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  1. Yes, we don't know the ins and outs of it, but if he is prone to falling out with his manager he wouldn't last long with us if he did that with Daniel Farke, who doesn't stand for any nonsense from his players. A good manager though, will always be open to allowing the player concerned a way back in to the fold - as long as they show it in their attitude. Dyche isn't the vindictive sort, but he is a stickler for certain things and it could be that Gibson just can't fit in with that. Would problems surface with Gibson if he came to us? Who knows, but if a player is treated in the right way for them, they often respond well to that....but as we know from what we have seen of DF, if they don't respond, they won't stay in favour very long. Having said that, I would be amazed if Gibson came to us, knowing he had been training with the Middsbro squad since January and during the lockdown, wearing Middsbro training kit and with his Uncle owning the club. So probability is a season long loan back to Middsbro.....but if they don't want him, you would have to wonder why...........
  2. A bit harsh imo. That he is being a bit foolish at night clubs/bars he will hopefully grow out of, but he lives for football and just wants to play (totally unlike Bentley, incidentally, who wasn't that bothered about football). I've not heard of any serious problems with managers - Alex Neil maybe, but then that is no surprise given that AN wouldn't play him.....and look what happened when managers did play him at Aberdeen and then Farke. Rogers? Can't really see an issue there. Southgate? Maybe more like AN in not being able to deal with egos. And he has a very caring side to him as well as we know from his time at Norwich, although that is ignored by the media of course in favour of more salacious stuff.
  3. If there is a reasonably priced alternative I will nearly always go for that. I'd rather not go searching for dodgy streams every week and dodgy streams are just that - dodgy.
  4. Time for clubs to be allowed to stream their own matches. Season ticket holders for free and casuals for a, say, £10 a match. Once that principle is established it will be something that will be seen to be a good thing and to be kept in place for even when restrictions are lifted.
  5. Of course, but the implication of you saying that "we did not spend money" is that we should have done - but we did not have much money to spend! Money does not grow on trees. We may have had a little money (in PL terms) if the right player was available - talk was of £15m - but if the right player was not available, then it could easily have been wasted and for what? Just so we could say we spent some money?? Have we not learned from the RVW and Naismith fiascos, not to mention Drmic? The bottom line is we have to be very careful with what money we do have - and because we have been careful in the last three years, we now have the assets to build the squad up more. Yes, it made the PL a difficult campaign, painful at times, but given the way it finished with the lockdown and restart, I think more importance can be seen to why we have stuck to the principles of good housekeeping. We could have spent that £15m, could have even speculated on future earnings by buying another couple of players - still got relegated and then been stuck with these expensive signings and their high wages, lo and behold back to where we were three years ago, in debt, any money coming in going to paying wages to expensive flops and no money to buy new players. As it is we have seen some fabulous football over the last two years, the promotion wonder season, the Man City game never to be forgotten, as well as some of those cup games, this season. We have some brilliant talent, money to spend, money to come in from selling some of the nurtured talent, so yet more money to spend on players. The future is bright. Why? Because we didn't spend money we didn't have.
  6. If someone in his position says something derogatory and blatantly ignorant about another club, then it is no surprise people react badly to it. As for your "We did not spend money, WBA will" comment - we did not have money, certainly not what WBA will have to spend. This is where the rebuild comes in to the thinking after our previous relegation, when we had so much money tied up in big wages. We had to clear all that, start again - and what money we did have at the start of the PL season, couldn't buy the players we would have wanted. Why is it so many people don't understand that?
  7. Yes, exactly this and another reason why his comments about is were just born out of ignorance - or arrogance, or both. As a manager he ought to be showing respect to other clubs, or at least not mouthing his ignorance in public.
  8. Alan Bowkett. Not so much saviour, more like just a negotiator, surely? Unless he used his own assets to act as guarantee for the continued overdraft, which I have never seen anywhere. My impression at the time was that the club - or as you say Bowkett - went cap in hand and begged the banks to give us a few more months grace. Luckily it went well on the pitch so it was never again a problem, but then that was down to Delia and MJW appointing McNally.
  9. Cut out the "old" references please. Plenty of older people have a very good look out on life and have plenty of worthwhile things to do. You may have a lover's tiff going on with Til at the moment, but age is nothing to do with it, unless it is your relative youth and inexperience of life that is making you look like an angry young man, if indeed you are that young......
  10. Yep, pretty much this. They plainly thought they could get him on the cheap because we would be desperate to sell on being relegated......but because of the way we are being run, that is not going to happen. He might be a little disappointed, but the fact they wanted him at all is a feather in his cap and will get other clubs thinking more about him. Then again, they might be thinking, if we can get Lewis on the cheap, then it sets a precedence for them to do the same with Cantwell, who they also plainly admire. If they come in for Cantwell now, they know nowv it will not be on the cheap and they will have to come in with a serious offer. Big time club playing big time games with clubs they think are easy meat - well thankfully, that is one thing we are not.
  11. Teemu is an interesting one. Does he have the ambition to do another championship campaign and hope we strike gold again and then give the PL another go? Would he prefer to have a go at the PL again with another club if an offer comes in? Has the covid situation affected his thoughts and his family such as he would prefer to go home, maybe to a Finnish side? Or would he like go to somewhere else abroad to get a couple of years on big pay before going home. I guess we won't know until next season, but if he does go, we will miss his whole game - his goal scoring, which when he is on form he makes look so easy, his assists for others, his ability at running and holding on to the ball, his work for the team and his likeable and humble character. He is definitely one of my all time favourites as an all round footballer for those reasons and really hope he stays.
  12. Have you got a cushioned cover for the saddle? They are quite cheap and are good for purpose.
  13. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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