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  1. canarydan23

    Women’s World Cup

    Or not. How the flying f**k was there only 5 minutes injury time?! There were 8 minutes between the foul and the retaken penalty going in, never mind the 4 goals and substitutions that took place. 5 minutes?! You could've trebled that and got a feasible chunk of injury time. That's sketchy as, something proper fishy there. I was looking forward to a fire and brimstone end with two teams for whom a draw did nothing.
  2. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Time was my era. My clubbing days were on the wane when it was Lava Ignite, probably only went there a couple of times. But Time I was there almost every Thursday for 18 months, my teeth still hurt when I think of the VKs, purchased 12 at a time just before 11 when they stopped costing a quid.
  3. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    I must admit, I was surprised how active he was given the risk of injury. I grew up with an academy lad who came within a whisker of the first team (he travelled to an away game as a reserve if anyone got injured or fell ill) and despite not making it, he was massively restricted by the club about things he could and could not do away from the pitch. Trampolining would definitely have been prohibited.
  4. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Well, I had the good fortune of having a chat with Mr Rhodes this morning; he was at Gravity with his daughter. After some standard Dad chat I came out with it and asked if he was staying. He answered, "I really hope so, it'd be a dream come true." He then said one of Norwich or Wednesday start training a week on Friday and the offer start a week on Monday (can't remember which way round) so he hoped it could be sorted within a week but he wouldn't say more than that. I told him it'd make my 6 year olds day and hethen started telling him about how the building we were in used to be a nightclub and generally wittering on like a fan boy and he probably thought I was a bit odd. Still, lovely bloke, adorable little girl and I genuinely think he can do a job for us as a player too, on the pitch as well as off it.
  5. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    A hyperbolic straw man; a signature of the triggered. Or the stupid. Or in your case, both.
  6. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I've no idea; you'll find it hard to believe but some questions are beyond even me. I've got one for you though; do you think the comprehensively educated, working class boys and girls made redundant by Dyson's offshoring will be pleased that he's got over £18 million to create a facility that, presumably, will be for the sole use of students whose parents can afford to fork out £8,000 per term for every child at the school?
  7. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Money goes to money.
  8. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    It's also, similarly to snowflake, a term that only seems to exist on the internet. The reason? The people who use the terms would melt into non-existent at the prospect of actually calling someone a snowflake or soyboy to their face; which brings a certain sense of unintentional irony to the insults.
  9. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Oh, you do know what triggered means! I was looking for you to provide a definition, but giving an example of being triggered was a great way to answer.
  10. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Agreed, but the up front fee couldn't realistically have been much more than a million. Sheff Weds cannot argue that his stock has risen over the past 12 months and he is another year down on his contract. So in the context of this season's transfer kitty, the loan will not affect it to the tune of £2 million, far from it.
  11. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I don't think you know what triggered means, do you?
  12. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    That myth was well and truly debunked by the company accounts. If we paid £2 million for the Rhodes loan then Buendia and Leitner cost absolute peanuts.
  13. canarydan23

    OT - EU straw poll...

    It was a stupid conclusion to end up at, so naturally as a stupid person that is exactly what RTB did. Incidentally, I had to cleanse myself this morning as I actually found myself warming to Rory Stewart. However, a brief look at his track record and voting past quickly put paid to that. Putting someone who is a bit a c**t in a room full of utter c**ts does not stop that someone being a c**t. It's a bit like this thread; there are occasions where you start to think VW might have an IQ higher than Ipswich Town's points total this season, but then you realise it's only because you've been reading posts from Jools, paul moy and RTB.
  14. canarydan23

    Webber's attention to detail

    You would have thought that now would be the ideal time for us to do that, with Farke-ball being implemented, but I guess in the current footballing environment, to quote 1990s philosopher Meja, "It's all 'Bout the Money", and the prospect of creating valuable, sellable assets trumps developing players who will slide seamlessly into the first team environment. As Barcelona and Ajax are number one in their respective leagues, I guess they can afford to have a different outlook.
  15. canarydan23

    Jordan’s coming home!

    I completely accept my opinion is clouded by cognitive dissonance. He's one of my boys favourite players, he was nice to my eldest daughter at the Christmas lights switch on in Thorpe and my youngest daughter sings an unbelievably cute version of Farke's on a horse. Take all those factors away and I'd probably think it's too much of a step up, but my desire for us to sign him is driving my focus towards the positives (Farke and Webber want him, he hasn't really been tested in the Prem properly, could do a Holt or Vardy) and deflecting anything that might suggest he'll be a Premier League flop (Boro wouldn't take a punt on him at that level, didn't score heavily for Blackburn).