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  1. Reminds me of the old WW1 naval camo schemes designed to make it hard for enemy ships to shoot at them... Some were way more extreme than this example though.
  2. You missed my point. His value to the team wasn't summed up purely in his ability in terms of FIFA stats like pace and passing etc. You are right to say he at least appears to have been a good character in the changing room and as part of a very experience defence in terms of leadership and slotting together with Fleming and the other players mentioned. He made 17 starts and 1 substitute appearance for West Ham before they moved him on at exactly the same point we had. He then was signed by Boothroyd at Watford, who knew him from Norwich, to add experience to a side full of youngsters. He made 43 appearances in Watford's Championship promotion season. Then 17 in the Premier League where he couldn't stop them from being relegated. Making one appearance after that from what I can see. As a player, he was an old fashioned stopper. He was great in the air, and brilliant at nullifying physical strikers like Horsefield. Like I say, held in high esteem by many, but not actually the greatest individual defender we have had before or since. I actually feel Fleming was the better of the two. Had the better organising sense and was by far the better ball player. And yet he goes relatively unsung in comparison. Anyway, back on topic. Zimmerman is far more reliable and consistent than Bassong, however, what you sometimes got out of Bassong was a player who on his day was capable of being a top half prem defender. However, that day came about twice a season, perhaps a couple of times more if you were lucky. And was balanced by the equal number of performances where he looked lucky to be kicking a ball in the Championship and League 1 teams may have passed up on him. I do feel that Zimmerman is underrated by many. He's more of the stopper, like Malky was, and yet he's compared to someone fleeter of foot or perhaps a tad better with the ball at their feet. But, again, like Malky, he is that roll your sleeves up, no nonsense defender who will put his body on the line for the sake of the team. That dig in and physical presence we missed much of last season.
  3. They are different because they would still be a league 2 / league 1 club, often found wandering between those two leagues. They also historically struggled to fill Dean Court, a stadium of less than 11,500 seats. In fact, even in their promotion season from the Championship they regularly failed to sell out. I don't care how big a club is, if they cheat to get somewhere, they are cheats. Yes, they played nice football. But they did it with players purchased beyond their means. Leeds... the biggest issue with Leeds is this silly sleeping giants attitude. They are a sizeable provincial side really, but not huge, certainly no giants. They might have been once. 18 years of ridiculous hype. But at least they have a fan base. We don't have to like them but like us, at least they can get more than 10k gates average in the Championship...
  4. For me, there is also more. Last season it was clear what a difference he and Hanley made when fit. Him more so I would argue. They know their roles and are able to lead the back four. As much praise as Godfrey got, he was caught out on many occasions. He has pace and can play the ball like a midfielder, but considering his height, he also wasn't the best in the air. It's another reason I hate talking about individual comparisons. Malky Mackay is a well loved figure, often lamented about for having been let go when promoted to the Premier League and held aloft as an all time great defender. I don't disagree in many ways. However, one has to consider that defending was his strength. Good in the air, ruthless in the tackle and decent positional sense. Malky, however, was never gifted with speed. If Zimbo turns like the Titanic, then I'm not sure where that puts Malky and as for his passing... well, lets just say anything more than a 10yrd pass was a hoof. He was great because he could lead, and he formed part of one of the meanest defences we have seen in the last 20 years. The partnership he had with Fleming had it all. Fleming wasn't the tallest but he could defend. Having started as a full back he could also pass and was the quicker of the two. Add Drury into the equation and eventually Edworthy and you had a solid defence. That is what we have missed and are still looking for. But that's no real surprise when you consider that all of our defenders bar Klose had been introduced to the side or signed since the arrival of Farke. Klose joined in 2016. Hanley and Zimmerman in 2017. Godfrey was introduced to the side in the 2018-19 season, his first as a CB. As others have said, Hanley and Klose have struggled to stay fit in their time at Norwich. In fact, Godfrey came into that side in 2018 as a result of those two being injured. Worth noting that it was Aarons first season in the side too. Comparatively, Mackay and Fleming had a good few years run at it together, settled and injury free. I suspect Zimbo in the side more consistently last season would at least have put us a good 6 points better off. It may also have helped the drying up of the goals too with a steadier hand at the back. Comparing him to Bassong is a real disservice, he is far more reliable and I have seen him hit balls as well and as true as Godfrey. Where he has got into issues is when we play too intricately and he hasn't got that twist or burst of pace that Aarons, Godfrey or Lewis have to get them out of trouble. But to be fair, they have all been at fault for similar last season. Aarons cutting inside, in line with his own penalty area, only to gift the ball straight to a striker to score from.
