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  1. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Luton Town Academy

    He wasn’t let go, Norwich poached him.
  2. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Team Vs Wednesday

    The problem is, as Farke has said himself, Vrancic and Leitner aren’t suited to the position that needs covering. So you have the option of switching around 2 or 3 players and disrupting a system that has worked (and I’d also note it worked earlier in the season when Cantwell came in for Hernandez on the other wing), or sticking with Cantwell and hoping the team execute a system that has worked more effectively in the past. As has been said many times, Norwich dominated Reading and 9 times out of 10 they win that game. Norwich also created numerous good opportunities against Wigan. If Pukki scores the early shot he has in the 6 yard box I expect the game pans out in a very different manner. The only change I’d make is replace Maclean with Vrancic.
  3. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    City on German TV Sport channel

    It’s here, but as it is a German feature it is in German...
  4. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Cantwell is the most like Buendia in the squad who is available. Basically a 10 playing in a wide position. I feel playing Vrancic you’d see him drifting too deep as that is where he wants to get the ball. Cantwell didn’t play badly against Reading and given that Sheffield Wednesday are unlikely to press as aggressively, which I think caused Cantwell issues - firstly as he had to deal with the physicality but also he was receiving lower quality passes in poorer positions (due to those playing him the passes having less time and more long range passes). I can understand the desire to get players like Vrancic and Leitner back into the team. But I’m not sure squeezing them into a he team in positions that doesn’t suit them is the best idea. McLean might work in the wide position, he is more attack minded than Vrancic/Leitner. It’s a bit of an unknown as I’ve never seen him play there before.
  5. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Yes, but Buendia still has the vital skills of being a very good dribbler of the ball, fast and excellent at finding pockets of space. Buendia will also pull out wide when needed to stretch the play. Vrancic is technically excellent, but as we saw last season he struggles higher up the pitch when denied space and time. He has gone some way to resolving that a bit this season, but I don’t think he’ll add much stuck out in a wide position (even if it is one where he will move central), he doesn’t have the mobility to disrupt defences. Mid people really don’t want Cantwell in the team, Passlack or Heise seem more natural replacements (as you then shift Hernandez into the Buendia ‘free’ role).
  6. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Really can’t see how Vrancic can play on the wing. He just doesn’t have the skill set for that. Even McLean out there is a stretch for me. Sheffield Wednesday will play more like Reading did than Wigan. Bruce doesn’t really do high pressing and intensity and they’ll sit deep and look to hit Norwich on the counter. That means Norwich will need players in attacking positions that can beat a man on the turn - something that Vrancic doesn’t really do well. Could potentially put Stiepermann out on the wing and Vrancic or McLean central or keep Cantwell on the wing. McLean/Vrancic/Leitner would all probably work alongside Trybull. McLean could potentially need a rest after being involved with Scotland during the international break (including a trip to Kazakhstan and back). Don’t think there is massive need to do a big overhaul.
  7. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Wee Alex

    Neil and Maddison had a big falling out. When Maddison arrived at Norwich he had a big ego and felt he should go straight into the first team. Neil felt Maddison needed to earn his place. Wes, Pritchard and Naismith were all ahead of Maddison. Words were exchanged and Neil gave Maddison a very public dressing down in training, telling him he needed to ‘grow up’. The loan move to Aberdeen had been arranged but Maddison originally refused to go. But was eventually convinced it was best. Come January Maddison refused to extend his loan, against Neil’s wishes and advice and came back to Norwich. Neil said that Maddison wouldn’t be part of the first team. Maddison said he wanted first team football. An impasse was reached. Had Neil stayed I’m sure Maddison would have pushed for a move away and I doubt Neil would refuse. As we know, Neil got sacked, Alan Irvine gave Maddison a game and the rest is history. Norwich seemingly ran a very disjointed transfer strategy when Neil was around. Ricky Martin and his team would sign young players with no real idea how and when they’d get in the team. Neil ran a totally separate transfer strategy buying players he liked for the team immediately. Webber pointed this out very early on in his Norwich career. I’ve heard the same story from a couple of different people so believe it to be true. Some of the details may be embellishments, but the general story seems to fit in with what came out in public at the time. I don’t place all the blame on Neil for this, I think most managers would have treat Maddison the same. What is the issue though is Neil buying Pritchard when he really wasn’t needed - it is just poor squad and budget management. If Norwich had used the £10m spend on Pritchard on two defenders Norwich may have bounced straight back up.
  8. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Let's talk about stats baby/lets talk about our XG

    Yup, Pukki and Rhodes both missed ‘big chances’ and Norwich made chances. Reading’s formation threw Norwich initially, but they adapted. Reading did well in stopping Norwich produce the kind of chances they have often scored from, the cut back from the byline and stifled the normal supply lines. I’m not too concerned and suggestions that Farke needs to make radical changes are well OTT.
  9. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Ben Godfrey - The future midfield general?

    He doesn’t have the attributes for a Farke midfielder. This is why Farke told him he will be a centreback. Godfrey passing range and touch is good for a centreback, but he’d struggle if playing the Trybull role. Tettey compensated for that but having better positional awareness than Godfrey has now (and Tettey’s technic is better than many give credit for). Godfrey could be a 6 out of 10 midfielder, but a 10 out of 10 defender. Focus his development on that position.
  10. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Ben Godfrey - The future midfield general?

    He’s a modern centre back and shouldn’t even be considered for midfield.
  11. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Joe Hart

    And how West Ham and Torino were suddenly better when he stopped playing for them as well.
  12. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Joe Hart

    Burnley went from relegation certs to looking safe when Hart was dropped for Heston. I think Joe will have to go to the MLS to continue his career as I can’t see a Premier League club wanting him anywhere near their team.
  13. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Do we have another Jamal?

    Couldn’t agree more. Goes back to Franke. If a player isn’t good enough or someone else is doing better they go out of the team. A big strength of the Director of Football model. Farke not judged on signings, so doesn’t feel the need to prioritise ‘his’ players over others.
  14. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Do we have another Jamal?

    Not sure how true that is. Norwich were tracking him at Brondby for a long time. Webber spoke of going to speak to him three times before the contract was signed. It is true that he wasn’t the player intended to be main goal scorer and play as ‘Norwich’s No. 9’.
  15. Bethnal Yellow and Green

    Do we have another Jamal?

    Yeah, it is an interesting one. Aarons himself said last night that he hoped to make his debut this season and playing so many games is well beyond what he imagined for the season. Youth development is hard and players will develop in non-linear ways. They will have sudden spikes of improvement, which is appears happened with Max over the summer. Norwich bringing in Passlack is a definite sign they weren’t expecting Aarons to provide as much this season as he has done.