutes until the pre-half time fracas, it was alright for the rest of the game. I've seen a lot of people praising the s(**** support, perhaps that was from fans who sit nearer them, because I genuinely only heard two or three chants from them all game from where I sat. One was an admirable "Ipswich til I die" when they were 3-0 down, but other than that they were appallingly quiet. I think moaning about the home team's chanting is forever the go-to for embittered away fans who have just witnessed defeat.
  7. canarydan23

    Paul Lambert

    I didn't literally mean hate. You shouldn't really hate anyone because of football (though Tyrone Mings and Kevin Muscat put that to the test). But I did get a significant degree of pleasure in watching him seethe and his face get pinker several times throughout yesterday. It is a shame because those three seasons with Lambert were among the most enjoyable seasons of football I've witnessed in my short life. His antics post-NCFC hasn't soured them for me at all; however, I suspect it has for him. I think he really does hate us and if we're being completely honest with ourselves, his achievements have financed what we are now watching.
  8. canarydan23

    Paul Lambert

    In terms of points per game he's probably one of the best (maybe even numero uno?) managers in our history and one of the worst (maybe the worse?) in Ipswich's history. We hate him. They adore him. Funny old game.
  9. canarydan23

    Twtd forum

    It does seem weird how much they love Lambert and how accepting they are of such an abject team. We were pretty poor today but comfortably beat them even with a referee doing all he reasonably could to help them. Still, Stiepermann did embarrass himself with that pathetic dive. He's been immense this season, I wish he hadn't done it, really awful to see.
  10. canarydan23

    'wish we were like Norwich'

    If my Auntie had boll*cks she'd be my Uncle (or not, in this brave new world). You can do that all day; if the atmospheric pressure was slightly different Buendia might have caught his first half shot cleanly and scored, if the grass was slightly longer Aarons would have found it easier to control his miss, if the ref had viewed it how many others did Leeds would not have been given the corner they scored from. There was nothing fortunate about the scoreline.
  11. canarydan23

    “That was the boss… Google her”

    Liam Neeson is coming to get you with a cosh.
  12. canarydan23

    “That was the boss… Google her”

    Bloody norah you lot all need to get a life.
  13. canarydan23

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    It's the referees fault. If he had said in his match report that he did not have a clear view of the incident at the time then retrospective action could have been taken. However, the FA's endless policy of insisting pretty much every professional referee they employ is a pompous, conceited, arrogant and embittered individual who failed at participating in sport so resorted in officiating it to get back at the talented ones who used to nutmeg them, stop, let them get back onside and then nutmeg them again, means that when they file their match reports, they're too up their own backside to even entertain the idea that they might have missed something. Start recruiting retired sports people (and I don't necessarily mean footballers, just people with actual experience of sport at a decent level) to referee and the game would be so much better. It was quite clearly deliberate. I have three Lego-obsessed kids, it's pretty much a daily occurrence that at the very last split second you see a piece of lego you're able to get your foot out of the way, it's a reflex action. Furthermore, these boys aren't wearing the old school studs anymore, they're wearing the less pointed blades. You run over someone's face with those one and it's going to hurt but you'll avoid major lacerations, unless that person really jams their foot down on their target. Tyrone Mings is now only the second ever player I hope endures a career-ending injury (Muscat being the first).
  14. canarydan23

    OT: Mings and Oliveira

    Investigate it long enough for him to play next weekend and have a blinder against Sheffield United and then ban him!
  15. Will he be on crazy wages? I doubt he had people queuing up with offers, I don't think his American team even wanted him. His options were probably retirement, or have a few months earning something at Derby to help out his old teammate and then jacking it in.