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  1. If you look closely you can see 22 legs hanging out the back...
  2. I can't say I enjoyed that and would have been happy with a point, so a win's faboooolus.
  3. Or just comment on the existing Skipp thread?
  4. For his age, he's terrific. He sniffs the danger and reads the game so well. The only area he needs to improve on is his passing, which makes me hopeful we might get him on loan next season if we go up, as I'm not convinced he's ready for a regular starting spot in a top six team.
  5. That was a fugly second half. But a win's a win, just ask those other top 6 losers.
  6. If they play like they did in the second half against us and again today, they'll give them a game.
  7. Lovely old job. Let's hope The Terriers hold onto The Swans trouser legs too.
  8. They are now they've beaten Bottling Brentford!
  9. Onel on the left and Cantwell at 10. Vrancic to come on later if necessary.
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