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  1. You might, very occasionally, get a 50% of profit sell on clause. But certainly never a 50% of any sell on. It easy for people to come on here and spout unrealistic transfer fees and clauses - largely so they can then criticise the club for not being able to deliver such an unrealistic fee. The reality is that if you refuse to let a player leave due to having unrealistic expectations you don’t just upset that one player, you upset a lot of current players who will feel the club will also stand in their way. It can also make it hard to sign new players, as they won’t want to sign for a club that won’t sell them for a fair price in the future. £10m is obviously under bidding but getting Liverpool up to £20m will be a very tall order.
  2. Think he was always a bit of a punt. Norwich seem prepared to hover up a lot of players being released from other clubs to see if there is anything that has been missed.
  3. The only reason Liverpool have come in with a low offer so publicly is to unsettle Lewis. They knew it would get batted away immediately. Liverpool have a habit of conducting their business very openly, knowing they have huge pulling power and it’s the best way to drive down fees. It’s not in Liverpool’s interest for the deal to be done quietly as they aren’t worried about anyone else being able to turn Lewis’ head away from them.
  4. Norwich would never be ‘blessed’ by owners who feel homosexuality deserves a lengthy prison sentence and that stoning people to death is an appropriate penalty for any crime - regardless of how much money they spend on players.
  5. Its easy to say no to Liverpool - it is not so easy to tell a player that they are stopping him from making a potentially once in a life time move and the player to not kick off about it. How Lewis (and his representatives) react will be the real news to Liverpool’s bid.
  6. I think the key change was the goalkeeper though who made mistakes for two of Idah’s goals. Idah also played against Crawley and look well off the pace that game. That doesn’t mean he’s not good enough for League 2 in the same way a good performance against Preston means he’s good enough for the Championship. He looks a good prospect, but no one can say with any confidence right now whether he’s ready to be Norwich’s 2nd choice striker for a season in the Championship. Hopefully he can get some serious game time under his belt this season and show what he is capable of doing. But I would be nervous of going into the season with just Pukki, Idah and Sinani as the strikers.
  7. Michael Bailey has contributed to a good article about Jamal to Liverpool. Seems Norwich want at least £20m, before add ons. I doubt Liverpool will want to go that high.
  8. I think a bigger sample size of 90mins against the Preston reserves is needed before that call can be made.
  9. While I think it is true about clubs like Man City and previously Chelsea who had no real interest in developing youth players the same can not be said for Liverpool. Since Edwards took control of transfers they have rarely signed anyone who hasn’t been used a significant amount - they don’t have the money to waste on players who don’t play. If Jamal goes there he’ll get plenty of game time (although obviously not as much as he would for Norwich). The problem with going to a mid table Prem team is it can be incredibly hard to get out. Leicester are talking about a fee of £80m for Ben Chilwell. In many ways it is better to jump straight to a big club and then if it doesn’t work out drop down to a smaller team.
  10. That does make a lot of sense. Sitti is a good prospect but hasn’t stood out in Ligue 2 as a player who could step up to a Championship team fighting for promotion.
  11. Drmic will be the easiest to find a club for, Leitner probably the most difficult but can see finding someone for Trybull also being a struggle.
  12. The main issue with bringing in someone like Roofe, who’d only come if told he’s going to get a good amount of game time, is that any minutes he gets will be at the expense of Idah. If Norwich believe Idah is good enough then he has to play. Developing a young striker and giving him game time is far harder then doing so with a full back, which tend to be less pressurised positions. There is a tough decision to be made at Norwich. It seems certain that Drmic will leave, Norwich will need three strikers next season but whether Idah is second or third choice is the big question.
  13. Had a poor season in Belgium apparently. While he could have been a good addition he would probably be behind Pukki - while at Rangers he’ll be a starter. Think for a number of reasons (age, wages, game time etc) it is a move that wouldn’t have made sense for Norwich.
  14. Liverpool have been watching Jamal closely for over a year so their interest certainly isn’t new. They also don’t want to spend much money this summer as they are worried about the effects of Covid on the economy and believe transfer values will plummet in the next year. This is why they pulled out of the Timo Werner deal and haven’t chased Sancho. £10m is low (and I’m sure Liverpool know it is) but they are going to use their considerable pulling power to try and unsettle Lewis. It probably isn’t worth paying too much attention though to the figure but it does seem this story is coming out of Liverpool (several writers all running with the story usually suggests it is a briefing from a club) and Liverpool will always quote a low figure as that just makes much more sense). Lewis always seemed very likely to be one of the players that left. Bringing in McCallum 6 months ago showed Norwich also considered it likely and let’s not forget that Lewis was also dropped out of the team for quite a while this season. Getting in another left back on a swap doesn’t seem likely to me. Unless Larouci is happy to sit on the bench at Norwich of course.
  15. Southampton are planning on using him in their first team next season, Fulham are also hoping to sign him if they win. Think Reed’s days in the Championship are over.
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