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  1. Let's assign roles. Mello is the office 'comedian', he cracks me up, he really does.
  2. Don't worry horsefly, nobody else thinks you're Bill. Just Mr Bennett it seems, oddly.
  3. I'll leave it there - I don't want your tiny brain to explode.
  4. So you'd rather he started with, say, Rupp instead of Normann, for example?
  5. Very open at the back. Not sure if it's the formation or the personnel. Expecting a few more goals in the second half, hopefully not at our end.
  6. No, Cambridgeshire also admitted to having a problem in this area earlier.
  7. Well aren't you the resident Pinkun shock jock?
  8. Think he's done well, considering his knee ligament ruupture in 18/19.
  9. I'd rather you didn't swear like this.
  10. what Random caPitaliser App are You using ?
  11. I have to say Krul's kicking really annoyed me today. For a team like us that's looking to play out, the keeper has to control the ball and find a defender quickly and accurately to help beat the press. This isn't Tim's game and his poor work with his feet puts us under pressure. I'm afraid I'd like to see a change to help remind him he needs to improve this aspect of his game, which is so crucial to ours.
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