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  1. I don't think you can discount Wolves, Leeds and Brighton (despite their start). The only teams safe from relegation would be the big six, Leicester, Everton, West Ham and Villa, in my opinion. The other ten would all see the games against each other as 'winnable'.
  2. As I said in a thread yesterday, there's nothing wrong with our signings as individuals as they are good enough in their own right, but collectively they lack experience. The two domestic loanees, Gilmour and Williams, are youngsters, specifically here to gain experience. Kabak, Tzolis and Sargent are all very promising young talents but, like the two domestic loanees, they're all under 21. The three older players (Lees-Melou, Normann, Rashica) are all mid-20s, but none have Premier League experience. The only other new addition is Gunn, who is unlikely to feature much this season anyway. The players we've signed are all fine as individuals, but as I said, they just lack experience as a collective unit and I think that showed in the second half yesterday as they had little answer when Watford started to get on top of us.
  3. I saw this last night, and whilst Manning was being a bit of a **** by kicking the ball away and can't complain about his yellow, it's ridiculous that Lansbury wasn't sent off for that because it was basically assault; his only intention was to kick Manning halfway up the shin with as much force as possible. I supposed karma won the day, though. Luton were 3-0 up at the time and Swansea came back to get a draw.
  4. I said something similar a couple of week back. MOTD has around 10-12 minutes per match, which doesn't leave enough time for highlights, reaction and analysis. They really need to focus on one (maybe two) of those areas and then save the rest for the iPlayer for whoever fancies it. Trying to do all three just seems rushed and there aren't enough highlights and there isn't a proper analysis. MOTD is still relevant in 2021 despite the ease of access to instant, on-demand highlights as it's the most convenient way to tie up highlights of all games. However, it would be best if it's only highlights then a couple of short interviews, with the analysis reserved for a separate show, in my opinion.
  5. Yeah, I agree. I personally don't like the idea of booing your own team unless it's a really dire situation with signs of downing tools, but yesterday, while admittedly poor, wasn't anywhere near bad enough to warrant the boos.
  6. It depends on the system we play. If we persist with a three then it's Normann with any two of Gilmour, McLean and Lees-Melou, but if we end up with a two then it's Normann with probably Lees-Melou.
  7. Also this. As an example, Basham, Egan and O'Connell at Sheffield United in 2019/20 missed a total of seven matches between them as Sheffield United finished ninth, conceding only 39 goals. In that defensive unit and system, with that record, they look fantastic but they're probably not Premier League defenders as individuals and if you took any of them and put them into our current team then I doubt they'd improve things. Ben Godfrey was a regular for us that season and we finished bottom, conceding 75 goals, but Godfrey has proven himself to be better as an individual.
  8. It's too early to make snap judgements I feel. I'm sure if you had asked fans of both Norwich and other Premier League clubs at the start of the summer if they'd rather have Ajer or Kabak then the majority would have chosen the latter. Let's see how it pans out.
  9. I imagine it will be used as an opportunity to give minutes to those who didn't play yesterday, so: Gunn; Mumba, Omobamidele, Gibson, Giannoulis; Rupp, Sorensen, Lees-Melou; Dowell, Idah, Tzolis/Cantwell. One of Cantwell or Tzolis will likely play against Everton, so whichever one is going to get the nod in the league would miss out.
  10. No matter what division we're in, how well we're doing or how badly we're doing, there always seems to be a chip on the shoulder of a portion of our fanbase that the media aren't giving us enough respect, airtime or column inches.
  11. Yeah, I agree. I'd say he was our man of match today and it was a real surprise when he came off. He certainly doesn't shy away from a challenge and seems technically sound as well. I'm not sure about his 'long' throws though; we're not a side which is likely to win much in the air anyway and his three long throw attempts weren't even close to the six yard box. Back to the drawing board, methinks.
  12. I wasn't saying you should've waited, I was merely pointing out that the 'Farke Out' votes would be higher in the immediate aftermath of a defeat, which surely you must acknowledge is true.
  13. To be fair, he's right. 33 games isn't a huge amount of time when you need to find ten wins. He needs to find a system that gets them as soon as possible.
  14. Precisely. Sacking him if we go down would be foolish, as he has a proven track record of getting promotion. I'd have much more confidence of bouncing straight back up with Farke than AN Other.
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