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  1. im finding it hard to keep my side of meh up , as im so meh about it all.
  2. Hot Dog, jumping Frog , Albuquerque !! Always got a laugh out of that line. Little things please tiny minds
  3. Should? No Could? Yes Your opinion is different to mine, so what , i am not a fact denier. I can see the results, its just that the getting of those results doesnt inspire me. Hope that's ok with everyone. ( pretty much how i feel about Deano too) last time really enjoyed the way England played was Euro 96.
  4. Or as its commonly known , a fortunate draw.
  5. When you're used to rural west cork , Norfolk countryside seems busy Hoggo. I love a bit of urban shizzle now and again.....wouldnt want to live in a city though, id defo get complaints about the volume of my music......fortunately for me , my nearest neighbour is my daughter , 500m away as the crow flies.
  6. Get real Ethics.... are you really Jesus or just a pretender ?
  7. You really feared for your personal safety Hoggo? Briefly or for your entire stay? What brought on this fear? More dodgy than 3 am on PoW rd? Try the docks area pubs in Plymouth , proper survival skills needed there mate.
  8. Blackpool is mighty craic, not for people who take themselves too seriously though. No posers or snobs please. Its a fun town for visitors.
  9. I did because hes an example of a manager who though ' wins things' , oversees a pragmatic and in my opinion, dull style.....and wouldnt want in charge of a team i watch. Like Southgate.
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