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  1. I think that if you are applying this to the last 15yrs you are at least a decade late on this one. I think under Chase, we had the best opportunity to become Premier League established, we had been already, but the money was just starting to happen. Had he had spent the money on keeping us in the premier league and not on the land near the ground that wouldn't be realised for 15+ yrs there is nothing saying we wouldn't have had even more of a premier league run then. I think similar could be said of promotion under Worthington. There is absolutely zero doubt that had we signed Ashton in the summer, as Worthington wanted, rather than January, we would have stayed up. One goal, in one draw, to turn it into a win and we would have stayed up. Then we had Lambert and, I think arguably as important or more so, Culverhouse and Karsa. That team appeared to have it covered and had they stayed together, with us, I think we would have had a good shout at establishing ourselves. Lambert had other ambitions though, that ultimately were grander than the other two it would seem. There is an argument that says it gets harder every year - IMHO, it certainly does without additional investment and owners putting the club into debt so they are not liable for it. However, it really is worth noting that Tzolis, if rumours are to be believed, is our first ever £10m+ player (though I have heard it is less than £10m and more £9.75m). It doesn't really matter to be honest, but if you go down the list of teams from the premier league and championship, how many of them have spent more than £10m on a player before us? And how long before us? We know that Leicester, Leeds, Southampton, West Brom and Watford have paid much further north of £10m for a single player and on multiple occasions, some managed multiple in a single transfer window. Hull City, who have experienced a similar sort of recent history, albeit perhaps a bit better in the premier league, brought in players like Ryan Mason(16/17), Abel Hernandez(14/15) and a good 5-6 players of £5m or more. And Hull are not as good/big a club as us. It's more about realising that the boat of ease left a long time ago, I would say when Man City were taken over is probably a good a pointer as to when that ship sailed, that was 2008. That's when the money got even more silly than it already was.
  2. The discrepancy with this is that it would also appear that we did try to do that initially too. I suspect that it was a bit of both. Eg; that they would try to get those players but not at the expense of blowing the entire budget on them. I think it became apparent quite quickly that we were not going to be able to land many of them. Ajer, Armstrong, Billings... three examples, Andrich another. All players we tabled bids for but missed out on. Andrich was rumoured to be due to wages. Lees-Melou was a player Farke wanted. He and Webber were both surprised at how little they could get him for.
  3. Not the first time Celtic managers have received death threats...
  4. Almost exactly the same as last season when he took over with fewer genuinely quality players, then injuries to Dowell and Onel, before the horrendous end to last season seeing Gibson, Hanley and McClean injured.
  5. Again, poor and irrelevant. We're not talking about forecasting the future but known information. Information you have so far only dismissed as confusing. As such, you declared that information wrong. Prove it. It's pretty simple. Find information that proves it otherwise.
  6. You failed. Prove that what I've said isn't accurate. Forget the poor attempts at character assassination. Forget the 'it's too confusing' attempts at dismissal. Prove that what I've said about debts and loans is wrong/inaccurate.
  7. Prove it. I find your statements too confusing owing to the lack of substance and supporting information. Otherwise please just go away and troll another forum with your 'I'll ignore inconvenient truths'... or better, just hand waive them away.
  8. I think if you are saying ever, he's struggling to get top 5. Very different era and arguably a much tougher one but the '80's to mid '90's were full of sustained top flight football and European qualification. Worthington took us up with a very cheap, aging squad and came very close to keeping us there. I also thing he's due a lot of credit for turning us into a club that dared to believe again, and proved that we didn't have to spend big, just be screwed. Grant was passionate but came up far too short. Roeder was just rotten. Gunn the fall guy. Lambert came out of nowhere but with Culverhouse and Karsa put down the basis of what we have now. IMHO the best period of this century so far. Hughton almost certainly succeeded on having a set up that going forward, was working. When he messed with it, we went down. Adams, for me, properly brought in a better pathway for our youth. I think we've seen that we should have been providing the FA Youth Cup winning side with a better pathway. I believe he brought that to the fore in ways it hadn't been before. Vision perhaps? Arguably supported by his impact on youngsters since. I'm not sure that if we'd not had Adam's as manager that Alex Neil would have got us promoted or we would have seen the success of the youngsters under Webber and Farke. Lacking as he may have been ultimately as a manager. Alex Neil was a weird one. Gave us the extra percentages needed to get us into the play-offs then to win them. I actually believe he represents a mirror image to Adams. Wasn't keen on providing a pathway for youth, his signings were largely unsuccessful, but his management of the players he inherited got more out of them. Farke had two promotions but also two very poor seasons in the Premier league based upon results. He did worse than Neil and Worthington despite getting a second go at it and no wins in ten games. 100% other managers would have gone before then. Smith was brought in to try and bring an edge to our premier league soft underbelly. What he couldn't do is seemingly turn around the moral and get the squad bouncing again. Wagner has been here one year. He's not had the relatively clean slate Farke had. He's not had the grace Lambert was afforded probably down to the shock of our position. He inherited a squad in transition that needed balancing in terms of positions but also in terms of mentality and the one thing Farke sides seemed to miss, game management, something Jerome, Johnson, Morriston, Holt and others had in abundance. It was a mish mash of Farke and Smith still, and somehow he has had to try and mold something out of a bunch of parts and some cheap additions. He's not done yet, we can only judge him once we establish what his peak is. If he gets us up and keeps us there he's done better than Farke. He's achieved more.
  9. Added to this is that we will have gotten loan fees for his loans so £8.5m would probably not be that far off what we paid with those thrown in. A real shame it didn't work out and ultimately too big of a gamble, financially, for us to take.
  10. That's incorrect. Just because YOU were confused doesn't mean you just get to dismiss someone else's post. In fact, knowing you, you're not confused but as it doesn't suit your stance you want to ignore it. I believe there are multiple loans. One against known player trading income eg; player payment installments. Another was against parachute payments. The £96m was in the accounts before last summer's player sales. I believe it also detailed that certain loans would be paid back by certain dates owing to being set against known incomes. It wasn't complicated at all.
  11. I could be incorrect in memory here but pretty sure this was in a thread you were part of... @shefcanary was it your good self that had done rough calculations? I seem to remember someone had. The repayment deadlines were included in the loan amount details I believe. That's all you'll get from me though Essex. I'm not going to provide you with information you can find yourself because you disagree with what is being said again.
  12. Not all... discussion has been had on this elsewhere, leaves about £10-12m unaccounted for by those who have scrutinised the figures better. Though I believe that is the amount to the to be new joint majority shareholders... Point is, the vast majority of it is accounted for. We're not in debt via the reason you give. We spent money when you suggested we couldn't and sold players when there wasn't financial pressure to do so.
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