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  1. Hmmm, can we hold you to that cos I reckon lots on here will kick off at 15 million.
  2. Jaysus Jimbo, there you go again, is it not reasonable to listen to offers? We dont HAVE TO accept, do we. I'd be pretty upset too if we let 5 or six of the better players leave . I'm Willing to be totally mocked and scorned if we do, just cant see it. How about this for a scenario..... we listen to all offers, we then decide which, if any are acceptable, given price , whether or not we have a replacement that will be up to the job, plus god knows how many other factors that must be considered before okaying a sale. Im not sure that your brand of catastrophic thinking is any way near what will actually happen. Its much more likely that we'll let 2 maybe 3 at a stretch go, whatever it takes to allow SW to get on with whatever plans he and DF have. The idea being that at the end of the forthcoming season we are stronger across the squad than we were at end of 2018/19.... with more improvements to be made before start of 2021/22.... whatever league we are in.
  3. So in summary Pugino..... ' forgive them father, for they know not what they do,'? Personally, I thought HH44s response was way ott, and should be mocked, he may think twice in future.
  4. Would just like to add that Jamal could play with a lot more confidence at Liverpool, knowing that VVD is keeping an eye on the space he vacates when attacking. When he (jamal) plays without fear , he is a different player....see 2018/19 season and his performances for NI. He will also be encouraged to feed the early cross as Liverpool's attack is much more geared up for this than we are.
  5. ifollow was a great way for an exile to watch City in the Champs and pay a bit for the privilege, I'd happily pay a tenner a game for a quality HD stream , especially if the Club got a decent chunk of that. Needs sorting asap as the dodgy streams are getting better and better over time.....and I fear itll be quite a while before they allow 27,000 into Carrow rd again.
  6. Yep, it'll be a few seasons before Kings Lynn are up there with us.
  7. I'd say the difference is that a firesale is an unplanned unloading of assets in order to balance the books. Whereas a repositioning of the squad is a preplanned strategy to progress incrementally. You may call 'semantics' again, but time will tell which is which and who is correct.
  8. Although I agree wholeheartedly Pantso, I fear that the greedy will not change their ways, unless forced upon them. This would have to come from the very top of footy, who havent exactly covered themselves in glory in the last few years, so while I support radical change and overhaul of the ever spiralling wage structure within the top echelons of football, I won't be holding my breath.
  9. Ouch! That's a toughie, two in fact, Tillo. Here's hoping that 'things' can get back to some semblance of normality soon enough. Progress in getting things going over here has been delayed due to clusters of infection. Meat factories, Traveller communities and direct provision centres for refugees hardest hit lately. Pubs opening set back by another 3 weeks. Banks laying off staff , chains of shops closing for ever. Just goes to show how finely balanced a 'normal' economy is. Less than 6 months of this pandemic and previously secure employment is disappearing, fast.
  10. And there's nothing 'hard ' about 'hardhouse' ,its macho pu$$y music. Mainly danced to by incels at parties when everyone else is having a good time with their beloveds and friends. Rather listen to a bit of Scots Dragoon Guards Pipe and Drum, or an Icelandic whalebone nasal whistle orchestra.
  11. Yep thats about half a years wages for Arsenals upper earners. Pretty shameful really, there must have been other avenues to explore IF those guys n gals meant anything to the club. A pound to a pinch of shoite when extra people are needed itll be temps on zero hours contracts. There is so much to dislike about the beautiful game right now. In fact , beauty fades......
  12. I did, and thats why I mentioned performances, as well as results, you focus on one, I also take the other Into account. A little defensive lately Tillo? Maybe you could sort our back line and the two in front of it ,out. Easy to critique not so easy to rectify.
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