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  1. Herman


    Nice hue to the full moon this evening. A light orange.
  2. Whatever happened to that Brighton fan that would troll us last season?
  3. It does seem strange that some are far more concerned with what is going on hundreds or thousands of miles away but are completely oblivious to what has gone on on their own doorstep.I'm not sure why.
  4. They knew it was going to happen.
  5. Herman


    Breaking the Ministerial Code is a sackable offence. Well fancy that.
  6. Paying for propaganda?! Moto GP, British Cycling, Au Pairs, hobbyists, chocolate makers, fishermen, fashion brands, farmers etc etc etc. The list is becoming ever longer of people being hurt.
  7. Herman


    The battle of the fishes.
  8. Herman


    How to sabotage the thing you've been working all your adult life for. Pair of arses.
  9. Good on you. Us 40 somethings are up next.
  10. Farage's "career" is pretty much over. That's about it.
  11. As a fat old gob****e myself I am allowed to call someone else the same. Unwritten laws Rocky.
  12. Fixed that for you. Here's another one for you, her ex, Tony Parsehole. http://viz.co.uk/category/tony-parsehole/
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