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  1. wcorkcanary

    Mick McCarthy Steps Down.

    Mick was contracted till end of euro campaign, original dates of course. Once that was postponed, something had to give. Weirdest bit is that recently robbie Keane was given a four year 5k a week deal by fai. .He is not part of stephen Kenny's coaching staff, though he was part of mick's.
  2. wcorkcanary

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    Offer Paul Lambert his old job back?
  3. wcorkcanary

    Kyle Walker - Covidiot 2

    No one expects an 'Escort' to be a role model. A lot of footballers take it upon themselves to be one and fail miserably, take a bow mr. Walker.
  4. wcorkcanary

    Well Done the Murphy Twins

    Its April....and they're still wearing gloves!!!
  5. wcorkcanary

    Its East Anglian Derby Day - 3pm

    DF, top Winker!!!
  6. wcorkcanary

    Mick McCarthy Steps Down.

    Feel for Mick , as he came in to get his Country out of a hole. Stephen Kenny is a bright prospect though. Did a fantastic job both with Dundalk and Irish u21s. This decision may well precipitate an overhaul of the National squad as Kenny oversees a totally different style to Mick, in fact not dissimilar to our own. Will be very interesting to see how this pans out, the Playoff v Slovakia could in theory be Kennys first game in charge, if no friendly or Nations cup games are arranged beforehand. If SK goes with youth rather than experience, then of course Adam Idah will feature as hes one of SKs " Four Strikers" ... he has referenced the wealth of attacking options before ,stating hed happily play any or all of them......a bit of a change from Mick I reckon.
  7. wcorkcanary

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Mad thing is my son in law has stopped working as a builder, my daughter, mother of a one, five and eleven year old also furloughed from part time job. Both now receiving govt assistance. He was driving 50 miles each way 5 times a week, her job only a mile away. If you take out the petrol etc, they are actually better off.
  8. wcorkcanary

    Thursday night entertainment

    Can you recomend it then Ricardo (o)?
  9. wcorkcanary

    NCFC to furlough staff

    They would if they harbour any hopes of having a business to come back to.
  10. wcorkcanary

    Corona Virus main thread

    Sometimes Billo, you do nail it. Not always, but sometimes.
  11. wcorkcanary

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    That's half the problem, too disconnected from reality by their wages and status. Selfies, Instagram and all that ole shoite, that's why I find Argos a breath of fresh air, after all a budget warehouse store is not exactly prem league instaworthy but hey its better stocked than anywhere in Cuba. Reality check for the lot of them please.
  12. wcorkcanary

    Corona Virus main thread

    Many of the fundamentals of chinese healthcare are very smart, for instance you pay your doctor when you are well and they have an overview of health that holistic. But there are some chinese that follow a totally irrational connection betweeen certain animals parts and different forms if potency improvement.... something that would have looked out of date in the dark ages. Just goes to show that in the most voracious technologically advanced nation there are still many dark corners of ignorance. So glad I live in Europe , despite its current travails.
  13. wcorkcanary

    Corona Virus main thread

    Yes, I can see why you're concerned Grandadio, if his temperature goes over 38c then he can be considered running a fever , but as your girlfriend is a nurse you'll have better advice than I can offer. Wishing you Good health in Kernow.
  14. wcorkcanary

    Thursday night entertainment

    Thought he was a predictable lad in Gavin and Stacey...no depth. Wouldn't know about the others as haven't seen em. I wouldn't be much if a fan of mainstream comedy shows anyway. I despair at Saturday night TV. If I feel I'm being fed something, I go on hunger strike.
  15. wcorkcanary

    Corbyn Speaks

    Corbyn speaks........with forked tongue! Of course, he's a politician.