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  1. Got to love Onel, must be great to have him around the club. So good that he is a regular in the first team again.
  2. I was there that day, our fans were brilliant. Sung like that, it is a real experience. Today's fast and incomplete version is a sign of the times, a bit like a McDonalds/Burger King version......fast and no taste......
  3. It was such a strange time. That season was heading towards an interesting conclusion up to lockdown - we were still competitive as demonstrated against Leicester and that could easily have carried through to the end of the season had it not been for lockdown - so at least a fighting end to the season, even if we had still been relegated. A good fight to the end of the season would have given a completely different reflection of Farke's ability in the PL too. As it was we got every pundit, newspaper, fans from other clubs - and many of our own fans - stuck with the "he can't get results in the PL", lumping the end of that season with the start of the second PL season, which to me has always been ridiculous, given the unprecedented conditions of those times. Always struck me as such a simplistic way of looking at it - an easy accusation - yes, we had a terrible end to that season, but we were the least resourced club - and people who say that lockdown "was the same for all clubs" are ignoring circumstances. If we had put in a good fight in an uninterupted season, which I believe we were on the way to doing, followed by that good championship season, the hunting pack of pundits, media and blinkered fans, would not have had the ammunition and temerity to call for Farke's sacking after just a few games into another difficult PL season, again without the extra ability players we needed to do well. Farke was unlucky and he should not have been sacked on the strength of the so called stats of "hasn't won in the PL in 21 games", or however many it was. No point in mithering over it now, we are on the up at the moment with Wagner - but watching him do well at Leeds is quite difficult to take, given he was such a good fit for our club.
  4. Kind of proves we have a strong squad, doesn't it. Him becoming available again at some point will only maker us stronger.
  5. I would happily pay for a stream if it was official and was helping the club. But there isn't and that is beyond my control. Allowing people in other countries to watch an official stream and not people in this country seems to me to be discriminatory.
  6. Oh, I've only just seen this little gem of mis-information. Fantastic. You should go and work for the government. Desperate.
  7. There are ways of watching us. I don't like it, but I see most of our matches one way or the other. On some things - like the booing of the substitutions, its not hard to form opinions without seeing/hearing it live when people report it on here.
  8. We've seen a lot of angst, anger and then apathy since that sacking - and not just from me - and there's nothing wrong with that if that is what people feel. Putting me on the same level as those who boo is laughable - people can make up their own minds about what they do - I'd never encourage anyone to boo. It isn't rocket science for the boo-ers, booing a substitution when you are 2-1 up and not knowing the circumstances behind that substitution is batsh*t bonkers. Hopefully they will have learned from it after realising their folly. Yesterday felt like a milestone in our season - the day when we finally got everything working right...........and if it is working on the pitch, then all the anti-Webber stuff, the Farke controversy, the awful Smith stuff and the anti-Wagner stuff can be consigned to the history books and we can all of us just enjoy watching the team perform well.
  9. Indeed. Many people care about the club - people unable to go to matches for differing reasons, like distance/finance/age or health, who care deeply about what goes on at CR - because it is their club. Those that goad others because they can't go to matches, are just small minded nobodies. NCFC is a community that is spread far wider than Carrow Road and it's about time those few poor souls that need to big themselves up because they can go to matches were brought down a peg or two. Being able to go to your home club's football matches is a privilege, not a badge to be worn at the expense of those fans who can't go every week.
  10. I've never encouraged anyone to boo. I've given Wagner his due, he's doing well atm. But that doesn't change the ridiculous nature of the last two years and the difficult times with Smith and Wagner. Football is a funny game, full of lows and highs and emotions - and we all react un-rationally at times due to that. My view has always been that what is happening in the now is all that matters - and right now things are good, so lets all build on that, rather than put up with the likes of Buh who is just a sh*t stirrer.
  11. My concern is for the club that I have supported and "visited" countless times in over 40 years of supporting since leaving Norwich, from all over the country where I've lived from Cornwall to Cumbria. Upstart loudmouths who think they are special because they manage to walk 1/2 a mile to the stadium once every two weeks during the season, would do well to show a bit more respect to those fans who support from a distance and who may well have spent more time/money and effort in their lives on supporting their club than you will ever do.
  12. Didn’t you start a whole thread attacking people booing post the Watford win? C’mon this comment is pure hypocrisy. I didn't go goading people in general - and also specifically - like Buh is doing here. My booing thread was a genuine concern about what goes on at the stadium. That might seem hard for people to understand or even tolerate, but that is the truth of it.
  13. Most people would just be celebrating a good win. Shame you don't seem able to without going after people. Get a life.
  14. @Parma Ham's gone mouldy said - "Your deep-seated psychological tendencies have a habit of finding you out under moments of high stress. You can hide, camouflage, obscure or deny them most of the time. Stress can be good or bad. Highs or lows in effect." This is so true. Awareness is the key factor, knowing how you react as a person and managing the difficult times. Wagner is a sensitive guy, passionate about football of course and a people person. You can see the tension in his face - and the emotion. Imo people are building up what he said too much. The booing at the substitutions needed to be called out imo - and his point was about the need to stick together was right. Let's hope people start to wake up to the idea that they might be over reacting with this booing nonsense and actually start to support rather than behave like spoiled brats.
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