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  1. The 28 day rule is the international standard.
  2. 1419 Germany, 2669 France, 2935 Spain Not seen anything for UK so far. The official site now says 1009.
  3. What with all your other alias's you should be on a nice little earner.
  4. Lets hope you continue to have very little to do. I suspect the influx of holidaymakers at the major resorts may yet cause an uptick. The uptick within Europe continues to be a concern.
  5. No Covid patients in any of Norfolks hospitals for last seven days. Only eleven patients in the whole of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.
  6. Players are not cheap if they can't play most of the time. Byram is a decent class player but getting half a dozen straight games out of him is always going to be a problem. Much the same can be said of several others.
  7. Player with a long history of injury layoffs now has another injury layoff. Well I never.
  8. Here is the revised chart. Note zero death days begin mid July.
  9. I doubt you would be able to adequately social distance 6k, without using the entire ground.
  10. So now Byram will need further surgery and miss the start of the season. Who would have guessed it.
  11. I still think we need to be extremely cautious. Reacting quickly to any sudden upticks will be key. A lot depends on people observing the rules. You can tell from on here that some people will continue ti be awkward.
  12. An interesting comparison chart for all us "nerds".
  13. Yes very interesting Herman. It shows that the announcement that Scotland had no deaths for five weeks was playing fast and loose with the truth. It is also further confirmation that the ONS are likely to be the most accurate over time. The PHE method would have you as a Covid death if you ever tested positive this year and then lived for another 50 years. Obviously nonsensical.
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