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  1. I doubt it's as straightforward as the pension fund buying Ipswich and they'll suffer or gain as Ipswich lose or win. They will be loaning money to the consortium who will have to repay it with interest as with any loan with possible bonuses built in should they get promoted to the Championship or Premier League. And I suspect it would receive a portion of any resale figure above £17 million. Still a pretty volatile investment, but the pension fund won't have had any direct involvement in deciding to acquire Ipswich; the consortium did that and acquired the loan based on their expertise and track record, I would bet. The interest on the loan will be payable regardless of what Ipswich do on the pitch.
  2. Almost, I think what he was trying to say is that it is 'really quite' unbelievable 'that there' has 'never been' any 'interest' in 'buying' 'NCFC'.
  3. Tonight's was easily the best away commentary so far as it didn't make me want to rip my ears off.
  4. I still get IDed in the supermarket despite being in my 30s, doubt I could pass for 80 even with a good fake!
  5. They're far too easily forged to ever become a card that has any official gravity, surely?
  6. Not Hanley's finest moment there. Two **** ups in half a second. Pukki needs to make amends for that absolute disgrace of a penalty.
  7. **** me that is a disgustingly penalty. Absolutely ****ing woeful.
  8. Dominant team sucker punched and go a goal behind. Nice for that sentence to be a positive for us for a change!
  9. Hope it goes well. Do they have a lower bar crowdfunder or anything like that? Happy to chuck em a few quid but £300 is beyond me unfortunately.
  10. Lol, I can only get on with my phone. No rhyme or reason. If I try with a computer/laptop I get the Bad Request rubbish. It's a ballache having to constantly delete browser history, but I guess it'll stop my missus seeing the sketchy **** sites.
  11. Were you making a cup of tea when they hit the crossbar? Or when Aarons blocked a goalbound shot with Krul heading in the wrong direction? We were significantly worse second half than first half, that's pretty much a given. For phases of the second half we were worse than Rotherham and did very nearly concede at least twice that I can remember. I suspect if changes were made that may not have been the case; we would have been as comfortable in the second half as we were in the first. Apparently that's an unacceptable opinion to some.
  12. The last part is certainly true. Which makes the post full time whistle Roederisms even less excusable.
  13. If people were saying he was incapable and incompetent I'd be taking them to task as well. But let's be honest, you're taking to task people who haven't said anything of the sort.
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