  5. I have a little pet hate about this. They are a 'little' club. And the only reason they achieved such a lofty position is their owner. They broke the FFP rules to get into the premier league and had their fine reduced after appeal. I have no sympathy for them, much like Wigan. They have a much inflated league position well above their actual means. Howe and the set up he had was a major part of the reason they got as far as they did. But they also made a lot of mistakes on the way. Selling us Grabban and then buying him back for more than twice the amount. Afobe set them back £10million which meant 60ish appearances, around half as subs with a return of 10 goals. They then spent a rumoured £19million on Solanke, to be fair to the lad, he's days off 23, but 3 goals in 40+ appearances... he's going to have to improve on that this season that's for sure.
  6. Sheesh, just looked at the Bournemouth squad. They still have some capable Championship players but if they lose too many more they could really struggle. Currently they have 23 players in their squad. 5 of those are relatively untried youngsters around 20 years of age on average. And a few others who have a bit more experience but not in the Prem. Part of me wonders if Godfrey is to go, that we put in a cheeky bid for Steve Cook. I know he's 29 but he knows his way around this division and the Prem.
  7. Possible, but somewhat doubtful that we will see Dowell in CM. That is the last place I expect to see him. Especially in our current system. It would mean he plays a holding midfield role alongside a defensive midfielder. From what he has shown so far, that would mean we lose out heavily on his attacking ability. If injuries must, then possibly.
  8. By all accounts he is an absolutely brilliant chap (know a couple of people in and around the club). Of the players to be going I was actually most shocked by him being on that list. Of the players who is prepared to "mix it" he has to be up there in our squad. And yet he also can pass the ball. He may have been found to be a bit short in the Prem but then much of our squad was and he certainly wasn't alone there. Perhaps he is just a little too much of a bit of both and not quite defensive enough to take over from Tettey. As much as this may disgruntle some, I think I rate him better than McLean. I certainly hope he goes on to have as much success elsewhere.
  9. Dowell is an AM. He can play as a 10 or on either wing. He's not for the CM birth. We currently have McLean, Tettey, Vrancic, Sorensen, Sitti, Rupp and Skipp that can play CM or CDM/holding midfield, depending upon the role they are asked to play. This is Tettey's last season, he's retiring at the end of it. I suspect that he will either play bit part or will be phased in and out as need for experience is required etc. Hopefully he can help hand over the torch so to speak. Either way, as much as it pains to say it, we will not be planning for the future with him in the side. From what I can see, on paper at least, Sitti is the successor to Tettey, so we'll have to see how that goes. Vrancic is out of contract at the end of this coming season. As much as I like him, he'll be 32 come May 2021. Knowing that we focus on youth, unless he has a standout campaign, I can see him moving on then as well.
  10. Interestingly some journalists have suggested that makes us quite an attractive prospect. Where other teams and clubs may be asking £25-30million for players. We know that offers of around £10-15million could land Lewis. Others more around the £20million+. Which in this climate is still cheap for homegrown players. Even players from abroad tend to cost the premier league more owing to the fact that they know how much money the premier league clubs get.
  11. Only in some areas and depending upon how you look at them. It was mainly the "chances created" that was hyped up. After a quick look about the net I found this defenition. "The final pass or pass before a shot leading to the recipient of the ball having an attempt at goal." This literally means, therefore, that the chance doesn't have to be good, or that the pass was even intended to be one that led to a shot. For example, if you have ever played Sunday League football and there is that one player who always thinks they are the muts nuts and can score from anywhere and proceeds to shoot from any distance almost with every other received ball from anywhere in the opponents half, then your team will suddenly become one of the best "chance creators" in the league. What does that stat really say? Not a lot really, lets be honest. Assists tell us more, but they don't tell the whole picture either. I like Buendia, and he really is a good player. I just can't help but blurt out my inner Nigel Worthington with frustration at times when he does all sorts of fancy stuff in our own half which can lead to us losing the ball. (For those that don't know Worthington stated that Marc Libra was a fantastic player but needed to save the frills and tricks for the final third and not our half of the pitch). I do wonder if that's why, albeit only a reflection on paper rumours etc, Cantwell appears to be a more attractive prospect. Though possibly being homegrown has something to do with it too.
