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  1. It's not really singling him out though is it, it's just discussing him - as we do a lot of players, young or old.
  2. I think you can only criticise from what you see on the pitch, whether it's Idah or anyone else. He had a poor match and no harm in saying so. He's been around the first team for over two years now, admittedly with an injury last season which curtailed him a bit, but he should start to look at home on the pitch now. Often he has come on as a substitute and looked ok, but he needs to start showing some of the promise we have all been told about when up front - and to be fair what he showed in that game against Preston two years ago. Not writing him off, far from it, just wanting to see more from him - to see him on his best game.
  3. Perhaps things will suddenly click into place and he will burst on to the scene - after all Harry Kane didn't look great at a similar age and he turned out ok, but he has a lot to do now to show he has something worth pursuing. I was full of hope for him this season and wishing him well, but he hasn't imo forced his way into the reckoning for a PL start on that performance. What I will say is that when he has had cameos from the bench playing wide on the left, he has looked quite good at hustling for the ball - and maybe that is the answer - have him as a support player to the main striker, which keeps the pressure off him a little bit. Anyhow, yesterday may not be a good day to judge him, as everything the team tried didn't come off and on another day we could have had four or five goals. Things just not happening for anyone at the moment!
  4. No, I can't get away this weekend, or most weekends at the moment.
  5. Sometimes good young talented people need to have a watershed moment when they realise they have to pull their finger out and do more or they won't achieve what they want. Idah may have reached that point with last night's performance and the criticism he is getting. He needs to step up now or pretty soon, or he will not make the breakthrough he and the rest of us want. Last night was a great opportunity to show us what he's got and tbh, there wasn't much to shout about.
  6. If Tzolis knew what Farke was like, he would never have taken the ball off Idah. The main issue is integrating all the new players into Farkism. Up to the end of last season, we had a settled squad that had evolved well over four years and a tremendous spirit - and now we have almost half a squad of new players and it will take time to get full togetherness and fully up to speed with the principles Farke eschews. We had better hope Farke can get that togetheness going well again and that all the players are totally on board with it.....and we know what happens if a player steps out of line as with Oliveira and Leitner. Tzolis was wrong to do what he did and rightly got a rocket - so it's good that he will now be a bit more aware of what is required and will be a bit more disciplined in future. Togetherness is the key and it will be interesting to see how things develop. A good result or two would obviously help.......
  7. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Kabak Williams Normann Sorensen Gianoulis Rashica Tzolis Pukki Sargent/Cantwell/Idah to come on to freshen it up
  8. "Cuckoo cuckoo".......calling out from cuckoo land here..........we did it last time - I would say don't under-estimate what farke can do - we were close to getting something against Leicester and away at Arsenal. I'm not saying we will win, but a fighting draw would be a huge bonus and break this losing spell and of course getting us a point on the board.
  9. That is where Krul is so good - constantly yelling and organising the players in front of him. Could be partly nerves/tension and lack of confidence too amongst our players - Gunn is good, but maybe not back to his best yet confidence wise and maybe quieter than he needs to be and the defence must be in a bit of shock about how many goals are getting in past them.
  10. Looking forwards to the next match. We need a reaction and a backs to the wall performance at Everton and see if we can fight to get at least a point there.
  11. Thoroughly agree with the op. For us to do well at this level we need everything to work for us - the stars to align, if you like - and once again this season things have conspired to give us a very awkward and difficult start to the season. To get Liverpool and Man City in the first two matches is unlucky - dare I say cruel - and the momentum has gone from last season - like it did two seasons ago with the injuries we had then. Can Farke get it back? I believe so, if the players keep their mentality and belief. Farke says realistically that we are three points behind where we needed to be at, at this stage, given the fixtures we have had - so it isn't that bad really - except we have lost five games in a row - and last night didn't help proceedings, confidence wise. Thte harping on about the ten games two seasons is unfortunate and an easy stick to add to our woes, but all it needs is a point, or a goal or two to set us back on the right track. Mental strength is the key now - the players need to respond and respond well in the next two fixtures and dig in to make sure we get at least a point on the board to stop the losing streak - and then we can build from there. All to do, but there is everything to play for.
  12. He was probably just purposely dumbing down to Talksport's level, which to be fair is pretty low.
  13. Tend to agree with this - the whole team looked tentative. Sometimes when you want something really badly, the collective unconscious affects everyone in the team and this would account for his performance and also probably account for Tzolis missing the penalty too.
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