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  1. lake district canary

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Great stuff, Ricardo, looking forward to part 2!
  2. lake district canary

    First game of season prediction

    In that case it's about time they did lose at home. It might take a surprise team to do it. No reason at all that it shouldn't be us - fresh, an unknown quantity, quality players throughout the team, able to score right up to the last kick of the game.....it can be done.
  3. lake district canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I don't see how 'no deal' can happen with so many against it. Boris might say we will go out with no deal if necessary, but surely all the evidence points to parliament as a whole not allowing that to happen? Even tory mps have come out and said they will vote the govt down if it looks as if they are heading for a no deal. So isn't no deal just a fantasy?
  4. lake district canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Proposing a "deal" that has already been roundly rejected or rubbished or both hardly sets him apart from any of the other Tory leadership candidates. Rory Stewart is the only one who speaks with any common sense about things. We all know that parliament will not allow a no deal, so why not say so and get no deal off the table? The EU know it as well. At least he has the honesty to say so and confront the others about it....which they totally ignored - because they are trying to fool people into thinking they have a solution...which they do not. He may not look like a prime minister in waiting, but he does talk some sense, which is presumably why he is still in there. Unfortunately, honesty does not get you the prime minister's job, which will go to the politician who can bluff his way to the top job with fake promises and bravado. It's just more of the same.........until we get a general election and finish the tories and labour off as major forces in politics. They have had their day....and it shows. Boy does it show.
  5. lake district canary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    We have shown with Maddison and the other youngsters that we are an ideal club to develop your career as a young player. Great reputation for the club to have as it means we will continue to attract the right kind of young player who has his head screwed on and the type that would not have his head turned by the lure of Man utd and the like.
  6. lake district canary

    Season DVD

    Made a fairly large order of other stuff to go with the dvd over two weeks ago and have not been sent any of it. No big deal, but just find it a little disappointing a part order couldn't have been sent.
  7. lake district canary

    Jordan’s coming home!

    That's the spirit!
  8. lake district canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Lol, all a general election will probably do is give Libdems the balance of power again. A new lib/lab/green pact would then get brexit stopped. Not saying that is the right thing to happen, but is as least as likely as the tories and brexit party getting enough votes - to start with, if they fight the same seats, their votes will be split and nullify each other - and can you see the tory party not stand in some seats?? Pie in the sky.
  9. lake district canary

    Nominations for YOUR goal of the season

    Really can't decide...nearly all the goals were superb in some way or other. Can't get Rhodes' second goal against Villa out of my mind though, still not really sure how he did that, or which foot he used. Ok, it's his left....I think....
  10. lake district canary

    The science of Cristiano Ronaldo

    A lot of technology and a lot of tricks, but really, nothing of any great discovery there imo. So the sprinting athlete is quicker in a straight line and the footballer quicker on zig zags....wow, who'd have thought it..... So they turn the lights out an instant before he kicks the ball....yawn...he's already committed to the shot/header. So he can hit the ball hard...yawn. So he can put spin on the ball....yawn. So his eyes are everywhere when running at people and defenders eyes are on the ball......wow...yawn.... So he is a fabulous footballer and athlete, but the science does nothing but show how all footballers do their job. Superficially entertaining, but nothing of substance.
  11. lake district canary

    Jordan’s coming home!

    I remember that Villa game where he was at his best, standing in for Pukki, taking responsibility and winning us the match. If he can be that kind of player again to come on and deliver after hardly playing at all, we will be lucky to have him.
  12. lake district canary

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Good if true.
  13. lake district canary


    The history is fascinating. I can only go back to the sixties, but my dad told me about the cup run in 59 and what an amazing time it was. Came across this picture the other day. Very clear photo, some must recognise some of these faces! 14th February 1959: A crowd of Norwich City FC supporters on arrival at Northumberland Park Station, Tottenham, north London, bound for a FA Cup-tie match against Tottenham Hotspur FC at White Hart Lane.
  14. lake district canary

    Grant Hanley

    I agree totally, all the players will have to show they are up to it, but I find it a bit surprising some people want to change it already. They are all capable of stepping up and it is hoped they all do step up - it will make for great competition for places.
  15. lake district canary

    Grant Hanley

    One or two underestimating Zimmermann imo. Why would you change a centre back pairing that saw us through nearly half a season with only one defeat. 20 out of 21 unbeaten. Would be harsh to change that imo. Not that Klose isn't up to replacing either of them, but Zimbo and Godfrey have earned the right to have the first go imo. If it doesn't work, then it can be changed, as it got changed last season. Zimbo is a huge inspiration on the pitch and his defending, anticipation and positioning are generally spot on. Saved a good many points with his goal line clearances and well timed last ditch tackles too.