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  1. wcorkcanary

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    Would any of the food reach the Customers?
  2. wcorkcanary

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    Or full of his own self importance. Or just witty.
  3. wcorkcanary

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    He could be a Submissive...eager to please.
  4. wcorkcanary

    Max Aarons

    Thats more like it lakeyo, i was wondering where the old fighting spirit had gone to . When you said 'No' , i thought oh dear, a one word answer from LDC, glad you are back on form, some wont be. FWIW i think we can beat Bournemouth, they've been poor for a run of games, we've been decent but not winning( apart from last week), i know who i'd rather be, despite our League position.
  5. wcorkcanary

    Max Aarons

    Is that a refusal to be positive in the face of reality, or are you saying you'll leave it 25 rather than 20 mins before telling us all that it ain't over yet. Just a thought, were you once in a monty python film? You know the one, king Arthur , where the guy claims that having his arms chopped off is just a scratch. The Black knight, more positive than Lakeyo.
  6. wcorkcanary

    Kyle Lafferty

    Twas before 9 when you posted that!! You'll be corrupting innocent minds.
  7. wcorkcanary

    Lakey Was Right, It Can Be Done.

    So seven in fifty years but none in last 25 years. .. . Just after the start of the Premier league. Interesting. I'm a pretty positive guy but top four , despite being 'possible ' was unlikely at best .
  8. wcorkcanary

    Max Aarons

    No need, I heard they are gonna give us 10 mill and let us keep him, forever.
  9. wcorkcanary

    Kyle Lafferty

    Yeah, sorry for making you wait . I knew you couldn't wait to hear from me. Just thought I'd build up the suspense.
  10. wcorkcanary

    Kyle Lafferty

    Is that the pre 9 pm watershed pic Benny? Far to many clothes to be one of your collection .
  11. wcorkcanary

    Jordan Rhodes

    Didnt they want something silly like 6 million? .
  12. wcorkcanary

    Jordan Rhodes

    We shouldn't try to make a virtue out of necessity, if we had any other striker fit v manure, I dont think idah plays, he did ok, a couple of nice touches, but largely isolated. It only highlights how valuable Pukki is to us, even when we are outclassed, Pukki gives defences something to think about.
  13. wcorkcanary

    Jordan Rhodes

    Not carried away. Just don't see why a lad who has done pretty well at every step up since he was 14 shouldnt be part of a championship squad. Having been involved in youth player development for ten years over here , I know there is much work to do on idah My badly made point was that if the club sees his long term future with us ( which I accept they may not) then his development would be better served with him playing a part in the system he will be expected to play in as he matures . Very few league one teams play our kind of footy .