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  1. Sorry for the lateness, I think I’ll just keep it simple and go for a Man City win. Congrats Kathy on the win!
  2. I’ll go for a slightly risky Man City to beat arsenal in the FA cup. For our match Burnley to win 1-0. Good luck pups!
  3. Liverpool to beat Burnley, our match West Ham to win 2-1. Good luck pups!
  4. Chelsea to beat Watford and for our match Brighton to win 2-1. Good luck pups!
  5. This week my pick is Leipzig to win at Augsburg. For our match United to win 3-0, good luck pups!
  6. Bayern Munich to win against Freiburg, our match pukki to score twice. Good luck pups! It’s good to be back!
  7. I’m up for carrying on, gives us something to look forward to each week
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