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  1. wcorkcanary

    Godfrey signs extension 2023

    Agree. with the sentiment Indo, but the figure of promotion (c £100 M) plus the combined value of those players must be closer to £250 M. Happy days for the Club.
  2. wcorkcanary

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Mesut Ozil has the same offside problem, only it's his eyes, not his teeth that cross the line first.
  3. wcorkcanary

    Daniel Farke bobble head?

    Parka or Bobble Head?
  4. wcorkcanary

    Frank Lampard

    Agree Hoggo, he's in a win win situation, if does good , happy days, if not then how can an inexperienced young manager be expected to manage such a Club so early in his managerial career, with a transfer embargo as well. Also let's not forget that he may well have Jody Morris with him too, who knows all about the young players that Chelsea have on they books as he was the U18 manager before Derby job.
  5. wcorkcanary

    Help appreciated

    Agree ish, he is amusing, occasionally.
  6. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    So was Teemu. Nowadays many mid range continental players run down their contracts. If you have evidence that B Moenchengladbach released him BECAUSE he was a Matt Jarvis, do please share.
  7. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    There's a big difference between not being excited and writing the guy off before he's kicked a Ball for us.
  8. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    I would like to add, Welcome to a great Club Josip, I hope you are a success.
  9. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    So, he's been injured. Depending on the nature of those injuries, you MIGHT be right. Still doesn't mean that you ARE right, so why declare in such an authoritative way that he's a waste of a wage? Give the guy a chance FFS. Get real, were not getting Aguero, or even Dwight Gayle on our money.
  10. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    How do you know that?
  11. wcorkcanary

    Vrancic new contract

    That's ok, so we have him for two more years, if we want.
  12. wcorkcanary

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    it's still June Mosso, calm yourself.
  13. wcorkcanary

    Josip Drmic signs

    Timm earning his corn during the summer break, good man.