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  1. Because we obviously aspire to be there, again. We wouldn't have been gifted two goals and our regular misplaced passes would be punished. I don't particularly have a problem with yo yoing per se, but make no mistake, we'd be coming straight back down playing like that.
  2. Great to be two up, but this team would be two or three down in the Premier league. Sloppy and imprecise.
  3. Download Your Parking Space app. £3 to park at Premier Inn between 7 and 11 tomorrow, .57 miles away...
  4. Will take this as your official application for the position.
  5. Cheers Pete and good luck with whatever else you get up to.
  6. He had a poor game last night. He's surprisingly poor in the air for a big lad and also lacks physicality. He's also very one-footed and slow. Apart from this, I like him. Cantwell's a much better player, now he's back in the game.
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