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  1. wcorkcanary

    Pukki starts for Finland

    Irish Celtic fans( they're everywhere here) cannot believe that he is the same player that they had a while back, most that have any knowledge of football give great kudos to our coach and system which serves up so many chances, not just for Teemu but for the whole team.
  2. wcorkcanary


    There should be a minutes silence before every game until the pilot is found. Or 90 minutes silence at every Cardiff game until they cough up.
  3. wcorkcanary

    Brexit and “ foreign “ players

    Sounds like brexit to me.
  4. wcorkcanary

    Krul Next Year

    Toatally agree Surfo. Have no idea what AG would cost ,Southampton would want what they paid plus healthy profit...even if he does come up for sale. I thought he was good, not great . Easy to say but he's Kasper and Bryan was Peter Schmeichel.
  5. wcorkcanary

    Pukki starts for Finland

    He's prioritising promotion. Nothing to see here. move along now.
  6. wcorkcanary

    Pukki starts for Finland

    Fabio On !!!!!
  7. wcorkcanary

    Pukki starts for Finland

    Yep, closed body ,outside of right foot, should have been open body, inside of left. But i havent scored 24 league goals so far this season.
  8. wcorkcanary

    Pukki starts for Finland

    He did serve up a nice chance for a team mate, but nowhere near involved as he is with us.
  9. wcorkcanary


    If he doesn't suit the managers plans,LDC, he'll never get picked. I doubt very much that Southgate " can't handle' him. 'Cant stand him' ....maybe,. But it's much more likely that he doesn't need him in the system (s) he is using. Don't get me wrong, Maddison is decent , but I see no travesty in him not being included. We shouldn't let our judgement of players be clouded by the jersey they once wore.
  10. Sounds ok in the dressing room and around the place in general. It will return one day to be the club's public address system.
  11. Unfortunately, Madison is lacking in pace...same as Beckham. . I reckon this is the main reason he's not included. Remember that Beckham often played as a non pacey winger, delivering an early curved ball from the right into the path of onrushing striker. Madison is definitely better at the central, forward ,slide rule pass. Similar delivery from dead ball but very different in open play.
  12. wcorkcanary

    Gone then.

    No probs with it being moved Hogo, in fact ,this morning, before starting this thread, I looked to see if it had been moved to the non football section.
  13. wcorkcanary

    Gone then.

    Sorry LDC but as long as the Brexit thread is alive on this forum, your argument doesn't hold water. Simpler. Who makes the rules? And why?
  14. wcorkcanary

    Gone then.

    They have, so far, failed to solve a crime..... nothing unusual in that. The people that have a lot to answer for are those who PERPETRATED the crime. I have no idea, nor opinion as to whodunnit. I also have no problem with anyone voicing their opinion as to who they think dunnit. We must not be dictated to as to what we say or do, but ,and this is a very big but, our words and actions have consequences and no one, be he ( or she) Prince, Priest,Pauper, Press,or Policeman is immune. As for causing offence, does anyone really think that Julian Clary had really " been fisting Norman Lamont"? Personally, I doubt that the ' Parents did it '. I hope that someone that thinks they did, is not offended. I do however respect their right to say it.....and face the reaction.
  15. wcorkcanary

    Gone then.

    Trial by internet? No . Discussion on internet ...yes! Now, trial by red top newspaper aided by false statement by representatives of the law enforcement sector....(Hillsborough) ...now that is something truly disgraceful and abhorrent.