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  1. That's the point though. That is part and parcel of football. When I said "body" it doesn't mean you have to put your entire body in the way. Controlling the ball is everything, that includes preventing other players from gaining control. If you are in control of the ball then you protect it. Whether that be by using your body, putting your foot in the way. Honestly, you need to read it back a few more times, it really doesn't read great. If you have the ball and a player comes in to get it off you, you don't have to play the ball, you can wait for them to make a move and either draw a foul or use the direction and momentum they have committed to go a different direction and lose them. The is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.
  2. He's been a huge hater for a long time now. Don't expect anything more from him.
  3. Putting your body between the ball and an opposition player is how you are taught to play. Sorry, but this is a really daft reflection. Of course he is going to try and prevent an opposing player from kicking it. Just like Holt turning so he could better shield the ball and often having his ankles clipped in the process. It's a really important part of the game as sometimes, the best scenario for you as a player is to try and draw the foul. If you can no longer do that, you may as well pick up the ball and introduce scrums...
  4. Early Kick off for this one folks - 12:30 GMT at Stamford Bridge. It is being televised on BT Sport for those who have it or who have friends/family you can join or hijack their TV for. As is the norm, the pinkUn has it's presser report and a few separate pieces focusing on some of the news from that on their front page. It sounds to me like poor old Zimmermann is still suffering from that horrific tackle he was on the end of playing West Ham two seasons ago. The BBC also have their pre-match sum up but you'll have to ignore "Lawro's Prediction" if you want to remain positive! For those of you wanting to get into a more positive frame of mind than our old friend Lawro, the club has put together a video of goals our boys in yellow and green have scored in the past. As is now part of our weekly routine of enjoyment you can also go and join in with Rays Funds for the CSF with the PUPs Season 15 Week 11 and help to raise money for a very, very good cause. Interesting little piece of knowledge - there are no football clubs located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Stamford Bridge is actually located in Fulham. Something fans of QPR and Fulham will often remind their Chelsea counterparts. EDIT: Possible piece of insight - apparently, last night, Tzolis switched himself into his own fantasy football team. The last time he did this was Vs Arsenal when he started. As you can imagine, some fans on social media have latched onto this. As a result, there is some belief that he might be starting today. Edit 2: Team
  5. Or caught in two minds hence an undercooked shot which was only considered in a split second when an additional touch semi-lost out. A goal will do him a world of good with his confidence. Same with Pukki really.
  6. Not even close. He was said to be £7-8m. Let's remember though, he's only 21, and has looked short of confidence at times this season. He's one of those players who will get better with a couple of goals behind him. Until then it'll be a bit of torture until he does. Feel for him really. Everything else he is doing is helping the team massively.
  7. Sorry, was getting my booster jab today. Thanks for the catch @Herman. A little disappointing that we perhaps aren't looking a bit more attacking in the formation, though two forwards isn't exactly negative. Could be a 4-5-1.
  8. You don't need to have been a fan 20 years ago (try 25) to know why suiters line up for a club like Derby that is available for a token amount compared to a well run club that is likely to cost them tens of millions... it's about increasing the value of your investment. Even if you genuinely want a club for a love of football, you want a club that can repay your investment. Ashley bought low, put in the effort, got the club to a position where it could be bought from him for a good profit. £50m+ is a good piece of business. Derby represents a provincial club that will see itself as having the potential to become an established premier league club. It's available for pennies, and if handled right - like Norwich, could present as a worthy investment and turned into a tens of millions return on a relatively low budget. Why do people keep lining up to buy Wigan, for example?
