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  1. Herman

    Farke getting off lightly

    Norwich won mate. Come back later. Or not hopefully....
  2. Herman

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    At this stage I'll happily take an ugly win and even uglier ones, for the remainder of the season, and so should most of us.
  3. Herman

    The Admiral hangs up his boots

    Tough start to his future career. Good luck to him, a good honest professional.
  4. Herman

    Sticker book!

    Ok Dan, cool. I got one of the last Pink Un special deals at Christmas so got quite a few leftovers. I'll check with Fifty to see what he still needs and then post the rest on to you.
  5. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Old snitchy got him and CanaryDan banned.
  6. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Francois hears Johnson's plan.
  7. Herman

    Sticker book!

    Is any charity/club etc collecting the remainders? Got a few left and am not sure what to do with them. Would be a shame just to dump them.
  8. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Having read Javid's latest brainfart, move it back to losing everything.
  9. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Ok, for the sake of pedantry change "losing everything" to "not getting anything" from brexit.
  10. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    One of us lost everything to some of the most unintelligent members of society and for no discernible reason. One of us got what he wanted and was after for years. Which one shoud still be angry?
  11. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    I'm sure this waste of space has given up eating meat. Could be why he is so angry.
  12. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    Yes, that must be it. A country that has become a throwaway society over the last couple of decades has started to worry about sustainabilty. Within the last few months. The fact it is at the same time as a high risk economic gamble like Brexit is completely coincidental.
  13. Herman

    Crowd surfing banner

    "Dave, what colour should we do this big banner thingy?"
  14. Herman

    The Brexit Thread

    "The paradox of Brexit It is one of the biggest paradoxes of Brexit, because most of those who understand what it entails at a practical level do not support it, whilst most of those who support it strongly do not understand what it entails at a practical level. That is evident in microcosm even in the current row about Big Ben chiming on ‘Brexit Day’, with those who know the costs and technicalities involved advising against it, whilst the Brexit ‘bongers’ insist this is just remainer negativity and that a can-do attitude will overcome any obstacles if, indeed, they really exist." https://chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2020/01/as-costs-mount-brexit-goes-round-same.html