  12. I think it is highly unlikely that at least one or two of the most prized assets of Cantwell, Buendia, Aarons, Godfrey and Lewis won't be gone by the end of the transfer window. One has to remember that the transfer window is open until October 5th for all international transfers and then from the 5th until the 16th October it remains open but only for domestic transfers. As we know, transfers often happen in cascades where a player for a lower league premier league side is coveted and then signed by one higher up and challenging for a place in the top 6 somewhere. Sometimes one of the big clubs will sell one of their fading stars abroad and that sets off the merry-go-round. Chilwell is a good example. Leicester wouldn't look twice at the rumoured bid of £50million. Especially when they know that someone like Lewis is available for less than £20million which would still leave them with change to get another player for the same position and let them duke it out over the season. But due to the way the transfer window is set up, it could be that a lot of the domestic movement doesn't happen until after the international window has closed and that option is no longer available. I suspect that we'll be left with Cantwell and possibly Aarons. Anyone else in addition to those will be a bit of a bonus really.
  13. I would say judging by that article, he just about squirmed through the hole to get in the bottom of the barrel of journalism. The Daily Heil, is not a publication, I refrain from calling it a newspaper, that is well known to be utterly detestable. It supported the Nazis in the 1930s and the far right in this country that supported fascism. It has continued to support the hard right since then having stayed within the ownership of the same family I believe. Anyway, moving on from that, lets disect, as there is nothing like spilling your enemies guts on the field of battle... erm, it's the Boudica way ok? "Norwich are being rewarded for an utter failure of imagination" - disagree, but we'll get to that in more detail. Just putting it here as a reminder. "Michail Antonio managed it at Carrow Road and he isn't even a recognised striker." So, I checked out wikipedia, soccerbase and transfermakt and guess what? All of them either listed him as a forward only, or included forward amongst a number of positions. The icing on the cake would be this though: I mean, if you are going to suggest that a player isn't recognised as a forward/striker, you may want to at least quickly check their website... "And that's what the parachute payment is: £40m a club can spend because, whatever happens, they're going to get it back. It's designed to create competition. And Norwich did not spend it. They were not competitive." He sort of contradicts himself here as earlier he said: "Now they will be rewarded again, with a £40m parachute payment to guard against the drop to Championship revenue." The most glaring and obvious issue with this is that the £40million is not up front, it is in instalments over three years. So, in his argument, to get the £40million now, you need to have an owner who invests it now and draws it back later, ideally at no extra cost (interest etc) or you have to get it from investors or banks. At which point you are paying interest etc. So in fact, £40million isn't a "free bet" as he states elsewhere in the article. At this point it really is reading much like a very deliberately hot headed talksport radio host who is desperately trying to wind up anyone with an already precarious blood pressure level to call in and drive up listener numbers. Only in this case it's likely to be hits on their website which drives up their advertising revenues and makes his pieces look popular, or perhaps even gets him commission for advertising opportunities? To be honest, it's entirely what it looks to be and sadly, all of us having clicked on it are falling for it. "So for Norwich to end up in substantial profit, and relegated, where is the triumph in that? They are better placed for life in the Championship? Says who? Parachute payments offer no guarantees as far as the football goes." This is where it gets more interesting. You can't argue that the money should have been gambled years ahead of it being in hand, and then say that there is no guarantee it will work if spent. I do miss out a bit where he further argues that money should be gambled... but it was something argued elsewhere many times. It then gets even better: "Last season's relegated clubs are currently fourth, sixth and 20th in the second tier. Those who went down the year before are second, seventh and 17th." Essentially the premise of his article is that focusing on being a well run club, sticking to principles and identity is "unimaginative", which is to say, boring. However, the clubs he mentions are Fulham, Cardiff and Huddersfield from last season - the first two finishing in the top six and Fulham being promoted. Now, he may well not have the benefit of hindsight considering the time of the article, but Fulham most definitely have made use of those parachute payments to keep their side together and add to it. Cardiff also did relatively well. The other three teams are West Brom (2nd), Swansea (6th) and Stoke (15th). Again, no benefit of hindsight there but considering parachute payments are over three years he's also missed the opportunity to have a look at another three. And I want to for good reason. Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland. Only one of those teams is in the Championship. The other two have been horribly miss-managed, putting themselves into situations they could not recover from, having to sell star assets with little reinvestment into the playing squad, poor leadership all of which contributing to abject failure. All of which means we should return to that starting piece - "Norwich are being rewarded for an utter failure of imagination". The reason I disagree? Prior to last season, the previous two seasons we had in the premier league ended in relegation. In both of those seasons we spent heavily on purchasing a few players and even more on their contracts. One thing this club is often accused of is not spending money. Under Hughton we spent £20+million. Yes, it was our third consecutive season in the premier league so we had the money to spend. But the majority of that money went on Wolfswinkel and Hooper who added to Elmander replaced Holt, Morison and Martin. In other-words we splashed the cash and it didn't work. And it left us in a bit of a state. None of those players were any use to Norwich on relegation, in fact, even Bassong and Turner would lose the quality they had in their first season under Hughton. Then one of the most expensive wage bills we have seen under Alex Neil. And the debacle of signing the likes of Pinto, Klose and Naismith on contracts without relegation clauses which threw us into a deep hole even the parachute payments struggled to keep us out of. Unimaginative for me, is when someone fails to do anything new. What we have at the moment is an identity the club has concreted in, this is the way we are going to do things and no matter what, we are sticking to the principles of making our academy worth the investment in it, seeking out up and coming players and using them to not only get us to where we want to be, but to help fund our club in terms of being able to make money from building them into better players. Much like under Lambert, that requires a bit of a spread bet, rather than chucking the money all into one player whilst also understanding that in the modern game there is no place for sentiment, some of these players got us promoted but perhaps they have had their moment and going forward they are not for us.
  14. No. Well, at least not at this point. We have to remember that whilst we have new signings we have also been proactive in this window. That is to say that although we have not lost any of our prized assets yet it still remains to be not 'if' but 'when'. As it often is, it takes a couple of big moves before the dominoes start to fall. Chilwell to Chelsea is one, Leicester will have cash to splash and will be in need of a new left back. Nothing solid yet but having done business with already with Maddison it could well be they return for another proven youthful talent. Same could be said for Godfrey. A few clubs around Europe are looking at the current best performing CB's and the ones that sell will hunt for the next up and coming reasonably priced CB to invest in and do the same with. Godfrey is likely to fit into that bracket. Same with Aarons, Cantwell and Buendia. Buendia has already played in Spain too so that could prove attractive to Spanish teams. Paddy said on the live stream today that he wouldn't expect all of them to go but it is also doubtful that we will see the end of the transfer window with them all still here. It's also worth noting that the international window closes sooner than the domestic one this season. So it could be that Premier League clubs focus on international targets first then move to those on their doorstep after. It looks like we have prepared for it either way.
  15. This is incorrect. Bournemouth, as all clubs, are bound by FFP. If they start off the season facing losses of £60million due to owing money for player transfers in instalments, then they need to make £60million before they make any profit. The restrictions are tighter these days and it'll be hard for them to make a profit easily. Remember, part of FFP is that the owners can only put as much into the playing side as the club makes in profit. They are allow to invest more into the infrastructure of the club itself, but the debts are all to do with the playing side, so it will be really interesting to see how their situation develops. I suspect they'll be fine with player sales. Ake for £41million is crazy money IMHO but it'll get them most of the way there. Fraser is on a free I believe so they'll get nothing. Him downing tools is likely to be due to being able to talk to other clubs since January. Also, they did not have a great season last season either. And I don't feel that they have done all that well in the transfer market. How much did they pay to take Grabban back? Afobe was signed for £10million then under used in many ways. They seem to have a bit of a scatter gun approach to signing players in that sense.
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