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  1. I know it's asking a lot and you have done so much already, not only relegating the s(um with an embarrassingly low points total but delivering us the most comfortable Derby win since the last two you gave us. You've ruined your professional integrity in fulfilling your mission and performed your role so admirably well that you remained loved by the majority of the supporters of the club you have doomed. But we have one more assignment for you; defeat Sheffield United and deliver us the title that alluded you in your first tenure as a Norwich employee.
  2. canarydan23

    The form table

    We've really f*cked this up haven't we. Title is gone, we have to hope Leeds lose/lose or lose/draw v Brentford and Villa. Cannot believe Wilder is going to be champion. Guess they got manager of the season spot on.
  3. I read that a little differently. I thought Bannan wanted to stand at the post as a blocker, but realising this the quick thinking Norwich players saw this meant they could crowd the keeper and not be ruled offside. It was for this reason the keeper shouted at Bannan to clear off. And the post he was intending to stand at was the one Vrancic's shot flew in past.
  4. canarydan23

    Just think....

    Careful. You can't say things like that on here.
  5. Missed it all. I saw a group of about 4 giving it large walking up towards the railway bridge talking about Norwich c*nts and how the ref screwed them but as soon as I mentioned they have a cheek moaning about the ref given their second goal they became quite pleasant and we had a civil chat about the match. I guess they were a bit more all mouth than the ones other people encountered.
  6. canarydan23

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Really?! Leitner's corners were on the money, every one of them into the mixer, not the normal headed away by the first man dished up by Kenny or Marco. That they were all headed away was a fault of the players in the box and a credit to Sheff Weds defence, nowt up with the deliveries. They were a huuuuge upgrade on normal service.
  7. canarydan23

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Harsh on Vrancic but I'd start Leitner in McLean's position too. I'd be tempted to really roll the dice and put Vrancic further up in place of Stiepermann. We'd lose some ball winning ability up the field but what good is winning the ball if you're struggling to do a great deal with it? I can't see him taking such a risk but I'd be intruiged to see how it'd work. If he was going to drop Onel then it would've been on the back of his poor showings v Reading and Wigan. He was much improved last night so should keep his place.
  8. canarydan23

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    He was the last man back and he handled a goal bound ball. Take him out of the equation and I'm not sure what that Wednesday player was going to do, with Hernandez and Pukki right on him, to prevent a goalscoring opportunity. Red card all day. One defender, two attackers, goalkeeper stricken with a ball bouncing in the direction of goal. If that isn't a goalscoring opportunity then you're saving the definition for a very, very small number of instances. Ref bottled it.
  9. canarydan23

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    "Teams clearly know how to play us" Not really. You can't rely on dodgy refereeing. We've not been at our best but the fact of the matter is with three decent refs the past three games we would be on a phenomenal 11 game winning streak: Reading - 2 penalties denied, one as blatant as you'll ever see Wigan - there only goal came from a "joke" penalty Sheff Wed - should have played most of the game with ten men and an outfielder in goal and their second was one that would've shamed Maradona and Henry It seems that what teams need to "play" against us (not beat us, BTW) is a supportive ref.
  10. canarydan23

    The Fans

    You'd have a point after the Reading game but not after last night.
  11. canarydan23

    Ridiculous and Unnecessary.........

    Forestieri was diving about all over the shop. Good job it wasn't worth it ndy, he'd never have been on his feet. Amazing strike, but judging by his reaction after the goal Trybull was disappointed not to have gotten closer to him. To be fair to him, he couldn't have been banking on him pulling the trigger at that moment.
  12. Short fat c*nt with an inferiority complex.
  13. canarydan23

    Jordan Rhodes

    I'd run a mile at that price to be honest but I'd be happy if we could bag him for 3-4, but maybe I'm being too optimistic. I've heard he's settled in Thorpe with his young family. Someone even told me he's bought a house here.
  14. canarydan23

    Jordan Rhodes

    Price would have to be right for sure but sounds like Sheff Wed just want his wages gone. There's no way will we be in the market for a "proven" Premier League striker, they're North of 20 mil and Webber has said we won't spend 15, so whoever we get in to support Pukki will be a risk. Only if the fee is low, I'd be up for getting him in and reassessing in January. We've got Idah knocking at the door too.
  15. canarydan23

    Today's Games - Good Friday!

    Maybe Leeds' worst result too if Wigan perform a minor miracle this afternoon.