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  1. Rowe has probably realised that if you just run around aimlessly when you're on the pitch, and not focused on end product, then you're more likely to get picked and play 90 minutes.
  2. I think we all did that ages ago. The only issue is that Wagner hasn't.
  3. A team who has lost three on the bounce, remunerated with less than half what we pay our players and comes to Carrow Road and actually comes closest to scoring. Yes, nothing stupid about thinking how wonderful that was today.
  4. You're either getting **** poor dodgy streams south of the channel or you're ****ing stupid.
  5. Useless bag of **** is fair. And yet he was far from our worst player today.
  6. Ignorance really is bliss, isn't it. At this point, I'm afflicted by actually understanding football. If only I knew nothing about the game, I might be able to appreciate a turd like you can.
  7. I've no idea why you're trying to defend that utter dross. At home v a team in awful form, with players paid probably three times the opposition, and you're like, "yeah, good job lads, opposition played too well". Hilarious.
  8. Preston didn't even try and still came closest to scoring. I love that there are still people defending that garbage performance, makes me feel better about my flat earther mate.
  9. My god this is awful. Not that many seasons ago two teams this bad would be guaranteed 20th or lower.
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