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  1. ricardo

    The Brexit Party

    Tears before bedtime
  2. ricardo

    The Brexit Party

    Still got to get it past the spoilers though. You can always campaign to rejoin.
  3. ricardo

    The Brexit Party

    Nearly there Herman
  4. ricardo

    The Brexit Party

    Lots of sour Remainers about this morning. I'm off to the seaside.
  5. ricardo

    More concessions required

    Sorry, I couldn't hold it any longer when Laurie Sheffield scored
  6. ricardo

    More concessions required

    If it wasnt for us you would still be standing on railway sleepers in the River End with someone pissing down your leg
  7. ricardo

    Must go

    After 1961 I thought we would never see Division three again. Best always to expect the unexpected. Its more fun that way.
  8. ricardo

    Must go

    Unlike the young dreamers on here, I know that nothing lasts forever. Many will fall away when the next downturn begins. Hopefully you and I will still be about whilst awaiting the next upturn
  9. ricardo

    Must go

    Despite all his other ravings, this bit is unfortunately, probably correct. It relies on balancing on the high wire forever and never falling off.
  10. ricardo

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    A good watch. Chris accusing the players of not trying on Saturday was well out of order though. I quite enjoy the match day experience video's
  11. ricardo

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    But not if they are laying on the treatment table.
  12. ricardo

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Unfortunately the season may be long gone before that happens again. What happens between now and Xmas is likely to be pivotal to our hopes of staying up.
  13. ricardo

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    I don't think its a case of altering the philosophy. We are simply short on numbers and in dire need of sticking plaster. Its either that or we just let it all bleed away.
  14. The model you choose is irrelevant. If you can't field a competitive eleven through injuries you need to take some sort of action.