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  1. Do you really believe that they are 'quite happy '. Still some people are content to rest on their laurels and feel like big fish I suppose. Me, I prefer lifes challenges.
  2. Those in charge down south of the border have found a way to ( maybe) put some happiness back in their lives as rivals Norwich show how the game should be played.
  3. wcorkcanary

    Mings again

    Thought Mings was very good in that game. El Ghazi defo the idiot in that particular clash. El Ghazi progress as a player was slowed by his desire to leave Ajax for more money. Now ended up at Villa....... Exciting potential not yet realised, maybe it never will .
  4. wcorkcanary

    Humble pie

    Yep ,softening my slice of pie with a celebratory Jamieson. Four fingers high.
  5. wcorkcanary

    Now do you understand??

    Fair play Lakeyo. True .
  6. wcorkcanary

    Handicap Match

    Tim krul with kenny Everett 'brother Lee love' hands?
  7. It's the price of premature success, aim number one last season was stabilise the Club and build up the squad quality, promotion wasn't on the cards last August. The other double sided sword is that as the squad quality improved more players became involved in international games, so not much rest then. I'm more concerned about our long term injured than what happens tomorrow. I'm gonna enjoy the game though. **** em.
  8. wcorkcanary

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    The long legs of the law? Doesn't sound quite right.
  9. wcorkcanary

    Raheem Sterling

    Lakeyo needs this message board, it stops him disagreeing with himself.
  10. wcorkcanary

    Max Aarons?

    Not by me, I may however disagree with him on the odd fine point.
  11. wcorkcanary

    Max Aarons?

    As long as he doesnt Preach, patronize, lecture or be insulting just because us mere faithless Mortals can't grasp the higher thinking of the Cumbrian Canary .
  12. wcorkcanary

    Congratulations (again) TEEMU!

    And the belief to actually make it happen, thank god we are here to facilitate this.
  13. wcorkcanary

    Raheem Sterling

    Jesus had the same problem. He should have got advice in Cumbria.
  14. wcorkcanary

    Raheem Sterling

    You are getting yourself into a lather now Lakeyo, Calm yerself down, you can repeat, moralise, insult, preach and patronize as much as you wish, you're still in cuckoo land. You seem to be getting crosser and crosser that no one will agree with you. I just wonder if say, I or someone else had posted along the lines of " Our possession game can dominate and beat Man City' ....would you then have lectured us about getting too cocky and ahead of ourselves....on previous from, quite possibly. Wolfo nailed it, you're a Contrarian. To which of course the answer is.....' no I'm not'. Predictable eh?
  15. wcorkcanary

    Raheem Sterling

    All that waffle, and just two words would do.