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  1. Perhaps 1p5wich supporters planning away trips in the lower leagues.
  2. Cases peak and fall in different areas at different times. This chart is a bit of a dogs breakfast but shows what is happening.
  3. There is a fair amount of complacency about now, going by my shopping trip this morning. Much busier in the city than of late. M&S mask wearing about 80%. Those not wearing them were mostly young and mostly women. I can't think of an obvious explanation for this.
  4. Surely not. A testament to your powers of concealment. I'm sure nobody would ever have guessed.
  5. Its not a regional variation. The NHS site still says wait to be contacted. Except If your second jab was more than 6 months and 1 week ago then you can try to book.
  6. Sounds like jumping the queue. The NHS website specifically stated, wait until you are contacted for the booster. As for my GP surgery, they still havent contacted me about the flu jab. I contacted them in September and was told they didnt have any. I therefore booked at Boots Pharmacy and earliest appointment was over 4 weeks. We are booked in for Nov 3rd. GP surgery service not what it should be IMO.
  7. Perhaps they will glue themselves to the floor.
  8. Unfortunately you can't make an appointment for a booster until you are told by the NHS that it is your turn.
  9. Must have copied it from the Labour Party Conference.
  10. National 52,009 - 115 rate of increase of 17.9% over 7 days, slowly climbing again its murder Thursday. Local Norwich rate 456.5 up 44.9% (7 days) a big rise locally continies. patients in N&N 12-10-2021 29 11-10-2021 31 10-10-2021 22 09-10-2021 19 08-10-2021 17 Vax (no info available on 3rd or booster doses yet but quite a large queue for Walk in Centre when I went this morning) 1st Dose 49,080 86.2% done Norwich numbers 74.9% 2nd Dose 26,365 79% done 68.4% In Hospital (continuing to edge up) 20-10-2021 8,142 19-10-2021 7,919 18-10-2021 7,779 17-10-2021 7,414 16-10-2021 7,149 15-10-2021 7,126 14-10-2021 7,121 13-10-2021 7,069
  11. Quite a few yesterday when I went. An hour and ten minutes in and out. Mind you, it was mid morning and it built up pretty quickly.
  12. Mrs R got her invitation to have third booster jab yesterday, exactly six months after second jab. Have booked for first thing Monday at Walk In Centre,, no problems.
  13. Perhaps the JCVI shouldn't have wasted the entire summer debating whether schoolchildren should or should not be given a jab while other countries got staright on with it.
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