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  1. ricardo

    The Brexit Thread

    Speculate to accumulate
  2. ricardo

    The Brexit Thread

    It always felt warmer in Fahrenheit
  3. ricardo

    The Brexit Thread

    I will bet you half a crown it won't happen.
  4. ricardo

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

    The second prize was two Austin Allegro's
  5. ricardo

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    We dont do home draws any more.
  6. Anyone surprised we conceded?
  7. Old fashioned centre forward
  8. ricardo

    The Brexit Thread

    I'm offering 4-6 that both sides will dig up something in order to claim victory.
  9. ricardo

    Turning on Farke

    Not really, we are all disappointed but we shouldn't be that surprised or angry. This was always going to be the most likely result although perhaps the weakness of the defence could have been addressed earlier. Based on the entirety of our history we are about where we can sensibly expect to be and certainly in better shape financially and quality wise thanks to Farke and Webber. I perfectly understand those who wish it were better but it's a bit churlish to complain about the ride we have had over the last decade and a half. Things look quite different from a sixty six year perspective as you may hopefully discover one day.
  10. ricardo

    Turning on Farke

    I'm the one on the left
  11. ricardo

    Turning on Farke

    92 bus
  12. Eaton Park Midnight kick off to avoid the traffic.
  13. ricardo

    Turning on Farke

    Yep, spoilt was the right word.
  14. ricardo

    What is the "five year plan"?

    We can't go up in season three because we are already up. Lets hope season four doesn't go to plan.
  15. ricardo

    Turning on Farke

    I have to admit that Ive enjoyed every second of it though