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  1. Or more young British players will get more opportunities to play in our leagues. There is talent out there and they are good enough. And with more coming through maybe the price will come down. None of the above should imply I'm pro-Brexit.
  2. Fuzzar

    Scotland defeat

    Robertson, McTominay, Snoddy and Mccarthy didn't fancy the trip, understandably.
  3. Fuzzar

    Krul Next Year

    Gunn is the current Southampton number 1 and has played the last six games or so...
  4. Fuzzar

    Gone then.

    Exactly, that's what the police are for.
  5. Fuzzar

    OT - EU straw poll...

    To be fair that's because most of the former group are now wheelchair-bound or in long term specialist care.
  6. Fuzzar

    4 Home Games Left..

    Have you budged from your 4th place prediction for us Westie?
  7. Well they're right about one thing, they're definitely exiting. Noose around the neck, black hood on, hangman's hand twitching on the lever.
  8. Lakey, your constant negativity is driving me crazy
  9. Home to QPR will be a gimme.
  10. Fuzzar


    That Daniel James looks a real prospect.
  11. Who's this northern pillock complaining about the fouls being given against them?
  12. Pukki's radar is a little off at the moment. But he's an essential player in our system.
  13. Well I've only just tuned in. We seem completely in control!