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  1. lake district canary

    We're Up!

    I'm glad you said it, not me, but I can't celebrate it until we cross the line either. Ten goals is not insurmountable as a goal difference, as you say - and that is why there is pressure on the team this Saturday. We are undoubtedly in a fantastic position and fundamentally, it should be a great occasion on Saturday, but there is still some unknowns, given that Leeds play on the Sunday. Yes, we should go all out for the win and make it a great day, but it is a pressure game, without a doubt. The job is not done until it is done.
  2. lake district canary

    Going to Stoke

    There is a huge amount of positive goodwill around the world for us today, the fans in Norfolk, the fans going to Stoke and all canaries from here to Australia and everywhere in between, all willing us on to get over the line. Good luck to all of us and come on you yellows!
  3. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Nice to see you do have an opinion on the topic of the thread after all. Wasn't that hard, was it?
  4. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    That about sums your attitude up and the attitude of many people on social media. You only want your voice heard and can't accept there may be different views out there. I never said he was innocent, only that there are different interpretations possible of a grainy photo that looks incriminating, but may not be. You can't accept that - as is your right - but don't tell me I can't post what I want to about it and be able to question your view of things. Fine, you may have blocked me so you won't see this, I hope your ivory towers stay intact and you only see things you want to see.....btw....didn't a certain dictator burn books so people couldn't see stuff that disagreed with his world view........
  5. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Take a chill pill, I've neither said he is innocent or guilty. All I've done is take the stance that Hennesey may be lacking in a few marbles up top. If he did the salute thing and didn't realise the connotations, then he is a bit thick. If he didn't and it was as he said, then yes, he is innocent, but I am not taking any kind of definitive judgement on this. What I find objectionable is people making judgements of their own that do not take into account anything other than their own susceptibility to be offended on certain subjects and do it in a way that takes no account of the possible variations and mitigating circumstances. If you find that me saying that is objectionable, so be it, but it is what I think. Your prediliction for being offended at something that is really important to you (and you have every right to be offended at genuine n.azi salutes and the like) may be stopping you from recognising that a still photo can in any way be be misleading, but there are countless photos that appear on facebook and social media that catch a moment in time that make things look different to how they really are. Was it a salute and he is a bit ignorant, or was it a behaviour that he uses frequently on a football pitch (as do most goalkeepers) of putting their hand over the top of their mouth to direct the sound of their voice and putting their hand up? Who knows. You can cast judgement on it if you like, I certainly wouldn't want to. At face value the photo doesn't look good and he may be being as bit thick, but it is grainy, he is at the back which lends some credence to him having to put his hand up and shout to make himself heard/noticed. That's my view which I have been putting forward all this thread, it is not hypocritical in the slightest, so I think you should retract that. I doubt you will, because whenever questioned you resort to insults, but that is your issue, not mine.
  6. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Oh and there's hoola han solo again, with no point to makle on the subject of the thread, what a surprise. Funny, isn't it, that it's ok for some people to come on to be judge and jury and then condemn someone for something they have been found to be not guilty for, but the person who points that out is then labelled an attention seeker or taking a contrary view for the sake of it, when in reality all they are doing is putting a reasonable point of view forward - it is supposed to be a discussion board, after all. You carry on guys, I don't care what you think of me, but if you put forward stuff that is designed to drum up kangaroo court syndrome, then expect me or someone else to counter it. Imo only Hennessy knows what was going on in his mind and the fact that he was found not guilty of anything kind of gives rise to the fact that it was considered there was nothing malicious in what he did and maybe he is just a bit lacking in cahoonas. Is that a reason to be offended or to get all high and might about it. No. Imo.
  7. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    A snapshot taken in an instant in time can be incredibly powerful, full of meaning and revealing, but it can also can be totally misleading too.
  8. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Apologies again, tried to get rid of it, but it won't let me.
  9. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Sorry, I didn't intend for that picture to be in my post.
  10. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Yes, I think you wanted to be offended. You have every good reason to be sensitive about anything to do with n.azism and it's implications, but that does not make everything that looks like a n.azi salute a n.azi salute. And putting your hand over the top of your mouth to direct the sound towards where you want it to go (as a megaphone works) if you are calling someone, is a useful technique in a crowded noisy room as well as on a football pitch. Did you look at the picture of him on the football pitch in almost the same aspect? Was he wroing to do that too?
  11. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Not really, I just don't like seeing trial by social media where no-one knows what is in Hennessy's head (if anything) or what he was doing with his hands. You might see a na.zi salute, probably because you want to be offended. Others might actually take it for what it was - a snapshot taken in a moment in time that may look incriminating but actually may have been what he said it was - putting his hand up to attract attention and putting his hand over his mouth to make himself heard. You ever put your hand over your mouth to be heard or out your hand up to get attention? If you do both at the same time it looks like a na.zi salute.
  12. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    So did OJ Simpson, however it's a hard sell to say that should be enough too. That too has nothing to do with a photo taken in a public situation. Tell you what, try imagining you are at the back of a noisy room and want to be heard and noticed. Put your hand up as if you are signalling to a waiter and put your hand around your mouth to make yourself heard - now look in a mirror.
  13. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    What's all that got to do with someone taking a grainy photo at a dinner at a public occasion, where it looks as if someone MAY be doing something offensive but may actually have been doing what he said. That he has denied knowing about history and something that happened getting on for 80 years ago is not necessarily surprising either, if his upbringing and background were not condusive to learning general knowledge. He got the benefit of the doubt by the authorities and that should be enough.
  14. lake district canary

    Bruce not happy with ref adding extra time

    Yep, the interviewer was useless, not asking proper journalistic questions. He asked Farke a question, got a long reply then proceeded to ask the same question again......
  15. lake district canary

    Hennessey that thick? Or a liar

    Here we go again, trial by social media. How about just accepting he is a bit lacking in education, having either had minimal education and then living in the closeted world of professional football. People are so quick to condemn, even without full knowledge, almost like they want him to be guilty....... Anyhow, if you look at the photo, his left hand is not in the traditional **** salute position, which would normally be to use one or two fingers under the top lip depicting hitler's small moustache, not holding the whole of the hand over the mouth. Maybe just one of those instances where a snap shot taken in a single moment in time can give the wrong impression.