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  1. Fuzzar

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    He looks like her father.
  2. Fuzzar

    A club without ambition

    Nothing like that. Federer would have expected to get to the finals. We had no right nor hope, according to most, to get promoted. We've over-performed. And you're a fairweather fan, if you're a fan at all.
  3. Fuzzar

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    He was interviewed before the match on the pitch.
  4. You and Adam should start dating - made for each other.
  5. Fuzzar

    Match Night Thread -

    Well, I'm not writing us off just yet. Farke and the team deserve the chance to turn it around. Here's hoping they're made of stronger stuff than most of you lot on here.
  6. Fuzzar

    Match Night Thread -

    He's looked brilliant. Definitely still in this, next goal crucial.
  7. Fuzzar

    Match Night Thread -

  8. Fuzzar

    Match Night Thread -

    Or breathing.
  9. Fuzzar

    £34 million loss

    Seagulls squawk a lot, spray Sh!t around and are generally annoying.
  10. Fuzzar

    £34 million loss

    Maybe the contents of the bins are of a higher quality than in Suffolk, hence the attraction.
  11. Fuzzar

    Interesting Comments By DF

    Unfortunately, the ones we want to keep will be the ones others want to buy.
  12. Fuzzar

    Where is Mario?

    Has Vrancic regularly featured in Stieperman's position? I've always thought his range of passing better suited a deeper role.
  13. Fuzzar

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Plenty to work on defensively with that goal!
  14. Fuzzar

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Well, that's been coming...