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  1. Fuzzar


    Hmmm, good shout - hadn't thought of that.
  2. Fuzzar

    New signing photo leaked

    Shrewd bit of business at face value - excellent cover for Aarons and enough quality to keep him on his toes. But his injury record is a concern, going right back to his England U20 withdrawal in the under 23 world cup in 2013. Let's hope he's robust for us going forward. And has also played right mid, so perhaps the added bonus of versatility.
  3. Fuzzar

    Phone Wallpapers

    I've put the second one on, but now I can't see any of my icons clearly. Am keeping it though.
  4. Fuzzar

    Non-Football threads

    Shall I start a poll on it?
  5. Fuzzar

    Non-Football threads

    Agreed. And how else am I going to find out that Lakey is responsible for all the unsolved hit and run cycling incidents in Cumbria?
  6. Fuzzar

    Netball World Cup

    That's actually the Romanian women's team.
  7. Fuzzar

    Cricket World Cup

    5 Live Sports Extra are replaying the commentary from the last few overs and the super over from 9am, repeating on the hour this morning. Really worth a listen to the peerless Jonathan Agnew if you missed the TMS commentary yesterday - I still can't believe it really happened!
  8. Fuzzar

    Cricket World Cup

    The win was never in doubt.
  9. Fuzzar

    Cricket World Cup

    Root completely lost his cool there.
  10. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    Who says us men can't multi-task?
  11. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    The pitch didn't look great - looks to be playing very slowly.
  12. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    Yep. Are they playing 3 x 30?
  13. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    Wonder if we'll see RvW in this match?
  14. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    Godfrey injured as well?
  15. Fuzzar

    Pre-season friendlies

    Looks like Thompson's injured.