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  1. The weather is always good for these marches.
  2. More than 2000 by the looks of it. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/video/shove-brexit-sing-demonstrators-during-135720985.html
  3. I'm not an overly critical fan normally but it's time for Webber to pack up and **** off.
  4. I know we've had injuries but, **** me, this is epically poor. Wagner needs to sort it quickly out or get lost.
  5. Only been there once and it looks a nice small town and near some cracking beaches. I'm sure it is/was @hogesar's home town so you may get a better idea from him.
  6. Could you hear if the driver was ranting about the BBC?
  7. I have heard this too and that was the reason I was for it, as it made sense. Give the fast trains their own line, freeing up the smaller lines for local "traffic". Unfortunately it was sold to the public badly, making it not that popular and has been made a political pig's ear ever since. A complete waste of what could have been a good idea.
  8. A large cutout of Boris Johnson would make the javelin a bit more fun.
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