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  1. ricardo

    Team Vs Wednesday

    He'll be on a push bike for League one next year. Seriously though I've watched him regularly on Youtube and always seems a very fair guy. He is still going to do the Championship next year. Hopefully it won't concern us
  2. ricardo

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I obviously missed the allusion
  3. ricardo

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Wrong Look it up Nigel.
  4. ricardo

    Last 4 games predictions

    2 wins 2 draws 94 points Bingo
  5. ricardo

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Lunch at the Cliftonville today, very nice
  6. ricardo

    Really Poor Support Today

    Mrs R told me to be quiet in case the neighbors complained
  7. ricardo

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Hopefully he realises that a change is needed for Friday.
  8. ricardo

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Cantwell never looked up to it today. I thought he was OK against Reading but was weak today. Needs a different approach Friday.
  9. Could easily have lost so a good point.
  10. What is Farke expecting to work that isn't working now.
  11. Need something special because playing the same way isn't going to cut it.
  12. How many games is it that we concede just before half time?
  13. Really **** poor. No grip at all in midfield, asking for trouble.