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  1. He hasn't, he was a big part in getting us promoted which more than covered his fee, which I believe we were obliged to pay on going up. But the evidence suggests he's certainly not Premier League standard.
  2. Anyone want a season ticket for the rest of the season? £300. I get it back next season.
  3. We're 1-0 down because of Gilmour, he hit a free kick I'd be embarrassed by and he can't get the weight right on his forward passes. Our standards really have dropped.
  4. ****ing kids and their ****ing arrogant twatty run ups. It was the same with Rashford and Saka. Just run up to it from just outside the box and hit it.
  5. He also thinks Billy Gilmour should be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  6. Someone told me he's pursuing a career in refereeing. If he's as useless at that as he was with us then he's definitely destined for the Premier League.
  7. Only if you go looking for it. I don't see it, so don't find him irritating on social media at all. If I did, I would stop looking at it. People seem to have an innate need to be irritated by stuff. Playing devil's advocate, he is the only one who had access to those players at that specific point of their career. We'll never know if a different manager would have given the same players the same opportunities. Imagine if Godfrey carries on doing well at Everton and gets called up to England. You can't then say, "Benitez turned Godfrey into an England international, Farke had access to him and didn't".
  8. Do you think Worthington would have been sacked when he was without the fan backlash? That began with booing at the final whistle. It doesn't go from applauding at the end of the game to a full scale campaign in the space of two home matches, it's a gradual thing. I booed, not through any conscious decision, I was just utterly dejected, disgusted and angry at what I'd just seen. It was probably amplified by the fact that I missed Liverpool and Leicester so this was an afternoon I'd been looking forward to for months and months and it ended up being a total waste of time. Booing was instinctive, and in hindsight probably a means of venting. And that's quite important at that moment because I have the pleasure of walking past the South Stand and up and over the railway bridge on my way home. Without that little bit of release at the final whistle, I'd have carried that rage through a bunch of Stone Island clad Watford twats.
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