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  1. lake district canary

    Zimbo back in Training!

    JF - I am not interested in being right or wrong, I am interested in getting to the truth of the matter. I do accept that he may make changes, but I think it unlikely simply because of what I see as the fairly simple but effective man management regime - success for the team is more important than the individual - and that doesn't mean dropping players after a fantastic team performance. He didn't do it last season for many weeks, despite Klose, Leitner and Vrancic being ready....because the team were performing well.....and by any stretch of the imagination the team performed well last Saturday.
  2. lake district canary

    Zimbo back in Training!

    As I read through this subject I saw people saying they were baffled why people would think Hanley would be staying in the team until the team...I repeat "the team".....loses. Yet despite me and one or two others trying to explain the situation and how Farke generally likes to work, you get a barrage of more of the same....it's as if you cannot comprehend or have not been paying attention to the way things work. I'm not saying that there won't be changes, there may be, it's not for me to say, but generally and almost without exception (excepting multiple games spaced close together) Farke plays a winning team again. So the odds are that Hanley will keep his place until the team as a whole loses, regardless of who is waiting in the wings. I know it's not a popular viewpoint with some of you and you want think the best players are on the pitch, but it does not work like that with DF. All individuals in the squad are valued and he would not undermine a player's confidence by dropping them after a stunning team performance.
  3. lake district canary

    Zimbo back in Training!

    You started it, I am just doing what you are meant to do on a discussion board....discussing.
  4. lake district canary

    Zimbo back in Training!

    That isn't the point. The point is the team performance.
  5. lake district canary

    Zimbo back in Training!

    What, discussion on the subject with opposing views being expressed? Perish the thought....
  6. lake district canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    double post
  7. lake district canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    I didn't say he never changes the team - only that all things being equal, players will be trusted when the team as a whole is playing well. The games you quoted were when we had 5 games in fourteen days - in that situation there were bound to be fitness/tiredness issues. In this case we are talking about a week between games.
  8. lake district canary


    But so is trust, faith and reward for hard work. I’m no Hanley fan and he’s certainly not proven at this level but he will get more time.  Phew, glad I'm not the only one who can see it.
  9. lake district canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    We'll just have to disagree. In my view Farke's attitude to his players and the way he handles them is more consistent than nearly any other manager I can think of - he practically never changes a team that is doing well - and after Saturday, witnessing the best football seen at CR for many years, it would be churlish and counter productive to drop any player other than through injury. It is also why the young players coming in have done so well, being trusted to continue and being allowed to develop while the team is doing well, rather than bring back experienced, possibly better players. As I said, it's the way Farke works - and he has simple but superbly effective squad management that rewards good team performances. It's all about the team, not the individual. Win/draw and happy days, but lose a match or two.....then you might see changes. I am staggered that so many people on here cannot understand the way Farke goes about things. We are not other clubs. We do not have a Klopp clone as a manager - we have a unique personality who has worked out the best way to motivate a squad and get the best out of them - and we are playing football way above a lot of people's expectations as a result. We are doing so well because we are doing things differently to nearly everyone else out there......open your eyes!
  10. lake district canary

    Wes scores down under....

    .......with his right foot
  11. lake district canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Its only how YOU THINK he operates, no one would be as stupid to have a thought process that is so limiting. Its not a black /white, on/off matter. Actually, in this case it is fairly black and white. It's a fairly easy man management policy to understand - to keep all players in the squad on board, you don't drop a player when the team is doing well. It means they all know exactly where they stand and there will be no - or very few exceptions to that general rule. The ones that can't get back in the team (even if they think or are perecived as "better" players) understand why, the players that are in the team know that if the team does well they will keep their places. It's exactly how things went last season and there can be no complaints because the team is doing well and they know it won't be changed as long as that is the case. We are almost bound to see more changes this season because we will may lose more matches (not many, hopefully) but the general man management principle of promoting good incentive by rewarding players in a winning team (and a drawing one if last season's team selections are anything to go by) is bound to cointinue. Farke has said time and time again he trusts all his players - it is part of his incentivising the whole squad. He may think such and such is a better player, but he would not risk de-incentivising other players by dropping them after a good team performance.
  12. lake district canary

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    Better to state the obvious over and over than keep reading how we these games are somehow not so important because we will likely lose. I ask you, is that any way to behave to the way the club is at the moment? And for that matter, reading that a player will be dropped in favour of a so called better one when the manager time and time again has kept the same players in because the team as a whole is going well. I'm repeating myself yet again, so I'll leave it for now..... ......but I'll be back!
  13. lake district canary

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    And Martin is a centre back, Martin is a centre back. Martin is a centre back. Oh and just for the record, I never said Dorrans was best as a winger, merely that he could play that role as he had done so earlier in his career.
  14. lake district canary

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Jees, I'm starting to wonder if I am the only person who has taken any notice of how Farke operates - although even Jim Smith agrees that Farke "seems to take the "don't change a winning team" mantra to extremes" - so at least there is some recognition there, but Farke will (imo) show faith in his club captain - will allow him to play, to get more up to speed, to build up his confidence - until such time as necessity means he needs to change the team - and that would be after a loss, not a win or a creditable draw.