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  1. I made a decision to respect their pleas for privacy. So I didn't watch it.
  2. So why have the numbers not fallen in Europe.
  3. The Duke and Duchess of Whinger.
  4. National 5177 - ? not yet updated Local Fading fast in our area
  5. Don't worry, no possibility of you having to pay.
  6. Bit worried about how it's going over the channel. France only doing a third of our testing and finding four times as many positives. Italy on a similar trajectory.
  7. National 5497 - 236 992k tests!!!!!! Local
  8. ricardo


    Death by a thousand cuts.
  9. ricardo


    Its the cover up and the slow drip drip of evidence that eventually unravels the truth.
  10. ricardo


    Its all Leaks and Daffodils.
  11. Still waiting for the Government Computer to update. Apparantly a delay in submission of cases by PHE.
  12. Look back 3 hours and see who brought it into the conversation.
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