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    Brings Idah on away at Huddersfield - Idah scores the winner! Brings Placheta on at home to Preston - Placheta scores the equaliser! Brings Vrancic on at home to Birmingham - Vrancic scores the winner! Brings Vrancic on at home to Wycombe - Vrancic scores the winner! Brings McLean on away to Brentford - McLeans scores the equaliser!
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    For a team not setting the world a light and some dodgy individual performances we are 5th in the league with only Reading setting the pace. If we can compete and get points from our close rivals away from home whilst playing badly and our two best players having a stinker i'll take that for now. Much better than playing well and losing. It is starting to feel as though the only way is up
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    Aren't you two more suited for a league one forum?
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    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/boris-hid-in-bedroom-to-avoid-brexit-questions-days-before-becoming-prime-minister/ar-BB1asyqC?ocid=msedgntp "Boris ‘hid in bedroom to avoid Brexit questions' days before becoming Prime Minister" Clearly there wasn't a sand-pit available for our "Churchillian" leader to bury his head in.
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    Here are a few of your posts about Rupp you posted in the summer: "Rupp, Drmic, Duda, all sh*t. That's the latest three." "I feel so blessed that our excellent scouting department found Lukas Rupp, what an absolute steal he was. We never properly replaced Shaun Carey and I never thought that day would come. Give them all a bonus!" "Think you are missing the point in the thread if you say Rupp to be honest, which is listing players others teams are likely to actually want to buy. It would cost us money to get rid of him." Really sounds like someone "suggesting he'd be a good player" and definitely not someone "who wanted to add him to the bomb squad".
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    This may also answer some points, and shows despite how many times you say it, it was Ifollow issue tonight, and not peoples hardware / internet.
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    For a manager who gets stick re. his substitutions, he's certainly had a pretty good old record this season.
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    That'll be another club established in the PL. Must be nearly 50 of them now....
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    Sweden is a fascinating example and I've read a huge amount on what they have done. As I think is acknowledged above, they have a population a fraction the size of ours in a country many times the size of ours. Their social demographic is massively different. They have a lot of single occupancy housing. Finally, unlike here, they have a population who has voluntarily adhered to advice, rather than rebelled against instruction. Look behind the stats and you see a high death rate, much higher than those of their neighbours who have taken a more stringent approach. They have often been accused of sacrificing their elderly. Japan are another interesting example. They conducted a campaign similar to Sweden in so far as they asked rather than mandated a response. They are now suffering a resurgence of the virus much like everyone else. But their society wore masks for fashion even prior to the virus are believed to have greatly benefitted from it. Hence why their death rate is not that bad, despite their population being rather critical of their government for not taking a firmer view. I suspect only when a vaccine has been created and distributed, will we have the chance to look back on this and decide X was effective, Y was not.
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    Old-fashioned No 9 who was a great header of a football - not so mobile but I always thought that he had exceptionally thick,strong thighs and when he did shoot it went like a rocket
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    Any death is a bad death. And yes if it is a child that’s more heartbreaking, but back then if they would have caught Covid that would have been serious to, they didn’t know how to protect you then and we were all to scared. They have learnt as have the care homes. We had 2 family members die from Covid who went into a hospital without Covid and came out with it. That is highly unlikely to happen now and I think far more of us would not be as scared off from keeping to an appointment as we were in March. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the most we can ask for is lessons are learnt. I really believe the NHS should be congratulated for solving these problems and this time keeping our hospitals open for all serious disease they can’t change their past and I am sure they were heartbroken at every death wether that was from Covid or anything else.
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    It may not be at the top of the list but I can assure you more and more pressure is building up on local T and T. I would advise people in Norfolk not to be complacent and take all the precautions they can.
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    Yeah but he'd probably be thinking of them having literal forked tongues in the David Icke sense....
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    He proved how good a manager he is in our title winning season - that wasn't done with a bankroll or a team of established performers and you don't win the league via luck... We're lucky to have him and I suspect some will only realise that once he's moved onto bigger and better things. The crown jewels were 6 not 5 strong.
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    Why don't you do everyone a favour and block yourself by deleting your horrible troll account?
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    I can't help but feeling that the many on here who were extremely disappointed/irritated on deadline day about no left back coming in and McCallum being sent out on loan are being proved right. Surely McCallum, 'not ready yet' or not, would be first in line to replace Quintilla? Instead he's currently playing out of position himself at right wing-back for Coventry.
