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  1. Yes, it's all good. I'll try going to 720p next time see if that improves it.
  2. Yes, Firefox generally gives me the best video. The frustrating thing is that it is not consistent - Ifollow has been ok sometimes, but recently the picture quality has been poor.
  3. On a laptop. Don't think its that, it works fine on every other streaming platform like Now TV etc, it's just ifollow.
  4. Could never bet on a rival winning a match, however profitable it might be. Just couldn't do it.
  5. On the topic of ifollow, I'm getting a little cheesed off with the jumpy picture like it is missing fraes or something. Not a smooth video experience at all and quite difficult to watch.
  6. AJ is right I think - the summer is the time to talk contracts, when we know what division we will be in.
  7. If there is a free kick where a shot can be taken, Emi hasn't (as far as I can remember) ever looked like scoring from one, so I am not sure why he takes them, unless he is brilliant at them in training and it is just a matter of time before he clicks. McLean is pretty good at set pieces......
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Soto will be one who pushes for a role next season? He is 20 and if you are good enough you are old enough - and he looks to be a player who could make his mark when he gets a chance to show what he's got. Idah will make his mark at some point too, I'm sure. Hugill we haven't seen the best of yet, but was bought by West ham in the PL. Pukki will still score goals - so Pukki, Hugill, Idah and Soto could be a potentially strong four to me. No old players please, Gayle is not a has been but he's been round the block a few times. We should have younger players in to make their mark and on that point, Soto is an exciting prospect.
  9. Next match is Sunday by the way (seen a couple of people mention Saturday)
  10. Three dreadfuls..........no I mean three points - and that's all that matters...... ....but I think some of them need a day off or two to recharge their batteries - some very jaded looking players out there tonight, no surprise after the run of games we've had. Just as well there are five days to the next match!
  11. So slack from several players tonight. Need the hair dryer treatment at half time.
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