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  1. Speak for yourself. I admire the tolerance being shown for one madmans constant rehashing of his own personal grudges. Watching his pathetic squirming amuses me for a few minutes every day. Without fail.
  2. Agree, their second wouldnt have happened if we werent chasing the game in the final minutes,
  3. I took wrapped Haddock and Chups into the Swansea game a few years ago. Just looked like I had yer average beergut on the way in. Amazed they didn't smell it as had vinegar already on it.
  4. Has anyone else heard that story about the boy that cried ...'Transparency'
  5. maybe he's scared his children off !!...either that, or , god forbid, a bunch of ' little ethicses ', all trotting around, snuffling.
  6. get a good bite on the note in the piccy, thats what you deserve . see how i managed to post an actual image , rather than a photo of one, its not hard to grasp , just like the expression...for life.
  7. If you are going down the Lambert route then lets remember that he jumped ship when a bigger Club came knocking. Lets not Cherry Pick. Fully expect KM to be at Everton or similar soon.
  8. How dare you suggest a reasonable and rational explanation? old Kev is a pillar of decency and would never suggest impropriety unless he had evidence...................
  9. might you be referring to this fella? found an early photo of 'kev' which shows that at a very early age , he was somewhat keen on the folding green stuff.
  10. Agree, set yourself up as something in that world by all means, but ffs dont call foul when your every action is scrutinised. As my nan used to say .....'he lost the run of himself'. However , he should be tried as an ordinary citizen.....we all know that he wont, in fact the brouhaha in the media could be exactly why he may not be prosecuted at all. I suspect that ch4 and the times realise that hes unlikely to face criminal charges , so have settled for the current expose.....damage done.
  11. Did you send that photo of your letter so they'd take you seriously, like. Kev.
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