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  1. With our 'budget issues', a head coach who has a knack of developing youngsters and getting the best out of them to the point where they're valued at well into eight figures is arguably the best option.
  2. The problem is that in a 46-game season, you're never going to go through the season without injuries to key players. I said the morning after the window closed that we were one quality attacker light, and now that Barnes has got injured as well, it's starting to show.
  3. I think Hwang was the number one target in the same way that the club scoured Europe for the best manager available in the summer of 2014 and decided that it was Neil Adams.
  4. Looks like there was some nice weather on Josh Sargent's patch of grass.
  5. Man City to win at home to Forest is 1/6. For a team who have won several hundred games in a row (or so it seems), that's actually generous.
  6. That's one solution. The Athletic ran an article on it last year, which is well worth a read: https://theathletic.com/3161748/2022/03/04/penalties-are-too-generous-a-reward-we-have-a-solution-and-it-involves-running?source=user-shared-article
  7. Regardless of whether the tactics are working or not (and personally I think they are), at least it's nice to actually have a clear plan this season. At no point did Smith ever convince me that he had one.
  8. Penalties definitely need some kind of amendment. The reward/punishment, which is a goal 75-80% of the time, is miles greater than the crime in pretty much every case.
  9. I don't think we played badly tonight; it was just a case of two teams trying to play in a similar manner and Leicester were just better at it than us, which isn't unexpected as they are the strongest team in the league on paper. Their bench tonight was absolutely ridiculous and shows what an embarrassment of riches they have at this level. Leicester just had that little bit of extra quality and the 2-0 scoreline was probably about right. The lack of creativity and quality in the final third was a little concerning, as is the fact we've only scored twice in three games since Sargent got injured. Hopefully the past few games have been the anomaly, as opposed to the first few.
  10. That Leicester bench has to be one of the strongest ever seen in the Championship. Seven of them have proved to be good Premier League players in the past.
  11. I think it will be even more than that, right? Ipswich were basically promoted after three games, so those wins must have been worth about 15 points each.
  12. I don't know, there were several occasions against Stoke where Gunn either stopped with the ball at his feet or just strolled forward leisurely with no intention of playing the ball until he was pressed. The logic is that when doing this, the opponents come forward with a high press and you're potentially only two or three quick passes away from creating a four-on-four situation on the halfway line against a defence that isn't set. Martin hasn't been a fast starter in either of his other jobs, and it was said in preseason that Southampton fans should expect the same whilst his style of play beds in. It makes little sense to make the change so early.
  13. Without wanting to be a party pooper, this image is not only photoshopped, it's also been doing the rounds on the internet for over a decade.
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