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  1. To be honest, if Basketball was as big here than in the US and there was a Norwich-based franchise, there's a significant chance I'd put my cash into that instead of a Carrow Road season ticket.
  2. I think we should go for it! No European teams means the PL teams really won't care about it at all and will field their U23 teams. That leaves it wide open for a Championship side to have a stab at it. And who knows, by March (is that when the final is played?) there might be fans in stadiums so we could get a Wembley trip out of it. I don't think we should be giving ourselves a star on the shirt for winning it or anything, but a trophy is a trophy and a Wembley trip is a Wembley trip. Could be the best opportunity we have for a non-playoff final Wembley visit in years and years.
  3. Everyone knew Rodman was awesome at basketball! He's one of the greatest defensive players ever, don't forget he came to Chicago with two rings already. The series is absolutely brilliant.
  4. Unfortunately, I think you're right. Mind you, McLean might be able to do a job in the Championship, I just hope that doesn't mean that if we do go up, Farke then uses his Championship performances to give him another crack at the Premier League because a Premier League footballer King Kenny is not.
  5. Absolutely not, but I don't think a player would kick off too much if we enforced them to honour their contract if we only received a risible bid. I suspect at least one of those players has knocked on Farke or Webber's door and said that they're keen to stay in the Premier League and I suspect they've told them that is fine if they received a reasonable offer for them. £10 million is not reasonable. He's an international left-back, he fills a homegrown box, he won't kick off if he plays under 25 games in a season and he has 100 first team appearances under his belt, almost a third of which was at PL level. A lot of that would apply to Andy Robertson too, but I suspect Hull were not in as strong a position financially given what happened at that club after his departure and I bet he hadn't signed a brand new contract less than 12 months before he signed for Liverpool either.
  6. £10 million would be a steal, we sold Alex Pritchard, ALEX PRITCHARD for a fee believed for be in excess of £11 million. Don't know anything about Larouci, but if the cash swapping hands is £10 million, he'd need to be a player worth over £5 million for that to be a deal worth even contemplating.
  7. Absolutely. For the big transfers, clubs borrow against the future value of the player they are going to sign. Completely insane.
  8. They don't finance deals in the way that companies like 23Capital do for sure, but at the end of the day banks lend to football clubs and football clubs spend money on transfer fees. The money may be partially secured elsewhere and borrowed for a specified purpose but it all ends up in the same expenditure column.
  9. Banks absolutely would have lent to us, the guarantee of parachute payments in a worst case scenario would have seen us as a safe short term investment. However, we were right not to, had we leveraged those future payments to borrow to fund transfers and been relegated, those parachute payments would have gone straight to the bank and we'd have been up s*it creek even with fans in the ground. Without them, armageddon.
  10. As long as you and yours are alright, eh Jack?
  11. Does the fact that you need such a far-fetched and inapposite analogy to justify your intended actions not tell you something?
  12. I'd basically be paying £500 for 8 live games plus 38 matches on a ropey stream. Still seems a little pricey to me. Particularly as three or four games are likely to be televised via other means. £500 would get you a helluva lot of live football through other channels (admittedly not Norwich matches).
  13. That's fair. Let someone without a season ticket go whilst thousands of people who have bought one sit at home.
  14. Over £20 for a stream? I'd be livid if they even offered it. My mate's a Forest fan and they gave season ticket holders a stream for home games last season (and still refunded the price of the ticket) but it was the iFollow stream; low quality and prone to drop-out. I'd be wanting my money back, or a much more reasonably-priced stream (for something as low quality as iFollow, I'm thinking in the region of a fiver). As for going back, I've no concerns about that whatsoever.
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