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  1. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Talk Norwich City - Webber Podcast

    This was a very well executed interview. Interviewing is a very hard skill and being able to have structure to make sure you hit all the points you need covered while still being able to probe and expand on points is hard to balance. The TNC interview is better if you want to get to know about Webber himself - the MFW is better if you want to know about the football club. Jack is good, he has prepared questions and more professional - he also pushes where needed.
  2. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Talk Norwich City - Webber Podcast

    Meh. Was excited when I saw this was coming but felt it just repeated a lot of things he’d already said in other interviews. Also felt there was a huge lack of scrutiny from the interviewers. Chris is particularly bad as he is so sycophantic. There was a bit of an elephant in the room when talking about bringing in the legends and how important that is - when one of Webber’s first actions was to sack Huckerby. I’m not saying sacking him was the wrong thing to do, but it was an obvious question to ask at that point. Also felt it was too backwards looking, almost no talk of what Norwich’s plans are for the next few seasons and no real scrutiny of Norwich’s approach to transfers this summer. Even if Jack and Chris agree with Webber, they should at least probe a bit more. This is the difference between Webber etc going on fan podcasts rather than being interviewed by journalists. It is an easy ride for them.
  3. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Looks like our friend Turnbull has failed his medical at Celtic...
  4. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    L’Equip reporting that Norwich and Villa are looking at Édouard Mendy from Reims. Very good keeper - better than Krul in my opinion. Reims have recently brought in Predrag Rajkovic so Mendy is likely looking for a new club, many expected him to go Rennes as they are selling their keeper to Porto. One to keep an eye on certainly.
  5. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Frank Lampard

    Cech is a clever guy and can see why Chelsea want him around. Not sure of what his remit is though in this role, think it is more a bridging role between the manager and the board. He certainly isn’t an all powerful sporting director like Webber is - Marina Granovskaia is still very much in charge of everything.
  6. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Frank Lampard

    Given the circumstances at Chelsea, Frank Lampard might not be the worst option available to them. Chelsea need a manager the fans won’t turn on after 6 months, like they did with Sarri - despite his relative success. Obviously Lampard isn’t the greatest manager/head coach around, but I’d imagine a lot of the top grade picks are giving Chelsea a bit of a wide birth at the moment - due to the transfer ban and the unrealistic expectations that surround the club. If you have to go for someone with a lessor reputation, best to get a club legend in (supported by another club legend as the Technical Director is Petr Cech). I can’t see someone like Farke, being able to go in and convince anyone that Chelsea are ‘in transition’ and not lose their job after the first bad run.
  7. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Vrancic new contract

    One year is perfect for Norwich at the moment - a little surprised Norwich could get Vrancic to agree to a short contract though.
  8. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Josip Drmic signs

    He averages a goal every 170 minutes in the Bundesliga and is a clinical finisher. The regular injuries have probably taken the extra bit of pace he had that could take him away from defenders but he’s still technically very good. I remember him being good at scoring headers, although despite him being 6ft he isn’t a striker who will play with his back to goal. Hard to say how good he is as he hasn’t played over 500 mins in the last three seasons. It is definitely a bit of a punt - but an exciting player to have around.
  9. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Benitez to Leave Newcastle...

    Guess it depends on what happens with their takeover and if the new owners want to pump lots of money and new players into the team. Playing them early should be of a benefit to Norwich though.
  10. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Defensive midfielder

    McClean took the Trybull role against Villa due to Tommy being injured. Kenny has produced very good defensive numbers this season, which is often overlooked. He would certainly be an option to drop deeper - however I think he is a bit like Trybull in the sense he is a good distributor of the ball, but maybe lacks a certainly level of physicality to cover the ground and mop up danger.
  11. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Defensive midfielder

    Thompson is good as an energetic DM who covers a lot of ground, but Norwich need someone who can keep the ball moving with short passing like Trybull. Finding a player who can mix the two is going to be the real challenge - but that is what is needed to really improve the midfield.
  12. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Charlie Gilmour

    Arsenal aren’t renewing his contract, but he’s still their player until 30 June. If he’s signing for Norwich I’d expected it to be announced then.
  13. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Are we missing out on primary targets?

    I think leaving would mostly come from Tettey. He only has a few seasons left in his career - sitting around as third choice DM (should Norwich sign another) probably isn’t he idea of the best way to spend one of them. Due to his wages I can’t see anyone wanting to pay a fee for him, so would require a bit of goodwill from Norwich. However, I don’t think the club would stand in his way. There is only so much capacity in the Norwich budget for ‘good guys to have in the dressing room’. Norwich can’t afford to let players hang around out of sentiment. I doubt anything has been decided yet, but I can see him as one of the more likely players to leave.
  14. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Are we missing out on primary targets?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tettey leaves this summer. He isn’t going to get much game time next season and this is the last year of his deal. Can see a return to Norway for him.
  15. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Are we missing out on primary targets?

    Adshead is an attacking midfielder. Primarily used as a 10 by Rochdale. Roberts has never played as a striker in his career. He scored 15 in 55 games for Celtic, which is a decent return but not sure it highlights him as a goal scorer.