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  1. Having seen him play since he was 11 or 12 , he is unrecognisable as the same nimble , sharp, alert , dangerous match winner he was through to age 16. He has bulked up immensely, I always thought he'd end up physically similar to Efan Ekuku, he's heading more towards John fashanus physique, but doesn't seem to realise what physical attributes he has, either that or his bulk has stifled his athleticism.... and his touch along with his confidence.
  2. Compared to him , we are all pretty smart, even you .
  3. Did someone really say this is a blip? If they did then I apologise in advance for calling you a lying cont who makes shoite up for dramatic effect.
  4. I can hear those curtains twitching from another country.
  5. 100 % Wingso !!!!Too many people live by dogma and the funniest part of it is is that they miss out on so much by doing so. Keep an open mind and the doors of life stay open too.
  6. Wanting to Boo kind of affects the spontaneity, if you get my drift. ...which i doubt somehow.
  7. I think the bone through his nose, the drum, blow pipe, and fire sticks may have been more of a giveaway than a scarf... not to mention THAT corked hat.
  8. Or thinking , by the looks if it , just ill thought out clichés. Standards on this board are slipping .
  9. You're being a bit precious now, opinions once voiced on a public forum are liable to discussion, please show me where I stated you can't have an opinion....or am I not allowed to have a different one to you.. ...see how silly that sounds.
  10. You prefer? Do you also prefer to ignore the part coaching plays in development ? Your final statement though true, is limited. Plenty of kids have it, it takes smart coaching to bring out the best in all but the truly exceptional.....and even they will find they can improve with assistance.
  11. Yep, clearly having to work very hard defending wise, and not being entirely successful to boot. Interestingly, Leicester struggling a bit too, maybe they need more investment.
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