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  1. Interesting interview he's given on Huddesrfield website, says his playimg days he regards as "unfinished business" . Did we ruin him.....never able to do much after us, having so many short spells at different clubs? Or was he just overrated? Just a thought, anyone actually see this when he was at Norwich?
  2. Vardy will be 36 in January so quite young still is our Pukki. Yes, he is a strong player too, doesn't rely on pace like Vardy, a good couple of years in him, at least.
  3. Tim knew he wasn't going to play in world cup, probably not got a lot of time for van Gaal anyway - known to be rude and difficult. Tim has young family, a chance to spend some quality time with them, understandibly says no and gets that nasty little statement from Van Gaal. Won't affect Tim in the slightest.
  4. Wrexham doing well, so home win for Wrexham v Torquay fo me please. BTTS - Maidenhead against Gateshead Good luck Nutty!
  5. Simply should never have been given the world cup. Words fail me really, but that seems to be happening a lot in recent times regarding football. The Premier League circus, VAR, refereeing, the FA, Fifa, the big clubs attempts to hijack football, players cheating and probably a lot more I can't think of at the moment.......it just reduces football to a debauched and ruined state - to the extent that the only football really worth following is in the lower leagues. Forget the world cup, it's flawed beyond credibility - the only thing that can bring good out of the situation is is players refusing to play in it - or at the very least CLEAR signs that they are against discrimination....not token gestures that are totally meaningless. Countries should be boycotting it. They won't, but they should.
  6. but the camera did show it - well the initial parts, as the clergy said their words too, so the camera was also on them. The first time this was EVER shown on TV was at Prince Phillip's funeral. And we got to see more of it this time too. but it has to be respectful too. I think it was. Looked much the same as many crematorium's mechanisms to me. Nothing comical or conjuring at all in my opinion. The piper walking away was visiually moving for TV viewers - but the main point of him walking away was for the congregation there to hear the sound gradually fading into the distance as the coffin was lowered - a real life going away sound. So poignant and effective.
  7. The discussion was about the characteristics between Farke and Smith. Nothing to do with their next jobs. Farke is clearly the kind of person who will put himself totally into a project that he believes in. I know he would have moved on at some point if successul - and the next club he was at, he would put himself totally in to that. For him it was always the "now" that matters. He was at Norwich therefore he gave it everything. He's now at BM, I've no doubt he will be totally in to that in a similar way. Smith is (presumably) giving it everything at Norwich in his own way, but it is like chalk and cheese, so different in character.
  8. I mean, where do I start? ??? Start what? She was just another human being doing the best she could with the cards she was dealt with, just like we all try do. Her deck of cards was different to most of ours, having been born into royalty, but given that, she did pretty well in keeping it real over her whole time as heir to the throne then queen - that's pretty much 84 years.
  9. This is the stark truth imo. The love Farke displayed for the club, the players and the fans was clear to all - he was a superb leader from that point of view - he really cared - and showed it over and over - he was totally "in" and that gave him a kind of charisma that few managers have. Smith, who I don't doubt is fully committed too, does not display that kind of aura, very English, gives the impression he is just doing his job to the best of his ability, likeable, experienced, just gets on with it, but the opposite of Farke in that he has little or no charisma. He may be successful which will be great, but he will never be a Daniel Farke - very few could be, he is a one off...or one of very few.
  10. Yes, mine too, the same group been doing it all week. Top marks to them.
  11. This paragraph says it all. Only this country could put on something like this in the way it has, with recognition of people at it's heart - the monarchy there to serve the people. Taking it back to football - and Farke, actually - the focus of his tenure was always that the fans were what mattered most and that the players were there to serve the club, not the other way round. Our monarchy - under the Queen's leadership - have been very clear that they are there to serve the people, not the other way round as in places like Thailand. That is why so many people are so moved today - the recognition of what the Queesn stood for in terms of working for the country and it's people for her whole life. Some people only see rich and privileged no gooders in the Royals and loads of money spent on them and ignore the good that many of them do. Yes, there are problems as in all families, but the good that many of them do is under-rated. King Charles will undoubtedly work to lessen the amount of money spent on the Royal Family and keep it on the right track.
  12. Yep, dominant throughout, complete control of game, winning 3-0 against a team who played in Champions League midweek.
  13. Not to be for the match selections, Newcastle muffed it. Bnmuffed it, in fact. Oh well, onwards and upwards!
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