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  1. Herman

    President Trump

    What happens now Surfer?
  2. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    I think it's the faux concern from known bigots and racists that I find galling.
  3. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    He does not honestly care about Jewish people or their problems.
  4. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Are any of them anymore?
  5. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    4 Brexit Company MEPs quit.
  6. I'm not feeling terribly positive this morning about our chances.
  7. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Hurrah for the blackshirts!! What a time to be alive.
  8. Herman

    Time to stop moaning

    Waveney. The feckin Jonah. (Or the players for not turning up first half?!)
  9. Herman

    Time to stop moaning

    This aged well.
  10. Sigh. We need some of last season's comebacks......
  11. Aye, it does seem like a stupid idea.
  12. What's with the 7.30 KO?
  13. There's nobody there, Waveney.
  14. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Is he doing that again??
  15. Herman


    Rather cynical RTB. You know full well an ill informed public is dangerous and you know full well a lot of people cannot be bothered to fact check, hence the reason why people like you post a lot of misinformation.