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  1. canarydan23

    Rain Forest

    Wow. There is a subject @Jools is more of a dunce on than Brexit. Who knew?
  2. canarydan23


    My cousin, who grew up in Coventry but left to go to University (Peterhouse, Cambridge no less) and then moved to London as so many do, was constantly sending me job adverts after I graduated to try and entice me to the capital and away from the scarcity of opportunity in Norfolk. It was tempting and the amount of jobs and their salaries was staggering, even in the months after the financial crisis that I graduated into, but any temptation was quickly snuffed out by an unplanned pregnancy so now I'm Norfolk for life! Or at least until the kids fly the nest.
  3. canarydan23


    She came to UEA from Medway, so not a huge amount of competition! I'm not sure if it still does, but it consistently had the highest student retention rate (graduates staying around after graduating) when I started in 2004. But the label certainly works as there are not the level of graduate jobs to satisfy the number of graduates.
  4. canarydan23


    So does mine. Studied there and now works there. She can't escape.
  5. canarydan23

    The Brexit Party

    Not going to treat us to the latest unemployment figures today, Ricardo?
  6. canarydan23

    The Brexit Party

    Blimey, spineless bunch you lot aren't you? We've got RTB who spends his day reporting anyone who hurts his feelings and Jools getting triggered left right and centre and pleading to the mods to take the thread down, less someone else upsets him. Are these the guys who will be taking the streets if we don't Brexit?! My God, that would be worth watching. Kleenex on standy, and I don't mean to clean up the aftermath of RTB's weird lightsaber insertion fantasies.
  7. canarydan23

    More concessions required

    I'm sure you will. Your generation are well practiced at accepting rewards and even better at convincing yourselves you deserve them
  8. canarydan23

    More concessions required

    Whereas Brexit is to do with Horrid Old people and passports.
  9. canarydan23

    Greg Downs

    His brother-in-law is Paddy Murphy of Blofield United. Any kid whotried to play on their grass during pre-season will know of him and his illustrious vocabulary. We'd do it a few times a day just to see how dark a shade of red his face could turn.
  10. canarydan23

    More concessions required

    If it's a state of mind then maybe we oughta do some sort of psychological assessment before they are entitled to a concessionary ticket? Or is it ok to arbitrarily group the codgers when it works for them, but discrimination when it doesn't? On a semi-serious, semi-trolling note, how long can football clubs and other attractions continue to justify the 65+ concessionary rate? As the 50s and 60s born Boomers reach the age, you'll have a situation where 65+ is the wealthiest generation, having been given the ladder of opportunity from the generation before them, only to pull it up when they reached the top. Is it justifiable to give the richest folk a discount whilst the poorest have to pay full value, presumably to subsidise said richest folk?
  11. canarydan23

    Sticker book!

    B@stards. The first time I went to get some was in the St Williams Co-op and they were the ones who said two vouchers per transaction. I've since been to a couple of other stores (Aylsham Road and Witard Road) and didn't even attempt to get more than two, despite having more vouchers in my wallet. Will give it a go next and tell them, "Pete Raven said I could". EDIT: Just seen it says the six rule on the actual voucher, so no need to name drop you.
  12. canarydan23

    Sticker book!

    I'm pretty sure I saw them in the Premier on Plumstead Road this weekend. The two packets per transaction is a bit annoying (when you're using the vouchers) but I guess something has to be in it for the retailer.
  13. canarydan23


    Well, the question as to whether we should drop Stiepermann has gone from was it the McCanns to did OJ do it.
  14. canarydan23

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    Lenders will judge on a case by case basis. They won't turn their nose up at a debt free, well-run football club that owns their stadium because another club 40 miles away fleeced their creditors out of millions. I suspect we'd get a very decent rate in the current climate. Alternatively we run a bond scheme which costs what, 5%? Not sure if would bring in enough for the project mind you. Part bond, part loan? Or we wind up funding it through player sales; Godfrey, Aarons and Buendia are probably worth more than a brand new stadium.
  15. canarydan23

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    How much do you think an upper tier is going to cost? I've genuinely no idea but the South Stand was £8 million. Adding a tier comes with technical difficulties and inflation has to be factored in, but even if you double the construction costs of the South Stand to £16 million for 4,000 more seats then they'd need to be paying 10% interest on the loan for it to cost them £1.6 million a year. Surely NCFC can get a much cheaper rate of borrowing than that?