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  1. The USA drew 0-0 with Saudi Arabia tonight and Sargent was an unused sub. Arguably his stock has risen after not being a part of that, in a case of Kyle Lafferty syndrome.
  2. That always surprised me. I really like Arctic Monkeys, but they come across as very, very British and I'm surprised that it translated to America. If we're talking about recent times, Muse have to be up there. They're pretty massive worldwide.
  3. 1-1 at half time, with Aarons being outjumped for the Germany goal.
  4. That's only aerial duels though, by the looks of it. Omobamidele is above average in terms of duels won, Hanley is average. Neither of them engage in many duels, presumably because we don't have to defend as much as other teams. I'm guessing we can read into this that Hanley is better in the air and big Andy on the ground.
  5. My initial thoughts were Carlton Cole and Zat Knight, but those first three you named will take some beating.
  6. There was s theory that the appointment of Edwards showed a willingness to move away from their previous strategy and try a younger coach to build something long term. Clearly that wasn't the case. But still, the approach that they've been using for the last decade or so has, largely, been successful.
  7. He left because he knew it would be impossible to replicate last season's achievements. They punched above their weight and then lost their best players as well. His next job, if he wants one in this country, will probably be at a Championship club with more chance of promotion than Huddersfield.
  8. Exactly, the Ipswich player moves across in an attempt to block the Plymouth man rather than anything else.
  9. My missus is pretty pleased about this, but I doubt my bank balance will be...
  10. That's what happens when you have a nation with only 50 or so professional footballers.
  11. I do get that point of view as well, but at the same time, I can see why an experienced international would turn it down. A younger player would jump at the chance, but to tell an older player that they're not part of the squad but still ask them to join up for penalty practice seems a bit off.
  12. The negativity around the Italian side right now is far greater than that surrounding the England side, however.
  13. Sounds like they didn't name Krul in the squad, but wanted him to go over there anyway just so the Dutch players could take a few penalties against him. I don't really blame Krul for turning it down; even if he did force his way back into the World Cup squad, he'd be unlikely to play and he's already had the experience anyway.
  14. Carl Robinson has coached a few sides in the MLS and the Australian A-League, David Nielsen has coached in the top flights of Denmark and Norway, and Jens Berthel Askou has coached a couple of sides in the Danish top flight. I did have to Wiki those to make sure- I knew they were all coaching somewhere but didn't know exactly where...
  15. If he does well, he will be. But even if he isn't, that's not the point I'm making. Derby are a bigger club. Warne will probably be asking himself how far he can take the respective clubs, and with Rotherham, that will be Championship survival, maybe mid-table. If he can take Derby up this season or next, then they have the potential to go further than Rotherham. It's not unusual in the lower leagues to see a coach leave a smaller club in a higher league to join a bigger one in the division below.
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