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    Moving Rupp out of midfield would be a big mistake - it's him making us tick. Two wrongs don't make a right, so for me it has to be Mumba at RB and Max LB. A Skipp/McLean combo does not work for me.
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    "It is a fallacy to see protecting the NHS and protecting the economy as two separate things" - 100% correct, common sense tells you that, the economists are telling us that. They are two intertwined problems, and in the UK the major thing holding the the economic recovery back is not the current restrictions, though they clearly don't help, but the devasting impact on consumer confidence caused by the government's complete bungling of virtually all aspects of the crisis allied to its confusing, and often contradictory, messaging. As for £12billion on a dysfunctional track and trace - we definitely need a good track and trace system and we could have had one at a fraction of that cost but for the government's incompetence and their insistence on following their ideological obsessions rather use the professional expertise already in place.
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    Our team does it , its game management. Oppo team does it, its time wasting. Unwritten rule of footy 36b clause ii.
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    Blimey! I think we agree almost entirely. Happy days!
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    I just find it staggering the number of our fans who seem determined to find any opportunity to label us a "mid table side at best" or praise Brentford and slag us off despite the fact it was a pretty even game which i felt we shaded if anything. Away from home at a promotion rival and we had 56% possession to their 44% and 14 shots at goal to their 13. The big problem (as it has been all season) is that only 3 of those 14 were on target (and I would say with the positions we get into we could easily have had 20+ shots if we were more willing to pull the trigger). However, there won;t be many teams that go to Brentford and dominate the ball in the way we did at times. We are really not that far off and we have the quality of player in our squad to go on a serious run if we can just find our mojo up front in the weeks to come.
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    3 sublime free kicks into the box that we should have scored from. 1 chance at the end of a great move that would have been a fantastic goal. as assist for Mclean. yep. He’s rubbish and he throws his hands in the air too much I think we need to address the complete lack of movement ahead of him when he gets the ball. I hate to say it but Pukkis ship has sailed.
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    Nah, it's much funnier watching people make these preconceptions and then looking like idiots within a few months. See Vrancic. See Rupp for a more recent one.
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    And we have Drmic waiting in the wings, he's getting better as each game goes past.......
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    Please don't be positive. This is the pinkun forum. If you're going to start a thread please do so to attack one of the players.
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    What has gotten in to everyone with Buendia seriously? On his day he is head and shoulders our best player - no doubt about it. In the first half tonight he was the focal point of our good attacking play, he won possession back really well a couple of times, his freekick deliveries were generally good too (apart from that terrible short kick attempt). There were also were some really frustrating elements too where he tried to overplay the ball or made the wrong decision. It was very much a mixed bag but overall was anyone in our team a more prominent attacking threat? No.. Unfortunately when you're a risk taking player you increase the chances of something going wrong and looking a bit stupid... and if we just saw non-stop brilliance we would've lost him in August. I'd be more worried about Cantwell's performance to be honest??
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    My wife has the view that this pandemic is our 'war', if you get her meaning. Only octagenarians will remember WW2 and there will be a few on here I guess? I'm quite sure though that wartime will have had a good deal of dissent and differing opinions! My point on Starmer was not about his ability / aptitude but more a simple reference to the 2 week circuit break and 'in it' together measure that would have bought more time. I agree, it doesn't stop the spread but numbers might remain more 'manageable'. The worry is that things get out of hand. Probably a majority on this thread (just) feel the current measures are enough and they may be correct. And I keep hoping they are, whilst watching numbers increase. It is also unsettling here in the north of course. Perhaps there may be a different view from Norfolk based posters if they lived in a different area? Norfolk seems one of the best places in a pandemic for sure.
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    Spot on VW I live in a WS postcode and unlike when we lived in Wymondham the scenario of ‘ well do you know anyone that’s had it ‘ up here we all know people not just that have had it but have got it. Once it hits an area it’s like a tsunami. You also come to realise that a lot of people that get it would never of even known had they have not found out by accident, so you no longer know if the person that just got close to you has it or is contagious just before symptoms. I can only beg the good people of Norfolk to keep to the rules and you may just escape it’s awful sting.
