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  1. Not sure what Hooper did wrong, to be honest. Mason messed up and they had to disallow the goal.
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions, ladies and gentlemen. It's only when you're in the hotseat that you realise how many selections there are each week (or possibly you do when you sit down on a Monday to calculate the scores every week like someone does) and it wasn't easy picking six. I've gone for six teams from biggish leagues, primarily because the bookies offer slightly better margins on more well known and trustworthy competitions, but also because they're a bit easier to follow and I'm reluctant to pick teams I've never heard of. So, the final six are: Bayern v Köln Utrecht v Emmen Galatasaray v Erzurum Bochum v Würzburger Dortmund v Bielefeld PSG v Dijon I'll also pick Galatasaray as my choice, because 1/3 look decent odds for the league leaders at home to a team one place outside the relegation zone. All of those games are Saturday, so I'd like to do a Sunday set as well, but unless I've made a mistake, only three of the matches that have been tipped in this thread are Sunday games. As a result, I'll add Inter, Lille and Benfica to Dinamo Zagreb, Club Brugge and Slavia Prague and send over another tenner for a more speculative Sunday/Monday six. Fingers crossed one will come in!
  3. Some time in the late evening, so you've got time. For Mandie, I'll tip Norwich 2-0 at 6/1 or Buendia FGS at 13/2. The anytime scorecast (2-0 and Buendia AGS) is 14/1. Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone; keep them coming!
  4. Between the permanent fees for Gibson and Giannoulis, which should be about £7m each, and Skipp's replacement, we're going to have to spend a good £25-30m to stay at the same level.
  5. Well if they've got this microchip in it so Bill Gates can track our movements, we won't need the passport, right?
  6. Touches in the opposition box was the best stat. Brighton had 52, which is the second-highest in any Premier League game this season, and Palace had just the two.
  7. Why was that thread pulled? I logged on yesterday and noticed that I had a couple of people quote me but the thread was gone, which was annoying as I couldn't read my replies.
  8. The agent seemed to be backing Farke though, which is unusual for an agent when their client isn't playing. I'm not sure if the agent is maybe just angling for Farke to move for some more of his clients or if he's being genuine, but I doubt Farke would take too much offence to the agent's remarks, although of course he'd probably rather the agent didn't say anything. The agent is right, though. Placheta is still very raw and I trust Farke in developing him. If we go up, I'd probably say that he needs a Championship loan for more regular playing time, but most fans (myself included) said the same thing two years ago about Cantwell, who wasn't even first choice in the promotion season, and look how that ended up.
  9. I assumed it was Transfermarkt. It's a great site but the player values on it leave something to be desired and you shouldn't really take notice of them.
  10. He's worth far more than £7-10m. Spurs wouldn't even consider such an offer. The thing I like most about him is that he's 20 yet he plays with the experience of a 35-year-old. I can't remember the last time I saw a player so young play with so much maturity.
  11. A Championship promotion season is clearly more exciting, but obviously the whole point is to reach the Premier League and once you're in it the objective is to stay there, as nobody actually wants to get relegated. So even though it's more fun to be at the top end of the Championship, it isn't where we want to be.
  12. Quite possibly, but Brown played for us a lot more which gives us more to judge him on and makes his record look even worse.
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