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  1. lake district canary

    QPR v West Brom.

    Yes, a real game and a half. Best result there would be a draw, but if either side win, they get a definite advantage over the other chasers. Doesn't really affect us as long as we keep going.
  2. lake district canary

    JR - top man!

    Going to Bolton was sureal, the crowd sparse, no noise that I could hear from any other part of the ground except where we were. One thing that helped after the match was that most of the Bolton fans had left well before the end and the roads were relatively quiet afterwards, enabling a quick getaway. Don't think they quite got that the song "going up, going down" was about the scum and not them. Plus after twenty minutes it was just a question of how many we would get. Must be hard being a Bolton fan after seeing that.
  3. lake district canary


    There was nothing fortunate about the goal against QPR - he simply puts the ball in the net, with whatever part of the body is easiest to do it with.
  4. lake district canary

    So, Leitner

    No, still a norfolk boy at heart.....there's no place like yam........
  5. lake district canary

    So, Leitner

    Bristol City and Bolton are chalk and cheese. It would be crazy to think the set up we went with today could produce the same performance against Bristol. Barring any new injuries, set backs or miraculous recoveries, I can't see Leitner not starting in place of Maclean next Saturday. I disagree. We will need to be on the front foot next week, like we were today - and we were as unstoppable today as at any time this season and Maclean was part of that. Leitner straight hasn't started a league game for months - and he can be ideal to bring on later in the game, as he was today. He may well be given the start, but imo it isn't cut and dried - the team as at the start of the match today was brilliant, even if it was against Bolton - not many teams are going to be able to stay the pace we played at in the first half today - and Maclean was good in that and will get better the more he plays.
  6. lake district canary

    So, Leitner

    Leitner looked good when he came on and looked commanding straight away, but we were miles in the lead by then. It will take a few games for him to get right back to full match fitness so I would stick with the team that started today and see if we can put away Bristol City with the same panache the players did today. Once in the lead, then bring him on to help stifle the opposition as they try to get back in. If we don't get in the lead without him, or go behind, he is still ideal to bring on to ensure we keep posession and get back in it.
  7. lake district canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Bolton*****

    Trybull for me too. Superb performance.
  8. lake district canary

    Are You Norwich?

    Amazingly accurate, I had two maroon areas - around Norwich and Reading. My dad was born in Reading, I was born in Norwich.
  9. lake district canary

    Can Plucky Underdogs Norwich Upset the Odds at Preston?

    Exquisiteness takes many forms in football as in anything, but the more you reduce it to it's component parts and try to control it, the less exquisite it becomes.......
  10. lake district canary

    Help please!

  11. lake district canary

    Help please!

    Lol. Cheers wcork, unfortunately don't have the aussie hat anymore, I'll wear something distinctive, maybe wave a flag ....or is that sort of thing frowned on in the River End???
  12. lake district canary

    Can Plucky Underdogs Norwich Upset the Odds at Preston?

    It's all gobblydegook. Imo the more refined and "improved" stats are, the less likely they are to make any sense in the grander scheme of things. Football is glorious in it's unpredictability and the more coaches and statisticians try and pin it down to percentages and formulae, the less human it becomes. So down with stats! Throw away your data/digitilisation/computerspeak and ipads and use your eyes and basic intelligence to sort out what is good football. A cross leading to a goal by whoever happens to be there is less good football than a sublime bit of striking from a top player in form. Long live spontaneity and human frailty!
  13. I'm happy to see the same formation that has done us so well this season, but if Farke chooses to go to a back three, it does potentially free up the full backs even more than usual and also gives Godfrey the chance to get forwards in a position he is familiar with as a DM. If indeed stiepermann and Buendia are out, this line up looks pretty good to me..... Krul Zimmermann Godfrey Hanley Aarons Trybull Lewis Cantwell Maclean Hernandez Pukki
  14. lake district canary

    Help please!

    Yeah, I saw those, I quite like the idea of being on the end of a row though, which the one I bought was. Will be interesting to be so close to the action.....