  9. Didn't Cameron Jerome recently say that he now regrets leaving?
  10. Did the £25 come with a match day program and one of Delia's pies... asking for a friend...
  11. But you thought he was amazing and let him go on the cheap...
  12. This is a bit of an odd statement. As you so happily point out to others, you have been negative since day one of pre-season. That only changed with the signing of Normann when you praised the summer recruitment drive. By your own admission, that lasted a short time and you have gone back to type... you have been nothing but constantly negative all the time. You continually use terms like "happy clapper" to dismiss other people's views. You ask but then dismiss. Why don't you just say you want to hear people agreeing with every word you share? Because that is precisely how it comes across. Time to gel isn't just about pre-season. It's been pointed out before that we signed three players within the last two to three days of the transfer window. That was one month and 6 days ago. Those players being Kabak, Normann and Williams. I make that about five to six weeks. Kabak and Normann were both away on international duty for two of those. That means they have had 3-4 weeks training with the squad, settling into their new surroundings, forming friendships and bonding as a team. Usually, that's all done in pre-season. They arrived when the season had started. And on that matter, Sargent and Tzolis arrived around two weeks prior, at the beginning of the season, too soon for the first game. Again, both were involved in internationals so have been with the squad a couple of weeks longer. Add into that other players like Gilmore, Krul, Aarons, Hanley, Giannoulis, McLean, Pukki, Idah, Omobamidele etc were also all away as well, it doesn't leave much in the way of what you could call core players to help get all of that going. For me, the timing of this is a bit odd. People want to play down a draw away to Burnley, but there will be sides higher up the table that will lose and struggle to get more than a point at Turf Moore. Lets wait and see what the next game brings before we jump on the negative train again - especially before you start your "I want to hear other opinions" whilst slagging off the ones you have asked for before, countless times.
  13. If you are talking about the Russian Instagram lady, the Pink'Un interview with the Norwegian football journalist identified they were no longer together... not that it has a whole lot to do with this but what the hey I guess. I hope it isn't anything serious and that can be sorted with a couple of weeks rest because even if he can't train, I think the more time this squad has together right now to train and bond, can only be good for us. Same goes for Sargent and any of the others who don't go out on international duty.
  14. What has the goal keeper got to do with chance creation? A chance is the bit before someone shoots. A good chance or a genuine chance would be someone not taking on a pot shot from distance. The point I was making is that you are too readily dismissing information to suit your agenda. You dismissed "big chances created" because you assume it is different to "chances created". In the same way you are suggesting that the premier leagues own statistics are not "independent" - which is to suggest they are wrong for some reason for being the premier leagues own source of information. The premier league is also independent in this as they have nothing to gain from falsifying or setting criteria different to everyone else... unless you can prove it of course. All of the questions you fire at the Premier Leagues statistics can equally be fired at squawka. That's why I say you cannot rely on one source of information. You need to look at multiple. Otherwise you have no idea if what you are basing the only evidence you are using, is accurate or not. I can find multiple that concur with with the premier league and several that have Buendia even further down the list on minutes per chance as he played the vast majority of our premier league campaign. Willian for example, played fewer. And it's not about playing down his actual achievements, it's about trying to stay within the realms of reality. People over the summer have made claims such as "he is better than Grealish", "he's worth more than £35m", "Pepe for Arsenal cost £70m+, Buendia is better and therefore worth more", "Our board is crap as we sold Buendia for well below his value", "Buendia is a top 6 player", "Buendia is a champions league player", "if we had held out he would have gone to a top six club", "the best player the championship has ever seen", "the best player this club has ever had" etc etc etc. Sometimes we have to take a step back and realise that whilst a player has been brilliant for us, that doesn't necessarily make them a world beater, or even a player who will stroll through the premier league. I loved Buendia playing for us, especially last season when I think he became probably the most complete wide midfielder we have seen for at least a decade. But the last premier league season was a real mixed bag for Buendia. The work rate and effort to get back wasn't as consistent or as present as it was last season. He could often be seen slapping the turf in the opponents half having tried to dribble past three players and failed. His decision making wasn't always consistent - see dribble past three players comment. He actually committed more passes resulting in an opponents goal than any other midfielder in the premier league that season, and quite a number of defenders. That isn't to say he was rubbish, but that he had another side to his game that wasn't the thrilling forward playing and dribbling Buendia. Then there was project restart. Of all the players, he was arguably one of the more disappointing when you consider what we know he is capable of. He wasn't particularly a revelation, he didn't rip up trees. As others have said, he isn't particularly fast, he isn't tall and he isn't actually all that strong. He can tackle though and he knows how to spread his weight which can help. He improved all of those aspects of his game last season, and you expect inconsistency from a younger player who would have been 22/23 at the time. That comes with the territory. That's why I always say he has the potential to be a great player in the premier league - but the work rate and effort we saw last season with such consistency, needs to be replicated at this level for that to happen. A great many things can prevent that, wrong piece of the puzzle for Villa at this time? Hasn't settled? Attitude issues - (and lets face it, we know that he has struggled at times on the pitch with that, and a loss of focus off it)? Who knows. I still hope it works out for him, I'm pretty sure we stand to benefit if he does so I don't know why anyone would want him not to succeed.
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