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    With the greatest respect over the last few days the NHS has shown NOW this is no longer happening. You have taken things from April and May. Please read the information over the last few days from lots of posters, the NHS is not just open but have managed to solve the problems of making them Covid secure. They even confirm no monogram appointments will be cancelled. No death is a good death, wether from Covid or something else. Like others they had no idea how to deal with this but used the summer to learn the lessons. I think now they have done an amazing job and proved my view and your view wrong that there were no answers, but they stepped up to the plate and gave us the answers well done NHS and I think we should all stop judging them on April and May, they are after all putting their lives on the line and sacrificing their own families for the care of others.
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    As Tim retwatted the event to 350K followers how many registered from the land of the wooden shoes Diane and what exchange rate are you offering on euros ?
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    280k tests 24701 - 310 7days ago 26668 14 days ago 19724 The first reduction in positives on the 7 day count Inpatients 9520 up 321 since yesterday https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ Yesterdays European. Italy 21994 - 221 France 33417 - 523 Spain 18418 - 267 Germany 13161 - 81
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    I pay for BT Sport, full Sky Sports, Amazon and all the others. I follow is the only provider that regularly gives me problems.
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    Hahaha...I had to open the 3 reasons a cat is not seen in Donegal. On a serious note though, a good part of my extended family follows the news in Donegal!
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    At the moment it seems like Rupp is always getting it back and giving him it again!
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    Hoping the group matures over the season like a good pink ‘un poster* and comes to be seen as a vintage team *whine
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    Kieron or Eric ? A dire choice.
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    I think the chorus would work at Carrow Road, when we get to go there!!
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    And again we’re getting the fringe scientists who want their 5 minutes of fame stating their view without really any substance. The Oxford vaccine preliminary results show its effective in all age groups but could require annual injections. So why we’re getting these guys saying such negative press bemuses me! Surely we need some better uplifting news than trash like this without any substance. Its hard enough for the general public at present to comply we need to see more good news stories that are truthful.
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    This thread does make me wonder two things... 1) Do we need some explainer at the top of this forum about what a 'discussion forum' actually is? I don't personally agree with TVB's view but the fact is this forum is for discussing all things Norwich City- sometimes, thinking a player is not very good is going to be expressed as an opinion. The amount of pearl clutching over this always makes me laugh. 2) Does anyone actually think Placheta is reading this? I doubt a young, successful footballer settling into life in a new country is regularly checking out the pinkun forum and having his confidence knocked by people not thinking he's all that. Sure, if this post was made on Instagram or Twitter and the player was tagged in it then that is ****ty behaviour- but the idea that putting a post on this forum somehow affects the player in question is pretty laughable.
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    I I'm a big advocate of adequate sleep, having just read this: https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Matthew-Walker/Why-We-Sleep--The-New-Science-of-Sleep-and-Dreams/21524944
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    I don't think Farke has any intention of playing him even with an injury crisis. His attitude was shocking towards the end of last srason and I don't see why it would have changed. We've probably better options in U23s.
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    Did you not see their tweet? Some customers affected. I discovered a couple of weeks ago that ifollow wasn't liking Chrome on my desktop for whatever reason, watched via Firefox since with no issues. Ps. I had to technical problems first game of the season which I'm still awaiting a customer services response regarding. It showed me 4 minutes of the game then a black screen.... ... Your hypothesis that this must be the internet download speed does not ring true, as the illegal stream I found of equal quality worked just fine, as have subsequent ifollow streams of other matches.
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    Ffs. Any new player gets the same ol sh1t. Give them time, then make your ludicrous judgements
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    Very good coach proving to be so yet again. Still see some snidy comments on here and social media praising how much better Brentfords coach is because they were winning etc. Was funny to see some of our fans on twitter demanding Farke 'change something' - with those same fans having completely missed or not realised that we'd changed our entire base formation..
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    There was a larger march in Berlin in August. It was reported on by the BBC. And it was about 970k short of a million people. If these people stuck to the facts their argument may gain more traction. Start bull****ting people and you lose the audience.
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    A quick look at the Brentford forum and the majority seem to think a draw was fair. Goes to show how OTT some of our fans are on our performances this season. I think it's because people aren't used to the whole watching-on-ifollow-with-no-fans thing - must be getting a completely different feel or something.
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